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Sinner and Saint 3.25.16 Hour 1

Mar 25, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. Okay. Hey good morning Portland it. Thank you for joining us on Saturday morning. Will Americans back in from his vacation from the coast from love making. Was it that patsy Tillman wasn't for love making on united and it'll make you. Can comment on the power. 314. You know you had to test and rain right when we got there who's weak or girlfriend and so for love make. A little bit love me I'm an ego was and that's so hard to admit it seems there and it was 'cause I know she doesn't listen to the first half ourselves how we wanna win and yeah you want to describe when she's listening well. No I can't. I'm confused usage does not listen to the first half hour and I talk all about it a wall or we can talk about it I was kind of worried that she might be listening to the first half hour can actually have four left today. I'm like hey you should listen as shallow and choose again I'll all try to get were you not satisfied with the lovemaking if we continue talking about it are you going to be kind of how does not professing your disappointment for a I was into it passes out then there's nothing wrong with that the hoarding toast is made for lovers. And artists. Ever that's fares look art around there. You know when it's raining at the coast there's much to do there's not much to do to go around them look at impressionist art. Only impressionist art and how would art yeah. On a drift wood art bought me a lot of would learn. It's. Well done senator that was set up well I think he kind of site and I had I really enjoyed that as those fantastic I'd like it when you delight yourself. There's nothing better than good penis pun. That's true. It's. Yes I did this time though good I'm very happy to hear that it is march manage to able to skip the first weekend you professed your HI weren't loved her and asked great at the coast I didn't even watch one game it was amazing you intentionally it's okay. The first round of hub the madness got and how old sighting was the first round ray because there resolve those upsets. There are few upsets we've got an eleven and a seven still playing you got an a seven point four you get eleven or as I would say Xavier in the double one seed. Going up against icons Agassi there's still some upsets in their but now the morning talk about that we are first buzzer beater last night. That was exciting you have to admit that was very inside very exciting day you had your first buzzer beater which was. Zack. Close at Showalter sexual they're hitting the buzzer beater for war mean this is just one of those dramatic moments makes term it's a great tyranny here at queen's. 76 to go gators it's more fun to go get it and the shoulder trouble could try to get all the work that out. It Marge Scherer is born that time again to go no overtime Wisconsin did not win a game so long that comment because this happened what's the state because it just. Okay. Question about this two clips. And noticed that there is music playing under the Wisconsin should I can put them more time did you have the means and starts so it's dramatic or have trouble filled I don't them or not. And the. Get a driving music. Did you add that music you know I had not this is everything that is wrong college basketball. This music there is taken from you tell me CDS that's very they won and I just see CBS always plays though the one shining moment at the end of determines that clouds coming down this was done it would get this is PM yeah. Some I don't know who had this music to Betty your bed yet. There is something horribly wrong with college basketball win they have to play music behind it to tell you how to feel. Well here's what I think played that second clip. This is a game played. He positioned to yeah close. This is what is he did it. He owns. And. Here on the back when I'm standing just next round just just erupt. That's all I need that's all that's all I have to have you don't have to play the cancer patient music to get me pumped up. And any of this. Not just this again because listen to the music in the background really like you can got to pay attention to whatever the announcer say go ahead whatever but really pay attention to this background track he's seven. Did you succeed on gators it's more fun to go get him to shoulder trouble could try to get off the work that out. And the funny thing is seeking. Here's the crowd know. How hard. This league dumbing down of fans is is what my opinion is on it it really is though because it's basically playing this. Very cheesy inspirational music to hell you. How you should feel in this moment. And it is absolutely ridiculous that as a grown man of 29 or however old you might be be you have to listen to this music and then think back with all these installed your thoughts about how great college Basque most. Yeah I don't forget that most these guys are going to a drunken orgy after this. Yeah make sure you don't forget that one and make sure you you know have that he's gonna backer for your kids to listen to. This is the way they've branded the tournament and that that's what I say about the one shining moment though that that's the idea it's Cinderella it's the big dance it's this. Kind of agree I like it is right if you're still in it the dream is still alive. Have a chance to go down the nets this is with a brand in the tournament. It's fitting with what they've been has been created over the deck. I just to mean. This is kind of what's wrong with college athletics because there's this whole dichotomy between. These players being men right. Being professionals. Being eighteen years old and kind of putting their foot in the door and tried to. You know become professionals but then you play this kind of background music that makes it seem like they're still in high school. To meet its absolutely infuriating is a fan because I think you're