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Primetime 3.23.17 Hour 1

Mar 23, 2017|

Lots of Tourney talk! Sweet 16 starts today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. It's primetime on ten maybe they'll say on that. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime dies again soon. Grassy but series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning pies vote now at ten meaning fan dot com and windpipe glory year. Primetime on 1080. Soon. What do. All a happy Friday okay you know. I wish you might as well be ready for you I'm sure time to make you wouldn't believe. So real in Bali why. Sounds terrible I don't know. But it's gonna be like 81 degrees and within load 71 I am going to need to Google or that it's it's an Indonesia. Alone half over there yet Bali is one of those places the year and you're like wait I don't know where the whole while but Ali yeah I I can't try. I'd like Hollywood movie you this'll I. There's a lot of guests when I say Bali think I'm going to the Middle East and know right now not then you're not it's a different ball I'm not going to India and that's not here I wanna go see it right here on the mound as you can look at Everett there how about that it's actually on the true I think you and I do not know mind. My geography over there gaffe like Philippines and the Philippines. And there's now been almost every little islands fill in that area as part of Indonesia. EL these site rental chain yes that's all I see them here I am going to Indonesia quite a few of them but I'm not going anyplace else in that their region other than. Volley okay so what's out what's not like why you'll. What effect that effect if they will but why did it is this spring break this spring be taken the kids our untold amount for a week early because it's such a long flight Daryn back. It's it's it's 26 hours to get there and it's. Judy give back so we can't really go for three days and doesn't talk to six hours. Well what are you forty flights you will we fly out to see yeah there's nothing out of here CF either fly to Seattle or Canada the closest to were were taken a puddle jumper Seattle and then we catch a red IA. Two is Taiwan and then from Taiwan down to ball in the wrong way back. Title on clay I think it's like fourteen or fifteen hours and it's another five or six hours to get down to ball. Now well that only answer to nineteen well again and amendments and there are some other there's lay overs. Now gotcha yeah OK well that's not so nineteen hours flight time. Will nauert it's not as bad hours Seattle and then yeah I still that I think fourteen or fifteen and then. You know somewhere fiber six city nor Cambodia fits in all this just yet because I don't think. About louse. That's Vietnam. Yeah you just it's just north Vietnam Malaysia is there yeah Thailand allows Cambodia Vietnam all of that so word Myanmar we're we're south of that the only Bangladesh need new into formerly Burma. You take a fairy do. You could go down this jelly we could unite fire I am closer to Australia that I am just about anything good of Papua New Guinea he yeah. You can do that to hop skip and jump. We keep Joseph to Coral Sea for some Coral Sea fishing and we'll do some skewed I don't do some snorkeling and other buddy of mine that. He pulled his kids out for like two years. There's shovel in the world is that we don't want that well there with him for like four or five days and he's on the New Zealand. So while it's indoors so he's doing like a hundred makes 56 countries. Over once nineteen months many countries are there there's a lot 300 dumb question. And I think he's gonna try to see a mall men who they BA map this whole thing out on the life and he's doing it's it's not quite two years. And their home school their kids they're just found throughout and so every so often they stop someplace for three or four weeks in the rent. Like an air BMB. Ends when they first heard this trip I was like would be cool my god it's conceived so we looked at a key stopped in. Letting Denmark. Any so what we're stopping in Bali for an entire month and he goes some great team. This huge house on the beach. He was because they've they've pre booked everything right so he's gone for honor I'm gonna 340 countries she's renting a huge house in the peach for two leaders who picked. Lewis is a whole how does this is doctor Dickson Dennis Einstein know so yeah he deserves it a guy works his ass off yes he has this big you got this big house on the beach in Bali must in the end he said you should come and I was like what the hell I think absolutely so we're gonna go out here and we're say at his place for four or five days. And then I got a place on the southern coast place on the northern coast and a place right in the middle of the jungle. Calmer in the middle and we're well do a little. A couple days in in each one did. That's fantastic creepy crazy animals you see in the jungle. Did Joseph one's weird because the house were ready into the jungle doesn't have walls it's all. Does and it's