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Primetime 3.22.17 Club Hour

Mar 23, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicit the primetime with Isaac in Sioux arm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcast that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're not part. Do the right things since 1952. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime Isaac and suit brought to you by series cafe and high on two and eighty Ferran. Following Joseph may contain adult fame is not suitable for our children. Up no. Where the incident. Man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six so. Well look I was pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow and go to flatten Glen his time as sleeve and Patrick. OK okay now let's let's let's get a lesson going. The you know I. I don't I don't know however big they were wrapped. You mean I know that's work. I was doing a what is the these were trying to Tiger Woods here and it is there. The end it's even worse in the bronze. Yet because the bronze is it's really given the front in the and that this is tiger's they had where it filled me in front. But it failed me in the back in it filled me on some of the sides do with it all over sort of thing pieces just don't blitzkrieg of his hairline and at that point you just you need to blow the bridge and just call today now there's only. I mentioned is only one guy. Who's a public figure in sports that he could patterned his hair after he still has a chance otherwise he needs to go bald like penis. Well like you then head screws to face with here it would be fine. In the guy I was mentioning is James Brown. From CBS sports he is on the NFL. Today aid. Pre NFL. Preach the preview bring it when he's out he's there yet he's the host used to be on fox did blackbeard and his hair. Google image his hair plea except me James Brown it's not real. EU's hairline. Is straight across. And it is on the top of his head you have. The rest of minutes straight back is perfection it's it's really fit but he is. In hours he has bowled. From basically his ears it for a word yeah. It is though and weirdest thing I've ever seen and yet but nobody ever talks about it and apparently it works. I think this is one of those that you're brave and not of they've even got the brilliant scene when I'm he'd cut the book both did you show up what that. I don't you think what does the guts to call you on it again that's led the band helping with so good. People don't call each other out on the airlines it's buried at the very personal sort of thing but someone should probably speak to James Brown. About his unholy and unnatural hair in my new Google image James Brown CBS sports and if you want to believe wade James Brown's hair is trying to tell you it's that he had some sort of condition where. He only wet ball. On the front half and everything else is right nick and Lola bits and by the way it's an imperfect like half from moved exactly it's like someone just took a lot of pain ages drew it on the job is that Mike. Salted the front of the. So nothing notes Woodrow Jay Leno asked blush this doesn't work like stand up. In Miley you think maybe he's like inches and up a quarter of an inch like everything he doesn't pick it. LeBron death row I remember they had Vick just kept getting bigger because your bigger technically he could inevitable Fuller hair in about. 67 years yeah he just was. And he's a slick about it but that lead you to believe that it's real because otherwise why would he do that. Funny what would you do that when I just put on a nice maybe there's not enough to hear me it is on the pier transplant plugs series worry about it he showed up with a full head here it would look weird. As opposed to be Half Moon Bay that he has going on now one of my things about why he doesn't get called out more. Is controversy. But it is that look he's he's kind of overweight is not a very good looking guy. And so to have hair like that we're dislike down okay he's not. But his presentation is not necessarily his yet finest so we're we're still another what is my point is so yes he kind of forget it. You're like wow look at that whatever. Whereas Tiger Woods like Tiger Woods is pretty Ritz who still think amendments like this. Like this yeah like icon young virile sort of guys like David Beckham like David Beckham's of a more extremely Silva he's he's a gorgeous man yet. If he's. You know he wears all the right stuff is here is always perfect like yours like god why Canada looks like that did. But then if all of a sudden he had here like James Brown we freak out. Right because it's like wait your data begging you can't Wear that. Unfortunately James Brown James Brown can Wear that here because well. You look at them at the I I. Never really paid much attention until you pointed out that unlike boot yeah it's mesmerized a wonderful one day he'll do the never really listed as Carlos Boozer. Where they pay it and the sprint may pick no I think they pave the predator hid. If you look here's photos of Ray Lewis who has here like that. Kind of the James Brown but we're. The front of June of of these Ed is just it is like Urlacher Carl has visited this big lit be eight. They're ahead they did because sharp you just Philly did Beltran did that to your Malia you did it and it did that like Ming the merciless and Flash Gordon we're like that weird little hair. I'm telling you man the nice guys will go to two. And did too little not admit that they're going all this is fascinating. Insist they really. Icon teams usually know where your ball just that there is no one ever in the history of earth. That