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Rob Moseley, Register-Guard Ducks Reporter

Apr 19, 2011|

Just 5 more practices before the Ducks Spring Game, how is the offensive line progressing, and another off field incident. Rob Moseley joins Isaac and Suke with the latest from Eugene.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rob Moseley register guard he covers deductible get into what's going on the spring who's stepping up the wide receiver and all the issues C wanna talk about but first with -- joining us here on the digital communications our plan outlined. So who got in trouble and what they did. Oh definitely ended walk on quarterbacks that. Big news desk and they're mostly because he's he graduated from Saudi you know school -- the monk -- the move -- last couple years school so. You know go to Q&A local kid federal security registered a lecture. Guy who played a couple of games last year but -- Those -- -- -- and to me to practice. It's voted the most significant -- after last year I don't know I'd been pretty called off season off the field for this team. When stark contrast to last understood that it broke they're dished to speak to perfection and partly. Narron yet again as far as we know -- what what he's doing and we did John. Out partying and stats and the cops came to break it up then. He wasn't the most welcoming I was at least. Well -- was a drunken college kid call -- in a -- OK so what does it week for spring football right now romp. Up we have today is the first -- -- about week four. What -- -- that he is so foreign to start there anyway you know player or is it a certain is that units what looks. You know kind of what's the -- your mind. Well you know this have your defense -- -- I think kind of parents that has it jumped -- you look at. Look at -- on the pac twelve and this spring and has taken place already a major scrimmage is that of too complacent a lot of places already. Armed USC. I'll eat saw what she can just this week -- -- defense kind of has -- yeah everywhere and I think that's that's the case he at full -- well. You know they had a lot of questions in their defense of entrapment. 1010. Right now they look pretty good I don't know third stepped linebackers -- it wasn't great last year. But -- a lot of the guys stepped up and linebacker tackle Clinton trucks followed one linebacker spot. You need to had a couple really gets outside -- brisket and just to do a -- combo. Around and listen then yeah it. The elite keep current offensive line they could get should be at least two because they were on the defensive line of another big deeper rotation. Secondary you know three starters back into the field and -- that they put it in their system and some actually really coming along so. A mile deep it really looks like it's it's in good shape right now offensively because of another story. You know they've really look. Didn't like turned trouble at every Pittsburgh. You know -- they don't -- to Davidson. And they they don't look real good test it doesn't help Josh Hopkins missed a week or so two weeks now almost without. We -- injury term about seat to take just -- -- and -- litigation -- out. I hope -- got a got a really good tight end David Paulson. You're so Darren Thomas will -- your attention can Dunbar are going to be therefore it would be on the -- -- And the offense really hasn't had a lot of questions to answer top. That it article lingers in the fall. We have did you say that if you were going to have the a group struggled this spring I would almost rather have a media office contender that it did just a sense that invested the offense will get it together. And the offense is gonna be fine it was the defense that you were a little concerned with going the year. You know I I think. And it and somebody played notes that type but I -- it I think the opposite can get a lot more during the summer to. Proponents seven point seven and and things like that. A defensive secondary can can defense and things like that but it. You know the offense can go to nickel gains in -- -- -- chemistry. -- -- get on the same -- of course this summer and in critical solitary work out and said. An incumbent have fought in nearly 2200 try to think -- you part what you defense. Look at pretty good right now it's tough to begin at that -- chance to recover and so you know you -- days. Showing during luck in this particular -- comes to pick and again. -- the only group that I'm you know -- -- concerned with on the off does that at things this gives you you're not gonna get a lot of time to gel when you start off of those series that offensive line. I think if there is something that that may be a concern going into next year it's how well does that offensive line play. So -- -- attack it and you know speed they would stating that the mix and match a lot of guys and so they're shuffling a lot. And you know you don't know you're talking to him -- of the guy you know you don't Ortiz. Expected you don't get quite. Certain guys and certain spots and other Dillon -- if you could really good about certain -- certain spots interpret extent it another way. You know and until they evacuate to gamely each. You know he's he can be hard with his group to -- where things stand with everybody. Now there's a lot of these items out two guys being in doubt here there. You know make -- places Centre and armed struggle looks like. Kind of big and they're replaced Jordan Holmes. But the Sox -- hard to get a read on unanimous. But LSU -- opening game you know it took place real question mark you know out you know -- Texaco and you -- -- -- -- whoever these into the guesses here. Now Josh us a knee injury how serious is that is seeking to miss miss the spring game. I get -- this point because he's up jacket because I think he played this exhibit. He looks fine immediately -- -- yeah I'd just after the guy who who gets bumps and bruises I think he's one of those guys he's such a -- can actually. But I that I can be. He just picked up. You know to repair a little bit in the -- to force it -- a pretty unique juncture is a lovely city dominating people. But I can look in the east race. Blocks on the ball yesterday any and you try and do so. Personally not to try to put on the Guccione -- on the sidelines next practices so. Yeah are. He's not better and better after I -- you can tell he doesn't need to work just you know leave him out to these fine and I think it really. Which referred to give him a lot of catches can. I'm easily be put a lot different positions and scored I'll keep playing receiver collection knows every and it's out of position you know they're. They're expecting a lot at a little receiver in the -- Anything you'd rather see and yet but the designated you don't keep seriously injured. All right so register guard rob Moseley he's on the ducks beat him rob thanks for checking in appreciate your time. --