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Craig Robinson - Oregon State, Men's Basketball Coach

Mar 27, 2013|

Coach Robinson joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the state of the Beavers program and the future of OSU's men's hoops program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 both men. All right. Talking to Craig Robinson here Oregon State coach Trevor Robinson is in studio nice to see you. It's good to be here films Gloria I'm well you he I rather be playing -- -- We'll get -- all this stuff. -- we were news tiger he's futon and paying your proper start yelling at you angrily yeah yeah that's them used to it the ideal how much tiny and he does not get all the time exists at some point I gotta get -- and have dinner with my life. This is a nice this guy is he's finding your recruiting -- I was out recruiting. In your fine in the Portland I hit to that -- -- accomplishes -- just a -- world -- upcoming studio. -- -- to be great data and wander around town get a cup coffee and appreciate it. Cool and well so it can be hard recruiting out of courthouse. I was just thinking that -- -- assuming it's fine at Portland then have to back down there in great. Is in and that's one of the things that's at the of one of the disadvantages. But it's it's just a hurdle it's not impossible you just have to hustle. You know if we we talked about getting on the road. And seeing our counterparts from UCLA USC Arizona. They'll have to practice jump on their private plane go see the same guy I'm going to see. And then they're back for practice the next day or even the same night. And then I end up have and have my assistants. Handle practice while -- back the next day. But it's it's you know it's not insurmountable it's just you have to hustle has -- changed since you've been there when when you go to the -- the reception you get well you know people know who Oregon State is that's terrific and that's that that that has to do the combination of things first and foremost we're playing better. And we we have a little bit cash -- now. At least name brand recognition. The other thing is the football team's doing well when the football team as well Apple's us. And you know it helps. That I'm related to the president -- and it states that I always told you guys that since I've gotten here that enables units have a little bit of name recognition in you're not one of the top two year. You know basketball's schools in the country you're able to stand out that at -- you know because -- -- -- -- -- at -- you have to -- what you have. And the key guys I think is getting to the small group is everybody's when -- recruiting top 100 guys everybody's treating them. If you king if you can make it to the top five or top seven. That's correct that's when things that happen because if you make it in -- group and guys drop out next thing you know you're in the top three. So any time -- recruiting who else does it your way I mean it Edwards. How many schools are like UCLA -- -- is in the scenario you described vs how many schools -- -- had to do what you do it in the pac twelve I would say. It's probably ourselves Washington State. Cal's probably cost around as stated the economy California. Use -- Colorado thinker. The their living off the big twelve money so they're probably. Chartering but I know the same thing is it that it's there there's some teams who chartered their teams from game to game -- were still flying commercial. And and and meanwhile Dana Altman just down the street is does it around and yet lord knows what he's if -- if that's correct yet that's right but I know we. And as you guys know you guys know me by now we don't use that as an excuse we just have to we we know we it's well it's it's it's one of those. Obstacles that we have to overcome here here's my thing with what we're hearing from about the season -- wasn't season he wanted to know now disappointing. It started out well though I -- get some nice wins America will -- Mitt teams had to close loss against Kansas and then. Conference play -- Yet and and I gotta tell you guys even I didn't realize. What the loss of Angus -- Daniel -- was going to be along with having lost Jarrett. To the pros you know that this team was made to have all three of those guys -- to take the next step and we didn't have a moment. It was huge it was it was changes everything is indeed it did but I like the way -- guys hustled this year they played hard every single game. Well my thing is that you know if you -- measuring stick on how on the on the job you've done macro view of it. Look no further than any -- is just our own opinion because you know we hear from fans. When Jay John name in that group point oh in eighteen whatever way those -- he got -- you come in. We didn't hear -- from Oregon State very little. But now sub par years couple things don't go your way right guys go down and you lose Derek Cunningham. We're here and a lot from -- all that guy Greg -- Sunnis be fired is -- if it if you want if you step back. And look at it that's why you know you've done a decent job -- because expectation of and passion -- way happen because you've raised the bar all of a sudden and I think fans lose sight of the disadvantages. Like to travel like to facilities. That still are not up to par with some of the other school. Now now eyes I I I appreciate you see in the big picture and act as you know that's what we're