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Primetime 3.22.17 Hour 2

Mar 23, 2017|

What are the Blazers doing? NFL pace of play changes? And more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. But. Basketball party continues. Growth of the company was late to shoot but stop me if it. This is a final sixteen week traditional Brian Dunn went by Dickinson. Rusty but serious caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning pies vote now at 1080 the fan dot com and win high for a year primetime on 1080 I know soon nor reverse. Craig NFL's looking to make some changes grows. And we got down. I was sculpted. By assistant. Out in the audience who. Well there's a sister out there who said hey it's not all just bros out here. There's at least one system broke every now and then we do run into the and she text engine you know fan among men and some Brothers and sisters. By the NFL is so looking to make some changes now Roger Goodell. Com has. Said the following may mean you know these big announcements to the left and vague but I think he. Yeah I wonder if this isn't just like a ploy to get fans to kind of come down there's at all yeah you've this is grain. But he's not singing this is gonna be done there is going to. Look into it the only thing that was the replay is the only thing that's concrete everything else is just kind of vegan but what he wants to do is enhance. The in game viewing process yeah. And he should I mean if he's Smart. He should be paying attention that disease gains are going longer and longer and longer and they are more boring than ever. And he says and I quote we know the you feel that there are too many elements the broadcasts that are not relevant to the play on the field. Whether our partners will be looking to instead focus on content that is most complimentary. And compelling to you whether that is analysis highlights or stories about our players. I don't know what that means he says is not with the RD do. While wearing a broadcaster you. Fifteen all this it I don't and then I don't understand and I kind of that the cynical view of it is. So we when you say that you just want what's wrote you just say that you just want all like nothing but but positive things. Kind of shut down a third you just want this to be like a three hour infomercial for how great the league is. What parts are relevant to you. Like where we talk about your players been arrested or the head injury issues are you where where does who determines what's relevant to the viewer I'd. And I don't think we as far as an analysis in replay goes that's all you did in between Diaz guess that I I'm racking my brain for things that. He can do your French I don't know he's timeout and there's no. It's basically just announcers talking in I don't know Whalen reporter every now and then yes I don't understand. What he's talking about winning east is that we're. We're looking to get aid getting rid of the things that are relevant to the player on the field. And only talking about things that are that to me. This is the eighth hole in me seems to think that let's not talk about away because it's like all that stuff is negative. Let's just talk about how great our product is. And I I think he's sand odd to me I think PC and more hey listen we know these things can be boring. And they're dragging on we have a lot of ads. We are going to spice up. The in game viewing experience for you yeah. So if I howdy do that I don't count in the NFL mandate I guess they can admit that the NFL's gonna go and in mandate to fox and CBS Howell day. And cover games like hey. You sure it and you do this they do they have that kind of swinging you know what to going there and tell someone how they're gonna broadcast they're game broke just a little. I don't know this seems like a lot of hot air come. It might be just a window dressing but one thing they're gonna do is rather than the current replay system. Where the guy runs over to the sideline monitoring gets under the hood yet like. From the sixties her her. Likely gonna goes hey you know a niece of the library you have to look at stories the seeker microphone yeah microfilm that scroll through all the old newspapers. A little review found your press yeah just a click of the wrath would now view the play for a made tablets. OK again Communists and yulia of the group but. About eighty more Microsoft plugs. And for every game quite quite content like him lakers up your paid us a bunch of money we're gonna cram your product down everywhere and threw a no no concerns about the issues were. Entire teams lost connections tablets I'm waiting for the replay to happen and then not be able to get it on the tablet if Bill Belichick to throw one. Added I actually just bounce off his dome but this is stupid again this to meet again is worst years from the NFL. Because even though the reference get a look at it three Microsoft tablet which I'm