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Golf in the NW 12-17-11

Dec 17, 2011|

The final show of 2011! Jason Swygard and Harold Bluestein talk the European tour, PGA 2012, and much more as they are joined by Jim Achenbach (Sr Writer for Golf Week), Jason Lee (PGA Pro for Dick's Sporting Goods), and Jeff Shane with the Orlando Sentinel.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The latest tips and equipment to improve your game and -- the latest from the leader boards and your favorite courses. Last -- action packed hour about everything going on ESPN's Sports Radio generated a fair and -- in the northwest his front bunker real -- northwestern we feel we're. Visit them at prefix we -- dot com now with the award winning the PGA professional -- -- style computer zeroes Jason's like yard. Well good morning. I think the fog is lifting. This morning I'm not sure completely hopefully they'll BS some sunshine for people maybe I get out play quick nine. On the range a little bit it has been dry December it's -- for a couple of days here herald so. As for his golfing ability here -- no Oregon this late in the season actually hasn't been that bad. No it's been absolutely fantastic although it's been cold. You just. Put on your you know your -- books in your stuff they're getting a hand warmer in the pockets of right and get out there and play. And I recommend you walk because that'll generate some heat. And so nine holes a walk and most anybody can do that and it's it's good for your body in and. If you get out and I play what are the short courses if you don't wanna you know. Obviously American negate theory it's colder weather it's gonna plug if so 01 of the great short courses around as well this work on irons and putting and chipping in. I was so couple hours of fun here during the holiday madness. Some of the fairways have been frozen so you bargain are you might get some roll out here in -- Iran did it elevated to get an out about 210 now. It's like -- seniors during finals week here at this morning it's our final show of the week. Of the year. And there will be off the next two weekends for the holidays and plenty of football for your the next couple weeks but we've got employed a lot of help today basically. That was the game plan coming in our good friend Jim Aachen -- from golf. -- the associate editor he's gonna join us at 815. Jason -- PGA professional predict sporting goods is gonna join us during the -- segment because everybody needs some tips. War. Buying or asking for the presents for the golfer in the family right now what's -- what's hot right now what is new wind coming. So maybe you don't know maybe there's something that set to come out you know January February -- gentlemen nice to -- gift card. And then now when it comes out there ready to get it. And then -- -- in Orlando sentinel his column down swings that covers golf they're in Central Florida he's gonna join us at 845 from wolf. Look ahead to the 2012. Season and once he's most excited about what we are anticipating. A worthy coming call -- at least on a professional basis so. Big big big finish to the year. Heralds what this Alastair is in -- in once again finishing his job shadow. So remember Alastair. Will be he might chime in notes yet. Was not a microphone and the question to form we might just do that show what they're still golf -- golf being played around the world although it's not in the United States so we start. I go inside the ropes it's time for an insider's look at the leaderboard it's the latest on all two hours plus local golf events and gulf news. This is inside the ropes part of golf from the northwest on the friends. There is no off season and golf anymore we have learned that they just move all around the world in their own leader jets. -- -- The men this week because some of them or in Australia the JB were masters. Geoff Ogilvy has overtaking Ian Poulter for the lead eight and eight under 63 today. They are playing royal Melbourne their -- the same course that played presidents cup on. And Geoff Ogilvy turn it up today something he really couldn't do during the President's Cup these thirteen under two shots ahead of Ian Poulter. Nathan Green and they're tied for third. And then Luke Donald is playing in the -- Donald plays every week it seems like he's off the pace at five under after wrapping up Euro tour player of the year he's the money list winner on both PGA and European tour. Statistically had one of the greatest years in golf history yet. If you ask the question who is the best golfer in the world I don't know that Luke Donald is the first name -- people's. -- and I don't understand that because. This guy's played phenomenal golf and what is it that keeps people from embracing. Certain players. Other than tiger or Phil Mickelson got to win the big ones I guess so but it. This statistically this -- phenomenal. Eight and to win. Both. Money you know the money lists on and both tourist is remarkable if Tiger Woods has done a DB. Sportsman of the embedded tiger does it it's because he wins because he only plays about half the tournaments Luke's play and every single week and with the purses as high as they are a few finish consistently. And and you're right there are. You know in the top ten I mean -- cultures the equivalent he finished in the top ten on the money list this year on the PGA tour but never won -- turn it. Abbott hit Luke Donald do you look at this guy he's he's 5960. Is best iron player. I've ever -- fortieth. 