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Primetime 3.22.17 Hour 1

Mar 22, 2017|

Aaron Fentress joins the show to talk Ducks, and some hot WBC talk.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Primetime on ten maybe they'll say on that. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime dies again soon. Grassy but series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning pies vote now at ten meaning fan dot com and wind pipe glory year. Prime time on 1083. And then what do you do okay. Hey good Wednesday everybody. With the Atlanta to green Wednesday quarry now which means that the wind. Yeah be nice but it's not Hillary you are studios. A ride on the banks of the Willamette yes people who filled Willamette. Well Amanda yeah. In I was just out there. Smoking a pack cigarette thought they were like actually out in the Willamette I feel like going out there in the shop aria. No which you know last great exercise its so high every Muslim the the body. Tom Stellent. The mystical little little tumble to be seen on hiatus here no I guess I haven't pages in this but when you drive over the Columbia. It's yeah it's reduced risk they have no lift the bridge often it's I saw that. The other day they said they lifted that Brit what's at bridged the I five average they lifted that bridge four times. Because of the blue waters Ohio water so I boats can't get under at its nuts like I usually go over the Glenn Jackson out there at that search traffic the 205 but as I did I was driving across the the other day and I kind of just happened to looked down that's not good lord and then yeah. All the mud and all the debris has been washed in doing lots of debris yeah it's nuts bodies like the the Mississippi. The mighty Mississippi yet little bit little bit here now that river and all the dead bodies and I'm scrolling down here. And he says it's the highest of ever seen it in in that now. Does this it's a pretty good what was the flood 2009 to nine and I was gone. Doesn't call you were off if you didn't see it now as the new top wasn't quite hear you know think. That's where is that where waterfront park flooded I don't know it over and over. It live feed them some tender overflowed him over to polluted it flew over the it. One feud over the the banks I think so I am McCleon. But this is the highest I've ever seen it's nuts yet and then him a sudden someone in the senator. We're used to live yet to drive or abrasion in the Lewis or was right there 1996 and let it would've been here for that urban high school I don't remember that you numbered flooding down there. Spilled over there. You know what I've been hit in the head an awful lot and you can't expect you remember something from 1990s the homeless blows bros were for floating homeless once it's. The Brothers say no. C'mon man. But. Broke the brewers that was senator say almost opens at the yet though Lewis river is flooded out there and I think they have a little cut apart DiMarco walkway down Gareth yet like a bridge this at all that's that's under water. Yeah so the kids can't go down and do the experiments anymore can't go down of the wetlands because the quickly and to become let me except a little bit more wet than usual. That's nuts all right well. Lots DD we Darren centrist coming on today hot air and centrist stock ladies and gentlemen infantry we direct Jay Cutler is Chicago. And convenience. You know one of the greatest things about not having CSN is not senior adventurous but the a lovely guy and he's coming on at 330. But nothing it. Neither did I know I'm not I that that really got me off guard when you sit one of the great things about one of the best things about not having. CS then I I aim. Was not expecting not having to see here adventurous and oh centrists and I was drinking some water at the time and now one Allen got. I'm a huge fan as a matter of fact. And he's really get really does but you gotta admit. He he serves it up like he he'll say it's enough just that pissed people off you know these are up a little bit yeah like that but at the same time cigar. Mean go on it and some ownership offenders is the big one on one anyway yes he has and areas Willie Taggart one on one. For our inspirational quotes at all. And they're gonna air that I think it's an air tonight. In so he's gonna come on previewed at 333. To find out everything. That he's willing to tell us before it airs about Willie's you know all your board know about Willie Taggart and ends up almost interest decide not all the now it'll be it'll be kind of what you may be you'll see in the interview and if you can't see the interview then. Some nuggets is he's not gonna reveal all I think he should become an on tomorrow to recap and that way we can just talk about the people who didn't see it. We can talk and I hate abilities your show you can make that command was okay he wanted to could he wanted to promote top so we'll do that forum okay. So he's coming on here you're welcome and really day you're welcome Guinea and that we're gonna say hey Willie Taggart is is an interesting figure. He is he's a very. A lot of interest I don't know if it's controversial is right I just nine he's not contract controversial he just stem. He fascinates me I guess is that is the best way to put it I expected we talked to him. Once and I've heard several interviews with him and he just you and apprentices get his job how lunatics machine. You can put people are ready with. Then he's got I did just. He his personality at least when I've heard him do an abuse doesn't match. What you hear about them