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Kenny Maine, ESPN (11/11/08)

Nov 11, 2008|

ESPN Anchor Kenny Maine joined Isaac and Suke to discuss his new show on ESPN.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest is a savvy veteran of the worldwide leader in sports he has a new TV show only it's not on TV. It debuts on espn.com. I do believe today. It's called main street Kenny -- returns to primetime on the stand RE -- I was an apt description of the show a -- people -- -- -- to figure out but he just miniature TV show on the Internet. And a lot of Rick Rodgers -- -- Portland Oregon. I get a shot. Shout -- here to your body now does it does this show start today was I right about that. Did this start today. On the Internet conduct problem and beyond every Tuesday and Everett started sort of episode. If you go there early in the day which would be really early Portland -- like 4 AM. On Tuesdays and try to. It'll be fun summer funniest conduct common -- can avoid it as the day goes on a sudden moves in the sky it. More typical quiet but if you try hard enough. You know -- on the search the main street and they want any of the search. Aren't there. Look at the commitment he got this thing young like 1215 episode commitment. We have between fifty and seventy that -- depending on -- the tribunals ruled a couple so those carrier. -- -- but I I'm all for a these. Blue. -- yeah sort of just nothing that should offend anyone too much I mean. Competing with. You know I can't say the word that the Matt Damon. Then to -- you know I mean yeah there's -- -- the so outrageous but funny. Yeah and I think some some consumers with Billick has become a problem compared other stuff you don't after the on him in now. There's others on -- or. Mark turner saw him but. As just miniature oval. Stories you know beginning middle -- -- -- there in five minutes long and we are great characters goes your record with -- and -- Couple celebrity walk on and walk off. We were ticket broker. Why is this show just on line. Well. Originally a couple of from the -- who who will rookie of immigrants out but we're Independent civic -- -- -- your losses of the TV show. And they liked it you know what you're went by and nothing happened to my next hunter came out. You know last January of this year and I I just kind of made that locate a overdo it again and they were. Still behind at that could figure out you know -- so John skipper -- about what goes strict production but. And the on the Internet -- a lot of them were there so I got that Nolan talk about that because. Some people -- is there -- particular and now this country on an -- But I don't ESPN's Kenny -- name -- any the the characters are actors not actually ESP employees which they play ESP employees on the show but are you worried does that watched some of the the trailers on online there. And I linked to a few of them on the blogs are list is -- that they haven't seen yet are you worried that Bruce Reynolds will steal the show that guys fantastic. You've done underground comedy you're a much on blazer there. In the heat you know you compare him and generally all the other record number word. Individually very addictive but he's you've got -- and our guys. Just who looked as well and then manner. That all the -- things in the shooting we used it. Out of context but. We were all saying things that were inappropriate that shouldn't be and he just dropped like such a double you know understandable one liner that. We laughed for like ten minutes -- to stop the production and so he made a slap on the -- and and hopefully he delivers. It is medium well when you said we are actors only that's -- to go to those court. -- -- -- -- -- But we also have. You know stop until there's a you know lover Chris Henry and Michael Campbell -- -- and people jump into Europe. And so they -- or currency while. Kenny -- if ESPN now what what rolled the easy these play on the show like I guess just just describe the show I know it's going to be funny much the chairs I need more dry we have -- to -- you explain it but I don't necessarily understand what the show is. There's no pointer at Missouri in the pointers and not part you're surely there breakdown right you're just talking between commercials. Running. So -- all the time but in the pit. And we reluctant to leader or just purple but we hope the start -- Each one of those. -- that -- that you know weird situation and auggies could have happened -- the opening one of those cult sixes. Suburb called alert in all 3:45. In the morning whatever turned out to be. -- the -- sports center to get ready to re air and that made some mistakes. Got a ticket anymore -- breaking Munich air right his wife does leave them -- about five ailment. Crum has emerged counselor on in the -- -- there's another one where. We're -- to go to China -- Video cowboy. He's not a bully them passports if the government -- -- soul so we can't go to China the Olympics. That would Chinatown and look like the company that -- -- that we don't nobody plays restaurant serving -- preclude him. Several soprano from the start does that mean as well I was 23 people Kirby appropriate so each one knows just what -- And it actually could have happened relied we have enough where they definitely are Billick or typical Spurs -- the notre WW respect Spurs anywhere for the NFL. Sort of a fictional account of me going out during the fictional stories. For the winners' cup we -- called -- for an expense report the subtle line those. You daily life office. How much that this is based in in reality wears some happens do you mean you kind of take one of these things in and twisted off into one of these episodes. I think about half an apple wanted to do -- -- that we we didn't quite have the travel budget to recreate at all there was a time and realize -- -- on so it is a comedy club. And he didn't show up -- -- yard course Terrell. He didn't get in the car because it's Chinatown -- for the limo really we make that offer but in -- afterwards after getting less credible animal because he had like five frenzy but -- -- are. We worked up and it there was -- helicopter showed up deliver. -- title with. Kenny -- his show is called main streets and you can catch episode -- is already on espn.com. As we speak. From -- washed and how are you coping with the the pitiful nature of the Seattle sports teams. Yeah I just talked about without -- it's not here yet but Q division one way or whatever they're calling that there's not. Not well he talks a lot of injuries were going to hear excuses and talks were stolen. And the Mariners finished -- -- 100 somewhat -- Central -- -- have a good year and can't Portland State. Will they be Washington State so -- -- Washington State beat them but if. That can help or PR. Yeah it's a tough year but I think I don't lose through the success or failure of my team from the I'm still a lot of all of course personally you know assume the beloved that I follow what I care about. Monday rolls around them you know go about your regular life I think. Because people put too great an emphasis. On how the Internet and I'm not taking away all of you know you build community and great all of have a passion but. Now there's going to be badgers badgers -- as a dark the year -- -- or halt development and movement of. Yeah I don't know -- give much worse though the Sonics ended up the best that I really think that that's been the most successful team in the state of Washington. Well I think they sold the team in the wrong party nothing at. Too bad -- -- break -- -- magazine article and I likable enough after reading that about his pick alcohol. But in outlook electro -- -- so much we -- griddle Turco on it. And -- with a purpose and also have a -- out look torturous and drug money to keep this girl trek in in the system until the ball and not known for -- of course they destroyed the -- Over liked what what do you what we'll talk I just wish. You know all the money people in Seattle even if there were camp in our five order of the number was that would put -- -- out he's just another money but. Can't believe that got smoked all -- with the will be buyers. Yes it's interesting -- year your attitude is is refreshing because on the same when we both are on the shows you don't live and die you say -- the -- your sports seems that's a very west coast attitude I couldn't agree more and you being on the east coast ESPN as much you -- -- sure you see the the dynamics of the other end where it's just it's it's your team more or die basically. Where a number one the refs -- couldn't get it done until their recent successful I was with the producer were coming but for all children of the game appears -- with a left. -- -- Pedro which in -- in the game too long. And they they lose the playoffs are out. And my producers are better bought the pennant you do it -- just look at me and a lot of like. Thought -- the -- luggage and walked away I I feel a lot of oil on doubtful look but -- that I want to double him a spot. Did you see the the two fans that they got killed over the Alabama LSU game. That market. Around the world to have taken to an extreme is look at them offer in. You know rampaging and their for a you know wire barriers between fans -- -- the Americans also. Until the very definition of Fella. Or hurt or fanatic but those short span shortened version of that I think it's healthy to go -- root for them to do well on. Not kicker hit the park are -- to get out of control and -- in at all -- side based on our team does on the field. -- too much and then they're supposed to come off the take that approach he. He should be so passion that you can -- life but I got two kids in the liked them. Garbage to the local land elements there's -- part of our problem. He had called perspective and I think it's refreshing things like I don't. Not likely -- -- problem I'm not a garbage. I was wondering. I start my daughter if victory speech miserable local element which -- chosen to recruit from state beat her voice. -- -- and -- got a problem richer than what the inevitable that wasn't what membership was going to watched -- it was it. A good for you if you Kenny it -- called main street it's up now at espn.com check it -- I know this is going to be funny. A year funny guy Kenny thanks -- resign. Aren't -- our -- many times all your computer people across. -- the bank.