is human that is have hair like that it does not like impossible. It's sleeping with a guy that does the the couple. Who is combing their hair over it is like no one's gonna be able to now a lot of people. But that's that's the same I think the ball in this thing is so traumatized to people that they can't. Think they'd literally can't come to grips with. And they just easy if you tell yourself alive long enough then somehow you start to believe it. Is UC comb overs are like with the truck they trust hearing is it starts like this year. Even read that little swirl thing like every morning he wakes up and has to do that. And then tell himself in the Mir. But it's the disputed note admit that's the other target. It's the better choice than just shaving your undergo involved. But a guy like tiger but Decker has all the many in the world that I could be here restoration they keep you just paid to do it over and over no. We're again. Now so I understand your right many are saying hey. Brown just has a really high. Bleak I don't buy that. Per second year certainly has a big forehand big forehead with a hairline it's back no way so you're telling me that no doubt one speck of hair is great anywhere on the the front third. And everything else this thickened low is that what you don't see that anywhere else ever it's time he's actually the only one thing you indicate he's so horse with a horn strapped to tell you AKA unicorn or it's a horse of the strapped to its NY. Because you know courts don't exist. The key here is ominous if I could find young James Brown pitchers Julianna and we'll see where this is that. Because we're expected to believe that he probably headed at age back. Since its pet it it. The long slow play at which is extremely young people around and get like the fourth grade would that here life. I tell you what though he this is a phenomenon in May be. Anyone who's African American can weigh in on this but it does seem like black guys have a harder time achieving balls. Then like acts really yeah like I think about Ron Washington though I think that's the opposite. No look at Ronald what would what is Ron Washington doing it now you don't seem like guys do that. Noble white guys have horrific comb overs like Jordan made it okay if you're black it's easier to go bold. Think here's the thing about Terry if you why you be cared because if you end up with the PC waited that's penis. Played here why you better either have some color aren't you better get some kind of tanned or gruesome sort of face to hear black several weight easier to global. Quite right well but I don't think they do an asthma I don't idol alone I'd love seat research may be so many different paid him to Hannah. The study study done but I don't think they do I think they hold onto their hair more than like guys to maybe I'm wrong. I just I remember my brother went bald like seventy. This was back. Like early ninety's and the whole ball thing was not OK let go my brother received is that it was a big deal. So to all those people they came in the like the early nineties that maybe I'm 30 am I'm Michael Jordan. They admitted okay you for people to shave their head god bless you you guys are pioneers. You'll get credit for their should be some sort of holiday or a statue for a songs and about you because now at least it's okay. Did you feel even notice Sebelius or any of your bowl CCC a guy with the it looks like you bliss with a penis head and everywhere he had a gun you don't beginning of it apple two C 22 off if this was twenty years ago I'm doing some sort of horrific comb over bigger Wear an hat everywhere James Brown hair. You know Xena I'm trying to find photos of young James Brown banked and it's because he's in the mob at annie's wipe the Internet clean of them. Oh no I've found one yacht that's that's not naturally occurring I found an old grainy footage from 1997. James Brown had a real hair. That's that's a losing battle went to put in their CBS and getting that heat. No you're looking fox get noted old grainy footage of him interviewed Mike Holmgren from 1997. And let's just say the Medicare line. Is creeping backwards day. Which revealed fox days I commend next we have more. Hot teacher news at 615 on the thin. Perry in hot teacher news sleeping with students. There's a strong confirming the need. Oh you should we did set from the Houston Chronicle her. Sticky situation that you knew her name. Is Sarah full XFOWLKES. And she is going viral because. Of her beautiful mug shots anyway she looks so happy. Yet though she's grinning year to year. After being arrested the. Don't go away is look go home the browns paid so and a lot if good firfer put their real handy if you'd on the one. Well there's some yet. There's some there's some good photos from. Yes my on the Houston Chronicle if you keep clicking please teachers in Texas who have had improper relations you. And the first woman after the main one kid comes up a picture five. And I just merely have much on what hell is going on in Texas and where was this in Washington when I was a nice. We wealth. If you were their. Human who wanted you anyway now. It's with the and dad here even back then. I always think they're keeping me from not teachers. Mary Texas teacher Sarah folks couldn't wipe the smile on her face quarter mug shot after being accused of romping with a seventeen year old student. She is 26. She was suspended from her job as an anatomy and physiology teacher at Lockhart high school with. After turning yourself into policeman eight hours after celebrating her birthday with her husband today that she was teaching anatomy. And Mike is right the other