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Aaron Fentress -- CSNNW Ducks Insider

Mar 22, 2017|

Aaron joins the guys to promote his Taggart special and talk Ducks hoops.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's earns interest he conducted that interview quickly that we have the guy who. The rare behind the love. What brought with Jonathan what are your beer sucks so bad and most hunted to what are your beer sucks so bad. How might how. Good they'll bomb back. I'm back in the at least Levin the media and chicken than my team and it took color I get to your idea I have I would. How much refused to watch I'm going to be doing a lot to a trillion here and a lot like every single man the united commitment however you're gone I'm glad about that comment inclement. My week. Glenn I love the fact that bears and that such an anger just think of a venom towards Jake oh that's so bad Jay Cutler was for them that they love Mike Glenn because I'm excited about Oregon fifteen million a year. Here's the thing about color forebears. So the bad about a horrible that your quarterback we all noticed like it's safe to say look we're all time leader every billion joke. Delicate lob the color hat all world talent that I should be a hall of fame quarterback. We didn't hear you work cart and all Berkeley and saw that. And we want we forgot who don't work hard like Jim Harbaugh or are you not count as in color and Harbaugh to work out that I would be at all. You ready until we hear definitely what I got caught be adequate I was on Oprah took quarterback he wrote. Offer exactly the triple coverage in the second blocked well when I got to go. Yes see that's what he wanted to. Tellers about OK so Linda's been triggered Lindsay staggered into the air. Got caught not out here is a right after us. I think yes it just stick around a pickle and it's an out it's a whole hour. It's not certain knowledge therefore about we talk for about 7080 mile an army got cut like 42. And commercial and obviously some bitter about the carrying our you know our Archie silent on everything in their but also on the optical wealthy available on non. Our kitchen web site yet they do the production team did a great job. After that graphics and got some footage from or they would let issue where there. Crockett in class Hendrick contingent is letting anyone remember it is give us some of their own it internal footage that we world until it's a very liquid put together. One on one interview we cover. Give it everything that capital last Lima. And ask is did you. Did you have any sort of interact with him before the interviewer did you kind of go in first time. Go awful lot of buildup of introductory press top hundred it would put an extraordinary he request well all December. And we of that input but although we are quicker way to whatever we didn't get it for Christmas breaks massacre where commuter treating her told you about recruiting. I just sort out on juggle them about them like dog. Well it got you dialed that back in the summer to get a budget topic the last three months I'd popular guy interviewed him about the this situation current acute blood clot on Italy story Christian it's a matter and I talked colored tops content that it would shut down. Gasket I was saying before we came on just him away from the camp because I hear. All these things about him be in this really dynamic personality in this great recruiter and does a woman living rooms. And he seems like a guide to need that it has some balance that doesn't seem like when these red ass coaches and yet. When we are the only interviewed him once but when I was an interview with him he'd just. I don't know if it doesn't come across to me as as a dynamic guy or is a guy with any sort of big personality. Did what what did you find just from a personality standpoint with him on camera verses when when you were just talking to a may be. Off the record yes Richard question numb yeah I mean. You're right it doesn't interview he's being professionally and direction on the there lightning than you not necessarily overly gregarious shore. More colorful and I respect that he definitely can see it just talking to lump and general that it has. He has a strong personality had a very outgoing personality are. Like I have tried to get to achieve in the traits and there where you have more attention and then plant would gravitate toward him. Morsel of some coaches can decrease element now about seven. And most people are different away from the camera seminar on the camera like YouTube and you've got to paint. Be crowned on the radio to hear all the persons worked out well you can come bump. Yeah pretty funny the no peso is he is he open and practices. Did I read that ranked. No I did you know I've been pretty girl was reported to go to the how I go a little bit too well. Probably will out of there sprint how hard on the spot war. I'm here on photography and just as if he's some getting trident did you select half hour and then during the fall. I have been good what I cannot exactly television about it you can actually in minutes like two week. This release your respect and in the outfield overclocking and I didn't do it noble thought Erica because. You've got to know that can bet I'm just so I mean I remember about it bloody days. How much better I just knew and understood each player and not just like I could get silhouette of a got a lot well no we work a lot practice so much worse. Went toward to Dover and closed practice to what you can deduct a game day I could help that we held back. You