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Dirt & Sprague, Wednesday 3-22-17 Hour 3

Mar 22, 2017|

Why is the NBA fascinated with PB&J sandwiches, Swag has another edition of Stat or Story, and is it Kraft Mac & Cheese or Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This week is extra sweet. This is a final sixteen we do additional dirt and spray new. Grabs you by a series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning pies and vote now attending fans dot com and win high scoring here I know how to character we have our basketball team for the south region as the number one through three unforeseen accident so it's not an easy bracket obviously that we're gonna go to dirt and sprayed on 1080. And beds did this is our dirt spray happy update to be on your off days are going well we're back into the show. Paul. There it is lasting hits in coming up and a little over ten minutes now we got to get our standard story on it is a Wednesday through yeah okay. Produce roast beef at a parent I'm cool some recipe for dinner sounds good. It back in the blazers are coming up in the bottom of the hour and that some upstart PB and j.s. Because that's quite thing right now on the NBA I'm but he Tzipi bee jays before four ball games. Kind of a teaser for that is it being go to comfort snacks slash food item I don't know how it isn't. And I I outlook I'll listen if you had any other offers out there for the better comfort food but. PB and infective and ordering sandwich is you take assailants on a road trip. I think I'm always choosing PB and no thanks OK let's. Get into this some fun with audio now this was quite an enjoyable moment we saw this last night are you do you guys still watch wheel of fortune you big brown current wheel of fortune viewers I did was my great grandparents pretty regularly. Will fortune and jeopardy. But I haven't now probably not the last. Fifteen years I have and I generally either but to add this all happened there was daylight all the letters are on the board this was about as home run on an opportunity you had to solve puzzle new one and set it up because I don't know if it really sets itself up and maybe it does so the first word was streetcar. The second word was the only one missing one and it was an a blank. What MED. No no NEA blank ED yet and then the final was desire yes streetcar. The word that needed to be filled in desire this with the gentleman guest. 600 K. I'm new news they set. 650. And yeah they go yeah. It's three tyrant named di di. We're. Now. What do. 650000 make it a thousand and all the you've got the right answer I'd rather see Kevin's play. It streetcar naked design you're I don't know where he's going without more naked desire streetcar how that's Ajax little drop there at the end I'd like to see Kevin's at play that's. That's what makes a great game show host is there. Yet aware of everything that's going on and it's in so you can do kind of one of those subtle things without like bringing everything to a screeching halt years you keep it going. And Bob Barker was great at that with the would move back in the day were the price is right because then. You bring on these comedians which has been sort of a theme later went through Kerry and other like comedians. And they want to deliver all the punched you in there are the ones that wanted to have the funny funny and they don't recognize the contestants. Are the funny funny you know let them screw up got away and then just. Drop drop a little caption line where you can now. Crowd really sets that wanna do because he says the wrong letter and it's always an Eagles who. Ambulance. You know I think about two unfortunately I've been ruined on the game of jeopardy. A candlelight when my first crushes ever in my life still very beautiful woman yes yes. But what's ruined wheel of fortune for me. Was South Park. Win now stands dad goes on the game. And he too is is that he says are racial slur. Instead of the web worker and he does it on national TV and not hold to account is like cool boom. It's I'm proud about that silent I forgot about them home now whenever I want to a fortune it's never as entertaining as the South Park version. Out of a bad episode. That's untrue what other common idea we wesun does it with such Barack's yeah I already double totally camera and is Lego. If you don't overtime in the UDM did you do I can't really tell much. It's a whole area South Park episode a lot of follow it idea Momo we wanted to bring C is that this is a it's a professional soccer player over in Ghana and hit the team he plays for they. Are in the south African league and they had a 22 draw would surprise big campaign big moment this Ghana soccer league hit it 22 draw. Lou we lose we tied so this duty had such good games names Mohammed Abbas. And he went on TV afterwards because it was such big moment you gotta get the guy on TV on an interview. He put his foot in his mouth. And I appreciate. My wife and my children every parent yeah. And obviously it's. Certainly. Yes that's the law affects. Every didn't catch do whatever replayed act as a might have