lady there was arrested in the game indexes. If you go to the Houston Chronicle yes. Who leaked help. Relatable anatomy thing Alexandria Vera. She was in a still ball middle school in Houston and also wouldn't you know you just go ahead to image fifteen as well you're gonna need it Google that real quick. Holy cow. To scroll image as a resident Ernest F creatures. And I remember them yeah I continue with your story I'm screwed had a fifteen. And you do it with a preview and Healy read it it. Barely if you really really gave you or maybe if you're a kid. You know I junior you know 1516 apparently Texas is the place to eat. We count the work I had to continue with was gonna say but once there is that two season anatomy teacher who might that. Great word choice by the way welcome this they ceded their. You just hear yours that. If you receive this Saturday Night Live sketch of the jury by your jobs at the they've done they did to them with Pete Davidson worries on trial for sleep with a high teacher. No and know all all fine decent and tweet about big in his pursuit they're two of the funniest ones where the his height his high school teacher firstly be within and it's his trial and it's free team picked at stake at the. The beaming blonde. Allegedly engaged in sexual contents with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of the students. Now that can be I don't know what that means that could mean mind them some very used her but look you when you look like batting you're dealing with a seventeen year old kid but it takes much to arouse does sexual desire payers. You're seventeenth. The breeze blowing the wrong way is going to arouse sexual desire. There contact was an essential nature said police lot cards parents' interest their children to us every day and it's something we do not take lightly. Since CD monitor folks who has been married since two dozen thirteen began working in September at the high school. I have very high expectations of myself as a teacher as well of my students. And I hope that this will be a formula for achievements. But. Who achieved it was had had the that's adding that's the best in this kids ever gonna do Gamal she's not now what do I do studies may or may not have been completed. Yeah good ECB Houston Chronicle yeah and dead on CDs click through all through my go to number she is the number five and fifty. But business and in fact. In legal Seagram. I remember her if in this in this after the senate last gets the the attorneys asking Pete Davidson what effects it had on its and make it. They like and beat David that goes yes my grandfather and father were estranged from each other and this brought them back together and it's just as the typical big and it at its current and they're putting their arms around each other like given the thumbs up. Meanwhile the mock yes they're really disgusted means it's running justice. Then number nine is underrated is just minutes a mug shot so yes hard hard and it's it's hard to Paloma did you yeah. Fifteen pretty good a lot more women and men too it's interesting yeah I think it's it's like do. Safety kind of control sort of disorder. Where is the men were just dirty filthy pitch and I know it's it's totally a double standard but I don't care I use just your gonna have a hard time convincing me. That is sixteen years seven year old kid did this like a bug did that does damage to that the boy I just out of that we talked about this one. Just don't buy it totally different story which is. If that haven't been any I again would account that is like one of my three greatest accomplishments in the field. Probably behind my kids it's right there would be number two it's for heaven's sakes. Sort of images that you. Besides having a really kick as story to tell for the rest of your life that don't will believe and do you break got the Houston Chronicle mug shot to like know this happened. Boom. It does seem like it's happening quite a bit tennis I don't know what's going on is it happening more or is there more coverage of it. I feel like it's happening more. I don't know what it does seem it's hard to know but I affiliates having more I feel legacy of story once a month about yeah. Haven't builds on the streets with does their have to be a victim in order for there to be a crime what the thing that's been a good point. Play can't do them no news is that it's a steak it was because it's crazy good I think it's stupid you're not damaging the blade the seventeen year old boy Kamal. But you can't they can't be doing losses that you can't. Although there is a difference between seventeen and even fifteen or even younger there's a there's a big difference there. Seventy your cup the poisoning know just be going to jail at seventeen we saw just behind five you can just pumping that's who we should be doing. An incident around the campfire lucky regale us with tales of his greatness and we sing songs to commemorate. That's which should be happening you know I think about these stories to them. Like oh who was the guy. Who's the famous one the famous teacher that whose debt is still married and again Kerry team a turn around the turn. They're married. Yeah they've got kids. Georgia prison I think twice yes it's he got out of jail are she got out of jail and then went back it was like no stilled and they're still together but yet the dairy month. Yeah it worked. Is that not. Something that kind of matters. But at the time I think he was like twelve of. They're not he was fourteen he was young he was and I feel like if we UN nine went back into our own high schools and Mike went back in team. Jersey north high or way every time