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Jason Cole, Yahoo Sports (11/12/09)

Nov 12, 2009|

Yahoo Sports Writer Jason Cole joins Primetime to discuss Bears vs Niners, and the greatest debate, Manning or Brady.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's bring in Jason -- he's a NFL writer for Yahoo! Sports -- hunted him down JC were just talking about his game tonight Bears -- he thinks in worse shape of the two teams. Of errors and because. -- often little diplomatic. Their defense does. Aren't meltdown -- I think that the other or daughter or -- that yet despite their record. Billy's going correct direction of America there on the descent rather than that the I like the other -- why don't always play hard every day and -- beat Indianapolis and -- coming off off ugly loss at Tennessee. Now but they can't -- that very miracle out of the end of the game beating Minnesota. Almost beat Indianapolis I think that played hard. Almost blew it worked better at all lopsided loss here when a couple of looked very competitive. -- I get the sister Chicago's kind of stuck in that phase of you got a lot of young guys and then a lot of guys over the hill. And yeah there's there's no middle ground there and to -- Chicago just almost have to turn over their roster engage younger except a -- through a couple of years. And try to get pointed in the right direction. Yeah army you can get corrected all that outside America there -- actually -- the -- much out their free agency. But the one good thing about -- back -- quarterback. -- at least the distance you can say. He's got talent to be a great player our weather -- that potential and other things but elegant it what you -- the quarterback you can make the transition quickly support support from the end game. Are you -- -- -- -- -- Baltimore's -- right now with Joe Flacco. Which you don't give you hope that you know at least you can four point eight games and -- what you changed with the October. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jason Cole Yahoo! Sports nine by no means complaining but it does seem like -- of these Thursday games are coming earlier and earlier every year in the NFL when he points -- They're a lot later -- iron that out and a lot of the order of work. They want all of the other day of the week out of college into the murder. -- a little bit here. Your game at the last two or three weeks. They were on Thursday night -- award at the appetizer evidence that got out that well yeah it does it doesn't strategic -- on. Making more money that's that's pretty predictable but. Tom Brady Peyton Manning. You think we're gonna ranked these guys all time when it's all said and done and I was thinking about great quarterback rivalries is this the best we've had. Great quarterback rivalries. -- Kelly -- Marino was pretty good one. I would I -- LO -- in -- -- let -- play against each other program -- times. He and Marino Montana didn't didn't play that much either -- him. Didn't play. Our our -- quite a bit delicate subject. They played so many aren't the shootout they were we'll pick right up there are either. The belt or certainly one of the top or -- deductible -- -- think about it. Before you can -- -- -- on the -- but especially Perkins guy who did not play in the name that isn't. That don't -- -- over their career although the envelope that. -- completely different thing in those games at all. You know -- in the other injuries go undefeated rather play out situation. You know Super Bowl on the line not kind of thing. You know it's it's been a great -- area as far as them and you wouldn't recommend a book opt out. It might be already the question is will one of them and -- the top. -- four of my top scorer. -- is -- like you know you're gonna Montana. Elway -- that you know Eric and breaking into that top or a little bit but the championship might be enough but Brady does they need in in the fourth spot. -- this if he wins another one -- gonna be hard to keep him out of that class and have we kind of forgotten about how good. Tom Brady really he has. Well what he knew about but yet. Since when you talk about the quarterbacks now it's it's Peyton Manning and everyone else on that admitted Drew Brees that the key here Tom Brady's name mentioned I think that injury in the lost the Super Bowl. Before he got to before that he got hurt and they've lost in the Super Bowl people we're talking about Tom Brady as one of those four and now I don't BQ leaving hear him mention her. I don't quite by that I -- I would say that only because there's wanted to. You know I've been part of any order you want to -- but it gradient there. What exit. Whoever is number three and a good discussion because some people they are pretty good football what would -- not. But people say it might -- Donovan now. For whatever reason some people might say that problem. That rob little -- battle quality. I don't really good performance this season -- -- is is a very dictate. Well all dale walk side operating. Manning even though the very good player. Made -- played solid. Completely opposite what they want their output -- a political problem in the two minute break here and anybody that would put them. Side by side. There are all clearly above the rest Florio I kind of think. But there are overlooking one of those guys you know there there have not and not take the material was the ship. I feel like I game we think with the Colts banged up a little bit the Patriots going there and and now steal. But the pick that the weather well I don't like the way -- -- -- played. The last couple weeks I guess they -- looked OI didn't like -- -- if you there was a law but it gives you use it to. Not all old electric field goal. They're great. If you don't win that game and really it -- applicable it beat two teams with a winning record and you walk on the as the media treatment number the other one the you know we're not talking directly change their they -- optimism and a couple of although the butler law opera -- because. There because the end of the -- -- -- Jason's stuff on the NFL on Yahoo! Sports dot com he thinks for a -- and inches.