pandering to me you're trying to tell me how to feel in this one moment. I don't need to know how to feel you don't need to play the cancer patient music played at second clip again here's this this okay this is great yet this is all I need. It is the safety position disclose. The. And it's almost better for the announcer is no idea what to say if you didn't see this shot you need to go and pulled the clip on it because this is he running the three pointer. Chris she'll still lets the ball go in almost beats the ball to the basket you have full sprint toward the basket. In the end if not for a player Kennedy impeding his path he could have run right underneath the basket before the ball got through and. Not only got the awareness that he has said because right before he does take the shy you know he takes is deliberate to us debt right beyond the arc like he literally looks down. Takes the step and lets it go issues like what's your three point float up it's amazing it's your dropped from the art. Yes yes it's just an amazing shot and and that that the things different about this comer station because. I understand what you're sat and endure they're going to put a music bed underneath the there. You know. Bryce drew. Did. Christian late nerves. Mario Chalmers the input the montage. Of that together and they're gonna play this music under right that's how they sell this turn so we'll take all of these buzzer beaters overtime and they're gonna do that this. Will probably be one of them the funny thing is that happens to be under the wrong clip in this instance where at the one that ties the game. And yeah the march hero and it's it's wrong so it's branded incorrectly where. But you have to have this shot it will go down there there's a benefit of that nostalgia and the way they've branded the tournament is to have this kind of you know soft vibe to it where it is something that is. More innocent and I again your point that. That athletes themselves may not be living in that world I found out yesterday that Bryce all birds car is named the stallion. And he drives around LA new beetle with his dad thinking that a good coach and have that I cannot checks which got a Martinez got instant Graham model girl for any rolls around in brand new car and and all that. Isn't what twenty year old kid and and he's doing what twenty year old kids would too but if you Brady. Especially two point about the kids that had a problem with that but this is decades of of the way the tournament has been frame. Yeah and I think that what it does is it creates this whole narrative for lifelong fans that bid kick completely brainwashed into thinking that this is Howell. Things really are like this this isn't how things are I think as you become an adult if you still play into this holds true this whole narrative. I honestly think you're kind of dumbing yourself down. If you let that music encompass you your experience of what NCAA basketball is in you don't let. Stuff like this just to define what a big game is. This shot. Shields. And then around your neck when you do it yourself this do. This because you're letting yourself be just. Reeled in by the commercialism of what basketball is now we'll limit let me compared to something that. And I don't know do problem with did John Tracinda and NFL films and a dramatic you know a classical music that plays under it. And creating these NFL figures as heroes bright as heroes of children these do the men know men and the you know this really are out terror. Yes so you had a brief stay here and every other pirates is the autumn we will Arab leader seat as the grass blades tech all their share and is do you have a problem with that. Yup I do because I think that that's really. I think the whole commercialization of sports for fans I think sometimes goes over the top and I think that you lose yourself in what became really is he. This is kind of a far stretch here but bear with me conspiracy in the movie No Country for Old Men. Know we've we've talked about it talked it's what our pyramid and I love it. One thing if you watch that movie and you take notice and you have to watch it may be twice just to kind of let it sink in is that there's barely any music at all. There's may be music twice in the movie at the very beginning and one part around quarter in right. The fact that you don't have anything indicating. To tell you how to feel. Makes it that much more powerful. And in fact one of the things I really enjoy this last year was. Or in this NBA season was when the knicks had the workers Kemp. And they didn't play anything over the loudspeaker. I thought that was really also say is I was cool because it really even need strict feel looking you're focusing on with the game itself and I I'd like to see more of that so. Drain mongering comes out after that game and said how much he hated it easily why would even do that Campbell is advancing technology I didn't I didn't really have a side on that argument. And then my brother told me about the experience when he took his kids to their first blazers kitten. And you have all of the noise and all the extra and and these kids are four and sat SS. Pumping stimulus just like lights sound you know ease runner they love it. I mean they they ate it up they both have their little blaze posters on the wall. The this Sunday falling that they went the game on a Thursday or Friday night and I just happen to be wearing blazers shirt on Sunday when I ran into one. And my nephew could not take his eyes off my shirt like everywhere one of the room he he snuck over his mom he wouldn't say it's mean it's not govern with sprint. Share. She acts like he was just sold. Pumped about the game and I won't I wish. It was that game 'cause and exploited for the first half. And I wonder what the kids experience would have been if they would have gotten cut up and and not say that it's good or bad I still don't know how I feel about it but I just wonder if they need all that extra if