been done competing. He thinks his wife and his growth front following me game. And I appreciated by. My wife and my children every word yeah. An argument. And flew. The and that about that is immediately catches the recent girlfriend and then tries to cover the track easy a look he's a bunch but they came out and said that he calls his daughter got Franzen that was his excuse today day today he dated other interview today they said we you know do you regret thinking both your wife and your girlfriend. And he said no I don't know I don't know why I just I call my daughter my girlfriend everybody in my family knows that and I think he names his daughter's right after he got his foot in his mouth and why would you apologize then if everybody knows you call your daughter your girlfriend why would you immediately apologize after thinking your daughter and her pro athlete yet aside piece. Not surprising to anybody paying attention. I just love how quick they rabid I mean if you are just so excited my wife I love you love you I love you so much. Tend to put a bad way to get found up to TD on somebody you rat yourself out on national TV it would have been a little better maybe he just owned it. Yeah I didn't and a just my wife and my girlfriend yeah some wrong like that what do you do about that higher in the game on the professional soccer player you can hate me tomorrow we are gonna hate me today on the player of the game. Without me we don't tie this game as they we have but it was a couple of thoughts coming in on did butter and jelly sandwiches and we'll have to go we'll get into this and towards the end of the show I promise peanut butter jelly cheddar cheese stone not to you try it that's from Austin. Cheddar cheese on PBJ he's not a about that I'll Susan Dionte BJ is always good but in the right situation I would prefer to have some nachos and not just too much work from within not just a delicious. But when you combine. Taste with the simplicity. Let's explain real quick the reason the NBA has this infatuation with PB and it's comfort food that is so they don't he studies on traveling and you know you're on the role air zoos and yet and they've just found that when these players CT BNG need taste of PB and instantly goes back to a really good point in their life as a child neglect and comfort them as I don't know there's a more comforting. Reminder of how happy you were child and could have been. Then eating AP region NI here's another wrenching hunt takes and he said I didn't PB BJ. The extra. Because I would buy that. At any restaurant like this peanut butter jelly with bacon on tapping Italy paid extra for peace and are you had an appearance PB and I have had a PBJ barrier again yeah. And jobs are waiting had to do your PBJ's and invest comfort food out there 55 through a file to get in and out here in the final hour also blazers coming up bottom of the hour one step forward two steps back for them. Again last night but I you don't assign four time for your favorite segments favorite segment sadder story next on 1080 the fan. And number. It's 6127. Students and 50% of which. So that's 7000. News ladies and gentlemen we've got your attention I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story is it a stab. It's based on all back for prowess is inadmissible in case you didn't know this is never story on monumental. Always dirty and sprayed it on Jimmy and I and you'll may. I Sundays at his love the Centex I have 55305. Slot a hot ranging opinions on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the best way to make them. And then. Somebody just randomly calling out extra back and be back home. Alex your back and with which I ask you this death I said you know it's gonna get to a point because these guys are surprisingly older than you'd expect to based on how they look. I'm that surprised at that are all. To back and the eastern back for sure no I think it's a thank you say Jana. Five factor of this Ajax a little more inviting welcome mean it's not a teacher back is not. But don't eat that lets say zero a year till listener says he acts like he knows every answer. Yay for sure does laid down mile she's looking at the car he knows the answer when he asked question it's almost like gay what I think you have your wrong they'll be all yeah on. Yeah that that's this year Jenna host that show I think to a certain extent you have to have an error that. Yeah you know it all you know this that you smarty pants who would get a cocktail with first from backers say Jack too bad back. I go see Jackie say now give me the Turks. But on bail while they say about fan I wanna tell you nineteen years on every channel like dirt and I I don't think he would. I'll I think CA I Friday jackets for funny daddies and yeah I I setting jeopardy is the more highbrow game show no doubt I would know right idea fortunes Kaye has more for the common man you know. Yeah except the guy who thought it was a naked not being. So that you I really keep your hot takes it on people energized images coming in five country if I did enjoy this one. Some anywhere to go to me said can you mix the peanut butter with syrup. Strawberry jam on the other half. From a donor to but I also wanna stop the adding of things. On it like bacon was a great suggestion if we're just talking MPV GA don't know bacon. Yeah outlets the best way to make your best way to get in that later ice that are story time he's on his segment works slugger I don't tell me I'll tell you know Dorian Titus lifeguard is gonna throw on a number that number comes the staff usually aspartame is sports the story okay Sports Radio times including turtles pumping guerrillas doing weird things in all kinds of weird stories we decide is a stat isn't a story planned on 55305. Listed as. I have a big order Barack's. Goal posts we'll see about that your number is 99. 