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Ross Tucker, SI.com NFL (10/21/09)

Oct 21, 2009|

This week Ross Tucker muses over Terrell Owens future, whether or not this is a golden age of QB's, and why coaches refuse to adjust to things during games.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ross Tucker Sports Illustrated how -- Don't you go to I was I was curious to ask you about Terrell Owens. Out of the Blue Line you know but you know the guys nonexistent Buffalo Missouri market for him it. Have we seen the last of TO in the NFL. No I don't think -- obviously there's no more trademark confirmed that the trade deadline was yesterday. -- I -- -- final years to come you know it's like next year or you know somebody signed him to a two year deal or something like that. I think somebody will sign him. In the offseason and -- -- one year deal and probably will be you know for the six you have million dollar they make him this year. But somebody you'll still -- especially someone. We will have more of high power at all and the Buffalo clearly I think some real well but maybe you've got a little something laps left but. Yeah -- that the kind of balance that with his church and so exploded their kids abused distraction so. I don't know RBI in the market on him guys that might and that -- -- a one year 1000002 million then. Listen he 34. Years old somewhere in the neighborhood. -- 35 or thirty -- he's pretty goal. I mean he's 35 and let's let's all be honest in -- speed -- you're not successful at at skill positions in and really is. Unless you're one of either rare few the does the Bruce Matthews of the world even along the line. You just you don't get better after the age of 35. Terrell Owens he's not that good right now is only gonna get worse from this point on he stands. Yet know what sort of debate -- you know him getting worse. For the 2010 season. How attitude getting more you know it could still end up that -- you can still accurate ball well I think it. Amazingly good the National Football League Derek took I think Jeremy and who's playing -- -- a hundred. -- straight game. You know he's 35 years old. Brandon Moss and got -- -- Trevor recent. There are some guys that can still be effective a wide receiver in their mid thirties whatever. Earlier now there's no chance but he still might be good enough. -- help out a little better. The question is can he admit that because I think a lot of guys can't -- look at what's going on LaDainian Tomlinson and he -- member couple years ago when he was insulted with the charges were doing and Emmitt Smith had a case it is. It's what makes the guy's great is also what. Makes it impossible of them to age gracefully they can't admit. The they no longer have a David Thompson is not a factor in this league anymore but he can't own up to it any won't take a secondary role. Well I understand that -- you're on the day you -- -- to elevate players ever come out there well not that good. And I used to be I I think it -- recording -- -- you're watching that game. That you know -- saying -- -- -- LP it was pretty obvious to me that you are a lot more yards out there there was more room to Rodney. He really can tackle by guys that were on blocks in that never used to happen he used to be absolutely electric. I'm not good day now -- just the guy but he certainly not -- anymore I was surprised they -- point that out more on Monday night. Ross -- from Sports Illustrated you're listening to 1080 the fan night I've feels like -- that we -- time -- the -- today that there -- more. Quarterbacks playing at a higher level this year than we've seen in quite some time. Feel like that you of that where maybe in a golden age of quarterback plane if so why is that. I think -- probably are and here's why because I thought about a guy Joe Flacco. And I think he's the top ten quarterback. I can get to -- drew and my head -- list of the other good quarterback. And there's a bit bigger and those guys really really good. You know you're not sure look up your weather and got that. For that reason I would say that there are you know -- -- weekend at fifteen certainly. We really legitimate franchise quarterback. That are out there right now I can't remember there ever being that many it's already. Couldn't the resort contrary elect. What you have grown in Cleveland. Or Buffalo or Oakland you know likely unable to really saying is there's a lot more hasn't had not than ever before. In terms of the teams -- national well below league. And it also seems like there's a lot more haves and have not. In terms of quarterback surely that many average guys that didn't like. Reserves. They match at all you know big number of guys franchise quarterback. -- you're terrible there is not a million between. Speaking of terrible. Is there any excuse for the Eagles looking the way they did against a bad football team I mean if I'm Andy Reid I look in the