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Kyle DeVan, Colts OL

Jun 14, 2011|

While he waits for the NFL and Players to get a new CBA done, he is in Oregon working out and helping out the NW Autism Foundation in their upcoming charity golf tournament.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to the digital communications smarter play Holland -- guy who plates of college football played Oregon State is now at the Indianapolis Colts great story behind offensive lineman Kyle the -- and by the way if you want you -- jumped on that topic should get cliff -- be suspended what do you think about the situation you Collison to fight go to any -- 66358. To me. Kyle did talk -- howry but. You're pretty giddy every set up camp here in the here in the area while the -- that's going on. You know are actually out on Indiana for about nine weeks and then I've -- -- -- -- last there was make. A trip out to California where I'm rob and battle in Oregon where our -- spent many years so. Dole or -- we put a good amount of time and an Indy -- China all the art and I need to go see my fairway and then get cease some. Good friend or anything but throughout the same I'm still train in the Bartlett to come back or in state where they're so. So let me get to work with a great job like coach like Mike -- And -- talking just a second about why you're coming back a part of the reason why he had this since this this let me golf classic you can be involved -- but ask about cliff Harris were talking about him -- if you don't know this deal use speeding -- 180 miles an -- going down -- five. 4:30 in the morning suspended license and of course organ -- cornerback. And I'm. You know. There's some talk to suspending him. But don't kids and you can go back to your -- days it was a rental car any any barred it from somebody else -- don't kids know what they're doing -- when they. We need moral discarding many know that that was wrong you know all college players -- he can't do that. -- -- -- -- Every kid is gonna make. A -- decision or two but the same time they all know Purdue and they note there. You know break any rule but it -- and suitable access or law and -- American. America so. You know I mean I read the story the other and the paper and in a certain amount I mean. If I wish you know how I would've been scared to be threatened afterward and scared -- are so. You know I think that what they are very sound decision on on his part you know he's got a few more. And athletes in America are such great condition -- -- or NFL level. Or or any portrait -- -- and it's a true it would appear you know I think chip Kelly. Get a good quote America it's a privilege to play for. The university organ or or any or any receiver intro and you know he really needs to all of that and and hopefully. You know he can grow as we've all made mistakes and our days and the same time we all hope that we can grow from them so. You know I'm sure there will be a punishment by their. And placed by head coach chip Kelly or by the NCAA and hopefully he realizes. What you did and how messed up and and get back in -- -- integrate player. From what I heard and -- -- -- You even knew as as a collegiate athlete that. You can't borrow a car from the university employee right I mean they they spell these things out you guys can you show up on campus what you can and can't do correct. Yeah yeah lately you know we have. Every year in the the university goes for the athletic department goes over. -- they had put it on what you can and cannot do it and you know and other rules bending by. Everywhere you go -- I mean foreign apartment. You know he's ownership fully I think that I I think one of the old ones that he can take preakness realm. Trot employees or easterly kept more along the kind of all of -- Well looks like we're gonna get hit well. I shouldn't I shouldn't jump begun but it sounds like today's we're getting some significant progress on though labor -- city are you confident at this point are more confident anywhere last week. You know I part -- -- Jeff Saturday who's our. Our union rep for our team -- also sit on the or financial corners and I'd argue that. Last week and they have no two weeks ago when he said it's looking really. And I kind of stayed away from it for a little while because they kind of got. A little. I don't know repetitive questions in the same reports here in the same things but I do know that the that the court wanted to the players and their owners to reach an agreement on their own because no was -- on only one competitor by -- Ruling match coming -- and -- retreat days at least so you know I noble. Both sides are working really hard to breach -- agreement. You know -- both sides. You know got what they wanted in and -- and win win situation. How. How hard can you work on your own -- are you guys are trying to stay in shape but I mean is there a difference between the type of -- he -- just working on your own and doing don't player organized things vs. Going to an NFL offseason program. You know that it that's a great question and it all depends and I go about it I know a lot of got a lot of friends there fellow NFL players -- Went back seat to their university or they went back where they train further com -- controlled Asia and in Indiana we. -- She worked out and -- off and flying you know Saturday and Ryan gamer. Are you key veterans they kind of got airborne organize we all went actually facility in Indiana and there's all of us that weren't there everyday -- injury days we brought in three or four days we can usually editor camaraderie that's that's what it's about it. You know you can train anywhere I truly believe that no matter what sort you have to let. The -- you had and -- the same amount of training where eagle but. Working out your teammate or -- guys or perhaps the guys -- you know battle on Sunday