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Lache Seastrunk, UO Running Back

Aug 9, 2011|

Isaac and Suke catch up with Ducks RB Lache Seastrunk who has managed to keep his head straight despite all the turmoil surrounding him this off season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- welcome back Isaac and see you gone to an eighty the fan it is a big day down in Eugene and Corvallis they're starting up camps at Oregon and Oregon State in a backup running back for Oregon late cease junk. He's joining us now. What's it like when you set when US set -- out on the field first -- of another camp I know as a radio guy when I come back from vacation it takes a little time be eased back into the show is the kind of an overwhelming feeling here or just how you -- -- -- you get started here. Also pretty good on this you know you can -- kids can back it just it's camping you note. Start to refresh my memory about the playbook and get my my bag right get back focused on football. Is just the more comfortable feeling than when your -- you first arrived on campus in your heads probably swim in a million different directions. Hollow column man out my first -- is that is scattered everywhere talent dissidents and put it seemed like this year I -- I just a more comfortable -- just seen him. I'm more home more a more at home to understand a lot more things is that what role do you envision for yourself in this offense this year. I truly don't know I don't know what coach Kelly hasn't -- and within a note steps really wants to do -- -- non -- -- Stay ready and He -- focusing you know whenever it common number nice children. Lake's eastern is our guest and as some would say this or I've I've read this or some have inferred that maybe you weren't happy with. The lack of playing time last year what what is your -- stance on how last year played out in and what your role once on this football team. A last year I did each of the guys was I was not ready I announced in the playbook and and I just I didn't I wasn't sure enough today you know take on that roll my freshman year -- like this -- -- come in some momentum I'm understanding it more and done. I threw an -- -- because He is that the issue could have I think and in front of me and also -- because it -- Who told it to running backs -- -- to have conclusion to the division -- from the pits and I am I'm honest for every sixteen every moment and I have with my thinking because. What they know they've been here for like four years so. Taking it from I'm taking everything means so much that it you know seven mean. In and chances Modine so lighten up on my understanding him in my put in my game. So what changed what manifestly -- it manifested view in May be is it just a maturity thing or what what helped to get you to the point now where you feel like you're ready to two. Really embraced the playbook and in get cranking up in this career here. I just. Basically did this transition from high school. College you know Regis high school these could challenged at a lot of things that you allotment that you miss the game basically about -- physical attributes the talent. -- on the slow you can't choose him yet use. Caddies Q that you know -- and Simmons got a understand the playbook in in now you understand where it. You know lamb is doing now understand the RC he's doing ya gotta ask him basically which opponents for you to you know -- How hard is that to go from being big guy I mean one of the best in the country -- Libya the guy that they can't cricket field in me emotionally was that may be the most difficult thing. I'll do the BC classic it was hard not thought about it in night. Man I make the wrong decision and not know my day no home it is -- repeatedly. You know I'm thinking in my mind I make the wrong decision -- it is never -- that -- wrong. Not and I had just think that is always is against my Bible and just pray and understand it. You know got -- things for a reason in. And I understand I can't understand it would enlighten when every now and did good things happen to those late. So I'm basically being patiently on him who have we're talking with Oregon running back leaks He struck number fifteen here understand why did you choose organ. So it's are so important that I felt like -- the right decisions for me. And I felt like there and used improperly. Catches you know. Put me out there only at the end. For the -- -- -- -- what date from. -- bit -- -- -- any of visitor really in a slit eyed guy and everything mean. From every school. And it's wheel came out on top news in his guy so He confirmed -- three to pounce. But that might not rule fathers and Cotchery like he's in jail I mean did you for a while. And element home. He called house content talks in check on the he's done it this year. So at first I kind of like. Not enough -- in 1000 army game. Ask that I I was you know kind of lean towards you see them -- Lucas. The coach and done. Alyssa and He just live in now okay. Who they'll split. In Allentown and Arlen that sounds so Holmes who stood out was -- Make it at all influenced so kind of like it that again Gonzalez's like OK maybe my doubts and do you -- -- -- Key -- key I don't. I'm actually understand what got you know I don't know god is I'll understand that -- -- it would be silly to be season. Feel like that when you -- eagle it's I would always signs. And your brain about I mean -- in the signs. In the something. And you know. He paid dues paid decently at some to be seen Mike -- woodland actually it. Not that they'll wanna sign some. He wants off my dad which was reiterated everything. And -- -- enough talking -- coach Kelly you know he's honest and truthful guy. So I felt real comfortable with them -- second son. And He carries. What was it Pete -- late in the season. -- -- -- We're talking -- late season that's you know that's -- story but He said then once Pete Carroll left you know you're thinking about the schools that were left that wanted you. In Oregon -- out. What is it about -- that stood out is it is -- the offense like you say you mentioned the uniforms you know they have a lot of things that they've done really well and in getting kids like you up here. Well what was it about them that stood out to you most. It was a uniform. It was seen. Really like the BC classless -- back -- -- mile Odyssey and you know jerseys pants that was. Really I'm really looking towards Dominic him because I really want to you know just really it's ended at what point. And manages I'll she lost every taco homeowners say they've got a once you do bring home degree this completely. Out of long life. You know I've really felt like my academic standpoint it is really need a license. And that's all I really wanted to move from not that different -- -- -- -- One and being in position to take Cameron -- and -- fan -- You really Niemi from talking to you lasting you do. I mean almost sound like a completely different individual there's just stay maybe a connoisseur of -- -- seen a lot more at peace than when we talked to you last year. I'll math on it may want things in my mind no I didn't know how to handle it and basically just. It's -- and on changes. Three mob violence actually in my bottom and understand in a whole lot more. And talked to my past that is so like those. Are still more. I just feel more like comfortable now for more humble little more appreciative muscle more understanding I just. -- so I have to be here in a universal -- because you know could -- anybody else you know. Now a lot of people have the opportunity to pick is with the Eagles could probably pay for their schools not just. Humbly honored I had the opportunity to be here and play football team do you recognize -- know as a person and I never I never take -- in every. Oregon Ducks running back late -- on the ducks' opening camp today. It was a great chat thanks a lot like. Thank you currently -- seeming to let the -- doubtless.