mirror and really got a question my team. Miller known yours that there could still lose that game. I mean what -- -- all properly guys that he -- they put -- -- -- at least once a year you know I mean. After several actually party that angle I mean every year they have a gamer I'd like oh my gosh that didn't happen fiery topic did you get. And they always seemed to bounce back from that they've been incredibly. Billion -- brought Ivan how many guys you were knocked out of their survivor pool. By kicking eagle -- but I can't even met him I thought they would win that game by twenty points easily. A lot of it has to do it and you read ego he continued to wanna throw the ball even though they're averaging six -- And even -- Jason Peters. -- -- -- The Raiders Eli would get that -- at the line at some point. You know that picture got got -- -- -- the lineup -- -- look more. But I think it it happens a lot in college and I think you see it creeping in the NFL where coaches lose ball games because of ego. Where they say this is what I do this is my system and I'm not gonna adjust on stunned sometimes especially in the NFL. How many times you leave a guy like Jared Allen one on one because -- see what we don't offer -- torn left tackle my point is if you left tackle can't block him. It doesn't do any good to sit there and you're headed to a -- give the DM guys some help. Well that driving -- the -- -- but from the Monday -- later. How about them having a tight end blocking Elvis Dumervil. Broke me thinks that any bigger orders I know that's -- steeler but -- just does not. You know they cannot have a linebacker tight end messed up again and I the other team's move and those guys around that much. It's just the way they call the protection you think Andrea well -- got any day. You would do better job of made you sure you had the individual matchup. You want to play though but my LT problem -- I think he might be done at. Now and -- you look at him and everyone keeps it. Everyone always says well you know he's been chipped up he's been banged out to switch of the gets healthy but again once you've played 789. Years in the NFL and you get banged up. Most guys don't. Get healthy communities those bang doubts start to become chronic injuries. And you don't get better you get worse than I look at Shawne Merriman but three years ago most feared defensive player in the league and now. I did anyone feared him did he require a double team from any team in the week. Let me get some just because of the nature that position after sliding left but. Yeah I would just like him to be quiet. I'm tired of every region saying that the greatest -- Well and you don't show -- Monday he showed that nothing anymore you know he's the guys that need to fit to learn true. You know put up or shut up at that point. Do you think of the Titans -- fire Jeff Fisher and if so where do you think Jeff Fisher may land. I don't know that comment should -- Titans owner Bud -- little ominous about that. On I would think that would be huge mistake I was actually got the game I had a bit though I was a net 59 -- -- -- no stormed. -- as a quality. Miserable and everything else in between. But it can't believe it seemed to have won't be returning starters and -- it that day he dropped so let me coverages they have so many books. And mental error in -- mind boggling I -- Victory the second group focal last year I don't know amid diplomatic and it got bigger bigger role in sixteen. Yeah maybe we'll get fired. Well that you really swept that that much because there it'll he's. That would hire him and him in Chicago team like Buffalo maybe even Jerry Jones there's a lot of teams out there. That would look chip Fisher -- coach. I think there -- a lot of teams out there that would love you know Jeff Fisher but also Jon Gruden or Mike Shanahan Mike Holmgren -- bill cower I mean a lot of rule you could coach is sitting out right now so what do you think a lot of these guys end up if Shanahan go to Washington gruden maybe Dallas. You know are out of a part of me -- there are I think the Gallup in Washington. Will open up with a big game -- you know I would be surprised -- Holmgren -- In Washington or Dallas or Shanahan -- by expert so I think both those teams for certain. Are gonna go for big name guy at another place and what might happen in Carolina. You know well -- gonna have a new coach you don't get the sense that both locally and go -- -- big -- type -- -- And you know what -- these guys might let the media more than we felt I think Shanahan and Holmgren will be. Head coach next year for sure I'm not at 100% certain. About who rooted and about power because they like their cushy mediate gay -- just don't think. You know look at the perfect -- that I can handle it they're -- and they don't wait for what they feel lucky to perpich ideal setup. Our roster talking again this week we'll talk to next regret. -- -- --