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Wes Bunting, National Football Post (4/27/09)

Apr 27, 2009|

Wrapping up the NFL draft with Wes Bunting of the National Football Post, discussing the early winners and losers with Isaac and Suke.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oregon State had seven players drafted the NFL draft this weekend that is second most. Among any school in the country behind USC org and third with six guys. West bunting rights they're national football post dot com he's been on our show many many times and he returns now break solve big stories down I -- Are going to be any better now what do you think about the Mark Sanchez deal who do you think got the better end of that deal Jets or Browns. I think when you look at the Jets quarterback roster before they make the Mark Sanchez deal. I mean that looks like -- CFL roster with the quarterbacks they have with their games Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff. There was no way they can onto the -- then with not some type of potential franchise quarterback on that roster some -- the fans' interest bit. -- I can come up possibly develop at that position so they had to give up whatever they had to do to move up get Sanchez. But give them that -- for the franchise and I think it's not like you'll fit and that west coast team I think you're gonna distribute the ball well. And it's more kid -- accurate I think from day one he's the God's gonna lead them. You know possibly up so they can play well on point. How much of that do you think came into play with with Cleveland they just didn't want to pay guy needs to be guaranteed twenty million dollars it would had to pay the number five pick. Yeah from what I think -- in Cleveland they're number one guy they wanted placing Jackson. It's the last five technique position. But they wanted to Eric curry what they're number -- and then what then those two got off the board stated feel comfortable bringing in the guy like BJ Rashid. When they're already at Shaun Rogers the plate and notes. Did Roger and Russia have the flexibility to play the five technique and who knows I don't think it felt comfortable that. The main group back not to like with the Browns did in the first round collecting checks and get a guy like Alex Mack. In the mill the first round yet not a great value but back to top interior linemen that you. He's going to playing Cleveland spark there the next ten years so they can pick out a lot of long jeopardy. Don't have to invest upon in the position get a solid prospect. And he's been on the flip side of if you say it's it's gotta be ecstatic if you're going to a team that is a Pro Bowl caliber team. Sit there should be a chance to succeed that's the thing I have my course when Matthew Stafford is even if Matthew Stafford goes out and plays in a decent. I gave the Lions really went 34 chances are good they're going to be right back where they are committed another thirty or forty million guaranteed dollars to the guy next year. Well I think what that line tested there there's all these things just sit in the -- and let them learn what Culpepper played it romance. I think it all right into the wolves to let him learn Scott Linehan new offense. As Stafford it reminds me a bit of Jay Cutler with that strong arm. -- the same part of his decision making doesn't improve yet a lot of Patrick -- yen and in the well my eat yet he needs to go out right away. Thrown into the -- CP can develop he's never going to get 60% completion are like Sanchez. However you can rely on the big plays get the ball down the field when you're the target like Calvin job then you have something going -- steeper but. Yeah it is sprawled out this year what if he went to game the stolen improvement from what they had last year at the building blocks well in the Belmont. I cannot see the rationale they can spit the part of your alarm on Culpepper that would make it sent me. But -- well it doesn't make sense because he's making close to 42 main -- and CDs got to play putt but I I disagree once it is often. Do these guys get thrown to the walls. And does it work when that happens I mean he plays for the worst franchise arguably all sports is going to play behind a crappy offensive line. I mean it's it's the same thing that people think he -- by Joey Harrington when he got throwing it -- -- trade. It's just like I mean how can you expect this guy to go in there knowing how difficult it is to play quarterback in the NFL. And and have any sort of success whatsoever they mean you mention it right you you you took the words right out and out you're you're essentially throwing him to the wolves. Yeah it's really that's what Matt behind Joe Flacco did this past year Ben Roethlisberger in the Peyton Manning. Besides those or got a -- name a successful. Quarterback in the first I mean even Manning struggled to look at Troy Aikman and struggling I think it's just getting that experience you want to quarterback that mentally tough. -- -- -- -- -- Rookie year I got like a group reached ever want to get to burst your year and San Diego with a real struggle with that third year April it blocked somebody group outlawed. Want to another location and that's really got a ball and so I think. If you have a quarterback that you feel it immensely pop -- can take that burst your town being. Failed to kick in the teeth against pop back up how open I think that goes in the evaluation process and hopefully. For the line take it felt that way about Stafford. Not just that the and the mental side of -- take a physical side of because you don't get -- a lie but could ugly kid can just Q we just call a spade a speed at this point say that. Al Davis is just an embarrassment to the NFL. You know the sad thing about Al Davis -- we talked about how brilliant Bill Belichick did Al Davis of the -- though for bell I mean. -- Yeah absolutely we're