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Golf in the NW 1-14-12

Jan 14, 2012|

Jason Swygard and Harold Bluestein connect with senior writer for the Golf Channel,Rex Hoggard, to find out about the upcoming PGA season. Who to watch, big name news, and of course Tiger. Later Suzy Whaley, PGA Pro and Instructor joins the guys from Connecticut to discuss the LPGA and some additional tips for your game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May be. The latest tips and equipment to improve your game you know the latest from the leader boards and your favorite courses. Northwest is an action packed hour about everything going on ESPN's Sports Radio generated a fair and -- in the northwest his front bunker real -- northwest and we feel we're -- Visit them at -- we TVX dot com now with the award winning the PGA professional Harold who's -- to -- -- reasons why you are. Cool -- 5 good morning to everyone. Back in the studio with -- blue star and as the PGA tour kicks off in full and not of very with a dual moments down in Hawaii. Opening weekend. When many thought on it's not the greatest field in the world. 12 rookies I don't know anything about a couple of guys they're big weekend last weekend for Steve Stricker -- -- -- look and lo and behold there's all sorts of stuff going on so Rex Hoggard fortunately from Golf Channel our good friend is gonna join a city fifteen and help us. Sort through a whole bunch -- stuff. The map every interview if you didn't hear we've got a clip from a Pitt's got everybody abuzz. Wolf find out if it's truly worthy of being a buzzer if this is just because it's in the golf community. Will also talk about Tim finchem spa for your extension. So he's back for another four years -- what that means for the tour and what it means for the game of golf the LPGA. Put out their schedule they've -- four turn immense things are looking up for them some more money coming in. And so we'll see what their prospects are going forward. Phil Mickelson comes back to the tour next week all sorts of fun stuff going on and thinking he's gonna write a book about his time -- tiger so. A busy week in the normally. Sleepy little world that the professional golf community. Well it's sleeping for us here in the northwest because they're you know we're expecting some snow this 48 degrees and stuff. We -- we eat we don't think in terms of golf plus we've got the football player slots going on there. But. There. The golf world -- -- like you say -- the LPGA is adding tournaments. I'm really curious as to bikinis new book on tire that's kind of fun. And we've got a player who's 44 years old who still can win and that's Steve Stricker. Absolutely and then as Suzy Whaley. Right you're wondering about that name she was the first woman to qualify for a PGA tour event. In the modern era no -- dieters and serious way back in whenever but she won the Connecticut section of the PGA. And then qualified to play in the greater Hartford open I believe 2003. We'll have to ask you have to ask her. But yet and she's been one of the top instructors in the entire country for several years in her schools and in working up there in Connecticut so she's gonna join us in. A little bit about over her life what that experience was like. Deciding to focus more on the instruction then maybe it professionals who play on the LPGA tour for a couple years but. You know you would think somebody without much talent could -- had a long and prosperous career on the LPGA tour. -- her decisions that she's made in never schools and instructions and she's got two daughters that are excellent golfers and in starting to. Have careers themselves in now -- now they'll PGA tour that's something that she would advise them. Two I hit and and as we talked about golf 2.0 yesterday coming soon it's gonna be rolled out to the public. I know a big part of what they're gonna be doing is is getting more women involved Bryant. And so we'll see you know what she thinks of what she's heard about so foreign and how they can do that so should get interesting I'm I'm very excited to talk to. Or -- she's a wonderful lady I met her at the national teaching and coaching summit summit about a year ago in January in Orlando. She's a wonderful lady a very good instructor and her calling in -- way is to get more women involved with golf. Which I think is critical to the growth of our game. So we will let topics -- about 845 this afternoon to watch to get to let's go inside the ropes. It's time for an insider's look at the leaderboard it's the latest on all two hours plus local golf events and gulf news. This is inside the ropes part of golf from the northwest on the friends. -- star in the Southern Hemisphere. Weather ahead this were wrecked with the scheduled of the Johannesburg open as the European tour starts out as they do traditionally in South Africa where the weather is. Thought to be better. Not as much. Case but not really a ton of people -- returning champion Charl Schwartzel missed the cut at this event. So really the only name that say anybody's familiar with his Retief Goosen