147. On tour in driving distance. He's got a phenomenal short games so anyone who's listening who thinks that you gotta hit the ball three -- yards. Who may go away it's over six million dollars a year. You're crazy. Just get the ball in the hole anyway you can. In. He's eighth in scrambling. And east fifth and sand saves and in that new category the it. Strokes gain by cutting. He's number one. So that means two stroke average it's 68 point 86 is good enough to -- the pardon trophy in good enough to win the money. Nine US and the European OK so is the best players so let me put it this way why can't he win a major. Why hasn't he won I mean I think it's a matter of time. He will win a major I think they one thing that stands in his way is that. He is not accurate off the tee. And you don't have to have it along but if you and it sure. You better hit it straight well and show why it that would lead me to believe that the British Open or the open championship would be the most likely victory for him because we know the US open in the PGA championship. And then spent a lot of time. Tiger rising -- got stuck -- place an emphasis on length. So is that. Really what's keeping him from doing it is is all of these courses are being set up with these majors. You favorable long player. Not necessarily look at -- here's a list of guys who -- the best players not to win a major. You've got. At number one stand out -- Dustin Johnson yeah they want than anybody still in his head okay but you've got. Now you got it that future he gets Steve Stricker you again KJ Choi. Jason Day. I mean these are some great players who have won a major yet and I think it's a matter of time before the any one of them well. And I throw Luke Donald and of that in the mix also. Lee Westwood I mean here's a guy who it is good as any player in the world he hasn't won a major show. I don't I think it's a little bit unfair to judge a player just spies majors at least in a one year. When you're looking at a total career. Then you judge. A player you know guys like Dustin Johnson and Jason David Mac Richard extent are still there but Luke Donald has had. He's been blamed for awhile. Well he has he's only last a career at this point. Okay and a well all of these guys in Jason -- in Rickie Fowler. And Dustin Johnson that Steve Stricker and -- -- been around awhile. Mom. Luke Donald's only 34 years oh it's them. I would imagine he's going to do win one or two majors in his career I should he keeps playing Nike is and you complain about him not. Winning or playing against top tier players -- Is against them but it seems like when you get the biggest fields in the biggest events. He's he's always right there but he doesn't have that doesn't have that gear he can get to where he seems to go on -- I he's and streaky as some players say I don't imagine he could I don't think you -- They are so important to master or doing what it Rory McIlroy did a congressional right -- just hasn't. Run rental noxious you know streak of eight birdies in seven holes or so workers earned seven birdies and Eagles welcome Luke -- a kind of player that could win. 45. Tournaments a year Bryant shot. That I mean you only have to win by one -- and and he's -- got three wins in Europe. And -- He's got twenty of 26. Starts this year he was in the top ten. This is as steady a -- confined. Aside from when tiger was playing -- question. You mentioned Lee Westwood he is in Thailand. The -- -- golf championship he's lead coming back a little bit short Schwartzel is narrow the gap but the US put up four strokes up around 319 under. Schwartzel there at fifteen under Michael Thompson the United States at twelve -- John Daly is playing in this event at six under. The ladies European tour they are at so emirates golf club into -- And Alexi -- and sixteen year old from the United States with a five under 67. In her final round it wins she becomes the youngest winner ever on the ladies European tour. After becoming the youngest winner on the LPGA tour earlier this year and she is ready to go and could take that lady's tour by storm. And could give that lady's tour the LPGA a name like -- chore. Monica's Sorenstam if she continues to develop as we've seen so far -- young -- she'll give Yani -- -- run that Yani Tseng won. Twelve terms -- its worldwide this year twelve tournaments where I've been talking about her. But -- Thompson will bring American. Galleries now she won't get eyeballs to watch on TV and come to the events in a way that -- saying. Despite winning. Every other week he just isn't able to do so that'll be exciting we'll get more thoughts from just Shane and Jamar and Bachmann. Some of the things to look forward to Jim I can -- joining us next from golf week. As we return to golf in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio Tenet affair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shopping for a diamond where can you go to purchase a -- certified diamond in just the best value -- Brothers Clorox will not be oversold by the Internet price clubs or -- take a look at lower drug prices for TIAA certified diamond set lord god -- We'll see you in the store rocks beside in the sunny -- under -- -- west on all of Greenberg road to a rock Brothers GI AEA diamond of the story. 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From energy trust for. Call energy trust or logon to energy trust dot org slash storage devices for you and your end result is a guide to long lasting energy savings income. Following all hardcore duck a -- or annual -- or dot com wanna help you get geared up this holiday season. It's Friday Saturday and Sunday -- -- Nike Rose -- here will be 50% off the perfect time to get something for yourself and your fellow duck. And here's the big news. Visit any -- store or you vote yes or dot com between now and December 22 and enter to win a pair -- -- winner to be now December when he there. To come down to the -- or for a chance to win and let us help you get geared up rubles dial. He's the ultimate northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay -- both ram golf from the northwest is front you buy real Kraft north winds. We -- X wheels. 8:14 this morning on golf in the northwest Jason's -- along with barrel the blue sky and as we wrap up our year. In the year in golf and helping us -- that's right now our good friend James can Bok you can. Follow him on that golf Wheaton dot com these on Twitter at golf week Jim. Covering EC associate editor he's been there. -- Since 1991. With golf week in equipment and technology as well and glad to have them back on our season -- show good morning Jim thanks for joining us. Guys -- thought. It's good to talk to you to win and I enjoyed your column here looking back. On the 2011 year. And in -- with the US GA we saw some some changes going on a change at the top and maybe some changes in philosophy. On how they viewed the rules. Always some of the rule changes is making it more friendly here. And it's in kind of a refocus on. Access to the game. And what are you take away from what the US GA did in terms of that the tournaments that they put on as well as what they were doing internally. A for the game of golf moving forward. My opinion to you is that. The USG. People who run this year I got together and at some point they just decided. We have to be more relevant. We have to show people that were really. Improving in the game of golf in. And that's what they're doing. Under Mike Davis the -- executive director there's just a lot of energy -- GA and I think. Very symbolic of all this. Is the new rule book. A rule book will be. Released. Surely for 2012. Through 2015. They reprint this rule book every four years. And among the rule changes is one that says basically. If if your party -- ball. If you're standing over a pot. And it moods. Because of the wind. It's no longer penalty they've been lots of incidents critically -- with Webb Simpson on the PGA tour. What are golfers have been penalized because of that the rule. Has been changed it now understand and overall product. And that ball oscillation. And moves even a fraction of an inch. You're not penalized. Which only makes sense so I think they're they're trying to hard at the. It took him a 116. Years to to extract -- bring golf to the public. On. What took so long it is it just to make up for the US TA. I think so they're slow to change. Historically. The US GA has been run by a well see golfers. To play exclusively private clubs and I think they've just been a little bit. Out of touch that but that is changed -- I'm. Very optimistic. About the US GA. One other thing they're working. More closely than ever with. And DR and hey which is the royal and any. Ancient. Headquartered in -- Andrews Scotland. These two bodies. Make the rules. Golf and basically governor in the game. Around the entire world. And they're working together. Smoothly. And I would say sensibly. So things look pretty good. It's great and I'm a member of the PGA and have been for nearly thirty years and it took us 95 years to -- -- that we start. Need to do something to grow the game of golf and today in the range of golf to the public. -- and recently the US GA in