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Dirt & Sprague, Wednesday 3-22-17 Hour 1

Mar 22, 2017|

The guys wonder if the Blazers loss to Bucks will haunt their playoff efforts...check in with Terry Mills of UM radio and wonder how many teams left in NCAA tourney have a legit chance to win it all.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Dirt and spray gun Kennedy goes and this is a final sixteen week traditional dirt and sprayed me. Brought to you but series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning highs vote now it tended to defend dot com and windpipe. Four year old scored on the bill which I got this week. I like the matchup I was glued to the hesitation to really know much says. Closet let it ride you know. Dirt and spray guns and maybe a I thought the men in his twelve. Bow to the Rosie it is time for certain spray on 1080 Avaya and Raymond Sprague alongside in leader Johnson the UUSA. You USA I have one USA one question. Now Norman wells and I'm on my patriotism. No more for me they would've gone to the final because I finally watched World Baseball Classic for the first time in my life and they got final out to go to the championships are you welcome you marry young you wanna know something that I I am very bitter feeling about last night. So I'll I'll watch I've watched a lot of that game and especially the very intimate and I fired off a a very nice patriotic tweet about the excitement of America going to the final game of the World Baseball Classic and now one Brandon Sprague who hasn't lost the second and it sent out any tweets about the World Baseball Classic never seen in my life you sent out one kind of sarcastic I flipped it over from last out treat you got Laura likes in the and every treats ninety yeah. I'm market alive and that was like. It was like a swift kick to the knots in my life you're welcome America that's all I'm doing men's that's exactly what it was on your tweet not live tweet in the game there's some ridiculous Japanese band play and the whole time look I'm all about transparency inspire hops on them I'm all about being honest about myself whether that's making fun or may be doing a little humble brag here in their direct really do the same way so why guard can have fun at his expense death have a role. So I don't discriminate and I wanna have fun touted her stations expense just for this for a second just a quick question to me and her wondering as we about cracked the Mike. It's it can reckon Cleveland words here would there be an NFL offseason they're yeah there's there's an off season without those two guys like you look at like how like I like that ad and I kept saying it over and over there is no loss season Enders like. Woolsey were here would you you know he's he's now we got former pros camp Leland and Jason's mechanic there's no off season attending the fan Betty they warrant would there be you courts there is that we would be the only slap he slept that's true. And we are not former pro now we know what the hell are doing and be just kind of makes stuff up three hours denies agreed to take over until it's not a re certain well we've trail we found that out yesterday within the Josh McCown conundrum that was not my finer moment I will not I will not lie that Andy was adults many just never played he never play again so it's taken I was a lion an adult I'm both. There was like huge no no god vindicate myself different no you know I can't I don't it. All of our own and I totally screwed that up that was all on me I pulled that thing up at last second but I pulled up. Is ESPN's stats page and Ryan what a repeat once to a it is too because he looked at the same page. And I pulled up as ESPN stats page confusion that's you know you search a guy that comes up I clicked his stats page. He never played like it all during those seasons so they did not come up I was just looking at locals on the left side. Somebody said did you play for Detroit look no Detroit logo no never played for the lions I blew my mind that you got that so wrong. Like in my hand I go really and we dual tweeting us after the show you know dirt miss this team right yeah yeah I know I missed a lot of team yesterday. That I kind of mail in their final segment nocturnal life that's OK hey you know what I've been fascinated about Israel allowed to get to there is a story that and I think you can contested this. I've been obsessive the story for now 24 hours Coca. Ready yesterday I re read this morning for reasons I can't even explain you have issues have you seen this peanut butter and jelly obsession at the MBA has been. With it it's the threat is quite thank right now it really is Baxter Holmes wrote this on espn.com. And it's literally just a really lengthy read a all the NBA teams and how truly assess they are with peanut butter and jelly first off kudos to a journalist coming up and let them funny. Different angle that's a cool Reid Ryan I mean usually reading it it was hilarious like it's it's about NBA teams eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a blazes are included in this and they are listed on the story as having several available for the pregame. And they started this a long time ago by. Miller recently tried a toasted peanut butter and jelly and another arena okay somewhat controversial and get this. Willard probably looked as the franchise directly gets CJ got other guys on this team that are respected. Miller gave the stamp of approval