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Golf in the NW 1-21-12

Jan 21, 2012|

Jason Swygard and Harold Bluestein are back with another edition of Golf in the NW. They talk with Larry Bohannan of the Desert Sun who is live at the Humana Challenge. They also connect with John Majerus, Titleist Performance Physical Therapist to discuss the latest in golf technique. Finally, they are joined by Scott Larsen, Oregon Sales Rep for Adams Golf, to find out about the up and coming season with the latest news on golf equipment and the shows coming through town.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- The latest tips and equipment to improve your game and -- Don't know the latest from the leader boards and your favorite courses. Last -- action packed hour about everything all on ESPN's Sports Radio generated a fair and golf in the northwest his front bunker real Kraft northwestern we feel we're. Visit them that we -- we PBX dot com now with the award winning the PGA professional Harold who's done here -- reasons why you -- -- find good morning to you he. I think slowly getting this done. This is going to be wet -- while Jason -- guard her blue Stein here with you for the next hour golf in the northwest we have plenty to get to lots of help for us today since there's not much golf going on here in the northwest. Over this weekend. Hopefully there's not a golf course is underwater I know that that's actually a serious issue anywhere that's near a a river creek her body of water so we you know we hope everybody says gonna survive this whipped. Period. So be PGA tour is down in the deserts. The humane a challenge. Formally known as the Bob Hope. Classic. On our good friend Larry -- in and from the desert -- gonna join us about 815 will get an update on the tournament Ben Crane. We'll talk more about his round but he went nuts yesterday. Everybody going low Bill Clinton though reviving this thing he's a rock star and probably the biggest liberty down there he's gonna play with Greg Norman today so. Lots to get to with him John the Gerris titlist performance institute. A certified physical therapy. Licensed physical therapist here in Vancouver's gonna join us because he started working with fuel brain -- -- 880 fitness but training program. In -- and talk about that. In -- you get started. And evaluation process of John's gonna join us in our tip segments. To find out how you can do that as well I mean but this is the same stuff that they're using along with their PGA tour players all the -- players have access to. Absolutely it starts with a screening now I know you have some radio co hosts out with a station who have liposuction. And let. That's -- laser surgery instead have been a work out and try and strengthen some of the weak areas in my body so that. I can not only improve my. I swing presently. But last longer doing it and we say golf is a sport for a lifetime well if your body breaks down it is not a sport for a lifetime. And then -- say forty in the business golf Scott Larson. With Adams golf gonna join us the big get PGA merchandise show -- coming up next week you'll be attending. So I gotta figure out what the hell I'm doing next week. When your often Orlando in the sun playing golf hobnobbing with all the PGA muck itty mucks. The is 75 and sign nag nag you it's tough there's a little bit of humidity that might be a prom -- played Tiger -- new country club back for what's it called out. There I know I got I was an environmental. But yeah it's actually a night to take it nightclubs this is a business trip costs reader fifty bucks to put him on an airplane but that's another. That's for it and I -- fly you know as yeah an airlines that doesn't constitute. But I'm not taking nightclubs and going down because we have the PGA usual annual meeting -- have the launch of the golf 2.0. -- long term. Strategy to grow the game and I'm interest in and that. And other things new merchandise coming out three blocks of vendors in golf clubs to hit demo day yet. In orange county national day in all the different clubs so. Pretty exciting time for about a weekend down there. So we'll talk to Adams golf I'm sure you've seen that you've been watching any golf -- Kenny Perry's ads for their new. Speed line of drivers and woods who will get some idea of what the newest. Pieces of technology that are being implemented into the clubs in the merchandise that's a set to -- public here at the beginning of February so. It ambitious hour let's get started as we always do by going inside the ropes. It's time for an insider's look at the leader boards the latest on all two hours plus local golf events and gulf news. This is inside the ropes part of golf from the northwest on the trail them. Great -- in action said today including at the European tour. Wrapping up their south Africans swing it. And they've got quite a leaderboard going on it is the global golf championships. And a lot of familiar names near the top but at the top. Branden grace us South Africa and Nicholas -- sorts from Belgium. He is started to make a name for himself he's been one of those. He almost Thai trial on flights in Europe. He was the youngest player in the age of 183 sectors birthday with through Q school got made it through all 33 flights of Q school. And immediately got on. -- he's one of those. You know just hits a ton out of the ball but the finer points short game scoring has been difficult for -- so he's had an up and down career but in 2009. On their version of the nationwide tour. Couple wins eight top tens got up their broke through. With the China open victory a couple of years ago in many think he could be one of those guys now at the age of 29. To really make a name for himself he could be make in the Ryder Cup team this