know so it is to tell you just learn the team that got killed at who's doing well who is doing well and being yelled out the vote to visit. But you know reaching respects these the idea that TV and newspapers and web second to get photos and videos and not a lot but it. So on the the M hospitalization. Of the of the players. He he's sort of doubled down on that particularly after Akon all had settled down. Any seems still a bit perturbed about how that was portrayed. Is does he have a case there. You know hole. So I did it all buckle up you're going to article and the and put them at sort of a different case and at a resort going article. President and I gave him a chance to talk what you're going article did not quote you know they talk. And so you know wanted I didn't get to review them and that's what so we're not talk about it but I'm not talking about a lot talk about it or not it. I don't look at you got out and rode about. It did that become the whole quite mild compared to get your audience to it you know just which Taiwan bought domino in what got but definitely. Because. You know you don't you know I'm not have been in contact the other end computer at all you know if you're. You're university of programs being. You know basically a failed by anonymous source student you don't get a chance Q how about. And and it shouldn't. Picture that's painted and I go to national. Ominous not entirely accurate than what I loved it now know. He Chrysler let it die but he kept being talked about it and you're if you're if you feel like it was. That's reported and keeping talked about it really ineffective he's one thing over and over him but he can't win that battle because. At the end of the day and let me make him look like he's trying to hide something even know it's hard to try to try to be open about it the market. By the original report. Solos in anchored. Again I see you could mean a tough cookie. And I. I don't look at my place and heavy hand drawn. They're worth he thinks there are things that were inaccurate yeah. What that would how. It's how it relates how it sounds. Latvia dirt Arco based on anonymous source. Okay who said whatever they set about what went down and heated or not you feel like you deserve an opportunity to say it. How he can when things went out did nearly a mile. A lot if I don't dot com I'm mark or tiger on that he's selling everything that he should have been an up or going out with a belt now because at one. Elected mayor looked more circuit and a lot to the beach and started organ became the poster topless beauty not. And he distraught about it unfair powered. How it's not how does he just view. Overall. Or how is he handled the first couple months because it it hasn't. It hasn't been removed from that to a coach can do do you why would another coach in that the car that George then leaving to take another job. It's eerie it hasn't necessarily been as smooth transition. Yeah you know I settlement in the interview how calm and aspire to not unless you know you have. Arguably the great its first six weakening whatever adamant dot ever actually stick around with really good about running route was recruiting the artist out there who is excited about what's given. Where they recover from in their recruiting college themselves and you know yeah obviously displayed because now I took that people like this you have data that are not a bit. And helpers couldn't Kelly which. You know probably will. And doesn't matter bracket Kirk and the government nor feel like you like the coach like it was nice not to Atlanta to swim only I'm living a long grain in them boom boom back back. Incompetent to talk about that sent out you know he just. Basically just challenge how to use and other Angela thinks there's a guy that kept in the dark and always go well on the he does not appear to be impacted about a Clint Black actor no money it can happen did create. Good feeling that you're seeing being you know sent to you by rob Malone's leaving until my likely gonna get that in order he said no not really good. How much anyone I would a went out and no we're going to have things go bad and it was battling and we just outlook and just moving forward so it seemed like he. Catalytic. Now pretty well in terms such as well unless you're doing what they look are clearly you go now there's no way he could let. Victory day Tom you know what he had done outer response we'll let our deduct a point blank about story dornin looked in the call. Carter what you would coach I'm going to defend you know what she encouraged that we awarded nearly one dollars each. Half hearted you know strong man who that it is corrupt and Ukraine and that he what do you tell you what went further back. I can assure you that. Packard basically want him gone. What are the expectations for them it this year for him and that. We won't know if it's funny because. So more than one of them knocks on nominal court and note that was that they let recruiting blacks. Which stated with public option for sure empire that. On Cuba there's a young guy and what happened Kolb or young back circular and let it is recruiting look so bad you can't win. Is that you capital flight it didn't win the first to hear it in the recurrent or it could have been that bad in this it is important that way. He couldn't live according to let you know my goal where. We have a lot of work. Yeah yeah they have a lot of what you feel like that some young talent there are young and he reluctantly. I don't quite remember bad and distraught British ship it. While these do is almost out. He