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Dirt & Sprague, Wednesday 3-22-17 Hour 2

Mar 22, 2017|

Jerry Allen voice of the Ducks, checks in from Oregon practice at the Sweet 16, plus Pat Casey, HC of the #1 OSU Baseball team, and what potential rule changes are the NFL considering for 2017.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. The bad brackets are easily explained. This is a final sixteen which edition of dirt in his. Ray knew it grabs you by shares caffeine highs. What's your favorite of the series award winning highs vote now attending a fan dot com and win high for a year content of five. Should have been three I guess with this statement from. From the NCA not sure well that it's going on some flying home. It's nice thank you for the state and dirt and spray guns and maybe it was a fun chess match to be involved in Australia. Hey welcome back in second hour here on 1080 the fan. We went to be joined by Jerry Allen live from Kansas City I just saw a funny picture on nine Twitter. Somebody tweet a picture of what a fan at Houston Astros training camp. Any sitting right behind home plate and he's wearing no one crying Jersey I'll kind of you know the Fella yeah and the type tweeted. I wonder if he realizes he's literally sitting next to Nolan Ryan. And the guy you like but how does that just a minute Nolan Ryan is sitting next to him agencies sitting right next -- wearing his you're seeking a Nolan Ryan Jersey doesn't even connect I bet that's happened more often than you'd expect with I wonder if I would notice Nolan Ryan sitting next to me that's what I'm wondering till I might be in the same conundrum and I know he looks like but would you realized that he was actually sitting XT exactly -- let's go to Kansas City may we touch on that a little later let's go to Kansas City and talk with our friend the voice of the org induction Geri Allen find him on tour that voice of the docks. He's joining us on the Gil mortgage mobile hotline Jerry things are taken some time and oh it's incredibly busy for you is a sweet sixteen. Is taken off odd tomorrow with organ playing Michigan I just wanna start. With your thoughts in general of what you side of organs performance vs Rhode Island very up and down. Well he got hurt by god I'm actually in an Arab order for better and Gordon commissioner out their open practice. Cancer and have a moment right this busy but on busy and Oregon did quite well apparently did not play real Ali it's Rhode Island without it. And part of the reason for that they are rated book pro violent repeat steps and we knew coming it was going to be hands on a restive. And our Oregon and edit their ducks took oral all want Condo or just do it. I'm. But I don't know what they'll see a better scene late speaker quite like that I'm machine certainly will look. In Yemen Tyler Dorsey comes out with a big shot there at the end and and he's got earning the nickname mr. marchment way he played last unit tournament then he's taken up. This year an intern amended did what where does he rank and when you see somebody's tournament runs were guys have gotten hot and carried team. What he thought Tyler Dorsey is performance so far. Alliance then about it you can edit his teammates enabled I haven't. Yeah my base obviously the tigers here who want to destroy jobs. Not Oregon made Berra it's exceedingly pretty rotted and that was entered. Party in the get a regular opera season. What order it over the top against USC news sealer would let it crawl Lex didn't saint saying in the first sector around the turn on the bit in. And that Rasmussen door to each year I don't know what there are good governor here. I want to keep it in Europe and their babies just prepared itself someday but he NBA because well wrote NBA guys know what the pellets early put up and tortilla deceit and and that's what he's doing right now. None of which are a long time voice of the organized Geri Allen joining us from Kansas City right now. I know I Elena and Rhode Island and not quite the level of Michigan in something left thoughts on the matchup with Michigan. But what have you made thus far two games into the tournament of organs performance. Without Chris Boucher and they played against Arizona but and it you know they got some time off from the Boucher injury what have you made two games in without them. Well they've adjusted to what I think. When they played Arizona in that first. Purse you know without risk in that pat put championship game they had not adjustment but they eat gym that sort of still little in shock and in disappointed. In and upset and and it took until late in that game to finally get over the open and I met erotic chimp almost got hurt so. They played really well against Iona I'd come up beat you Williams it is one of those guys can replace some what is this protection need to. Current side any good body's gonna bank board experts would and then I think the rest between Israel I educate somebody else an epic that. Pick up that slack scoring what which course did it may be David that's where Dorsey terms and so I think they've adjusted to report to you chief editor Stewart's. Is adept on the bench organ is missing net depth now that Dexter and I actually gets himself trouble. They don't have an extra got to go to. Now and in India I think that the big concern about this matchup against Michigan is going to be their strength inside and out while they can score the ball in the paint and it has got to be