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Peter Jacobsen, Professional Golfer

Mar 10, 2011|

Back to announce the latest development with Peter's Party, plus a live report from the Heat-Lakers game...Peter Jacobsen returns to Primetime.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sure now Peter Jacobs and is joining us on the digital communications smarter play hotline and now he's in Miami. Because obviously to row and noble thing world golf him -- and he is joining us are you are you actually pass the heat Lakers game. I'm happy to Laker game halftime. Lead up by 20. And he. I'll look at his scrappy. They look very Lakers looked good wake up and how much size you -- -- and it -- in the game but he got a game Tuesday. But the Blazers beat -- -- playing so well together. When they look good Dinara. You know idea. We we saw you they showed you on television UN Bubba Watson in your blazer jerseys now with those did you go to the game with those of those given to you. Now they gave up. We I get tickets for the Blazers and I ended up getting detectives -- is a great help -- get tickets and they made some Jersey's horse. I expect it -- and I put Andre at Eleanor took a big Laker camp under under leads the tournament today he's like god. -- -- eleven -- -- -- there and blow the siren because of -- darkness so so underrated all changed to a Laker Jersey here. -- they can sit next we will watch my game now do you have your blazer Jersey on again. I looked at home because -- had a couple threat my life and let's hear you Miami Miami should top out at a Miami arena LA or compatible Rose Garden. Rank well in its poor form when you're going to see two teams and you wear at the third Jersey like you see that you go to a Mariners game and it's the Mariners you know vs the Angels yet the guy where the Dodgers hat. I I didn't want what Jameer and help my blazer Jersey on and say you don't know some shape countered two days. Patriots that the well have Peter the Peter's party is now armed club -- challenge at six Annie got a nice big a sponsor to put on that -- on. Yeah I'm real excited about it -- ankle bank you don't wanna Specter's CEO Greg Davis who. It was really involved in a bank was really involved it would it would open tradition when we had a good or criminal and barely been. Red -- and I loved it looked straight at mortgage he does he's huge. Huge proponent of golf and charity in doing the right thing short Indians on him. So we we've joined forces. I'm okay challenges now a lot of well we're gonna be back shortly golf club in August. And I just I can't tell you how excited I know. In the dates the event of the haven't heard re your August 28 to thirtieth and as Peter mentioned is going to be a Portland golf club now in the past he's had names like Arnold Palmer and Fred Couples and Craig Stadler and fuzzy Zeller. I do you have any insight as to it to some of the names that you that you get locked down this year. Yes yes we're gonna start announcing named as they continue to get committed but we well -- it will be there. Our Champions Tour leading money winner John Cook will be there. Trying to figure out who got Arnold and I have a virtual Arnold. RJR going to be there. -- can appeal Dicey because the PGA tour's on the East Coast. And the champions -- on the West Coast so were going to be. It'll be key issue with wind players in and out and all around the place but. As an amateur game tonight but harder to me -- -- bill lost. Jason -- And how they got the game the other night whipped up Bubba Watson and Matt creature. And I asked everybody about it -- look at their schedules and obviously want to East Coast. -- -- back to East Coast is is stopped these guys. They know what we're trying to do such a great thing about tour everybody helps each other. They note that I haven't event and they want to come play or did you come play -- helpless. But the good cause they know that all that outplay them guys go play America so. Actually one big happy family out your you don't tiger and Phil look like they they don't like. Yup they actually do they respect each other we all help each other. Is there any better matchup though really let everyone excited when we heard they -- didn't parted her out. Oh -- unbelievable. Two guys -- I don't care -- two world rankings say go rankings are so cute to be European -- -- a joke you've got to top four players in the world. Bitter bitter Europeans. Struck and tiger are I -- say some crazy like that I can't say -- Westwood in. Try and Luke Donald. But how can you can jump to that I -- lightly on the world ranking so quickly. Tiger and -- the best players in the game hamster bit of players and in in America. The two most charismatic and the two most dynamic so welcome to planet the other trying to but it -- chat at each others it it's just great keeping. Now do you think that it is I mean we