for them to have toasted PBJ's. Nobody else. Littler had to give the stamp of proof is the headliner of the team he's the superstar the Portland trailblazers what he wants goes well and he got not gonna have toast all BJ's without Willard approval now captain captains from the locker room and teller rolls a teller always Rowell and there's another part of this to the wizards evidently the wizards. Kind of clashed with management slash coaching staff slash front office people. Because they discovered that they want to try to give them organic. Healthy peanut butter. And the team was basically like a round where skipped a year GS now I am not healthy crap now give me crunching gimme creamy gimme some sort and in the story they actually said the team came together and they discuss this and they came to the conclusion organic or be there. If you want organic it's there I guarantee you it's a full tub. Oh club absolutely a full time and no way you go Jeff nobody wants organic peanut butter I would I dabble from time to time and healthy eating it's not something that he consistently throughout my life but I like to dabble here and there. I once dabbled in organic peanut butter and you guys ever bought organic peanut butter. What white highlights and gets not very good it's awful doesn't spread there's like lottery in their I don't know what it is it's disgusting what's peanut butter mountain. Not by and it it's not the peanut butter work ethics is always joke against none actually Mel Cameron you know what's going on that they'll and then I started thinking after reading this story like the best way to make it PB and like to eat the peanut butter and jelly into. And unique you'd think that he can go one way. But is there like a consensus sounding there is consensus for the best PBJ out there not everybody everybody has different bag we all different likes and desires. If you're you're gonna have different taste the only one I'll content and I don't like and I don't understand one is organic peanut butter that's his grows each in a normal speed skippy Jeff put everyone coming crunchy guy crowd loved crunchy I I prefer crunchy not gonna lie. Oz so you gotta go regular peanut butter the only other thing I contend with is like let's not be eight years old and cut off the crossed. Yeah I like the trust number on the cutting off the crust thing I've never understood. It to say they would nodding you eating the crust on pizza. Yeah also strawberry jam forever beyond what is strawberry Jimmy act rate crap I also kind of it's not a PBJ if it's not cut for me either. But in terms of either you go diagonal cut where you get to diamonds are you just go right down the middle left you have. So they're not cut it PBJ makes taste better all right it's time to find out what is on tap on today's show. What's growing and I'm not page to be home by McCain to be writing there's a lot of sporting an easy sale I gotta go do that this is what son Jeff. Ford might pelican. Our government more and add the greens Sean Jenny yeah. All right what's on tap is brought to you by a. Pelican brewing company we got a lot to get to today we got Terry mills. The Michigan color analyst he'll join us at 1230. And now we'll preview wolverines is there in Kansas City zig on organ out wine. We'll get the organ perspective from the voice of the organ Dachshund friend of the show Jerry Allen. And at 130. We'll talk with the coach of the number one team in the country look at us pat Casey organ State's baseball coach he'll stop by is they get ready for big series vs Arizona down in Corvallis Abu Ahmad board minutes College Baseball season pact to open once packed full plays starts is kind of when he died in a little bit they swept Arizona State last week ending at Arizona this week and ducks are off to a good start to College Baseball season maybe yeah actually stocked back Casey always enjoyed talking with him and then also the perspective from Jerry Allen and Terry mills. Of course we're gonna side with the blazers they lost last night against the box. Oh what a job and an attorney teams a little bit. How many teams do you think it actually win the title of the sixteen remaining. I know we like to tell ourselves it's a street sixty get hammered out yeah do you legitimately think sixteen teams can win the title I don't know not at all so we'll talk about that it's the NFL because they're addressing a couple issues with what they wanna do this offseason improving game. Celebrating. And also maybe taking something from the college game. And I don't like it whatsoever because I hate to rule in college. We'll go to the World Baseball Classic has anybody been following the World Baseball Classic or is this exempting just baseball fans are diehards okay I it's a valid question they're playing the title game and then. You will standard story end at 215. Maybe talked Lavar ball LeBron James beef. Although dirt kind of had his fill with Lamar yes I think most people are there right I mean is anybody else does anybody care what Lamar bosses say anymore well Ali all the media interviewing him as a Lionel Kazuo say something crazy and that's way continues to get bugged by I did appreciate LeBron James coming out bay does drop and I'll leave my name not your mouth -- we don't don't talk about stepping on my kids don't like about me don't talk about my kids don't talk about my parents leave me out of your life right that's what's on tap for today showed its proxy