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Will Lyles, Complete Scouting Services

Jul 5, 2011|

The man at the center of the Ducks Football recruiting scandal, Will Lyles answers Isaac and Suke's questions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What allows joins us on the digital communications smarter player talent first -- like to thank you for coming on the show. You. Recalled from. -- opinion he's now. It is is it my understanding that you told the NCAA one thing when you met with him and now -- -- -- now that. Now you are saying another in my right about that and if so why have you changed her story. My eight years up until the NCAA. I answer the questions that they ask me and a lot of questions that we got actually that they didn't sell a lot of it -- -- -- -- down. Did you feel like you were maybe protecting the university of Morgan and now you're not willing to do it. Well so it's going to pick yeah. I feel like Bears get what percent of world peace and they'll. I wouldn't be honest about the questions -- about the way -- to the questions but. A bit you know in England topic Pete would you Q -- you want -- them and they can't. And in a little more different than than what they normally you got me. You just change it up and -- LA. It was that bad -- what it really was and it really -- debt and you know. You well you but you're saying you did an example of how you did that with the NCAA. While he had to let anything that I spoke with the NCAA. Duplicate that we're about -- -- up. Well he sugarcoat it is basically what you're saying. -- or are you. But it was that don't look at there wasn't a -- it was -- don't feel mature but it was just great. I understand our our -- You hurt. By the -- the way you've been treated by the university of organ and maybe that's now why you're you're coming out and maybe be a little more forthcoming with the information. Well I wouldn't say just because I feel like -- hurt I'm I'm sure by the University of Oregon not feel this more out. I have to I have to project. Might many army. Are up and I'll argue or literally could. And -- waited it was portrayed. After that document -- Andino made it looked really pollution and that didn't. I didn't like the way it's dealt because that's not that got the body work at that diet. -- -- -- -- -- The year you're concerned about your your name did did you feel like maybe that this thing got away from yet it may be you got. In over your head and in this whole mess. You know. I wouldn't trade that yes it export that appeared without being -- and understanding. How to operate that he would -- operating. Is it time it was my great great year you do. Lee Higgins or iron China BNP is of course -- -- -- and seeing. -- get a -- -- be a -- by virtue of old to be related -- So that was that was pretty loud -- he would he did and that's why I feel that the old war overstepped the I was. Do what it different I did not properly organization outdoor note these -- it'll be okay. Because I've not -- paid by -- Irish. So you know it just it just the way to handle it essentially did understated epic grasp of the rules. So you could do you -- right away. But you knew that I mean you knew. That everything you're doing was against the NCAA rules. Now at least they didn't meet I don't get your grace -- -- -- if that's what it's not a black wife and I. I didn't know exactly what a lot of breaking their talent that he was being done. But looking Beckett and yet seen -- that there -- bylaw that I had never seen before. -- -- okay what you. Thought that was the case it breaks. But it willow. Yet got it will Lyle's as our guest here on 1080 stand now were also live on Comcast sports net from Eugene to Seattle. So when he was there when when when you said that chip Kelly asks you to send you and to send him anything Dick sort of covered this up. Was there any collaboration between you and the ducks -- UN chip Kelly on your story both for you felt you needed to come back out and tell your side of the story. Know -- work the last possible within look look coach Kelly will get to a twelve to eight. And I've -- forty bills -- collection of what we're trying to do here you know yes because what if you could get that information. So I gave -- the information that was pretty much it and that was that -- -- well we've -- Okay so from your. Point of view this simply is I can ask it why did or again page will Lyle's 25000. Dollars. Yeah until Derrick -- was paid for the service well what I it is certainly provide all the information I spoke with feel so much it was. If you look at -- -- -- -- -- -- in the dark then -- I mean -- can't -- -- that -- -- -- wouldn't -- out there and it was I felt there's a lot of it would then verbally they just weren't done formal written form to -- -- give out and do that. Because all told there was no introduction here show. Them what I felt like everything would -- or every -- with good. Five. Come to find out at idiot would ask for the information it wouldn't want it done properly cells. Okay but. Okay so why then or again and how many other clients did you have a what did they pay you re doing this is a lot different schools. I mean -- -- for a market that it required that they do calculation or orgy. And out of work people get a lot of other -- -- mean. I work a lot different look at basically now provide that was deprivation patient how to solve what I -- do with Barrera looks service go. So predictable what -- work. In this is basically nuked your reputation I mean you. You -- your service is basically dead. Yeah he'll do it at this point on me quick look at everything. And how would god. Bit harsh street agent being used -- credentials -- they execute very popular that it it it. Extremely hard to come back. And how would you respond to people