all open air knows only minor improvements yes this is they won't get beaten yeah everything has nets they just me but you have to climb up. It yet to climb up like these big steps like the house literally sits on top man. Like above the canopy and so when you look out from that the views it's just them it's just treats against eating out so. Looks pretty cool I'm works are about to be fun so all three kids are going to all three kids are going to daughter flew in today. From Chicago and Saturday we're going wheels up in a way Saturday morning Ewing and then Malone and his offer to what might do on the show. UN Mike the great Michael Rich on hale are two big weeks that the due to use two weeks solo. Two weeks we'll my brother is doing one show with you. Yeah I just heard about that today is in the baseball as jets get good young rope him into some more shows. Go Turkey needs the you know these days he's like hey are you gonna finally pay Amy no no. To shut hoping get out here and while that sounds fascinating and interesting and fun. Are you going to go to Thailand for any length of time are you just staying there and then flying out to. No Thailand is like a while wanna say it's like a three year for our mail you know go to Bangkok we are not going to Bangkok. No unfortunately not enough it was me slow. You'll maybe I'd make the Asian you know what that's known for I do know what that's a tale but that is a hot place straddle a lot of people are going there might buck. My buddy the not for that reason I mean. What my body is there with his his three kids and his wife they stayed in bed Bangkok was where they were out before. They went Bali and and you know that he felt he text me it's in the middle of the night in because you know of the time difference forget taxes like 2:3 in the morning. And he had some interesting stories about wandered around. Bangkok and the different done and sights and sounds and audio person Yang united and understood it's it's very guarding on Ho Chi Minh City I think Asian. Which even city yeah. No not that I know one. I'm not familiar with mob broke with the arguments that he you're not now. Ho chi Minh trail no. Well. Yeah but that's not where you should go there that's not worm in Libya and you should change the trip. Just this Alter at this point to the kids got to be excited now we can't haven't been out of the United States have they yeah the kids that the United States where have they gone. So this will be their first think they've never been on a trip like millions. And so I think it started to sink in that this is like going to Disney World there Disneyland great for them or something like this is going to be great for them have been alone. That sort of tried to this once okay where cheddar what I hit three red button and start building some. I crappy two years from the secure and understood you guys deserve this step. Now we're expressing mash as well over there are in okay see she was from. Was she is from Korea crazy really like going to her big thing was to travel and see tropical places so. Unionists Brennaman Molly yeah without because the good out of the coast and we got this little chewy like turtles and we bought a little paper receipt turtle. And that you put the asses and and then you send out to sea at the crash site and then it just kind of goes out and we'll that'll be out we're gonna do that well there and it'll it'll be good. Now one more question. Is your chance you'll come back yeah there's there's a chance is joining to prepare prepare for new co hosts. Because Alex's. Sound it is slow hopefully not international incidents but I think the fact that the children there with me he'll mind your p.'s and q.'s that kids will probably lead me to come back home unless there's an internationalist enough that was me so low. That's where you worry that if I ever tell you be just on my own I'm going to get a cent of the world that's one of those he may not just come back. Because to me this screams. See extreme of living out his life on the beach doing nothing yeah yeah just in a different country oh he's gonna it's gonna be right I am I'm. Please post pictures spent at least a few and need only to do that idea I would like to see. We'll do that Bali suit especially the jungle. That's really cool summer I know it's weird that like that's I'm a beach guy but I'm kind of looking more forward to the jungle house than I am Buddha to coastal homes. But the jungle house looks. Aussie has some pitchers over the jungle house looks bad ass. It's in and once it sits there and it's right in the main it's by the main city. We have to give the name of it is but there's like a bunch of temples there in. They kind of ruins and and they're saying that that's kind of like the hub of it the two coastal places especially the one up north it's just it's like a surfing. But there's nothing there is the main city did and pass are and that's that's that's the eve dinner at that airport that you fly into kind but the main city. News whenever it's not important. He can