telling our players to keep all that we've come a long way. And we won our fans to be disappointed we don't play well we're trying to make this one is the elite programs in the pac twelve. We want to raise those expectations. We want them to be disappointed when -- disappoint it. And the the blowback is on me I can handle that so just keep focused on what we're doing -- gating better. We didn't have the results we wanted to have this year mean you know we're we're trying to calculate over the phone talking to recruit. The the number of games. We've lost. By. Six points less and it was around nine or ten games in the conference. So we're you know as long as. -- careless and -- -- are. They understand. And Mike Mike those guys in the locker room understand I am I'm pushing forward -- talked about carelessly feature. Yeah oh yeah absolutely that this you -- yet all. We had actually we had dinner. At the -- after we lost then I was there Charlie Satan get jet -- inducted into the hall of honor him so Bob and I had dinner. After that and he was used. Very understanding he knows what we're trying to do he's. He'd like I and my whole. Beaver nation one -- a better year this year but he understands what we're doing and how we're going about it and I feel very. I feel very confident and vary. Supported by the administration is next year big year for you though it is it is and see that's that's it's a great thing now next year becomes the biggest year and it's important and you know I'll be the first one to come in and talk to you guys -- if I don't think -- the right guy -- -- I'll be happy to tell you but I think tweaking getting going I think. The investment in the practice facility I think the new TV deal for the pac twelve is gonna help all the schools but it's gonna help. More the have nots than it's been and then people know Norton. And then we're gonna have a year of having an experienced being in pac twelve games so I'm really looking for it to the next season but. Since you rate it's going to be a tough year in and you know if it Lou we we have to produce. This is -- Oregon State coach gruden Craig Robinson in studio with this year 1982 CNN live on Comcast sports net very open and honest I appreciate that. Com. What are recruits say immediately you know what would that because you don't have a lot of the selling points and other right schools have -- especially when you have a year like this. You know how many doors closed because of the year like this and what they have what -- big concerns about you know and artists see if. If we're going after guys who were being recruited by the UCLA's the Arizona as the Michigan State's top programs. We're not sell animals on what we're doing now with -- on the future and what they can get from us right away is opportunity. Whereas they can go to a bigger program that's got a bunch of guys problem. And they can sort of work their way up the food chain so that's the main thing. We're -- opportunity. We also sell the pac twelve mean. That's that's a big deal now and we're on ESPN I mean you know we had a bunch of games NE SP in this is that helps us out a lot. And then you know finally did that one of them. One of the biggest things you know you know I mentioned the the pac twelve and I mentioned that the playing time. But the biggest thing is the player development. When you see guys who aren't pros when they're recruited like us about the you know you Shabazz on it because everybody talked about -- a row. We don't we don't get those guys but when you take it Jerry Cunningham and he develops in -- -- he's taken Eric -- and any. Developed since the potential pro and Angus Brandt who probably get some looks and some camps. That's what kids are looking -- they say well these guys at least know what they're doing basketball wise because they the year taking guys who are pro prospects of making pros. This is doubt that back a little bit like Jerry -- amnesty to elect a little slower development yet the next guy evidently has kept its cold one more year yeah just blow that out a little bit and you know that's just a tribute to his work ethic as he won't -- you guys remember when he first came and he was in charge we -- happen I mean it was like three he didn't foul trouble three charges and reach. Why -- -- jump I remember the conference tournament last year -- and all of -- -- excitement as. It may be this crazy that it that this kid can be a first round yeah. Yeah so. So you know we we. Next year will have hopefully have their moral hopefully he won't leave early but that's something you gotta consider when guys -- develop in the way they do and that's. -- hard it's it's hard it is hard to keep them was we're talking about off the year. To your tonic I hope I can say this on the -- time at a the deal you haven't lunch with coach Riley -- Knick coach rallying and about the careless about. And Riley said the same thing issued as he's built his success in football. You know wind when your big boys leave and football in Oregon State it hurts you allow worst in a plug and play like USC. That and and Michael Ohio State you can get elite guys you haven't but if you loser -- if you lose Jared Cunningham. You're not you're not capable of building that -- that a school like Morgan State that's true in football team again that's a great point. Yeah -- week so we we talk about that -- when you add in Oregon State. Your second tier guys. Compared