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Mar 15, 2012|

Ben joins the program with the latest on the Trail Blazers trade deadline moves that included trading Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby, waiving the rights to Greg Oden and Chris Johnson and firing coach Nate McMillan. Good stuff.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In the first straight against him toward drove -- -- injured it's her a quality draft pick first round pick a top three protected are coming back -- New Jersey under right now waited to be you know summer -- We probably 68 worst teams so it can be pretty solid -- -- -- taken back to contract. Mehmet Okur and Sean Williams. -- -- -- going to be big expiring contract there's not one instances. Including three million dollars next these so. There are basically -- kind of got a quality of the achievement is full time. A spot -- roll. I take it a little bit of money -- ideal but they do get a quality pick out of it. The second trade bait and Marcus Camby to be Houston Rockets Rasheed could be sort of about that are that are but he remembers in the number two overall pick. Never panned out in the final year of his contract. That player and Jonny Flynn also have another lottery but at a players with a lot cured his contract. The blades in addition about three or million dollars now trade so would you put it to trade together they come out about even financially. They do take on the one yard shot Williams out for an excuse it but otherwise they moved out to veterans. They get -- on -- be injured the an -- -- pick from Houston. To get a couple of young guys they may be to give a little looked Q. I -- that stretch you know basically put it all together you're talking about the change of direction and they're probably talking wanna call to rebuild that's been out. Yeah I mean you look at it really the only piece of any significance there and it's the big one KG he basically did all that to get a lottery pick -- I am I correct in that. You had a pretty the first street you're definitely trying to passenger a lot from every uniform and -- And our lottery pick in this draft is going to be excellent value for a guy like while he's got a question mark on his contract because you've got the player up to protect your that he opted that the opt out. Good old you are kind of they ought -- they're a little bit of what he did it beyond. -- beat calorie nick being so the players that can kind of avoid all those questions -- not a particular sort of in -- -- you know -- now I'm -- I think he Darrent Williams kind of registered to turn things over to the -- like okay. You've got it back now you know potentially you're gonna have to lottery pick your -- out. A New -- you're gonna have Portland -- as well so government -- easily keep you need to rebuild it sort of you know playing longer term. In your building around all these habits you know you're gonna potentially hit two really quality -- due to those guys because. But let's be honest direct this Cotchery and a talent deficient in it you don't know where -- -- -- -- had a -- injection of our level talent and history provide. But it's safe to say that the trail Blazers were able to deal Gerald Wallace to the nets for this pick because Dwight Howard. Shows two or at least is reportedly chosen to stay in Orlando. Oh yes sure it's in Orlando I mean that's that's a done deal is basically -- -- -- excuse which is just absolutely crazy financial move for indicate. He'd go to a lot of leverage but he committed to -- and they've -- like interleague series. Reservations about kind of turning it back on them but maybe -- being loyal to them so he blocked it. That's totally screwed up major like that because of their main point to try to court in either this trade deadline by you know packaging a bunch of things together and try to make a run out of or I try to sign him you know outright had a free agent next summer trying to. By the minute sign and trade next summer so I mean New Jersey was left scrambling I think it's a backup plan for them. I think you know down the road they're really gonna regret trading this pick. Probably won't get to catch a pick by attracting all that have been done in recent years in interest -- he would have been Abbott did GM place in time for. -- -- that day at a track that you hoped he would. Considering another quality that they will we see what quality of being able to do what we've had multiple quality picks in the attic and get away with a telegram right -- talked about one dropped. Very -- to -- could have a lot of need to address. You know there -- -- parties that are really you know go toward. There are gonna have a point guard really go for locked into their level -- each other Galapagos -- could use. This is -- golfer from a Blazers -- dot com so I don't know a lot of fans are going to be asking this question. Like trade Joseph -- we love Gerald Wallace well those close to the team know that Gerald Wallace wasn't exactly. A terribly happy with -- system and how things were going. Is it true