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Jamal Crawford, Portland Trail Blazers

Jan 12, 2012|

Trail Blazers, shooting guard, Jamal Crawford joins the program to discuss the quick start to the season and adjusting to life in Portland. Included: An update on what close friend Brandon Roy is up to since being forced to retire.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome to the show from the road in San Antonio first time on the program we have with us now. Approach a blazer Jamal Crawford tied Jamal Oreo. Doing good hate thinking you left for taking the time now you guys cancel practice today. I'm not that necessary that we still had a feel special -- -- Beaten basically written you're -- to date or are we confident that we are basically. Got it is it I mean it. You know that's the fatigue storyline in the fatigue factor it's gonna come up all the time this season -- of -- tired of answering questions about it but. Just in your perspective compared you know your time you know through the 82 game schedule how grueling is this so far compared to a normal season. It's been -- everything is compressed you know it is you do that it basically. You know try to squeeze in a lot of -- -- -- -- practiced into the private -- we can out of practice time any of us have had you know we separate -- threw in the ninety lockout. He's every moment of of course -- you know immediately and we have to figure out different things -- racing -- this is the first -- or a lot of us so we're just trying to get. This didn't feel like now maybe this season is just starting then -- -- you feel like you've been any kind of rhythm thus far you still try and then keep your feet underneath him. Not like I'm just narcotic remote eternity -- my teammates with the threat as well. All of us pretty much we all talked about and joked about it we see why they have. Six to seven exhibition games yeah because guys on the lead the rest off and you know it just different different levels just an out and played against competition world. So what's the key did sort of keeping your legs in in managing. This factor that you're discussing here. Well I think you gotta rest -- winner repressive to push through it when you're out victory for the could be pushed through it. Because what you do that you can be a lot easier you know that went off to -- it emphasizes. -- carrier by the Arco. All the different things we get off your feet that. -- This is a Portland TrailBlazer Jamal Crawford now how many teams in your time. -- have you been on. With this many seemingly new faces in new guys that it takes time to see how it gels and he didn't do something like this before. If you want we protected it as my rookie year we -- six rookies so all of a pretty much -- -- To be out and in the is that talent in this period -- -- new faces you know I think. We've had a as seamless for position for the most part you'd you would think there with that the people that have been here in the new guys in. All that type but they knew it would take a lot longer first as Biggio beat that we've done a good job -- it was to travel a long ways to go to work in progress there. You know everybody plays for each in a row -- case to herself Scott on the team in the mix come to work easier for everybody. It was a leader in that locker room. You know what I think a few different leaders. Everybody respects Kuerten they can't beat them being around longer you don't see a lot of people I think there are respectful mark be at our. Are lost -- got our respective -- of myself though you know him right expect our respects western -- -- -- -- -- been -- relies a I think we thoroughly but they aren't they. Everybody pretty open to criticism it open acute and better. I think every expert preaching. This is a terribly Jamal Crawford here on the I had yeah. The union hotel room. Aren't you here's what you are or aren't you okay. Another phone going for the always -- by multiple phones at -- Hey are you there yet and -- -- sounds much better. Much better right consistently so thank you -- -- era under federal -- won't do it -- -- he hit a so is it is it a case of Kurt Thomas the same as last night after the game he is saying that. You know. Some -- -- shoot -- the first long road trip of the season is is really defining moment for team particularly one that has like this many new guys in new faces. You think that's true that this is this to road trip is that big for the script. I think so especially with the season being at an impressive it is you know it I don't know if you look at it we've already finished whereas. I don't know 15%. Of our games -- yeah I mean so if moved along pretty fast and when you do that I think there when you have time away from your comfort zone which we have friends. Away from fans who when this issue fifteen guys on the road you know you bond and I think that's we're doing and that's will continue to happen. It is good because like it is no click since no. -- in that regard are going to be here at least regard over here like every -- together you know -- -- despite it is so much more. Gratifying. I think that we have a really good chance to do what's special. It's it's it's kind of a new Americas boo before this was branded steaming you've been a guy grip and Seattle friends with him in. The -- -- -- departure -- -- -- allowed you to come in -- -- that awkward did you did you talk with Brandon. Kind of about that dynamic about before you signed. Oh yeah we definitely we talked and everything current problem the last person I talked to -- decided to go to come to Portland. And we talked yesterday talked system way to -- back so we talk every single Davis always feel like that. The announcers and especially unique perspective you know with