you're sitting next your parents and their into the game and they're excited about the blazers playing in this game. Would the kids be equally excited or do you need all that noise. So did you you don't need it but what it's doing this is this is the whole marketing ploy it right you have to get them when their early. Should appeal to what they appeal to what they like now. And then let their taste develop and see what happens that's kind of what professional sports this. Because really I would say it's 6040 in terms of grabbing a young audience would pay attention to 60% of who they can grab early. And the other 40% is how can we sustain the fan base. We'll get into that a little bit more in the second hour we're gonna talk about something there's a piece of Peyton Manning audio and I'm very curious what you would do it makes sports better outside of the game if you could add a production elements to. The television broadcast to the end game experience of keep that idea in. 55305. I'm very curious if the blazers making the playoffs makes my nephew and niece a bigger fan we'll talk about that next sinner and saint tending to the fact. Yeah time is of the essence. 200 since who'd listen he got excited playing like we want that's why we can't let them up again. My could be. This business. And her innocence and on and you know. 55305. Is the text line you can and it's up on each winner. Twitter Twitter on Twitter. On Twitter. You are asked will the Americans 33. I am match Billy King Anderson you can get its act and eighty the fan. Blazers. Are a game and a half back. Are they. Of the eighth spot in the playoffs will and I were talking about this last week he is one of those pupils and believe that it's a waste of time to make it into the playoffs I think the more games you get. The better it's anything can happen but after that. The and then this point I'd. I change my opinion on it now because they think that word so close that point you really have nothing to Liz I mean you look at the first sharp right now and you can only assume the Golden State is going to be. Who you play if you do get that eighth spot you kind of look at the matchups and you say. While police say would make things interesting now you have the seven foot presence in the inside it's like. What does a couple things there's a couple benefits from the some talk about this for weeks there's a couple benefits you get from trying at the end of the season. Damian Miller has eight consecutive games of 25 point two more that is a blazers record. He's going out there he's playing with as much energy as you possibly can that's very energy from me to watch. You're also seeing no bond like you put into that little vignette that we are kind of coming into it. Sort of so flashes. Right I mean every says you need to get in the drafting get a lottery pick on the got a lottery pick through the trade ably by only was. The ninth overall pick the unity came out eighteen years old and now he's 21 start to show. Kind of the flashes of what his ability and and then of course you guys use of America that you came over who you know was relegated to backup role in Denver. And also and has become the darling of the Portland trail blazer fans. So there's all of these story lines that cut just fade away if you decide you're just gonna tanking and throw in the towel. You don't get this and and we were talking about sir the show sports is entertainment right into the way it makes its money is you get eyeballs on the television said he people who showed to the arena. And if you're gonna make it entertainment. Yes I realize that you may not have a chance to win a championship every year but there's 31. Teams that don't win a championship every year you might little gut giving your best Africa you never know what can happen. And for me eagle the last stretch of basketball has been by far the most entertaining the the blazers have played all year. Aria 'cause they have nothing to lose and that's the best part about the NBA you know I think for the most part the NBA this season has been kind of watered down. And that's no blame to really the play I think it's more blame to the talent field that really there's only about three teams that you focus on right you focus on. Pulled state. Yeah. Cavaliers and really got I think the other team that most people have kind of at least nationwide gotten behind her the Celtics. Yes you have this break out star and Isiah Thomas and so I think when you've relegate all this attention to just three teams that waters everything else down I think the blazers got Lawson nabbed by. We've been one of the hottest teams in March. And I think that now you have this kind of it doesn't matter what we do kind of mentality hey if we get the its by grey were not expecting much pay if we don't whatever we're going to be fine for next season we have something to build on. That's more exciting to play you can see it even than a lot the Milwaukee game we lost right at. They had that kind of do or die mentality which was like look we're got to throw Al the stops. There's nothing else we have here there it's the eight spot or we just kicked after an off season. And and the whole whole idea that you just you walk into the draft and you get one of those top five yeah because you tank Korean had to just heat. I know you don't that's the other thing is it really for talks at the Sony times. When they Sox are when they were south king was you don't in the active in pursuit of this they continually suck in certain senses. Is that you know like right what is missing. You know really what is missing from the Steve yeah well it's everybody played a little bit better isn't it it's that and it's the fact that now you have an offensive weapon in the high screen because before when miles formally or Mason plumbing whoever whatever poem lead like. I'm not so plum went I think Gary might apply only would set us at the high screen for dame or CJ really wouldn't create that much offense