year he's there at ten under par tied with Branden grace. And has not we have not really seen him in the states as we normally do a lot of these top European player to come over and play the big events the players. The US open the masters if they get some wins over there. And he sort of a mystery but I day if he can develop some consistency that he's shown of late somebody we might get familiar with here in state sometime soon. Well I think so there's a lot of hype on this young guy although he's not that young he's 29 so. And I can say. And and I think he's got a chance to contend for a major. If you can't putt I'll tell you what the masters is definitely now. It's I think Phil might struggle this next year is he struggling this putting loses and the -- it's pretty ugly. -- Is a guy that's surprising me right now is. Retief Goosen and he's I mean the first retirements of you know this year he's been right up in the top five in the leaderboard. So I'm wondering and I have always respected. And in really fallen in love with his golf needs one of the best golf swings around. I he must have an injury I don't know why last year just didn't pan out form but this year he's back. Yeah he's once shut off the pace title -- Schwartzel at nine under Jose Maria all of probable playing in this tournament eight under who stays and Padraig Harrington at seven under. Hobbies I had and I started played down there all through tournaments in South Africa he's trying to get it back. To the days of a few years ago when he was when in majors he he went off to deepened last year Ernie Els they're at six under so a nice leader boards. Final round of course in the middle of the night which you can see it on Golf Channel champions to work kicking off this week in the -- why either on the Kona coast that. -- while allied Bruce Vaughn Tom -- seven under par after round one Brad Faxon Loren Roberts scored pavement. Among those at six under are Bob Gilder three under from Corvallis he's right in there with Tom Kite Larry my -- Tom Watson is there at three under but Freddie couples he's back it even and reports are his back is acting up again. Which is never a good thing. It did always puts him in a Dicey situation will be able to play this week you never know if it's acting up but she's supposed to go back to Germany. To the clinic to BC's over there for whatever magic treatment they've they've come up -- To see if he can alleviate whatever pain and discomfort he's got and let them swing away again and when he swinging freely there there's not much more enjoyable golf swings to watch than Freddie. ER and that's why we have John Major Harris coming on the show to talk to us have now with these injuries that. That shortened careers or take a superstar like Freddie and just you know turn him into a regular guy. When he is by far. The most talented. Senior and a champion players a senior player on the tour. That we have he's just remarkable and when he's feeling well he plays well but he has struggled for the last fifteen years with that. Trouble and he's gone through all kinds of therapies. With something just not quite quite right there so. Who knows it's tough Dustin Johnson had to withdraw. I he had knee surgery. Had to withdraw from the Humana. And he said that the way he was walking and hadn't -- for awhile it started to hurt his back so. That's with the Humana is supposed to be about now the Bill Clinton's come on board he's talking about. Health and wellness and is. The one of his main causes and that is the cause he's brought to the Humana. Challenge. And that takes a stances PGA west in no looking in Palm Desert the community challenge formally deep Bob Hope Classic but. Clinton's comment that that turn meant was on its title last legs and the old format the five days was. Not drawing the field so bill came in a rally the troops rallied some sponsors. They invited Greg Norman he's gonna play with Greg Norman in the pro am today. And so that gallery will be as large as any out there but be -- Ben Crane had a hot putter yesterday. -- 22 putts. Yes and -- had included had a double early on up and then got it -- he's been killing the par fives twelve under on the par five so far with Eagles. And birdies three Eagles and six birdies I believe on those who he is tied with David Toms and Mark Wilson at sixteen under. Wilson yesterday a 62. That's ten under there worth spots. Him going really low he's challenging the course record of 59 on the Palmer course. It's been set by David do ball back when David Duvall was the number one ranked player in the world. And two also -- Frazier with a 59 and Q school. So what is it about these courses that. Is it just it's not that long obviously the wind was stand what can make it difficult down there in the desert to the wind kicks up it is only about ten miles an hour so very manageable for them. It's not the longest course in the world greens reportedly great show. Is it is it just why is it an easy course for the. GA professional in Iowa and ask Larry -- the same question and I. But the golf courses in the spring -- set up to a score on. Andy's in particular you've got a great conditions you've got the weather cooperating. And you have an attitude it's early in the season let's just go for -- we've got nothing to lose. It's not a big deal as you go forward on a par five. -- fine Ben Crane becoming. Or at least very aggressive. He hasn't been in the past on the. Ben Crane accrediting. TPI as well for some help with him he was worried he was headed for surgery. On his hit -- wool load discuss more about that as well. Larry -- NN live from the minute challenge Judd covers golf for the deserts and he's been covering the Bob Hope for. 