only anything in dealing yeah. That that went. Do you I think it is me see where that way. Yeah UB UD that's the main. That movie WW WW honey you don't. U dub this the Seattle night that's the main well you're right in the middle of the country okay we will be go so fierce duke fans yeah he getting today. And you get part of him tomorrow because he well. Beer mentally tomorrow noon to be here physically. Who have. Partly mentally blog posts and stuff and we're minster Graham on Collison. Yeah votes I'd like to see the acting checked those and just know that you do shows without you are going to be enemies could. That the best thing I'm really slowly bit does what I'm gonna be donated by your brother that. You that are someone else I don't know who isn't who should greener maybe rob just so low you relate to commit this is good boy he's today. Never do so again it's been holding him back these eleven new workers know. Does anybody have any suggestions on who I should bring into show us. You know take him out this. Taken out what went. Taking the suggestions that oh just in to kill them 55305. And you don't kill pollution I do a show who you on the new recalls month. If we bring quick in here for show a cricket could you show with your spirit had to. Therein and I did a show with him once and people love. It's great. Yeah you will be volley that is gonna have a job you public. You probably have a job a time to get back now I come back and I haven't talked to him for that like to point out then Joseph gum on a given too if I get fired dis Tellme before I come back Kazan on death there in Ottawa if I fly back to find out I'm fired I'm hits from a text you'd expect as a safety and it's not working out and you know what there's actually like it suggestions here who have treated to stay. Because nobody's going to New Zealand after that I'll just reconvene with him down there and we'll just follow him around. Well that's cool all right so we've got we got to get to one parent. We have college basketball hockey we do because I'm nervous you're sports fans can the little. Looked high not seen it makes me more nervous than the NCAA tournament now as he Kansas fan in Jordan fans or are you feel on that little grip a little bit. While I mean you just always net you know it's a one and done it's like really hard death. It's not like a seven game series man it's like this is if you don't play well you're getting into but beating your now I know that's kind of I think that's part about the attorney is like in the NBA. If he dropping game known key players they hair whatever you're allowed a Mulligan there but. Like you said it's never turn politics is 11 game you'll play particularly well on one into the floor and and you're done. OK let's start with some college chips sell each year lined up for what's going on tonight or again playing on Michigan Kansas. Playing pretty new guns hag. Is in action tonight is this excerpt kind of a fly under the radar a little bit about forgotten soon forgotten team in this whole thing by it is at 314. On the. This is a final sixteen week additional prime time guys again soon brought to you by serious. On 1088 and okay. Poll question today to any need to pin that down very simple. Movie simply it. Nine inference I did not. The kids taking French and the threat. To go to the Ohio. Which steamer Amos confident advances tonight. Done Zagat Moly. Or organ he. Low. When he make his mark up are doing you more confident in. Dikes begin play at the same time we'll take Morgan now if I had to take wonder advance plays a good chance that the that in both of these are tough matchups. I just don't I just don't have any fading in tag and I know it's not based on a whole lot of anything I see Inzaghi played. What three times all year it's not like I have any sort of deep seated knowledge it's is that everyone seems to be Zain. People actually know the western Jesus is they really tough match of Foreman. All these are something about teams that conference that I just. I have a hard time pencil and through. And I've seen organ enough and I'm on I've got faith in organizers have a Michigan. Team of destiny and they really team of destiny that's of the column. Because they haven't lost since they skidded off their own land nearly died what is that like four games though it's not like seven. Seven they won the Big Ten tournament that the started attorney yes there right before the tournament because they won three there I think in. Tuna when that went on to through them when it went you went to and incidentally tournament so be five. In one game. Man hey hey kids meant. Well. So made his ass in UN Daniel he has coached track meet them Jolie's track coach. You know what I think it did know that these yeah I think he's reference that before he follows me on Twitter I think he's one of those fitness pros. Really yeah I think he's like a personal trainer tap into does labor peace and trust didn't. Now on my guess is you was shut up about it Clinton now I think that's I think he does. Those sorts