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Ric Bucher, ESPN NBA Analyst

Nov 15, 2011|

Bucher joins the show to discuss the latest developments in the NBA Lockout and paints a pretty grim picture. His insights might surprise you, both with what he thinks of the Lockout and what he thinks of the women of Portland.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's bring it repeat it here ESPN NBA insider who can maybe shed some light on many of our questions we have here. He a Rick I know your real busy guy at cover in this thing so we really appreciate taken time for Portland. No worries. Portland one of my favorite stops on the on the NBA circuit I've just started. Doesn't look like I'm going to be headed up there anytime soon at least not for basketball. You know now like why is. Add to study Q gusty stopping a lot of good cities why is simple only your favorites. I'm big on the proximity of everything I'm big time I'm also big coffee drinker I got Russians just stop right there. The club that's -- because. You can't yeah you can you can -- to about fifteen steps before you you can load up on double. Another. Americana you know three shot Americana -- and that's about what I need to keep going so. It's basically -- -- -- -- so Portland allows me -- Three. Without thinking about it and -- -- -- breathing so. But now I I did I like that. Below I like having. I like being able to to walk the places I don't like having to get into car went out -- dinner we negotiate show our. Whatever it is and so I really I really enjoyed it down town of Portland area and that what 1015 minutes to the arena. Twenty minute city airport. People by and large I think it I think the I think the flora and on and not in Portland this isn't wildly underrated the last. For all those trees. And if you know what I mean by Florence wanna. No idea if it's the I don't know what that parts. I think the I think the female population Portland. -- Under undervalued. Mom he this that part though it the year any NBA owner or player and you are. You're you're missing the impact that this is gonna have this is a great NBA city. Some of the best gradually get all in the NBA we host the sports talk show. And you'd be amazed at how many people even in a die hard NBA market say to hell with the NBA I don't care anymore. Yeah -- I'm not surprised by that and I don't. To me that the reflection of just how passionate they are. About the sport and about the game particularly coming off well. What we had last season and that that was just it was riveting and when I look around the league and I look at it at the array of stars. It is the league has never been in a better place as far as. What it has to sell other style of play in a basketball purist Maine did not like it because it. Much more up and down it's much more streamlined version of the game but there's no question that it entertaining and fast and -- And so when I hear people. And I don't want it dismissed there there frustration there anger -- We're right here I don't hear people that if people didn't care. That they wouldn't be so passionate they wouldn't be so it really wouldn't say screw -- guy. Because that we don't care like. And I architect that I want to play anymore you know what I got got to think I can do I got to this sport I'd like to get into -- -- that. At a section to me it's a reflection of men want to be watching this stuff why are they letting me see more of what I saw last year. And that's why I believe in. And I look at the -- start whenever they get back to business and I expect -- you know even if it's. All it's going to be. Okay are we can't see LeBron James get his ring where it Kevin Durant Derrick Rose Russell Westbrook. Blake Griffin. Is it it just it goes LaMarcus Aldridge. You can't tell me bad. We don't we won't come right back and be -- draw -- the same way we were the last time around. Rebuke here ESPN NBA insider. Are right so this deal that the owners put forth. It's in this is just my view that but I it looks to me like the players want what they had. The owners want ultimately what they want what would be great for them is what the NHL owners got when they had their. Coming to Jesus there this field doesn't appear to be either of those it appears to be fairly close in the middle humble sides so why can't they come to an agreement. I don't see it being in the middle at all. I don't think it's anywhere close to what the players previously had. It takes away first of all you're giving way. Oh billion dollars you're giving away. Post at 300 million dollars if not the war. A year right off the top really if you. And ten we are gonna create. Our vehicle where when it becomes free agent. They simply aren't gonna have anyplace to go because of the tax. Is going to speed so severe. That anyone other than the Lakers. For the nick. Maybe you ought anybody who doesn't have a huge. TV local TV deal. Is just not going to be willing to going to that. And they can say well it escalating you have to be a repeater the fact of the matter is when he's not a topic you Bynum on you don't sign one year deal signed three year deal so. If you're looking at that you're saying well. You can't sign misguided India because maybe will be okay this year but three years from now where we're going to be in -- and so. It just trickled down to where. Players you're gonna have a couple of star players that -- kind of money. And everybody else is gonna be squeezed down when they become a free agent. They're gonna look around and they're gonna have any other options so they're