then that are gonna say that you have an axe to grind and that you're just doing this because your bidder and that says you you've been ruined by this. You know aren't usually. The other quick outlet in this it'll worry. I told them I haven't -- -- because others what it's about day that you that the vehicle looked him up in the -- okay. Did you do like -- What is the best thing to do three and my thing was born again. I don't feel like I don't dislike. Her bit beard. Yeah a lot of people and -- We are on the situation where. They don't like the exit -- -- but our government and LB is just kind of rolled me about waist side and it is what it right away about that I have actually grabbed it -- you'll see it -- at -- Now you said you weren't at the time necessarily media where -- the the byline but clearly -- should have been rules were broken if if the onus is gonna fall -- someone should it fall on organ and was there ever a time when organ. Let it be known that this stuff needs to be quiet that you can't be public about it -- at least it needs to be done in any certain maybe yum. -- behind the scenes type of manner what you guys were doing. You know -- Didn't seem that way I didn't feel that it was elated it would -- that need to be about our speed because that's how we've been it to me every. I I spoke with double life. And I know you know court you know -- excess all of baseball representing the better they decided feel that it was something that you could see it. I went to school you know we're built and I don't feel that -- -- some notion. When when the Yahoo! stuff was getting ready to break though and and there are some communication back to fourth and all of a sudden you know -- -- heard anything he had needed to providing being written and all sudden. Oregon want something anything you give these old profiles at that point. Didn't register in your mind they're trying to cover their ass they're trying to cover something up. I don't it was something being covered up I didn't know exactly what it was. And how does provide information -- I'd be able. Look at what allows is our guest. Cal page you SEC get three clients from what I understand -- 85 grand LSU gave you 6500 and Oregon KG 25000. Dollars. What was the difference between what you why organ paid so much in the other two schools did not. Well -- it would actually the first crack -- equal pay 84. Just give good information out of what the information on cute in the state of Texas. LSU -- -- junior -- deprivations from. From California. And brought it to it or he would. And -- got a national charity but. That game about it when they get a guy in the -- that was field. From -- that it to build from different parts of the country. There with a pilot its -- it but you know. As far as the academic and everything to their computer system so they can't really differentiate. What -- -- here. Glad I felt bad. They felt they were getting good service can be because. It's been a lot of talking to -- so that -- felt that they were what they want to part is a larger package to -- out. But try to heal broken bat. You being paid by -- org NUEUR. And then -- not allowed to. Steer kids or influence kids going to the university of Morgan what role did you play. In and specifically. Lacey struck and the Michael James what role did you paid. As they pay or play as a paid employee of the university of -- in getting those two young men to come to to go to work. Well I didn't give him shouldn't go to university of -- -- -- the University of Oregon girl. They had other opportunity to have other schools best as a whole if they so they don't. I don't she'll -- the way it goes away. Or Italy Theres a certain direction about in low wage. It and -- provides opportunity it's not a bad they usually go -- you need to go to this school. Because I don't let -- go back on the what you did say what you told me to go to school and it didn't work with here well. That's not how I. But okay but EC the confusion and well allows our gestured to confusion is when you say I see what you're saying but influence. Many people are saying influence is the same thing -- steer because the only school that had you on the books to -- pain you. Was or again so if if Auburn is -- -- 25 -- at the same information and somebody else is paying it would affect -- at the same information and then. Lake or whoever chooses between those three that's a different story but organ was the only -- you had. No LSU and -- are also. Right there are you look at our -- itemize. That's what I'm saying is that organ was the only client that you had their -- that those kids ended up that -- how can you have not influenced them. To go to Oregon that's the question that people are. He's got other end because I didn't kill them to go orchid yet again I fear that you go to a school I've ever seen -- late. Eagle or. You can order that would never say they're old school that they want to go through. Who could easily went to TCU or minute so. This decision he told the Cold -- -- the score that he lied about. And then -- just provide -- with information that makes it easier for them to recruit these kids is that kind of how it works. Basically what what went late. They got information on the big city life and things of that -- -- Michael Vick got that feel they love that they offered him. He's got to build the best RPI compared to treat you have been so. Yeah and -- I mean that's that's an easy one mean between the three schools -- in clear that they club Michael's has -- different vs lake because brown was more high profile than the other. -- -- and the -- situation could be completely honest with you are probably going to US. I thought that we were going to school but -- they are people league Hewitt being Pete Carroll left. It was left to figure out