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Ross Tucker, ESPN.com NFL Insider

Jan 13, 2011|

Ready for the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs, Ross Tucker of ESPN.com offers his perspective on what to look for in this weekend's games.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For a seven here on the -- sacks in NFL Ross Tucker joins us on the digital communications smarter play ally. Former ops Princeton. Grad play in the NFL espn.com isn't out playoff time great in the NFL how Amy c'mon is there -- is there anything better. So there's really not canal I'm a little bit disappointed that I cold teams. All year including a couple of -- Seattle. So I wish I was doing a game this weekend -- You know what there's some pretty cool about installing already right now I'm gonna fit. On my couch. Probably have my lap up there my big screen. Maybe have a couple -- doubt he's sodas beer and you know what maybe dig into the chocolate covered pretzel little but -- reject. I like the fact you -- that daddy soda I had heard that one before. Yet you know look my brother in law my brother love. The the first one ever told me that yes she said. During your return coupled that -- go to and I love it had a future debt that got picked I didn't hilarious Cabrera brought you to -- -- well. What I find hilarious is that there is a chance that the Seattle Seahawks may host the NFC title game if they beat Chicago and Green Bay wins and then even with the two playoff wins they will just to be 500. What I would do it that's why this game it's so important what you I don't need a bigger when the one. And get back to 500 that'd be great at. A POW thing about you might in week twelve written about 66 and they they're really apply including an attitude that. Look at the main thing. I think what it tells you. They've got what everybody yardage I thought noon. Which isn't all that matters. Whether or not you get into the tournament may well have we seen in every different. Yeah NHL playoff in public ornament -- into the tournament. What you have to clean slate. Outlook beyond that could -- we played better offensively. Than they develop out of Matt Hasselbeck played out of his mind. I'm very happy to have a -- you little underrated. And a little under appreciate I don't -- so here in Seattle will probably actually pretty outstanding career he got up there in particular northwest. And I think they're debate I mean I'll figure everybody got enough credit this week. But I had the Midas touch on everything -- -- worked -- -- the back was playing well but everybody who's just dealing. On Saturday clearly won that coaching match up with Gregg Williams. -- Tucker espn.com. Causing -- status said before. The NFL expanded to eight divisions in 2001 the home team -- 170% of the divisional playoff games. Now it's down to something like 62%. Is there an explanation there why why home teams don't want as often as he used to in the playoffs. I think it probably. An issue would parity I think. Back when you look at that -- eighty's and -- ninety's. And even outfit in the eighties and nineties. There were -- -- dominant teams you know each conference so there'd be ball below -- yeah people those four years -- Alastair. Or Denver certainly and so because that younger so good there historically would have been number one -- -- And then they -- a couple -- -- that was a big part of -- whereas now. This year for example. You know career before while working one and I can't believe. That Nolan didn't. I going into the weekend update in the Ravens on the road and pick an -- on the road. If this thing we're playing you know I'd be probably leaning toward them certainly. So it it pretty interesting. And I would be shot to the Jets won either so I think we're seeing that a lot of cases the -- and sixty. -- does better -- their lead I had drove it. I think you've got to what are your word back in the day pick at their Wednesday. And -- bigger divide if you well between the war in the Q&A in the power out cowboy -- do whatever and whoever they were playing. You missing you wouldn't be surprised if you see the Jets win what is it about New York right now that that -- you believe that they have the ability to kind of flipped what happened a couple weeks ago especially some of the injuries. They separate here over the last couple days. All the personally I would go to your good that was six weeks ago everybody keep mentioning. The 453 game but that was six weeks ago and -- be about Michael and yet the week cute game where the Jets beat the Patriots bring them. Now -- but don't put money on it -- topic the Patriots. They've been more consistent all year. And usually look at the quarterback -- go up or -- Tom Brady. Mentor -- pitchers especially. With the way you played on Saturday night against Nicole. That being let it -- to get that you'll probably didn't stop the run and run the ball ball what exactly who didn't Nicole I think they can do that. They need to pressure arguably. I think they're trying to manufacture pressure on Tom Brady. He didn't get the break and indicative of I think he'd like to think what they give -- -- -- Warner and Brett Favre would be kinda you