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Paul Keels, Ohio State Play-by-Play, (7/20/09)

Jul 20, 2009|

Paul Keels, play-by-play man for The Ohio State University, comes on to discuss the Big 10 season and Ohio State's season outlook.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do not want to make mr. Paul -- way he is the play by play voice. The Ohio State Buckeyes thank you for joining our show today Paul how are you. -- -- and I. -- about it on the Mike there. I'm sorry how long you've been on the -- there this coming urban -- number baucus. Want to come out of the womb just like that it's easy came -- -- -- argument lets them know. Know that from -- -- Wellemeyer to stand up to exhibit purely. Are you a smoker. -- It would seem that Ohio State is poised to you know to win the Big Ten again now -- if if there are national champs should get tendered hinges on probably September 12 you know hotel the. Yeah that that's kind of goes wherever it looked at a early this is a team that while there looked at along with -- street. Is being the troops there were the victor and they're still a lot of questions about this team's starting whip. Together gets a lot of attention to a prior you know -- solid Q would he could do as far as rushing threat to duplicate that. I bloggers are still anxious to -- can he become a consistent -- A -- reeling. Who's going to step up and replace -- curse and world tailback they lost their top two receivers. And and in all three outstanding defense supporters. So the wall posters are accustomed to re loading and then there sure which seemed to be enough. Could develop -- kind of feel little orders are going to be into it differently so we -- -- -- commodities. But those came with some questions that all of those questions maybe it's over whether its second week whether you're sick. It was we it is you watch stroke prior accusing year -- comparisons to Vince Young but there was two or three times last year where. He literally could not complete a pass -- as just it it amazes me that kids that are this highly touted that come in he's got all the talent in the world. Don't have the single fundamentals up how to throw a football that the delivery. At times looks like an eight year old thrown. No point I think some of the fundamentals -- there I think it was a combination of things number one. Taking over for starter after the US gambling -- -- offense had been -- ago tug back and it was just drop answered. Also you know of course well at times and Hillary and neglect that can make him not being defector consistently that it could be him from. Some some no question about your offensive line at times and that's going to be the key that was starter on this here. I think which is always in particular. The game with Penn State. He can make some passes to keep them in the game but not keep this is -- -- In the book the Leicester Hawkins didn't really need to throw the ball becomes -- Little League so well. The and in the bulk of Texas with with all the time between under the rigors of the ball and saw. Really electric rhythm there. And that's what -- the two quarterback deal. Poured into the football game but it even -- just passport. The spring game he looked. You saw some noticeable improvement appointment the week before -- -- -- really struggled with a -- You know we kind of forget we're going to mention that he would come again. He did not have spring football practice pleasure a lot of these high quality. I school recruit graduated early commitment he did not do that because it was. Point first big basketball championship and school and and some of that saying -- And really kind of you know on the Bobby split hairs -- but -- really haven't held up a little bit despite published. When you look at you mention that USC game and no offense but the the the Big Ten of recent times has not been. Loaded in -- it's it's basically right now a two team race with Penn State and with Ohio State if they lose the USC. Does -- matter what they do with the rest of the year will it is almost it's -- the national critics will not be satisfied even if they going to -- the rest of the season. If they lose that game to USC people are going to play Ohio State say it's a good team and a bad conference they can't beat. And not even convinced if they wanted the people look at it because of some depressed privileged. Thumbed it and that's kind of that the difficulty with that would be Macias is done -- -- -- nobody could still lose that. The US against toward the Big Ten championship and player BCS bowl game but you know one loss like that certainly would -- tournament under very difficult -- An and the other thing on the front side of that. You know they opened the season went forward may be and I don't think anybody's expecting maybe become the Columbus upset about the triple option the -- -- just. And something really -- a lot of people and that's. That's going to be difficult for Lester to simulate in practice and last year the week before the USC game purgatory headquarters they struggled pointed -- -- university so. But the US became nationally and outside of the state -- all of a sudden the big tent. He's going to -- people's attention not only just go full listing them until they're back. But for the Big Ten because they're both real students took to the bulk of their. But I would all deals he's the play by play voice. At Ohio State on 1080 the fan NFO 19 record against the SEC in bowl games is is one that that jumps out but. Is that something -- people make a lot of their what do you