to second tier guys at USC for football and there is only Arizona basketball and UCLA basketball the second tier guys are elite. And our second tier guys I have to develop and is just if you if you take a hit either from guys going pro or from injuries. Is a big big drop off yet. You look at the rise in mid majors in college basketball and I would think for a school like or think that's a very good thing when you look at guys. You know what good DCU has done well butler's done Saint Louis these teams that you Creighton an adult programs like this they built -- bite -- -- programs that keep guys. For four or five years and then there's an advantage of that when you do have a senior league team to Bessie get to the point. Where one theory you'd like your team and you're not having to -- to roll through four new guys every right. And will be able to attest that next season hopefully because you know. You have to build that up over years hasn't happened in three years it doesn't happen in 33 or four years and if if you have some time to build that up I I agree with you totally I mean I'll I. I had the fun part of my job is Watson are guys develop -- really good players from being in sort of off the radar screen right. This is good I'm thinking you stick around for another segment absolutely I have more I -- -- -- get tired of the -- shark to. -- certain to be for sure oh yeah every Britney yeah that's how the -- -- you -- the feverish -- you like it I love I think. B Rashard asking aggressive yeah. I wanna talk about -- in the posts. Okay we talked about a in now I've -- -- -- -- somebody if the coach calls you uses taint and he did some info on the docks and scout were in -- Rick Pitino calls you. One -- hear what you would say about them as they get ready to play in the sweet sixteen OK the things like that aren't and some more criticisms -- just gonna breaks it and I'm not ready for it oh -- one other thing had that at that stand. One of our listeners brought to our attention and I wanna -- okay. Lot of that is next thanks for sticking around. Always good to talk to Craig Roberts in Oregon State basketball coach he'll be with us next. All right time -- 435 we have Oregon State basketball coach Craig Robinson in studio at this here 1980 to -- and on Comcast sports net -- to stick around for another segment here. I Sobel start this segment with with the bats of -- Callaway. No move on some funds okay. But. Here's what I hear. So okay so so that the season was sub par and a lot of dealers in urging the first segment and I think all of that is valid. And and their great points but they'll say excuse it's the -- all excuse. Let's go down to x.s and knows why can't Craig Robinson higher. A a -- -- -- they have an assistant coach at all he does is work on. Defense because I don't know what you think but assess what does the defense and did well here in -- Yet but let me back up for a minute because you know you guys now and I'm making clear to everybody every time I get interviewed that when I'm explain what's going on. Never do I make an excuse I give reasons and now take the blame for the entire thing so with the fans. I think understand that so the reasonable ones do you create but they live at the though the one that's gonna opponents is that you have to look at everyone's so. Now to get to the question about a staff members you know. It's -- staying. My dad had -- saying. Along time ago. Dance with the girl that brought to to Bronson and you know. So part of his loyalty part of it is my staff has helped us get to where we are now you believe -- and I believe in them. They have. They have done a terrific job getting us to this point now maybe there might be a need to reassess. Some responsibilities there. -- -- I'll give you that but what what I'm up against our you know we've got a staff with three assistant coaches in the rest I have car. Students. Managers. And doubt a so while I'm gonna increase my staff. And I am I am gonna look at possibly hiring a veteran coach who just wants to do x.s and knows. But doesn't wanna do the recruiting because right now the recruiting is the lifeblood. Of being good at it and you can't. I can't X -- X -- way out of players who aren't competitive -- athletically here tentative from a skill standpoint so. My I've got a group of guys who can recruit some guys as you guys have seen we've gotten some some better players then since. We've been here so I don't wanna. -- the apple cart there so it's a combination of resource is a combination of loyalty. And it's a combination of my team. Likes the voices they hear right now because if that wasn't. If that wasn't the case they wouldn't play as hard as they do. And as hard as they did up -- the fairy into the season I mean you know we went up to Colorado. And beat Colorado at Colorado an altitude. And then. Game of the game in the tournament. Players play hard when they believe in what you're doing and so. It's a delicate balance of snatch and a guy out and bring in somebody new win at this stage of the game now. I'll give it see if it next year. If if if we don't make a -- next year. I might have to make some changes but as of right now defensively -- in general. Just in general -- -- just in general I think I you know defensively where. You know we get we have to get better now in the problem would -- -- as offensive as we have been. You defenses. It takes a beating him -- any team that -- in