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Brandon Lang (12/11/09)

Dec 11, 2009|

Sports Handicapper Brandon Lang joins Primetime to talk about the Tiger Woods saga, as well as break down some of the biggest games in the NFL this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is 533 we have found Brandon -- Brandon before we get into the NFL stuff. What is the will look at the the odds here for the Heisman Trophy and -- can -- seems like he is the best value for one what do you think. There -- there -- that Ingram robbery. Oh. At about what he did against Florida number one defense about football. He did against them and then put them on his bat he didn't get -- Robert. The robber I mean. -- they they get the record robbery. If they don't what you -- he stole from some people. If they don't give it some anger and are still remembered that my opinion. Do you think they will. Give it to them. They showed. You know militant limping yes sure critiquing your important that -- Q safety than an outlet these these moron I mean that's the truth. They would think he'll quarter that. He about it -- get let me let them know how important he came to. Lock that. How you -- -- -- did so without -- your brother might be ninety. But you know I'm Brandon Lyon who -- the next. Well later that people. But the only people material about Tiger Woods diet I'm so all the money. What that -- its number always. I was trying to -- -- not even read out of the program every your -- George his bird ended up but more importantly you had the greatest threat of all time talking with last week eight you were dead and. Prior to it than it did understand. We're near forty. -- tiger. Then you're near hammer home normal girl and then -- graduate from normal girl to strippers. And sharp first turn you out -- only one place to go. -- -- you can't go back to normal girl what that's like almost all of a library. You go with a stripper that like -- hit -- at the moment eaten your body want to go to -- You've got that support but now when you graduate the porn stars. They start graduate nick picky porn star like the one that came up the -- on the -- and say they're in bed when your ego maniac like -- All you want it here it's how great you are in dead Tigers and ego maniac meant you want figure he's the greatest. Absolutely in the bottom line the guy like tiger you -- concept of reality. Do you think any sane person knowing who he is would have done something like that. -- could -- it and -- he knew it was gonna get caught. You don't you don't if you think you're gonna get away with a you do that you want people are now. I don't let that they are out -- -- out there and pop look like well I freaked out. You know what you get caught you can't act like now the odds are right there he would beat down -- -- nap and you know what I'll get my group like that you know -- All the god and America but -- I. -- I hear us you know that that China network said that -- I -- -- yeah. -- -- So are you saying that strippers are the gateway drug of freaky chicks. Are -- -- -- -- gay stripper my whole life and then my mom knows them straight in. I didn't make the right or wrong but if you look at an honest to god truth. If you -- out. -- you haven't under dire. -- couldn't -- that. And and you're eighteen year old like I was in here in the navy -- go to foreign countries in and say -- -- -- hand. -- you go from there you know and and nobody wanted it more so it's likely result. But that LA in -- report start I -- adamant that you're being a poor start when he three out of fox. What you gonna go from there any normal going to -- there's a lot don't go crazy freak you're going to bet you'll let it. And that's the tiger tiger and stripped partly with wanting. -- on the court that I strip are when he was twelve years of what you want Brian and on his -- -- look you're in what state invitational. Went to mutilate -- then collapsed into -- Chris champagne. Now 120 you don't hear that strippers. And your whiny and -- tiger wins. Syndicate that he'll never you're never dreamed that you were bullets and I -- gonna know. He did what -- got the stripper at an quote good the other -- came out today that he would have great client paid -- -- I the reality of the situation it was absolutely and it is absolutely out of his mind when it comes to that accepted. -- that going and you're crazy. Did I just gotta say that you are the foremost authority on the Tiger Woods and I've -- you need to be out every year radio program in the country break it on the Tiger Woods saga. I looked and I appreciated -- but I think what people think and are afraid that saying and and that's and I know first hand. I live in Vegas on the last 25 years I've been on the upper floors with million dollar gamblers who had fifteen strippers runner on -- baby sit back and it's just not normal. Tigers could get tired that it casinos and the money might that mister furcal knew that if they eat like -- like -- partner is crazy out is mind. Reading -- when he first got you're. Michael Jordan who wouldn't take a rocket man -- -- looked out of flock together I hear it didn't do awkward start will come clean bill. I don't know run it obviously -- and up until well real well so there -- ago. The good to know I think tiger where -- the middle probably got married had two kids in -- -- a year ago if Tiger Woods was single has never gotten married. It wouldn't even be an issue he'd be a player like I don't name it. I'm Broadway. Hit it drew not used to bring in -- did. In another -- and marriage. You're gone against this sacred about of this country that figured out of merit and the Marlins -- -- -- what you portrayed this -- -- beautiful. -- got them behind closed doors. You are a pig and you lied to America and that's what -- like that he lied to America. It's never got married we could accept that the move on to another guy didn't do Obama. Which you're torturing the perfect family man in America behind closed doors you right flat out -- There -- 5539. On primetime randomly enjoys now Brandon. Just get some do us some football games here let's start the Giants and the Eagles Giants somehow favored by a point at home in this game. What do you like. I think he'll put up forty I'm in the first meeting in. I -- don't police -- Johnson -- -- made -- look bottom line that scored six points as Denver. Alike believe Philadelphia's playing no holes are last week against Atlanta. If they are -- New York team that familiar with election. Eagles have problems with the Giants that they couldn't cover Plaxico Burress will get swept east at yeah they -- -- the upper leg -- so without it. What about Minnesota. Against Cincinnati Minnesota coming up that -- delegates there zona favored by six and a half. Pretty simple the underdog. In every sense that it single game this year. As they'll cover the number courtesy of the Lions back towards -- -- inside a minute last week. He can't get opt out or ride the horse underdog looks to remain perfect in big games this year. I Colts seven point favorites at home against the Broncos a lot of people are picking this to be the game the Colts go down maybe seven points little bit too big on that line which -- lean. Learned my lesson last week with a Titans are even the NFL with five wins vote straight up against the spread when an Indy. And Peyton Manning figured out Whitaker at six and -- winning -- and I'm not going against -- think about this. Indy is having to deal with a point -- the guys they're nine and three against the spread this year and not that. -- Green Bay even though they're at Chicago there are only given up three I gotta love Green Bay goodness. Yeah we know that I can't win in Green Bay game the semi -- I came back 2000 years ago you know I'm leaving that game longer I'm still trying to get over. Walk incredibly good for the rest the week off Joe flat they expect that that could engulf a lot. It's funny you know that doesn't go to another game. I have -- India Cowboys somehow they -- by three points over the Chargers how are the Cowboys favored in this game. The Chargers cover this three points. Because that's when you think you got doubts figured out they go the other way let's have a -- -- always who are married and doing that they had I will never use the Dallas Cowboys in December for the rest of my natural born life by the Nadal what we're gonna have now look for Dallas and December swoon the continued. All right as a Giants fan I love to hear you say that the last one here. This the big and we had a similar here couple weeks ago or last week the big one here in the state of origin division three all infield Wisconsin Whitewater. They've put lines in these games. You know at Oregon Wisconsin Whitewater you know because if you look at what they've done their their hot lately and and from what I've heard -- This is let's constant burn down the apartment complex yet renowned -- Wisconsin might. Greta we love the -- appreciate we'll talk -- you next week things -- -- America and I Brandon Lang is.