the tournament that every team's a bit of a different match a DC organ changing their rotation change in the way they do things. At all against a Michigan team considering their there I mean I'm pretty much start four guards in Michigan this does so strong inside. Yeah let's say they're not prodigy agent in actually passcodes that are or that is want to get you to do that got all the big guys they're gonna got. The 27 orders had to like cal read those big guys to Oregon Oregon navy uses her quickness again absolutely guys sort of record change what got them here. They'll adjust it they need to restarted there and it could not be what it is not dirt dust and achieve extra minutes now but. They're receiving drastic and I did all but. Would jump sessions in in watchers. And what is so that they know. The strikes in the weaknesses of everybody on the floor or her older and I'm not intellectual I bet I'm solo talked. It's like to play I know what you want to do like I've that'll make it about thirty seconds and then well outside. But but they teach him really really well. Yeah we're tying with Jerry Allen voice of the org induction Dylan Brooks for some people a lot of people wondering if they were gonna win that game against sort Alec has Dylan Brooks got a foul trouble we struggle a little bit. Eight is this team simply a and contending with Michigan to move on to the elite eight for the second straight year. Are they just one big Dylan brooks' game away from that of him just kind of happened one of those those outbursts. Yeah I united bickered their. They're don't rocks away from that seem Pritchard I mean it's a great shooter just flushed I think he's suggesting. Each team ballot and in. Call us and a lot Iguchi each unit on what's cheap then and there not been you'd need to shut it would admit to choose seat at. So we're gonna barely been hitting on all cylinders they really capped. Arc jet that a Casey patent just can't not contribute to the number one to it believe they had. I've been to deter our teams are if they if they get into a little bit. And make a couple out on to beat such but he until Brooke hasn't had a demon part of that reason that it came to look up and that's why the other guys need to be able to step up. Yeah and it you mention the Rhode Island pressure defense which I think 'cause or in some problems obviously lay there in the first half early in the second out before they came back a fourteen turnovers. For the ducks and act team obviously part of it was because around defense but how much of an emphasis is in Allman put on that in just trying to protect the basketball little bit better. Talked about a lot but I think all when you get tent tent turnovers in the first half. That only for the second half a day address it at halftime. The patriots that the pressure and then it's got. More patient with a all of that and start outlook panel picker can be that general prediction yet or that canopy tent. But it it out in the passing lanes in it or say Kennedy should so. Or has been a pretty turn over key most of the year I expect in particular. You have to lead all. You gotta you gotta do all right lecture you don't reap. You could go return a ball over too much here and look at our tribute percent cheer up well. They know what they need to do they know what they can order. There go Geri Allen kind enough to join us for a few minutes from Kansas City Gerry hope you and it's a barbecue and enjoy the barbecue in Kansas City in a good barbecue food there. You know what we had barbecue last Sinai it somewhat checkered eat breakfast sports on possible and that's. You know it's like having a little too much to drink you gotta have a little hero darling daughter are we do barbecue today at a a. Aren't there. I think I can hear the walk let. They're go to Jerry Allen did surveys for join this man if they go to the lead they we'd love to talk to you once again. Her youngest have Geri Allen at voice of the ducks on Twitter. It's it's indeed what Dana Altman's going to be able to not adjustment to correcting get them to play better any different or regards and and also. Dylan brock's. What Connie reading it from dawn Brooks is any of you get that Rhode Island game I think they may lose by double digit tell for sure I mean they need to play better he's played better but but I do like the point that you mean you have to give him a little break because teams are loading up to stop Lebanese the pactel player of the year. I so they wants a balsam won that award but he was de facto player of the year and he's going to be the emphasis for the of the team's defense and that to me is why. Early in the week I talked so much about the other guys and Dylan NS was one a sixty scored seven points. For those came at the free throw line Peyton Pritchard and not how many shots he was one a sixty Nittany threes. To me those are the guys they're gonna have to step up and have good scoring outputs because you know adores is gonna do he's been great marched. Brooks even with an off shooting night found a way to score nineteen points he's still gonna find a way to score fifteen it's 18 it comes Donna -- Aniston Pritchard had a better game. Yes and I think and you also heard Jerry mentioned Casey Benson if if Benson and Pritchard are threats. They can hit a couple of threes early on and Michigan just can't. Slack off day and that will create the open lanes for Dorsey. And for Dillon Brooks to drive and get into the paint and then possibly get