original team is going to have any motivation to pay them. Is -- more than they are already making. And you know fans can look at it from a simple standpoint say. Well look they're still making a lot of money they should be happy that they're making money. They're -- respond to that number one. We don't hold that we hold that standard to to everybody that we hold the fact that there is entertainers whether they're really. -- musicians. Or there. Or there artists or whatever it may be they have a unique. Talent. That takes a certain amount of money and patiently. They have -- is the right and it seems only fair that they should be able to take part in whatever money they make. The second part is at these numbers look big in the moment. But definitely very fine period of time with these guys are able to make. This kind of significant money and have devoted their entire lives. To being ready. -- -- this particular period when they come out of this. They're not going to be able to make this kind of money doing anything else to watch because. Big -- that they -- higher preparations. To making -- in this particular field and that particular time. So the guy making. That huge different you can tell when you say you're making a million dollars a year should be asking that -- make that the rest of his life. You're gonna make that for that period of time and so why not why should he have the opportunity to say you know in these three straight years. I don't wanna make -- the million I would make five million because I'm gonna need that. When I'm not making. Five million wouldn't need a little bit into my transition and something else. I'm gonna need a little bit of -- And so I know that's really hard for for the average and that the people hurting in this economy. But this will be my third point people kicks it well and that the economy should be glad that you have any kind of job. The NBA in spite of the economy. Improved its revenue this Hendry isn't out of business that would hurt. By the economics. Is still rule. In this and -- economic climate so to say that these guys should take glass. Doesn't say don't let it take a lesser fielders make more because of the business group why did it go because the performance of these guys. So why shouldn't make Sharon. So I just feel -- in depth look at -- and it felt like I'm really hammering I'm I'm. I'm pro player -- elect the players admit it will be in negotiations. But for anybody is today that the players agreed you that the players should be happy with what they're making. Eight shots. -- that that there's no there's no logic. There's no intelligent. There's nothing there's nothing other than maybe. All of it or hey I don't get make that so why should today and that that not a fair basis for judging the situation. Okay this is -- B a career he has PM but what do the players. Lose more by sitting out. All this length of time -- they will -- shooting on a better deal as opposed to the doomsday scenario. Of what happened in the NHL which David Stern is threatening. Well they may very well -- To my knowledge. The hockey the -- shall never be -- -- and took the and took -- -- -- to court. So there's that there's a different here in terms of the NBA players are trying to wield a stick and at the end it's all said and done. -- may not make this money from big -- this might forever. Yes that is correct name like. -- they might not. But they very well -- but they are willing to bit. Just say you know what unprincipled we deserve a better of a war here he'll. And I'm willing to -- much salary this year. The -- for that and I may lose just like other workers should go on strike and they're not going on strike they were -- -- out. They've been forced into the. For them to say you know what I'm gonna roll but I I'm gonna say this isn't fair and so I'm willing to -- -- salary this year. How we look at them and say you Geithner I mean. To me when he right on or whatever. They're standing up for themselves did anybody look at them good -- they're idiots you're just not accepting whatever somebody's throwing at you. Yeah actually stand you know what and one I'm I'm gonna fight that I've met I think got to work more and I'm glad I'm going to fight to get -- How -- anybody. How could anybody look at that. You know let. That's crazy why would you ever do that you should just roll over because you're not gonna win except that the biggest. Attitude they they're not gonna win and -- this money usually just give it well. I'm sorry I -- Whether they win or lose is their money that their their rolling the dice on and I know that there are ancillary people that are affected by the but the players. Did not start this fight the players that we're not locked out the players that. Say we want a drastically different system where we want more of this more of this. The owners did that. With the business model that would mean there was increasing its revenue. So if you want to point the finger at somebody as to why. The concession people and the people in the arena and all the ancillary people that are being impacted on -- you start the. UK do you think that it would have passed. If the players put it to vote though. Boy I don't. I don't know anybody who says. And anybody who as you know let it should've at least voted on it I can't. I can't argue strongly against that I wouldn't be opposed to that but -- but the truth of the matter is. The each team selects and and and vote on -- -- -- They play a union player represented. And the guy is supposed to represent. Them indeed been in the discussion. With