because he wasn't very good role player right. And I mean role in the literal sense that he wasn't very gutter roll into the hoop but now you have somebody like Dirk it you can set that high screen. In game game open and get CJ open to kind of shaken side to actually get maybe an in wind. The offense is completely revitalized. Iranian like yup it's before this was just kind of like a bungee jump shooters in crappy offensive rebounding now. It's back to what the blazers we knew in the past where right. We want Brent remember right before they made the warmly at her pitch trade Evan Turner started kind of figuring out what role in this team Wallace getting a little better so now the idea that he comes back with with a hand brace and can come in and kind of figure out where he fits a second time in this team now you've added an wreckage he doesn't have the benefit of them played with him but he's a guy that can score. From fifteen feet yeah and he's a guy that can go and and be that third ball handler that inside the press has really happy but for mud from a guard wing position which so now he's. Look and he kind of got. Pretty balanced team full team and you go in and we still don't have any idea of how Kevin France gonna come back and he may be ready for the NBA finals. But even if he comes back the final week of the season it maybe. That this the warriors of the most vulnerable in that first round series oh god definitely and really the match at the U look at is. Is the inside game is circuit. Because that's the mentally JaVale McGee yeah that's the difference maker the need because really if you're gonna be able I mean. Here's what I related to do you're only play Houston and there on time well felons haven't left. Or playing Houston in the playoffs and really based surge to get into this pattern where they were kind of just dumping it down to Dwight Howard and they were saying look if you're gonna beat us you're gonna be just down inside his role low isn't able to really handle him completely he could kind of stave them off but it wasn't. You know it wasn't doing I think at a certain point when we had to do was kind of double Dwight Howard we had tried rule as the blazers over and I had doubled you right Halard. And have them force the ball to be putting out right. That's I think what's gonna happen if we have to put the warriors in the first show us that they're gonna be forced to double team. And then you're gonna draw some defenders office and have dame online. On curry. Mercury on dame ansari and that's gonna create the mismatched as you know that's what they're gonna be right the first round right they're going to high aid staff scurry away from Damian will hurt yeah. He's the hands of liability. Well and yeah I would I would agree with that but there's also the idea that you know the blazers if they play their perfect game. Every game out against they would in the series. You know I mean that that's one thing that you don't know you have to play great game while they play a bad game what they have an off night shooting from whatever it is. But again you don't have that possibility for not in the series of get in there and figure out what's gonna happen does dame have the ability to go offer fifteen. Which it. Can CJ put it thirty every night. Of course again. Willie who knows you never know but there's a lot of X factors with this blazers team. Like you said Von play has been stepping it up as of late Evan Turner comes back and gets into the fold and what he can do remember you of former you know player of the year it at Ohio State. And he came into the NBA wit these high expectations he doesn't need to be the best player on the court but he always do is go out. And show the ability to change the pace of the game and that's something that is very difficult. To kind of go forth and what it really will tell you is how good of a coach is Terry Stotts. Remember last year when the play the warriors in the words you'll chipped up you've got a limping you know a step curry. And you have an opportunity to steal a couple of games at the end the blazers weren't able to do it. So have they learned any lessons from blaster the other team has a little bit different look to it but it's not all that different. And can you figure away at the end of these games if you keep it close can you figure a way to put your best players in the best position to win these games. And what I still think the problem is and you brought up the Milwaukee game last week where they couldn't score in the last three minutes and twelve seconds. Is does this blazers team have the ability to find a way at the end of the game and that's the piece that they're missing. The most you don't need to do it 25 times between now and the end of the season you do just defeat. And and if they do that they can figure out how all these pieces fit. Then they go into the playoffs with momentum and I don't think of the bad. Side note. And NCAA player the air yeah we've had the scarce issue before but I learned just. Bring it up again when is the last five years and history you got these names and I want heated at least try to predict. Where they are. Well just give me give me your best Denzel Valentine. In some Valentine. He is working at ease dubbed manager regional manager for jiffy lube. Regional and he said if he went up fast like Kaminsky outbreak of skis in Charlotte and her. Doug McDermott Doug McDermott it just got traded from bulls over to move there. Lou surging. Oklahoma City Thunder and K and Trey Burke for dream. Per. History Burke Memphis trick question. So these are all. College player of the years yes and I was there and then 101009. Evan Turner in these plans for the blazers center team third. I just think that's interceded. EE kind of take that kind of mentality going into the drafting you take that mentality going to think about college basketball too is that really a lot of it comes down to food did you score the most. We'll stick to forget