the PGA have combined in an effort to with the boys and girls clubs of America. Two do something for the next generation and go off. -- -- around golf so much you really an insider. What was jeweler big story of the year what did you see is and it's the big story. Well let me. Change your direction for 12 before I forget the US GA I'm gonna tell you my fearless prediction. You'll like this maybe you. Will agree to this but Waverly country club in Portland. Which -- been undergoing an extensive renovation. Waverly country club is on the -- And use of US GA people. And so it's my prediction that Waverly. Is going to land. A major US GA event. Some kind it would them. Either race senior events or women's event. Such is the United States senior open. May be United States women's open but. -- -- Is right in front of the US GA they've light Waverly. It's -- half a dozen US GA championships in the past. And I think this is gonna. Wow wall along those lines then. We always see we're seeing some more golf giving back to civic northwest Peter Jacobson's Reid got his. Tournament going again chambers bay will host a US opens soon. And so it's good to hear that bit. You know when we talked to the officials at US GA or PGA every time I come out here for events they say what a great environment it is. And how much the community really enjoys golf. And supports golf what needs to be done. Or what is Waverly do wing that put them on the map to get more these events to come to the northwest. You know general way. In eight club really needs just one. Advocate within the U this year. In this case it so happens that Mike Davis. New executive director of the US GA is a big fan. Of the Pacific northwest. He is really of the guy who. Put two abandoned students. On the US GA map. He he was there from the beginning right. What banded dunes was doing he became a friend -- Kaiser. And so. I thank. That that he's that he. To all of this man under the heading north west is so far away from US GA. Headquarters. In in far hills New Jersey and it almost seems like in another planet out here but. And I think that the US GA has really taken a close look at the entire western United States thing. We need more championships. There we need more emphasis on golf. And -- I think that's gonna happen. Jim Marcum -- our guest here golf week magazine golf -- dot com he's the associate editor also. They're specialists when it comes to quote equipment and technology and and we look at that in terms of of the rules in the US GA. There seems to be a lot of talk about maybe equipment is gone as far as -- hand there's also a lot of talk about. Making the golf ball. A single you know getting everybody to just make a golf ball that has all the same. Technical specifications. Is is there anything on the horizon for equipment big changes that were gonna see in the next year. There are ideas out there and who knows what's gonna happen but. I believe that if if you this Giguere is open to these ideas that there are possibilities. We're gonna see Monday. Two days from now. An announcement. From John Solheim. Who is the chairman and CEO of hitting golf. And in jobs that big friend of golf in the Pacific northwest we're gonna see. An announcement from him it's gonna get a lot of publicity. And basically he's gonna make a proposal. About golf balls and I really. I am embargoed. Not to say any thing at this point have probably said more than they would like already. They want everything released on Monday and so we will have a big story on golf -- dot com that will be. Posted first thing Monday. But John's got an idea. Concerning golf balls that. I really liked. And in all I can tell you about it is that. John's idea would involve. Golf balls. Of different -- So that you would have won all the goes X number of yards and you would have another brawl. It goes Y number of yards it might be more or less than than the other ball and that. Basically. Perhaps -- should be in a position where where individual tournaments. Can choose. What kind of golf ball they want. Man I mean that's an idea that a lot of people would not like at all but at the same time it's an idea that. Might just solve some of the problems we face. Jim that we really appreciate these two big scoop she's given us more than -- dollar fine one on Waverly. And very briefly to -- I was going to say that one of the stories that I looked back on this year. When I went through all the players and such was. The long putter I mean it is. Being used now it's on the market any changes coming there. Well no changes except that more golfers. Are going to try these letters. There is no chance in the world. That these cutters will be outlawed. They -- here this day. And both so the long putters. Or show us better. A broomstick putter is they're sometimes called both those and a belly putter -- slightly shorter. Put them -- say in both of them. Are being tried