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Darren Thomas, UO QB

Sep 16, 2010|

After an interesting trip to Knoxville, Ducks QB Darron Thomas joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the fast start for Oregon this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

331 here on the -- before we get to that looks let's get to the was scheduled economy in the weekend. Would you say here -- he's kind of a big deal yes seventeen. Of 32202. Yards two touchdowns. And out ran for 34 more yards in Oregon's domination Tennessee. 48 to thirteen the quarterback at Oregon joins us on the digital communications try to put -- by -- Thomas how do you feel like. You played up personally in that game there. Are you agree it would hold clean -- performed good but it still. Between the -- open or better next week -- How cool was it to go down there and experience is that stadium and the atmosphere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In hindsight did that rattle you bet. All all the teams compare -- Dude look come ought to do good things to win anyway. What was that environment like. Are you. Out of Politico and it was really loud we'll welcome you better go to prison more focus on -- to do immigrants -- about -- What did you do during the you know as a seventy minute lightning delay. Are you waiting isolate the -- could also have been waiting to read on the field of course -- -- often distributed to doctors. So you're just sit around locker and hanging out talking. We're right decision. Byron did steal just bit about the game just stay focused. Yeah how how -- this group that when you're in a situation like that as an all business or is this -- little swagger looked kind of played around with this team. It was thought when we got a lot of double -- -- -- don't let them publicly ball earlier to the police -- -- so so regarding all tight. Into the game all the time that. We haven't slowed -- you don't get those. What do the coaches tell you why you're in the delay. It wouldn't totally dissimilar by real -- focused. We like that they -- sort of playing -- that -- -- into their lighter note written at saint. Knowing you guys are down thirteen to three what was going through your mind. Are we got to score got a -- -- -- Google. Google didn't cobalt all quality. Brutal conclusion smoke that it got better because got bit. -- serves me as as a quarterback who's on you know that's that's you got some -- -- at Oregon but you know that's a 100000 immediate was special. For for a guy like you to go in there and play as poised as you did how hard. Is it not to kinda tense up knowing you're down ten and knowing your margin for error is now much smaller. But it didn't gain more competition. Is going to got to believe in now comes home. Right now our -- -- it's gonna go out and just -- could. President. Now. When you guys started to get Rolen. -- thinking you -- when he defense is getting worn down and we can you feel when you are imposing your will continue watching the game. Well it's it's almost it's palpable you can see before your eyes. Ortiz didn't -- the total -- so important that we do in that game when their. Little bit cultural front. Cortland but it won't somewhat bark for no good -- power. And decent also -- would -- was the lone. I don't double that also -- -- adopted Tyler so particularly well. Can you pick up the temple anymore Melrose count they're sometimes you guys have five or six seconds in between plays can he get any faster. We're here to win the rest of the -- no don't always know more than respond to it. The medical doctor -- Man Derrick Thomas the organ quarterback. And I could have easily snowballed on you guys -- came back -- just dominated them to what was the biggest reason the Sox aren't on a dime and did not snowball on you. Our leaders and they weren't good the game mile Michael receiver to lord that we got them to please so. -- -- there quickly and we can do -- and had a good week of practice so we'll put up a little too. You the one question mark coming into this everyone's back you know -- only goes and people say well it's up to Darren Thomas if if he delivers his team's gonna be great if he does -- who knows. Do you feel you've answered that in these two games you are no longer a question. Also allowed to have got better in the summit so much more to do -- better -- to -- There's more new and improved. What do you need to improve most heading into the next game. -- you wanna win most of can't let. It awkward period there is working on complete more passes now. Didn't give him a better. You completed 70% of your passes again much like -- give any faster can you complete more passes. Well Patten -- maybe you don't like that it wouldn't. Milk when he incorporate. Let's go through. Followed the -- -- other alluding to dispute broke. Up a lot of David also -- good group. I'll bet that when it was -- doing your timeout because that's the one the second to me over the top to Paulson. -- Nolan might have looked. By talking dependable out under. It now you got 36 game on the line you gotta give the ball to someone on your team who did go to. Arguing the call Morris he recorded just but I already know Michael -- the -- -- didn't -- -- team. -- -- know what the ball in the news will in the order to get it. How many times about the value its own thing hey I was open they give me the -- you've got about nine guys legitimately better that are weapons on this team. It all the good but it will have a total score relative to kill me. Bill and the chamber of trial didn't let me know they're committed to build on the bottom of the Budget Committee didn't go. Came to me a mediocre so -- potato and scope of the loaded walk. You know at what point in camp did you feel like this was your job. All -- prediction about just came into common. My bit and does Charlotte just keep improvement over Cotto can't beat quarterback -- Did you have a good feeling before the decision was made or was it still you know kind of touching go for your right up until you heard. O'Neal was able to do that went out today in really with a single continent an average of little portable would lead in the -- on the best stroke. Don't because they're part of lingle called it. What do you guys right now. All know earlier in -- I know what a commitment to retain. Complete like in the war. Boy that's focus right delta a year ranked fifth but -- don't you don't need to worry about that Darren thanks for joining our show continued success. They're Thomas the organ cornerback.