that he was one of this sort of behind the scenes malcontents even though this is a guy that really never spoke up and said as much. You always at the right thing but if you look everywhere he's got into trouble put together you know when it came to do you look at the Charlotte -- -- really did anything. And -- the kind of player who does agree that consistent. Impact every single night that was ultimately what did it mean you're gonna beat hang him. He figures are yet to be bigger number one you're number two -- player no matter what. For the Blazers plan there was just no way that you can be able to -- accident. All to obvious block that your main centerpiece. -- to commit to riding -- -- that number two guy you know he's in the transition period here. And the ball just didn't fit so you gotta get that baggage you know you've had an amazing moment last year. The Lakers electrical probably -- -- that maybe you know that the best one of this season. But I used to knock it to 211 -- -- it to that number two guided his team wanted to build around. His age injury history about a minute he was playing forget acknowledged what sustainable. And you know he's at the point where production it's going to be dropping hockey knowledge locked into a multi year contract. Extension with a guy like that because that's when you start to have real problems you know flexibility wise I'll tell you what it all those questions I'm moving ball out of I guess that it doesn't count through -- sort of a rebuilding very takes strategy I'm kind of surprised actually pulled the trigger on it were able to convince owner Paul delicate right did you. But it certainly was the right thing to do you look at -- -- played out from December until now with the Blazers being one of the book because if not the biggest under achiever in the entire yet. Two big problems that that a big plaguing Portland all year long the biggest beat Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford. Who hasn't really worked out here has been unhappy behind the scenes is rumored to be one of the guys that started the -- why did we see Crawford had felt that moved. Yeah I'm very surprised that he -- or both of those guys moved especially because I think harper had a lot of interest from teams. Who were looking at him from potentially a playoff run the will be the circumstance -- with Crawford I think because. Indiana ended -- making it more trade. For Leandro Barbosa and they were just being Crawford -- wanna give -- -- first round pick in the political one -- the first round pick for Crawford ended up getting Barbosa respect around picked dog in -- about it the better value. -- -- -- You look at the Lakers they were looking at Crawford Q apparently looking at a pretty hard and ended a beauty Ramon cash in that regard deputies are playing point guard for them. They move on without Derek -- so I think did not go to different directions well. And ultimately you know there's another proposal that would could have Steve Blake coming back there was so much money get to be so deeply going forward. The plays that we made the right decision not to take on that contract in exchange for Crawford. And look at the Clippers that was another deal that would potentially out there under look at right to go did Eric Bledsoe. Their -- that you know promising prospect turnover issues but -- -- athletic. I mean come on really struggled the last couple weeks her LA you haven't played very much I think ultimately decided it was. -- work to keep him at that same look in at a later date as opposed to cashing in you know got potential that they prepare like property's probably not to stick around for the Clippers. I pat is. This playoff run out heartfelt than you know the big question is what was the interest level out there and -- he's played. I'm excited he's looked at Al really obvious it'd be 82 was not mission would be to militant have a -- public comment. I just his overall level of attention -- he can help out all the turnovers the gave shots in number eight wade got to get your way a lot of people could potentially be interested in. Even know yet contract that would you know fairly tradable. And didn't summer and inoculated probably countless big could try to -- format that does sometimes happen it'll be stretching to -- How -- -- -- it now going forward. But they're gonna continue to apply to starters tight -- Or if I say let's get a chance to -- Jonny -- -- -- that Nolan commit more to the rotation. And certainly when you try your coach -- -- -- did today it has made to penetrate the -- did today you would expect the youth movement and I would need to -- -- and it's coming down a little bit. So what we've we've got the undercard out of the way let's move onto the main event you alluded to it's there Nate McMillan we we know when you lose by forty. Those -- the type games that get coaches fired. It was it was it that simple some of these ugly losses or has this been something that that has been rumored or or talked about inside that organization for a number of weeks. Well you know