some of their big guys and a foul trouble. Yes so we'll see what org and India will talk more organ probably tomorrow since the they played the wolverines. Two more coming up next let's switch Shalit's which sports a little bit the NFL. Is trying to speed the game up for their fans who rules even actually works and they might be using the college football penalty. For targeting yes they may be injecting players. For targeting is that a good or bad idea Willis has that next on 1080 the fan. We still got a lot to get to hear on the show. That. We got packed Casey says to join us in twelve minutes number one baseball team in the country how about that. Now when asked if he is. He's ever gonna leave Corvallis he's built. Men want his 199545. In an accident for 1995 daddy's gonna bounce this off season also get to the World Baseball Classic is anybody watching the World Baseball Classic I've noticed this narrative on this show in prime time specifically. He. Of like talking about the World Baseball Classic but then I wonder out loud to myself. Our people are actually watching yet none non baseball guy does get non baseball bat because you know baseball guys watching. I don't fall baseball guys watch this timid at all. But I think at this point people are made in our early on in the tournament but I think a lot of people probably watch last night enamel watch the final game tonight but it's on MLB network. That's and that's a bit of a problem to. It should. Find its way on ESPN and and I noted that big of a deal what's going on any is he in right now I GAAP net well I got only in women's. NCA tournament and the N ninety. And NBA games. On the N ninety. No they Sheila DRI mean I agree with it fair part of their contract to us. Now there NCA contract so that's on them for making Steve contracts like that I guess well but if I may I mean this is a whole Major League Baseball creation so they might have wanted to decide to feed it to their network to try and boost. The ESPN might not if I just here's how watches MLB network verses how many more watched ESP this your first role problem guy thing to say but how many people don't have the MLB network but if you have like coming it will have cable packages and don't do that -- the sports pack I believe it comes with your base exports are now supports your basic cable package I think it depends on your provider. I know contest I look at the court and stuff no negative but no I am Comcast and I think it came with my basic package with Comcast telling everybody I got I understand maybe it should be on a bigger channel that I mean I watched the B networks and it did the network channel time. I just IS remembered he has all of the sports. And other sports leagues channels that's about assumption by union they say when you assume you make an ass out of you and me ten month. But no we'll we'll get to that I crunch time let's get this NFL story as we Miley a stutter start to fifteen million via. The NFL wants to. Speed their games up so they send out these surveys are they asked. I season ticket holders to fill out surveys say what we need to do better value. And the biggest thing to no surprise at all to Ki yak key areas the flow and pace of the game in the commercialization. And the number of unnecessary disruptions to the game on the field those the two biggest concerns. From fans that go. And I. Believe people sitting at home would say those are the two biggest concerns as well absolutely well Roger Goodell wrote a note to those fans and responded to this and set I want to tell you about some of the ways we are working to address the speed of the game and pacing. On the football side there's a number of changes we're making to the mechanics and rules of the game to maintain excitement and also improve the consistency of our officiating for example. Next week clubs will vote on a change to centralize a replay reviews instead of fixed sideline monitor will bring a tablet the referee who can review the play. And talked to the headquarters in new York and have the final ruling. Regarding the game timing we're going to institute a play clock following the extra point when television does not take a break. And we're considering instituting a play clock after a touchdown. We're also going to standardize the starting of the clock after a runner goes out of bounds. And standardized halftime links in all games. Obviously their broadcast partners they have to be constant that. Reset for example. We will be working to meaningfully reduce time in the frequency of commercial breaks in our game we'll also be giving our broadcast partners increased flexibility to avoid ultimately breaks in the action. For example we know how annoying it is. When we come back from a commercial break I kick off and then cut to commercial again I hate that to our goal is to eliminated it is nowhere sequence and all of sports than that so there is an idea of what he is going to do to improve the game and piece of it I appreciate. Man I knew I EI ending the NFL sometimes gets away with this whenever we talk about sporting events taking too long some get it some don't and a basketball games gets it baseball gets this all the time. The ball games take forever especially in the NFL and and sometimes and it'd scrutinized enough and and I love that they're being proactive about and I did crack up that they said. They started this with fans before the 2016 season and costs and any hints anatomy they're probably saw the ratings last