so we really. Yeah he's slick you hear that he's just like this rumored dynamic and make inspirational guide dogs in almost every interview I've heard within he's. He's like sleepy Sam Perkins plays like tune in areas yeah he's on top U choosing weird because it's so like with the web Harbaugh right heart may not like dude and he's he's a Harbaugh disciple. And heart I can be very very. Is and he prickly I guess during an epidemic. Yes. But you can tell. Then there is an energy there's an enthusiasm I remember the first time we interviewed Jim Harbaugh down when he was with the Stanford. We all parked Arabia like did that I had like a weird presidential kind of political feel about it is this the EU can tell there's something there. But with Taggart it's just it's increasing even disappointed in my early techno it's just let date. Everything you hear it out and about it and be in this dynamic recruiter in this inspirational leader. It doesn't match what you see in the interviews it's really ought to meet but you know that that's that's there because he is like people saved the best recruiter they've ever seen. And and the kids love a million people are well by him in in a in the count though the boom public. Viewpoint even just does it. Match up and that's an odd thing normally those those things kind of go hand in hand if you're dynamic person. That normally comes out on interviews and I've yet to see that may be did defenders interview may be relaxes and it's more like that. I just was surprised and that's all I really know if I'm Jack we've talked to him one time and I've heard sampled by the interviews and that's just. They cover up guards would not what I was expecting. Well you know being as famous as you are clearly. Local radio funny. Yes. Podcast tough gadgets and scanning they go you know that it's hard to be on all the time but there are times and somebody's gonna come out to Jason is Kenny can they're gonna want. They exceed from the radio in years not yet you exceed from the radio mode not that you're any different in the same guy you're just not it was like game. You know and honey honey fun jokes are hotcakes right now you're not on yeah that being on all the time. It only so many people can do that in I think Willie Taggart is probably one of those he's made most guys is like cancer. Every radio interview I don't care. I'd be interested to sit down and have a beer tech guy a way now a few drinks are not mean you you know may we have some Blanton as we sit down. I would like to see what he is like a wave from. The camera. Like off the record just sit down with them in and talked. And like a family man yeah that's pretty well adjusted guy yeah just this mark can sit down and and talk like because he he he doesn't have. And this is why I kind of like Willie Taggart there seems to be some perspective balance and I hear me over the years I hate. I hate football coach the all in football and I just say they drive me insane for a vote I hated playing with them. It's just it's and I hate list intimates is PJ fleck would drive me insane bio what why would destroy any intent to surround herself hurts. Head towards her I mean PJ fleck with Haiti Jennings months' time do trip mean Chip Kelly we will we did hate each other just I had an and we Taggart there seems to be. To balance there and I I appreciate that and I'd like to. I'd like to give to normal wave from. The move the microphone to zero right. He may be one of those guys it is just different. When you don't have a camera in front of this phase three doesn't have a a microphone and you can just relax and be himself. To learn about Willie Taggart did the eyes of Darrent centrists at 330. A stupid blazers. Yet what. Hell I have a stupid blazers I swear they missed the playoffs by like half again came other destined for nine a bit don't you just feel like that might die said that weeks ago they do is build you up and then though Milwaukee Bucks capital would be fair the Bucs are actually played really well right now. What else we have here I asked Nick Saban audio that's what he was in fine red asked for money. Speak a guy they just ease the same I feel like Nick Saban is a red ass purity and he's a red ass away he just readies under the camera. Or you'll hear it today he he's just looking for days some just getting going on yet he's is not and is looking for that America 80 that was part aren't here ago Jim Mora look at writing you line them up. Fill my news hitting a tee yesterday and we do need to get to the Aaron Hernandez story it's quite bananas. So all of that on that today's. I'm broadcast World Baseball Classic Aaliyah I was gonna the first segment was gonna be the WBZ again and then we got the rails on the wasn't the most we'll give it was the most thrilling game last night we got the championship game we wanted to reasons I that was not the most thrilling game. One the Japanese are a lot yes because they're not the way to play the game is very fundamentally sound is very scientific in very buttoned up how many guys do you really want to try to slap the ball down the right baseline they said one through nine in that lineup knows that they they can all bunt yeah. Guess not that exciting. The final game as scored the game Q2 21 but the weather was the other thing the weather that kind dampen the crowd is so tonight should be much much better because. Puerto Rico. They're they're bros are really into it like there may really wanna beat the US they are flamboyant is a big deal down and we're hopeful that we get a little bit of that the friendly maybe not