I'll tell you guys it was funny on Saturday I requested a comment about a report that it was on the hot -- for the -- PR guy that they hated Larry Rothschild statement. And you got basically -- four -- and never heard back. And that to me it reminded me to Kevin Pritchard situation when the Larry never won a ticket and on KP. Ever want to see where -- -- you know what all I was thinking I mean basically he was kind of hanging out there are a little bit of relief this last week and I think all these W -- has really added up I mean our district for the all star break where you don't merely went release out. This recent stretch has really been just absolutely ugly -- ball -- -- bowed out of the quality players to -- All the hard fouls from India that frustration now. That -- cheap shots. Does the lack of effort especially on the road the lack of confidence from these guys lack of camaraderie and all between acute. They're being -- -- -- issues between the players and the coaching out. You know Neifi and very resigned do I defeat in this team. He actually made the public comment -- about a week or two ago. You know alluded to the fact that he needed to potentially you know. Embark on a rebuilding effort obviously that's what happened now but for me to admit that it would you know little bit surprised if he got publicly. A because that the company like -- always -- you know when are going to be built up. I think erratic with -- Milwaukee really proud I want to -- the trouble started maybe you know a month or so would disputed. I -- it was really really respected and like everyone in the organization whether it. -- Larry Miller I checked him you know literally would not an easy decision if there was any possible way they felt he could continue with it. I think it probably would have -- at some point you're trying to Paul Allen and we understand how it's rhetoric it's frustration level yet. I think the timing of the firing had to do that no he needed wanna compromise your -- conditioning. In any way that you did done what you made on these straight. Where do you put. Nate McMillan on the on the blade -- here for what's gone on and should he have fallen how much of this goes on him. He definitely had to take a part of being a person I look first -- -- player and a couple players especially Culkin who I think deserves to be read it out a couple of packages because of you know from the girl addition you know not -- -- championship -- -- -- pretty ago. You know. Publicly going that we Q coach -- Italy these behind closed doors -- -- -- -- that number got a lot of people the wrong way about -- I think it did rub off not -- -- -- -- and it rubbed off on overall culture of the team. And I can be -- dangerous thing that can spread. So I look at the players first but certainly -- mean they lost control I mean there's no doubt about it coach got to give Ireland and lose control. Even if they're good -- you know they're great people but it remaining members of the community have a message or how the world works. Ideal and the guys in line in you know -- change in your -- you're you know yelling -- -- motivating motivating and all of a sudden you start to figure out. You really have a choice got -- to go to the direction. But I like it though they did here with a deep firing though and these trades and they're doing it all -- what -- that it. Of course this team really had had a plan for awhile right now we're seeing at the appointed gulp at which it. Got you beat these were gonna try to go to use the round and -- we're gonna put in a young. Sort of a high energy guy K okay -- sort of weather this storm organist testing in the summer. And can go from there you know it better than -- recycling mediocrity which eighteenth. The last couple years it's better to carry out a little bit I think that's what -- I was trying to get out flat -- and I'd get an out that way but you know I think they've come to terms with that. And you know they could be casualty of all. Our guest here is blazes -- dot coms Bengal Verizon can see it live on Comcast sports net and onto -- -- -- -- down here at fort Austin. Taken into the NCAA basketball actions -- just to review the Blazers have traded Gerald Wallace and Marcus -- in separate deals. Blazers coach Nate McMillan has been fired Caleb -- -- of all people is going to be taking over here we'll get to that in a second but. The Blazers now essentially assuming they don't make the playoffs this year which -- most likely will not -- now have to look. First round lottery picks next year one of which that they get in the Gerald Wallace deal is top three protected the other element of this -- his cap space. You know Jamal Crawford and -- Felton are gonna stay as blazes at least the end of the season but I don't think anybody believes that they will stay after that. -- their money comes off the books. Can you give our listeners and viewers an idea of how much money under the cap the Blazers will be at the end of this season and what that means for who they can go out and attain. Through free agency. There will