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Primetime 3.22.17 Hour 3

Mar 23, 2017|

Phil Knight news, and oh my Aaron Hernandez was a bad dude.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. How sweet it is. It's. This is a final sixteen which edition of primetime went Isaac and suit grabs you by a series Kathy and ties what's your favorite of the series award winning pies vote now at 1080 the fan dot com and windpipe for a year primetime on 1080 Ocalan. All right folks we've got a lot going on here today we really do. Trust me on them and the. And the panda pen. Now we have Phil Knight not coming out the Aaron Hernandez stories more bizarre than you know we'll get to that the sour in the club and other hot teacher arrested. Four yes. So yesterday we had. Teacher slash coach but he knew him and his sandwich. Now just back to regular high teacher news yet there is a female teacher arrested for. Relations and of some kind with the younger student or foot ravine where she shouldn't be fooled around but she's smoking high teammate and her mug shot is something to be holed. Well also news that they chuck Berry's sex tape that includes. For arts. And oh boy. This could get awkward. Although there's a story that's right up this year as Alley. Are presenting evidence we've got to talk about it this is malicious people were not afraid to go to the of the dark there is no way we cannot talk about. Thank Ted williams' frozen head we're gonna have to discuss that so that's coming have a right now let's get to the top news of today it is the hot by the time. Odd topics and opinions or we already own pocket and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smell blood on private Bible. Isaac and soon its experience. Behind my reply to replies again soon on Dennehy both men. Number flies. But area of the World Baseball Classic finale tonight. Yes the USA USA. QU SA in probably the at least thrilling game of the tournament edged Japan last night to say that the championship match with yeah Rico it was a boring game to one's. And the winning run scored on a little Bobble at third base again it was a much to it. But tonight it's the US against Puerto Rico he does the first time the US has been in the final. Puerto Rico has won all of their games thus far including up already. The winner of the US and what's it seemed so it'll be on MLB network but six and I think we have a running in Nintendo Wii not. We do this you was into on the idea peace radio. But the guy who'll start for the US. Feels Puerto Rican. The guy who'll start for Puerto Rico feels. White Americans yes some workers stroman and I know Puerto Ricans. There. There are American it's kind of weird that it is weird but had they get their own. Team. Her. And what is a California. Country they are but there are loosely affiliated with stroke woods mom is from Puerto Rico. Lugo who is wider than I am who was born in Louisiana he pitches for the Mets. It just isn't his Wikipedia page that he has and says jury. Yeah connected to Puerto Rico. He wanted to pitch let Puerto Rico needed pitchers that if I got but stroke with mom has been getting death threats. Because they feel he should be pitching for Puerto Rico it can be fun checking out the NBA. Has fine Robin Lopez's Serge Ibaka. A bunch of money yes. You see that that violence thing I did well we're on the air when the fight cayenne there. Yeah we're talking about and it's sad because I say this is like the best fight in the NBA in ten years and no one connected. Not even close. Now Italy did throw some hay makers at one of their neither landed and that's why they only get suspended one game each day there was legitimate punches thrown out. They keep their word yet they did that can act now of the book. Look pretty good. Looking here to see you and I know I'm taken them. You know with a bucket yeah. Who you see the reach on his right 120 grand for a Lopez and 111. For bottom position is it finally. And though Lopez. His streak of 887 consecutive regular season games played. Will end that that both those guys make a hundred you can meet in the state of good to be an MBA player movement and this news. Okay Kevin Durant could be back soon to Golden State Warriors they are not scheduled to formally updates status of his left knee until next week that there is. What is being determined as cautious optimism within the organization. That should he maintain his current recovery are key will be able to return to the court before the end. Of the regular season and thus putting me and and everyone in the last. Hopes of reaching the NBA finals and they stomped a mud hole. Last night both states and getting cranked up here the beat Dallas they think they beat Dallas legend up. And kept I just. I think we're over blowing the whole struggles of Golden State this is the time of the year everyone kind of starts turning on and Golden State's gonna do it in Golden State will. Be in the finals. And Nissan also certain about Cleveland. Think that if if if you're gonna have an upset I think it would