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They could do in this morning Jason Zweig art world blues then win the golf in the northwest of course does seem -- coming up next. The middle like -- takes to -- showed -- already for the NFL championship weekend but very pleased right now -- have returning to the show down there live from the the Humana challenge covering. All for the desert sun newspaper down there since 1986. He's the author of the book fifty years of hope that history the Bob Hope Classic now that Humana challenge Larry Bohannon returning to us good morning Larry yeah you got used to -- Humana challenge yet. I happily made the mistake about oh million times. This you know and it's funny to have the guys -- to the pressure from this week again and -- them to make things -- in -- be accurate alt that child's. Strategic ear it's going to be tough to change from the hoped Libya to Humana. Well let's let's start with the changes. And how big of a deal it is out there in in on first impression. Is it working or is it still work in progress. Well I think it -- The people who are basically running the tournament which wish you know Humana health care who came in with an eight year sponsorship deal which are. After sponsorship deal but -- -- torture and we weren't good. And then of course the Clinton foundation which is involved with interpret. You -- exceed it is a work in progress species it took a long term. Deal that should get stronger each each year. I think you talked to the -- PGA tour players. They would give it comes up immediately. You know with the format changes have been made here. To me at all that they much prefer. The new Humana. Format to the old -- -- old -- Which played over five days it was the only -- -- term on tour. I don't courses. Street like each course. Lunch for four days 72 hole. And in each of those. Four for four rap -- plate with three different -- players. 103 AM church. New format and 48 term. Panel on the wanted to look at you've preached 483. Courses. Two -- and -- temperatures and shame foursome. And that the temperature still rotate for the play six pros over the age of three days. I approached. The idea that it's not that daunting night old Irish. Really where I've picked up from him is that they would much appreciate. And other pro and the foursome but instead of trying to you know learn and in three temperatures you're Morgan Keegan. Com. -- you you know be apparent effort to David -- and economical and we can -- comfortable Eric. Apparent Greg Norman who's in this term for the first eighty should prematurely if Paper Hugo. With or contribute should secure source -- That's where I think that approach really appreciate it changes. So Larry how do they Democrat ever get involved with in the Republican hard as -- I think. That -- You know it's funny when he came here and now when President Clinton came here in 1995 and played first round of the hope. Pat has just sitting president. And he played with George H. W. Bush and he would just recently defeated in the presidential election. And -- portraits for president and shame. Pipes in the year because it would -- folk and pop -- of course. And -- tight on time and it's amazing that this guy is coming to the desert as president because he couldn't get elected to congress. Kirk Smith yet he still couldn't -- And it probably -- Clinton. I think the real key here is you know the message that you know this is not yet but Bill Burton -- that'll work. On the board and girls club and domestic finest -- this year. The match against. Participatory health and well much. We have to get better as a society keeping care or held if we want to control your car. Okay that's a fairly non political -- yeah everybody would say -- Key is to keep nonpolitical. I think when you get -- get to a point where. They start bi partisanship over a certain things and you have. Danger. Particularly in this valley which as you know the you know Gerald Ford lived here Dwight Eisenhower lived here. George W. Bush has a couple of memberships and around here. This is I mean we we confronted Bono would Armey is congressman to your computer public. Oh. I think I think that the key war. The Clinton foundation and the present them specifically. Keep on message -- demolished and don't get -- partnership with the. Larry -- and end up from the desert -- our guest here. From the Humana challenged down there rats PGA west and McCain then let's talk about the golf they are going low. They're always gonna download but it's it's a little crazy here is there anything different in how they set the courses up than they have in past years that does allow these low scores you know we're big fans Ben Crane our local guy here. Who just kill on the par five so far tied for the lead at sixteen under. You know I don't think it really changed the the golf course is -- -- weather been perfect for the first -- I mean. Don't like perfect. -- -- know and greens are perfect because of course is is the middle -- which he shall we get these beautiful -- you're right agreed that here they're rolling just great. And players leveled compared to what they're faced for two weeks and why have all Green and all we didn't on the golf courses. What shape I think that's and it isn't it a little bit different frankly the feel better. -- and I think people feel like they have to go a little lower than they normally it. You know polish. And what and how long ago in this field. It would declining in Jewish slow and public debt. That highest ranked player in the field number 37 in the world. And I would Mike -- This week they had. I think which can at the top thirty players. In the in the world. That like the masters. But it -- a lot better than it's been year record on the I think maybe a little a few better players are here. Few players are more