by him many more golfers right now because at the publicity that it received. Good -- negative the one thing and it is difficult -- these predators is. As many of us now is that. Distance control can be difficult were these longer putters that's what Phil Mickelson found out and that's why he went back to assure putter because. Just hard to get the right distance when you're standing over forty -- fifty foot. One of these long Carter's. But that being said. As we don't know bunch -- guys on the PGA tour. Keegan Bradley getting the most publicity. A bunch of guys out there would belly putters. I do a lot -- senior amateur golf. And I was at C United States senior amateur championship this year. And when we get it to match play event we've got to the quarterfinals. There -- eight players left. And Hollywood all of them were using long putters or broom stick and -- there were no belly putters and there. So for the older golfers and we're talking about guys who -- 55. Or older. It's a long putter that really is in the salvation. There -- -- But the younger players now many haven't seemed to be going to these helicopters and they're doing it successful. Jim Marcum Iraq from golf week golf we dot com you can read a series has got a series -- and my year in golf right now that's up there you can follow him on Twitter as well that golf week. Jim. We can talk to the rest the hour but we gotta go we always appreciate it when you're able to join us how they happy holidays and -- we look forward to talking with in the new year. Thank you so much thank you Jim Marcum box with some scoops therefore yeah. -- with some announcements about the golf ball and the possibility of -- hosting US GA. Championship event coming soon coming up next. 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Dallas Cowboys and -- but it turned beat the Buccaneers in not completely give away the NFC east and then our. NFL triple better for you tomorrow beginning at 9:30 in the morning but right now -- we are employing. More professional help. Wit tips people are at their during Christmas shopping with golfers on the list this year Jason -- PGA professional from Dick's Sporting Goods joins us good morning Jason. -- -- fantastic. We are bearing down the shopping crunch here. For the holiday season and people with golfers on their list and maybe. It's always top especially for people who are golfers they wanna do something nice for the golfer on their list but it's always intimidating. -- sometimes to know what's up with the latest technologies and gadgets and gizmos show hopefully. He can give us a little idea. What's what's hot right now what is may -- new and interesting that says they may not be aware of -- there headed into Dick's Sporting Goods here. Well all the hot he's always gonna be a new director. And what do drivers security and stability -- a big question a lot of factors -- -- product from eliminated. Nice vehicle at all it's not really pictures. So you can shop it. Make it a little bit easier are somebody who they just -- -- that -- their game. So they're gonna come in there and and do you recommend they command and getting gift cards do whatever for that driver for his or or. Bring the person and to have them fitted how how are you gonna work then now. -- because -- an incumbent in and we can fit them obviously a great way to go if if you look at. Supply -- -- your audit you can always. I hit a driver that you just stability -- all the that they can come on -- And any fixed or get as a PGA professional we can go through and onto that driver to make sure it let that person as -- -- -- -- That's perfect now it. If there -- not wanting to spend the money and a driver one other kind of products I always look and accessories you know those are great. Stocking stuffer some things like that and so what kind of accessories do you have there. Well we're talking pocketbook or XLP Davis -- geez. Stronger brand Russian Powell. Oh -- a little bit actual for Mikey our league all that are great. Stop and suffered. All little bought computer gear you know era a lot more -- we have audio dot edu or call your that would create great -- Again meaning for Kent State. Then flashes. Not now or tomorrow or. Actually -- -- PGA vessel at Dick's Sporting Goods our guest here now as far -- do the new. The new lines of clubs usually. Come out if somebody wants to maybe just give him a gift card knowing that that there's something new on the horizon what what are we looking at it's new for 2012. And when do things start to be ruled out from the manufacturers. -- manufactures little will be viewed most either -- at the PGA merchandise and hoaxes toward the end of January and -- start coming. -- and the retailers. -- -- And this coming year there's little a lot of exciting. Well all the big. But I certainly are all all -- -- -- not hit the ball further hit it straighter more urgently. Bottom