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Phil Steele, Author

Jul 14, 2011|

Phil Steele, author of Phil Steele's College Football Preview magazine joined the show to talk PAC-12 football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Join us right now on the digital communications hotline is a man that really needs no introduction if you are a fan of college football but I'll give him one anyways I think he is magazine every year is the Bible. Up -- to -- previews and really to me signifies. The start of the college football season it's called the book the experts cannot do without. It is Phil steele's college football 2011 preview in joining us now is Phil Steele Phil thanks for taking a couple minutes force. They -- real pleasure jumped up. How you determine what goes in in what goes out. Of the book as it's it's almost 300 pages long and you know after abbreviate everything just to make it. In the magazine form if you actually spell everything out how big would this thing be. -- -- the spelling out its the whole thought process when I worry that team that you were each a 120 teams myself. It generally comes up about a page and a half of taxes even going over the starting lineup that I have to go back Gammons say. Our rates have a lot of good thought in the air which ones in my gonna have to pull out which ones -- we abbreviate. I think the abbreviation alone will put it to about a page and I have -- via an eight. But just the overall thoughts that I have to pull out every year just to make it fit about a page in half by and every -- at the start of each year. The windy used to -- with the restart the process of cracking in this thing. What in August after 20/20 five people work for -- including conference coordinators and what they do. During the course of the season they underline every article you know the important things out of every article written about every team -- course here we -- it -- report for me. That's anywhere from a hundred to 200 pages long he gives me it day by -- description of each team. I read through that spent about five hours and each team beginning December 1 all the way through the start of march and that once spring hits. I go through it see everything that Everett and so far adjusted according to what happened in the spring and -- -- delivers in the spring game as final. And we probably get the process of December the first all the way through the middle of may. Lot of hundred hour work weeks and there and then actually during the season. Don't or were cannabis college football like at twelve TV's in front of me -- watch an all day long. I go to the play by play of every single game on Monday and Tuesday just refreshing of my head. And then as mentioned were underlining all the important information from every newspapers written about each team across the country. It says it's a phenomenal what a piece of work and we'll see have a couple copies to give away after this interview if you -- -- your hands on -- then newsstands right now I would highly recommend picking it up the few aria a college football fanatic or you wanna -- -- get caught up on everything it's gonna come up when the the 2011 season before getting into. And kind of be x.s and knows it and who you like who you don't. This year I ask you about this Georgia Tech thing and the NCAA. I think coming down fairly hard and using the excuse of. You weren't forthcoming or yeah it yet kinda try pointed to slights and stuff passed as it seems like this. Is may be -- a line in the sand that the NCAA is -- you'd get the sense that the the NCAA is tired of schools may be skirting the issue and trying to cover things up and we are gonna see them get. -- may be a little more harsh. On teams that -- necessarily forthcoming. Yeah I do think that's indeed the case then you know look at the what'd -- -- first -- Jim Tressel paid account is making close to four million dollars a year at a contract that was gonna go on for another 45 years at a minimum. And that he's out all that these out of a job he's not going to be making that type of money. A very superior penalty for Jim Tressel I think -- -- weakened a lot of people it's a good move by the NCAA it's as you know what we don't Carrick infraction has. Just don't miss lead -- I think what we're gonna see is a lot of the teams. Get a lot tougher self policing themselves making sure that all the I's are dotted t.s are crossed I think in the long run it's going to be good for college football. Obviously you -- up here we're looking at the university -- organ that investigation. And how this distraction is gonna affect them on the field. This is that something that you look at when you're doing these prognostications in looking at these teams is what kind of distractions they happen. Has that change your opinion of what's going on with organ. Yeah you have to look at every single thing that goes out what the football team but generally. The off field distractions are probably the least. Important factor that goes in in my forecast of a team now. If organist slapped with some suspensions and I used North Carolina as an example. Up from last year when I wrote the magazine I -- North Carolina retired every else. I talked NFL scouts I knew North Carolina had the best defense team in the country last year. Bowl and at least two all American defense alignment. The -- this for this season and lose the entire secondary. Per sixteen and they you know they were slowly re acclimated -- in the second half of the year. Their defense wasn't as dominating North Carolina finished lower than I expected. If there's actual suspensions on the field or in USC's case. Where there was a ball probation which I -- took a little light under the program last year. Those things will affected more than the offseason -- if they think. The off the field stuff sometimes on -- team together they give us vs them mentality and come out have a better season than expected so. We're gonna have to see if there's any suspensions all corporation it that if not. I think the ducks may come out of this even stronger. You know look at -- your pre season top forty hearing you got -- in sitting there at number four. Now with only 111 returning starters bunch of offensive line holes why do you feel organ is still get a rise to the top. We know you look at the offensive line and a couple of years ago that lost a good portion of their office supply -- yet still produced. On the field they had an excellent yards per carry and as well as a -- modest tax. So article and see them get over the loss of three offense