their playing the third round. Right now. Retief is well up the -- he's ten under Richard finch and englishman is at fifteen under par. Bring gracechurch -- fourteen under a couple of a native south Africans show. That is going on at Dell really did it cranked up and a couple of weeks and Abu Dhabi they go to the Middle East wing Tiger Woods will make his debate debut you'll see Rory McIlroy you'll see Graham McDowell you'll see all those familiar European. Names and and if you from America when they get to. Abu Dhabi in a couple of weeks this is an odd time of the year for even the the tour player because they had. About three weeks often -- in some cases. If you're a family person you chest don't. Eat you don't reconnect -- in the same way. You need may be a little bit more time off to relax a year Ganassi guys coming back a little bit rusty. A little bit I think reluctant to get back into the grind of playing that got kind of work their way up into it. Tiger Woods announced. On his website that he's gonna join the tour at the AT&T the American tour at the AT&T Pebble Beach. -- playing the pro -- he hasn't been there since 2002. -- -- but this is very different for him to play. And that pro am events that he's going to be paired up within within amateur. And we'll find out how his patients is. Playing with they will get -- Twitter world abuzz that it can possibly be Tim Tebow I think I don't know if Tim plays golf so thickness. Well I would say judging by the way he throws a football. His short game may suffer a little bit. And -- these little heavy handed so so that's to come of course the PGA tour's first full field events yet while our country club. These Sony Open Matt every is your leader at ten under par two shots clear of David -- and -- Paterson. Up Pat Perez among those at seven under. Then you've got them some names there at six under Sean O'Hair is trying to put his game back together Charles Howell the third. Trying to right the ship Jeff Maggert one of the veterans you've got Keegan Bradley. Who if he can make some more -- would be a little closer -- it's actually struck the ball pretty well this week Steve Stricker who won last week at five under. And so all sorts of names. Plus the the big dead tour rookie 21 year old but -- who left Alabama a year with a year of eligibility left. -- made it to work in a couple of events got some sponsors is -- exemptions last year made enough money did not have to go to Q school so. A lot of eyes focused on him as well we'll get more with -- Rex -- about the event itself and in some of these names that we're seeing but. The one stealing all the headlines all of a sudden was Matt every and amber goes bull who's Matt every. Two years ago. In the summer John Deere classic there was an incident. An arrest him made him some friends some marijuana. I don't know who that it I don't know who was smoking and out later on he would get those charges dismissed it went away. But the two were suspended him for three months he had to go back to the nationwide tour and last year and get his card back this year. -- a nice bounce back story Intel after the play in the morning round yesterday sat down for the post for an interview with Kelly Tillman of the Golf Channel and it went something like this. Two years ago when you were arrested on drug charges and suspended. PGA tour and -- digital experience for you don't expect that timing and what it was like. I mean I -- months -- this is golf. I don't think there was anything wrong. You know it happens. On the same person and the same friends. And I don't think it's. This I don't instantly know and you know. A lot where there's a lot or something goes on out here and then. When I have traveled far and that's -- It what did you learn from these hearings the groups will apply to land today. I feel like -- -- I really that I mean this place. I'm maybe a little more responsible. I'm not a huge party in Mormon community and it's gonna Monet and stuff. As I just like to live. Just like to live and you know. Whatever happened happened. So there you go -- every year leader at ten under par. Everyone is so then -- foul though was aghast mark -- was aghast on the road on the broadcast and you know. Look it was a bad interview. As not to -- says uncomfortable radio aren't comfortable TV's off inquiries. For the viewer. And you can pick it apart. This was fun show. I'm sitting there and in as somebody that's in this business cycle while I can't believe he wasn't prepared for that always said listen. Talk about my round. You know Kim let's just keep it to golf. And somebody says that and then -- it and if you say that to the interviewer upfront they can either accept their past but they know going to end lesson. It's done and done don't wanna bring up the past. And in even if she said something to -- he said you know what it happens. Not happy about it not proud of it wished it would have gone differently but it's over I'm back on the tour I got that second round lead by two shots and things are looking up. And boom you're done with it went on in the press tent and it came up