of thing isn't it funny how you picture someone. So let's say the only thing you have to go off of is their name even. In new picture then east you still picture than a certain way out but you do it based off other people you know by that name picnic January Danube is a real fat pigs so he's a cross between two Daniels a and you. Dan Daniel I think this is the same Daniel and Indy we interact on Twitter sometimes in you have to do is he's a fitness pro he it is coaching track music what do idea. If you're organ bank is a lot of guys spigot of them they're going to be working today yeah the game starts in about an hour. Less than an. What you do it's pretty ma'am why it's what is happening to me he's got a coach really going to be John browse around telling you doing that I. I've always wondered Dallack get a track meet and really coach he just TU. On the track and we did yeah we met him at the rodeo. But. And Al Unser and remember. Reps met a lot of people. Brought me it's not that it's like look. And then it's special to me it's not. He needs he meets around a lot with a lot of people lean meats. So should that guy. Avoid. Social media and although TVs and such. Can you do that leg is that realistic I'm OK Eileen elect me because everywhere it's gonna be staring down at their files I'm gonna be in him. But I wanted the as a blazer game when the ago. One of the World Series games was on and the guy in front of me was watching the World Series on his tablet it was great at the blazer game up in and I could just look down. He had his iPad out and we want to sit and I was like Katie Martin is what searches are absolutely not. And he kind of held it out I aside form and ask the question article I was in the World Series also on there. What do you mean. Why would Mike and you watch them both. The bar I was watching that I was at the blazer game we were at the game a Chinese game go on sir Anthony said you're in a barn as a motor center now. In the game was undertaken Mike I didn't mode listeners of bar never. Well it Kenny as we know drunk airline we end up its fear a lot watching the TV and watch the TV is nuts that use that watch the game below. Plate and not so it's very different dynamic. I know appeal on Jesse he he signs and we met him he was just that the independent met Sam the mailman he got us some news that's why he stands out the Gary met Sam. But anyway is that realistic to to knot wind now I think it's almost impossible. In this data aids especially if you're at a sporting event and god bless track and field look it's a wonderful sport I'm sure you're bigger track meet. Oh yeah that god it's long is that an art that is the Bataan death march of sports is just it's sitting around even when your QP team. There's nothing to do. And everyone will have their phone in their tablets out following along that games and good luck trying to. Not pay attention that this set tester says track is the left over parts of other sports youth app that's yes that is I never thought of that but. It kind of makes cents or did track firm like two years. A few shot and his kiss and it was the most miserable time the only thing we're doing there is to try to book double play the hot high jump you're waiting to run right quick Arnott rating is waiting to shot when you're waiting you wake up stand around no two. Like I. Hours for maybe just how many minutes of whatever it is you're gonna do right in the go to try to make time of like the high trackerless want nothing to do with you because there into the pole vault nurse in the end up getting disappointed and then beg someone ends up with a reg meant yeah you know I nine yet I got to sign up for hours here's gonna do with my time yeah. Give me a cigarette yet you don't smoke NJ with CJ behind like that the dumpster that's which you do it track meets. It's it's that they are the most. Mind numbing the painful things and I Asia if you're a parent of a track athlete wow. I'm I'm sorry for you might. Argo well to you it's hard to know when your kids you know ran a lower compete. You need to know that the show up late. For your show up like right before they can do some of those men are like on the road make you think did he travel. You didn't bus trips for those things the bars of four Jason and it is well if you don't have a bar last here the year a lot of trouble at that point. Lied to them in with with you on Oregon tonight. I think organs can be machine I'll take deducts. I don't reason I say that's too full one. Not one hot sports stake cues do. Well there really get three point shooting team in Michigan Michigan doesn't guard the three did you. I saw a stat today it's a bear 301. In field goal percentage defense and three point on its kind of like organ duck football the equivalent of ten daylight you can't guard the three point line. Oregon's got all kinds of guys that can beat you down like 25 guys that seems like a lot. Not certain if it's 25 it's not sure your allowed to have point five. I don't want there may be a limitation. But the other is