sure they will talk about on the broadcast. He no longer has a say in any of this in the same that the final word comes from the whoever is on the line let them get there it's all gonna lead up it's all gonna be back in New York so my question dealers why have the official look at him. And I just is now a college just. They just he just sits and waits for them to make a decision any tells them the decision that they don't know. It is yeah I think they digging in on the headset because they don't look at anything in college yeah they just get on the headset right become over the side to guy hands me headset. And he sits and waits and in the radio downs OK we've looked at this. And in between our porn. And we feel like you should call this so that that didn't Goodell said that he wants the official involved in the processor there's an extra set of IA's. But the he did state. Flat out that the league office in New York will overrule if they feel the reverie can literally say no I see it this way you know in New York in skin date no. We had a different way and he will not have the ability to overrule the league office so. Who cannot are still white even give the guy tablet descended to New York. Who haven't stand there on the field and only wants the exercise and be ready to go in the I think he says he wants to reduce commercials. Yet that the double ups as he's calling Mike does that mean like on kickoffs. Yemeni kick nominee go back they go to break you score comeback out big off go to break again yet he's AM half. Good call and a subsidies they do that that that Smart 27% of the time on kickoffs last season. And they say that that's not conduct feet and he says I hate that too yet as is judge judge agrees. They're gonna look on. Unchanged well all of this let's just be that commercial time will be made up somewhere else that I get credit commercial no question will just extend the other commercials by a little bit. You won't even feel a thing. The league meetings are beginning this Sunday they're down in Phoenix. And so these are some of the things they're gonna discuss. I'm in Roger Goodell said he is optimistic. That a lot of these changes will be implemented and they will please the fans. I am just sold in the cynical with the NFL that any time they tell me anything I just assume it's a crock of bats and the wrap this company. There is not a Mel denies this and his mother an organization I trust less. But that's the NCAA. I think when it comes to my football I just have zero faith in the National Football League or the incident litigate anything. Okay coming up next the blazers. Well. They were Roland. You and then now they're not the mighty midi watch cable box came down. Yes and they're 500 record. Seventh seed. For a fourteen on the sample sixteen week traditional primetime advising consumers. He's my series. Last night at the notice senator or is it modus. And get this once I think it's about us. Yeah there's we are talking about wheels wheels calls it. Mota senator yeah it's not done Morrison it's just modes its like Dominican Republic that's not good and it does Dominican by the late in Benin republic indeed been following the motor news and on. Knew it seems like radio silence on mode camera last year there's and Dave Baker seeing where they gonna lose the building the name on and on government. Took over part of it and now there's a whole thing in and it. Seeming on that not be the last night it was a while back with a blazer recent statement saying that they were confident in global by the name wasn't aisle anyway that's the kiss of death at. Is going to be voted senator it's it's all good so I wonder if that goes away. I think it goes back to the Rose Garden. Right until they get a new you know yeah I mean you'd yeah. Will he do it the signage. Third of every ounce. Yeah it happens. I mean it that I don't sidestep for expensive no hell you know music decked out that they did they deck out both sides of that thing they downloaded. The military nor assemble science is cheap. All the cool lights Wells Fargo is getting there is ready to go the other other bigs sponsor always thought it would be Wells Fargo wells Fargo's whenever I went to the games it seemed like that was kind of don't like the obvious one at that was kind of the presenting sponsor fuel. The had hit a big deal with them know I'm guessing they still do that yeah I don't know I know what's going motive anyway there it's still named demoted senate and Internet. The blazers played basketball in last night also was not great they lost to Milwaukee. 