31 points four boards and five and a half assists. So there's no rest days for when Damian Miller pork. Isn't he laid off in inches of the hair on the head a 127 year old Latvian woman trying to grow heard heard the same length as responsible. And yeah. John that's at some point thank you it's gross doesn't that's not only are you lake. Yeah pass the buck is disgusting even through the body is discussed that's too long I don't care is really bad at trying to guess what in inches without a ruler. So is like ninety inches pastor but. How many inches or a foot twelve there I know that I'm saying like if you're putting it up with your fingers. I'm really bad saying oh this is an anti nine inches pastor about this country. Can we pull that. Note that the cement under imminent you're welcome you with Dominick goes she's dropping good drop steering and a story here coming a story to you guys next time. Now borrowers have a Bermuda news. I think what I said was that funny thing is sort of like I think if you. Nominate a stat. This is the story by Damian Miller has sat out 130. Minutes so far. In the month of march. But no. This is a Leah now's Roy 27 year old resident of Riga Latvia. Who has nineteen inch blocks deserve picture on it. Yeah right now I go I will let tweet this out here after a segment every roll around on the floor how Lama to look legacy keep an old crew our gadgets parades this bad boy yes. When she travels so see I guess is to the point now where she gets she's giving some modeling situations out of I think it's as wide as your body you can't see your when Chambliss he has to carry around 42 pounds of shampoos conditioners and Combs when she travels from she has a good job. And but she's been grown up for twenty years now she is married by Yvonne Apollo bonds. Thanks hair pulling at that point is you can fund now so I regret quotas from the husband to you know. This is supportive of the effort however he said that quote I always talk to the braid respective current respectfully sometimes I ask it to move a bit. Move a bit player but he said that one of the carpet matches the drapes. I think the drapes are growing down with the hair and him and help the length here at this one and yes it is that she's still like smoke in college debater. No this is too long for me it's too long I'm done it. This is a decency of fixes is unreal it's dragging on the floor dance yet known yeah nice yeah let's agree it's like seven after a seven and a half feet. Oh really yes indeed dude boy I can't believe I was that dumb yeah that's I wanted to go past them but you're right was he said 92 sets I asked if she knew how many inches and a foot now makes cells was told I wasn't following on that loan plus games the reason we say we're stupid and they show a couple morons Iowa's next right or. A four point 3000004. Point four point three million is that the full value it anyway c.'s contract with the Seahawks if he achieves all the incentives and bonuses available and 2017. Sorry Dave in Portland tweet a picture of a guy he cotton Damascus this guy's hair isn't his ankles between two us yet he just reactor and sprinkle retreated out. Okay sorry start over my map. IPod full size the Eddie lacy contract just following the full meal deal on any lists his contract or. Is that the number of votes the forecast from 143 different countries. To replace three of the standard monopoly game tokens. With the new tokens AT Rex penguin and a rubber duck. I NCAA. We'll have to discuss that is elect what one did you pick as a kid was a symbol in every go for the race card first and yeah. The island anti race car because everybody wanted to I always like a wheelbarrow I was Wilbur Ellis the working man how's the wheelbarrow I just thank you get into a wheelbarrow Gerri how much money around it up and down I always went to a top patent. Thought that was a solid choice I wanted to buy park place and I thought if you buy park place she got a rocket top hat the one can never did was the iron. You Melanie was in question if he chose the irons I thought the symbol is worsening iron believe him all the blue wheelbarrow are out getting kicked him out they got you so that nasty wrecks at this and this happened. I'm just wrecks in the penguin in the rubber duck year end but how many votes or S three seems a little high for meaning even let