year. And as the season went on then they started thinking man we probably got to speed this up so. BS and you started it before last year look all you can ask for for professional leagues is just to be proactive and sometimes league's take. Too big a step in sometimes. They take the right step in if this is a case where you can eliminate the touchdown commercial kickoff commercial. Sequence then I'm all for it but I I also think it's important to note. It's only gonna have ease a slim effect like instituting a play clock after a touchdown. That was shave a couple of seconds off and the grand scheme of things it's not gonna shortly game from. Going for hours to three out well. But I think the one thing it will do an hour why didn't do this and it already is worried about the celebration penalties and all that sort of stuff. If you start the play clock the minute the referee throws his hands in the air for a touchdown. And start penalize thing you know bears the penalty is your delay game penalty on you know the extra points. That will force beat a lot of these celebrations to wrap up or not carry on for whatever regardless of benefits to sponsor three point. Yeah the one thing I've always appreciated even if you don't like the ruling on some of the stuff I love how proactive the NFL has every offseason of addressing. Yeah something that people kind of wonder aloud about during the season. Another thing to point out a objections this could be coming is welts the NFL I had a before this in college football is targeting rule states any player targets opponent's head with an illegal is automatically ejected resulting in numerous injections every Saturday. And if you're rejected the second half you are suspended for the first half of the following game. Well that approach may be coming to the NFL the NFL executive VP of football operations Troy Vincent. Said that the league's competition committee is looking at an immediate injection as a solution to eliminating. Hits to the head the committee is also exploring ways including considering immediate injections. Or suspensions to take dangerous hits out of the game Vince. Wrote on Twitter as a dangerous try to go down I don't like the college ruled others no doubt some hits are deserving of an injection summits are deserving of a suspension nobody's gonna disagreement that but. How many times I mean what this rules been in place three or four years now on college football. How many times do you remember watching header watching a play were a guy did not deserve to be injected even review it and you sit and you say how in the world war I tossed out I don't there's a lot of omit that don't deserve it is. Long as they review it. And if there's said he wouldn't collagen they still get the cabin that that's on not just on the field with terror officiating crews and we know if the NFL's and centralize everything. And you've got dean blamed Dino and whatever to senior officials. You know are there reviewing everything. And then OK but they are I think the NFL's like. Trying to mute defines the fine system has not worked for some of the more egregious repeat offenders of high hits devastating hits in the defensive secondaries. Now and they're trying. They have they don't have any other options they're gonna happen tick guys out of games to get them to change to how they want. Guys that hit yeah I tell you that it how's that work confirm perfect percent at Cincinnati berg I inning perfect yeah I think I get suspended almost every week it's too. A junction worthy hit or not I'm fighting what if you wanna go back in the aftermath in you one up the fines where you have a time to are right let's let's all take a breath here. Let's review the film and say all right that was a dirty dirty hit enacted deserved probably to get kicked out of the game and you wanna find him a 100000 dollars whatever the case may be after the fact. I'm totally finally but sometimes in the heat of the moment when you have these states happen. You needed eagle to review we just talked about the pace of the play so how many times now ready to go back and review. It Helmut dominates Lebanese it happen. What 45678. Times during an NFL game now you reviewing all them to see if they deserve to be injections in all it's gonna take is one bad call or one. And screws over a team and in a losing game because they can't chancellor got tossed out the second half. And a fan base is gonna wrapped in protest at the problem with college to me is in and always she was had this happen to them as have a couple other pac twelve schools. These aren't even targeting like some of these they review and they still determine its targeting and then if the happens in the second half you get suspended in the next game away a few of your bigger game the next week right and what are your key players out the whole first half great and will please set that one out. And here's a good example of this we are EM and this to me is is why the injection thing. Should probably not happen the NFL just like the Matt Moore hit in the playoffs that I should have been kicked out what's to stop people from just going after people's heads. To get them out of the game and that's at 55 through vibe that's a great example and you know why. I completely disagree I love Matt Moore that wasn't an illegal hit an outlet oil and at all really is legal way right and looked terrible on live television and wasn't at all and an in your also get a pick and choose when you call