the seven high seventies there that they are not going to be at the height of scoring. Defense that you got to work on percentages because. You shoot the ball a lot but that's more exciting to play and it's hell it helps us recruit more than be a better -- I thought I heard you saying there that there is a chance here -- that the team in this season that you hire an extra staff member. There's a chance for this upcoming season that will get a director of basketball operations position a look at. Which can go to anybody's though I you know this seems like -- the funding is an apparatus as a -- back to a money comes in -- the new TV deal -- -- years the issue of its old Bastia will be able to -- -- staff so that it's more competitive to the staffs of the other teams in the conference and asked -- did. When you Lou -- trying to build an and you look inside the building in you have a Mike Riley there I mean you're into Baghdad to build something and man I remember getting recruited by his predecessor. His recruiting pitch to me was if you get hurt and no one else wants you can still come played -- state. That was the pitch right back in 9596. Might grab his thoughts on their pat Casey obviously a little something there have you talked to them. And and you know got some advice about how they were able to build their perhaps. Locally as you know and the great thing about a guy like Mike Mike Riley is that we. Our teams all have training table at the same place and it's right next to the football office. So my guys are in there having breakfast after having worked out in the morning. Mike Riley comes -- has breakfast and he sits -- tops of the guys it's she chats with me he's been very gracious with his time and his experience and you know the -- the biggest. Thing that I take -- from Mike Brown is is just what you're taught in about sort of his. His ability to make this team feel like it's a man. And recruits like to see that parents like to see even some AU coaches like the seed so a two yards so some some some thought. But I we have Craig Robinson in studio and the ducks are playing a sweet sixteen Indiana. If Rick Pitino call you up to him in -- what you know when he thing getting -- Some then about the ducks scalp the ducks forming what what would you tell well. Now you want me to help -- -- -- help you -- the senate could put -- to -- now if you -- the -- did that that that you talk about a team that's that's sort of aligned. Perfectly. For this season -- got four seniors that's first and foremost and none of them were player of the year candidate so that's a great. Team effort that they put together this season. Am what I would tell. Tino is these guys can beach a lot of different ways they can beat you -- In the transition they can be each in the half court offense they can beach on the boards enable. They can beach on the hostile place -- those four. Categories that are hard to stop which is why there in the sweet sixteen. Now I think that. They turn the ball overlap and Louisville is gonna press so you know that's what we tried to do we are at their place -- make them just make the game fast enough where they had more turnovers than me -- it had scores them but we just couldn't take advantage of a home. And and -- will be looking to take advantage and so that's that's sort of the scouting report on them but. And I know much I know my beaver nation fans hated that was on I was on the TV. Last week in and I was talking about. We as the pac twelve need these guys to go to now now go to the elite eight. Mean we -- the you know. At beaver fan doesn't wanna here you don't -- where they don't want entire me root for organs so I will say I'm. Them for the packed well it yet -- Arizona still alive Arizona still alive and and and I think that we're starting get a little bit more of our respect that are actually back. I will also mean last year the regular season champion go to the turn. -- and that was our global success I think yeah you guys via that we didn't that's never happened as a way to go -- -- -- her reputation of the pac twelve is you -- jobs added is as good gig isn't any citizens well. Let's face it it's UCLA I. I I wonder what what I can do documents will living room with those four letters it says Brian -- everybody thinks that about UCLA. But what comes. With that job is high level scrutiny and Neil's job I mean look at Oregon State high level scrutiny here in Corvallis folks that are in sand. Get the heck out here and you know but that's three final fours doesn't get it done is doesn't get it done at UCLA and but it. If you can. Handle that part of the job which you should be if you're in it because that it's a part and parcel comes -- it. It's got to be a terrific job I mean it's going to be you know it's it's it's it's. The name brand recognition is huge. The location is -- the pedigree the culture and -- you mean you don't -- and and then finally the facilities now have caught up with everybody else and that place is beautiful -- -- we -- we went down there this year played down there it's. Fantastic and so it is a good job it's just I think what you're seeing now -- days is what we're just talking about. If you're gonna go through the kind of scrutiny that we have to go through you wanna be someplace where you know you're gonna have a chance. Build it up in the night and given the time -- is some and in some time because you wanna do we all want to keep