yet. These kids that is doing this. Is it total loser. This is what I think maybe this is high rectified in my head and is it that the quarterback of the football team is not. This is not who is participating with with teacher now and it's some do some weird guy and some guy who week didn't they know what he's friends. When you add that the teacher came kind. Manipulate that it's it's a disorder man it's. That's tonight you know by the way did we had to go to big underscores duke between doubtful on the Saturday Night Live a teacher trials and they are. Freaky fantastic. With Pete Davidson I highly recommend giving him. Well I will say in terms of is this happening more and there was a teacher in my middle school who was arrested for having. Sex with a high schooler. And he was Micah honors award winning teacher in the school he got arrested this was. I wanna say I was I just left high school so this was still a little while ago teachers to. Had to do it because it's the whole position of authority and yeah you get into the whole you know you. Your you black really people in grades and that whole thing but you know the yeah. And then that there is a huge difference I think where it's male and female that. He's just he can't. You just you can't do and it's not up to the kids say no you're a DM a dole. Saying you know you're hot teacher you can go find someone of that age that is it your student. So whatever happens you're I don't feel any sort of problems they've those people go to jail I don't think they should Hamas knock it is an appearance it's an outrage at her prison. You do the rules you can't do it he got to keep hands off the zeppelin teachers you can't do it but the note though. We've been through. This and also Lind a little bit of credence to the just the proximity theory. You know it's like hey it's always around IC eat she probably sees them more than she sees her husband's. You know. So she Stoops and. I think it's again I think it's a control. It's the theme I think there's well. Even the blues they independently death row inmates like people like one of Mary those guys and they do use the end of getting married because it's the it's a relationship that they can control it's been holed that one sided. Sort of thing and there's like that the excitement level to it because it's dangerous it's wrong. There's an element of that the teachers too they know what's wrong they know it's taboo there's a danger to it and their worshipped by heavy. That if it's here that teaching your worship by that fifteen or sixteen or seventeen year old kid. And you know it's not every relationship you absolutely control every aspect of it I think there's there's that as opposed to just having some sort of you know undying attraction to a six seater seven year old kid that gal she can go find a thousand. But she singles and on that one because a lot of those weird factors that go. All right up next. Yes. Chuck Berry had a 68 that as a head fake gold news gold gold gold and kooky. Here's my suit and I love god. Gotten into an eighty. And then turn right. Luck I don't know how light we can't talk about it I don't know our recover from what just. Happen. We Canton about it. Because it did look it it looks. This is an outstanding I don't. Chill I think I'm done I don't finish I think you've ruined the rest of the show form of. If you word two YOK soon. Rest in peace checked there yes. Music legend. Overall awesome guy I'm dying but if you were to watch. These sex tape from the eighties with him. You. Maybe just. Maybe I can never and see. What just happened over the bridge and it's not. No it's just didn't just heroes there is notre. There's no chance it's not that nuts eggs yeah I just think this. Do you expect to. I'm just telling you now that's ominous thing. It is out there it was against he had a bunch of them. Ended with the kids feel like you know that the team needs that this piece together all with with with the cougars. Present his plan heat. I guess they raided his house for drugs in the eighties and they comes you know so the lot of them leaked. But. I think the one that's out there I don't know how many in late but the one that's out there is. Gold to the mean is absolute yet. Is gold gold that is an appropriate term for it is it is goal. Absolutely may now be more clear more appropriate term in school her own needs just gold mine you know it's just. It's going all right you have gold news yeah that's savior we thought about buying gold from I go Craig's list. Once I teenager. From Craig's list. And then there's just like I feel bad for people to get scheme great leg it's. Don't want plus a sealed don't want to get ripped off it's got scheme once you're there that do so had sold his TV. I don't I am and I hope of getting the story. I think I'm I'm DD at roughly correct. All this like elegant old box TV why not nice flat screens is many many years ago only old TV put on great this for like. Fifty bucks. And the guy roads wagon check. For it but roads ragged checked for the inconvenience of abusing a jacked up rooted for over the amount. And some I ended up switch between swagger art out of like 200 bucks bride got taken in NN Craig's list which. I mean it it it's minor it. That really really a guy wanted to pay you more for your old crabby dvd what are you raspy. The weight critics is usually works is you negotiate the price down and not some and are free to pay more. That should be your first OO one other thing about the Chuck Berry tape. What do you have to deal Ollie CN the first part is not is nothing compared to what happens at the end yes the first is beginning didn't have the the beginning