them wait incentives I feel like it was high three summit of the story bonuses for sure is story they kicked the blue hat out of a monopoly getting a three new Mobutu wheelbarrow far out. Where was monopoly created America. Why can't Lendl and all that stuff. For you could if you're paying attention they it is a story four point three million votes were cast. And Eddie lacy can make four point 25 million now here if he gets to all of his incentives. But yes. Show yes four point three million votes were cast. So they hadn't been there hadn't been any at noon. More tokens let's see they dropped the iron in 2013. This is sexist to replace it with a cat. I and please oh yeah talisman now so when the next when they run the next production of games there I believe it's Milton Bradley that's still low owns and introduces monopoly you'll have to check me on that is Milton Bradley one person or is selling a combo deal I was combo deal got you. So I believe it was two people while my little brother you see a sexist when we played that with my mommy always made 3-D V iron and it's. Among the learner clothes look to him. So yes we've got the tarot says how the two X doesn't vet actually the penguin in the rubber ducky seem like. They wouldn't. It and yeah I you know directs looks really out of place is not getting the T Rex thing at their abandoning a rubber ducky you're the penguin battleship was a good until I forgot about the battleship battleship was pretty manly the Boone hatter and that's staple yeah Akamai monopoly don't don't change you know need to do and it broke islets last. I you last number is 868686. Is it being combined number of final four appearances for all the teams still playing in this year's NCAA basketball tournament that's a good status that's what it is port is that the number of minutes it took a clock him as county sheriff's canine unit dog Spencer to app free and three different suspects last Sunday. That's done it's over an hour work. And you got to Kansas Kentucky Carolina. 86 to allotment allotment in a story on this one. In that sounds about right I'm gonna go Staten busy stats. So yes 86 combined final four appearances between the remaining sixteen teams that. But it didn't take guts Spencer much longer he only needed ninety minutes last last Sunday. In Clark Thomas Downey. He's a nine year old Dutch shepherd. And according to deal police reports at 10:20 AM. He tracked down a stolen vehicle suspect that led to the arrest of 120 York 21 year old man. At 1135. He pursued them located. A man wanted on a parole violation charge she was hiding in a trailer. And then just nine minutes later at 1144. He led authorities to a woman UN war and sell itself for her arrest on theft and possession of controlled substance in math. And she was found in the thick holly bush showed next to. Just hanging out and so congratulations to dispenser there with the clock is Kenny sheriff's office. That is kick ass is good look compiled through a police dogs please dodger kickass got a soft spot for police socks and a part about that. Tell the story in crime on four I just thought that was cool that is very very cool us gets better story today. On site and pay attention to hair thing after the first stories really any day you play any withdrawn profit did you see the picture by David Portland and piano I saw the one yet go look at why you're gonna check out this picture this I don't know of Dave in Portland got this jury found his somewhere else there's guys in Damascus evidently yet they like to the back and knees. And say it's almost to his ankle that wavy like he can't be far behind miss. Ninety inch woman as somebody said dad Harris basically as long as yummy and that's insane and put that into context and I stood up fifteen rows when I was younger I went to a blazing and Jeanne Cummings first game in Portland. I was fifteen rows up from the court. Standing right by the railing where they come out because like in a friendly one against Steve French site graphs. How mean was as tall as I was down fifteen rows that's nuts man couldn't believe it estimates Internet thing into Iraq to our rights pregnant. I actually went over there really wanted to get to another let's condemning the bombing I could better story and I could stunts like every given every single Wednesday. Glad to fifteen keep thinking about the best PB and JC images we will get an event to close out the show today bookmark to show the PB and but coming up next we have an NBA fight quick somebody hit somebody that was kind of cool ass and I kinda. It was more of a fight in Golden State Oklahoma City dais there were actual punches are attempted punches I don't think they connected according to punch stats and validated now but they swings down and there were swings less than any MBA also the blazers and Austin. Box. Well Obama this. Hastert 35 welcome back again. Or more PB and TVJ meet crunchy peanut butter with good jam on king's Hawaiian and seeking his Hawaiian reds a sneaky good choice and I'm Bret is a good choice I still you also I've dismissed by the jam. Gauges the having him look at a jamboree going here so I ate. It's no secret that times I can be cheap. I'm bought great points. And the wife did not appreciate that outcrop and now I'm not a big grape jelly guy I either. So I would say 99.9. 