that. Let's not think this the two best players on the floor button. Are wearing organ jerseys. I don't know enough about Michigan to make that claim the two best players during organ jerseys. Gilbert's pactel player of the year in Jordan bells the pack to a defense a player of the year. Well I was being tethered or source not Jordan now on to say in belly might even have the three best players know they don't they they they have the two best players still number X. Is awesome but. Tyler Dorsey did that guy has scored I think it's five straight twenty plus games will not attend last game. Looking to see area of the missing guys first round. Percent graphics. I got done fog there is there is their big NBA prospect he's a sophomore and he is not. And I think he's there is day coming down into that he's gonna come now a look and see if I'm looking at draft that and see if there is a week is organ does a right now I have some when their projects is it is a sure fire first round pick you know I don't know but I that he Dorsey. If Dorsey has another big game here with himself from the first driving that guy's gonna put himself in the first track. Remember Tyler Dorsey always talk about dawn Brooks this year dawn Brooks had a great year Tyler Dorsey was the was the big time recruit now not don't breast. Don't Brooks. I think I read today his father. Teams that he considered were like Virginia Tech in Duquesne. Well in indoors endorsing a lot of people turn down can't you chose Oregon over Kansas Dorsey and most people have Dorsey is they better NBA prospect of the EP as position there are zero Michigan players on NBA draft him at all I'm not one not one. Best of two best players slid over in the sweet sixteen with two. Good size programs in an organ and in Michigan and not one of them has a first round pick at least projected. Right now well don't you think. That is. Kind of part of the lore at let's just look at the Kansas City games Kansas produced and then or again Michigan. They ought to be pretty I hope the basketball as good because. Josh Jackson aside and of course he could throw Payton Richard there our freshman. But if you look at the stars in the key guys on all four of those seems older guys. They are yes I mean they're basically Jason's a senior CC uses his fourth year and he's a finalist for the needs Smith player of the year and did pretty you kid is is it is a sophomore so he had the years seasoning. Wagner there's had a year of seasoning that Michigan has. They the did the guards a Waldman and I think the attic after the advocates and they're seniors out. And then non. You know Brooks is is a junior. Door she's been there he's he's a sophomore dells a junior yeah that's not so that not a bunch of babies I I'm hoping that that. Helps these games translate to better basketball we're zVue looking Kentucky law I mean it's Kentucky has some guys have been there but for the most part every single year Kentucky. It isn't about Kentucky is is not just one. Can take every year Ed there's like four. Like four of their five starters every year are true freshman it's ridiculous yes so I am I mean Dorsey was the guy who is the big time recruit he's the only top fifty guy you know bell and Pritchard and Aniston at the Boucher end. Obesity and Brooks none of those there Ross 75 or lower down and so Dorsey also as you mentioned has the best. NBA prospects because he can play both guard positions. He's done that guy has emerged even though they are. That's what's scary about organ is they have the pactel player of the year in oh by the way here's this Dorsey got that everyone forgot about that's better than all of I just I hope. For the to the best way to put this in just it would it would be a real. Organist had such a Goodyear and Eddie organist is starting to build a reputation. Adds. It's a semi elite program and the path has really been laid out for them where they. I'd say it was easy but this set up well for organ no question and it would be such a disappointment for and for this team and for that program. To bow out and not ever make into the sweet sixteen as a disappointment. You can't say that that's it's the bad into the season but it's their form it's it is therefore even without Boucher it has been laid out before them. And it would be nice to see organ be able to kind of grasp that in and put another feather in their captain. You know to leave dates back to back years with the big of the last 67 years and what all military Ottawa dean Allman is building there. It just you know let you feel like you're building something there and organ you'd hate to see it may be kind of off the rails a little bit tonight. Let a couple thoughts off of that but we'll have to pause here will come back in that talk more about the NCAA tournament in tonight's games in Morgan Sagal is. And here's Mike. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime what guys again soon. Roughly by series have failed cry on generating program. What's your point about it or again. Who's getting set to take on Michigan here next hour I mean state tournament. The seed sixteen the beat Kansas City. Pure play about the bracket opening up I mean. They. So what are they at three error three seed so they got Iona and Rhode Island. In May issued the first three. I own and not that look it it's when when your three C you should have a fairly easy first round game but we know over in past years. But the Middle Tennessee State you get some of those he knew you can get some teams not all fourteens are created equal you gets and his and I owner was no setup I don't aside and then you get. Rhode Island I was tough but. Let your better than them and in Michigan to Michigan knocked off for much of the year and doesn't necessarily have. Star power in name and knocked off global out. So your bracket really did open up in other words put put Oregon in the south the south right now has four teams. Then all I mean there there region looks like the final four yeah that's an North Carolina Butler UCLA Kentucky Kentucky or again if they're the three in that. Bracket they're going up against Kentucky here. And then how do you feel about that I don't think you feel very good at all about that game so they they did get a break and that's the beauty determine is. You just never know a lot of it's about match just what happens near bracket like look out at the other side Lou the Villanova do you bracket the east region. You know is going to the final four. Book it. Trying to think now off the commander met to pull it up and looked at Baylor. Baylor is known of the final four so you've got Wisconsin Florida Baylor South Carolina yes Baylor is Ogg on a whole audience the east Baylor is going to the final four. Baylor has been in the top ten all year in nobody talks about them. And they beat a member they beat organ is sort of the year when they weren't via an easier good they gave Kansas everything they can handle and surveys jock in Wisconsin. But bit I'm I'm Johnny Bailey CNB in the final four because. Of the way if there's no way they're bracket broke yeah. Do you gloss of Villanova law yes they're buried your they get South Carolina and then they're gonna get the winner Wisconsin and Florida so. Or again did catch a break but he's still got a you know you gotta take advantage and I think they can I think they will tonight the question is now this is the interest in line is if Kansas wins. My jayhawks rock hash tag rock chock yeah. And I feel pretty good about it although that's a tough matchup because Purdue has date isn't bigs but previous season big picture but Purdue does not have guards in Kansas guards. Are legit. So it's like that should be an exciting game because you've got. One team they can't guard the bigs on the other team and you've got one team they can't guard the guards on the other team match ups. Match justice match ups. If Horry again. Beats Michigan and plays Kansas. They actually match up pretty well because. Or again there because Kansas doesn't have. People we can punish them inside. They don't have digs. That really exploit the loss of a Boucher in other words they're guards the only guys like Brooks and the versatility of the ducks players Belle Brooks. Certainly Dorsey. They can guard. Like Kansas is bringing to the table out top do you dare you go to dinner in Florida make a proclamation that did organ would rather see Kansas than Purdue. I don't know that I'd go that dance mining I don't know that I'd go that far this Kansas still really get there the probably the best team in the survey of their. It it just on paper or match ups. Or again in Kansas would be pretty good match. So indeed BH is in the seem eat you never want like we were in the reasoning that deadly elect the bracket did open up but if you meet Kansas like that's that's done it but did you see elite eight. You play North Carolina your players' owner player there's no lay that he admits there's a lives in this industry succeed it's certainly gives you leading the final four. It got gifted anything you've but I still think your way you root for pretty you want. You you Oregon fans are produced chance yeah well the chance to play you know the one of the four which one do you wanna play especially when that number one seed. Up until the big twelve tournament people thought that was the best team in the country now for a mother would have been the number one overall seed had they not gotten bounced back what TCU in the big to a tournament. If Horry and in Kansas meet. I'm gonna Miami. He and go underground for awhile I owe money you are you probably common enemy territory. And class I get so nervous for these games I need to watch these in some I am William it's going to be a floor game. Community as second half we got to take a gut telling you have to go to the floor that's tell you something you sit with your back on the back of the couch and dislike her on the ground I'm just nervous and I'm on the clean in the kitchen again I'm just I'm like during the game oh yeah I'm not been walking around and drink Kean and finding things the yelling and