9390. They did not score in the final three minutes and fifteen seconds of the game. No defense was actually playing a book I haven't seen a bunch Milwaukee I don't know if you have no no god now now. Milwaukee actually. What did handsomely paid for I was actually kinda surprised. At some of the the F criticism you really walking a box well you will end up on the tuba is just is awesome guys ridiculous. He went with would he go 22 NE yeah up. And he leads them in points rebounds assists steals and blocks. But they have that wall Parker hurt so Jabari Parker. Isn't playing again. So they really only have onto kimbo and they have. Obviously they have Munro but in Middleton in the Middleton is nice to get a nice game for but I think one like nine of ten or nine of eleven Milwaukee's. Yep they're right there 500 game in Milwaukee is what will the blazers that's where your try to get it you're still six games back while I think you forget it's think both blazes have some good wins you know recently the spurs in the hawks. Oklahoma City right twice and you look at Danielle while. OK they're playing better than they were before obviously Clinton but are they that much better than they were before he's. Well because their record like he would look if you real layman and you see Yemen following Portland you look at this game and go all Milwaukee's probably a little bit better than Portland. Looking at the records right. Well. That kind of proved to be true right we think that the blazers are on another level and now they're just not now they're a couple there a couple of indicators of that. And they have nice gains a mean that the spurs' win was certainly to win the year but. I think that two indicators that there are not even what they were last year. What. One is their defense is still ranked 27 and their defense is isn't it even with no wreckage. In two they they don't. Win at home. There's died while they're nibbling record a look at they're seventeen and fifteen at home. And their fifteen and twenty during the robe your only two games above 500 at home and in the years last year due to care to guess their record last year I don't I know is really good they were one of the better home teams they did not lose many years at modus last year at home their 28 and thirteen you know this year they're seventeen and fifteen there's lots nineteenth now. And when you when you think when you leave the Denver Nuggets the Dallas Mavericks the pelicans. The timberwolves the box the heat. The bulls. Pistons yeah I with the and then that maybe this artist I'm as guilty as anyone I think Portland's better than those teams. When they played them in the back of my mind like well that's a win. And it and it's not it's not guaranteed a spot does not guarantee some teams have better records and you. Bite bite 456 gains but it's it's weird I still think I fall victim to the the last years syndrome. Rice still believe that this team is is. The team from last year and it's just not and by the way you saw wonder it's gotta to palatable last night when he is not on the floor. Well would you expect the third a great defensive team with him on the floor Bo when he is off. It is just it's a green light to the middle they kick can't audit and visited begins good. Mean is them days that's the way they difference that he when he when he's in the game when he's not in the defense of. Well that's a way they played three year Hannah yeah you know. In I think what Turkish shows it shows you how glaring that hole really was and then why did why they didn't do anything with that. For a year and a half as well unbelievable and any guy would try to sealing drive but I guess Somalia they did and it worked for. But there's reason healing in some nine year meaning news risky business so wasn't up and it was it was like the last deal that they made. Mean that that would have been priority number one right. Let you listen to some people I guess that was Dwight Howard. And they want an hour made they were Howard want to which many organs are the Hassan Whiteside and they want India but. Only ego camps are not immune to come visit. Yes so he helps you and he's very useful he's always gonna be useful. But they're. They're just maddening. It's that's a very frustrating in las and I know Milwaukee isn't a bad team by any stretch of the imagination but. Rested against the team like Milwaukee a 500 team from the east. That that's a game that you should if you're a playoff team. That's a game that you have to will didn't load say they're gonna emptied the clip yet again to the clipping you gotta get greedy and that's not how you you start this thing. And in about a man of peace what would Golden State did but it Golden State in any gets derailed by the way they're saying the dress progress has really. Come along and they think that he's gonna be ready before the end of the year. And Golden State should you just what they're capable of of of what that 18 matchup may. Indeed look like because there'll there'll have they're gonna start turning it on now here at at this point disease does anybody think they have a chance against Colmes state. They don't know they're not gonna win that series so but I think the way gold there was plane and then all of a sudden Portland beats