is good. Indiana is but if I was. Say it it's it's kind of boring until about a minute in. Yeah it's kind of funny and then at this is weird TV break worth like this was found in the eighties the drug raid. You gotta wait till after that just wants it all and yet so lots of lessons and yet this god take it I don't I. I doubt that kind of funny I'm like dude you deserve to get ripped off well you know what. Before you get to the story yet. A lot of times like when cops undercover cops. Try to catch her ups on the Internet yet they. Will literally. Say. Looking forward you know whatever with underage. Pick in the gadgets and people like. And I hope general traffic to get. But who supposedly an addict who could see yeah like what sex with a twelve yes that's me eat. Think that nothing Graham bell they have to say that because then that's the only catch him yeah okay you can cook you can now easily draw the line. Between this yeah. And any good to kick your predator it's like some old fat guy and he brings like some subway series is it thinks is getting it to have sex or like some fifteen year old. It is big none of this ring the bell but none of this big thing in this could possibly be the police they give you Kotnik MIT that's that's new you're stupid. But the older are different but this one. This is amazing any. It comes to us from work so to teenagers they were seventeen years old. Hey received over 50000. Dollars in cash and other goods or selling fake gold they went online. And they've bought counterfeit gold from the Perth mint of Australia. And the Perth Mitt of Canada these little gold bars this besides the cigarette lighters and and you can bio mom mine for like twenty bucks. And nothing about them looks legitimate at all. And the fact that these two kids are seventeen years old and they're selling these borrowers on Craig's list. And multiple people gave them over 50000. Dollars combined. Selling in the eighty's this is at a Ben and red. And eventually people started taking these bars in taking amended. You know appraisals and view like yeah I know these are real. They've they've left a trail are criticisms of the police tracked him down they were both arrested and they're gonna face serious charges here for fraud and whatnot. But. I don't feel bad for anyone that got ripped off by this. Hell hole is bullying. Gold bars are critics' lists for thousands of dollars from seventeen year old boy he's. At what does the bell go walking your head. Hey maybe I shouldn't be buying into gold bar for 5000 dollars off of Craig's list big big shouldn't be berated from a seventeen year old kid. You show up to the median likened the Wal-Mart parking lot and it Redman. And they give a gag got the gold bar these sudden where did she. A little bit in between PE and go home back. The deal gold trust me it's good here's a couple thousand dollars in cash. 50000. Dollars up to fifteen people did yes. Because they were selling fake gold bars you know those kids probably thought this was the greatest idea. No demand right of the to the point they got arrested and then this goes back on the kids. How dumb do you have to be to think that eventually you're not gonna get con. But you what you have now sold they have in their possession 50000 dollars nearly beaten but. People keep falling for this. There's absolute Craig's list it's not like you're not a miss you still have bats the please all the get to do was look up yet on Craig's list the good guy yeah we'd like to meet you. And they should have the argument at least league yet we're gonna go ahead to rescue now but everyone involved in this story is the dumbest person on line. These two kids selling the gold bars. And the people buying happens all the time on the Internet the man critics' lists people are so stupid. He just really really stupid on there who by his cool on Craig's list let loose parts on prostitutes at the picnic. You are wrong. Our hedge. John rested and next could that be the best friends as you know all the burden uncle who has been focused really close these you know again you provisions. No major please go looking at K years its research and if you do it was Mike Lynch Chopra and somebody it was a feature over into. Hey what's up John King. Although it may turn on the radio the first thing I heard was used very. Recoup part on prop. Up nearly two opinions and you see the judge Mary JB a judge did you ever wonder. It's just being you know I that's not good enough for me but I do have. Of celebrity related weary after you get her face priceless yeah. The book it's sort of we're bored out of their Richard Simmons topic from last week when you guys are talking about. You may or may not be kept hostage buyers housekeeper. We're got in this discussion with a friend at work today and I wanna ask you guys taking everything into account. Including. Who you think you could actually kidnapped and get away with for the long ya what the liberty which you've got to be tried to kidnap her whole. Wait including. If I can get away with the likes. Like you can't quite like it used that George Clooney but the people are gonna come looking for George Clooney you'd caught the patent everything you're doing a hell. Who do you think you can actually kidnapped and give away billion dollar in my answer because like I think mine is really good. I'm going Bill Murray. The that was pretty good year but I think. Well he may just wanna be cute nepalese youth. Well here's my thing about living living and lay out my case for bill he's like get his late sixties or seventies right he's old. Greg he's got to be feeble and it's gonna be easy for me to kidnap him Bill Murray