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Mike Leach - Washington State University, Head Football Coach

Apr 27, 2012|

Coach Leach joins the program to discuss the wrap of his first Spring as football coach at Washington State University and has a very interesting take on the notion of a college football playoff.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sox in college football were pleased to have back on the show here -- guild mortgage mobile hotline new Washington State coach Mike Leach. -- coach. I'm doing good our you don't. Been great thanks tee time how good does it feel to you know be back in the game and makes ended up in college football again. Not been good we just got done what spring football on Tuesday and then. And then right away on Thursday I went to Olympia and spoke to a great group of Cougars up there and so it's been busy and I had -- the tri cities tomorrow but not been good. Little different every day definitely improved as saying man. Got plenty to work on in the offseason. This is your first chance to really evaluate the guys -- -- person what are the initial thoughts. Greg -- you know we're reasonably athletic -- where you are -- in some positions but they also showed. Some problems some guys emerge and we discovered a couple of guys in. You know the -- -- the big things and -- his equipment which was many tools we should share and so. They can develop their skills on the policies and then. You know just -- get a little further down the pan out and get a better start. -- -- -- You know it went when we expect -- camp and fall. And I think I think we did that we got does a pretty good work just to -- to Olson. So yeah I'm encouraged. Who or what. It was the biggest surprise TU in spring ball. Oklahoma might have been one album might have been on great lips. True tight -- he played blocking. Fullback producing on the ground war. And then in our case. Really did Pekovic. Or as slow. Actually the ball on the eight dropped a lot of balls the year before or something like baton. First practice we expect you're very caught nine which was leading receiver that day and these continue to -- all the other and come. I think is. You know he has got better better -- in his hand he never really got tired so a lot of good work and good rips. And there's so many low conveys to -- -- repeat -- and that really came on at the end kind of sacks specialist Gary elusive good so. Really good effort. And there's some other places to put the little should be very you're pretty good -- -- offense could -- on T -- You're known for us the -- football a little bit there and have produces some quarterbacks with good numbers and a guy like Jeff tool who. You know appears to have a lot of a lot of the intangibles lot of what you would like. What what's. I guess lead the initial impression of what you're gonna be able to do with the quarterback position. -- I was impressed with him he's a guy that never really regrets what she learns what he's got a he's got pretty good -- got a strong -- Kind of a solid looking guy -- leading the unit in the spring game he completed 19 had a morning warm. Against. Against our first defense and I thought that was really impressive effort probably is that's worked in the spring. And hit some people and true. This is Washington State coach Mike Leach not on on your experience in May be in time that you've seen it you know seen EC what you have talent wise now. When do you start to get a sense of of how he -- in May go considering what you have verb or or do you already have a -- about batter when does that kind of crystallize for you. -- Mets opinion -- that worry about where you're one game a week. We're kind of a -- your team. It diagnosed in some fashion like that because first of all we've got. Everybody learning things it's one thing to learn it and people would draw on the board. And and it's another thing. To where it happens quick and automatically and certainly a lot of that took place. Over the course of the spring a pink petals steadily improved. As they learn it do to get more familiar with the physically. And the other. The other thing you know some sort of what we were so we've -- -- young guys and young guys. It improve because of their upside earnings record cool great an older guys. And we're looking forward to no I mean it's always a moving target -- much somebody's gonna improve for. The younger guys are more of a moving target the social. A step -- crucial for us. How much of the offense were you able to get in it in the spring. Well but all of it is on. We put all of it pretty clear. And then he repeated at all four times. But you know our little nuances some things a little eriksson's. That. We're not quite ready for Jewish you have title coming there's always a temptation you know. The last team here you know you have seen. And have some older delicate pink and -- 2000. All -- tells -- -- -- -- -- them around. And then. You know. Did a lot of good things amendment up and played together for a period of them and and so so then you know you always say expecting true well we can do this we -- we used to do this we used to -- in the -- restriction to try to Putin arrived for a rental but I think. You know it's important to go to face a particularly executed to the an excuse the personal simply -- and so there are some little things the the -- -- we follow him. I saw the he had 101000 out of the spring game which truck there is is is very Gil. No it was eleven actually -- and who knows how many were up there at the Pepsi pavilion and there's probably some trips and some other but -- have a great time there. And not just the fans but I gotta believe with the players too and it's good or bad their for a long time is there. Maybe just a buzz. Going on on campus every team with the fans that. That I Amelie is is it catch it -- there's an excitement there that we haven't seen in a long time and pull. Actually I don't have you know are not able to compare that. It is really exciting and you know and I think it's one of those things that. Is pretty facilities to players coaches and financial alike because. Everybody's kind of -- them experience excitement. The growth potential you know. How much can we improve you know what exactly should score. Season tickets are so amount so we shall all the -- -- ball loose and not. And so it's been really successful Lidstrom or. Is Washington State's Mike Leach how does your family like it up there in Pullman. Very like a lot we came out the belt which we always do. -- -- went right to schools start play in sports. Bought -- house gut. -- -- -- Bit before but we got -- -- -- would children and so we're trying to Redick is good chill out you know LD kids. Well I don't want to graduate from medical school entries in Atlanta. Doing a residency issues or -- your residency. And got another which was senior Texas -- And then on gut been here got a fifty year old looked in your world. Much on fifteen and then a thirteen year old daughter. Well what I allowed one -- team before we catch a loose and we appreciate your time do you have any thoughts on how you'd like to see the see them structured this new fourteen playoff in the BCS. Yeah well starting point would be go more than four teams I think. You know who have -- before the fourteen should slightly scratches the year which. I think anything -- from eight teams is kind of a waste of time. I'd like to see 64 bit somewhere between eight and 64. I think is more than global. If you get a curfew -- 64 I think you'd have to. I think. Got one of the regular season games insure everybody plays twelve. We don't -- can eliminated literally and they played -- and almost somebody it's out of also. And then. Go home and home the first round and then incorporate the polls some. Play at all like everybody else it's funny. Division one today. You know at times there's kind of this collective blank look like or are we couldn't do this sort. -- as possible. While this was a wild -- know that we Cabrera so wild notion for sometime that nobody should certainly. Everybody else does as well and you do well. Actually you're you're you do ago. Virtually every division -- football -- so tornadoes that are you to look so. Baseball goes -- -- you do without soft all -- -- could do about -- I mean. There's way more than enough models to figure out through the post including the professional level so trips its really pretty simple it's just. A matter of choice and I think. What factors into it as. There are clearly -- it's indisputable it'll generate more money I think the battle over who gets some money and -- distributed. Well you're the first I've heard talk about a 6014 college football playoff but I yet I like which here. Well -- how -- thought it would be have it appears that the team's play in the final place sixteen games. Just like you guessed that division three division to one double. The NFL players more. And then it would be like. An awful lot of state high school champions so -- so I mean it -- -- it's we're not creating a real here we're pointing out the the real success. -- arm it is very true Mike Leach always get talking need to look up there thinking. -- --