so friendly rivalry exceed a seed dot yearly if I say you dot com. All of them plunk someone early is gonna fight gonna Hosmer bats live happening may be across jobs would do this USA are right well. Centers at 330 coming up next bout will be looked normal baseball classic segment. Although we managed and the American anymore now. Had a few things bleached hair. Mean all the Puerto Rican guys done. They'll have a blond hair now I'm so I think it's. Bit off all right let's get started it is 312 we'll be right back with hot sports takes on the fan interest when he comes on here about fifteen minutes and assess how it feels about the ducks' chances tomorrow against Michigan yeah. He's been covering the ducks basketball team to himself. That's been busy. That means fifteen here's our poll question 1080 depend dot com what are you least into right now. In the NCAA tournaments. There's August as the tournament's women. The defendant and the fishermen knew where the women how much for the women World Baseball Classic. Golf. NBA. Or look farm ball how. 1080 cannot come the World Baseball Classic. You know. It's eight kind of reminds me of golf in the Olympics. Some of baseball fan in a golf fan yup so golf in the Olympics nobody cared. But. If you're a golf fan and you did watch it. You probably thought it was great. Because it was it was Justin Rose is just best golfers in the world Justin Rosen and expensing come down the wire battling down they really wanted to and it was cool. But to 95% of sport. There like Latin cares ranked via. The world is not classics the same. Yeah maybe there's some non baseball people that have been roped in May be because there's been some drama. Which I doubt it I think if you're a baseball guy you should have been at some point you should appreciated this tournament. Well you can't appreciated them less you watch it because it's not one it's on Major League based. I don't I don't know it's kind of a weird deal in this is the fourth one they've done how many people know that I mean I think maybe some might move go all. Yeah remember that way back in the day remember when we didn't interview Tommy LaSorda about it. They think maybe there was one a long time ago and this is another there have been four of the other doing it now every three or four years for some reason this one has gained a lot more traction I wonder if this is because USA's in the final it's possible. You don't let. Because we're talking about it when it first started you know we as the weird via the rehearsal and yen the Israeli thing and and we were talking meanest on this one the first one got a lot of pop up yes and then after that everyone got away. I don't even remember the second to. I was when it when I know that no not at all. When he came back went how often is that happening and a half and it happened it was either every four years now doing it every three year is every four or every three and now they're doing their tickets have. Let I thought it was every 2101. Time. And then I Toronto was for you and I am I just don't know I'd if anybody on the steak and it was either I'm not sure which one it was it was every four years and they moved it to every three. Or it was every three and they moved it to four they may change now it seems like a great men and it's been it's one of those it's like a World Cup's sort of thing but it's one of those things where. You probably don't care even if your baseball thing you mean I'd be even if he if you haven't stumbled upon you just don't you let whatever if you launch it much like. Golf in the Olympics I think eking get into because it really is. It really it means something to the Puerto Rico's and Dominican Republic's and yes definitely Japan mobile search those are they wanna beat the US Mandel are more baseball I says we are at their baseball crazy countries. And we have other things lawmen have at it that's right that word that word be baseball country it's just that week. They have a chip on their shoulder about taking out how deep the bad boy yeah on the bit the big well. And let's be honest in the end whether in all the Latino countries baseball is it's a religion. It's it's just it's it's different they say like in the Dominican Republic why does everyone play baseball because there's only one way off the island that's hey you're way off but people. I mean they're little kids liquid milk cartons and the use of his gloves it's it's different the sport means something different it may be our national pastime. But we don't have the passion as an entire between now we have. Almost forty million people's those little different for us but you gotta admit the Latino countries. That that takes on a different meaning and the chance to knock off the mighty United States of America. That that that's a that's a special meaning for those guys that we don't we don't have and yes I was correct it was a three year gap. And now they've moved it every four of the first two there is a three year gap now it's every four so this next one will be. In what 20/20 one. Okay let's cool bandwidth it will be coming back that seems. More like it I guess and we'll the world the World Cup's or before yours right those Olympics so. Yes. Yeah yeah and what's elements every two years in soccer. And the racquets every team's ability Olympics that is the right of every team's yet wreckage of the Olympics stagger and so do we get him every. In the winters yet the winter in the summer it. I think what the euros or every two or three years somewhat content soccer match I don't know there's there's so many cups or