be someone knocked you up even more so than someone knocking on the Roger Goodell outlines plans to improve the pace of the game and for you folks who watch on television mostly which is pretty much all of us. Improve the television viewing experience of the National Football League that no one knows woody he needs he says we know the EUR. You do we feel that they're too many elements of the broadcast that don't. That are not relevant to play on the field. Okay couple things with our with our partners would be looking instead to focus on content that is most complimentary and compelling to you whether that's analysis highlights for stories about our players. All these changes are meant to give you what you want a competitive game with fewer interruptions and distractions action one thing is they are going to do way. More streamlining is the a review process where they're gonna bring the official AS as tablets instead of having him go under the hood which doesn't make any sense because he would not make the decision the decisions will now comes from you why they're going to instigate play clock following the extra points in television does not take a break in the considering it's sitting quick thought a quick hug after touchdown yeah. Anyways standardize the starting of the clock after runner goes out of bounds. At halftime links will be shortened. And they just wanna return to action as quickly as. As the wounded the hole you were looking to streamline the process and can give you look they know it's a problem let him work on. All right the two ended did they have the authority to go to the broadcasters and be like you will change the way you broadcast. They tell CBS or fox how to run the game in addition to speed up doubles. Big time you know they could quickly by do one and a half times I could Rashean got it. Assembly line it is said bad news out of Seattle although we I think. Many has he tends knew this was coming that Michael Porter junior. Has spoken out for the first time about playing for Missouri where his dad is now an assistant coach. Three left with kwanza Martin as the number he is he's projected to be the number one pick in the NBA draft not this coming year but. In 2018. And he is now saying to be able to go back to his his quote to be able to go back to Colombia I know those whose U fans are hungry and I've been shown a lot of love from as you fans if they could be something really special real real special to us to come home and do my thing here. It would be special he has indeed today asked. Four hit in the release from his national letter of intent to Washington since Lawrence Earl Morris fire. Which is different because it was reported Monroe Omar got fired that he had not sorry. A letter of intent you don't have to but now it is being reported to decide when he's gonna be asked to be let out of it and Melanie amount. I would assume so you know you can amiga channel we can Austin U look really really poor considering you fired his dad and and his dad left playing fires that well now we'd be fired that day farther in the Rome mart which had left with kwanza Martin Kalamazoo their from Missouri so. This whole thing you know Ian knew it was gonna happen. And it looks like Porter junior and then his he's got two other Brothers. Better still up with Brandon Roy and at at high school air. In Seattle Nathan hale whoever's. They can be following seeing him lose his well it's like they UCLA bald Brothers verses the Missouri Porter breakfast with the but hey this is a huge jump from Missouri is. I hate them I think they sat and I don't want them to be good is they're rivals Kansas but this is a big deal for and they got on the market from cal. Now we get to number one recruit in the nation mean that is a huge shot in the arm for a program AME I think committed there yet but Altamont also. He's point two he's gonna end up in Missouri we'll see these one and done guys I mean how much impact do you really have on the program you're there one year. Ended their three of them you have that is that is true. Three Alonso balls tag quite an effect on Isa like. And not say importers on the bubble to be seen Michael Porter urging her highlights yeah the kid he is sensational it's it's pretty Enron's a ball if you look at UCLA before Alonso balled up there at the Sox the only they they were. What about a 500 team last year and really the big differences that indeed. Teachers leave well as well T dearly come on the ball command. And Ellis and Lotta people think that there there final fourteen to one guy can't but a lot of these one and done since the Gupta Washington inner with with Simmons got LSU. It didn't mean squat. This guy is right this texture camel thrown in here or in state got that four star power forward Alfred Hollins. Huge huge get for Oregon State because he's one of the top players in the country yeah he 67. One many Fides and he's kind of stretch for a guy. And he announces that he has chosen Oregon State over Florida State LSU. Virginia attack. DePaul. Colorado. Arizona State