interested playing here in -- surely you're just trying to knock the rust off and they're being. For around Dalton. You're 21 -- I think they're a little more that. You know we captured forecast today in a 30% forecast rain with. I wind advisory hopefully that out -- freeware is not a back here -- general the mountains and PGA west to keep country club but. You know in some -- still hope. Out. I mean meet you talked about being crane. He played nine part march. And it sure sure can't afford to Nicklaus course repeat your question. And -- -- the Palmer course PGA. Twelve under control. And all -- eagle and six for the armed. And I can't yesterday's that a function of creepy or aggression on the par five -- a function of our culture. And -- local -- you know we get. 500 -- -- -- -- got your picture in -- So they can really attack -- five here in the -- circle and central. It's a combination of -- -- better players ward studio for Iran and whether. You know Larry I hit a lot of six irons into par fives myself to my favorite -- the yes exactly it could pick it. One guy one asking about I don't know if you've had a chance to see him but Phil Mickelson. Bill is you know feel that they're a really extort -- he wanted to -- -- to 2004. And you know that left term after 2007. Because they've made some changes to the golf courses. The the term felt like they can get not so old 1950s. 6626700. Year golf courses like in the world you could do. And they put on a couple of golf courses that we're gonna show you some 3000. And turn it against the -- under. Utley certainly 2000. And -- One of them happen to be on the north side I can freeway here which were in the wind belt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He is back that we care. Again I think a lot of it has to do fact that President Clinton and talk with this Pam. In ordering -- Mickelson have their foundation in Oakland -- foundation I think pixie from. Some commonality there so he decided to come back. And you know through the first two rounds he would not play that. He's. He struggled he's -- very loose which is driver. In the first round overly cute country club he had to drive that balance. And a little bit of a -- course so they're. You know social -- swings cost -- shot. Double bogey triple. Off course period. Optimistic. Sounding very very much like well this is a great. -- -- -- You know worker gains and I'm not sure that's what -- -- organizers wanted to hear they wanted to hear and say yeah early wanted to win the turn. And then yesterday after -- very -- start. Three overture first epic four hole. Rallied managed to get. Tradition to treat shootaround after that should come pork. So he's he's just under to determine coming into today you probably gonna meter. 66 or 65. Palmer course PGA west today just to make. You know the older feel sorry to report to -- -- street you can get great players in the field that Germany -- -- to play. We saw that with doctor injunction as well -- east eastern here Hartford current field. Number eight. And you walked off golf course yesterday with lower back pain. Which he thinks -- -- caught earlier to step surgery -- -- back. -- -- Nice to have the guys in the field it would be nice -- they play. Well it should be an exciting weekend finish for people who like to see aggressive golf guys going after -- David Toms will get to play the Palmer course today. One of your own leaders -- trend Mark Wilson on the linking to course which appears maybe to be the more difficult of the three and of course so all the hype around Greg Norman. And President Bill Clinton being paired today so. I'll hopefully you don't get caught up in that gallery madrassa. And unable to see much of -- golf. At a beauty users. Being. An official member of media is that you get in front -- chances. With. You don't have to fight with the current too much but a lot of reporters following a political reporters would be doing the hard hitting golf coverage there. -- gotten. And wonder I would wonder what David Toms is gonna do which that are consecutive rancher the Palmer course. People are here earlier in the week had joked it. -- -- -- -- Even with one last round it was possible to thirty under here. Well then you know the leader church sixteen to secure around maybe that's what you're joking. No I don't I don't think so especially if they're finishing up on the Palmer course so with so the wind stays down could be an exciting finish Larry boat payment from the deserts on covering the Humana challenge we appreciated it's a very much and we'll check in with you soon. And aren't you being caught. On -- Well I had a whole -- give -- and updates to get it right so got to figure out there you go are I think we're all right thanks Larry Larry -- in and from the desert sun also. Author of the books fifty years of hope. He's been down their public since 198602026. Years he's been covering that event we appreciate it will be an exciting finish. We've got another half hour before work done here on golf in the northwest coming up next John mid Gerris one of the licensed physical therapist part of the titles performance institute we'll talk about his screening with Harold and not kind of the plan that they've got. And that's some of the other guys Ben Crane accrediting TP I would not allowing him to make an adjustment in his swing and avoid some surgery so we'll find out how would all fits together. When we return golf in the northwest and ESPN's Sports Radio Kennedy the fans. January story can -- and there's no better way to celebrate than to attend the fifteenth annual boat -- charter festival at the -- Lemmon valley vineyards the Friday night. Hornish junior -- twentieth from five to ninety. The club will resume on January 21 and 22 from 11 AM to 6 PM. Most charter will be. They're serving their country distress and clam chowder shrimp skewers and of course garlic bread and publicly. -- check out whose charter dot com. Kurt should -- your lifestyle not the other way around. So when you visit us at -- -- we'll start with some questions how many passengers. 