a team like San Antonio do you think there are some blazer fan as I Wear it. Yeah well let's bring him back down to reality you know win a series new. So when you watched Josh Jackson in the bar ball around Alonso ball you still get the marble and you watched. Is that is that guy's name gathered for an entire Kentucky you watch these guys this weekend understand you can have a shot at them. Now you know why you're gonna watch those guys playing go low. These guys are so good. Whoever gets them in the NBA lakers. Is gonna be really good. Don't look at those you could have those notes instead instead you're gonna go give bludgeoned by Golden State and you gonna get TJF. And Lee has so good not bad. He's got his comparison is Nick Collison but Antonio the lakers are beating the blazers right now I sucking the laugh that Nick Collison don't you do it. Perhaps with the blazers need Nick Collison at the four asks. The TJ elites watch. Like give up on those players don't even watch him don't listen to rob don't. Watch those players it's gotta be their credit the idea that focused as I watched Johnny Jackson in you're gonna go. Oh my god he's so good he would look really good with in real. Of the don't yet you know you look really good with the pin Willis chests for fear with always repeat in my fifteenth. Yeah Yahoo!'s down there close some European guy no ones ever heard of that on May or may not pan European guy is gonna be like twenty night. Is never they got a couple other picks in the back after this drifts well. That's where the Euro cuts so who else we have we have we have Jackson and the ball in defense of double tank thing. You probably weren't getting them anyway they're two and three right now yeah. But you look cam China's see who else is kind. Hypocrite of where they get to get from Washington. On and on saying in the terror watch oh win that Malik monk with the air and far monk Indian foxy Kentucky and he'll watch them and go who. And who alluded to ban the kid from Kentucky he's supposed to be actually may be there. Now coming up later I'm not fifteen I've seen him everywhere from like eight to fourteen maybe Arizona center. Yeah Markkanen yeah the big white kid from Arizona that are really senator that's more like a stretch for well. I'm in this Meyers Leonard is what it once I am so great with her. As a Meyers Leonard a bit more polished. Myers. Look worse here as polished as Meyers Leonard is now. And I'm international guest shifts. Well let Meyers Leonard they didn't Delhi's over there are we talking about. What are you talking about. I that's and I don't CNN it's not unfair at all. Guys been only five years. Fans are fresher I say he's fresh I can't say Meyers Leonard I'm talking about marketed they give merit go to an astronaut forwards really tall and can shoot 23 a lot. He gave Meyers Leonard. Yeah see that this is the point this is like you had to get in the top five. He had the opportunity to pass all these bros and get into in in and be very close to the top five. Top five that's where special happens right there occasionally special happens outside the top fight but it's much harder to find the chemical. Yeah he's nice player but he's not mean special I'm saying. Like Alonso ball is going to change the lakers people think Jason Kidd. Josh Jackson seems that he has the talent to change whoever picks they're an Olympics are must've been internet's sound yes it was mine. That's Fultz yet but it's not Brooklyn Boston is Boston it's Brooklyn to Boston so it's Boston the lakers and remember who North Korea's. In the blazers lost. There's destined to be the ninth seed which is worse case scenario. Maybe they make peace. I still be an even if they make the AT did you meet their ass kicked yes but you need a worse player at least if you make the eight seat you're guaranteed to play a few. He seems at least Bali and look I am with you man I want to see the tape job that dammit at least if they make the playoffs you've got something to hopefully be entertained by. So help me the quick yeah they if they James curry could that you end up a half gamecube or game. I'd like out of the playoffs and you end up his ninth that's the one that's the sweet cake in the gym lit slowly got a big game coming up the Denver. Yeah they do it was a big game now you're what a full game back. I still think the way there's schedule opens up I I think that for the Melinda be in the eighth seed and two year point yes they will be bludgeoned to. By the Kevin Durant led Golden State Warriors but this team wants to make the playoffs so now I am god make the playoffs. Don't make the attempt to make a thousand small short. It's gonna ask you a whole lot to BB eight seed in the west for heaven's sakes you should have that you're better. At least you should be better than the Denver Nuggets are right up next guest to. Pay your liberal snowflake they're clearly. Guess who lives. Are Tannen. Do you doesn't Tony one of the guys that they're looking at ice assume is gonna be machine now it's this it's a former sports guy is there really yeah Curt Schilling. You Schilling gone over the left noon. I'll tell you it is next is Mike. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime what I think ensued rocky by the series. On Jay Nady both. And so you said that bandaged from Kentucky get the filling up my own computer. Draft express has the blazers taking him at 27. Well that laid. He's a six thing can he is an athlete is going Iran's rock but some people say maybe eight Kenneth Faried tight my great athlete this is them doesn't he the moment hands. Garbage guy finish around the rim plays defense so UN and they have the blazers taking in there with their three draft picks media. Texas freshman Jared Allen haven't seen him one bit nor vine. He is 611. He's a guy who averages thirteen an eight for them whose comparison. Yeah. Fred min prints and some that the now this is a different once I saw an amount Griffith and then the next cake. Is members is pixel that's down 21 may have been taking Donovan Mitchell who is the kid. Who plays for little he's and he's a shooting guard him for little. And then. Taking them bam. Out of bio. Kentucky freshman senator Tony seventh loading up on the against. I don't have a probably if they had a draft in a combo guard and a bigger guard I think that's a good thing age even if you ended up in the top five or six there was a volatile point guard shooting guards. I still don't think that's a terrible idea X if you developed a bigger guard. Kind of like what gold's they'd given they got the clay Thompson they knew you move. Whichever one I'm assuming CJ can and you get an elite from court player back in return to bounce is tiger roster. I don't know if delivered to your dad but I still think that is. If you do get your hands on any leaks bigger guard I got the best way to balance out this roster did you watch Kansas sun machines say I didn't watch kids missed instead miles bridges guest down these they've got him slotted in an eleventh is gonna say he was like when I saw an MBA grads nude bike around the between that 1014 range maybe he'd been listening guys blazers got him. KSL. The dams they're regrouping taste. Licking their wounds that dispute they're regrouping many did they need to find a new. Grow further they'd pick the one person who couldn't be Donald Trump. Well you think it's kind of worked out that way but you know I never now those funny because they it's that they say that's the only person Donald Trump could be it was Hillary Clinton. And the other person that could lose to Donald Trump race. Do you think Joseph Biden beats. Tempe. Do you think Bernie Sanders beat struck not only Bernie Sanders is Joseph Biden Biden might be in the Biden would have I think well I think burned that I think. Isn't the board was to get a feel it with a lot of the that the middle aged white guys they were gonna feel the burn but they like it's over. The lives are moving on yet. And there is I saw this today and I thought it most -- in because it's really now that trump one yet because we're looking at anyone anyone doesn't have political experience yes like. Before is I Dolly gets up and comer in Illinois AM oh Obama is it's always like unlike unlike rubio were right it was the other guy. Bobby he started with the G ratings like Louisiana who should know her from Bobby pushing the water boy is another one of those guys that was that. Like anyone wasn't white from the right side that was pretty good I'm pretty good thank you because you said Louisiana RA death. Yeah Boucher you know it's easy you were younger and I think why the Republicans were like yeah. That's soup that's this guy will now because trump one and he's you know just a business guy in a TV guide or what every one Colin. But everybody's egg Oprah's I animal maybe all right mark Cuban's I dollar so this guy is a former sports there. And he's quite a polarizing figure I hear in the northwest but. There is some talk that this guy could be. 2002 money. Little snow flake flake we know what we're called the Abby you know flip the snowflakes he is a lib he is a left leaning guy from Seattle by the name most. In essence Bill Gates no. From Seattle on me. Think who sportsman or sports course with time. My Guinea guesses Dino on customer what's and I don't. It can't happen again not the man Howard Schultz. Really. Yeah its start tenth. Sort of similar shelf now I need some news he stepped down sealed stuff. That's been in the news here and them. So he. They kind of try to tab him last year early much. Last time around well was last year. But way before that you know before they primaries everything you know and he was talking about it and he's he's always been very outspoken about politics. And he's finally moved he's still do NCs like the chairman of Starbucks but he's