these could somebody brought up a good plan of Ruben Foster in the national title in Germany Helmut delegates. The group and Foster have an a national title game against Jenson probably should have been tossed three times he's leaving at flag the first two possessions of the game we should have been tossed out but he wasn't it was a big game seat you're gonna start picking and choosing when you can and cannot hey guys and head. I'm against several of the other thing real quick to pass along they're going to give them videos players videos to show how they cannot celebrate. So as a two palms is three pumps is adults lumps and bumps at three punts what's acceptable how many pumps you go 3COM senior done so the NFL. Continues to look at ways to improve. They're leave this offseason hey let's talk to coach of the number one College Baseball team in the country CoBiz about that pack Casey set to join us in just a couple minutes we'll talk to him as they have a huge series against the Arizona Wildcats in Corvallis pat Casey. Neck and I look back and certain sprayed up your Wednesdays are going well at beyond day to you don't forget and follow us on Twitter after striking it will. Volume back really excited for our next guest to me and we have not haven't on the show in quite some time and what better time to talk to him because his team is ranked number one in the country. And multiple national polls he is pat Casey head coach at Oregon State at peace corner five. On Twitter rejoin us and Gil mortgage mobile hot line they open up a series this Friday night against Arizona. Down in Corvallis coach how orientation take a few minutes first today. I'd simply. Good donor corp I'll switch to boost at a particular. Civilians and up. To greater role for the weekend. You know I'm Andres you brought that up I do wanna ask Jimmy just from a a coaching perspective in the state of organ. Are you a step behind some other schools just based on the weather that you have to deal with or you able to accomplish other things from a practice as standpoint. That teams in Arizona or California are as well. Well I think I think you old Turk now the turf field is certainly. You don't help the sequel well I don't produce an issue with practiced on domestic superstar to do we learn. I'm mr. submitted sister who assumed they were triple social group more hitters do they were removed in the field house where. We're coach called a little actual. It to auto. I don't let all personal secret to changes unit and certainly. It ought to go from. Forty degree weather to. Run this and don't you know. You know what else and it's no different we're electrical box to Cleveland and April so. No they're going to agree go to. Well and I know beaver nation right now coaches is pretty jacked because you guys are the number one team in the country you're seventeen and one on the year I saw some quotes though you were really happy with your offense because you left some runners on base after the Ball State series. I think guys just swept Arizona State in Tempe. More satisfied with the up and there's still little frustrated with inconsistencies. Well would play better there's no doubt about it we do to bridge the turtles are 200 Allstate Allstate. No it's a good all options we do next adjustments were mute records show regularly accommodation. There all out and Edwards to broader and that's callers and Donald picketers unit. In the second guess and expected no material do better offensively we're a so we wanna do a typical places were wanna do so ought to go over guys are aware that he can put it takes ownership the bat well. I got a club deluxe practice and new. There are times and other closes you don't want to vote prosecution has cloak. You don't really team to its home. Newt capacity to understand you know what they need to do deliver Carlo Monaco shook you know are good leadership on appeal which is that a bit and here in. And I'm pretty mutual trust to do. Never title impact Casey's head coach at Oregon State's eyes baseball team ranked number one a multiple polls across the country give a follow act Casey corner five. On Twitter in India not to distant known for their pitching you know that and and I someone know Jake Thompson was named pactel pitcher of the week in and rightfully so for his performance. Down in Tempe how nice has it been to watch him throw ways thrown this year I mean coming up the last two years little injury riddled lesser little up and down. I he's off to a great start this year how how nice is that deceit. Well argue are really good topic for him and attached to protect so that you can really struggled slightly with just. You know trust and who stopped and actually it is stuff to match up would. His former slow one so you know for me to see him come out a jumpy stick in postwar you know to lose just wondering because let me you know what talked long. Apart within about competence and about boon to ticket could do. And also are all against teacher heard Ella Gardner. And all successes is certainly at all. I helped him out there and executed bildt's culprits are currently can and I hope produced continues to dip there. Kind of a two part question for you had to do we have a timeline of when we maybe expect Rasmussen to come back says he would just add to an already pretty solid rotation. And also just. Maybe how this rotation stacks up or the depth of your pitching staff I should say in general a stacks up with some of the teams that you you've