on the Fam my pelican brewing company born at the beach online at pelican brewing. Dot com rods were at certain Sprague at Peter Johnson an ad Brandon spray coming up next. The blazers lost to the bucks last night at home after a four and one road trip. Either screw this up talk a little blazers next after this break on 1080 the fan. So our FaceBook posts today FaceBook dot com backs last 1080 the fan to give us alike. Twelve games left with the blazers maker missed the playoffs really screwed this thing up because last night they lost to the bucks in 93 denying. Coming up before and one road trip where they beat the spurs. And they dropped one to a team that was previously under 500 prior to the game. And so I'm just curious are meeting they're gonna screw this whole thing up well they make the playoffs are now. And I mean at this point when you see games like last night and it's hard to buy into it isn't it you know my worst nightmare all along has been they're gonna finish half gamer game out of the eight seat like they're they're not gonna be bad enough to be in the top five and and I can win enough. To make the playoffs and do what some fans want them to do and and give you 45 more games in the post season. And and those are games last night that if you're playing well and if that's the run you wanna go on you have to win I mean Milwaukee's a decent team but. You're coming off a great road trip there's a lot of positive momentum become home and then Milwaukee just shut it down completely really in the first half it was all Bucs defense Portland couldn't do much on offense. If finally back into the game but a couple of bad possessions late in a losing. It is just it's frustrating to watch them not to he'd had enough to get that pick that I I wanted them to not be good enough. To make some noise and in climb over Denver in that eighth seed and yeah I you know like to be honest with you even though they lost last night and they came out with the right out of. To do were aggressive they were pesky. They jumped out to a 178 lead and you thought all right they're taking care of business now they've clicked with an RDH they have a homestand basically to end out the season. Here we go. And then Milwaukee proceeded to absolutely locked them down on defense face. They they really played the pick and roll well in the first half and Stu Kuhn both scored fifteen in the second quarter they caused a lot of turnovers. How he's fun to watch he's a ton of fun to watch and you're sitting there and you're thinking yourself a year ago as this is the blazer team we've seen all year man wanna start. Oh my gosh they let this team back in. All day they came back they have the lead here we go look at the win. And they didn't. And so I I eyesore I still resides in effective I think they are going to their schedules the easiest. And it's funny that I say that coincidentally given that we keep looking at the schedule every time we need eighty Justine they should be that team. There's sub 500 as well like I don't know what it is about Portland maybe it's our bias may be it's our love for a guy like Willard. Maybe it's dot I don't know what it is but we've done this all year we look at the schedule. And we pointed this team and that team in this team and that team we go. A schedules lining up for Portland based on what I don't know I just said that they lose to sub 500 teams. All the time yeah we do they we we always thought of that travel looking at at games that should be when's the last night was one of them I mean Milwaukee's team it's hovering around 500 but he got him on your home floor and if you're given the playoffs he does. Yet to win games like that in you know Denver's schedule is more difficult nobody will deny that did you play one more time head to head coming up on the 28 which is in Portland. The blazers had the advantage there and they stuff to play games against Cleveland. They got to play Houston the on the rodeo play Oklahoma City twice in Dallas is still hanging around. On the road policy are gonna quit all year and Dallas is gonna keep playing their fight for that eighth seed but there are winnable games on Denver's schedule as well I mean Indiana to reasonable gaming a new war lens three times over the final two and a half weeks of the season twice and those. Are at home on Miami's a team that if they're not banged up we decide Portland take advantage of that. The other day down in Miami so both teams had games on the schedule that you're gonna chalked up as Els and and is w.s but. It is I mean look it's it's the story of the season right it's one step forward two steps back that's is kind of been the theme all year that they get off to a bad start they try and roll. And they lose a couple of ball games and I now they're on a good streak of playing good basketball for a week and a half. Then they finally is the propaganda just it seems like last night. Was once again the 100 microcosm of the season they have a great road trip feel confident become home. You have a day off it's not like your plan up back to back they had Monday off. And and they just had that terrible second quarter they can overcome a lose at home on. It was a nice reminder too because I use of Americans got in foul trouble early and go to the bench which that's starting to kind of worry me a little bit if if they if they and make in the post season like I think they will. On that is another little reason that when people tell extending