wanted to be more lean in and a quick and then go back Alice Walker at home all armed with you yeah he indicated that he knows me would put that. Coach speak cliche you want to look at it next year. But I think he recognizes that this program at a little bit of a rebuilding process that you need to be especially on defense but offensively. You've got out he'd be likely that he's got it off with a lot of combat a lot and came up spiritually got a marquee quarterback although he doesn't quarterback competition. Freeman back and got yanked him back. When he couldn't cut the score a lot of points that the president take some time he dipped wouldn't want to go and applicable immaculate and you're gonna got one point one million coast he tracked. People are not to expect you to put down little element vertical blown it's a direct another month that's my goal brought it up and got well. Now they're realistic literally only way to go. Does it you know kind of of the of the blur stuff may be. It is is it official that that's kind of dead here that the total tempo. Yeah now being whoever and if you're doing whether it but you we walked but I think there will be no huddle. Are going to be trapped let you know organ out at a level that no one advertised around out in order to match at a you know last. I totally get everything they do towards every government without a doubt about it so I think a bigger help quite a bit closer. To what it was from under assault which is crossed when it was still not but not quite as blood and shot. Chile Chile posting words you have a month just won the next Clinton getting video and not play well as some got like I. Why do more to the biggest. Mr. northern artillery recovers and I tell it also put more value to the most restrictive law but now our targets that the go to about their lack. We're gonna reflect on down the road kill it and you're paid. We're gonna help which are actually component would take more time to look at it you want to call the play. Gluten a little bit longer for the OB track are going to be more like that they'll fight never be like it was. The luster to a. Okay so like 22 more questions with parents centrist CSN his interview with Willie Taggart airs tonight right after our show on C has sent at 7 o'clock symmetry take out. What what are the top couple of things that people need to watch for an interview a couple of things aren't you you thought or did Wear the day is the key moments. Well we talk about or that. Gnawed at him that you could be repaired as it did you know I'm part Marley. Coach welcome back now reported may have been a part about it was not quite the contrary the players really out comic tour manager and cannot in my article on pocket and anonymously. You want coach about it and look what happened. Com I think you want them there another tackle them. Islam. Or recruit and I know you've got a part about it and not talk about. You know an application first Italian Eugene he had to recognize you recognize criminal. He knows how to do it it's a a pain that to recruit Eugene it's a lot of work and South Florida it is they would consider it to mile radius from the program. You outside a secure log out of honestly I don't how do you as an area. Whereas here you've got no other religion not a condition this tough politically correct we Eugene act equivalent about the challenges of trying to. You when a national title with the typically deduct part of the one day and I've written about this Q where if you look at the last six national champion and all had at least. Wanna class. That you Goodell outrage. Top ten top note giving them a cop overall average the first five years leading up winning at all at all except one had at least one cup undercurrent. So if that's the true and you got bucked the trend or meet the threat. We talked extensively about that about can he either a buck Trent or. I'm not far bark or tortured to out recruit the Alabama and how staged protests virtually. Mr. supermarket coconuts are situated not Accenture look at the conventional way not to unconventional way to try Q with the gimmick offered yes and what it. Oh there he goes lien existed jab right before he leaves. And I don't know the the pay that off but let me order a pure. Period in the story nothing at the facility bombed squat the uniform didn't squat it would pay cut is made them special and made the Madonna equipment and that. Window it close. All right so if people don't have CSN can they see it online. And. Will be our clips online we can't put the hole with a group it's on to deregulation it's gonna. Put something online. That AM eastern Carolina you're on chi. Come girl cable TV rules limit Kirk will be online rep they basically want you got. Onto an architect. Right there with say season in W dot com and finally. Click enter a plea if we can Tony matchup against Michigan tomorrow. I think coming back soon there in Michigan did not on the ball there too much darker. And if he Pritchard its own end or produce a the other thing you've been. The monitor and tacos student. You know the Carolina endorsement about what he act or secure them a lot in not a match cook are just reluctant got cap issue about not an option. Inside on defense that if he has some good good discourse and just let you. Without could share I think you know in the I'm glued coming into the tournament I have moved in addition we're gonna kill them at some point earlier than people expect that it has been taught not. All right so you think you've. I got.

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