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Joe Kukura, Exercising While Intoxicate

Jul 31, 2010|

Suke has a new hero, Joe Kukura tells of his exploits drinking 13 beers in 13 miles running the San Francisco Half Marathon with brew in tow.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Concur I didn't get that right. Joe concur is on the line Knight joins us on the digital communications article Allen had this down here because the sun that he ran thirteen miles. -- just put anyone who runs thirteen miles on the air. This guy general. Drank a beer each my employer having him -- does not let them experience now where where did you run disagree calling for -- I'm done here in tampered with Joe California. Where -- out the pampered it's you'll marathon. Weekend. But I could -- mirror ball and art. And that's what these. Right right exactly and good cricket here -- climate and it because -- -- yet retired he Jenkins. I. I actually. Like like you. And you're -- Flop -- -- -- notably. Why what a lot of you guys say something while I take a quick. All right well that's and he rents their team and yes she thought you got it again. Now okay so I guess why why did you -- why did you run thirty miles during their teen years. What are for years now I'm out -- block out your -- at all exercising while in -- beat me. -- can tell by the title or. You know we you up all still experimentation. With very -- getting intoxicated on alcoholic beverages on the world wide web. Exercising wallet pocket dot com -- and that. It's it's out -- rampant this you know we we up well it's called beta. Are you heard this thing Barry you're been around for awhile what do you. Now like -- street party run things where a lot of people. Or costumes. And and I larger everybody does it -- very well. The last block was just like a little work -- week schtick that I would you. You know just in the weeks leading up to this thing called the breakers in yeah I used to tell people you know what temperature or are are particularly good it. We're -- actually trying to Ron. Or -- yarder he exercises -- -- perhaps doing it I am sort of eighty what an impact on you or what. Really most important. But liquor store. Because you have me if you don't along rock or. Or you're you end up. In neighborhood should not familiar with the -- argued that you can go one mile USA. I don't liquor store. So we thought now would be a real candy wrappers so. You know give them out about didn't do enough now for about three year. And it was just debate record walker then we decided well back you know what is being around let's do this. It but spirited experiment what are these different things you're allowed. -- just so happened the first thing -- up after eight breakers which today you know the first the next big rock that we are here locally was. -- the Barrett aren't we aren't you out so I thought about thirteen years and thirteen mile. Cute -- in the court everybody I know. Robert strongly discourage you from doing. You -- you -- talking about. Where you get shot. Man you do in thirteen years -- part of thirteen miles people are going to church. And he. Now up shop you know you're you're sweating your -- -- -- judgement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I didn't judge eBay stuff this and I'm not gonna call you -- your because I don't know what he -- is but every now and then a man to have strayed into the cosmos. And street seventy that is pure genius and you might Fred. And created that didn't it is pure genius now walk us through kind of step by step the thirteen miles. I'd argue that who look at this thing takes place on the golden tree branch. And you can you can't carry all thirteen years with yet one that realize that your gonna shake off. And at dinner while it will be open. So. I you have to bite your your girl. You took a 100 I'm piecemeal. And how to make sure they you'd shrink. More than a mile mile one troop five is -- -- outrage and eager to become much. -- -- -- -- You know wait too much on the last two -- once you come off the bridge. So I. A lot of stardom written it go real happy. It I would not discourage. -- -- -- from -- -- drinking beer and you'll get a lot on short four mile. I tell you that it was buried on the first war but I and I thought this was great wonderful people -- there. I. Why and very well it well with the with the you know you feel like you can -- -- -- are -- You know you're like a little bit. It works real well for the first or I I. And it is our run ended the trouble. Of course the part that was because you know you want I went on -- great you know battered. That is a suspension bridge up over you Sheehan and unity you're greedy. Today you know -- -- under. Freezing cold up there. Oh. And it was at that point off the bridge that I started and he got out and get a libel law and it's -- a little strange. A little bit -- he. And used the word the is what you start to wonder. You probably geared. You -- your grip on the -- the very. Now how many Beers and -- the bridge. Men I think back through. I believe. I would have been what he had started one -- laughed. The white started to start -- And then I'd rank the the -- -- -- order I I but the minute shot. Order. Or should challenge job. Which holds -- the beer or air bureau's twelve out. And you know you can't Gary old -- -- once they got nicked and it took it twelve ounces each year thirteen mile 150. We -- throughout the year like -- But really keep Colin and he'd be 150 to our. It's still a punch or what you worked -- about the -- mile. Job I'd I don't forty out of Miller genuine try out there are pictures of the popular. 