999%. Of the time. Only thing you'll find in our house is strawberry jam from non smokers you know it's really hard to be too is that the assembly in your family that makes a good jelly or jam. Be ready ransom and make you some homemade jelly or jam might want to make sure everyone laster is pretty damn my grandma used to make that stuff that was fantastic. And IE DE diskette replaced homemade jelly can necessarily do that. On the adversity does come and I'll read some years PB and NB AZ PBJ's that's the theme right now and that's the reference file it's between his PB and you never too old for PBJ. Yeah what's the promising the object your net what are you disagree with us. He's really disagree on the listener I haven't eaten in Cuba Angeles in which some over thirty years come on swipe card to. That's a funny daddy take PBP about our job is image is never go out of style I don't know if he's the barometer though they do wanna say that guided a drink caprice sense anymore bile means we don't give up on Capri suns after awhile he also doesn't like scifi movies whatsoever in. Your different breed though you're just like Tony I'm Tony mayonnaise or will not touch anything with man I'll I'll I'll backe on that I'm not a man his guy I'm wondering was you have Danny you're Turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving currencies by CD John. It's got to be man days c'mon now you journey to an official alternately sandwich mayonnaise I know mustard. Oh no it's grows and I love mustard mono do mustard either a cream cheese and some is in my dad's 85 years old eats peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch yeah I. I'm not buying new you outgrow peanut butter and jelly sandwich might not be your cup of tea but you never outgrow it from what Eddie has its by harnessing its not his cup team as you know. Different cat he. I we I don't think it's the best comfort food I'm there. What's a better country for macaroni and cheese so you eat Mac and cheese you flash back to. Yeah not time in your life it's always just a solid comfort food all giddy that I just had a boxer Mac and geez for the first time in a long time yet and if forgot how good it is. Place is still strong academic. You also about being done now crafty go crown crafts shells fell vita. Yet that's. Substantially better than craft your nuts like the one thing I've gotten my son to figure out how to make for himself right now is nationalities she's and it's just like okay good they'll what they'll they'll say American powder Mac and cheese 'cause I'm going silver bag the cheeses like this are. This is over there will be times I won't make it like homemade and did. The green hair and then you know little wine in the third and do the whole thing home raids good Bakken liquid gold. Clean coal that's that's the best stuff though if you're not gonna home make macaroni and cheese. PB and that is not on opposites now that a Mac and geez I Kraft Mac and cheese is kids' food I give you get like adult Mac and cheese like an aging Mac and cheese or homemade Mac and cheese. That's an adult that's an adult meal right there and make him a box of Kraft Mac cheese that's you descend craft I know I talk in store bought. It's bella vita. The shells. Nine box of Kraft is my job better than they'll be I'll get out of the box of Kraft mag -- better -- him back to develop powdered cheese thanks yeah c'mon now while you use use I have to stick a real butter and he'll get half and half eaten yet you go to you throw us a little margin in there and you Claude a couple of arteries along the way yes and they largely due to margin and got only about her a clock. You go shells I can't believe you guys are really debating you were outrageous man this is this is egregious radio forty waste in the segment so we might finish out. Letting us forget Jake Asia's gross box McEntee CDM cave men feel they can give you an arm amazing recipe for homemade Mac and 08 I love me some homemade how much and I'm not a magnet he's guest takeaway I mean that's that's a good yeah. Meanwhile and that's what I would say about is dead this debate about comfort food in terms of because I always go with ease as well with comfort food like I do love me in good boxed Mac geez once every like four years but you got to boil the water you gotta cook the noodles again miniatures there's a more process Jack getting two pieces of bread. Slattery peanut butter and jelly on them and putting them together you have to coax the water and boil the noodles you boil the water and cook the noodles. Art it takes more effort to make it appear butter jelly sandwich. Seriously. The cook time on Mac and cheese is five times the amount of the peanut butter jelly sandwich and a five time absolutely how long does it take a normal part of what a water to start boiling right. You put on high and you have to put the noodles ever or senate race