coached in the past. Well. You don't vista's stuff was taken by surprise because I think if you look at our stop new use when you should go look at. You know Nickerson gumption barks to its Turkmen. Proud Russian people without the raunchy new mean. Nobles to launch there were admitted administrative or optional or sold to guard. But I still look at third baseman. Well at least build wrote it started rusher and also a shrewd. Articulate Joba. And reduced it may have been a course taught it is never really suspect just source oak. Don't stick it. Completely by surprise that it got started got up to do so. Part of an upper why is. Pursue her thrown out there are crazy so. Argued stark is gonna continue to be able to alternate. Suppan can continue to do their daughter. Surprise at all or split up a bit quicker good marks are really do adequate we have a good. I do still see you know that there's a tall order power there's a series as to what their goal but he is really much. Yes not bad when you only get up I think more than one run six times so far this season that's a nice luxury for your offense to have pack Casey's the I guess for talking to right now they baseball coach Don and organ stayed at TC corner five. On Twitter and in your coming off the big series when a series sweep over Arizona State on the rodeo score sixteen to one over three games now you get Arizona. Here in town this weekend when the teams and everybody's talking about Islamist conference ranked. Most polls in the top ten will what do you see that's gonna be difficult challenges we can about the Arizona Wildcats. Well you know offensively I think they're lead Spanish bit. Oscars percentage an average slowed in percentage runs scored and it's it's great you go to the team as scored. There are many ruins and did so efficiently and most news group. Good power arms to put up a short game. But the putter cover water to be regarded word to want to have a total of one of those two under our current pension or six the country so. It's it's pretty it's pretty impressive that took this early in the season. You know the political and social chair chip blush here and dot our pursue its arms are from a club of America you know pork park starters dark matter club so. It certainly present a challenge for us. You know because ticket there are solid a ticket they're really really important game ticket if you. Give them an opportunity Bill Archer with the running didn't get an opportunity to build virtual ball. They would based off but it could play well it. The two part debate just went down to would you still electric as good coaching related. Ninety or so. You know there there's there's stronger over their order urged burst open its new product so. You know we disrupted do we except older data but I typical look at quarter and urged excited about. North and the court goes to. Or were you able to celebrate with your family and friends about achieving 800 plus wins in your career or is that just kind of one of those all right respond text messages move on and continue on. Observed a lot of it was agreed to. Allow you to look like left the neighborhood who shall coalition were so we're not I'm writing an article should go to a strip critical. That's true story through and Albert he's got a reverence to the applause is going to go out there that are so. It. Allow diplomacy people don't sell on a bogus not. And so. It could be a mix of things when he's nervous situations like belliard who. Know you personally take over time to appreciate. The fact personable somebody did your opportunity to do it on the number of players and command and that's. You know released a home dedicated themselves to do those things are worried and then you know just a large piece of and it would do it in Seoul on it's really typically it looks as if the game. And you know I really don't. Look at it has been very important to be some credit so American and I have a better positioned up part of it put up. I think the first thing was on my in my understood to you know activity along. Is there an equivalent to what a real estate agent in new work organ can accomplish that would be like 800 plus wins. Cops are not due. There is what they want to dive under severe. And in my desert community and I commit very much money where his grip 90% of your what the British Open 2% real stood up. And so he's a pretty good now also included those numbers up current record couldn't coach at George sort order and it also orders result or are so. Tools and I want to grin and apart but. You know. I'm glad that I was able to do so I really feel like curry and I had a passion billion on I was a competitive person and I still haven't. It'll. Discard. Some dispute the opponent so it did you know you shouldn't Joba George raucous good ball aren't. Usually that's all I could do some different than Missouri coach and so. Who knows what you wonder what's in store put. It's it's sure been a blessing for me to build brewer and the Politico that. The dual employees are coached to the people who hired me you know it's ought to really give them credit. Which I will pack case you have baseball pushed out an organ state his team ranked number one in multiple holes across the country act Casey corner five. On Twitter I'm curious and I mean you've been an organ Sabin in Corvallis since 1995. And it's has been such a long story run multiple national championships all the appearances and and in in the college World Series. But what when