disagree with the opinion that the blazers will only last five games out past. That is kind of my concern is he has. This tendency where he's he's gets a little too aggressive teams can bait him a little bit get him in foul trouble and I'm sorry we saw last night when he goes to the bench. We're done he has the highest off net rating. When he's not on the court would come they're back to what the blazers were prior to that illustrate absolutely and I must like to point out to the Evan Turner apart. That is another little wrinkle to pay attention to in these last twelve of them fighting for the post season. It's pretty cut and dry and we we said this even when they signed him in the offseason. Evan Turner is a he's a he distributor he has to handle the rock he is not an off guard he's not a guy that you put in a corner throw to a mini she's not thrown an off screens and knocking down please not that player we Silas in Boston last year. And the way they used him thus far albeit he just came back so maybe they can still figure it out he still beat Easton you know the post injury. I wanna watch what that's going to be because last night was terrible holy hell he was bad last night but it's not just him though a lot of this has to do in this is why people looked at that signing and scratch their heads. Okay he signed Evan Turner to that and are you get a run Damon CJR screens in his time be the point guard because if you don't. You're basically playing foreign five offense he'll have his spots where maybe once or twice a whole game he makes a good plays and off guard. But man he doesn't handle Iraq and they put him in last night to not handle the rock. He's not effective for you and so that's the difficult thing is how he's gonna readjust. Meritage in foul trouble and then still obviously fighting for that playoff spot yell. Watching Evan Turner cajole now what the use of Americans and how much things have changed me as a play and Turkish yet so it it'll be -- last night was not a good start for a nominee was bad no points in nineteen minutes it was all four he was a minus seventeen turn the ball over a couple of times. He did it was bad last night and I you give a grays ferry because he's been banged up and and it's gonna take him a couple of games. And to get his feet wet and in the other thing and he continues to be a frustration for me and it was certainly discuss kind of before the show. Is Allen Crabbe BI I I think Allen Crabbe has the potential and we've given you the stat multiple times of when he's aggressive when he's taking. More than ten shots a game. It usually turns out well for Portland he just for whatever reason he just doesn't have that in a man and I don't know what it takes to have that instinctive of being more aggressive. It's kind of a Nicholas the two type of problem where we used to be frustrated over Tim all the time around I mean he just does pass of the times. And when he would go out and be aggressive and pulled the trigger and it was flying all over the floor you could see that he was a much different player. And I do the same way about Allen Crabbe just some nights he has that in him and there's some nights. That he doesn't he's just nice little trigger shy and and I not one last night was one of those nights and we took eleven shots is one of five from three. But just not add a kind of timid night frown crab last night which is not in use our site we don't wanna see that a year paid a lot of money and in the either. At some point I wanna stop hearing you know demons CJ Paul Allen to the side and said shoo man he shoot. Funny looking your contract and your contract basically is telling you you're one of the major pieces to whatever this team is gonna ultimately end up being this year. Shoot the damn ball. You know paid seventy plus million to pass and shoot six times and game. You paid to beat these spot up three point shooter if you even house Y eight. How affable look golf sure it's Pulitzer I don't care to start all for five at least your being aggressive that's a funny thing is shooters go like over 405 people like man. Peace talks tonight will keep shooting them because at some point shooters know they're gonna get themselves out of a hole like that I wanna see them from Allen Crabbe and I think we have and CNET and a consistent. Lean Allen and dame continued his good Rami was the offensive focal point last night with 31 points and are some folks are frustrated by the final three minutes and in the shot that he took that was one moment and I yelled at my TV but. At the end of the day. Ala some of the looks they that he takes and you look more related descending on Thursday right the knicks are coming to town what are we all gonna say on Thursday will alienation and a plan is a game they should when I know. An and I just for the knicks are still fighting to the next still fighting for the playoffs and it's another one of those should win from Portland you know we'll find out if the blazers what do they get ultimately doing gonna screw this up. Are they gonna not make the post season and then also not have a lottery pick or not have a not a lottery pick but not have like a top ten pick. That just beat like sum up the whole season that would mean the two. Of your not bad enough to get a top five pick. And your just on the outskirts of making the plan I want some final want top ten finish to meet top ten giving dubbed an apple bounces your way but right now it's now is not