when they happen they happen imbalance. Florida is yellow cup there is a few fed cup in new Fiat another chaotic there's a cut you one of the leaders think about tonight's game yet. Now the find on the set the table for you browse the finalists tonight in you should watch it if your sports Fannie she'd give it a try. Because it's team USA trying to win this thing for the first time ever all four of them the protect act and in their playing Puerto Rico via. And Puerto Rico has like. Francisco Lindh or that the Indians stead they have Carlos Correia from the astros' Carlos Beltran Yadier Molina is that it's both plumber so Earl Starr reports. Yeah no question. The weirdest thing about this came in this is part of why this event. And needs some work is that Marcus stroman is starting for the US now Marcus stroman looks Puerto Rican and quicker. Starting for Puerto Rico is Seth Lugo who looks. American. It's really odd. Stroman said he'd show he stroman wanted to play for Puerto Rican you know because his mother is from Puerto Rico but he ended up choosing. Team USA and is maverick his mother in Puerto Rico is getting a lot of heat heat it well yet he like there it's like no laughing matter it's they trees death threats. That he then hit that her son chose to play for the US and not Puerto Rico and now he's starting against Puerto Rico and the final articles like it's pretty. It's pretty heavy defeat takes two decades is strictly goes out gets lit up early o'clock wink wink nod nod mom. Well our but CI think Seth Lugo mean he doesn't seem Puerto Rican. Maybe he's the American spy on the other team and he contained it juices. Juices well. And it's like 120 lawyers say it is the fix is on right period. Well if we don't win that we go of my eight. New York Mets is weird that he's fifteen. For Puerto Rico I. Look more Puerto Rican and secondly I know and Marcus stroman looks like he's from Puerto Rico Yan was mom's from the Chinese Puerto Rican kind of those. How sort of what is so that goes connection to you don't know that's a problem with the event. Wisconsin. The Japanese team is legit because they're all. From Japan in the plane the Japanese league yeah right but some of these others like Israel's gay sample where nobody in Israel cared about the Israeli team because. None of those guys were from Israel they were least loosely connected right yes guys like Adam who is the bro further pitcher Jason Marquis. Don't care about Jason Marquis now. They don't play don't have good players over there. Although baseball is growing a bit over there like when Christmas came and a plea for Germany like in the Olympics to put a team determined they qualified for the term and you don't qualify toward so it's kind of weird that way but. The US of we Elissa Knight. Always had to do is say. Well we didn't have the law firm of harper Trout Kerr shot yeah we didn't have to begin our big boys are actually not playing but we do have a bunch of studs playing that's all star lineup. Hosmer ringgold Schmidt and Posey nosy you got to all those cat daddy's out there Texans playing in Demi it's great lineup it's just our best. So Dan our best of the best Arnott line now harpers not there trounce not there are just not there are a lot of the pitchers. Have a hard time with that even though that managers do. Kind of give me don't throw a ton of it I mean I just there are gonna kill these guys are it's they're discounts they understand that this season is coming up but. By the pitcher shyly from other web looked up on. Wikipedia Seth Lugo and it just says loosely. That he has Puerto Rican ancestry he affiliates are very very loose connection there are set ahead at sit we thought. Florida you're grandmothers. Uncles for her cousins roommate was Porter weekend. Therefore you're pitching for reporter re look sauce like Puerto Rico needs pitching in so they go around Major League Baseball club houses and like Seth. Wink or do you have any family from Puerto Rican. What should come Fisher do you know set Lugo is a pitch in the United States and so there you go he wants to pitch the World Baseball Classic in and that it. Well 67. It's tonight. It's I think it's at six. And it's in LA at Dodgers stadium now last night it was raining. Like the whole game there it was bad fans looked miserable I was coming down hopefully tonight it to be better and them the fans get into it should be I Cingular shot. As you know there's nothing else on pills on Wednesday night's. Trying to think Walter always sunny in Philadelphia and I think that's on hiatus so outside of that I think I got the four. I commend next earns interest had a long sit down with Willie Taggart a new coach of the ducks. It airs tonight on CSN and he will let preview and this animal ask him if or again. Is going to win tomorrow. In basketball against Michigan's offenders can (%expletive) off depth and yet again. 