and interest from Oregon go figure out. We go into. Yeah. So could next Phil might talk to Forbes list is out. Buick I am Jim is seizure known Mike a stroke micros argument here now. Policing the Forbes list I have not seen the Forbes list the new ones out. You see how rich people are ES and we know Howard Schultz is worth three billion dollars a couple of film my notes in the Indian Hernandez. Next on the tenth. I'm Isaac and soon rusty white series cafe and high on Jennie DOC and follow up it should be noted techsters. Detected police dailies there listening closely to keep me honest they do. Because in here yeah that's right dorm life a lot. In the saint Michael Porter senior has not. Left for Missouri. Yet again. I he does have he'd be kid though did. Confirm that he does have an offer to go to Missouri he's he he's just waiting for Washington to pay a Mormeck big eight. That luck. And opera pretty nice check and change year to go word of the Missouri steps. Leveraging the horse of the year on May be this new guy to get like 300 grand to go be an assistant coach of the Washington. We've got to have Burnett said that he was getting paid appeared at the in Nevada on its pretty good gig considered that you never encouragement before. Mean it is Hopkins channel keep well. And be here. Yeah like I saw on Twitter today that the Porter said that they had not been contacted by Hopkins and Hopkins who tweeted out that. Plea trapped under the the first colony made Hopkins two I saw this on Twitter today that that Hopkins had in said that. That was his priority and that he would be sitting down with them as early as today so my god conflicting reports call him instantly yes hey I got the jump up I'd like you have my press conference. And here's an extra stacking cash and bloodied. She got doesn't happen hey two bits of film nine news one did you see that he is going to be a guest coached for Ohio State. Embarrassed. At their spring game lets the other gonna put him as a coach really for one of the teams this and that's. They're saying in this game very very seriously. Which I think is actually pretty cool. I you know how much she loves to be on the headset yes a one biggest coaches like Portland State's c'mon let's make this happen you know knew who he will be coaching against and the other sideline. Now remember urban might not now heat so remember Nike. They're deal with Ohio State is the largest. Apparel deal in college athletics yes and we have member of the clip where an urban and filler close yes that we have the clip from the that was the big tent how to give us here where Phil. Is like of all the Nike schools yet this was that he was a deal has been missing any said in the locker egos I'm the most proud of this team yeah. Yeah like they're in other words Mike coaches dead. There's some love top 45 NCAA teams. He supplies audio. And that those days we more proud of Nolan mistress DaimlerChrysler's. The Oregon must. I know so far from it I. So. Look I'll just go and start this now Urban Meyer will eventually find out Ohio's Dayton. And he'll be old but he'll want one last coaching gig and he's gonna come or. That's your fox earlier prior to you heard it here first OK so I know why we'll leave flame out at Ohio State well it'll end there. It it'll just end of this gets insist again and they'll be forced to retire it always end for like two we the only I didn't end for well actually does. But like I understand it you can write out on when he's done these. He's income or hit to the Bob Knight Texas Tech sort of thing. I so he'll be coaching against Lou Holtz. And get right to tell at a town and you can you wait the Ohio State's spring gamer I wanna watch this I'm sure it's gonna be on the big. Instead network. And who calls by the way gets my award for who is gonna take this spring game way way too seriously across the country I'll take colts overnight. Yeah I would think fit to hold that is national championship probably an advantage over film I hate to say that although Phil's been on the headset for a lot of different games. Which you know Irvin. That was always the murmur that he had a headset. That he couldn't talk pedantic here you listens and he listens in to live the organ coaches. Do not to be too. Aggies. It could be one of those urban. Urban myths let the nagging you and every once. You'd donate a billion dollars yeah you kind of bit. You kind of knew everyone he just isn't his vocal about the buzz is T. Boone Pickens. Who also donated a billion dollars Oklahoma State when they asked him whether or not he should have sway over who gets higher fuel like dare right. I give a billion. Others are Phil knight's gonna be on the depth chart next year but it'll cost takes its name Willie you need caddies like me and then. Think it got a little some left in my army hello tackle tailback about a half back pass. So loves it in turns to dust OK so. You know that Urban Meyer coach and her little threat yes you know that I'm coming you know that that yeah Urban Meyer was at Notre Dame. Yeah and Lou