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Apr 18, 2012|

The author of an article chronicling widespread marijuana use within the University of Oregon football program joins the show to discuss the piece and shed some more light into what he found. If you missed it, here is a link to the article: http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7819621/ncf-oregon-ducks-deny-drug-culture-eugene-espn-magazine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- for joining us now on the -- mortgage noble hotline hello Sam. Got howry -- do well thank you what what so I guess we'll start -- what prompted you to write this. Well it started. What the conversation with my editor on this story -- -- Really Smart guy who also happened in Oregon I graduate. So duck and can direct their best them at well -- like. I knew -- don't hear about. That Rivers remembers nickel back a long way out. Oregon football letters -- look at -- a lot of pretty great now I've heard a -- from a friend to attend the Oregon. I -- that -- -- -- you seem to get on the street. And not talk and and and it's. Well it's not a news flash net college kids smoke week I mean the NCAA's. Recent that he is point 2%. Student athletes smoke. And and 26% of football players. But. Organs football program -- truth I'd sort of -- study. Based on the sort longstanding tradition there and Eugene. Popularity we. And and neatly -- and such have a look at the impact then welcomed. Interrogated but lack thereof of marijuana use among players. Right lack thereof meaning -- it -- pretty damn good on the field. Sure. And some of the best players. Smoke while playing at Oregon. And out there on the numbers. Bear we have 40% 60%. Organ players stating that they're prosperity. Ordered whipping -- Witasick percent of rosters jokingly. -- a number of very from well from actual big strong leadership. The quarterback stars. Are spoken the rest of the team that's natural that -- And higher -- It goes back slowly. Seen. When players like quality McCullough. And IQ -- yet. And Onterrio Smith where. -- the show. About numbers about 60%. -- -- Do you find it turned out okay go ahead I don't know the hit good finish up. I -- -- -- -- you know. In the 2000. When not sort of straight -- player like Jonathan Stewart and it sticks in those guys those guys wrong and show up. That number drops to forty today it around if you start what current duck players -- how. How open were the players in talking with you how did you gain that trust to have that accident that access I mean you were. Bear with them when they were lighten up. A lot of feedback on this story as while big news. College kids smoke. Is it it's not it's not a news flash and that's how these organ players see. They don't get the big deal as one player put it looked -- smoke and then we were out on the Rose Bowl. So -- so different sports Julie -- Don't look at the benefit big hit a call and mark. There are a lot of reasons why these tires smoke marijuana -- start we. The typical. Stretch is going and challenge of being of being a student college. You know you got all that -- timing. Stressful schedule and peer pressure you out and bat. The challenges of being exactly in college. And include you know stress and pain and and you know happy a lot -- stick and it's -- You know it's it's a way you are. You as Terry -- put it it happy are. Yeah this is a Sam Alley or ESPN the magazine said the players that. Was actually lighting up in front of you. He basically just say he finds out you're doing a story on Oregon football player -- -- I -- right and I mean you know. He has no caution about smoking in front of you regarding the story knowing that it would get out there. Yeah page goes back these players don't see the big yeah yeah and it's a certain extent. You know their right I mean. And it gave when you have -- testing procedures that the NCAA. That. Are not very effective went testing or from airline. -- yep yep for example should testing procedures. That is a level one is. I've done in during the post season. And that -- that's a marijuana. It happens throughout. This season. And you know at bat and they basically what it is still and they believe. Regular season -- To the Colts. And the schools. Don't have. A lot of -- is -- -- to test regularly. You know coaches don't want that responsibility. If it ever happening regularly for marijuana. There's a lot of football like. And that carries well by the way the NFL level you know are we spoke to the number of medical personnel man. -- say look how it matters more. Then we. And also it is set honesty. Obviously it more than I want to talk about life as one person -- -- put it -- interview players about NFL crop aren't. -- up 70%. Of the players interviewed. Admitted to smoking a lot of thinking being hit it diet. There and lying and what else they aren't. So it really hard to. Do you expect these players. Just stopped smoking marijuana. -- then you know other NCAA it effectively absorb. It all I really don't know about it. Mentors. And idols at the pro level are smoking it and the NFL -- really care so hot it's not that I. The question is. It -- out to talk to cut this year. Marat says the same as -- -- -- college kids from from drinking but -- certainly don't wanna stop you don't