240 out equaled another read sort out what would've been up to doubt him and then I got. There was. -- -- but a -- restorers. He he. And by the way like the -- -- -- bellowed it's not big on that are actually up dirt about that one what are your relentless and I would. -- -- -- out easy oh shoot I'm doing Malkin might not -- IQ crowd in the newspaper enshrined. A doubt between seven and by the time I got to go on the bridge which is miles off. And then right what went on the bridge you know like filled up with three more. So. So I -- there's three two laps beyond the bridge but not to get -- a point where. You know I don't treat thirteen beer very often I don't know about you guy -- won't fight yet. It includes double digit. You don't -- Olympic. Or old are you trying to have a -- And but I can get back and forth across the bridge. I argued very it would I wondered traffic which they're they're gentle on the -- -- and why I would not discourage anyone from drinking and running here I am gonna tell you all people that very stupid -- run in traffic. I don't know what he either way I'm very lucky I got away with it. Simulate being being on this fight but not -- -- runner crop traffic because I don't -- -- tomorrow we're still there waiting made. You got caught runner across the highway with an open and -- trying to pick picture yourself. I would just felt real cute but got out that not what he -- And river has them every day that you blacked out for miles ten and eleven. Yes that was about being finger out you know like I do a little out across the highway -- thought oh good that you looked real might not the other article -- -- thirty yards later exactly you moron like but I got to the other side or not would not like we're -- my first real. Proper dry -- You know it got what you don't want our. About wild 1010. And I I you know -- I -- the -- while I didn't get you more. You work your another another 24 -- argued partly true. Ten. You'd be in an area called the studio which is you know off -- beautiful. Like that you really like they're not much -- I can remember little failed. -- to -- -- the other liquor store I remember being in our members in street well. Street trying to complete a man and I'm supposed to go this label it tradition Bellamy another -- All eight feet and I probably I don't know probably a bit better after all achieved when you are but it went back out work. But I really seem to want like Bob finished like it was. You know things kind of now. -- they're real quick talk about -- I am not -- -- our Iraq. So I realized that I came to real right to the finish line not what I like three in a -- I'll let Obama vomit right there and I was very impressed. That that my body held out until -- Did -- not what we're not bombing until like it finished like. That's solid -- you do not recommend this. Well I if you're the kind of person who may be like. You know white softball -- -- pick up basketball -- -- Perverted -- and alcoholic beverage or you're doin' it you know I'm Mike walked argue outnumbered whites and -- of beverages that are. Arbor -- well advised well exercising which are not well it -- -- -- side. Mike. The thing I would not inspired Robert caught traffic and of course she you have to make sure. There you you you drink about equivalent amount water if -- shocked. You need to drink or block the water pretty shocked. And because that your breathing -- you know you're gonna get fatigued easier. If you're not reading properly. But people will drink alcoholic to -- it. No matter watched alum I'm -- roads people not you know there are there there's some. Thing you can do to maximize. A walk out if you are one Cheap Trick they'll call. And I seen the pitchers that your -- smoking now did you smoke already did you wait for after the race delighted -- I know he's not I am not even finished with the rates about one. I don't know I've -- -- third -- -- will not stop and take a smoke break yet. Utley thirty reported by -- A hot -- she's tired you have you know I'm not the only one. Every heatley who played for the Sharks it is known to do you smoker I'm trying to think what why do you got. What he played basketball with the smoker. I argued Alou we'd go to the only compromise like out -- article by lap we do our smoker. Professional athlete I'm I'm more about -- smoker drinker. Go go they think it is -- side it's exercising while intoxicated. Dot -- Calm calm back up were all -- once Twitter that picture by the drought. And out double -- group book called IP while intoxicated. So. If -- Stewart thing we've got a bike or. I enjoyed it thoroughly -- concur is his name exercising while intoxicated dot com and it's certainly enjoyed our conversation and we'll be following for a lifetime now. And it's been great you know on the -- you've got.