him basically being here. To be in the dark for all those years you know -- he knows everybody around here in. You know what makes this person to do cut out this person who has assisted unique perspective videocast. You know more pick his brain on different days different circumstances and stuff like that. Well yeah we talked about that you know we always want to play together and you know for him to be you know the clips in the money in some years of it is also so I felt. Currently he's one of -- -- phase you're on the show how how how do and right now. You don't hear -- earlier I think he's. Think about going back to finish at their degree you know I think maybe give us commentators felt like I have a very missiles Morrow -- -- respective. You know because it would basketball you know on the on that type of stage. Yet know he'd be good at that not. So -- people will see him but I bring this up because last night. Patty Mills was there in the inning in -- you know they chum on the big board than and the fans -- crazy the fans. Loved Brandon Roy here still do you think we'll see him come back to a game and -- sort of -- BC that. That ovation for him that he deserves. I think so no question about it I think there you know Brandon -- operated very very loyal person. Did -- know the fans out there is absolutely adore him in he adored him you know credit love this and that the city of Portland. I remember in Seattle Lotta time. You know world all the guys he's been assembling it becomes the most important for weaker the grip. -- appropriate like you -- absolutely no I definitely think that we come back at some point every Israeli. Do you think he'll try to play against. I don't know I don't know honestly. We were working so. You know before the lockout is over with and all -- -- certain. And before you get rector you know physical well especially if you just walk in the do. He didn't know anything about our world does need anything you can -- or -- see what -- -- time all star and knew when I say we just I don't know this is like coming into camp this year. Yeah I mean assuming we get physical and all that after the kind of caught me off guard because of how good he looked. You don't work out to put it together. So you know he'd be talking about it not podiums do we come from -- -- do it that's for him as having you ever say never but I don't know. I don't finish that course. In a year ago -- the doesn't shy away from shooting the basketball and Braden was the guy at the end of ball games you knew where the ball was going who's -- be -- number seven's hands now on this team is that somewhat still being worked out -- You come down big games last shot is it is Jamal Crawford taking. I just think it -- on the situation you know because of the matchup we have. Like yesterday we have a lot of guys to make shots from the city you know Mick Mick shots west Mick shots raised a lot of -- last year LA of course. So we have guys and Kurt -- -- we have guys who are capable in the shot and if you saw last night we're come back it was basically pick a Rose LaMarcus and myself. You know it in that usually works in the day before kick was Ramon and Mark -- lupica -- I think that. We have a lot of different options to go to -- I feel very comfortable in that situation to be quite honest with you and I think record to. You know come down a lot of times the pick and roll true Marcus being hit with somebody 99. Did the one thing you did the -- you say about the team is maybe they consistency guys look world beaters one minute and and can't get it done the other the Phoenix gave the first two quarters of the Orlando game in the fourth it's a different story is that just. So it's gonna come with time or something needs to be worked out. Yeah I think it's a combination of both I think it's something that will come with time I think it's something that will continue to work you know we we -- the tape we watched actually is. You know to think it's you Ku can correct you know if you can do that early in the season -- pay big dividends later on you know it when every year you're down by. Point three points in the fourth quarter and you come back gave him a one possession game. In our biggest show yeah part of this -- with the character and he went marketability and tell an off night Disco you know. Thank you -- a row we know our fans and their -- where there were professionals who represented the Portland so blazer with a purpose looked forward so. With that I think global continue to -- cupcakes will get better as the season goes up. So as anyone ever told you look like Don Cheadle. No I haven't heard today into the corner. Some ground where the kids and that but so the first time I ever heard and decided -- he's actually -- game we played the Clippers and elect. He in -- media about it. Not on Don QBO Don -- Actually doesn't he lives at the game a Calgary are actually down here to beginning. It's it's it's striking resemblance we we sit -- ever thought about -- Think you look like -- Mean loud out humorous -- I mean maybe at the right team or the right camera. This Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle knows that's not downgraded on Q okay I don't I don't know remove the camera camera. Yeah so it is it OK if we referred -- says Don Cheadle or would you rather it's not. Are. OK I got. They're out there hey yeah we really enjoy Italian a year heck of a nice guy enjoy the road trip been able catch of the game and get back in town. Are Paper are we are prepared I -- I -- that's Jamal Crawford of the Portland trailblazers and by the way he is big on Twitter he actually does. I wanted to mention this because as you don't know -- -- as -- -- he -- Younis with fans on Twitter his Twitter analyst Jay cross over.