Holtz was so short shorts and a mustache. So I thought that was fun and then they've Forbes richest people. On earth came out the list the two dozen seventeen list yeah. In nose look mean to see where Phil was. And I found an answer is that tie up. He's 28 using really yeah. He's worth that's higher than I thought. Yeah he's he's getting up there he's worth 26. Billion at this point he's actually worth more than Paul Allen now right. However Tehran you know I can't I would I would not tantamount I would not have guessed. Twenty some odd billion now Paul Allen has 42. And he is worth nineteen Delaney is no longer the richest owner in the Indiana Paula. Really ball really Steve Ballmer is worth a guy is worth thirty billion more than film night. I'm number one. Is Bill Gates yet nag you write something 86 billion. I he's followed by a Warren Buffett. I just b.s those sees the Amazon guy. He's third here's interesting factoid about these it's a lot of my money out to you what you live is on crime and it's a dangerous combination like late night. And Amazon prime he is by crap the you don't even need here is like click good year. I read a story about him. That his biological father this is the Amazon nine BF. The his biological father did not even know that Jeff b.s those was his son and tell two years ago. He think that's the ultimate just like you just kicking yourself feel like some really. Oh I think if there's ever. A deadbeat dad story. That makes you con although maybe I should have been a little bit more present Jeff FISA Casilla might be this so here's the story his father's name is Ted Jorgensen. No Georgie and he was eighteen when he and not debt Jacqueline. These doses mom. In his shadow seventy in the bathroom a wrestler stage for us there have been friends they're both still on high school. And they got married they got married in before Jeff was born out the marriage lasted seventeen months. And then now on this guy Brad Stone he's a reporter for Bloomberg business week and he went search scene. For these us is a real bad. Any film them. And here's a story. So the mom moved in with her parents. Because. Jorgensen would stay out late you drink too much. Any news generally inattentive and at a horrible stunning. So. He agreed to the divorce he pays small amount shall sport. And intervention might. In other times you missed payments and he uses a deadbeats or three years after their divorce she gets remarried to Miguel visa it's easy Cuban immigrant. And down. So they of course so that's where Jeff got his name yeah. Jorgensen. Had to sign off on the name changed he had to sign the paper and he did that said. Jeff is now Jeff bee's nuts. Any sign off on it and then this reporter found any talks and I and he said you know I ate did it remember. Did that was his name like I knew it at the time that I forgot it. You show up like it it's house later nerve football like Chris ten dollar bill like half. Forgot is Steve reread birthday let's reconnect will be Izzo says he never even met his dad even though he did live with him for the first two years it is like that he just he's not in it. He's not his life you know. So I'm Jordan send. Basically had the same attitude like yeah I never knew doubles. Ever whatever I laughed in this guys like seventeen so as a semi to now he owns a bike shopping Glenn delicacy sobered up. And the only way he found out that Jeff b.s those was his son was this reporter came and said hey. It in your son's were seventy if you did you know your son is the third richest man in the world he is like. That is his last name. Had no idea. They did they have any contact. Now I Jorgensen of course said well. Well you know I would be open to talking did you find reconciliation and got a lot of things I'd like to you that tape I mean tell him. But damn he said nine Beazer said the guy is an interest she's knows he did he can't. Now Palin that the bank in 72 billion dollars that was your child. Jurgensen says he I wasn't a good father or husband. But he got his act together could drinking any owns a bike shop. For him you know what difference you for not trying to be like. And as bag. Well that remains to be seen LC about Elly did you know that they Quinton Tarantino and Al Pacino as dad. Like both of those saves same sort of thing like they've. In we ran away when the when the kids were were little. And those to like get together and tried to promote like beef films like they try to make crappy films and they promoted as Terrence in going to cheap. Like their dad's bike make like crappy movies and try to profit auto air son's name and his son and dad like there's some there's some really crappy dads out there like that don't like so. And let's. Reunites. At least hopefully this guy realizes hey you missed the boat and gold by your home is getting. They disguised said that he demon knows Jeff was still alive he'd always wondered if Jeff was he living yeah he's living in I'm guessing he's doing just fine as we well 72 billion dollars. Do you think that Amazon.com. Is the easiest