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Charles Robinson, Yahoo Sports

Jul 1, 2011|

He originally broke the story on Will Lyles and Oregon Football, now he joins Primetime following his five hour interview with Lyles on the record regarding the 25,000 dollars the Ducks paid him for his services.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the -- kind of responsible for all this stuff coming out Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports has been on the things that the very beginning and it's broken much of what we know about the story. Charles thanks to take a couple of minutes witness. -- -- Public amenable to balance board. -- I hope not -- a lot of places where a regular. Throw off the location on your Twitter you know because people were start -- route where you're in the had a -- out of our part of the country. Yeah he had gotten the point where I can't really. Talk to a lot of people always go underwater and -- not among. I don't like people pay attention now I don't you know I'm not ice and I attributed speaking. Could that it was a very -- articles and almost eleven pages long. And the part that surprised me was is that you got it on record what a five hours sit down with a lot else why now. Well I think it was a number of things you know first off what many things that -- happen overnight and I mean it was a long process of talking to will and you know essentially waiting for will have to decide when he would get you know he is someone out. You know I don't think that it was anything he took lightly and Ellis -- hours over here over actually gave. You know art -- really on the record. And you know there are a lot of talk that occur off the record but. And again it's something that -- I think will kind of start to feel at this point after all the piling on it happened from media certain you know sources and then. The documents released by Oregon I think he kind of felt like you know I'm still here and there's no context that it. And I'm tired of that and I wanna step out provide -- Now and -- the outlining of what you guys put out in this article it's pretty Danny gets the university Morgan. That they -- just dealing in that gray area is pretty black and white and across over in that dark side. He is seems like it will houses the guy who has nothing to lose it is that -- Why we should take it and as a credible sources from well -- because. Everything that we hear it it hasn't been good about him. Well I don't think there's any doubt it it doesn't hurt to lose and -- at this point this scattering services. Because that if that I'm no longer going to be able to do any work in the realm of college football you still running. Some work out or innocence and high school kids. In the Houston area but Bronson purposes you know he's pretty. When it wouldn't you know. -- anybody in the major you know college football -- now. I think -- The reason worry is why I thought it was accurate at no point did well I'll ever day. You know I didn't do anything wrong I think the tactics he was willing to it looks like I partner actually you don't eat -- Connection on the rules that are actually you know really thought about. Is this violating NCAA rules more than I thought is this just law and it will allow my. What do you think he kept saying look. You know I did some things with what Michael James to help and it's organ. Pick Geithner organ at great career academic all American what's wrong. Strong he felt -- -- -- want to go organ. -- apart in the process that. And will luck out mine he says what's wrong that well you know it comes to the NCAA just because he elected mean morally wrong. Doesn't mean it's necessarily correct the -- of the NCAA and TV the advantage it will while also providing or at least he is providing organ. Think you seem like you know quite a bit about the NCAA rules any kind of how it applies this recruiting. With what he did it help of Michael Janes get to -- will -- any of that be considered in major violation. -- -- -- -- -- goes on. You know they can look at and if they really want to push it and make -- and say well you've stepped in and you always the family. On how to essentially helped you know Michael James. Calm and sure it was eligible and into graduate and and up. You know going and playing college football George and Tom. I think they could say they want -- point that he -- Some sort of should benefit that you provided now. You know if you look at accomplished track record. I people who are facts to believe it really hurt true excuse me. I think it's really are such that they would go after that. You know Michael changed considering their track record of -- -- but they won't. You know let Blake sometimes losses classifications sometimes tell flakes -- strong. In the -- thousand dollars. You know that get this actual learning center. Classes she's able to see because it will allow factions. Collect a little more clear the -- -- more clear cut because there's a dollar about the -- actually. It's not just this -- You know services provided okay. But again I think that's another thing it. You know I don't watch how he NCAA classified because like how big that 4000 dollars it was the father another recruit who will how -- it looked. He was just tournament good things -- like -- and nobody in nobody. You wanted to hopefully. Again I think that I think that the NCAA were concerned the players. -- step back and say okay you know this what that is certainly something that allows you got the pocket at the players. In terms of the better. You know let's get the sense that this is this gonna come down to how the NCAA wants to. Interpret all this because it would you agree at this point is it's it's impossible unless you