trades the same thing that we talk about we talk about college football and the NFL. Then you know we usually get that the talent evaluated how everybody missile Tom Brady so many times. Different hit him. Let's let's go to the newsdesk. Welcome back kids I'm looking at our text line 55305. Stat of the day blazers have before. Best record in NBA through a few minutes left in the game. How that's calculated as did a quick check of their schedule got an eleven games we lost by five points or less. I love the stat there where does that come from these sites and has no comment we just have to assume that are loyal listeners that are. Well educated and well didn't disclose the schedule I if you had eleven more wins you feel better about it give a lot of losses that are five points or less. But they see such a great journalist Luke you always keep digging our eyes and curiosity a and I don't take things at face value maybe that's. The good thing maybe it's a bad thing page unite as a lawyer doing. While watching the blazers play these games and yo boy it sure would be nice if they scored the last three minutes of that game when their one game out of the final spot in the Western Conference playoffs and playing its Milwaukee you. You know isn't a great team gathered in the seven spot in the east but I feel like them to win you can yes and them didn't get into and he can go it's disappointing but. Deals like that happen a lot this year. No back had and there are a lot of blowout losses in their two Brothers. I mean eleven this pretty substantial number that's again that's just me looking at the schedule and can cruise and so yeah. I'll read the staffer whom he said today blazers of the fourth best record in the NBA 32 minutes left in the game so they may be saying if I'm reenact. Number you re reading it going so if you ended the game with two minutes left. They would have the fourth best record. But I'm asking you a question that's true. What's true what they get their writers David yeah. No plan and youth in this confused. Hey you talk said he gave players get laid. Yes okay very much so that's why a wake up in the morning. Yeah plus why. That's why I tried to get in the NBA. To get it up in the morning. Go ahead with your little. Spiel hey there's an article they came at the slowest week called the standardization. And the NBA mountains on ESPN and spoke about how NBA players are less and less than making appearances at nightclubs in popular cities wall being on the road. If you're ever a lot of times in the two thousands he'd see a lot of pictures of people like Allen Iverson going to nightclubs. During game and are now during games after games. Paul Pierce is famous for getting into an altercation outside a nightclub in 2000 you know but this this article is talking about how players now are more using the app Tinder. You get laid on the road instead of having to go out to a club and had a few drinks and then bring the girl back. In this guy. Who. Hit it well it might have been an NBA executive who's quoted in the article as saying like yeah you can probably get two hours' sleep more night if this is what you do. We got also our players have scored an article you may be rated this morning although the way it was it was one at. The article quoted at least one GMs this tender as a nation of the NBA that is that is causing this and and this that they were looking into. Is that the road team is actually winning more than they have. Ever in basketball and who has the best dirt road record and linger and it is not published it is the spurs and they're so. I put that in your head of so. They are just saying imagine some of those players sleeping with women. And hit you they can. So. This the the what the way to sort of goes framed out is that. It's hung around 58%. Winning percentage for the home team. Throughout NBA history in the 2000 it spiked in got up around 60%. The sixty for the the time the home team's winning now is down to 57%. So they're doing some digging trying to figure out. Why teams are doing better on the road now pointed to things like one general manager said to tender his nation of the NBA. It is and they've been quoted one all star players saying that he gets about two hours more sleep. Her road game when he doesn't go out the clubs into all of this in the two hour of sleep obviously is helpful. It also mentioned that. One of the guys in the heat I've upper instrument so it's not a necessarily tender but it's just having the available general term here it is of course it's of being able to gun talk to people now as a side bar in this there's a quick look up god. Well yeah I mean not to mention knowledge or private jets and stuff and we've rafter game of the new back to back its Internet tell it there's a very quick clip than their blitz so. All of this seems very anecdotal I mean as far as real journalism goes you don't you never pull one's sources saying this I realized. That you have a little bit of pieces of of a not a re saying the exact same thing. So my question to you was. Is this just. An NBA thing or NightCall just not as popular alone among one deals so I just did a quick little bit of digging and quickly found two articles said. Pebble and Miller go to Michael's sponsor used to. So maybe that has nothing to do with NBA players going around it because they feel like there's probably always been a way to get laid as an NBA player without knowing to a nightclub. I'm just wondered nightclubs are becoming less popular because. Maybe a gap between NBA players in the money that they have an isolation that they have from other people wanna go and play through a U. And they don't play for the high school team as my physically for their club team and they don't spend time. You know going out and party in high school it's not something that they're accustomed to so when they get to the NBA they're like don't be around a bunch of people. All and I think that if you talk about just normal people going out