327. Here's Michael sports. This is a final sixteen week traditional. I think consumed frenzy by a series. On 1080. It's all right let's. Talks some ducks. Retirement that's that's good. If both eighty ducks mailbox airing tonight on CSN will be no one on one interview with the great Willie Taggart. And harass the and anything yet know the popular site with get a good or pretty glass. Yeah under the circumstances. Here's earns interest he conducted that interview he believed that we have the guy who. The rare behind the love. What brought with Jonathan now what are your beer sucks so bad mostly on pit. What are what are your bears suck so bad. How might how. Good they'll bomb back. I'm back in the at least Levin the media and chipped it in my opinion because color I go to your idea I have I would. How much refuse to watch on Monday when a lot to a trillion here and allow like every compliment the united commitment however you're gone I'm glad about that I'm and implement change. My week. Glenn I love the fact that bears and that such an anger just think of a venom towards Jake oh that's so bad Jay Cutler was for them that they love Mike Glenn let. If that's how excited about our Oregon fifteen million a year. Here's the thing about Cutler forbearance and so the bad about a horrible that your quarterback we all noticed like the saying say bluntly we're all time leader everything and joke. Color came on the color hat all world talent that I should be hall of fame quarterback. We didn't hear you work Carter all Berkeley and saw that. We want forgot who don't work hard like Jim Harbaugh or are you up out of color how hard ball work left was probably at all. You ready so we could definitely what got knocked carpet look we can't approach our quarterback he wrote. Offer exactly the triple coverage of the chicken hawk well when I got to go. Yes see that's what he wanted to. A teller a bump OK so when Disney and triggered Lindsay staggered interview air. Got caught not out here there is a right after us. I think acids is stick around the pickle and it's it's a whole hour. It's not certain knowledge therefore about we talk about 7080 mile an army got cut like 42. In commercial obviously some bitter about the carrying out our our chief Charlie on everything in their blood all the all the alternate wealthy. Available on not a huge and web site yet they do the production team did a great job. After that graphics and got some footage from or they would let us shoot there are. Crockett in class Hendrick contingent is letting anyone in marital it is give us some of their own and it internal footage that we won't be until it's looking very quickly put together. One on one interview we cover. To let everything that's capital last Lima. And ask is did you. Did you have any sort of interact with him before the interviewer did you kind of go in first time. No law will walk out of buildup of introductory press copper summit that we put in target area your request well all December. And we that didn't put. Although there are quicker way to whatever we didn't get a little Christmas break massacre where commuter creating we're told you about recruiting. It just sort out my door to the bottom like dog. Well reduction now that it back in the summer to get a bunch of top but the last three months but I caught jamaat I interviewed him about the this situation look at the kid brought about sort of political story she cannot match and I talked of color are gone and that it would shut down. Casket I was saying before we came on just him away from the camp because I hear. All these things about him be in this really dynamic personality in this great recruiter and does a woman living rooms. And he seems like a guide to need that that has some balance that doesn't seem like one of these red ass coaches and yet. When we are the only interviewed him once but when I was a new interviews with him he'd just. I don't know if it doesn't come across to me as as a dynamic guy or is a guy with any sort of big personality. Did what what did you find just from a personality standpoint with him on camera verses when when you were just talking to maybe. The record yes Richard I question numb yeah I mean. You're right it doesn't interview he's being professionally going to wrap on the there lightning than you not necessarily overly gregarious social or more colorful and not respect but he definitely can see in just talking to lump. In general that it has. He has a strong personality had a very outgoing personality. Like I have tried guessing he's in a trait there where did you have more attention and then player would gravitate toward him. Morsel of some coaches can be pretty element now about seven. I am most people are different away from the camera movement are on the camera like YouTube have you gotten any. Get crowned on the radio you're called a person's worked out well you come out. Yet resigning. I. Now peso is he is he open and practices. Today read that ranked. No I did you know I've been pretty girl with regard to go low. How I go. A little bit too well probably will have an extreme how part of the spot war. Our bureau photography adjusted the he'd been getting tried and Mickey select apps power and then during the fall. I have been good but what I came out exactly political but it is out in minutes twice a week. So at least respect and or in the helping to build apartment and I enjoyed double opt out to us. You've got to know that team better I'm just so I mean I remember back with bloody days. How much better I just knew and understood each player and not just like I could hit silhouette of a got a lot well no we work a lot pocket so much was. When coach took over and closed practices like you'd get a guy to game day I could help melt that you know so. It is to tell you just learned that you know got skills but who's doing well wouldn't it well but being yelled out the most of it. But you know reaching respects the the idea that TV and newspapers and web second to get photos and videos and not a lock up it. So on the don't. The M hospitalization. Of the of the players. He he's sort of doubled down on that particularly after Akon all had settled down. Any seems still a bit perturbed about how that was portrayed. Is does he have a case there. You