thing that anybody could have father of to create out of all of like he's. Gigantic corporations and rich guys and like it was just Jeff b.s those who was able to do it. And become a billionaire. I think that's more like like mark humanize talks about this. It's never the idea it's the implementation of the idea you know people have great ideas all the time there's like a simple stuff that needs be done. It's a who's going to do it the best and who is going to get to catch on right but how many people tried to went Amazon started relied in good really good there was one place to go to buy all the things I need. Oh I bet you a line. MM this guy's like OK let's do it they don't get into those papers in the world you. That the Sears catalog like Sears is going under Sears is gonna go bankrupt this year but it they back in the day that was years like cirrus set up the catalog and you could buy. A car you can buy a lady can more you can buy all your clothes any needed from the Sears catalog. He basically just took the Sears catalog and and put it on line in. And and modernized it and now has worked 72 billion dollar and you could say how super easy right you did the guy worked his ass off. And had a lot of great ideas and so. And sometimes we. One and I think that well yet you could have thought of that and you'd still be worth five dollars because you couldn't implement it I thought about being an amazing painter and I have this great idea until they came to actually you know. Eighteen and then I figured out that I really suck. But they Mark Zuckerberg weighs in at number five he's worth 56 billion. And did you know the Michael Bloomberg was with 47 billion don't know that Michael Bloomberg was an ice many many billions of dollar he came from the business role I didn't know that he was worth that much I just think of him as a politician but now he's he's worth a lot of money. Right up next the Aaron Hernandez story is quite bizarre. And the key witness these the kingpin witness testified. In his trial and it was but men. He is that. Men really this guy I was sand behind bars again we'll tell you what this what this guy said next here's Mike am. Hard to wrap your head around here Hernandez story. Just days in the fact that as sports fans he just. You know you watch him you think of him as a good player in all pro tight end and apparently an all pro murder. Any inning you're not kidding like this was not just one time where he killed Oden lower Odom more laid. He was a serial murderer he killed golden Floyd over Oden Lloyd talking to someone that aired Hernandez didn't want in the talked. DS so case Aaron Hernandez is already serve dean. Life without her because he killed Oden Lloyd done. For some reason they're putting him on trial for another double murder that happened actually both for the Oden Lloyd Miller ghost those. Family members you know of the slain victims want want justice they wanted to be held accountable as well so even though he's. You know I never getting out of prison I think for those families this is this is probably closure and they want the guy responsible. Makes sense relative to get yelled. And he is responsible. In the key witness. Is he got the name of Alexander Bradley so this trial again this is not DO and Lloyd one. That's no he's already been put away for that this happened to both for he killed those Moet and this guy Alexander Bradley is is a guide that. Aaron Hernandez used to be really close with. And he was kinda gang banger type views he sold drugs any a lot of street credit NASA iron and is like to run around with him is that he gave him street cred you know. This this is all from Dan Wetzel wrote a great piece on Yahoo! Sports about disguised testimony. And I he testified just so well I think late last week or maybe as early this week but they had to separate these two by security in the court. By day these two want to kill each other Aaron Hernandez and his buddy former buddy Alexander Bradley you know based air holes through each other. In the courtroom. And here's why so. They put Bradley on the stand and he proceeds to tell them everything that happened on a night when they went out to a club. And Aaron Hernandez bumped in two literally just accidentally bumped into you guys spilled a drink. And he didn't think the guy who spilled drink on him was college attic and I was cool enough about it. So when they leave the bar. There of the club. Hernandez says Alexander Bradley is driving in Hernandez says they're there they are as got a bunch of them follow them. Brad Bradley follows them they pull up next to them and Aaron Hernandez unloads his gun into their car until some balls yeah. In this is what Bradley is this is why he's the key witness he's the only one that could put the gun in Aaron Hernandez's hand remember five years before the this is five years before any of the Boston stuff happens. Right yet this is before us is an M coach these guys are. Talent around him Bradley knows what Hernandez did the Bradley is he's a street. You're the guy he's not gonna wrap a not a rat him out. They're close will they end up going. What was it was it to Vegas. They were at a strip club somewhere. In their relationship. Was starting to get a little hairy you know. But nothing nothing major until Alexander Bradley said. 