to clubs. That first you have to figure out who goes a club draped. You go to young people yet you're 21 to 35 frame match when he won. 27. Ideally their finals and there are yet anyway and and I hate that age group rate is a part of the millennial age group that. Historically is getting some of the lowest wages. And job stability of any other generation that we pass. At CE think about the error mindset of saying well I can't really spend money they going to a club and put down nine bucks for beer and so that's one way to think about it but I think it really when it comes out to clubs. For regular people that's really how low. You meet women Norah meet the opposite sex whoever your interest at a news I I think you have to get that club atmosphere now you can use Tinder. You can go on there and you couldn't have sex with people that you don't really know but. I would assume they you have to kinda. Meet those. Sure you don't go to a nightclub to get to know people either illegal bar though. Bars and nightclubs you can kind of mirror and I know they're not talking about just a bar bar not the sidebar and Applebee's yup they're not interchangeable that's a whole thing I was 21 until 25 Ireland to Las Vegas and a Las Vegas the clubs are obviously bigger and louder and you know whenever there there's all the one announcement ship more Coke. They're quote how the Miami. There are city not that like to think of NBA cities and in Portland is probably you know the one of the youth. Lighter club cities you know in the country anyway has made analysts. But there are. Some other types of clumsy and go to in Portland there are plethora of that would entertain young man right so you NBA players who are really go to strip clubs on the night out here yet. Sure that's it. Oh it's it's this they were in the path I don't think it's a regular thing and they probably go to the VIP room to pin you would never know they're there. The article in this was talking about a bouncer that it works for a nightclub in Miami whatever the big. Fancy one in inside the fountain blue hotel is which is like right and the middle South Beach and talked about kind of the deal goodfellas type entrance three go into one of these 151000. Foot. Dance clubs you've got confetti falling from the sky and some misty did that reminded me of Vegas of this to be back to my early twenties when I lived in Vegas nice to go to these clubs you go out and a usually weapon people came in this town in particular operative time and a diagram of what you wanna do. But it wasn't really nice scene that you could really see how old that would be unappealing to somebody that. When you speak of millennial well you said he'd get a of lowering common and being able to go out and talked people. I think most of their social interactions go the route would device yeah I think throughout the day you're going in you're talking to your friends through text entered Twitter and and snapped jet doing all this being not having that genuine interaction. So when you go out at night I think there's an element of that where you want to spend time face to face their friends being able to hear them have a drink talked to them. And that's indeed you do at a bar and you can do it and Applebee's just as well as you do it any other Barbie not at a nightclub that's not really the environment where you do that. And NP when I was younger it was you highly frontal ladies talked him all day it's like let's go out and not say a word to each other news go on track near pick up chicks and do whatever. But I think there's an element of it where it's like yeah I just wanna go and sit down with somebody had to face to face and that's part of the technology that's generational. And that would permeate the NBA NBA as well because these people within that general. One I think the other connection that they were trying to make him discern what NBA players is that also they're drinking last. Right yeah I guess he got the other night drinking as much on these jets in these charter airlines is that you know that's helping the recovery time and then draw that correlation between also going to a club beret you're making this point that at clubs dance clubs are not having. These species interactions what are you doing an Aqua. You're either really gap up on drugs or you're super drab gray both ball via boat if that's your thing ash. Well listen I'm pretty awesome plot the offers are so that you can you really drink more yeah throughout the night stay on race and you get integrates them you know border where they called the bugger sugars nose candy get that men are you get some all year but then you can just more alcohol and he had basically its way to extend the party basically I don't that may be they're thinking about. Are there drivers correlation in this article to saying that Mike may be athletes quit drinking like it's got to the chicken before the eight big ranked maybe they quit drinking. Horror eased up on the drinking because they do they knew that it was gonna cause more injuries more inflammation and everything. And then after that and they start getting more of a clear head they looked at these nightclubs and ago as something appealing again even if you're not thank you go to just hang up. It's left up at a nightclub what's the of that. That's also of a product of the generation to Writely can really hear your your sports heroes in a Tom Brady as his new V and food line through whatever it is purple onion or whatever and you have personal chefs a new look at these people you aspired to be. And George heroes are going on parties and doing all of that so if you're not if the previous generations slowed down a little bit on or you saw the horror stories with the U learning from people's. Mistakes or the people that survived the two thousands but still play in the NBA weren't the guys that. Played for the jail blazers I think there's an element of that. Good vs evil is next renew its topics that said don't. Necessarily