there's new coaches they come into town Gary Anderson comes to mind blowing kinkle do you do they come and talk to do they ask you about what it's like it's a coaching Corvallis and to be successful labor pick your brain because you've had so much success at that school. All so don't do. Certainly you know are buried under a you know. But I don't think it could predict come amid doubts we had a duke coach sure that they're they're here because there's. You know good burgers successful enough. To him. Nor have their own game on and so on. You don't. You know on that they would not call to upload to our current local. What or coach him a deal will retain editorial on your own kids. And am. You did pretty big responsibility. Concluded the responsibility. Out of duke or are pretty home. What becomes important certainly changes in the longer you do a match for sure record. We understand that. You know rule more total reserves and what are the restaurant I've amount you know what you're judged. Ball State people. Buy tickets what did you do on a fielder so arms. Noted Donald goes on the door and you mix of Tippett struggled with large or a stroke or in part of you do all those things as well sort of a descent coaching. In general typical bush picked up college level where this is the swing kind of airline can market and do. What we teach them. As much on appeal it ought to fielders there so there are hold myself accountable to. Are you tired of people asking if you're gonna leave chorale is sort of gonna retire soon. Dog title like America's Shiite arguable or church urged Americans really aren't objects people you know we're gonna ask us so those kind of pretty good about old Australian. In doing so. Home. Some. Long work and in addition the long work here are simply to the historical and you're accompanied him in. And Australia and middle course not a grosso membership are part of the country shall. To use content views interest as well and I was into the our Oakland routed there's. The book you know. I bought property shrewd bit on Google up others or other at Augusta patient Shalala. Oh. Fortunately I don't have to govern much. A path that is a sick move because that's a real estate move your claim to buyers right now in your bidding against each other and they don't even know and I know what you do and an ugly game to play. Could very. Well in awe approach. Everything everything everything that I been so let's kind of reached up told him that I didn't do this sort really don't ever created auditors as well a killer here. The voices and took. I don't look at it dollar bill is Mediterranean on Friday and local economy. And and and I are still critical and urgent. Hey that's a given this time a year in Corvallis and impact daisy head baseball pushed down and organs they give a follow act Casey corner. Five on Twitter is teams ranked number one in the country they open up the series against another top ten team in Arizona Friday night. Down Corvallis should be go one coach thanks so much of the time we really appreciate it best of luck this weekend and best of luck the rest of the season. Great great you guys now we're really should have Paul McLaughlin appreciate the support we're duke forever but again uncle. They have pretty British minister earlier things in college every this time here you can only say it's probably get arraigned today and corn rows probably generated name Portland you pretty safe assumption at this point but they are they always do get a little lucky of a toast arraigned Friday elite 80% chance that it clears up just for that three hours spent the day at the beauty baseball folks facing an impact Casey drop on the line number one baseball team. In America critical down Corvallis say team USA's blame for the World Baseball Classic title tonight. Did you know and are you gonna watch crunch time is next on dated fan pressure is on us. What's different from. That's that's just executed crunch time in his preliminary heat. When you win this credit for coming all the men lose it's the lowest. World its current stunning move a look at the hottest topics in sports Brian do you mind crunch could. Is 995 per month. So why would you ever pay more for a gym membership at crunch time right to backed crunch fitness always none 95 months so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership I'll be out there this afternoon with my trainer Scott the glorious hours. Gains. You were got to this morning. I know I'm playing basketball rec league mass and I don't even talk about your rec league basketball escapades we need begin at some point was quiet. Frankly basketball make you kind of a big deal for of I'm not a big deal now expects freighters kind of a big deal teamwork makes the DreamWorks what are you guys not telling me. I don't know Larry you know he's trying to IE yeah now I don't be so how they're all out to sell some mere. Not my son nick thanks Greg has dominating directly basketball courts of America 145. Year old male at the time they didn't stand a chance again so we played a really young team last week yeah I got the I got the full report enabled them a final arm I do want to ask about this though because the World Baseball Classic finalist tonight's going down you'll recall USA vs Mike Terry comes and I say putt to Enrico. Let's hope we go and close enough USA vs Puerto Rico does anybody care as anybody that launching a look at the ratings from Saturday's game they're not out yet from last night's