are. Just you have your head buried in the -- to believe that organ acted on the up enough that they thought they were doing everything correct. They're popular in its typical. Here I can tell you from spending a lot of time going through and -- cases. It's difficult to determine once someone says. I would paid for this service or school and we paid him for the service and someone at a later date says. Actually. My perception is that I would hate for my influence that was paid for something up to become the section that kind of situation. I think the one thing or it and that could potentially be problematic. And again you know I I don't want to ever say how they NCAA rule they think there's no transparency and you know it's it's difficult always how how they're going to. -- -- certain issues sitting will -- out thing I would never ask for anything written for eleven -- and it wasn't trail. Eleven months mark and into February when you know chip Kelly and the other organized effort just pitching change means that. We don't have written materials would you after the 2011 class authority sign. I think the NCAA you know the question becomes is that. -- cover up words that were -- seeking. Cereals to show that you know paying these verbal things he was saying to -- -- all about prospects we just want to add some people work on that. All gonna come down -- ultimately how that. How interviews go NCAA investigators and obviously you know shall support. Yeah I just I find it hard story to swallow it. If you will love since you. I'll come up with a figure and it and it and I'll give that -- you're just gonna go ahead and prove that that's what he's particularly into Kelly told you just come up with a with a figure. He came up with 25000. AC okay. And then all you've got world was. Some some phone calls about some kids it just look at the stories. And one scenes. Ludicrous and the other one regardless of what you think of will -- It seems a lot more credible than the story that they organized trying to sell. Well it. Actually he used to live out now it's there when you talk to him he maintains hey you know I really did think it -- my service worked well. Because you know I really did believe that went on and on top of the coaches. We look -- it on record he did have a lot of contact multiple. Coaching cap. I think it is plausible. That he was talking to a lot of numbers -- coaching staff about. -- -- that potentially out there to recruit. On the -- also that -- pieces that we could beat you sit out. Video board which is extremely. Small and you considered the -- is it typically gets sent by other scouting services in terms of video cut up. And the amount of money that goes -- 25000 dollars. Typically there would be hard video are a lot of pretty much just he really does not fall into that category but I think what's -- years that will allow. When he talked he -- you know the proper I thought I was human you know a good job I really thought it was worth the money exit the -- things kind of shook out. The next step back and it looked at it. But yet you know what may -- out what we're doing a good job at all and they were just blown smoke you know up right rear. You know make me feel like has been a good job and maybe actually thought out policy I think they were trying to buy my influence its. To be pretty big change for him to you know just that I don't think that they'll. You know particularly neat year you look at the whole situation I mean he's -- guy who benefited mentally. Do you think there's more to this story beating Oregon resident -- investigation how does this all shake out in any. Some kind of timeframe and European. -- attracted timeframe on it because again you know that you nebulous thing it's I get your arms around. Proving once Scott and other then -- it really felt. You know it was gonna be getting the good -- it was seeking for 25000 dollars and you know or that will -- else you know in -- a look back and says OK likely influential part. In the recruitment out of a few guys who ended up in Oregon got guys who visited. And that's without getting paid for it. From that and it's difficult victorious -- typical and that did you know typically why NCAA investigations will drag on for a long period of time. I'm down. You know something specific and certain I'm 100 other -- that could happen here so I. Think when you talk about the 2011 even. It lacks the NCAA field at -- -- Strom world changed received some kind of impermissible benefit which. You know at this stage I can -- at all that that that the -- It -- they decide that I don't know that the suspects the 2011 year bought that this is on the future right now. You know through through the 2011 season and beyond before the at double an extra ruling. Will set a lot of kids do a lot of other schools do you think that organ is the only one with this same relationship. I can create that. In terms of this story we -- we felt we were comparable in what whistles. And work. What beat document backed up and you know certain confidence that was provided. And he's been a lot of talk about other schools will log dot com don't talk about what we are going to work. But I can say that you know we went with what we outweighs most acrobatic documentation that there will -- -- and you know -- -- -- -- I don't think there's any doubt that will -- -- relationship. Every other school. That he ever was involved. -- -- wont wanna -- happened everyone looked very closely fit that the schools that weren't ball well. Charles are you can read his stuff on Yahoo! Sports including this new piece that he just put out about the relationship will miles -- university your mortgage Charles really good stuff -- take the government force. -- -- -- -- -- -- --