have another poison the show back page stuff that's an accident satanic thing. Not all news makes the front today. Don't look at the stories you may not may not know about them. And maybe. Perfect world we would have fouled the water got down under the number that we like to do that. Yes we can also we practiced played it out to practice fouled practice those ways and usually ends up about 5050. That's professional bed salesman Mark Few talking about his day job which is coaching the Gonzaga men's basketball team for some reason the zags have become the underdogs even though they are the number one seed of this turn it. The six UN 58 win over West Virginia on Thursday was proof that with a little older deeper roster and some defense you can go far in this turn it do you feel about does that. When you know. We're also going to be tough I mean you look at all lose the blue bloods that are still in this turn men's and you can kind of through Florida in there having you know been so good through the Billy Donovan years of analysis. Whatever it is might want to answer you two new coaches Michael. They've been there they've done that you still get UNC Kentucky Kansas and Oregon back to the elite eight again I mean there. Dana Altman what he's done with the ducks program I think has really improved thanks so if you look at the competition beyond Xavier. It's going to be really tough and it's surprising how similar Xavier you run has been and as far as the school history goes small Catholic school mid major. There to lead aid both both playing their first final four. I I like the zags because I think you're right defense has apart and it but it's can be really tough competition if you make it to the final four. Luckily you you have the perfect drop. I that they the I think they can make it to the final four but the after that productivity questioning where it. Where's the ceiling but even that you look at the east bracket the only person that South Carolina playing Florida was Steve Spurrier as you know so yeah. You you you get the better match up. Are you look at the the right side of the bracket you've got Kansas were again UNC Kentucky whoever plays. Then wins those games is gonna go into another insanely difficult game TD pass the eleven seed Xavier point four worth seven. It's not that it's it's a much easier path to get to the final the final minute I think is a fan your fears is that guns that actually makes into the final and that's how lucky to Kentucky starts to get their rest together and they just get destroyed a Kansas that orient UNC all of the ability to go and beat him by twentieth hill Kansas and predicting we'll Kansas. Only matter time. Get a chance championship. A little sad history it was a total is now in their odds on up caught a Ray Allen. It was something that resonates that deep. And you feel that basically shifted the balance of power to some degree anywhere else develop occurred in the in the midst of at all that's ought to let golf. That's professional asset Stephen A Smith documented feud that seems to never quit Rondo. Verse Alan. Clearly the ten year anniversary of when the Celtics last won there in BA title is coming up and Raj on Rondo as many vacation for his former team but. There is one name left off the guest list that being Ray Allen he left the team after five years ago chaser ring with the heat which he got. And the two players have been bitter ever sets. Does seem like a bush league move for pretty warranted by rod. And so our question why is Rajon Rondo planning a party for a championship team that he was in a big part of big part of it I think nobody's gonna was it let but it was a he was more of a big part of the 2010 to. He he was a big key was the big guy admits. Influenced. The that kind of the next step for that team because he's he was their best defender 83 was the best distributor of the ball and now he stars with Kevin Garnett on your team. And that's run Rondo whatever he was he when he was a big part of that team if your starter on a championship team you can make a big impact and to the point guard. So much more so. Bush league yes warranted a yes what. He'll I understand nab when he left and just walked away for less money to go to Miami to build a super team. I realize that a lot of people who point the Celtics and go this was the original Big Three and all of that. Walked down the street to be like OC is way easier. The nice thing about the whole Miami being built did you still have the Celtics who you thought would be their competition. And LeBron James is walked into the finals for what this will be the seventh straight year he does it again. Because those Miami teams are so good in the river how bad the east was the only competition there really would have had would have been the Celtics. And Ray Allen. I think it's very similar to what Kevin Durant did except for drinking a lot more money to do it. But the fact that Oklahoma City goes and ridicules him when he comes back good you should. He let him free agency went to Washington who wanna be close to home that's TV always envisioned so plain pouring on the NBA. Fine but you went to play with the presumed best team in the NBA because you didn't wanna stick with the U guys anymore of that kind this. I think if you're looking at this year and afterschool special and I look at it I'm looking at our way you're young you're looking at from the lands of like how dare you. How dare you lose discharge the team did you bet it's like dude it's a profession yes like he was still winner ring just let him George sent a big deal. Why do you and I it's not a big deal you on the team would you be pissed. Not really read. I wonder who can't see. I care about all of them that's it what it is what Ray Allen left they were on the downturn they were gonna win another bubble they and Susie left they were the downturn that Zelda you're on the death a year winless in your probably right but but. Rajon Rondo was a young guy and that