know beat the heck out of those -- guys. That we didn't do it -- Mark Sanchez can't turn the ball we're gonna have a very very steady game. Probably the biggest question mark but it goes to -- -- an Olympic project went. About that Falcons Packers game in my question you how good it. Is Atlanta's defense. They're a lot better than you think. And I had the same mentality you do it I thought there's no way to keep -- -- Those guys fly around they played pretty well against Baltimore and told network games. They played really well actually get -- -- states they've got guys over their Brent Grimes -- to. Current law -- people nobody knows about accord -- They have a lot of primetime game -- In the playoffs a whole lot I think people start to realize you know what they're build a pretty good playing good defense. In Atlanta of course that got John Abraham proved pretty much -- to anyone in terms -- -- only cut structure. Colonel until about the right down the line or result basically able to those guys. Are bad bad dudes dig at the leading rusher yet seat being receiver in the history and they get many bankrupt or -- Incredible that this -- post is. They -- all those things they're thirteen victory that the number one seed -- -- everything you're looking for plummeted Packers. Are fifth and they're brilliant other patently unfair but. -- I think the Packers -- get a lead that they got the better quarterback. Admitted Saturday. So that Green Day on the road. He knew you mentioned the kind of the quarterback battle that's the thing I think is needed at least that's is -- a lot of the young -- you got Sanchez she got Ryan you've got Rodgers you got Flacco. Give me your if you got to go into a playoff game where do you rank those for who you taken. I think there -- hundred number one. And probably. Say -- run and number two or even though he has not won a playoff game yet I think it'll on terrible he's -- 11 you know. And there -- writers had not won a playoff game until Sunday either. I'll probably Klecko injury had told Sanchez for. It's like gold medal but at three years in a row. -- I think that the Jets almost one kind of in spite of him. On Saturday night other -- to make two throws he's making it difficult on the final drive. Sort of like puts it just four or is it pretty consistently used to I think -- Rodgers is incredible wife at that he is. The real deal it's not just his armies. And the second leading rushing quarterback -- the last three years. Don't make a lot to me you played -- street first that year first down there and extend drives and at what else but it looked amazing. If the Packers or the Falcons -- it will be talked about this -- young quarterback. You've got to -- the championship game that isn't an accurate take over the mantle. But that put the Falcons boost. Bold start this chatter of you know -- -- that Ryan has won a playoff game yet it won a playoff games out and tried not to mean. -- -- -- -- five as a rookie they lost -- donut -- game. And then this year. It was the Packers you know look at they're both good people can't -- If it's funny you mentioned kind of reader. We give -- too much credit too much blame but. You look at Joe Flacco you put him third if you look at his numbers and what he's done the first couple years there -- more impressive. Then cut all the other young quarterbacks and yet when you watch Flacco. There's something about the eye test that prevents you from sane. That they keys that -- the cream of that crop or that he's on par with some of the of the great quarterbacks in the game. You know I think he's very very good I. I think what happened here is used jealously and you are yet to a horrible sense of timing in the sense that just when you are about to be fully bought in. He had a bad play here -- -- -- -- agree that you know that you numbers are where -- numbers are look you mentioned all the playoff road win. You buried he's cool under pressure and -- done a nice job for it is Baltimore Ravens squad there's no doubt about it which. But he just you know that he'll have one got a brain partner there are one game or one player we're like. What is -- doing. You -- -- -- -- you and the Ravens fans are skeptical but he's by far the -- court -- franchise history. And if -- you know at commanders knew that you -- Joe Flacco in the draft. The more overall this year they would take him down ten. It's very -- it's not even funny. Paid the Broncos hired John Fox is that a good or bad hire. And it did good other I figured they needed somebody with experience. I think he needed somebody who is incredibly -- good football coach we've gotten them which every game a couple times tequila got miserable it almost want it. I that you could very consistent down there appears you're terrible and once he. Typically they have very strong defense which is the equity needs. In Denver so I collect art that he was dealt a very very bad hand. In Carolina the -- decision there got a pocket the money and not really try to win. Former Princeton NN FL stat Ross Tucker you can read money -- -- dot com a more bullying go to his website he's the CEO of go big recruiting dot com thanks Ross talked again down the road. -- All right.