feeling great in the you know we don't I don't want to rehash this whole argument because we we've debated it many many times on the show who got into a listener and somebody asked once again what's the difference why why are you putting such an importance on these lottery picks than they're not a home run and nobody's guaranteeing your gonna go up draft Shaquille O'Neal Karl Malone not saying that's what's gonna happen for this team but. What you cannot deny whether it's a player in the Portland takes or what the weather it's something that they move and trade. The asset is much better in the top ten minute is if you just miss the playoffs or if you make the playoffs having me these save eighth pick. Instead of the fourteenth pick it might not look like a big difference on paper but whether you're drafting somebody or if you want a package those pics together. That's a huge difference 'cause you have to remember they had the Cleveland pick which is gonna be late late first round. They have the Memphis picketed at Denver's pick they got the Memphis taken that trade which will be twenty to 22 depending on how the grizzlies finished and then they have their tech. So all three of those are outside the lottery. There's not quite as much. Strength behind them if you wanna try and we'll deal unloved in the first round. Their next four games could really determine if they're gonna make that post season run its the knicks on Thursday in Minnesota comes to town on Saturday Minnesota still trying to make the playoffs to. Tenure at the lakers on sending who were actively taking that better be a win and then you get Denver on Tuesday at home. That four game stretch right there can determine it because then you get Houston that's going to be tough Minnesota twice you talked twice the spurs at the end they may sit. On but it's not going to be easy will the blazers make the playoffs 55305. That's our FaceBook post of the day FaceBook dot com. The backs last ten ED. The fan as they lose to the bucks coming up next. Let's get the lowdown on the Michigan Wolverines with color analyst Terry mills 1989 national champion with Michigan. He'll be on the call for Michigan in organ you'll join us from Kansas City next. Hopefully we get Terry mills on the color analyst for the Michigan Wolverines. At the lowdown on the on the wolverines as they get ready for organ tomorrow even to sweet sixteen Mansour are back stars tomorrow we got four games tomorrow right formula for tomorrow on the fourth product yet that's correct. So it's a way for the elegance active south half hour after organ see you're gonna have to go back and forth to watch both the kind of local teams once again. Why need to go to a sports bar for the NCAA tournaments are really good point no doubt about it I didn't wanna point out real quick I. I watched Dave Chappelle's for standup last night gamble little jealous simply because he told me it was really funny and I we remember when the trailers for that came out how jacked up we were and I totally forgot the yesterday was the day they were being released there's to a home I only watched they called the first episodes and episode the second on two different episodes of the stand of special I really enjoyed it it was hilarious it's good decibel back that's still one of the cooler moments I've had here locally in Portland. Was only got a chance to go see him live DeLia that is going to be one of the coolest things I remember about something that I've done in in terms of comedy and watching him but die right here Rio we got a monoline. I Terry knows played for the 1989. The national champion Michigan Wolverines you color analyst for the wolverines. Can find a want to act Terry mills underscore. I he'll be calling the game against organ Terry thanks for taking the time for us in Portland. I just kind of wanna start with. The your first reaction or your first thought when you saw the team after the plane crash incident. Or you know what you've been these or played Kurt incur about our history will start you know come around to own. Our luck and out you know you look back corner schedule are. You know what are against Purdue that all are so law medals older and all over time. I had been that Eric lost wondered you know that's not where are my belt off. When BJ shuttle Walker's seeing the oh a little about the spoiler bolts are. No doubt when you look at him so what how this happened would you know one session on the call but it did. Are meant that one out of upload their changes are to get beat governor started the general. Don't look at that plane crash despite that what that is what they are shut you know. Maybe they were just don't think it for granted anymore orders it is it is a local court. Yeah their plan honor related almost anybody in the country right now and fresh off an upset of the two seed Louisville the rejoining. Or are you surprised at all that there in the sweet sixteen as as a seven seater did you see this kind of run common. Not that I don't weren't coming no love always suited you well I talked to a lot of writers that's on the low workers and I always element. Obama unlike traditional and neutral floor you know you don't conference. And the bridge and trappers were there all future ain't that it actually went on the world. But you know. There were strong while the world Purdue was portals and are well below the eight. Or world sober or what else were Dumars had secured their home court but couldn't