line expert where everybody is really an exciting year. And the nice thing about Dixon is that you do have PGA professionals so when people do come in -- store. They're dealing with someone who has been trained. In fitting clubs and making suggestions for Christmas correct. Absolutely every bit or -- at the PGA but saw that happen. And we need your outlook but it ought to make sure that we wouldn't -- -- or what the Pope called it would be perfect throughout. Now we're talking about the the fascination of the the long putters this year. At the professional level belly putters and then the the the long ones that come right up to the sternum. How is that making its way into the retail. And on the retail side that thing are we gonna see all of just the market flooded with those sorts of things or is it already happened. They're starting to pick coming -- we're seeing more and more in the coming down the police tell a lot of popularity are on tour. The will probably continue along that are popular -- to offer to work. -- with a little look long and you really should -- or a long putter simple let alone the putter so important -- Really -- becomes important on our division professional. -- on when it comes to a long putter Jason you have helped me he. Fit my how many times -- we Condit plankton that -- -- currently in it stick a new grip and putted again. It's and I think that's a service that people may not realize that you have is that you have. Eight club fitting is one part of it but club repair also. I you do quite a bit of that dimension. Absolutely have a full service shop -- -- shortening re shot in European. Whatever whatever you don't take care for a. Are there any for the holidays right now the crotch before Christmas anything special going on that with Dick's Sporting Goods are exporting goods not comment people should be -- off. Oh we have a lot of great stuff going on I'd recommend is coming on the story. A little thicker. Are -- Jason Lee PGA professional there with -- Dick's Sporting Goods. We appreciate your time this morning and hopefully it'll be a a good year for you. Under the Christmas tree as well. Yeah all right thank you Jason lead there with Dick's Sporting Goods in and as he mentioned it's you know you're unsure. You don't know specifically what to do it because go to the gift court. And send them on in and they do a great job they have. We got here only got a present for you and you know we're tracking about Christmas presents and I thought this is -- is appropriate time. We think about. We think about the ones we love you know in this. So we get it. Alastair brought this in from Union High School it's a out black T shirt. And it has swagger -- upside down that's for so you will never forget your name -- all eyes will be down. So when I -- -- will thank you very much. That's fair test that. We're just reported but no. And area. So it's for writing Brian Green and then he's been a part of a school and he graduated in two years ago but he's always been a part of our school and it just for him because he's always with a -- team. Fantastic. Thank you very much your very kind you aware that probably. And get lots of questions and mechanics went to what's going on so hopefully we felt you. Why help help the golfer help you get Bigby gets for the golfer on your Christmas list this year so thanks again to Jason leave. Since I'm going got to get out of here again we got a regular good friend -- chain from the Orlando sentinel is gonna join us we're gonna look back on the 2011 season again from the fellow professional two hours and look ahead to 2012. Who's gonna end up being a bigger deal next year tiger -- tiger is it all about tiger or as Alexis Thompson can be this being on kind of the way Michel sweet book. The golfing world by storm you know 67 years ago. Will be interesting to see and be a bigger deal we'll get -- in spots in just a moment as we continue golf in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio -- to the fans. And Patrick here for Broadway Toyota. For price election inconvenience when you're ready for new Toyota truck Christie beat Broadway and is the only way. We talked about how easy it is to get to Broadway Toyota located right there on northeast Broadway you'd take the rose quarter Rex -- all 55. And you can't miss it. 