so what what percentage times during the game do you actually watch the game I watch the game ball dead only I watched the whole game it's just that I. I know I'm nervous I can just doing nervous things. I will be. In Bremerton Washington wants that why are you in Bremerton. My vacation homes now. We're going to visit my eyes stent. In happened beyond this weekend he lives that there really so I might be watching Kansas or again if it's at the that's the match up. In a fisherman's dive bar at a does he not happy with my rock jock era he not have TV. He does hesitant to both. He does have TV is it like out in the other but again this set the cultural time warp no listen to me. I just in May be need to. Go do my own thing for McCain. Kick he can't handle owners' faces pop. Well up there on the Puget Sound aren't you go finally to spare bedroom has a TV and just lock yourself in the building of the one TV up there and they're put us. I'd never been to Bremerton but it's out there. On the other side of the you take them to come and arrows over there yeah it's a new set like Seattle Tacoma yeah you had a go in the other audio there this the werder income Nina. Just like KU Oregon just hide now know Bremerton bar I think there's a big KU alumni association in Bremerton and and about that cruise on over there. You know the I I need to see photos posted of that. I need someone in Bremerton pop and up and paparazzi and rocket sequences that gave us well let's look that we haven't gone there yet let's let's focus on tonight. Big games they gain skit did time's right isn't as fun I just feel like with with organ I feel like people are talking themselves out of Morgan. And I don't and I am not against me I don't fully understand they'll be they'll beat Michigan it's I just think with organ and it's probably the Boucher think I think it's because I tell you why because Oregon is underrated. Because when they lost the Shea. Everybody wrote him off and now nobody thinks there any of the reality is they're still really can't get a good they're Michigan's not. Their top ten team in the country and yet I exactly I just feel like people. Did negotiating people are just looking for reasons to say organs now and any good but to be fair we're also doing that would be Inzaghi and I'm buying into that and well lately we have I haven't seen in Baghdad. But you have reason to do that with guns Agha this is the tech you know this is the tenth time. That John Zagat. Will have. Dan at some point in the season ranked in the top ten and not made the final four if if if they don't make tough I mean at some point. Guns at people have to stop bitching that no one picks them in because you have to get there with less an image to the elite eight. I think they've only made it there once minutes. Maybe Osama twice to really do. Twice thanks Mulligan who in the last time I don't remember in dagger making it deep run for a long time. But we will get to them next day NN interest in game tonight is off the 45 on the fan I say things happen. On ten maybe it's Elisa Marty getting recommendations forever merchandise cars and big. You Ron Paul says go to you Bremerton dives last sports last fight our brother guns. Rather down and do not ask me why I know this. I want. Can't have ever been to Bremerton and can't see a reason why I would go is it actually like a fishing town. It's right there on the Puget Sound like you guys saw or was on the map but he shipyard is the big trade there that's for the three wanna be. Bonnie that's what's there that's. And knowing you're laughing at them that's their hard working people yes they are. I'm sure they're horrible focus you're gonna blended so judge he's just fine out there who go to all time eleven up there it's beautiful nothing says hardworking blue collar like one eyes the crowd is great golf. It is it's really nice. They also had me. One of those topless. Drive through coffee shop things that's what you November Overton and one of those there is that. And urban through and I know. Ridiculous. Here offended by the 9 AM the mere notion that it. Summing dealing with the Brooke Brohm allos anyway gun Zagat. Yes I'm. I do not remember this I don't this is the sweet sixteen bound team but two years ago they did make their only around the elite eight and Mark Few stood in to the elite eight wants. That's under this under mark phew well I don't know if they went before him on the looked at mark. I can look the super quick months and got them to the elite eight so they've been the elite eight twice twice in. What amounts to about eighteen years of. Money they've been determined every year for like since 1989 yet or I mean 1999 so whatever that is. But. That's eighteen years which to me saying they lost they got to show lately. By the eventual NCAA champs you that would be the duties held on the 52 point had a key smacked him around pretty good they had a pretty bad was that Wiltshire sabonis team. Yeah and they get I was looking at their draw and they it was one of those words cut like organ and