be significantly under the cap because you know basically the only long term. Obligation to avenue -- LaMarcus orders they're gonna have to you know you look at restricted free agency a bit too over the probably -- and and having to -- and fairly -- changed. But past that I mean you're looking at a very minimal contract you know. Mean they're probably gonna be you know less than maybe 40% of -- Rockets Alec has been -- committee will also don't want to shake out so they're gonna have and the millions of dollars probably upwards of twenty million dollars. Caspian opening all the decisions they make it and potentially even more. In at that point so next summer they're going to be good to try to make a run at somebody you wanna do that it try to you know all about what. -- you know multiple quality starting caliber kind of -- is sort of how they did to west -- -- -- to produce need to look at that maybe a couple times over. Although their rotation but they're gonna have altered like but he got a big question could be can make it into any electronic on the -- on at this point. You know LaMarcus orders might be an attractive property until the -- he went. But you know that may be a long shot an eighty better ops are there all the different model and try to find some of that money ball out of players of altercation not way. In that all sorts of actually encourage you know what the new collective bargaining agreement I think are going away from that. The three explorer model and you know trying to flat because they have more rotation maybe that it did out congress approach. Just because you know that there's salary cap so much tighter and the luxury tax that's a much. Harsher and you go electric technical difficulties -- that the teams don't want to do that they -- kind of on the value guide. So we'll have a chance to completely revamped roster meanwhile -- the other -- have all -- of money to do it does no question about it it's just getting firm you know today. -- July 1 it's going to be to the top Parker does it -- -- we got -- between now. Yeah it's still bad for the season ticket holder -- it's -- like it's already it is. He's here and you know I deal he paid for -- RTQ tighter -- you get a -- in and you thought you were getting one roster that was good Emeka playoff push which is we're promised. You come away with it and that may not be what you expected but personally you know I hope to get the worked in the world you know about them my money to go to games every night. I'd like to see the younger guys play more I think a lot of and have expressed that which make Billy Williams shoulder injury so much more unfortunately -- be great opportunity for him to develop towards playing time. But -- come at a young guys -- -- time -- do watch them develop a little bit and said you know the promise of detractors don't you know hope springs eternal every time and having -- lottery pick it. It'd be great. Yeah I mean ugly basketball where they they go into the side of the -- purity in the -- -- treason and appears at this point now he out there and want. Okay so you you mentioned some some big money to stand I was talking to someone from the Blazers earlier today. In he he mentions Darrent Williams of course night. Promptly chuckled but. You know who is out there Aminu who's attainable if he got this money -- they gonna make a run that. Never been there all -- -- -- -- to -- so I -- I think it if if Howard blocked it and Williams going to college or did it -- you know real stiff competition try to stay in New Jersey -- -- that's going to be your guy in terms of the -- to create the class. I'll be honored to have -- totally you know broken that out yet so little bit earlier trying to do this I trade I lined up but I know there's going to be a lot of competition. -- this summer a lot of teams have been angling to cap space for -- is going to be the blitzes out there I don't get it became tour you know look you can make a splash. So you know it's going to be the competition in really well got to get to the question -- You know how quickly can you get a general manager plays ugly -- you -- a long term coach because you're not going to be able to be competitive on the free agency market. The -- of stability. You start looking for comfort -- looking for you know I don't qualities are looking for erratic owner no coach. I know GM -- to question about the front office. -- only two players Julie Lockett potentially long term deals that's not attractive to a start Spurs don't want at a bar want to repeat laid out there -- Emeka. And a potential championship run and I think that's why you're gonna -- -- -- the Blazers probably settle it like I said earlier they tried to export to other way to go out the roster because. I mean it's going to be incredibly difficult to compete with a team like galloped with. You know I championship pedigree altered the other pieces already in place. You know -- counterweight to me it's just an -- -- Big Oliver -- -- read his work at Blazers -- dot com he had been taking a three time -- stuff. -- -- -- --