moved out of the CEO role Starbucks. And understand that a lot of people in the party loving and he's always been very political and he has left the door open with the following quote. It think it's years there's a change that's why he asked to say you know no way here ranked because why say anything now. Yeah at least yankees were announced and start those protesters think you've got a couple years here he says. I'm all in on all things Starbucks and have no plans to run for public office. That's the way I feel. Today I. The key there is that today and knows what tomorrow breaks. I don't know much about him but I ice intern I mean Starbucks is like in our lifetime. Think of another. NTT. That popped quite like Starbucks. Amazon and apple lake Amber's apple up Amazon's ER there's a handful of them but it's certainly there are massive I mean it's like holy crap in he did that. It's embarrassing that they didn't think we make the joke that they where did you meet while I was at the Starbucks and he was at Starbucks across the street he. It is amazing when you see Starbucks. That with every within view of each other they're Everest re at the thing it's changed everything he's worth three billion dollars according to Forbes. Feel like it'll. Who Tony seventeen Ford says he's worth 25 million dollars so loudly three billion dollars up from selling overpriced coffee drinks but he was also the guy. That he Scrooge this X man he did he was the one who set who let. Clay Bennett Roland. And take the Sonics to Oklahoma City. So they can't I mean I don't know how they view him up in Seattle I have no idea ample that make it like on a national scale would in no known and I'm not saying that I'm missing in Seattle I don't. He's the villain right. I would think you ease. Probably many people like. Howard Schultz of the Seattle I think his name is whose name is mud. This with the Steve large and Steve large and I don't know if he's right to left but he's I think he's right Oklahoma I think it is yeah. And I thought he is a railing and now I'm not certain publishing I just know that he is he's a man of authority now that where is mom jeans. The disturbing answer what he be seen Steve large machines. Google Steve large how nice has seen his jeans he's got gene problems we want he where's mom jeans. I'm only monster where mom you know Steve larger where's mom jeans while he's come a country are ranked. Fears or not I just know that he where's mom jeans yet okay it's a little disconcerting I can't vote for mom jeans we can't do it coming in next. I don't know oh I have a common left over for you come by news for pretty bad on the fan again soon rusty thank series happening. On 1080. It's so large it was a Republican. And he serves. In the house until 2002. He's not there anymore. Willie can only serve in perpetuity. Com. He is not I don't know what happened arena. And I saw his jeans and by the way that pictures from the eighties and that was the style back. Those are women's jeans he's wearing lady Guess jeans with a really really thin lady belts. Which I would like to pose the question is there a man now. Alive that looks good in a fun way up from the eighty soil large and too good looking dude isn't hasn't Fella yeah he's got at all. He's the guy is a key this is this loses the prejudice against the of the white NFL players because of the wide receivers. Think we just assume that like your small and why you're just some dumb B guy out there are like running routes the largest. Is a phenomenal athlete indicate that we just have this image in our ahead. Of just these unify a footnote in a hundred enough scene and insist it's not the case. Against the Gillian adamant thing have you ever seen Julian element that guy is a phenomenal at Peter can be easily. Or you know a guy like Wes Welker it's not they wed down a bit like the the local piggy wiggly and they got jammed the cashier from behind there's EGM. Drugs and short shorts and run some routes do you play slot receiver in the NFL it's the I'd quite like that guy is a phenomenal laughed Steve Larsen. Also ran for governor. Of not Oklahoma did not win. No he. Easily won the Republican nomination. But he. Lost. He lost to Brad Henry there's also a lot of awkward photos with him in Jim Zorn from the early eighties as well just under 7000 votes who that's things a little bit. My. Yeah. He's an serious quail votes that's the Jason Zweig art. He youth he is also named to the 1996 list of most beautiful people. But People Magazine I realize what you're. 96. We Stephen Merchant. Handsome man you've never been voted people's. 56 is people. The larger and better than you. So I've ever recover a fumble a fumble and a Kansas football again candles show. And maybe get him. A but he can't. So run and a one quick left over from the com mind for you yet what area that I saw. I need some notes it's been sitting there since come. If it's it's just