'cause. Aaron Hernandez was really paranoid that. The FBI was following him. Based on the news. Trying to solve these murders the fact that a wide and he killed two people and Carl when he how he was paranoid about a dozen of these fallen in Alexander Bradley. Said well if you didn't do that stupid thing in Boston. Maybe you wouldn't have to worry about it is wrong thing Chenault said that new. There on a car ride back from whatever strip club everywhere was that Miami was it mine isn't there in Miami party in Bradley falls asleep. In the clock wakes up. To a gun pointed right between his eyes. It was Aaron Hernandez didn't like what he said to them and Aaron Hernandez pulled the trigger shot in the face point blank. Somehow some way. He lift Yale law he lost desire he lost his right guy. But he said it's pretty harrowing the way he detailed it but he was laying there with blood everywhere but he was conscious the whole time. In pain but could get up and he literally got this so print has left him for dead he got up. And made his way to wherever he can make his way any got a phone. Any called Aaron Hernandez. He calls of any says. Dina notices. And Hernandez sixty bit on what courses they just shot right in the face. And he in Hernandez I guess he said and it's just hung up on him yeah. But from that point on Alexander Bradley again this is guys pre rep from the edges he said his only goal in mind was to kill Aaron Hernandez. The best parts of her easily learned is already. Kill him kill you not in now Bradley wants in now Bradley's many killers and radicals to the hospital and the please show up and brother he's like god he refuses to have to pinch him. Brett did you show does not know economic Killen myself he he didn't know the police. Because he didn't want Aaron Hernandez arrested he wanted to murder Aaron Hernandez and if you're Hernandez went to jail. Bradley couldn't kill him so he said no theme is I don't know who shot me. Any tried so I ran as a just sit would avoid him now obviously I would say so there's mormons. And he tried to get him into meetings and just and try to somehow get in a room with him where he could kill him. And he was never able to do it and then all of a sudden. Aaron Hernandez goes and kills O Lloyd. And however many years later two years later whatever was they cut that pinched him for that. Aaron Hernandez goes behind bars and Alexander brenly can no longer killer and it's and now he's rolled over on them as if he's gonna help. It's gonna help bury because he is because him driving that car when they killed the two guys yeah you know that's a charge yet. He is gonna avoid all of that by talking to the police and so he was the star witness in the M. Obviously in the case. Aaron Hernandez that we know of killed three people and try to kill the fourth and thought he killed the fourth yeah. Somehow though the bullet. Hit a bone ricocheted out as I like it it hit is would that the league is eye socket a malignant like ricocheted out and into the right and blew out part of his face. And lost an eye but that didn't kill him freaking Aaron Hernandez so. He he's now he killed someone because. They bumped into him at a club and he didn't think that they were apologetic enough. He killed someone because he insulted him by saying that he was stupid for murder in a guy in Boston. Any killed a guy in Boston because he was talking to people that Aaron Hernandez wasn't friendly. Yeah and they said you know his big thing Aaron Hernandez is is really scary he was chameleon now but he was Smart enough and I guess a Bradley was like this to. They were Smart enough that. You Bradley was just a street gang bang your yeah but he can get in a room and fake it. And I guess Aaron Hernandez's like that too he kid no matter what there they call them chameleon is no matter what company they were in. You would think. Did that I think you fully you know. But Aaron Hernandez was always fascinated by being. Street tough you better be because he wanted he wanted this the street cred which is why he ran with Bradley in which is why he popped people. Who did seemingly nothing to harmless things done. So that's that's what Bradley said on the stand. I don't know oh one other note Bradley is imprisoned there. That we in a stunning turn of events he now has gone to prison now for something totally different something not related to the multiple murders that were involved in this in this guy points out guarantee Hernandez has other skeletons in the closet they tell her quest out again this isn't the only thing now this. You probably not gonna be attach stating I just wonder if any these guys. They hate each other so much I wonder if these guys end up doing things to the other somehow some way Internet has has a lot of money. No not anymore