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Ted Miller, Pac-10 blogger ESPN.com

Sep 20, 2010|

After a very respectable weekend for the Pac-10 Primetime asks ESPN.com's Ted Miller what we have learned about the top teams so far.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is for a ten on the sand joining us now Ted Miller he is ESPN's pac ten blogger on the did you communications smart play hotline Ted we saw Arizona survive that twenty point run from Iowa they hold on for the win. Probably their biggest win they've had since the eighties they've got fourteen the pac ten that are undefeated orient Arizona Stanford USC other all three you know. Do you see anybody at this point separating themselves is there a team that in your eyes clear cut as the number one team in the pac ten conference. Well. Oregon is an instance the number one team in the conference couldn't and number defending champs that -- is pretty pretty darn good so far. They haven't really been challenged to me. Who everybody want to downplay that can achieve that I -- fairly substantial test for foot -- will quarterback put yourself first road start so. I think they've been just a little bit we'll obviously get a little bit more that -- At Arizona State -- we connect it certainly looks a little bit more competitive -- looked like doubled that in Wisconsin that. You have to say right at this point now organist is the -- -- based on on who they are they have coming back in what they did last year. That Arizona has had been the first to draw real life. Beating of a top ten came at home and and fairly impressively. You know any you know when I look at everyone on on unjust you know. Take -- side who they play as impressive as organ is been Stanford has played a little better competition an organ not quite as good as Arizona. But why look at that Stanford team and I am just licking my chops hoping that these two teams are undefeated organ and Stanford when they face off here in two weeks. You -- it interesting I think scampered even though older David wanted to. It -- to tell sliders to two ranked Big Ten teams you know and go to Michigan Michigan State really deserve the right. It to competent team Notre Dame still -- -- respect that go into the Notre Dame and they put another pounding out a third. Fourth consecutive pounding. Tech game would with the -- could be huge treated -- at that point -- just looked like he'd be very physical team but look who would look like. And a lot of -- this date that look after look like you Washington just eighteen they can just push you around at the line of scrimmage. And the defense is not the match at Nebraska development of wide. It is probably the best in the conference and we got a great offense -- what you -- do a lot of things. Including your quarterback go sixty yards for a touchdown so. I would say that lightness and got a gaggle of the Detroit I guess. Stanford Arizona and Oregon at the top. And it ended you've got a lot of debt to meet it -- Arizona State you're not clicking pretty good. And Jake lockers is is the quarterback and I believe in god bless him for the old former on the road. Then you're pretty good comfort so you know it doesn't seem even Washington State is looking like a completely easy -- -- Question about the company's -- and I think except to say that the reaching into the top of the rankings are are the ones that are squarely at the top the second taking war. Ted wanna get into a Jake locker in just a second but going back at Stanford Oregon matchup that we were talking about. Last year they had 250 yards in the ground 220 Jacqueline from Toby Gerhart he's gone stand for now go with that. The running back by committee how does that change with teams trying to do against them defensively. Well you don't execute you loose significantly it like -- -- extra help at running back there over there yard rushing against Wake Forest as we can and obviously they're running the ball pretty well I think it all into one even better. I think your regular run the football just about anybody. But what you got you got a quarterback with amazing talent Andrew luck who's coming into his own the second -- starter. Kentucky yelled at the bureau interception in the they're not in and it's gotten real threat to run a seat at the PG yard touchdown run out talking about so. They day they really scampered -- go as far as EXP and takes. At all that is -- to -- -- -- -- -- I think a pretty much -- it last year. It without two -- aren't just because look at a year older neglect rocket ought to question is a belated -- cap with a packed in defense -- that they do. Think that that stance toward game board kind of earlier seeded Duke is going to be really important in determining the talk -- great. Yeah I'm I'm pretty much is is maybe the second best quarterback the minute I think you may be ego Mallon at Arkansas won but you'll find me some and you would take over luck right now besides now. I would think luck over a -- because these athletic ability different the league talent is is probably got a bigger apartment I mean now got a special hard. These are good last weekend but. I think look mobility I think -- intelligent I don't know I don't I don't -- in the old enough to know -- people take it Andrew luck. And policy didn't look but they look it is to me it is is appreciate this product he's got great. Rasheed out you that would an NFL coach is gonna look forward and -- -- -- Is her ability to throw the ball but it could very accurately accurately remember that -- wood ducks last year that gave up get that we are -- Think he's able to make those plays downfield in the passing game against really good culprits from a good secondary. The -- didn't blow it against Stanford so much can't retain one game and an at large part of -- accuracy. Now every time in your luck takes the field he makes himself another couple million bucks every time Jake locker takes the field it seems like he loses a couple million bucks. How far is this guy stocks on the job until you -- two out of three games he's the dreadful this year. Yeah like you know what regretful at BYU pretty. Just a short a high standard and that obviously was a disaster against Nebraska. In BYU game he couldn't make plays on looked on the fourth quarter. To win the game for the Huskies against what turned out to be not very could be like you -- so. Every pick at number and there are respectable number three quarterback but after all the hype and appreciate you expected you're expected it would work back in the religious disaster against Nebraska. It is not the kind of wrote that on the block it because the USC NG weakness fort touchdown run fifty yards and -- complete 70% of it happens. You know all the the basic got a guy pretty cup yet the worst performer in the career of melting like a little bit -- the heat rises up because the quarterback. The folks expected if he can put my game together there are a high quality completing almost 65 minutes into an Olympic meet up. She actually be better -- If you show that -- a terrible performer did learn this site that might actually help with your help but -- that. Look forward to get a black a lot of promising of that type turnaround just look in the distinction yourself. Has something slipped fertility distracted is it whatever you need look awful and again the very get decent but he's supposed to be the number one pick in the drop in. I get a lot of Greek Morgan. Shepherd talking about -- did you know focused on your own team that try to. -- guys that it's -- really high quality Q are you got however good quarterback he's inducted you can end up being not really. -- By how he played against Nebraska weather spring practice and watch. You know -- -- -- -- one practice I would like I was -- because -- looked like the best quarterback -- -- anywhere -- -- -- one practice and I read that the small sample size but. Date on what is the final two games of all time. Based on -- athletic ability based on what people who are very smart about it the -- football where we're saying should seem like Jake locker was gonna be. The best quarterback in the active this year right now he's he's he's got that quarterback in the pac ten and we all. In the end one team that's kind of pain in limbo is Morgan State you know it's their in the top 25 there one and one half. Haven't played good ball game -- going on the road against Boise. I don't think anyone really expects good things that happened there at Boise and that's where we're teams go to die. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know it it is interesting to talk about and -- and made -- very close to play top ten teams on the -- He would banquet to play tough and knock eighteen teams on the road because. You know you get the credit really for playing the top and then -- go to Alabama. Deluded. Oklahoma OK while at Alabama and Oklahoma -- -- really -- this -- credit fair not fair. Polluted get lazy losing that -- you accident live every group again. This type of schedule that the beavers have I think he -- that you can have we have a coach with a lifetime contract like Mike Riley. And it is that a team could get it straight after award to historical. It won't hurt it. In the long line in the pac ten race -- tour they can't a lot of backbone that program. We think will always be an adult -- quality that they get blown out. Which is a real possibility that this type team that has traditionally been able looked at this track -- dealt with -- good feedback and racial. It would be great technical term we're in the game -- the actor of the great for the program be great -- -- really think KF. We leveraged into collectively the lack of a fly a white flag over the interest that just didn't -- -- it would appear slow starts -- finishes. Ted Miller is ESPN's pac ten blogger Ted be appreciated thanks for the pork. Problem got -- here.