know hole. So I didn't ballpark what you're doing an article and the and could limit sort of a different taste and at a resort going article. President and I gave him a chance to talk or you're going our did not quote you know they talk. Com and so you know wanted I didn't commit to them about that the order a talk about it but I'm not talking about a lot talked about ordering a bit. I don't look at you dug out a road about. They did that become the whole quite mild compared to get your audience to it you know just way to Taiwan bought D'Amato is what got but yet yet it is because. You know you don't you know I'm not a bit of contact the other. And computer at all that you know if if you're. Your university your program being. You know basically a failed by anonymous source student you don't get a chance cheap power bat. And an uncertain. Picture dissipated and I go to national. Ominous not entirely accurate in what he loved it now know. He cards that let it die but he kept being talked about at W if you're if you feel like it was. That's reported and keeping talked about definitely gonna thank you wanna think well nobody knows but he can't win that battle because. At the end of the day and let me make him look like he's trying to hide something you know and try to try to be open about it the market. By the original report. So what was inaccurate. Again I see you could mean a tough course. And I I don't know that my place and heavy hand drawn. There are he thinks there are things that were inaccurate yeah. What were Apollo. It's how it relates how it sounds. Latvia dirt Arco is based on anonymous source. A guy who said whatever they set about what went down and she did not you feel like you deserve an opportunity to say it. How do you think when things went down they've nearly a mile. Go rockets that are dot com I'm Margot tiger on that you feel like everything that we should have been an up or going article about now because of what. Provocative look more circuit and a lot to the beach and started organ became a poster topless beauty not. And he described how much of unfair powered tells us. How does he just view. Overall. Or how is he handled the first couple months because it it hasn't. It hasn't been moved from that to a coach can do do you why with another coach in that the car that George then leaving to take another job. It's yeah I ate it hasn't necessarily been a smooth transition. Yet you are fat tumor in the interview com and just fire comparison you know you've had. Arguably the greatest source this week and whatever atom dot ever actually stick around we truly. They're now running it was recruiting the art establish it'll be excited about what's given where they recovered from them their recruiting college themselves and you know he. Yeah obviously displayed because now I took a goal like this he that idiot that are not in their. And helpers couldn't Kelly we're. You know probably will. And doesn't matter bracket Kirk and the government nor feel like you like the culture like of course now I'm not just want to square and only com living a long grain in them boom boom back backed. And talk and talk about that at all you know he just. Basically just over and try to use in other Angela thinks there's a guy that that's in dark and always go well on the does not appear to be impacted about a and we're glad that you know me they can happen didn't create. This feeling fortunate in being you know sent to you by rob Mol Hungary are still not like he's gonna get there and order he said no not really don't like anyone I. Oh went out and no we're going to have things go badly they were battling and we just outlook and just move forward so it seemed like he. Catalytic. Now pretty well in terms such as well unless you're doing what they look up clearly you felt now there's no way he could met. Victory day. You know what he had done outer response we'll let our deduct a point blank about already sort of look in the call. Caught on what you would coach I'm actually just says you know what she encouraged to be awarded nearly 10 dollars each half hearted you know traumatic that I didn't you cry out for him that he what you fairway he wouldn't go any further back. I can assure you that. Packard basically want him gone. What are the expectations for them it this year for him and that. We will know if it's funny because. So. One of them one of them knocked on. Alfredsson knows that would have been let recruiting blacks. Which state you would not content for sure empire that. If you put their two young guy on the outcome of their young black circular and let it is recruiting look so bad you can't win. Is that you can't have a both what is it didn't win the first two of them were current or that could have been that bad in in his it is important that you can't land. And he lit wanted to let you know my goal aware of what we have a lot of work. Yeah yeah they have a lot of what you feel like there's some young count Deborah young and he reluctantly. I don't weight room number of bad and you need strong leadership it. While these do is almost out. You want to be more lean and and quicken and conduct Alice Walker has come all arms when you yeah heat in the neighborhood he knows somebody let's put that. Coach Pete cliche you want to look at it next year. But I think he recognizes that this program and have a little bit of rebuilding process to get or need to be especially on defense but offensively. You've gotten beat likely added a bit off with a lot of combat allotment in LAPD could actually got a marquee quarterback of a sudden