doesn't it well when I mean easiest connections to get down to get this guy killed in prison. It's. It's just it is the most I wanna see the 35 unbelievable. For other OJ stuff like I do I wanna see someone do. A TV special on the of the life of of Aaron Hernandez could imagine anyone a national title at Florida he was a high NFL pick he. Got a forty million dollar condor from the patriots was a Pro Bowl guy had endorsement deals was of was of a pub seemingly normal guy in the community. And did the stone cold killer. Stone could imagine putting a gun to what you thought was your friend's face because he counts of something those county shot Tia in and just killing him and I mean in you don't really care who can. You were good well what Oden Oden was dating. Hernandez. It girlfriend's sister and yet girlfriend's sister that he was used eighty inner and they knew each other they were powerless to. And I guess it was talking to some people at a club that Aaron Hernandez wasn't friendly way and that's how that whole thing started mean what good. Terrifying Psycho all right coming in next we wrap up the hour with. Sport. And have time to play of the Nick Saban on it would probably don't it's time for the pretty good idea doubtful Q when its net marked. Oh I know we complain Medea you wanna here's Scott tempo. DNA Tiger Woods hairline. Really yeah taken potshots yeah and see how I'll let you need to judge of how you think tiger handles. Trained by this and that audience through this I that's next on the fan. The food from. Crude from from. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime what guides against duke grabbed you by series cafe. On generating both I'm from. Crew lost rob. We can't do mental side you know I don't have. Why hasn't so we can play and although I feel as you'd like to set it up from in his defense the break was a minute short the now from the rubble come in and be disgusted yet. Did you tell luge. Or break no because I didn't know until it was then that I want older brick short it did seem a little short order Ellison knew the minute short. We'll probably end surely I was looking back at him more than Aaron Hernandez stuff. As a retired about that he was on the cover of of Madden and the covered NCAA college football a dude that it was a video game spokesman. And he was he was proof let's get it was a minute short we knew this was gonna happen a rug comes in Islamic stripe yeah he looks disgusted Larry that on the there. What's radio shows so you know after the commercial break ends we come back on the air the ads that that was short it was a and it's rice and that is sure how. The technically you're only by about 45 seconds late so you were fifteen tickets early from what a normal break with the army claims Saudi Hillary usually amount I was assay with Hernandez like I realized and then is at the time of the murder was on the cover of Madden. He was on the cover NCAA college football he was clueless. Number one athletic endorser. Like Aaron Hernandez and beggars read through was a budding superstar. Ricky was just coming into his own and was just sign always endorsement deals. And Hernandez was a goal Bart Starr and many of the patriots. Or even. Like Belichick said. Like in hindsight that they. Thought something was on with him or hate this did what I remember was saying that they knew there were they were he was rough around the edges and they talked Urban Meyer who was coach of Florida. And I think what Urban Meyers and I'm paraphrasing. But Myers said the you have to be careful of who he hangs out. He said that it and is isn't a bad guy. But the people he hangs around with can be a little biology in New England knew that and that's why he dropped in the draft some people thought he was he was a potential for strung guy any drop because some of these character issues. By character issues we mean multiple murder of his he wasn't. Like did guys that he hung around with weren't as bad as him no Urban Meyer was wrong he was the worst. I can ever imagine but remember when her name is when he got arrested he was at Gillette Stadium and Robert Kraft ass in the leaf. Never they were like hey you we don't want this year you've got to go home so yeah like they they sent him away and then quickly thereafter they did get away with him. And on a somewhat related note did you see. Don't we talked about the guy down in Brazil the goal keeper that murdered his side peace and he has the dogs he had as far as press conference today. And he said that mistakes were made. What's happened is happened to Saddam partners look much. And he says that he's not a bad god knows those are some of the highlights. You murder your girlfriend because she was pregnant you fed to dogs. And you said that any mistakes. But you know what's happened in the past they know not a bad guy dog question yet the continue murder someone NBA good guy. Yes you can yes mistake. Revenge. The third revenge or like dumb IE if someone killed thank you know recount I don't know if someone killed my don't think he can someone