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Apr 20, 2012|

Dr. Jack joins the program to take a look at the final push for the NBA Playoffs and takes a look at Portland Trail Blazers roster. What does the coach of the 1977 Blazers Championship team think of the current team? His answer might surprise you.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome back Isaac in secret you -- on 1082 standing Comcast sports net pleased to have the basketball hall of Famer with -- snow on the -- mortgage mobile hotline of course leading the Blazers to their championship in 1977 now. -- BA on ESP and the great doctor Jack Ramsay returned to the -- how are you doctor Jack. He had doctor -- -- beyond the call Sunday game you'll hear here on the stand of the Oklahoma City at LA. Sort of get your characterization not first. Jack about this season it seems as if the in BA sort of -- at least in my opinion on -- -- Games into such a short amount of time what do you think of the products and and how it's been this year. The game this played 82 good teams have generally been very good. Even Lou you see teams. Among the best team. Including. Miami in Chicago. And the Lakers. The surprising stirs. Oklahoma City they've all played at least at some point usually on the road. And uncharacteristically. You know come up so with the game. On occasion this has been far below their normal. I think that attributable to the number of games. There there crammed into the schedule for the lack of rest time. The last two times per game preparation. All that rolls up into one. And it has bitten everybody every team and move lesser teams -- teams with less ability I think that. It just puts more harm on then then. Do you think we'll see the effects of this in the playoffs as well. I think not because in the playoffs. We don't have the schedule has yet but. Playoffs you use seldom in the past have gotten back to back game. Usually have a day in between both teams are rested and they have the advantage of playing against one team. For a series so that your preparations. For each of those team loses it's usually quite good. And I think the level of basketball. Isn't true although it's gonna increase in intensity. And we've already seen some of that as the season winds down. There's a -- contenders. In the east and the west but it is very great team is there a standout team this year in the NBA. I think there were several of them. In the east I think Miami is -- stand there acting. They're playing at a higher level than they did last year for the most part although they've had some dog games to. Chicago when they get older players. And they've had very few games when they've had everybody. Note gang was out for awhile Rose has been in and out all season. And they need everybody and they need to be playing at a high level but they defend well. Rose when he's able. There's a monster. I read him as the best penetrating point guard of all time. When he has when he at all as -- as physical. Capabilities together. And the very solid they're well coached by Tom Thibodeau. Good defenders. At best rebounding team all the so. They in Miami I think are destined to meet in the conference finals. And that should be agreement. Well west incidentally. You have different teams. San Antonio is a huge surprise to me. They're they're older but that like good -- they get better with age seems. And they're playing at a high level well coached of course Greg Greg Popovich. And they brought some new guys into the mix and they're all contributing. Oklahoma City is very solid and strong. But they've had their bumps along the way as well. And mound. Know any by the and Memphis is a dark horse team well coached by one of our guys Lionel Hollins. And last year they knocked. San Antonio right out of the playoffs. So it should be very interest. Doctor Jack Ramsay our guest here on the stand so what about the Lakers and Kobe is coming back tonight you'll see him on Sunday Woody sit -- in in the last. I'd be interested to see how they're going to play with -- they played some great games without him -- game. San Antonio was a clinic. -- Antonio got one of our offensive rebound in that game. And it wasn't. They made a lot of Sharks they didn't shoot the ball also a lot of offensive rebounds to be had they didn't. Yet but one whole -- but then the Spurs came back and drilled them the other night in Los Angeles. So. -- who knows how that's gonna turn out but. If the Lakers can play at the same ball sharing level. That they displayed with -- out of Carolina. And understood that they need his scoring but they don't need his domination of the ball. So. He can take it upon himself and I think he will he wants to win more than anything. I think he will there's the thing with Toby is hill tried to play the team game as long as -- successful. If it looks -- That the team game isn't going to win on that particular occasion they'll take the game over. And sometimes he wins those and sometimes he doesn't. With with Howard being out now with a back surgery is Andrew Bynum the best big men in the game. The yes. Yes. He's not without its flaws. You know it's seven foot. 270. And that's what he is with a 5% body fat. There's no softness about Andrew Bynum is great and surprisingly he doesn't have great lift. But his body strength and his footwork is sufficient. They usually get to wait would that -- you noticing game he gets a lot of shot blocks for good shots blocked for a seven footer. And it depends on on how well the defense is can cluster grin and jam him once he gets the ball in the lane. But he's a force and thrown a lot of great centers in the league. He's at the top of the list right now. Story came out yesterday Jack from ESPN about the potential of Mitch Kupchak being at the top of the Blazers general manager wish list. Our greatest chance or little as the chance do you think from you know with him that that he would jump out of LA and and consider job like Portland. I have no idea. Mitch is. Very loyal guy. -- but it -- feels that. Is authority as he rooted. Now that. Jerry Buss whose son. Has pretty much. Taken over. That job and really I mean he's calling the shots. Which might be. Interested in exploring other possibilities. -- but I can't -- -- very capable guys. What's your remedy for the Blazers mean it's been it's been a pretty ugly year here for us a Jack I mean what would your biggest. Offseason priority the. Home boy they've got a lot of. Holes to so do you. Recently other than LaMarcus Aldridge. I don't see. Anyone who is pretty. Really top level player on their roster there's good players. You need three great players to. A contending team. And I only see one on their roster. So they've got a lot of a lot of explorations. A lot of decisions to make it. Rome. And I was -- picnic known and but I think. They just. Overwhelmed by the situation. And those things can happen to coaches. When they got a big job to do. Yes they do they -- -- work it's gonna be experiencing on season. What do you think of that -- bit too many think his work since. I think he's capable. I'd like his game -- -- -- good deep center I think I agree but he's good defender. He can run the floor. He's a decent ball handler. And he can score inside and out to. So I think. You know -- the only good team he should be in the starting lineup or -- six man off the bench on a very good team. And when you look at the head coaching position who do you see out there and you can include van Gundy in that if you want who by all accounts may be out of Orlando what he sees sit around on the sidelines right now. That that you would like to see get another chance. I don't I don't really have a name scored. It's not a great coaching opportunity. An important. Because. There were twenty to 35 now. And the prospects of them. Improving next season. Or not take great to me. So. You're going your list of coaches. Is going to be seen by a just who they are at this point. And probably. A capable assistant. Who is looking to get coaching opportunity in. Well taken -- -- -- comes along. Is whats certain to. Have to take -- And that doesn't mean they won't give it a good coach. You know we've seen Tom Thibodeau. Lional Holland after all the years that he was an assistant. They're both showing -- how people they can be. Sure there there are assistant coaches. I'm not familiar with -- you don't know. Some of them has not coached like Thibodeau. He has never been a head coach in the NBA is a little head coaching experience in college. But. So it's hard to. Evaluate them I think. You've got to know this person very well. And but the problem is not with a coach they had a good coach and my. And they need personnel. Means they needed special. That to Jack Ramsay former trail Blazers coach he's a hall of Famer now with. The NBA on ESPN you can catch him on the call Sunday here on 1080 the fan Oklahoma City. In LA to take on the Lakers always very tiny Jack thank you. All right my pleasure always good to touch base with Portland.