been and it pertains enough is just sitting there festering and is thought it was interesting. I'm so you know the fastest combined time from NFL players for three to use them in. No it's that John roster but was it 49 well I think it's 42 something. Whatever was it's really really fast. Have you ever wondered. For Tutu was John crosses time. A slighted John Brownstein did slight genre were due to which is. I can't even use the idea of I want to describe how fast have you ever wondered. What Hussein bolt would run the forty time forty in oh I haven't until now and I'm intrigued by they have calculated Dennis although I think they should just. Invited nominee to run a forty I think that would be awesome it would be awesome that they've calculated it based on his other times I. Good at taking guess and say that it's not as impressive as it is one might think why. I I just something tells me is is as long as he is that he probably excels. Later in the race but I I think some Bieber to value the fastest guy in the world. I cannot say that it's gonna be slow I just don't think it's going to be I'll betcha John Ross has a faster forty time then the bull does. I'm losing correct really. And I still kind of a weird say I'm I was sitting here going why it's. The fastest sprinter in the world would be slower than John Ross and forty yards. You're tirade about the guy that the guy that runs a hundred meters like the good. Mean this first one thing but you look at it where. I mean he just he pulls away from people and I just thought that whiff. You know. 0422 and a forty yard dash but how much faster you really going to get I I would have thought just the in and it's pretty term. That the big difference would have been. Further out not necessarily at the start but I stand corrected. They does say that now these are mathematicians. They're looking and his hundred meter times clocked at several world team ships and various yup. Races and such and they estimate that same ball would run a three point 97. Forty yard dash and I will shut the hell up NFL style about. You say Bolton not being fast and generous for forty yards. Couple of things board via Keenan and 39397. He's like 6566. Or 8 AM. The little things about that god. The spikes matter. But if you're talking four to two to 397 and there's a lot of stuff that's. You know words. He's got he's got to have a lot of stuff go right then and they're saying that. You know he's in starting box you got to remember. When he's that's true he has push enough in the in the 100 in the Carmine he would not yet you don't have blocks opinion have the spikes that grip the ground. Which gives you more force to. Push off Inman people Wear spikes you're gonna be faster. So this is coming so if you put him in any NSC Columbine situation is he really blow we away John Ross well. It's hard to know but they say based on the numbers of of his hundreds. Which again he's a starting blocks spike. He would drive 397 but what could he run a 397 if he was down there just you know hand in the dirt just like those other guys. Now that's what he's running with the blocks and and you know the spikes obviously that's gonna affected he's gonna run a slower time. And so I don't know maybe he runs like a 41 Emmys sounds like he's still gonna be faster than John Ross split. I don't I. I just assumed in that when we your target about that level of athlete. And it's only over forty yards my thing is how much faster can you really run than a 422. Please so much like the longer you're gonna go that's where the greatest difference is gonna be not at the very start day you'd think. That if there was some a little that can run it that fast. You probably would have all these years you would seem I don't. Yeah Merrill yeah I mean it's. It you're doing the best you can under those conditions because it's not spreading conditions and the other reason I said this is I know. When Nate baby. For like white men and Mike linebackers. Sometimes it's not even the forty that they they care about it's what we all pay attention to but they do time ten yards in twenty yards spreads. And it's. You've seen in the past guys that are athletic freaks like Julius Peppers or whatever and their ten or twenty yards splits will be as fast. As did DBs are there are the receivers guys that are run and 43 and 44. And fur you know god it's 265 pounds he can be as fast to those guys for ten or twenty yards. Because they're explosive out of the blocks now the further you go on that's where the top in speed happens but. In a short distance. Right I just felt like those athletes would be closer crammed together. Break it up next hour we do have some still might talk. We'll talk about what's going around the Aaron Hernandez trial it's bananas. But up next it's the hot cited five we give Michael Porter junior nuisance. Some news on that end at the updates on their Kevin Durant is well his son or 57 on them.