make of that number there. Bill -- a bit more about the history. Do here you know but -- it's deserved but you can argue wouldn't care about permanent deal from Ohio -- -- -- the woman religions Tuesday. The national championship game loss to Florida. You know one when that autistic one and is a considerable Draper Troy Smith was riding the Heisman Trophy in. And for whatever reason -- just did not actual importance and status -- it'll she's not for the bullets or. Put their best game. And the behavior that season and inevitably get tired of hearing that they didn't belong there were going to be all that so we'd be immediate something that really had to -- -- not to mention effective. Or just it lost to Florida the national championship tournament basketball guy who doesn't sit -- sort of it's something that certainly has given him secure a lot of bragging rights. I don't know the people really get excited if -- for the Big Ten team beat Tennessee in Outback Bowl were real doubled to portable that are Sotheby's you have split. You know it's for the tickle stick Penn State or somebody else stood. The bitterness and some team attempt to beat USC has spoken to two releasing -- -- for the out. How good is the conference this year we know how to -- it's going to be good we know Penn State's going to be good is is there anyone else. No one not terribly and I mean at least not at that level of Michigan State -- a team that people think might be a good team. -- are still doesn't have that all the schedule this year. I always the team that people probably would've stole more belt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So league doesn't look like for the most poured into turn Timorese it'll Michigan obviously with their struggles of their transition. They don't figure to be better enough to they're going to it would be a factor that you'll think that. You know if you look spectacle which people like to order here if you look back to 2002. Hollister won the national championship nobody really -- Orders to -- for the rest of the Big -- have a whole lot of serious consideration -- beginning here of course it started the season. Precinct number thirteen or something like that and -- you don't debts to interest and think about it and it would play on the field Q what happens but I. But both categories and their personal not a whole lot of people who are expecting the Big Ten to probably be one that's going to -- a lot of folks' attention nationally. It always surprises me with the with the Ohio State you know and they get that label of Big -- slow plodding team and they can't compete with the the the fast -- in south yet year after year you looked at qwest its roster. It's just help him and this is athletic as anyone else's you can't tell you what I look through these guys the NFL with -- your roster year to year. -- it's myth made up of slow plodding players I just I don't buy it. No I don't -- -- -- don't think you can look at at least analyst excuse what happened in the early mr. national championship games. And even if you look through the use USC game published here and other guys were really his. And -- biggest turnover creating problems McEnroe mr. excitement but back to that ordered him. The opening tickled to -- -- back but it gently touched. Could double in Albany election game -- -- -- -- do with the pushed Chris Wells and Brandon sing the -- penalties and turtle would really -- upside down of those errors you look at. And that group of -- receivers that Penn State blister -- -- -- them big would be. Just as dangerous as probably most any receivers in the pac ten -- the and yes you can that you might keep building -- it's -- -- -- Rolex secured -- at critical times of the total honesty the big. Title Paul -- he's the play by play man has state. Now you have such golden tones there's such -- -- -- would you want to give us may be a little taste of of Terrelle Pryor touchdown collar something good that our our -- Arlen can hear what Paul keels is really -- Couldn't I couldn't secure do Milosevic -- -- able to -- to or helped. Build the pro Hillary -- probably. They -- but you don't know when you mentioned that there -- a lot of things that. That you would respect what he did last year and maybe his most significant play it was a touchdown against was coached Little -- the game ball the world. Where he was able almost double booked to play to duplicate the ball on the end and and -- -- -- -- eleven Dudley and into the end zone can ensure that it the global -- had something prepared. To. Why does. I I -- it means it like over the side of the head. Like a brick with your voice I mean and I should've known that -- mean your your did experience play by play guys want -- best teams in college football but. It's just it's it's I can I describe it is gorgeous. Yeah. Well you ordered that that I shouldn't say it and you -- work. For what you're -- part of the country you were eurocard urged the world to do. To listen to a great coach bill don't global trade might dodged that one near the NBA and had an estimate -- You know great gentleman. Dark horse bookstores from people perform well better talk about the great radio call with -- Yes Johnson runs this -- who does a maniac guy's amazing idea of insurance on your voice like if something bad happened the continue. Collect comment. Doug know I'll just turned a -- person -- Washington whose -- real solution. Paul -- Ohio State tell you can hear him also on the sand 97.1 in Columbus he's the politically at their kickoff -- -- time -- appreciate it. -- -- -- --