and over and over there's more quotes and you can find a -- you know golfchannel.com last -- about an -- but. My next thought was. Is this really just a big deal because it's been PGA tour. NBA player NFL player gets busted for pot nobody who cares. So why is this a big deal. Well it is a big deal for it and that because this this really wrangles the PGA tour I mean. Commissioners got to be taken on man. Do I find this guy how much -- I find him I'm not gonna make that public and that's one of the issues he doesn't. Make public with the fights are open. This was not good -- Their perceived image. You're not just not good for -- he looks like -- And all well -- -- regardless spoiled little kid who's got all this talent doesn't know what the hell he's doing yet but I don't. -- what they wanted him to do and Kelly Tillman wanted him to say. You know she asked what did you learn by doing it right away I -- and I shouldn't be hanging out with people who do. Pot is in a hotel room and that was a mistake. And yet he didn't admit that so that's really what they wanted and he didn't deliver that bothersome. So. You know they won't -- You expect someone in in this situation to admit a mistake. Learn from their lesson he basically says I didn't learn a thing hang out with the same people. And it may be politically incorrect but I'm not gonna tell my friends to stop smoking pot and and that doesn't work in on the PGA tour. I think the PGA -- -- got bigger issues that they should be worried about but I understand from the standpoint that -- bear. As much image conscious with. I mean they're totally dependent on sponsors yeah I mean -- not ticket gate not anything like that so if they don't have a good guy out there who can we determine who they can send into. You know sponsor hospitality tents and all that stuff -- they really can't use and so we'll get more. Hot spots on that Rex Hoggard senior writer for the Golf Channel joining us next on. This comments. Opening week about the PGA tour Tim finchem in the LPGA tour as we continue here golf in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio tentative opinion. Okay and swagger back to tell you about this week's fantastic -- bond deal through -- perks dot com. This week's -- Vince is automotive services offering a transmission service for just eighty dollars the service also includes a brings baggage and -- is automotive service focuses on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction by doing the job right the first time. 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What guard Gerald blue -- and back there with people the northwest state 6 team this morning and we have a lot to get teams that we don't wanna waste any time our friend from Golf Channel. And golfchannel.com Rex Hoggard senior writer one of the few guys left in Orlando how did you draw the short straw and not get the two week vacation in Hawaii. You know I think -- -- up for fifteen years I had never hurt or not. And figure out what dark are the negative that one point -- -- Well you -- you were sitting there in the studios. Are getting ready for golf central or are watching the coverage and all of a sudden Matt every sits down with Kelly Tillman and all of a sudden aid and a brush fire comes up with his comments about his arrest in his uncomfortable this in the chair. Going back to his marijuana charge the got a three month suspension so. I am I'm curious with -- day of perspective is this just a big deal because it's golf or is this a big deal. In in. In all of sports as to what happened and what that interview with Kelly Tillman was all about from out every. No I can be you'll get off you know you keep it at look at. Similar issues or kept deal would -- got -- incompetent. -- crop is it very up and what an -- years ago that we we need to search for drug at all. So I think to date he took it that often because it was quite I mean I think getting a matter greeted at that -- problem on the U whenever I'm problem. And I think he took you a lot of -- happened ought to maturing. Our market and credit totally cute boots at the time and an amateur and had on -- mountain and there would have gotten. That -- over the credit -- Early trying to market what a lot of other guys have dubbed the Green on daily immediately come. So Rex you know I'm still trying to make. Some sense of what the interview that Matt gave -- a it shocked me they want attempt to admit to making a mistake that he learned a lesson and yet he said his reaction to that was. -- you know one I really didn't learn any thing I have the same friends. You know what how is the the commissioner going to take to this kind interview. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And get hurt for a long time. And operate. Some of the church the toward did not announce. Violation forward -- a recreational. Water act and that they only make it public that that are -- according to policy. -- long time that that America got Lleyton and accurate -- at the wrong people don't really know. Commissioner can -- That there might be fine ball. Certainly can't be another suspension and ball is. I think it's beginning to dangerous territory. That being sent. And that enter my mind immediately where you Robert -- And it worked pretty well now I mean you're not matter got a -- in rehab. Not a long and -- and rock bottom. And it alternate for the openly talked too lenient he didn't try to -- -- -- Robert Pollock and on the computer it acting. I'm in a lot of favorite just let them -- are particularly at first wanted to tell you that looked. And what you want to change your lifestyle on language and the people you can -- it went continued cotton. Rex Hoggard senior writer for Golf Channel and golf to conduct our guest here on golf in the northwest. But Tim finchem -- you mentioned to and what he's got to deal with now he just signed his four year extension. To be with the two worked through 2016. And I know you know the tour players in the sponsors very happy with what he's done to allow them to make that. Tons of money. During his tenure but I'm curious. The reaction outside the tour that the tour community with the with the US GA the PGA of America the golf community in general. What are they think of what Tim finchem means to the game of golf. I mean they're a lot of things and particularly my job at that you know you don't wanna take the habitat or mean he. Income secretive about a lot paying an outpost fine art rock earlier -- -- that unlike every other sport I mean at some entertainment on that there really. Apple our members of the -- opera -- player and other members of that community you have yours yet. I mean I think that there's always going to be. Content. At this competing interest particularly between the PGA -- -- in the PGA tour. The Ryder Cup immediately comes to tell our. You I think it all going to be issued. Ink Adam and large I think you need to look at what -- -- things that people do this from -- public other administrators and realized that. A little apps for years and really had a spoke slight -- TV with a recession and -- a difficult economy. Tiger Woods this keynote you agree news television contract that NBC NC -- and -- -- that -- -- -- well we hear about respond FedEx. Spot the receipt -- retreat he. -- on nine or play nationwide if the sponsors secondary circuit. I mean all these things are pretty impressive when you consider that -- that it had been in the country right now struggling. And been able to sort of maintain the bottom line and they're really haven't -- and out -- -- There's so I think by and large people are a total surprise very it would -- I don't think that this is the last thing. China will be key in signing 2016 when the contract comes up that. The main ally and -- amount of energy back east a long range and the deported he want cheaper. This past week Luke Donald came out and said that day and this is not new you. At least -- -- it it is new coming from the Donnelly said the slow play is killing the sport. Is there anything that commissioner can do that sport has to do to speed up play. Absolutely accurate -- in my column yesterday you know Leo -- -- on tour official Internet slugger white mark on music out there on our -- outcome. Shocked them here's they don't hand out -- -- community at the line -- -- well you can. And Edgar did that -- got to do a great shot in an -- theory. Tiger Woods there anyone don't really going to be bothered by -- not on its same amount of money at their. In port that they're not going to get the job actually believe it and I think it's been. Can be in this sport require a long time he's in -- -- I mean that's the only thing that's really going to hitting tight and you need to putt. I mean nobody wants to battle at the -- I mean that's one title but not locked up in golf to look at spring training -- -- and I took part in the sport still get hurt. Like shelf for being slow and so yeah I think period something they would do I think there's something the commissioner could do whether. He has the will to do it seriously doubt as it makes it -- the baton marks say he he worked for the players ultimately. Rex Hoggard senior writer for Golf Channel and golfchannel.com. Joining us here. We shift let's get back to the into the play the first full field event the Sony Open. A lot of new names. A lot of great stories going on there's Erik Compton there's Billy Hurley the third a lot of rookies like -- -- Are any of these names ones that we will talk about for their golf you think it's as we -- into the summer months and in are gonna make a name for themselves as. Say -- Rickie Fowler has done -- Webb Simpson has done in recent years. I like it works it brought up but colleague and not feature cup unbelievable story and you wait. Burton to have a chance to play a full year on tour but. And it's a pure talent and you -- in much sit you know -- aggregate -- leaderboard but I'll we're now recording and maybe not this year I think each. So young and decent cheering. Never got really about you know she's going got a card and it went hominem university Georgia is an -- English. He's just I mean not only that evident colonel named it too long wait which -- the modern game. He's got great parting game but I mean he kind of -- main intent. And we -- -- and entered our current in ready to cheer for. Mean yeah that's a great understanding of the game it's such a great demeanor on -- or -- you hire too low. He added you can type in key is really hurt I've. -- and I mean technical seeing him on the leaderboard a lot this -- So when we look at these young players we always were we're impressed by their maturity. But I wanna talk about a player who is 44 years old hand. And then it seems to me in another return in the prime of his game and that Steve Stricker. Forty -- forty trot Mott community needs we think celebratory and look forward that. Medical miracle argue that we -- to do it right you're column last Sunday about what I've learned Eric over the first week of the sort I learned that. That. Putting never heard that style and cortisone shot and you wondered -- if -- -- erratic not that long know it usually. Told me you wouldn't short you can go to other presidents cup Hewlett chair if you are you going to be a stark chief well and next thing we know we blink you played the President's Cup played pretty solid you win the seat in opening art back in and Sony Open net. These circuit one acute and a medical miracle or a liar -- not I don't think he's a liar or is it an amazing sort. Well -- Reading your columns it's a great call on golfchannel.com. Just click on Rex -- name anything you wanna know what's going on with tour life is there for you and one of the things was the announcement that maintain these book about his years. With Tiger Woods will be sitting book show -- book stands I believe in late march how much buzz is this giving. Amongst the tour and how much of a revelation is it actually going to be. You know I don't know it really apply yet and it I don't -- experience and a lot talked you know midrange talking that are being born on March. Chip -- it really had a chance I'd bet that the I looked at it to talk with thank two days ago. -- needed to get you much of the book away. I'm looking forward -- march we haven't -- it is early states. It and I I really wanna read this book I gotta -- country I'm not a big book god. Like you can't attract the book in and I think a lot of people think that he. He's going to be me or would it just trying to Chechnya I don't think that the issue either lack I think I think it's looking. -- -- -- -- -- You is is getting the good stuff yeah march 27 is. And job and or runner up against time we'll see if we might be able to. Punch him up hero quick but. Yet the book march 27 in in. And that any -- said afford to do you know he doesn't know anything about. Kuwait when and how many and all that stuff -- tiger he you know he's not a rounds necessarily for those sorts of things he's working with them on the range. You know and tiger with these coaches. You know the players call them up and say will you come out or they go to the coaches facility and off weeks or whatever to. Work on their game so it's gonna be called the big miss. But it's just gonna be more of doubts. What's he observed when he was with them and it it if he almost approaches it like that's. Where he's. You know fly on the wall and and observing the interactions between he and tiger could be really interest me I can't wait. Hunch I don't know if the I don't know if the book had Tiger Woods approval. Ben Hogan once told me that there's there's never been a book written about him that he approved -- I. I think Hank Haney will take the high road here and I can't wait as an instructor. To get some insight into their holiday work. I bet that will be the most interesting part is seeing what he thinks about his golf game right I think that will be the most intriguing part once it comes out and he won't be able to get in there with detail and so we were trying to do this and he was stubborn and didn't wanna do written. And that sort of thing about his golf game I think the personal stuff. I don't think there will be much there no out thing -- cares about it right first of all and second. Witnessed very much of what was going on anyway so our thanks to Rex Hoggard Putin you can read and golfchannel.com. Or you can see him on a golf central the nineteen Cole and in a number of the shows they're. On Golf Channel when we come back it's time to pass the pros more tips within -- we continue our conversation on on the grip this week. Kind of reintroduce the fundamentals here is people -- hit the arrangement didn't -- -- More about -- position in and had a -- just the grit maybe pursued different shots that you wanna play. What you've established that good solid grip to Begin with so as we continue 1830 here it's off the northwest NE SPN's sports pretty attended the -- -- -- wants to be doing -- pharmacy transferring -- -- your list of medications called 1898. 