quarterback competition. Freeman back to god gently back. When he couldn't cut the score a lot of points that the president take some times it wouldn't want to go back put them on the actual value your opponent got one point one million coast attract. People are not this. Expect you to put down little old lady bird was blown it's a direct another month that's my goal but it looked into but other realistically I'm Leo it went to go. Does it you know kind of of the of the blur stuff may be it is is it official that that's kind of dead here this. A total tempo. Yeah now being whoever and if you're doing what it has I'm what you would you walk but are there going to be no huddle. They're going to be trapped let you know organ out at a level that no one advertised and found out in order to not a static you know last day. Only get everything they do toward Japanese government without a doubt about it so I think a bigger help quite a bit closer. Do what it was from under health which we thought we would still not well not quite as blood and shot. Chile Chile listing words you know a month just one and that's what you think it could you not play well as some guy like I. The final board of the biggest. Missed no regulatory recovery is an accurate off that was more magnitude than most Christian of law but now a target of the go to about their lights. We won a trip like up on the road kill it and Jerry Pate and we're gonna help which father actually compared with ten more condom look at it you want to call a play. Gluten a little bit longer for the booby traps are going to be more like that they'll fight never be elected last. The last time there was. Okay so like 22 more questions with parents centrist CSN his interview with Willie Taggart airs tonight right after our show on C has sent at 7 o'clock symmetry take out. What doubt what are the top couple of things that people need to watch for an interview a couple of things you you thought or did Wear the day is the key moments. Well we talk about all of that. Not a feud that it would be repaired it wouldn't you know Bob Marley. Coach welcome back now reported movement what part about it was not like the college was the players really have Gromit were injured and cannot in my article on pocket and democracy Egypt and you want coach about it and look what happened. Armond and wonder better not get tackled him. It has come. Over creeping up you know you've got a part Butler and not talk about it it would applications personality Eugene he had to recognize you recognize criminal. He knows how to get it to. A pain that actor Richard Eugene it's a lot of work and South Florida it and they would consider seat mile radius from the program. You outlawed if you log out of out of you know on how do you and the area whereas here you've got all the religion out of recruited mentioned this how can you. Politically because we Eugene act quite like about the challenge of neutron. What a national title Wear the typically argue that part of it that's when that covered about as to where you look at the last six national champions they all had at least. One class. That you read are outraged. Top ten top note giving them a cop overall average the first five years leading up to winning at all and all except one had at least one top five were pretty much. So if that's the trend you got the bucked the trend or meet the threat. We talked extensively about that about can he either a bucked a trend or beat Chauncey made teaching such a definition quite a peaking yet. I'm not far bark or tortured to out recruit beat Alabama and how staged protests virtually. But it took a marquee coconut articulate and actually change and welcome to conventional way not to unconventional way to try Q what did you like offered yesterday what did you. Oh there he goes lien existed jab right before he leaves. And an opponent and don't know that the pay that off that let me order a pure. And the story nothing at the past seven it'll mean squat the uniform didn't squat it would pay cut and paste made them special and they gonna dive equipment and that. Window it close. All right so if people don't have CSN can they see it online. Will be our clips online we can't put on hold because of with some Q regulations which. Put something online but I am eastern Carolina you're on chief. Cougar though cable TV rules where the Kirk will be online Brett has pretty much at all. Try to an architect. Right there with say season in W dot com and finally click enter a plea if we can. Tony matchup against Michigan tomorrow. I worked on a fascinating man and Michigan did not turn the ball over there to kindergarten. Pritchard and M or Q a the other thing is pretty Oman and Qatar post season. You know the Carolina endorsement could amount like Agassi charitable lot. Not pretend that you could cost just look did not capture or not a not an opulent inside out he wants to get fifteen and has some good good good score and just more acute. Without Chris showed up internally and I'm glued coming into the tournament our division was gonna kill them at some point earlier than people expect that it can be taught not. All right you think you are dust. Contentious. Great. Competitors and he's an animal. He is suing him took a long time did tracked down moon equipped with a dagger. He after we got him before he did I think plant are interviewed leading game for now we only remember what we talked to about. Well maybe we should reach out and do our hour long sit down was really tell drift far sounder isn't. Blanton and whiskey in the status wasn't there within like