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This is why aren't terribly sender with 43 this morning on golf in the northwest berth thanks to Jim -- and -- and Jason Lee. And joining us now for a look back at the 2011. Tumors as well as looking forward to 2012 -- different from the Orlando sentinel. This column is down swing dug down swing making an impact in the world of golf you can read it online at Orlando sentinel dot com Jeff Shane returning to the show -- you know when Jeff. I'm doing well -- do. Were fantastic were wrapping it up for the year they gonna let us enjoy the holidays up here for the next couple weeks that -- a bunch of football also work. Put a big bow on 2011. Then. And some of the golfers did as well and and as we look back and look forward is it is it all gonna be about Tiger Woods again after he got that you know. Came through with a big singles victory at the presidents cup and he wins his own events. Whatever that's worth but he appears he's got his head on straight out there on the golf course and in is it his golf world to dominate again in 2012. Now dominate might be strong word I certainly think that that the first question on everybody's list only to our Albany -- -- and Tiger Woods' comeback. And. And compete on a regular basis and wind -- on the PGA tour. That work Perry street summit which is the caliber competition that has developed turn that old. That this whole are long but he's gone through I I I think Eric for anybody looks back. Back Tiger Woods is going to beat. At -- or -- -- into outlook 2000 -- nor eaten it. What -- 8009. Winning six tournaments a year. Going to be top it would -- take a look at the last year's. And see how many multiple winners there have been that nobody's got more entry in here. Would be kind of in the back because you got to compete with Luke Donald you ought to compete with. Roaring back all that and Lee Westwood gonna come back and remember the PGA or you're. Egypt are stacked up against the best what developed during that. And we'll probably in -- no more in a couple of weeks at the would it which -- -- -- -- coming up against the aren't legality and will know a little bit more about how he's gonna play because I don't think they. The shivering note was a good enough indication it was a good start. But the field to a small there weren't enough guy shoot nab him. That do you feel that's the point at which will no way the years in a hole for Tiger Woods. I think people get pretty gritty at Abu Dhabi. A chip shot on eighteen man feel a lot that a guy -- Don't -- maybe -- yeah completely shut out the thirty year. A lot of players to -- that we got that -- It cured my contention the first couple days. York I'm just kind of -- mailing it and it. Out of the last couple days telling the guy I consider. We're -- a shot up three or four guys on Saturday and Sunday at that get competitive chief all of her and her on after went so. Little bit different -- -- -- -- -- copy not only are going to be. -- only for a major winners going to be -- But seven -- the top and I -- -- It is gonna be into that -- and so -- like what can be trying to heal the into January start -- Then delete do you open up a quick reading in the world call that it finishes -- want an end put Annika. Competitive turn I think we can say going to be competitive. Look at all our -- gonna have to compete against the entire year. Gesture and from the Orlando sentinel while our guest here looking back and forward here at the end of the year on the on the two hours and you mentioned Luke Donald had an unbelievable year. While winning the money lists on both -- two words -- but unable to win a major and you mentioned the competition the depth of the fields now. Even though he's not a -- greatest year maybe ever and you know when you look at the numbers and just everything that he did on a consistent basis but. When I say who is the best golfer in the world what name comes to the topping your head. I think I know it probably is Luke Donald because right now. And and maybe to lecture and Matt orient -- -- McDonnell right now the only guy can say it won't permanent entered. Almost certain kind of finished top -- -- your -- sure going to be contending on Sunday. And locker every now and again -- -- You know we are in Asia and and there. -- Backtracked. From nature -- -- -- right now one got it all ego and going well in the next on the weekend even when he group ordered not -- it armament at the -- act. It out on the back nine on Sunday 836 for the final lie -- -- wild animal that. To get an eighth at 812 title so. -- make content and he's standpoint. I think Luke Donald got it right. Well I respect his consistency in these truly had a remarkable year. Just a public embrace him like they do other players like Phil Mickelson and they they don't seem to have connected with Luke Donald yet. Well I think maybe there are starting. Out. Being -- here may be where four people. Start to embrace Donald I I back that we can get -- the weight gain. And Turk would only want stability and aren't winning on it -- but I I think. -- and maybe you can. And that's generally it was great and four I I think it. Looking for that next guy that gonna dominate like Tiger Woods who looked well. -- it our -- -- -- is just not our street are about to pick you know. -- like -- performance. My personality. -- Easter pork in terms appeared you know charitable work and like bat bat I. Anybody that's looking for somebody to dominate like