457. -- much occurred only a few suitcases tonight for this report we've got thirty vehicles. 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You know it he knows everybody around here -- almost picked his brain after being. If that Birkhead reflect bed and -- want to play together -- you know for him to view. Prime time weekday afternoons through till seven on ESPN's Sports Radio. And now is the time to sell your gold and silver it will wrong Brothers you can't make a mistake selling Knoedler Brothers who blogs thirty -- gold price guarantee. If you sell today in gold prices go up and value within thirty days -- -- Brothers will bring -- the difference in cherished ginger for evaluation and get paid today -- Brothers is your trusted jeweler to sell your gold silver and diamonds well drug Brothers deciding west side of locations at -- broad com. Tips for your -- -- with award winning PGA instructor -- blues it's time to ask the -- on golf in the northwest on the trail and brought to you by a new global Europe live life to be ultra. 32 we're on golf in the northwest terribly stand back to -- Jason -- -- thanks to Larry Bohannon from the desert sun down there and join me -- and a challenge. That still to come though we're gonna talk to a Scott Larson from Adams golf coming up in the business of golf. -- get ready really for the golf shows to come through town Seattle and Portland PGA merchandise show is a coming up this next week and so a lot of the manufacturers get ready to unveil their 2012 lines and in Adams. Has I knew when you've seen Kenny Perry ads for their speed line. Line of drivers in in fairway metals right now we're talking about. Didn't some tips for your fitness how your fitness is gonna help your game and now rejoining the program John Gerris. Licensed physical therapist part of the -- performance institute crew good morning John. I'll welcome back to the show and and I know you know we talk to you previously just kind of body in general what TPI was in with titlist was doing with some of its professionals and and how. Golfers can take advantage of it but I know. Get a little more involved -- had herald's out for an initial screening. And trying to develop a fitness program for him as as he ages ever so gracefully. But trying to keep that swing in shape. So let everybody know what that initial screening process it it is like first what did you go through with Carol just to assess where he was. And as it relates to his golf swing in golf game. Sure and first person at the state herald that they give you permission to talk about this are here. Yeah Andy especially that good stuff and and how much how I still have the body of the Greek guys even though it's about the same age this will. That know what my -- office. You know be comfortable with that it says it -- -- performance is cute it was set up by by titlist in the nineties. And it is designed. To go through twenty or so different screens physical screens. If you see weather got culprits in -- positions that are required by the golf swing. And be able to get two arms in the right motion gate fees trump turning to history to this separation. Between ships and shoulders to generate power swing. So we use this to evaluate. People vote for performance. Issues and make sure that they can be strong enough and flexible enough get better and then we also uses humor evaluate entries. It may or may not have been golf related injuries -- problems. People are having getting back to golf this they've had a hip replacement be replaced. ACL problem there'd be shoulder problems elbow problems or a whole myriad different issues. For herald. -- -- went to this stream it and we're looking at number of different things his overall ability. He is so stability specifically this core it is calculated shall wait. Which -- it balance is coordination. And of course you can golf pro so. We had skipped over we do video analysis equivocal simulator in the clinic. In a high speed camera and we can put in video people -- what looks like. -- mr. Have any of the majors would faults. The -- associate some of those problems so. Herald. I can find they're going through screen. Well I tell you John I was fascinated by by what you're doing that I wasn't quite sure. And you and I talked quite a bit while we -- going through the screening about how I felt about the golf swing in certain performance. Limitations that then I felt in my own golf swing and you discovered a couple of things that. We're limiting. To me in the reason why can't hit a golf ball 300 yards. And and and that could be just basic physical strength -- lack of natural talent but you talked about. First -- all. My left knee we discovered something and then in my shoulders and mine back. And you are free to talk about those things that you found and how you feel they might limit the. Okay. What would have Lister there's a short list. So the first the first thing that as well report that is when he came in the first thing he told viewers she didn't have any problems. And didn't have any specific. Pain -- -- body immunity to date basis. But then when we start to go pitchers from the screens. Start from the top down. If you. First and -- and stick your neck. So when the title this system we look for at least seventy degrees. Turn your -- to the right and the left the able to turn your shoulders and still ahead. On the ball and you'll keep keep Opel division. And you have about seven degrees. Both directions