win all the world but. Ball flight missions. We're talking with Terry mills he's the color analyst for the Michigan Wolverines on Twitter at Terry mills underscore. Watching the second half that little game was was just amazing Michigan's been a huge second half team thus far 48 points per game in the second half vs 34 in the first. One area of concern any for a lot of ducks fans. Is the match up with Wilson and Wagner. And I know Wilson's been so consistent for miss him and I'm just curious can you count on Wagner to do what he did against the cardinals. In the second half shore. Was that a big surprise to you. No yard play that mr. Kerry Lugar also fortunately you know course should look at pedestrians make up dirt walk as the leader travelers. They gathered distributors basketball. Would you lost some time to go to war then waited and you look at your law law. During the you're not wish it on that game so many ways we are being. You know a citizen. And they like that. You don't admit today where they were actually you know double chain of beer bought all of a basketball all the little bothered him a lot. Our mobile look at all athletic guy and well it's not worth characters. And it also on the second half that debt that was made it pretty much straight. We've got straight or shirts are and that doesn't mean it's early age he's got double tall order should three point shot. But aren't you get a situation where you know they want to salute to the small portion all the men. There are at that point artists on the door here let these guys do they do bad and it would let an orchard late was played from the inside out you know. And upload adult who. You didn't wolf amenable blogger and beige and white decisions. Short inside and what they were double greens and they are now which are they were cute and about. All the so no shops are all. Monday and I know that inside presence is sending a lot of organs fans are concerned about and they're obviously playing without Chris Boucher one of their best defensive players done for the year. They barely escaped Rhode Island and around a 32 and with a late three pointer from Dorsey. What of what have you thought about the way the orange ducks have played in the tournament and what you like or don't like about this matchup for Michigan. Well you know like there's not a commissioner logo are which I wouldn't order. Called Brandon their change in America. Are there you know lost yet out transitioned new wanna developed world and it. They've got guys shoot the basketball and Oakley up jump all. I'm just in the game or missions are probably got a controlled channel all. No I have a rebound they're out where the transition defense. General racial and that Q probably an Oklahoma State ammunition that long awaited edge and at Oklahoma State and when they were able to do that and you know where to look at this mission came in there they've got to change it better adapt each of different people I'll. And taken away any but you know you look at these games like Purdue or what they're well very well so what happened here at mission find little to do about it. You know one of their biggest concerns was read I'll. And choose H no disadvantage on missions on current dollar rebound. But when they do. I think it's impossible or look there and all of my would be mission go to turn the ball. About not receive any. Dominate the ports and rule will be paid more as a large what you're seeing all rebar or would you give. Pure white and today there are you receive your book at all it's great closer birds are. Yes sir question that are what are little you know and and that's not to release because. Don't miss it they sure that basketball I that's the real worry you you're a basketball. And we'll lose control of horrible. We're talking with a color Reynolds for Michigan I Terry mills on to grad Terry mills underscore. I mentioned the stat earlier about what they do in the second half vs what did you in the first how they kind of been that way all year where they they're slow start and then they can finish strong. And if there's not what are you would eating the causes for that presented today to get off to such a sluggish start. You know what it's all Baltic and adjustments are ever you know a lot of years in this game today. It opened just want a law. And a lot of times when you can get it there or not or jaw off the record visually see it. There is solid situation cannot auditor spurs. Produce mobile gear what was pretty much more incredible what he was trying to illustrate. Too old are you gonna get those layers of digital wall where all wanna get that report La. And we're watching this you'll also are poor tree and it you can read about it or do you do they have. He wasn't understanding that it wasn't registering. And urged but it almost and we are told what took a good read about it that Greg he'll be great by our military. James dislocated branded submission that rewarded her. Russian roulette oh in tournament but it will come I'll start then both groups are used behead mobile. And why don't you that's exactly what they did other beer grow a bit. There's no way we can win this ball and it is so. How often do you trash talk like Jimmy keen Jalen Rose about winning a national championship and them coming up short. We're don't know what they're there are little changed. You know they did you do or what yeah of course and Christian legal deductibles Arnold what what. Our goal is still would