I think that's the -- you get so. It's all of us working together I think at least we fall I think it. Got a great work out this offseason we all -- team. Strength and conditioning schedule. I think that's the biggest thing for us we kept the same schedule we would have been a normal springtime and we -- -- -- -- top line Israel's work all over culture Oliver blitz protections. So we got that Angel rather than go to our locker -- him out. The same atmosphere we're used to we just -- -- simulated. While the -- former or against states lineman is -- this year on the show he's nice starting guard -- -- number 66 for the Colts not tell that story because NL. I see more drafted I'll just reset that you know the Redskins signed -- in. You'd I think maybe played with the Jets the today. But you're being you're actually substitute teacher before going off to arena football which -- -- a year. A starter in the NFL and darn good one so what what happened tell that story had it all play out. You know the past couple years but you know like -- -- I graduated from Morgan State and all you don't have an -- one -- Emerald bowl against Maryland and what -- -- play in the east west shrine game and unfortunately was in track and you know chip it's that NATO is. You know pretty hurt but let at least try me free agent contract to the Redskins in July. Was released and you know got another opportunity with the -- to training camp with the Jets -- all the way through and you know they. I don't look good now. Six weeks later I I got signed by the Jets are spent ten weeks and -- practice squad -- being cut. And basically back in my home now -- what my mom and you know trying to get to that point where I need to make a -- decision whether. And 00 or you know -- you know producer -- and those real world. Being a law house culture Grassley substitute teaching just to make some money just they're trying to adapt to any bills just trying to have our money and you know literally one Bears coach wrestling and I actually president says in my last it's said the American Idol or about double play and I'm not god pianist actually -- I don't know I. I called a screen I have a bunch arena football teams or replace Ormond. Code coats and their coats will be of their 6 o'clock tomorrow evening and packed in my bag and throw to PIO and then -- week but -- he burnt out streak hands and they showed up on Thursday. At two practices I played making in the next week in. And you know fortunate fortunate not. Have the Colts called me and we have for working out you know general -- could work out past the physical and. And that it actually brought me and I can't audience and I knew that perhaps. You know training -- about but I don't go in there to expand and what could not make any. And that week three. On 2009. And are up and trying coached Coleman had a roach and every this year is their right guard. And they've captured five weeks. And eight game against. Parents were trying. We do we rotator first half and the second half -- my coach at the end. And that start the rest of the season have right guard and what role in the Super Bowl and we've got a good start -- order New Orleans Saints. What a great story and it's it's amazing how are you not drafted then I mean I honestly had opinion that's just. It's unbelievable how arbitrary -- or because innocent cute little like my story but with mortality and a better Randy and behind him more -- anymore -- -- you had more shots as they had more talented more determination but again it's -- -- -- those -- the stories like this and it's amazing -- Almost every guy in that situation comes to that crossroads we have to make that decision and luckily for cal he may sound knockdown drag out great for you pay out. Appreciate. How you were gonna see you next Monday the 22. -- -- the 22 I don't believe it is now I'm looking at the run like but you're gonna be in town for the hate you are Abbas and he celebrity golf classic. This is gonna benefit. The northwest autism foundation and need you tonight you know I mean autism affects me who doesn't know somebody's test everywhere at this point right so well why he are you involved in this volatile. You know it it was an opportunity that came some peace through. And good friend of mine that -- organs state. And you know kind of position that I -- and you know it. It's it's it's very special for me to go and sort of foundations in and get to go to their charity events and and get to be all him because. Please -- everyone ever been affected by out -- I'm sure if you are chemistry everyone you have well. Passed the one that either of their family or friend or. A fairly brand and and you know it's an unfortunate. An unfortunate -- -- disease and you know just go out there and helping it allows these two. Really give back to my community I ever believe yet you know Citicorp ballots in Portland are you a lot Meehan and what I can do to -- You don't fortunate here or unfortunate barely raise money for their vacant betters it's. Their light Emeka make their life a little easier you know that's that's what I wanna do. You know -- idea to look all I -- old ball a -- helping so it's opportunity for -- -- -- -- Aaron and you know hopefully we have a great turnout we raise our audience. And -- -- action. In this foundation. Specifically I really like shall be. Sounded like this because a 100% of the proceeds go to the children and they are scrambling you know older a Lotta -- foundation charity events. That you know they have a lot all had a lot of money lost in the circulation back. A 100% goes to children and the talent so it's it's a great opportunity to raise raise money and really help people out. Well hey we'll see out there Kyle thanks for taking the time DiFelice and in tucked just on the show appreciated. I appreciate having our guys figure we'll see -- soon yeah.