know Tigers reworking his swing and I'm not sure exactly what he's retooling but you can maybe tell us how far along years in do you think that Tiger Woods. Having had four knee surgeries in -- he's now 35 he's not as early twenties anymore he thinks he can regain the old Tiger Woods' form. I'd do I do I can beat the experience troops surgery and I think all art but. But tiger has had -- his health problems did you say anybody that plays golf. Trillion. A lot -- that most people think it is because there's so much torque on all your body would you need your shoulders and back. Strong tiger is -- harder -- swing a golf club in an error himself and everybody. Who. -- I think tiger will win it and absolutely. Do I think it would tiger or. Now maybe not not dominant player -- so much turmoil in his personal life that intimidation factor may be. On baby get but. I. Don't -- and swinging really well I was Georgia on the telecast today -- and -- -- swinging well. On his way he's he's frustrated not making any -- Some loot shops. Shops but. I fully expect tiger to get a -- next week but I think -- will get others to. Quickly can something like that come around for a guy like feel a guy like tiger -- here you know the a gamer they're swinging it real well. In the end this week to week thing is that something that you is is a professional golfer can yield bill being. Yeah it's it's like building -- house you've got to build a foundation. And tiger worked with Butch Harmon EL EC got a great combination and then make. They split up comic book built a new house and Hank -- had a it -- building blocks underneath a house and doing that now with Sean -- they'll teach. Idea of the -- on the golf swing. -- careers is building that foundation that he needs and each and every every time in his interview and -- to him like some on the range yesterday. Even close. The computers I truly why didn't -- close. And and I would be cool adults alike -- what we are close to winning golf term. Yeah right would what I would Peter tickets and hear what I wonder about his personal life though you know I mean divorces have derailed many of pro golfer. Since golf is such a mental game I mean how much of it is it. -- that a guy you know if his personal affairs aren't in order that a guy's not gonna be it is at his best. I think the most important -- you can have in life it is ballots. One to beat when you watch watch it now. Got no longer is why also part of that is why. And this young man who I was and it would get back back pitcher who -- The number one player in the world last year on the money list. Let's say why he got -- -- -- and well I think when you're happy populate your personal life really put everything into perspective. -- -- gonna get into every minute of the press yesterday. He's no divorce man and he has two children and he's really committed to making sure that he's as. Others he can -- -- children so it's it's -- -- unfortunately he went something nobody wants to go through but. Is that brings up. Sharpened focus to his personal life and gives a little perspective. No question is can help Obama golf course. I said gimme -- -- did bet on you know the golf I have been saying this -- -- degrees -- and we really been promoting golf here in I think it's our duty to win when you look at that that the tour and deceased so many young up and coming studs that are at the better -- of the box is really exciting right now even though tiger's not on the top of his game. Peter if you're gonna pick a guy or two decades separate themselves. From that class of young up and comers -- pitching -- future he's not as young but McIlroy. Bubba Dustin Johnson may have any of those guys who would you say one or two of those guys are addicted mediate. I'd get up into their that deal fill tiger territory. Well. That's a hard question because there's so many I love Rory McIlroy because she's 2223. And he's got -- brash personality goal broke me. But I loved I loved it won't be too young America ought be until ops I don't. Classic golf swing they're very ever -- on about golf course. We are gonna beat I think are going to be great I I think public has a chance to be really good Bubba Watson. But on top a 10000 -- -- -- -- -- my agent. Or top bloke and you get. It may -- is so technically sound and 100 start winning more once you get under his belt winners. And another tournament another term I think you're gonna see in Albany because technically. He's good -- to -- Was so always get talking golf media love it and and congratulations on get -- called bank involved in bulletin board Peter's party thanks Peter. -- thanks so much have a medium -- I ought to be another big game report games just start started and so looks like LeBron strictly acute Chargers are so we got -- brought. Right now right ease their lives that they heat Lakers game they -- Peter will -- to get next time.