allotment especially when he got players like Derrick Thomas a quarterback by and the really depressed. Set of running backs in the country it's not just -- Michael James. There's players like guess -- strong in the Anthony top since they just loaded in the backfield with quality players you can get out barter. It's it's a great speedy backfield I actually -- offense like number thirteen in the country covenant. And it got outstanding secondary summon -- -- the defense and the offense on par with last year squad. Which of course made it to the national title game the other two. Serious tests on the schedule one later in the year at Stanford I think to be able to overcomes effort got much the same situation. Rebuilt offensive line. Lose three starters on the defense -- line. Lose their top two receivers. Yes they have manager -- eclectic -- a better team to show that last year should be able to get asset. The one I'm most concerned with this first national title defense goes hurt. Title giving to the national title game would be dead -- game in the opener L issues got a couple of major advantages first awkward -- -- suspended. Natalie picks were one of the best cover corners organist has also their top return man. LSU just played in this same stadium for their bowl games with a very familiar with it -- is probably gonna have 75% of the -- answer for that game. And then get extra time to prepare for against offense as we saw each of the ball games last two years organ there at seventeen and nineteen points. It's our state Robert two years ago slow a lot of negate against Boise State with every built offense. But you know has mentioned 2009 with every built up -- -- They still averaged five point five yards per carry the LHU game is going to be the that won it tells -- dropped the -- whether or international title contender. The ducks is a lot of guys in the front seven but they bring back three starters in the secondary is the Passat the pac twelve. -- a candlelight not blow of losing so many guys up front for them. What if you don't you follow organ at the play a lot of players on defense so. The guys that -- -- him into the starting units this year have plenty of experience these guys have played out like the talent level of the defense front seven. And I don't think there's going to be a severe drop off can you go back to 20095. Returning starters in 2009. They actually improve their defense stepped -- I think that's because they play a lot of players on that they east second unit. During the game giving them meaningful snaps. That one culpable overcome that Bobby Bowden at Florida State is well Easterbrook in his -- the lines during games and he'd lose four offensive starters. And then not even miss a beat the next year they're probably not gonna be is deep on defense with that offense you probably don't need to be in -- except for one or two games this year. What about their Brothers there instead Oregon State what are you -- for Morgan State on on what people are hoping as they rebound after a disappointing season last year. Well you know Mike Riley has been there two each had ten seasons at Oregon State I would say in the tenth season he helped perform my -- -- at -- ten times. I take a look at the overall talent they have on the field line up against -- schedule. And if I'm projecting seven or eight win team who wins -- always out does what I project last year was not one of those years it was a rare year where he -- But you know -- you'll look what they have a deeper and you might call for them to be lower -- north this year. We don't know about the health and James Rodgers will he be under percent Willie state. -- for the entire season obvious tight end or some health problems. What I liked about Oregon State this year which perform better when it got the second you're starting quarterback. I thought Ryan -- played better than I would expect that last year now he's got a year of experience or state usually has a better teams in that situation. Last year defense her injuries hurt them a little bit the defense I think is even with just four starters back. Should be adequate enough I've got them on my most improved list this year sure the respect I have for Mike rally the fact it. You know the sum of the parts is that it is that some is actually more than the that parts themselves and I think Oregon State gets back to a bowl game this year. Any other contenders from up north and then how do you see the south of the pac twelve shaking out who ultimately gets the BCS berth out of this conference. Well I think they actually Stanford's main contender in the north this year -- -- quarterback they're going to be pre season top ten at the beginning of the year. I've finished number afford a country last year and have eleven returning starters -- -- the ducks have back. They also get -- immigrants organ at home so I think Stamford. Will be a contender I do think the ducks get past that I also think Stanford drops the game. He had USC and that's why I've got to work at winning the -- and I don't really have too many question marks in that respect a lot of the south this year. You know USC is a tough schedule. They trouble Stanford handle working out of the north release they get Stanford at home. Just have to play Arizona State on the road errors at USC last year sort of taken aback by their probation. Now they still can't go global but they still win the tech twelve shots I think even if they have a pac twelve blocks you'll still still don't see them playing hard. One of fourteen teams in the country to rank my top units in seven of the eight position categories -- call for USC to win the pac twelve south. But naturally they can't play in the title game for the title game -- in Arizona State this year I got to doctor. Coach -- last year. And it's who went -- -- -- message you know this is a rebuilding year this year but look out next year I just hope he's around Albert projected forced four wins -- a state 45 went. They actually over cheat -- that could've done more harm that went into Wisconsin. -- missed extra point from tying that game they out gained -- last year by over 200 yards a talented team with the top notch top twenty defense. As long as ops while hasn't -- the year everybody expects. I think Arizona State's going to be a good good team in the south -- out of finishing second in the south but playing in the title game. And that I really like with the tech twelve did. Which giving the title game to dubbed team with the best record I think it does two things one it is a reward for the team