so little bit of stiffness -- felt like a little bit joint stiffness. A little bit of muscle stiffness twelve culture is figure out which of those. And shouldn't be limiting some extra testing. The other issue that we found Q. It's which you need it left me. Here less need is actually fairly unstable. Which is interesting here right -- golfer and of course you're going to your backswing transition to downswing. -- -- -- -- And I think we talked there a little bit about tiger would experience that is -- you know injured. And effected if you have an unstable meteor unstable hit. He might have some problems or at least some subconscious limits about loading your left leg. And I think we talked a little. So if you wanna comment on whether or not you found that would be true in respect mr. talk about it pointed out. Yeah I was surprised actually to tell you the truth because I don't feel any discomfort in my left knee but -- found day. Too much mobility. And yet I know as a player. I do have trouble and watching myself on video I do have trouble getting over to my left side. And this is not unusual I see this in a great many of my students. It is and there's a number of different reasons obviously that there might be happening. So. -- -- -- on the other a couple of little things we picked up actually they -- their meters about your distance. We we check your ability to your -- shoulders. In isolation for your hips. And you -- shoulders fantastically well and keep -- lower after stable -- you have that support for the golf swing. That they would get down Q stabilizing your shoulders and people treat your hips. Right and left. Limited in both directions about thirty degrees we look -- 45 ideally. But that was fairly stiff. So that might limit your ability to get through its open. Low -- commercial closed through impact in religion -- lot of look at speed and power so let -- Richard separation. So. We also found a limitation in your right hip. He'll hit ten degrees of control rotation of your right hip. And so that could limit your actually. -- a -- to operate -- -- going back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- kept -- -- significance to surrender if that it would Richard turned. And then last but not least -- left shoulder. So. -- talked a little bit about what -- experienced -- backswing which your left shoulder. One minute to -- were up against it here but at after. Kind of going through the screen and in isolating some you know places where. Things are limited then how are you able to. Put together. A fitness program whether it's stretching whether it's weights you know what sorts of things have you prescribed for for -- over to start doing to try and help these specific. -- swing. Reservist Eric I think in most limited start receive public irritation with the duplication and then with his left shoulder which is a little bit stiff in the back. So will sort of stretching with him and then now work towards strength and stability as his motion papers. And then how quickly. Four people wanna take advantage of this talking to John -- jurists here on the -- and company physical therapy part of the a TPI the titles performance institute. How quickly should. Golfers start to see things improve obviously if they're following the prescribed. Regiments of of the European and fitness. There are close to Mike it varies person person of course that's. Generally speaking people who have flexibility issues. Turkey seeking. Faster than people who have stability issues stability have to build string that takes a little longer -- discourage people out. So anything he gave his mobility. -- to -- changes certainly quickly. Will be entrusted to like continue to follow along with heralds progress and of course Ben Crane. If you heard his it's you know people wanna know is this really what's going on on the tour absolutely in his post round interview for the second around mentions. That he thought he had a late premier issue. Turns out he got a diagnosis but it was more of an urgent things meant. -- went to his CPI therapist to mention but let's turn your left -- allowed a little bits. And alleviate those pressures show. You know the things that your prescribing the physical therapy have a direct impact. On a player's ability to swing the golf club and in alleviate these sort of things -- in in his case avoided a surgery that could kept him out for months. Great and other Port Orange because we do work -- lyrical prose. Soon be a golf pros work on the actual swing characteristics in dynamics we just go through the fiscal -- pictures of people living. They're teaching. Fantastic John matures we appreciate you joining us from wanna check back in with few up periodically and see how what herald's progressing in. What kind of difference it's making it in his swing so again I didn't go to mid jurists and AJ ER US PT dot com to find out more about John or Mike TPI dot com to find out about the titles performance institute confined. A therapist in your neck of the woods to go through the screening so thanks very much John and now we'll check in with you periodically. John. And it's it it'll be interesting to see because I know you are one you know with this information you'll be diligent. About the stretching about whatever training that he's got going through you -- be texting DC as you brave one the play more golf here. But when the weather picks up what what what you notice you know you're getting some links to more control some distance those sorts of things. Yeah I and I will notice that because then I hit golf balls on a daily basis that I will start to notice a difference. It's funny that people are students. Players are looking for equipment. They're looking to hit the ball further they're looking for lessons