minutes noodles take just not admit it's a bit of energizing it was 62 minutes to make. This is not even a debate. Now just like you said Kraft is way better than that no vita not a debate let's see you again adhered Cracker Barrel Mac and cheese they now sell the box they'll be is trapped trapped is better. What else we got. To be called Mac and cheese doesn't actually have to have cheese and and dance tune Jesus of the key ingredient. Lot of people got fired up about as well that's why by the way. Eight PBJ thing we're all started from because this ESPN's story by Baxter Holmes who covers the league at large he wrote a story of how the NBA is just obsessed with PBJ's. And a big reason mainly V driving reason behind PBJ obsession in the league. Is because it's comfort food. Players eat it and they instantly go back to a time when they're happy and they feel good. Because the season's very taxing on the mentally and physically. And even though it's not the most nutritious thing these guys can eat. It makes them feel good so that's why we got on a comfort food in and tiger up PB and jays and it's an. Any shells and generalized new organic section c'mon now. Look like white cheddar macaroni and cheese though I'm not insane that's specific brand by hand. I'm dig in the white chatter we also did estimate each I'm in earlier had said that they don't like peanut butter therefore they have never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My daughter hates peanut butter really yeah. G minimize donates peanut butter if a large stretches of my life I would -- play it'll peanut butter sandwiches I got it needs jelly to be happy but the Jolie Johnny as a different dimension there's no doubt. Yeah that's that's coming in 553 of puck keeps people govern people texting about which macaroni cheese is better. Apple is still get up until 2 in the morning. I only I am I right your right it was yeah substantially later what I have I am the montage strategies past 4 AM before they also I'm really did or moderate senators. Did you have triggered oyster shoot airing like seafood and I'll have one. What the hell that segment was it was a lot of fun and all of those not really hungry us you know connect thing where you are our hard core listeners are insurgents also blew up the tax line I'm yeah quite certain that we did folks I craft or bell beat 55305. There's only one right answer if you don't answer the right way at a blocked field Johnny letter would just email me dirt is insane. It's bella vita well it would not Annan on you just like the commercial because it's a camper let cord call meaning that's in thousand child I'm not taken a powdered cheese with a stick of butter and milk the music Gordon Ramsay just shot his radio that he did folks that he did hey the blazers lost last night does anybody care there was a fight in the NBA eagle role low. And the World Baseball Classic finals tonight. We'll see if we just talk about food for sixty minutes or give back in a sports next on Tony to have him. Hey guys into coming up top of the hour thank this tax kind of sums up showed and in a kind. We said friend asked me doesn't watch basketball very often from as the blazers season bill this year. Nobody responded with. Well there's red talked about peanut butter and jelly and macaroni and cheese for three hours. And throws in a blaze he. Men laid we taught a lot of hoops earlier in this show we broke down man and you're just get sidetracked guys that are story but 2 o'clock word try you know. Look at 2 o'clock in your office what are you doing you're trying to keep yourself awake. You're trying to power through to the end of the day whirlwind vital hitting game you need to you know how do you do if you ever sat in the cubic call. And it's 2 o'clock emulate still got three more hours to say hair. Left did the blazers lost to the bucks last night after 41 road that and did not score the last three minutes and seventeen seconds missing shots and burn over yet that happened you know back and forth this year ever since we have made the opinion. What would you say it was two and a months ago of a tank for the lottery tag thanks half tank tanked. Have you noticed the back and forth that the blazers have given both us and the people on the opposite side. When the Ford one road street comes what do people thaksin seek this is why you don't. Thank. There. Now and then and they play the bucks at home and they lose and suddenly that side Estes shot up and then the other side gets to talk to back and forth there at both the take sign in the playoff site has bragging rights for like 72 hours than the other side retake the lead let's just go get here at the end. About that all do that at the end of the year I did I just get a notification from might fit that some Sosa did 250 steps an hour. Two and fifty cents an hour that's what it's like it's like to thank you should to like reach my step goal it was cynical as is typical things 101000 and hit twice. It's currently 250 right now rights over fifty minutes and the hour and then. I just got a notification says they only have 250 