game. Are these are not available online yet and about 850000. People watch them on Saturday. It now and I mean not terrible Saturday it's during the tournament and there in the NCAA tournament areas that are in the Monday and Tuesday night games are where in there really wasn't much National League going on one mistress and I he I mean tonight's Puerto Rico sets these final game yeah odds down in Los Angeles some mom opens and I don't go fetch a decent number above 55305 anybody got a launched is is that teen USA ratings are like the whole thing on Saturday that was Justine USA gazed round crack am I gonna watch now unfortunately I'm doing -- at all first of all I will be able to because of the time but the second thing is you know I cup last night I went on Twitter right after the blazer game. And I saw like four tweets immediately USA USA so I clicked over to see if it was final. And I just coincidentally clicked over Wright is a fine allowed to band strikes out America celebrates. So does what it just doesn't. I don't doesn't do for me. I love rooting for America when the World Cup's going on I love rooting for America when it's the Olympics. Even though I boycott the summer games. A day is does nothing for me for the World Baseball Classic. There isn't that what even -- for winning it hits and no you don't get in May it's national pride that I like Joseph man's idea did you see Joseph -- idea gave thinks the winner of the World Baseball Classic should play the World Series champion three of these have a three game series against the cubs and that would be great I'd probably tune in for that just because they get to see the cubs yeah I did you know I'd look at its its road to Vienna doesn't early on in the tournament but he elated hats and in last that was and other examples good game USA Japan now has won one game going in the eighth inning a little rain the Japanese band that was playing drove me nuts may be watched most of it on mute the Japanese like noise at the ball games like come on menaces and soccer we don't need to lose sailors in the stands quicker game trumpets Diana watched baseball -- still watch him now and that that takes me out that was annoying as hell. It was at a sold out stadiums of the wasn't Tynan noise going on Regis you'd like a bike to trumpets in the background I did like cal. Fired up and pass and at the fans that were at that game guided the final out is great right rectify that the best part for me this is an ugly American opinion now I'll guarantee event. Think America does either really care about this all the other countries like art die hard like the especially the Latin American countries they get roped into this stuff is huge for them makers it's their country it's their chance. To win and a sports and they're very talented added it would be. Kind of ironic if America wonders. I Hamlin orbit it's in LA right there's a dog items files here and larger stadium in Puerto Rico we know about them other than hobby by as Rick has got a lot of Dario a lot of talent big leaders up and down that roster I guess you like semi set like in World Baseball Classic when usaid is not the best players playing cold look at the USA roster I saw Adam Jones McCutcheon I saw bustle and I don't know -- cross -- Carlos R&R Murrow for Eric Hosmer like Kyle that's about I think that's about as good as it gets for American progress aren't just aren't here are some Bryce Harper your missing in a Trout. They don't care about the country to pansies Trout okay that's Sox Bryce are what uses we got sick more it's more about who's on the mound they're missing the starting pitching I'll give you that but go look at the lineup c'mon it's and that's a damn good lineup on sale would think 553 a five day care US savers Puerto Rico. Time for the World Baseball Classic final. The matter likely you're broke in on it abrupt and I'll watch and I god bless Alaska we USA independent games. A deal to give the USA is lost by Willie was a game to Puerto Rico in the 54 was the finally had runners on second and third is it a double elimination. Early on it is now it's not now when you get your left no durable clay will play in the first two rounds to determine the semi finalists and then it's. Mean a single game eliminates America wins with a dose runner Ari what do you do and that's a Julie don't you claim when you don't claim that you hate to go astray or mature obviously team USA this is an intramural softball and goes runners can hey I'm happy for the people that did get its baseball in March it's a couple weeks for the season starts out. You get some excitement you get some action if you're diehard baseball fan winning 55305 reads and your thoughts and you decide president renting back crunch fitness always done any final months so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership find out more about were spray and I work out. At crunch dot com while also coming up in the final hour we have to have some fun with audio there was a guy who thanked both his wife and his girlfriend after a win accidentally fall any Tiger Woods made fun of himself because yes he is indeed very very bald. Call will also played a fun game of what's the best way to do PB and everybody has their take talk about that got to get a status story out into fifteen the blazers took one step forward in two steps back. Lots of stuff coming in the final hour an outgoing ordered spring on 1080 the fan.

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