what we wanted to go. If the -- -- that they are so -- eagle or get what we would do what we go through issue about the district court not always double you know. Put it on paper. And gave -- a -- system or how you want to rate these school. -- -- -- I hope they would hate to think about truck that he could think about what you want to do what they are all the big did accomplish. Go to a university it was about field. I mean KGB to go to this school I would get a big out there and you -- and you could all -- that they -- about what he wanted to do for myself. Did it in your opinion did the university of Borg in knowingly. Break NCAA rules indeed in the weight do you. -- or anyone else that you know love and in this in the recruitment out of the athletes in question here. You know I can't speak on what they know because via compliance department if you killed them if they're waiting golden -- So bad if I can't speak on I don't know for sure they -- They I would assume they do because they do that the fire department tickets element people -- So they'll be an assumption but I don't know which I can't beat. Why did Texas. I guess rat you out. It particularly out. -- don't need it or like that that's not gonna tell. You is that. I'll go so yeah okay. I I won't get ready yeah it. Glad. I -- -- we we are strained relationship. Looking yet some of the ball there. -- a -- -- on 86 2008. I PG. I know -- expected their fan base has bigger affinity toward these. I can't speak or -- one. Don't watch the court or something similar in May indeed I. In the article done about a year at. We'll get him -- vehicle was quoted at -- he's -- -- -- like it out street agent. And without the bag got outlook with Ricky it. -- of the children that that he had innate feel about the also because you eat that temple coach quoted saying this to a major like (%expletive) about me. So upbeat I'm sure they won't know yet to be too much. But do you think that they're the ones that called Yahoo! and said hey look into this. On on organs part. You know. I don't know for sure is -- -- -- because I don't know I don't have -- prove this state that are you speak it stated they -- they get. Why would -- Texas sane and assistant coach save that you. Attempted to shop Patrick Peterson for 80000 dollars. You know what are I don't know why you say that. I thought it was ridiculous because that to happen again if you if you luck would look at it it was very cooperated and it. It was never had a -- -- because. It would stayed in the article bad he never -- coach you never thought I felt so the NCAA. So he's seen that is the conversation week okay. He didn't tell anybody that doesn't make it marked the second thing is. Bad. She still continued to deal near recruiting after their so loud you deal with someone to -- the 80000 -- from you. And you still deal with the good recruiting even have it it doesn't make sense that it shuttle. Others felt like it was it was a blatant lie. And there were built -- of the -- actually behind it I don't know exactly what they. Well in the united to be on -- CE at this point you're kind of an easy target and if you if you look at. Yeah it's secondary to get it it is. It's very easy at that say okay well this guy as the reason that we. Getting beef here or this guy has the -- of their -- getting political will be audacious for us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How how dirty recruiting I mean this this was your business throughout a very good I just how filthy is it at every major program. I feel that if it is a lot of if this isn't very -- that's -- I really believe that. A lot of things don't want -- -- -- the -- that I've been in this did this for eight years it. Out her blood CY. And if it's it's it's a very very Perry -- Do you schools indirectly pay for. -- You know I hear. I don't I I speak what they dished out and exactly sure. Is is it worse to -- does it mean you can add your words said that they paid for hurt -- -- relationship is it. And any differ pain for a relationship that you may think bring your kids as opposed to just flat out -- for a kid. Well Lee yeah. And if the differences Kane court here is. And be completely yet -- -- -- -- -- Paying for information. Or yeah access. Is more great you're getting -- -- -- -- a key which is that black. Now you -- you have been I've been told by many people that close do you you keep everything you have documentation and it really does go a long way to backing up your story I find you extremely credible more so in the university of organ and all this. Do you have more information on organ and other schools. You know I -- information organize it well -- wars. And dead date they they got everything they reported. And as far as other schools. You know I I I don't like the information award or different different entity play. -- job adopt but it will to discuss it on at all. Now what about she's about to Jordan's -- the ducks got noticed it. -- -- they're -- thing was was basically what happened to. -- this boy -- would -- -- it is better beer Briere appears you've. And they -- the oldest boy heatley never -- appeared sort. Yeah. -- So yeah if if the display case where it appeared -- get it and he actually did that go see it but if not if not a bit different and it didn't see it now. Okay you're you're saying that at no time to you know of that or in game any sort of extra benefits or any. Anything like that to any of the kids that you were dealing with. Now. -- until my got nobody -- All right well 820 minutes good set our listeners I'm sure really appreciate hearing from you. So thank you for coming. No you know it was still the Leslie -- yeah. Are your children your Daschle earlier. You got it yet or -- so excited it. It'd be it'd be -- throughout well well thank you very much. -- --