in the bottom Andy Roddick you know really anyways well yeah -- Bellamy he really brought it brought up to par with am and today. All the Raiders from where they were obviously it struggled in the past couple years when you're picking in the top seven the last five years you're doing something wrong in. You do feel bad for the guy here there is Hayward that you could help to hit. I have a radio lot lower the most people my wide receiver bored so I didn't you worse about the pick but. I mean the Raiders last beat it to bigotry because they got a guy named Louis -- in the fourth round another six to Garnett. Or three speed cheap put those two Jets on the -- hopefully can run the ball in JaMarcus Russell you get the ball downfield well what. With a -- like Crabtree on the board and there's no you've. It wasn't just that it was that you did that he got a guy at seventy pike and got it 27. He didn't guy in the second round that many people had as the seventh round pick. He took a fourth drug guides Slade Norris who even -- Ortiz and -- they get give on the paper did today I had my agent told me I was going to be a free agent. You spent a -- and fun. A two to four. On kids that you could've gotten one around later and in two cases maybe even two free agents. Yeah I'm not I mean it when you look at their a lot of people -- especially this year. In this weaker draft class from top to bottom we saw more talented small school got -- -- the board. That's you know people that hero that we're kind these late round champ kind of thing. And when you got like god I mean or -- running back I would this senior all the you can get drafted -- what that statement scout not -- couple some of the player I think a lot of teams. But when the apple when you look at the greater whole perspective. And we are talking about Bill Belichick that they could keep values team new republic on the board consistently getting good value at each pack and -- -- in the Raiders failed -- well. Our guest is west bunting his website national football post dot com on 1080 the fan. Seahawks grade they're draft. I want to put the Seahawks decide. I don't like creating a draft and I will never handed out an eight BC great sport you guys they repealed. However. -- but the guy like you Deon butler from Penn State I think with all the -- bands and they're well they're both Bobby Ingram. They got it got it pretty close the reincarnation and this is an explosive guy that consistently get cleanly and it out on the route -- can make plays down field. And he's -- got to contribute right away in the slot. -- the local product this is the guy that you'll be one of the top five all sent to block it all met team he can play tackle that you played -- can play better. So wherever they have to fill that bill I think Unger slides into one of those spots. And then what curry I think he's an immediate starter remarks have been execute those spikes. Derrick Brooks a little bit he'll play all that strong body can take on blocks run after the bought think that the real solid first respects. West what are people saying about what Josh mcdaniels and Denver did I read a quote from him he said that. I'm mcdaniels said well he's just in his experience the thought of running backs is so hard to come by yet I mean debt that ridiculously. Poured defense that they had and they go out with their first round pick and draft a running back. I cancer -- I'm no expert but that to me looks rather foolish what are people saying about that. I think the annual -- He had indeed fans were up a lot of players available. -- just trying to -- them and figure out what our what position rather confident that where they're going to be the most successful. It didn't matter they drafted you spent the whole way through this year they were going to struggle offensively but they -- the the figure out -- veteran standpoint what he has start filling those holes next year offensively that you're I think you want to get the best players available. So he would feel comparable from his offensive scheme standpoint but think that was kind of -- rationale -- -- -- again. But I agree with you wholeheartedly when your only taken one guided you back -- front seven of former Robert Ayers where. You know I can't find one starter in their front Rebecca sparks for a New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys and their 34 besides your run Strobl. Give me the guys that are ready to make an immediate impact your offense and defensive. Rookie of the years. -- we got an -- ball and unlawful to Jacksonville Jaguars did with their first read text demagogue like you. Eugene Monroe the tackle from Virginia to anchor the -- are -- in Britain that in the second round. First round talent will be called it short -- I think you have better right tackle. People -- right in there I think that was -- on either side and they get a quick blocked I didn't like promise not Arizona I'd love what state did. And then I'd like with the -- that without Lugo and inside troop down slugger he's never going to be a guy that's going to deal would be. Loading tall bridge and they played however senior guys make tackles of the line of scrimmage -- -- got I think it will be up there. For the most rookie tackle that everyone in you'll be right up there Ortiz at the rookie -- the year. What teams did the best in your opinion. Like that put the Jaguars football that are real nice job the Seattle Seahawks. Obviously the Patriots are really like. The Baltimore Ravens -- obvious complain to gain -- and patiently like. -- cheat in the all blushed and -- not demagogue like Michael Ward to open up a couple box that the god they needed it and sort of got on the bright side maybe pick remote the last but that. Security of all -- -- tackle like Michael war -- the first round after. Absolutely -- Yeah did that just felt like the Baltimore move. Less kids are gonna get takes -- -- --