tiger jittery and even you know -- on the block. I'm not sure but it helped air right now and so. Like -- -- like the old eight occurrences of Larry Mac -- lying or. Are some of these young American coming -- are. You gonna be warmer Arctic rose on people. Are the more they get exposed. Very. Ambulances very very friendly very well go if he's gonna pick up a lot more fans to cheek article. Or stretch here in the next six months of being a major check -- and walking into east German and somebody -- who isn't known quantity. We talk about dominance nobody dominated like Yani Tseng did on the LPGA tour yet we finished the season. Alexi Thompson winning two days over in Dubai actually becomes the youngest winner on the LPGA tour and on the European ladies to work. Is she poised to do for the ladies -- what Michelle Wie has been unable to do. At this point and become a household name like Monica's Sorenstam ones. I don't think she can not I think -- a danger in it. Well. Our. Your first year -- -- and see your -- about a -- tournaments -- -- since turning professional well. And got up that schedule. About one permanent ear well evoke warm aren't. You know I woke -- more iron on. External I'm. Travelling overseas and things like that. -- and so they're expecting too much back I think we did. Action out capability. Eating kept women players in the world and -- -- Starr at the turn -- for the old crime cop and. And more. Now. And wondered. If there are. Info on there. And the other -- Burton and should be all. Should come when. Oh and it. -- election. All of developing here and a lot. Which one and you know -- -- -- -- whatever. -- -- Only talk about age we we look again and not just the LPGA but the PGA tour and this last year. Players who are thirty years and younger. Won seventeen events that's 42%. Of the events on tour. Are we looking at that same youthful. Winners in this next year 2012 are we gonna see some of those veterans like. It's -- richer and stricker and Choi possibly break through and win a major. I'd probably a little bit about I believe that the opt in when there are certain under. A lot of players. Between 25 in third. Year. Even when you on on his big war is kind of -- and you. And it. Out of for you. I think it. I like the Brendan Steele and I'll show a little better the actual. Ear what -- I. The -- at the map and every one of them. It. And that group again up. Gulf war when. Oh then how is that where it that it wouldn't be the outcome. Undetermined. Satellite while you eat it. But it and I went up the back to understand it. It didn't happen at the computer they they have focused there there are. -- -- equipment at an old you know we want to make sure what -- year. But what let. Them yeah. I think I'm not one but it was more than a book out. Well we've appreciated its your thoughts and joining us throughout the 2011 season we look forward to more of them in 2012. Jeff chain from the Orlando sentinel thanks very much enjoy the holidays in noble enjoy summer ball in the new year. There you know what there are now all the op even. Been in order Oliver. You know you bought is nothing else when -- got a -- that and we learn. Can't wait for it thanks again Jeff -- for joining us throughout the year we look forward to a great 2012. Yeah yeah yeah. Already take Georgia chain in the Orlando sentinel the downswing is his column all sorts of stuff. There his blog a great piece actually on ray Floyd who was helping out to a golf channel's. Seven nights at the academy and and if they're simply. -- -- Tom Watson tactic is finally gotten his due. And that came you know in the last few years where he's been in contention at the age of sixty at the open championship. Another guy that I think is forgotten. It's how good ray Floyd was back in the day winning masters. You know I the opportunity to see him and how good his short game was in. And there's a guy with a non traditional swing if there ever was one I mean he muscle that thing but he can get around a course like nobody. I am a huge fan of thing and I always have then of ray Floyd. Because when he had a lead he capped. And we've got what another 42 or 43 tournaments coming up next -- start in two weeks. That's right the PG -- go 36 consecutive weeks. Starting. What the Kapalua there. On January 04 through the seventh it's been a fantastic year we think everybody thinks we're right -- -- joining us all our guests throughout the year herald's Merry Christmas Indian. Have a happy Chanukah banking and and Ted thanks for coming and Alastair we want to thank all of you for listening through out the year will be off the next couple weeks but will be back at the start of January for another great vaults season Taylor and -- you're up next on Jason's -- guarded him straight. Meyer about a consistent talent I have tested out the new site aren't I cute. 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