that if things to play better. But we forget about the fact that it's our body that has a form has to be a combination of three. Speaking of equipment Adams golf Scott Larson PGA pro handling the air for Adams golf gonna talk about their new speed line line. As we return business of golf but next golf in the northwest ESPN's portrait you attended the fans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And my New Year's resolution is to have more fun this year more fun hole yes -- A lot more fun and started -- -- where you'll find the coolest new products from the best names in car audio well I would like to listen to my iPod my car stereo well card toys can set you up with a Sony CD receiver with full iPod iPhone control on sale for just 99 dollars that price includes installation by our experts. -- save 100 dollars on an -- 500 -- -- just -- 199 -- I like the sound of that -- and all -- speakers in -- audio WX these -- workers -- buy one get one -- -- it doesn't get any better than that oh yes it does cartel is also offers expert installation back with a lifetime guarantee amazing new speakers and -- card video hooking up your wireless phone to your car stereo navigation backup cameras remote start systems particularly -- on those cold mornings detailing -- make your car look terrific -- -- more funny is on sale at amazing prices right now -- -- choice -- better way to go. He knows everybody good Dan Patrick show on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 those ram and I would too. I told you when I took that -- down to French Lick Indiana. And Hillary's lies because labor -- from there -- -- -- -- to in his June and then -- where he played and then I went over to his house and he wasn't home. But I'd like to this school. Down here you know good looking girl and I don't draw at the hotel and I said I. I'm gonna go drive around the French -- but even if -- there's not much there. And there's the the GM. It's still not very far from downtown you -- -- there and then you gotta go around find Larry legend's house. And the backboard on the garage no net and a -- on the -- -- ball in the driveway. -- -- -- That was it done left unsaid like -- -- ten. Her show weekdays ten though on on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 both. It's new driver's best for your game who makes the best golf -- where should you take your next golf vacation which local course and you get to know better this in the business of golf brought to you by the fans well coached northwestern wealth -- bring you financial balanced in your life prison and W wealth advisors dot com. 47 -- golf the northwest dusty coming up next with a metal like great taste tailgate show -- show also -- four NFL's championship weekend of course what happens where you live on Sunday AFC title game at noon. The NFC title game at 330 tomorrow the right now joining us. Independents. Represented a for the north west for Adams golf -- PGA professional as well Scott Larsen good morning welcome to the show. Well good morning guys. We get treated so far. And can't complain at all it would be nice if that was a little less sweats I know it's been hampering people's ability to get out there and even for a quick nine -- to the range show what the snow in the -- this week but. With all of the golf show set to come through town on the PGA merchandise show. Lot of people interested in what's new in 2012. As far as equipment is going and we've seen Kenny Perry anybody that's watched him golf so far from Hawaii here wherever. Has been inundated with Kenny Perry adds four Adams golf in the new speed line. Lying in so we're very curious what is it. With these. With these new clubs this new speed line what has Adams. Changed -- brought to what's the technological. New wants. With these with these lot of clubs. Well Leo first okay very it is a great standup guy and we're just happy to having on the staff won't. Commercially EC all that was all and -- -- not a that was so performance you know each hit the clubs out there are just absolutely felt. What was that. And obviously joined Arnold join our staff. You know it you know it with Adams we've been in the aero dynamic business for now this is our third year. Creating aerodynamic opt. Clubs. In the level chew up. Hit the golf club does all this weight faster. US GA has and and I don't see a war. So we're creating. Different ways to do it in especially on the fairway -- Well we've got our our pick and choose which is our second generation of -- slot technology. Where we've actually got shot on top of the golf club in on the bottom. -- -- What that did you really it is a little bit of a trampoline or a spring like that on the cities where the ball can stay on the face a little bit longer. Generate a lot more club head speed higher launch angle less bad. Let you know that's what Kenny and it's. It's in with a golf club and that's what you're saying when you watched that commercial with dad -- fairway woods. Scott when you talk about the COR. What is that what does that refer to and you say the US GA has. As a hammer on them. Our drivers 831. You know the course coefficient of that driver of of outlets that face is getting the blacks in that slack space -- that a driver at Somerset that Balkan. Can stay on driver and then. Trampoline or spring off and that's where you're seeing distances increase in the past few years you know they. We've been able to Max out to sea -- all the drivers have been album -- drivers bigger. Of which are obviously these huge hit it also. Michigan the tremendous distances that your idea that even here. Amateurs that are getting that you see out playing at your local golf course is not the PGA hospitals. Now you've you've taken this technology not just. From the driver -- into