killed. Like it. I don't think it makes me a bad guy. Dude to secret knowledge some unasked I said Larry continue murder someone and being good guys. Probably I don't think he can probably. But according to this guy according to the soccer player Eric that got me. Ebola Rick Pitino it was many years ago mistakes have been made so create a self defense killing. You know like some leaves that's not murder that's I mean yeah that's not a murder technically but it's not yet what you're talking about premeditated murder. Or just heat of the moment murder a crime hash. Okay on this was on. What's the sports channel. He. EU niner for naive the horror and and that's been the muzzle discard ES BP as yet that Hilton who is van pelts kinda -- doing in that thing rights as a logo. He's doing is so billion Tiger Woods on you know Tiger Woods wrote a book your ticket would go and on that note vigorous but he Didier wrote about his master I think it was. When his first masters joins me in his first masters winner coming. The three blue way to countries are won by like whatever was within these have the shots. Alarmist news globally. Hold on. Viewers a good look at those Michael Jackson's knees yeah like to Rolen out the size so like that doesn't remove. Solid so I he had tiger on there and as CP gives and they look we're all. And he seemed tiger making the rounds yet. He was on Good Morning America is careless are good he needs to do the LeBron he's gets in plucks. Borges shade at CS let it go go VP goes Scott and help. And here is that exchange. Smile a listen to you talk about your kids and I'm smile looking into it on the back of this book with that sensational head hair and I've been telling you broke for a long time I am your GPS that I just wanted to what are what are what are we getting just what are we gonna just come home man it's it's it's time to come home. Expect the III know I get I get it in all that we expect. Look at the brother looked at AIL I forget it I. Is it that. Now I hey I got I've got my health had up top and I'm I'm very happy with that of Beckett. But I got a house on August some burn out there and muzzle senator Roy kids make you make fun of me because. Closed and fit there are too big and I'll look at data with a full head of hair with a hairline here. But done moon walk on nick nick and listen but you can you can tell about the guy who did that. We did that thing back in 97. You have to have a really good relationship with someone be added to go down and he's closer name he's got to be because that can be a real sensitive. We're sensitive topic but how about tiger handle on that pretty well I gotta tell you though it's terrific. In his hair looks it is awful what are you doing buddy. Euro hold on to some scraps you're the billion dollars have you noticed you leader gets them closer and that things that. Where shave that thing because that's bad well OK so his hair. Is is is interesting because it is going back words like it's not like you look at mine right I have the the kind of you gotta look Jack going he's got the young horseshoe happen. Right which is normal right now. Haider's appears to already be going just all straight line back look. Right it let me let me take this moron now as the man that has experienced this. There's certain sorts of baldness. They you can undertake and this is good news for you listen up over Iraq you have the best baldness. They your day you can path that takes time because it takes time and you can still pull off many hair styles while going ball. Because you are you're not developing a bald spot. You're not losing it it like it in the middle you'd just have the temples it's it's going north it's gonna eventually outflank you. And in that it'll be too late but you got you can hold onto that thing for years. What tiger has got is what I face and this is where straight back it's just it's not just straight back but you have patches. You've you've you've got like a disease lawn and you've got dead spots everywhere it's not just one front. Like you're just losing a battle anybody here you know it's slowly pushing back here played a bend but don't break sort of hairline yeah. Seeing want I don't I mean tiger we've got organs defense man we're like a 150 in the country and that they now there's no way to make them look good it's awful every. Anywhere there's only one guy that he could possibly try to pattern hymns this is new here after no is only one there is a guy and he's in sports. And I have to talk about him that we have to break. Because this guy in imminent tell you who he is next. Short break in the moon back there is a guy in sports who does not get enough grief about how awful his hair looks. Interest. One man I'm interested in this in I'll give you a hint you know I pay attention to bad here like peas and he's a media ish guy he's like a TV guy and for the NFL. And dude nobody talks about it I can't believe he gets away with it but. It just. It nobody nobody calls now I have to guess and sold it to that next Clinton may be on the fans.