but let me ask you this -- him. So this forty to 60% number. I think that's low in the only thing I'm basing that on. It's just I was in college man tonight and in nine no -- Beijing university in I just know what it's like. And kind of find I would I would think that. It on some not all campuses but on most chances athletes it actually made good football player maybe who smoke less than the average. You know what college student so do we have a frame of reference for how. This stacks up against other football teams on other campuses around the country is this an -- and -- abnormally high number forty to 60% at Oregon. You know I can't I can't speak about it really aren't -- sort of monitor in the nationwide numbers. But you know what what we you know it there's there's been a lot of players on an exceptional double across the country. Popping up on India police blotter. I mean the list. Last year is rather you know -- So I mean look like it or all smoke more. Then around at other schools -- I don't know but from what I'm told RP one of the best fit you know -- year under wraps and staying out of trouble not getting cut. Are many players told me there is sort of an unofficial guide books. Q you know how you. Dodged and then you know -- weather radar. School -- Did you talk this -- Did you talk to the officials or coaches you know about this because it in one aspect I. I totally get -- are coming from that look it's not that big -- deal there's an unwritten code but from another sense and just playing devil's advocate. You could have coaches or administrators basically covering up any illegal activity crime. Yeah I mean. Bush had that the let. The players well it it is not a big deal the score I about the interest in keeping their stuff straight quick. Because they're big -- -- here is you lose eligibility. You -- -- all close up. Some of the players I spoke to you at Oregon. That they don't smoke I want and end you know. Anonymously. Big big big did not smoke where I want. And they don't they don't get it. Don't know I let a team it would jeopardize his future. And out of lurking. And cliff Harris the ducks' stand up quarterbacking. And returner. You're talking missed. I think what it six games last season before he got ridiculous thing they went on won the Rose Bowl. But you gotta wonder what how it would seem to have and they had won there when others whether shooting under the most out that I. So I mean it's it's not that they don't care a lot of them go. And the one that you were sort of outnumbered you know I didn't -- that code. It seems to be and that's been the case for a long while if you're not master. Out on the field in operating in the between everyone cool. If you blow it. You're gonna get sat down and talk to. And what that and what not helping -- A lot of these guys claimed -- they'd better. -- -- -- And sort of also by the way back but we. Play there's you know in the in the journal American girls -- -- -- and players to -- went to smoke we. It helped them focus better and increase that increases their creativity. And other studies have said. Marijuana use by athletes decreases anxieties -- depression -- Are up. As I renteria sort told him when he was smoking at Oregon. Focus -- It up his second season at Oregon and it numbers when you -- marijuana affect me one bit. It's a complicated issue. Night so what's been the reaction from Dutch fans. -- No matter if some of these companies you know a lot of them out you know what's shocking number out. Very true very accurate. I've seen -- picture. And then you got out of physical harm. -- -- Setback at all -- I think it's important -- to it to say though that while this focuses on organ that was good obviously the focus of the study. Organist has been held as an example of what really is that the story he could probably tell about 90% of the the division one college football teams. -- I think the right. I'd like to think we're not picking on -- we got 88 using current issue yet in the magazine. On the larger issue of marijuana and college sports. What we're merely curious your pick one school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not a university of organization. If an American. Issues. It's certainly applies to all the college sport and sport that all. I think this. How many people you know our guys this. Net result. I think I -- not not earlier. In my history. My mother my rhythm out there and my ex girlfriend. That. Truck nothing if not -- -- -- -- that with anecdotal evidence but. Our daughter has not parents. Truck. Of course. And I am talking about the flower child generation they're now happened Q. Lot of people go wrong thing and drink -- -- at bat. -- -- here's what Morgan. Told me there during happier about personal -- so. Heck. -- -- then if you have the problems that go on an earlier ask. Is the kid that smoke weed. That you did you start -- article with -- still there. Don't think I'm gonna give away about that and -- it is trial. Yeah yeah yeah out there. I tried. Well they well -- you know at sixteen you know lot people are talking about here Sam Alley -- ESPN the magazine look for in the upcoming issue or. The -- to it on nine Twitter thanks for read thanks for joining us. I think you guys -- really preached here helping us. -- -- -- --