awards are what do you know. Wouldn't we become a girl the social media credential like that so. A lot of our terms. We edition Jews look oh no abortion we ought not you know materials were McLaren. You know. Ultimately you want you know a little bit of sugar some good leader right. There are coming we got we haven't heard you we had a broader. It lowered all the immigrants won an actual generation or group there it would be good eateries emotional legal all won a championship and polished silver regards or issues or wounded or they aren't there are some. All this are world leaders at all right now chartered all the big unit Jim this year who won a match. There are still got people come out to be every single day about mission rest at all. There's some children were they were. Dora the course of that rough and caught on there weren't made unity and I heard it it is thought it was or they were why me an editor's note on the unit they virtual restored to bear went to work. For me you know. Took you six billion played a mobile. And let you know it can talk so. I'll eat it just sore and I'm renewed war were a lot to look all mobile we're. And understand the impact would be fair at all subtlety and are on loan emission up an endless. There you go national champion for the 1989 Michigan Wolverines and current color analyst for Michigan Terry mills taken a few minutes for us in Portland. To give us the Michigan perspective. Terry have a good call on the game enjoy it and good luck we'll see what happens between wolverines in the docks. Our pursuit of Alexander and yeah a little. There we go good stuff Terry mills on Twitter at Terry mills underscore. I W Texan and he's all right and he was that big of a homer compared to what I sometimes it is cholera analysts and curiosity and it would. We got Jerry out one appreciate you say alert you are wrong they are buying I Miller DEB he loves the matchup for Michigan and he's not the only one audience important to note that I mean I'd I still contending organs gonna play much better than they did in the round of 32 but. Something it's been proven since Boucher went down as organs weakened side that big B Williams is is not the player. That Boucher was coming up to Benjamin George bell especially not out there on the floor huge ring mr. Oregon what's Michigan's biggest strength. Inside scoring in their plane in the paint so. He's not the only one that likes this matchup for Michigan yes so that was Terry mills at 1 o'clock we'll talk with the voice of the Oregon Ducks and friend of the show Jerry aren't gonna jump back on with us as boring it's ready for Michigan. On Thursday in Kansas City but coming up next. Of the final sixteen teams in the tournament. How many of them do you think can actually win their. The whole thing would discuss the realistic part of the sweet sixteen teams next on 1080 the fan. By the back in on 1080 the fan happy hump day everybody out there moments and don't forget Geri Allen's gonna join us at 1 o'clock we just listen to Terry mills. Color analyst for the Michigan Wolverines with a duck perspective as the ducks are practicing Kansas City. They're game tomorrow really excited to watch that matchup between them so talk to our friend Jerry Allen. At 1 o'clock you look at the add the sixteen teams remaining in the tournament. I think sometimes we. That we we try to fool ourselves like this year is a good example. A lot of people going into turning gold there's no clear cut number one enemy and you disagree with that non dominant team out there. But you do get to this point now where there sixteen remaining and even though you can see inconsistencies. In Carolina. Arizona's inconsistent Kansas has been a little lethargic and there's a sag organ and zag old journalist yeah. I think a lot of healing there's more teams realistically can win this then really possible. Yeah I went through this sixteen last night and I just started eliminating teams that in my head I go to team we see them winning. And there's ID came up with seven that I don't think can't you do there's some days. I just rule out on Michigan's playing hot right now but I do I think they can win a national title no I don't think so either Xavier probably not even though they've looked great their first two tournament games Purdue. I wouldn't necessarily chucked them all the way through win a national title I was tough on Purdue because I don't know they blew out including. Verging on an average you know Virginia I was state yadda I allowed Iowa State yet they did Butler I know they've been there but I don't think they can the city when a South Carolina I wouldn't talk all the way through. I was content I know they just knocked off a little love but I wouldn't feel confident Pickens was. Continent when those guns and can win the whole thing. I don't know if you watch them play the way the third set out by. I think you gotta do it if you're looking at it until they have guards who can handle the ball and score on their own. Do they have bigs who can and banged score in the posts and then you know do they play good enough defense. To overcome you know as a team to overcome whatever physical deficiencies they may have on the roster and Wisconsin checks off all those boxes. Yeah funeral that dies you go for an eight seeds don't when national titles very often and Chuckie got close though when navy which star state is an eight seed Kentucky was a bit of a different breed in my in my tells