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Tips for your gulfstream with award winning PGA instructor Harold blues it's time to ask the pro -- golf in the northwest on the affair that brought to you by a new global -- Live life to reveals your. 33 here Jason like -- herald blues -- coming up the -- nine it's dusty and Taylor with -- -- great taste tailgate choking is set for your NFL divisional weekend course the games today 49ers and saints at one. And then sometime around 5 o'clock it will be the patriots and Broncos from New England tomorrow -- for you as well coverage begins at 9 AM. Ravens and Texans kicked off around. A little after 930 and then. We finish it up a 1 o'clock with the giants and Packers from Green Bay so the exclusive home for the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl right here on 1080 the band. But now it's -- to past the pros are resident program -- Stein here last week we talked about. Kind of go back to the fundamentals first of the year. Certainly get up to the range a little bit pick up the clubs after they've been sitting in the garage for a little -- -- in in starting with the fundamentals in the grip. And in hand position and placement in you know and making sure again. You know with the size of the groups and those sorts of things and everything's comfortable that you have a firm grasp but the club. And show you know picking up from where we left off obviously as you get comfortable and find that. Find that place where you've got a nice firm solid grip the club and you can get it -- where you want but you've got enough freedom to let the club you know release that you come through. Now -- you're doing different shots you've got to you know ball above your feet ball below your feet. Need to hit it knocked down you need to get it up in the air that changes your -- position now. Any you know it depends on the player. Not necessarily if I've got to hit a big hook. Around day and we're a big slice on purpose because the first swearing I'm paid by the previous. Shot was not very good. Then I in my eight Alter my. My grip positions slightly. But often times she. Players amateurs have a tendency to overdo that kind of thing. What we're talking about specifically. -- when I'm going to hit it a different kind of shot is the rotation. Of my hands. Around the grip. That means and it into one right. Dropped after just a moment. And explain the position of your hands on the golf club this last week we talked about how you connect -- one hand to the other. So we talked about the different types of groups of ten finger and in her locker overlap. Oh what I'd like. Players to appreciate is that there is a encrypt that I prefer that's called a neutral grip so what is in neutral grip. If you had to stand up. In a while your arms to hang naturally exercise. Just just let them hanging and relax. You'll notice that the palm severe of these chance of -- in just slightly. Two years sides. Of cat and the one I'm most interested and then where I test players is. As I look at the left hand because I'm a match the right hand to the way. So I look and see how their left hand Hanks naturally now some people's. Hands the thumb is turned a little more toward the thigh. Sound a little less. But at that position your bio mechanics in natural bio mechanics. Is determining how are you should pull the club you should group the club. So if you were to take your hand in that particularly your -- And then bring it out in front of view without rotating your forearm are rotating upon. That issue left hand. -- So you're going to put your hand on the club and again we want the club a little bit more on the fingers and up in the palm of the hand. Who were going to take and place are left hand on the club again do not rotate and what I see off then. And it goes either way some people bring their left hand to the -- And their palm won't go airborne it will go toward the sky or they'll turn it down and and turn it toward the ground. The problem with that is that as you swing. -- impact. -- left hand is going to seek. That natural. Position that you had when you handed at your side. So it's going to seek deposition nine -- rotate your hand one when the other their palm opera palm down. Your club face changes so when you get back to that natural position at impact you'll notice -- -- phasing either going to be wide open or close. So we want to be very careful how we gripped the club in that respect. The other thing it relative to the left hand is that we have to positions of -- left thumb. First of all if if I were to bring my left hand out in front of me. You'll notice my left thumb is not straight up and down it's turned slightly in the -- right hand -- Turned slightly to zoom right that means that my left thumb is slightly down the right side of my -- -- Now what's the length of my -- and I see this an awful lot in in players. Is that they extend their left thumb. Would aid down on the ground. NASCAR long's son so they really hyper extend that them. And I'd like to see you do is -- that left thumb out. And that keeps a club in the fingers. Why is it important to be a little more on the fingers in and get away from that long on. If the club does not held in the fingers. With a short -- You inhibit the movement of your wrists. Now we've talked about this last week with the way you