steps up to settle her. That's like except they tell you name gotten up I didn't know water I or none of the bathroom and I have not lift my fat ass off says he's an interesting movie theater he we'd Taiwan on too late last night. Or something is bothering he's in an interesting emotional home state today. Yeah Harry apple too much red wine maybe less than that can be to deal yeah. I didn't do affect me it it would remind me how disappointing and it doesn't all the time it just reminds me how out of shape I am placate thanks buddy I know I haven't moved this hour okay fast I don't know or losing anyway I'm not rules and here are out of my clamor holiday aren't solicit for work we did have a a lot of Mexican and any craft verses they'll be the conversation. And I know I usually sway these things my way but I promise you unbiased so it's probably 6040 craft. More people enjoyed more powder to cheese milk and butter attendant packaged delicious cheese you get in bella vita that they do craft hands down. No one fetus is classified as pasteurized recipe cheese product it's not actually she's thinking of not actual cheese heads crap we lead so we of their my friend thank you may yield not a matter though. I feel like I'm dumping actual cheese on vs powder on Mike and I made that he's not actually just a visit in 2002 the FDA made craft reclassified though vita cheese's not cheese McCain did not seize our rights like the meat in Taco Bell geno I don't buy the Kraft singles because of that I recently read a study says half of the Kraft singles are basically plastic. Looks like but we're eating plastic. And did you did you. I CBO Robin Lopez Serge Ibaka fight eyes and see that so ray Rahal are given a fracas OK okay wearing more than a scuffle but not a flat out fight are given a fracas spanning I must say I just appreciate the fact that there were punches thrown I don't know of any of them relaying that are nicked or anything like you know grades all those are completely messed. And then. A blocker kind of tame any sort of hit Lopez on the side of his head with his forearm to graze the other side burns there that I was wondering watching it over and over again. First of all to watch Romo did that upset and and I'm very often so you know that a bako is really (%expletive) them off. The second thing is I thought there might be a step Brothers moment. Where remember they hate each other with a golf club in the baseball bat the same time and they both fall down I thought if they both connected with a punch. They both might have been able the knock each other out same time I just appreciate the fact of punches were thrown idea of the curry Westbrook Damian and I just pushing and shoving guys hold it back I don't know where I didn't go anywhere as I haven't seen I expect there to be at least one game suspension for both of them yeah. They were immediately ejected yeah they told us they both got suspended for the united you see the official word come out yet and role as the one that initiated the punch she's on the first to -- death first Smith rolled on and I mr. alone I need to do all it was a fumble laser possibly points out we need some of that you need to register upon Germantown and wanna. What's the harm Norris doesn't throw a punch yet they'll throw one at some point he's got a little salty distill he's telling a permanent scar. On his right arm from being scratched like two weeks ago has not gone away he's Ivan Drago hey does teen USA get it done landing and quite Tony come. Yes OK now. I like straw man on the mound going tonight go to the rose just. He's already made some funny jokes and as a Puerto Rico actually part of the United States leg is this again participation award to leave anyway they don't get a star to announce the that say that's true in a guest star you're not the United States did delegate. And get a delegate and they have representatives. But I don't know if they have any voting. Larry yeah World Baseball Classic you're over on our sister station ESPN I ten Portland's everybody soak it in that gets to watch it I'll miss it but you guys enjoy. You got FaceBook comments yes soak up Jimmy Fund paid tomorrow on a show Fran for shell is gonna join us what time is that out. I'm not quite sure that's hurt where you'll be it's one of those ESP and just get things third don't know if he'll call you when he's ready Melissa and three hours in the arm Fran France for Joe's gonna join us also Eldred who cast our 1 o'clock 1 o'clock that Eldred forecasters gonna join us we'll talk to pactel in the tournament. Lots more authority to Michigan tomorrow night if you miss it Terry mills color analyst for Michigan joined us. Jerry Allen the boys the organ ducks join us and pat Casey. Head coach an animal one baseball team in America join its final those less front tires podcast. They negative thing in dot com loss to my third straight onto arrogance follow. Wolf volume back though the president's been part of our Wednesday we'll talk to you tomorrow at known animal once nexus been intending to defend.

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