our enemies are very memorable the first week that he was tired. The it was a it was a earlier this kind of boring. He was not the most troubling me and he was not the most energy are okay maybe just really gotten tired at all. I'm just really set the tone of the interview does that every sport show take Willie Taggart not to decide to tend to the practice field bills. What do you just drop those in without. Commenting on the far Saunders doesn't YouTube were just lighten up the room while talking to a better defender refused a knowledge it well. It's not about coach yeah I'm not I'm not here any step for a visit. Our desks that haven't let's get back on track here sports stock is coming up we go to lead the NFL draft and other stupid blazers lost last time. Are you kidding you want the eight cedar not win or lose do wondered. Wait no wind in a no lose. Weight ninth two allegedly with break. This is a final sixteen week additional primetime Isaac and sued directly by a series cabinet and high on 1080 program. Blowing wind blew along with. Aryan groups ate a Ron. Jordan Kent special right there are so now we have to break but before we did. We're gonna go even longer this game tomorrow like any of Islam. Meet you just give him a taste. So the the decks are planned mission in Amara I've heard about that young you believe Wagner in my boy yeah. My crowd both white. That's true. I do look look anything it is like uber white ancestry. Whether that's Germany Ireland the Scandinavian countries I pass for all of them. Jeremy is close to their I fit right in there. Rate it's so. This idea that Michigan is like really hot. This sort of the men. Why. Really mean they've won they won what twelve to fourteen in the well and I mean hardly. Shooting line like there on fire she went yet they've won twelve of fourteen is certainly playing a lot better than they were. But I was looking at their never does reading on CBS sports they have like fifteen or sixteen minutes of the sweet 161 of them was that. Michigan is so on fire that. They're shooting 39% from three which is good. And not. No there's there and punishing him and wholly clear all he wants a little game they global item in the first half they kept them in check this he didn't play that well all of them Wagner came on and and had a huge well I think. Second half they did play they've they shot the ball extremely AS so by the state I think the way they dead. Yet they did this or night to point a to point and I think the thing about them is that why it seems like they're red hot is that they have stretches in games both of those games I watched Oklahoma State and mobile and simple games they had stretches where they were unconscious in the it would just they would just come down and shoot. Relieving great shots but they had multiple guys that can make. Threes since you know did just a little just right inside the mean it's bad but the worst shot is right inside the three point line gets terrific and I should do all the time mission was knocking down every one of those. In a variable time so it seems like their red hot. Is not drag the ducks in a no obviously worse competition in their first two games but the ducks are shooting 52%. Michigan shooting fifty. So it is hot is Michigan is well they're not that. Honda mean what it did organ and and some of that two was held to mean. Big guy playing better they got bailed out by by Dorsey Tommy Dorsey goes nine of ten of the ways they don't. They don't win that Rhode Island game. But the nice thing about organ is that even when their offense and this is why I'd like organ going to end. Maybe not to draw as well but I I liked him better than Arizona and UCLA is I think organ is the best combination. Of bull UCLA going forward. You sit and I've heard mobile would you say this you serial taken as far as their defense goes 'cause they don't play. Defense. For large stretches you know connect pop thanks can I cut you off there yeah that was another one of the myths from the CBS sports article of sixteen minutes of the sweet sixteen the silly doesn't play defense yes they said well it they've framed it as. Arizona is so much better defensively than UCLA and if you look at there and they compare the defensive numbers and some of them are tubman had they were like easier is not that far binders on. When I have wash DC lately this year and I've seen more you silly Arizona and organ. Well maybe through Kansas and their than any team in the country. You simulate just the times is doesn't look like they they give a rip about offense they want out score you mean about the thing about defense excuse me this scoring the nice part about organ is when the offense is failing you gonna once against Rhode Island naroff output Dorsey was not a good off with a knife for anybody. Really but they can put the screws Q and play lock down defense. And I think that's why to me organ was equipped to make a run in this tourney since it is just the balanced team. It is but this is a different animal there's is not Rhode Island your nine here is some big boys so the game starts about this time. I'm tomorrow I think it helps that the give Michigan not lieu of maybe. Maybe not. Hard now mission looks pretty good. I we will be right back with some talk about the national full volley they're trying to speed up games. Yeah a lot of weird he's not weird at all well they're given. It's say what you're gonna do you think they're tablets for a in his cannon tablet sixteen at a lot of different things that's next on the ten.

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