connect your hands together. Well I they're inhibit. Or restrict. Or facilitate. And nine hinging of the club. Which is what we refer to those -- release of the club that. So how -- you take that left hand grip where the -- news in the rotation of them left in. Very very important when you first of which -- left him on the club so what you. You know work with your instructor and find that comfortable. Spot and the position of the hands what are. This is some you and you sit on the couch or you can find that position quickly again and you know and when what are things and you just inside where you're not you know needing a tennis pasted to how do you really work on that. Well I becomes natural enough I I. Did this it it in two ways myself personally when I was first getting in the game number one I found a good welcome grip. Ben Hogan's five fundamentals. I think is a definitive. He's a literature on the -- There are other parts of the book which I find very strong very important. Might be grossly. Under. You know. Under examined to Europe and not enough detail. In that. For. The majority of the players like in no way it's simplifies things in the swing and in the grip itself. If it's just the last thing you confine. So I took a is an old club. Can't cut it down so while I had was that gripped. And about. 1416. Inches of the cup. And I looked at that book -- I set my hands on that club. And I got them in a position that. He explained in the book read it looked at those illustrations and set my hands on it. And I did this inside. In the winter and I still every now and then -- just. Now I don't do it half clubs they have lost that piece of -- -- this somewhere. Put out to stick a club. And set my hands on it take a look at my -- you know feel for. You spoke earlier about grip pressure and this is something that. You don't read a lot about I think in in in and in an accurate manner they'll talk about holding. Who grew up and the same issue would a bird. You know and I think that's absurd to say that because we don't we don't handle birds carry on it. So. I I think what you have to find it is a is it grip pressure that you can maintain. Throughout the swing where it doesn't get tighter doesn't get looser. It can maintain throughout the swing in if you confined to act grip pressure it's going to be yours won't be the same as the next guys but. Find that grip pressure and so much of that group pressure has to do with what I'm referring to and as to how you rotate your hands high you place him in the club. And you can work grip pressure. Inside at home with that little half club. And and learn something about the group. You bet you can go to it today to defend dot com find herald's website more on that or as well go to your local. Club -- course talked to their PGA instructors as well into. It some instruction. It it's always best to get it from a certified PGA instructor firstly you know what you're doing. Then taking those things and working on -- -- on your own we're gonna talk to one of the top PGA instructors in the entire country coming up next Suzy Whaley. That's set to join us from Connecticut. She. Just. Unbelievable record she said we in their career as golfer both professionally and as an instructor and we'll find out a little bit more. From her -- -- more women involved in the game get -- thoughts on the LPGA tour as well. What it was like when she played in and what -- use edit now with a couple of daughters coming get ready go to college and play some golf Suzy -- joins us next year. 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It's new driver's best for your game who makes the best golf -- where should you take your next golf vacations which local course did you get to know better this in the business of golf brought to you by the fans well coached northwestern wealth advisor -- bring you financial balanced in your life prison NW wealth advisors and golf club. Welcome back into like -- Harold who's dying here and we are glad to welcome into our program one of the top golf instructors. In that country. She was the first woman to qualify for -- PGA tour event in the 2003. Greater Hartford open at least in the modern professional golf era she's had a distinguished career as a professional player as well as an instructor. Suzy Whaley joining us good morning Susie thanks for taken some time. Well we've got. -- tonight here with me is his kind of teased everybody about this golf two point no that's coming out soon. From. The PGA of America. And in going about. Tried to increase the participation I know a big part of that is is getting more women involved girls involved. The LPGA tour has been a big part of the Portland community the longest I think continuously running sporting event here in the state of -- again. In their coming back again show that's a big part of that's what are your plans and and how are you going to be involved with giving women involved as we see this golf two point know start to be rolled out later this month. At. That question yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You have got out of it. And -- industry it on credit accurate controllers. LP today of course yeah -- like she. And her -- industry and kind. The outward looking increasing number of golf hurt increased number -- -- at the -- about her age. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Quite creating new lockers and it hot -- -- it and get. On. And certainly written into our area and occurred -- -- and -- there mark. Maybe her career children are vehemently. And so certainly people. -- -- never -- -- we want to share what we -- so much -- that -- -- America is really striving. You should mention that -- and we understand that they're bringing current -- and it opted. Can't help -- experience. Think they'll really poorly at that track the air. And once you get them to the facility -- what do we have for them. Each individual article. App and a lot of -- -- tried very hard at the welcoming. I'd hate soccer programming equipment that number. In and we really have to take a close. Training prior. Art and it went and Ter property whether. Of course our current course are trying to -- or whatever it may be carried her -- It should be a real issue -- have a look we want you here. Cheer that I -- -- a year ago. Into their range they don't know. She act and economic and that. A range and -- Range -- change. -- -- Kirk an -- and really show them we got about X and we care about you and you want here and let it. -- -- -- Susie I was reading and PGA magazine in an article where you you and speaking of the PGA professional has to learn to speak female I've got to tell you I've been trying to do that with respond -- any person I. Matt merits. I have a good real successful. I learn a little bit every day. Let. Think that that. At that thirty. -- Well for me I've been very fortunate I'm not sure it's been the same for my wife. But -- can he can you speak to that speaking female I'd like to know yeah. I -- it out. -- -- -- -- Heard about that because that I there aren't I don't know what that angle there can't. Work here is a candidate that is current. Between. Perhaps or anger and what being hurt the relationship. And I have. Conflict they heard the example Alan and I really equipment not at any act that. -- -- -- -- -- -- here's what I. Could do picture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Indeed god are you. Kidding -- -- our ability. To help women -- and your shock. -- really nice looking clothing and kernel colonel in the night and a lot to do your homework and -- great about it. I want my -- lock your option -- -- from. Like. A maniac she had -- art. I don't -- began. Like our. I I am and so look like like arms can generalize. Like that tree that sure Ellen. I. Want. That scene at an. It's really. What it cured me. -- I think what you are saying it can help me help. Show me what that you that sure it made it better -- wreck that that it. Sure why maybe it in the comfortable. -- right when she swings and I would -- to me and a woman my complaint. You got it at packaging and -- got an app. -- really show our current -- -- wearing at that facility would that not. -- eat -- people aren't accurate tribal. What are they angry at what -- really kind of going why are there. -- -- and -- are actually met opera and people need to act. Suzy -- our guest here on call in the northwest you can find out more about her instruction in schools said that Suzy -- golf dot com and and as we talk about you know -- different ways that that we can. Make women feel more comfortable more invited to the game of golf as much as Tiger Woods did for what he did on the PGA tour to. Get into new markets. Four men. Is the LPGA to work cannot be the same Z hit called to introduce big game two more women or or is it not the same simply got a relationship as the PGA tour and Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have to appeal to guys. It. Tell the court like -- -- it really no way they get a drink or report -- an adjournment tactically. I'm -- an old relationship. Didn't work for a lot telling me and it really excitement about an opt. Up two point -- just about -- -- -- to resemble a quick facts. On women experience a bit arrogant and I'm -- our experience is it actually -- action and the -- Compact and opera and during that -- There really isn't that patent that met acre militia and we're really looking -- -- and hit it. Wanna watch the LP it requires an email like sporting act I thought it strictly come out in -- you're the only -- -- -- -- General. Electric -- -- -- and I'll look forward. It can't. Help it. -- I think help. There and cracked it -- -- -- my only deal and it kind constricted well. They hang out at the -- I'm looking for -- from me my own personal are. We can get -- to decry can bring it to -- country and throughout our industry. People apparently it won't get it. Well there's no better ambassador than now what you've been doing certainly nobody can question your skill and and all the accolades teaching Suzy Whaley thank you so much for taken some time for us in maybe we'll see -- from the northwest sometime soon. 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