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Mike Riley, OSU Football Coach

Sep 1, 2011|

Making the first of his weekly appearances on Primetime, Mike Riley discusses the suspension of Casto Masaniai, and the record number of freshman on the roster.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While we are pleased to announce that Oregon State football coach Mike Riley. Will be joining this program every Thursday. At this time coach Riley. Awesome thanks for joining us. All it is going to be fun I appreciate being on with you guys always. I appreciate you ignoring your better judgment and joining us for a weekly segment. Up there really. Well. Coach how much criticism did you hear about not sit net Castro for the first game. Well you know I I don't. I didn't I didn't hear much personally down here at this and but I -- I understand it's out there so like I think that -- it's probably out there and tonight and I understand I I appreciate people's concern that I really. As I explained yesterday I feel good about. A lot of things that are surrounding just the -- to -- suspension and then. I really did. Take into account that that. This is that at our discretion as to when we do it -- -- part of our team's concerned and other players and it really Castro beating back. Good and then and -- and haven't suspension later I think that that is appropriate and it's going to be right for him and it's going to be right for the team at this time. Why floating suspensions mean why not wanted to suspend a kid for game and take the guesswork out of which game it is. Well I think in I think it enters into this that. At at this time. Primarily. Because of our team in a week I have a commitment from hurt this team position. And you know -- Who's gonna play how much can they play and put the other guys. In a situation where. They probably wouldn't be in normally think -- exit and I and I think that you can pick the team into account as well as a player. And the only the player still panic yet. Suspended for his actions and is going through site said that the bigger deals what is taking place off the field behind the scenes and I think that there's. There's been. Appropriate measures taken. So that this couple as I said yesterday also will. Will grow out of this and this will be a positive story. Does the public perception ever enter into your consciousness when you make. A decision not just need this one but anyone do you ever stop -- think about how this is gonna be perceived or how our fan base or Howell. Into the media will think of some. Certainly -- I think that that's that's a appropriate because we represent. You know our university and our fans in the -- And that's why I'm kind of credibility playing in this thing I think it's good to be able to do that -- And I and I understand that however went when -- -- the -- that final decision comes down you know sometimes. Things are trumped it. I didn't eat all the most important thing is what is best or. Where we can do this individual. As far as. Punishment and then in the -- then and -- the team I think we probably. But those in priority but certainly your point about. How -- -- and people deal about it like in the know about our program you don't get a goal at Scotland negative no. Stuff comes up and it's very public so I don't mind explain it but that. Can't make a final judgment based on how other people are gonna think but I don't mind explaining. Now it did it help this decision knowing that with with all due respect -- respect to Sacramento state. It's a game that you should win and it did it did it help knowing that your letting him play and that and can suspend him for a more meaningful game. And if if their roles -- say this is Wisconsin and the next I'm -- Sacramento skater Murray State or someone like that. Can you really make that same decision. You know I think that. I think that's a good point that has that meant that it's not about the opponent you know -- it's really not about that about -- player and our team. And I think it's pretty good that we can -- flexibility with it because that. You know we'll do it and it's appropriate thing to do that I'm very disappointed in all situations and we've dealt with a lot of stuff about there's -- The man and and that. -- girlfriend and of course -- -- -- while I've known for a long time. At them and it is clear it's not about the opponent it was it's been certainly -- times. I think you're insinuated that we would suspend him for this game so -- That that's not. That's not logical regarding -- if there's more important reasons. But He will sit one game. Well okay of the -- how we determine when that is. You know as we get players back and as you guys know we can have a lot of stuff going -- Kevin's going to be back and then. You know I'm I'm I'm probably looking at a team after the -- at this point. Okay Morgan State coach Mike Riley listened for him every Thursday during the football season right here on the stand and Comcast sports and it -- be a 405 every Thursday. So when was the last time you had I think what they say eighteen. Freshman on the two deep Bulls last and He had this many freshman to open a season. Think we ever have. You know look at that is the way this program is normally shaped and it was just in the park -- out that in other thing is I think some of these freshman are. A really good players and had good camps and and some of our redshirt freshman so they've been in the program. Are readying themselves for this time I stick so. You know but it is it is unusual for the beavers and that will be strong and popped out there but I am I'm excited about it really. I'm usually they get for another week trapped and I would like that obviously but. And really excited -- easiest place where we are and then -- tickets from there. -- a lot of these freshman I mean. They claim because they're talented they claim because you you have to play them because of lack of depth. Well I mostly because that talent. He's solid and obviously we get plenty of depth that they are in that position but that. Not the -- had a very very good camp now we'll see if He can transfer that to that to the games and that. -- -- we've got good depth at receiver. Don't ideas you know basically. Want that job and now. I'm looking forward to this team Rodgers does come back in the right places and it'll be a good team out there at that quicker position because in Seattle thing came to play full full time anyway so. You know there was some thought put into that when it's tight right to redshirt freshman because then that is just grown in to a a young man right in front of our eyes. Comedic kid and and that certain that job through spring practice and fall camp so. Mostly it's because -- the fact that these guys have have outright won a job. How do you convince your team to not look past Sacramento state with a game like Wisconsin Newman on the horizon. Well I think committee issues that we've been talking about it adds to our week you know we've got. The new players new starters a lot of good -- on on and so. It is about performance and playing our best network capable plane at this point with this team and and so it took me in the excitement and the readiness is about get the -- football game in the opponent it is it is not. Not important but don't focuses on top of how good work can be in this first game in -- where we take it from there are so. Take our team that's really geared up to play this game in -- -- studies the opponent. Look at their personnel looked at what they do it and they're just excited about it the player a football game and and and I appreciate that focus and we'll see if that's real on Saturday. So James Rogers is still out ranked. Yes He has been and that we get this week. You know and we talk all the time -- -- -- mysterious meeting about the future and about the fact that he's gonna get. Another report from the doctor in the tutors will evolve every albeit from -- to the doctor dictators and doctor will get together and and so will be a medical decision and also be a decision based on how we think James is doing -- how He feels he's doing. And his readiness. I play a football game. At some point in and out. I don't not wanting to get a week and also you guys next Thursday to where we are with that. But -- The progress is going out six going good in an end and a seventh on what I mean he's growing all the time and -- not what he's getting. Getting ready to do. So when are you going to be talking to the doctor C title -- this medical decision when when is that gonna take place. Well it is actually can take place any time after September 1 I talked to doctor before camp. That is when we were point -- get act together and it evidently we've we've. Probably won't talk after this week NB yes you know I told -- number one was active for the game and so he's that we did we get visit again. Right after that talk about what's gonna happen. You don't during the Wisconsin a week and come to you know one point two what's gonna and from then on now. Correct which Mike -- a -- wanted to ask about was what's the story behind that dominate Glover. On it's it's one of those deals where He has finishing. School. You know He has summer school classes that He has to complete in order to be eligible. So he's you know it's not a great situation because there's that's usually does not carry on this long but they're just a third term. Second term summer school that he's involved and then and tells great Arnott posted at this time so. He will probably not play this week but my. I guess is that sometime early next week He will be deemed eligible. -- -- sent my hope I suppose. Got it well hey this is any sign coach who really appreciated carving out time for us every Thursday and then we'll talk to next week always brought me back.