the union. And so. If they don't like the way that I represented in the -- represented them then they need to replace that guy. But they've basically said look we expect you. To vote on RP. And so I don't know that it in an inning where it says. Have to vote on any deal they were represented. It wasn't like Billy Hunter unilaterally. -- there was a representative from each team that decided. Ultimately that they would not be putting this to a vote. Do you I brother separate their own -- your opinion on where when I looked at the NFL's situation I felt like there was a sense from the fans. These guys kill themselves for that game we know it takes years off their life we know what goes into it and they -- every penny they get. Where I look at the general public I think there's a perception out there. Then the NBA player rolls out a bit too smokes and we -- an Xbox -- and the arena twenty minutes before the game in tips off at how dare they ask for more money. Yeah now that there's no question that a lot of people a lot of people in the public that -- there at their lives and livelihoods. And today. Especially out to me the part that bothers them the most. These guys are guaranteed this money to sign it and no matter how they perform. They they don't lose that money and if the owners were saying look we. Have a reset on that. We want the ability to distribute the money barely to the guys who are exceeding expectations. And taking it away from the guys that are underperforming. I would be I would be all for that I would be leading the parade. On -- deal was structured that way. But that's not what this deal done this deal says we're gonna pay anybody. That we can avoid giving -- giving out bad contract. We're gonna happen to have you know room for the superstars. But even that are I mean we have a ceiling on the best players and the NBA. Other Selig bought -- like Peyton Manning can make -- Tom Brady. Is there a ceiling on what Alex Rodriguez can make little or camps there and there. There're there are no artificial ceiling on there on the top players and yet they not only have artificial ceiling on the best players in the NBA. How they want to eliminate the next run of players in terms of what they can make. So it is. Just to me it is. What I understand issues and I understand. Having their compensation I want to see that too it bothers me too when you have an Eddy Curry and about what happened. He's gonna make fifteen million dollars. What I'd like that yeah I like the other guys. Being more fairly confident Derrick Rose would be MVP can even take it making five million dollars. He's the MVP of the entirely making five million dollars he can't change that. There is that they're now that's not fair. Yes she will make it up down the line what he doesn't what do you get hurt. What he had in never has. Another season like this one you could say well that's unlikely sure but it possible is that spare. But we're not talking about they are here. We're talking about. Flipping the system so that the owner -- cost certainty. And are guaranteed profit that. Only thing that has been accomplished by the deal and that's why I don't have a problem with the players saying you know let. As much as we wanna play as much as we're losing money where you're just asking for way too much you have hot. Compromise with us. At all and ultimately that's why we are where we are. And there's not another business in America that has those -- guarantees built into it for for the owners but real quick and were were pushed up against -- they can you lay out. There's a lot of people. Are real up on this give me that two or three biggest -- -- where the players are saying this doesn't work for us this is unacceptable. Well it -- funny because they they gave them six in the previous offer before that the owners said oh no no no no no to this sick. And then we'll go back and look at your -- revised offer which didn't address to any of the six. I'm but it essentially the number one thing is the that is to grow which means that no matter how much money. The owners collectively spend on players salaries and again in year. The way it's structured now if they go over that any given year it will be taken back from the players and successive years. So they're guarantees that they no matter what they spend. They will never have to spend vacant picking -- crazy year. No discipline and the players in succeeding years we'll have to give back -- money as a result of that. Are the second thing is the the level of taxes on T. That the luxury tax penalty it's just. To sit here nobody is gonna go and so luxury tax except for maybe a couple of teams and third those teams that will go into that taxed. Are not allowed to have are not allowed be utilized. Before mid level exception. If they looked very simply if they -- if they reduced that the severity of the luxury cap. Yeah if they had a million dollars to them to the exception to pay tax paying teams. It again Beckett and those two then. I think we had a deal right now. But the owners simply said. No -- And I just. To me that not bargaining in good -- -- I don't know that that happened that that the type of law in bargaining in good faith but to me. It's like really that you. Scorecard has to read -- hundred. It can't be taking these four and we can get back playing. I'm sorry I can't I can't I -- view -- you're gonna if you commit and that is he'll be -- Our -- there well you are certainly fired up I appreciate the conversation thank you for taking time for us appear. Rebuke here ESPN Indians that are.