is not put too much of the fight when I wanna be kids. This is this exactly the type of thing I want you to consider but like we're going yeah yeah. Bill Murray is old and feeble he's easy to kidnap I can and in it'd be hard but I think of fighting around Chicago enough right no he's going to be a different sporting events. Or like a golf tournaments unite I I'd I think I can at least figure out at least where he's gonna be out so accessible yes he's old and feeble. And he doesn't have a phone. Isn't really check it but he does have an agent I think it would be a long long time before rating would realize that something was up. In the build wasn't just being Bill Murray. I think he'd be easy to contain it's like yet he's he's he can fight back or anything against me I'm going don't worry about it sure can kidnap Bill Murray. For 68 months before any one know block anything that it was yes no 26 months. I could have bill merge before someone started. They really do and hard targeted screens. I'd I think you leave here I don't I'm sick but may be too long I don't I don't fully understand his social agenda but. I think you did your other companies that do very because. If you were pretty cool about it you bait just wanna pay now. I doubt I doubt at some point Bill Murray is gonna be like hey Ed you're kidnapping you know let's hang out look. Whoever this is your gonna have to restrain your gonna have to keep locked opening cage. Of some kind and I think I isn't awful dominate bill Mercury he does a weird. Keep my my air afterward you're like departing usage. Because I picked up my answer would appear to be easy for similar reasons why I don't think anybody would go looking for it. Too he's kinda creepy but he people at all I could get away with. Getting hairy feet I could keep him locked up and I think could become a plot. They have Gary. Be accurate would the editor can get a clear is that your. He. Booty got up who would you go after. We'll know on flummoxed by this one I would say this should this this club has really some weird way we have run the gambit. Our topic. All the stuff of all the book that you guys talked about it that we talked about. If that's what what are you Arctic ground. I don't I can't think of anyone may be the corpse of Dallas Green in the kidnapping of celebrities that it's just weird that this is an image you thought of when you have a plan to answer for. That was it isn't really disturbing that John thought it better than it took me literally four seconds to think that I could kidnapping dominate donor. Europe it was pretty quick here pretty good we were talking about Richard Simmons I was part of merger that are going to be brought up that you guys. We're talking about it on the on the written either admit he may or may not be kidnapped and we expand. Part of him part of people but noted who's really go looking Kurt. Richter commitment you're like you kidnapped get a career and you know somebody's gonna come looking for get a bravest that you're not gonna get away with it so. This topic switch to what what level of celebrity UTQ could kidnap and nobody would really come look at hey they are came up with Gary. But they were looking for Richard Simmons. He's not now. Yes they are they went to his house like this has been a big deal they went to assassinate checked it. With the housekeeper and it took a long time before anyone here are under right here so there's your answer right there you know lining kidnap Richardson it is because everybody already thinks he's kidnapped already are all I have to do is take out the current kidnappers. The other one Jew is and I think this is like an elderly Hispanic housekeeper and I think he'd be fine. Yeah and the big came to mind to Gaza the dog is Eric Estrada because I feel like all I needed a bunch of blow. And look I think I'm good. If you're credit card back with pretty arteries. Rhetoric cargo policy here's the thing I we just do a bunch of blow that I can Vinson did come with me and then they see you know you can't go after radiator. And I don't think honesty anyone's looking for Erica Estrada I think again it's gonna be 46 months before he went he's got that he's not on some sort of south of the border vendor. And and at that point on C please give us. Beat you prepare for your film really recover her yellow Mercury Cougar are your spirit hey you know went we gonna go see you later bloodied. Look there ratings came out today and we're doing great but still it's a game that I won't but. If there is every turning point. Where it all went south and might IA. Operate today according to this this hour. Under age teachers. And student. Balding talk holding talks. Meet Philly no remorse or people getting ripped off in Ponzi schemes. Chuck Berry party don't trust defense. And more and more. And my brother kidnappings that kidnapping celebrity not just this is exhibit a allow me to. Introduce it to the courts you know it all went south you know I I meet people Ida and about it and they often ask me like what I do. Lady meets trade zone in radio and really that's what my show is about. I think this needs to be the answer to it this let me tell you all right hot corner there's a lynch is coming in next you know I'm going to do right now we're Nina. Sushi with Crawford are you really never whole conversation Leslie you're paying right. We'll probably. A diet the only guy makes like fifteen bucks an hour of course of claims he she. We're gonna have a good time maybe you know drink on an. Mean I'm intrigued by this you're doing in the club Arnold report that tomorrow you know trying to hot corner is next on cents. And she's. Okay. Yeah.