our jobs just like you guys wanna keep your does not like -- don't. Know what you wanted to again pick up a yes so that's where I think you see and I think you've seen a lot of guys saying well I'll. They I'll go with the W no verses the W don't. Now there. What do wanna ask you about the beaver shark the rebrand dean of the angry beavers so much is made about you know football and -- using the -- see the -- thank -- -- out there but it trickles down to every program and a does that help at all when. When you get an influx of Nike like that. Absolutely. Absolutely especially when our neighbors down the street art Canon Nike it's nice thing to get some attention forests for and a partnership -- met with with a place like Nike. They have. You can tell what the the logo the whole branding but the uniform the basketball uniforms. It it. Exudes coolness now I mean and that's. What helps me recruit if if you can show. Coolness and non stodgy and it's the only -- that's a word and it's mean but it's it's an in partnered up with with a company like Nike it's all good and I like the way the new logo looks I mean I like your guys description of -- the shark the shark -- you're never thought of that but. Markets its sleek sleep yeah about a year ago that I looked good well you guys are getting there I mean. In any take over a team knows ON -- impact Tony you've immediately make them 500. Three years later you gotta keep going to the NBA and you worry about another one maybe making the jump. And so in an inning in a new rebrand yeah facilities are coming on I mean it is a long slow build at a school accordance. Is it is and you know it was funny Ian did last year people were talking about me take him at DePaul that's what's so that's -- about this this whole business it's like one year. Your cotton next year you forgotten everything you've known they're terrible coach let's -- you were great great champions or don't don't take the DePaul job than you know so it's -- that that tennis that doesn't bother me like I said if in my family's okay which they absolutely love living in Corvallis -- and my cool boss is okay and that the locker rooms okay. I'm having a blast that cannot wait to bust out that practice facility for our guys that work out. It is enforced if you know no more formal or photo bombing the inauguration I was you like is that last laps I wish I had done that on purpose noses that angle is there he gets it looks perfect it did a it was will play since the don't be looking aren't being charged right they're excited and it looked like my -- was twice as everyone wanted to know everything you're asking whether I was Photoshop because it did it hit it popped it popped on the big screen. Well speaking of the family how's Michelle doing. Great and -- under they're doing great I -- Just we just spoke the issue was -- I was on CBS sports net doing name. In C double -- South -- so she was watching that and texting me right in the middle of it. But -- -- finds a week we we talked this past weekend and now. You don't second time around is better than the first time I can't tell you you know what is this is funny -- share this with your listeners. I. I was so nervous. On election night this year because you know the second time around it's really a referendum on. The job he did the first and the first time around we didn't have any expectation you win you lose has been fun lot of work while Lola this time around I was so nervous. That I literally thought to myself. I will lose all my games this season if he wins and I think somebody heard it. -- Don't don't make that deal with the -- -- now now now I. He knows me now I'm assuming that we did you get tired you're in the criticism you've got the brother ramadi try to make you feel a little bit better. Yes data handling criticism because he gets just he did a little bit more than I -- and but you you guys know this is. One of those jobs where you gonna give it and watching him get it. Makes my little criticism and -- as both an ordinary well. Well thanks when you're on when you're on the phone with -- noses and is always -- he ever have a private conversation oh yeah oh yeah we can have -- got to -- the private number but -- we can have a proud of the best I can honestly but the -- that are the the -- if you if you get a call from the White House. Everybody's listening yet but if you get a call from the sell out again as he's hit the package deal. Well Tel plus well I will from me world and from seeing it. Yeah yeah I didn't vote for NASA and outside the president but I knew the first time meat involved -- that's -- at least that's the first time the first army medic was usually it's worth a war that's right there's nothing worse than the kids as they won't tell you the truth that's it we're talking about -- is ready to its election now. Didn't vote form at least some got to be open and honest about it. Hey it was nice to have Ian thank you for being basis at a time and stick around Portland income in studio it is my pleasure you guys know I'm big fans. Big fan -- of us of you guys in here the law and -- Now he's the guy carrying the rate that's a -- on this program. He's the reason why we're seventy. At least get one more aboard 69 can't be far behind but thanks a lot Craig safe travels back home located at -- okay thanks -- me he got a Craig Robinson Oregon State basketball.

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