team who wasn't winning and anything by himself. He needed pieces around him he doesn't have that superstar mentality he's always been tough to get along with so for him. To have a reaction where he feels so might it. It makes sense to me is it warranted a yes is a bush league yes. I I look at it like for most common sense standpoint let you guys have some fun if if any of it becomes sexually suggestive yeah that's probably crossing the line of what the guys have some on. Bring some passion brings some excitement. In the touchdown celebrations. After Merck shares say sexual this great all on its own but he's talking about the super serious celebration video put out by the NFL this past week NFL executive vice president of football operations. Troy Vincent said they tweet that he video is being produced. You show players the appropriates it inappropriate ways to celebrate after touchdown. Pictures tight end Marcy Martellus Bennett went off on Twitter about the video as did others. What are you consider in inappropriate celebration. ABC in the key until sketch. Yes that's perfect. The pumps at the pumps you count say no pumps he should I don't need to talk she needed to post remembered the look you're sure Gary their thumb to the flag. I don't know it's this is one of those things where it. You you can put together a review committee you'd put together all the guidelines or whatever it's all area. You know I mean I I think the only thing that really constitutes a really bad. Pull out your way. Well yeah. Earlier right now but I don't know where daily show little neck. I would say go ahead I would honestly say anything that shows excessive violence what you needed like a rope cut her liking me this signals like somebody shooting a gun and I'd say and that since may be used tone it down but the sexual stuff that's it's either there or slash seems pretty accomplished mile likely goes down does its agility it I don't. I'm more okay with like somebody scored a touchdown put the ball on the ground in this hump in the bee Jesus out of it. But that's fine me I'm I'm good with that in fact that makes the game better and you know now Morales early. We think about the children and we're thinking about the children have to watch that's disgusting you explain. Leave we're talking about children and all the things. We started. Hey let's go to my favorite story you week and I promise has a funny side to it. Okay the mirror and a small southern Morgantown so Winston baby out 10050 people there where's the sense. It's it's other organ it's just down there. He got arrested this week after soliciting sex from who he thought. Was he fourteen year old girl now in reality it was an FBI agent. Okay this is over FaceBook. Of course it's terrible the main thing is that he said were hilarious and in freedom right now of I'm 71 and put them up mind of a fourteen year old and the energy of a twelve year old. That's awful he says he were to fly to the North Pole and visit Santa is hot tub naked. That's assuming accent has not done. Why would tend not want to bet. That's the obvious part that. CNET now. Dixon has a hot tub or multiple content. And what you need multiple heart oh why did Santa need to take it so he doesn't do anything. Except for so. Last when. I want to take a road trip to Mars it's our job to just populate the red planet just you NI building a new civilization in bed. Who's the awful dude yeah laughter. Kirk cut eight he's talking you're an FBI agent down I had it and he thinks he's talking to a fourteen year old here's the other thing when I went out he said after he got kind he goes I knew I was talking noon afternoon to. I knew it. My curiosity these things is always. This is the first time he's done something boom that this creeps me out and I don't wanna make it too serious cabana that your trying to make funny this thing you know he's creeps me out. It has this worked before for the we did this is our breed the dark light into why understand that that you have somebody brazen enough to do this plague. And Heather were you think it's just it gives me all the TVs and all the GB's ability because now you have kids it's it's hard. Yet that you know you're probably right yeah I was totally OK with this before I did and you're all right this do you a year ago you laughing your ass off you really good but now that you have kids I think you hear this and you go. I'm thinking of my daughter no IIQ are my daughters and I can't do that. I and I think it is and that's not a bad thing you know what you. There's there's a very good possibility that you're correct with that but still imagine if that lion worked. It met its. Yet they are but that's creepy right like what if it was a fourteen year old girl on the other side. Does this league did easier these lines work do you think that these are like practice lines that's what I'm wondering. I'm wondering if he's used them before I think this is Adler. In December just go get him more credit like one day but one day you just woke up exceeds 71 years on the planet and one day he's like. I'm gonna do. Go try to pick before. He'd never done that before that's rig is he BG you know I mean you don't just all the sudden change your stripes as well you wake up one day and night. A new feeling. All right that's if that's where it well that lets change the subject and that's what I was trying to do you get pulled it back all of America and I finally realized that. It's your kids that's holding you back I us. Didn't lose children. The ducks had a chance go to the final four. Oregon Ducks. The excited about math when other ducks. Out there's other docs the Mighty Ducks. Missed a plan Lester has the final four hockey Canada called final four is the frozen foreign College Hockey but in the NHL but there's those ducks. There's actual docs. But I dug about the Oregon Ducks are you excited. Good with ideally Dayton accident saint Anna be the thing.

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