the fairway metal seventy. Correct you know fairway metals particularly and we put the new -- -- -- technology in our hybrid we know. That they if you see our clubs in the stores you know that we have a slot on top of the not club in the bottom. We know that that technology works. We know that it is gives it a little bit of a spring effect expiration bearish -- -- where kids on a trampoline. Closer we got this letter that trampoline we got hired in the end and that's -- candidate can't technologies there with with the -- slot is you hit it more in the center of the space you'll. Getting out a lot more. Spring is actually getting higher launching gaining more balls eaten in less spin in it and me out. -- addition an -- what you do miss hit it. Kidding you're getting actually benefit op on the heel in the total with a golf club. You -- will go will go -- for utility out of slide. Scott Larson no with the Adams golf feared joining us business golfer and golf in the northwest and I'm curious I'm always curious you know you mentioned you've maxed out. On drivers you know one of the the specifications. -- you're not allowed to really develop. That any further so what's the next piece in terms of of golf clubs the technology. That companies are really looking at. To try and give players either or control or more distance. You know -- where's the next kind of research and development piece of things going -- a at a company like Adams. Well -- situation where we were in our third generation now all of the aerodynamic. Technology with this past twelve driver. We're we've taken that you can look at our driver -- she winds in the back on the road trips which is again keep the air flow attached to the driver. A lot longer you keep that air flow charts and driver version similar to an airplane not creating turbulence. In the last turbulence. Faster than golf clubs into the almost went through the air so it doesn't seem like much but initially did not have a 10510. Miles an hour you -- created some drag. Which as yet shall by a veto to control that drag. With our aerodynamics on bribery -- pick up anywhere from two to three more miles. Our club had speed also that can relate to be anywhere from 577. Yards. Let's got a one askew as a golf professional and as a player. Where. You know we are seeing. Professionals on tour. Hitting six irons in the par fives we're seeing you know golf courses. I'm becoming shorter and shorter in a sense because of the quality of play. Where does this all -- handlers their place at which. Someone has to back off. Well I think I you know this is just my opinion it's well above its way above my pay grade yeah. Well I I think the PGA in -- and maybe some golf balls where you know they're gonna have a former golf ball fruit for players out there. In the end you know the amateurs will continue to use dirt off -- did you see herald. They got they have a band that has entrapped traveling with the players now stronger -- they're bigger. They're creating a plan that speed that you know you didn't see in the eighties and it in ninety. From these players. Yeah it's it's it's scary when if you ever get a chance to go to -- events and just sit there watching you know chip drivers just. You know the height that the -- -- to carry out certain Hillary thereafter -- and 315. And it's. That's the only way idol because we're gonna make the golf clubs ergonomic clauses as good as we can't. And and make it better for the game of -- for the for the pros and for the average person suppose that it's gonna have to come you know from. The governing body. You know I think you see the US GA event. Royal Rachel looking at what -- do with the belly -- normally it'll leave it to where they're gonna be attached to the body so. Or not so that I think that's the -- issue that you were cared more about right now oil culture here about your little. You. Scott Larson no with Adams golf fear. -- of course coming to the Portland golf show that'll be coming up in February so. That's right I can't I can't wait you guys can go out -- are in our new product in the you know look at this technology I've been talking about. Exactly enough player to have a chance to get up there and swing it themselves in that tested out for themselves so we appreciate you taken some time for us this morning and we'll see here in a few weeks of the Portland golf show. -- picture it happening -- -- -- I didn't tell herald this my wife were cute. -- that is he what you what you see Carol attractive target she still loves. Your sketched pictures especially the old man suspicion in the river. Is that other you know which one that yeah I do anyway. On that side I don't think she she she really loves that we haven't opened our. -- -- -- All right thank you so much Scott take care and now we'll see you soon. Joseph Tucker I these guys got Larson their Adams golf to see him out Portland golf show. We'll be telling you more about that in the coming weeks our thanks to Larry -- from the desert -- Also John the terrorists. The title titles performance institute that'll wrap it up. For us this week you're off the Orlando next week I am so we'll get a full report we'll talk deal one way or the other I may have a special -- -- then maybe junior's solo I have no idea. Dusty -- coming up next thanks to let Timmy who. For getting up early here on Saturday morning in the middle like great taste tailgate show is next with -- dusty. Did you sit for championship we cannot Jason's -- guard. -- -- For nearly 20000. Northwest Foster children -- can feel long and lonely. Streets and -- -- at school. And makes my room even something as simple as apparent warm contaminants can make -- a little easier and I liked it there. So. 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