that goes through this season with the best record. And two it helps -- before it would after the big twelve. Was it three of their first six years in the championship game they have a team that would've played the national title game -- got upset the big twelve title game. And they were out of -- team playing in the title game I think it it almost cement the fact that organ. If they have a chance planned national title game would get there by hosting that game in the pac twelve title game. I think everybody's is sitting in just waiting for UCLA to do something if not anything. They've had good recruiting car classes down there is this gonna be year they start turning that corner. Well you know on number one coaches about -- -- -- neuheisel has got to got to win this year he's got to produce but. I think he has a chance you look at last year they did that get good quarterback play earlier part of it was Vick impressed -- practice with the team. He we get a couple reps on Friday come out -- out Sergei Denny get injured. Howell and bring help came man any got injured -- can't really dole. Cute quarterback played that was -- -- -- last year that really struggled nine touchdown passes thirteen interceptions. They've got to get better quarterback play out like Jonathan -- exact they've got quality receivers that defense. Should be much improved over last year's 440 yards per game that they allowed. When you're looking usually schedule it's not easy -- that the 28 office in the country but they also make my most improved list this year my most improved list. Six teams had losing records last year. And does this team will be bowl eligible this year and it happened seventy to 75% of the time. Those teams make it's a lot I -- the Bruins will be eligible for the postseason and get themselves to a bowl -- a project him go to the Sun Bowl Clemens -- Florida this year. I talked to you all day I love the fact -- were getting into this college policies and right around the corner -- teaching these -- cut you loose. Look into the crystal ball too big predictions I know it's far too early but organ LSU gimme pick on the game. And then who ultimately do you see maybe even three or four teams that you think are going to be in the hot when it's all said and done national championship. Well work NL issue but I probably was dead economic game part of the cliff -- suspension. Now with the -- suspension they -- I must I do put a lot of weight in special teams as well. I think losing they have blues in that this group quarterback the extra time repair. About coffer relish Utica volatile one or two point win -- just a lot of advantages in that game but. You know hit it really is anybody's game is that ducks could easily won that now a couple of teams to look at naturally. I think when BJP comes out number one has can be Oklahoma number twos and B Alabama. That three other teams and I think have a legitimate shot or two other teams that have a legitimate charity giving Barrett it. Probably got a lot of folks are talking about one will be in the top ten that Boise State. When you look at Boise State last year they were pretty much the flavor of the month when it came did not make -- teams everybody at Boise is. You know this team could get to. National championship game this year. I actually haven't the second best that he cute team about their behind TCU. And for the sixth straight year by -- cute top team. Delivered and not finish hired everybody else I think a lot of people jumped off the Boise and why it because they were so I am Boise last year and a lot -- one game. But if you look at Boise this year the only question mark is at wide receiver and lose your cap to right receivers -- the NFL. They get seven starters back and -- at seven starters back on offense. Kellen -- -- -- there about ten years now and you know last year he led the nation in pass efficiency. They get all the tough games on the blue turf. Really the key to their season is Georgia and if they can knock off Georgia in Atlanta. At the start of the year I think Georgia's got the chance to run on the table in the SEC east. Because it on to play Alabama LSU Arkansas. And if that happens you get Georgia in the SEC title game yep Boise with the unbeaten record with a win over the SEC title game. And the one of two lone unbeaten out there I think Boise State would actually have a shot again and the national title game this year. So don't go to sleep on the Broncos because he disappointed last season any other team to really talk about nationally with a team that maybe Fisher's Auburn. It's Virginia attack. Now last year when you look about magazine is on the power pole at Auburn number 21 but in. In the forecasters at Auburn QB eleven at all when they face Alabama. Because of the schedule and the fact that the talent as well. And that was the case they got to eleven and -- knocked off Alabama and ended up winning in this national title when you look at Virginia Tech. -- -- twelve returning starters from a team that finished just eleven and three last year bought. I like the defense bud foster's defense always finishes in the top ten whether they have 45 starters returning. Last year they only took three -- blog entries that -- that's -- front seven. Have an off year for bud Foster they'll be back in the top ten nature five returning starters on DL like they. The experience in the defense of front seven and offensively. Got a quarterback and Logan Thomas and 66 to 45. And I think he's gonna have himself a fine season Daniel looked at this schedule all six road games this year against teams and had losing records last year. Toughest road game is that Georgia -- They have a -- the week before playing Georgia Tech which always helps when your particular team to run the option. Tough mystery games of the season -- Clemson Miami of Florida North Carolina. All three of those teams have to travel to Blacksburg where they of one of the best home field edges in the country. -- -- and the schedule up and down is not a single team is going to be the AP -- twentieth start the year and number 83 schedule on the season I think Virginia Tech. As a shot to run the table and beat -- opera. He still still check it out Phil steele's college football preview 2011 on newsstands now be Bible a pre season magazines -- we appreciate taken a couple of minutes force. Hey thanks a lot for me outside and don't forget to check out Phil -- back out that ST EE LE eight that capped. Loaded with football information then now what am I could talk typical quality guys tonight. Love Phil thanks thanks.