didn't have to play when leading up to do. As I was kind of Reading you determined there some people thought that that Inzaghi had a very very nice path until they ran in to do prevent stomp them. In any other team as the Dan Munson months and team Ritchie from Matt Santangelo yeah. Those guys so I I cannot remember them being in the elite 82 years ago but you know given credit for that you said. Oh yeah I mean none of them but they did their one seed there they have the number one defense in the country now. Their bait you know they're all saying no this is different this is different locate prove fit. And maybe they well but I mean it's like and again they do have what most who considered to be a somewhat favorable draw in their half that didn't seem like a a region of death. Western she's a good team that. I'm on it's it's like your stare in Kansas in the face or North Carolina they should women out there is there the once he they are the ones in my should be pencil through. I taillight this game this game's going to be fun to see how they react because this is this is where we've been talking all week about you know when you play in the West Coast Conference. You don't see. Just night in night out you just don't see enough competition to prepare you for things like this and this is a great example because West Virginia. Runs that press they compress Virginia. And it's one of those things that. You can practice for it. But it is very hard to replicate. And there's really no way to know how you're going to handle it and tell you face. When we looked at it outside a Saint Mary's they had not played an NCAA tournament team since December 3 SE and I think that hurts them. Immensely Amedisys to that is a long gap to go to say that your best competition is same there's nothing anyway and Saint Mary's but. That is different than Nike that's taking Kansas team that saw. Oklahoma State and saw Baylor and saw in West Virginia West Virginia and and saw teams like this on on a regular basis or. The last couple month there's no question it would help them if they'd word play actual level competition and a week in week out. But you know you see that's neither here and there listening do about it it's just that I mean I just from Kansas perspective watch scene. West Virginia Kansas plays them every year twice because there in the big twelve in I'm telling you. You they know what's coming and it is really really disruptive. I just think Gonzaga. This is gonna be such a test I'm not saying they can't win I think west Virginia's gonna beat him but. Don zag as the higher seed. They have the better players. They should win but when you get into that press man. You know all bets drop it it will be really fascinating to see how they handle that because they were puckered in their first game against whoever that was the first game they played guns and. We played with South Dakota State's they were pocket for half and well in the second half when northwestern came earn back against and they have not played a complete game yet. And if they give my West Virginia. But Q you probably have Arizona steering your face you've already beat Arizona this year. So again if you are going to finally make a run to the final four at this sets up well forget that if they can get by West Virginia and that is a big gift. OK so the networking game is it let 410. The 409. And the guns Aggie game is that for 39 says don't like. That's a little too close the staggered but somehow allied games today will work the you want it games today yeah. We've got games that now earlier oh yeah earlier in the day yet on the initiative. Yeah I feel like when you get to the sweet sixteen I feel like he's game should be able to stand now we need to do the same site back to back yes earlier and then same side back to back later on with yep roast. Look at what's the difference or dean leaky if you're not getting off work if you if you're gonna get off work you'd get off work at 230 just like you'd get off work for if you're gonna watch these games. And to give me it makes that much of a difference so we'll keep you posted on them. I'm in the meantime only do bombs and other stuff how about the nuggets. That you were Denver Nuggets which team is less bad Portland or December. Or they Newton group which one is the Adam Dunn of the NBA we'll talk about the tender eyes nation of the NBA. Tender is nation Tinder i.'s national Tinder hello. Burned and only understood tender Irish up on gender will there's a lot of this we've had a tender stuff we have the PB and just Dwight Howard's candy habit. Now if Dwight Howard I guess had pre diabetes. Is doctor had indeed did call timeout because they're in the they're trying to figure out why and then they had to write our keep a food journal. And they figured out why he was set diabetes so while yeah. And also Nick Saban audio that we didn't get to yesterday's who gets you find Newt those things are coming up next hour also or again not a little bit aboard enough opponents who wanna talk about so it's 357 on the fan.