us how many C edition emanates you know as ridiculously easy Johnson the same thing are you wish US state the second round ever really say and Wisconsin have no business being an eight seed this year died I do like her jazz into the final four because he just look at the rest of that that region I mean and it's they play if they beat Florida they play the winner of Baylor South Carolina so they can make it make it to the final four. But I don't necessarily if you feel confident pick mandolin I think you could see eighteen getting to the final four then you're telling yourself do you think you can win it because at that point I mean anything pentagon has that it is about who plays best. For two night because those stages so bake some teams showed some teams won't the experience for Wisconsin come up really big for them. So I went through this Arizona yes. And Zagat yes Kansas UNC. Kentucky. UCLA. And then there's kind of like that middle tier West Virginia. I know and West Virginia is a great so far in the tournament Wisconsin isn't that same category. Florida. Mean some of these teams are question marks to me but. You know it's it's it is open year but I just don't know if there is many is leading in even the team's nine named like. UNC probably should a loss to Arkansas after blowing a seventeen point lead I Arizona Timmy. Have they really looked at outstanding to people thus far they haven't impressed me doubt much in for a lot of people to pressure the beyond Sean Miller who's never been to a final four. As an Arizona head coach and zag out now we'll see what they do against that press was let's Virginia. It could be interesting year where maybe there is an eight seed or Purdue or a Florida. But counseling sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that are based on what we saw. In the last game Babbitt I've I think. Half if you got half the field left at the sweet sixteen that you could. See legitimately win and that you think I have half were eighteen G say seven are happening here at seven and that's nearly half the field I would throw Wisconsin on your list so that there's eight if you got half the field at this point that you. Could foresee. Getting there. Obviously I'm the one side that's loaded with UCLA Kentucky and North Carolina all in the saints' only now that he's going to realize oh yes. And at and knowing that with the talent that all those teams have if there are all on and they play their a game did that yes they're national talent national championship. Caliber. Team would you eliminate organ in this conversation I would because the teams they're gonna have to be when they get to the final four. It they will really miss Chris Boucher. I just don't know how they sustain it with a seven man rotation with all of those 64 to 66 players and looking ahead to what they would have to face. You know. I don't wanna say they're not capable because we saw you know you go back to that Arizona game when they bloom out by like. Thirty baby couldn't miss they couldn't render them if the ducks and paper everybody hitting threes then that presents all hole. Different sort of problems for everybody else but. You know that happened once maybe twice so far in the season you'd you'd need to have. And you go to our I think I still think they get the final four I don't. You know miss you know be Ed unique matchup on and seemed plain missed him at this point I don't think they can beat Kansas if they beat Michigan gets the elite eight I just don't think active candidates are more likely to beat Kansas is Kansas gets to the point where they beat themselves and I think origin of from a defensive standpoint will cause all sorts of problems. Four at Mason in Jackson they still tend to be can get out of control. Can just play hero ball here in their and I think. I think the ducks can beat them in the things. That don't have a harder time beating Michigan into yelled Rory and. It's all about scoring not turning the ball over on Indy it's gonna come down and this is committed to -- a Brooks nominates an economic Dorsey dork he's very lighters to the Pritchard got to play well and I expect him to but I don't think you necessarily need to rely on him to score a lot of points but. If if if you're scoring in a trifecta of Venice Brooks and Dorsey can play well. They can hang with anybody in the country even without Chris Boucher here's the title odds from Vegas right now Butler eighty to one. That is the highest Xavier 65 to one South Carolina 61 Wisconsin. 51. Michigan 45 to one Purdue 35 to one. Organ 321 Baylor 26 to one Florida West Virginia and UCLA. So on and so four again zag actually is a five to one there right down their team was some of the best odd smile I think that's exciting part about the sweet sixteen is is it's a similar sentiment that we are coming into the tournament and there hasn't been that one dominant team I mean that we we criticize organ laughter barely beating Rhode Island go to on the list of all the top ten teams are top seeded teams I should say guns Aggie easily could've lost to northwestern. And the second round loss to which starts diagonal luster Wichita State Arizona has a look great North Carolina you mention easily could've lost Arkansas I mean you go up and down the list of teams that did there's not one that's really come out just dominated. Bolted to the plane and from time to time interment EC that I mean you blot a sixteen Sierra fifteen seed. You get the 710 matchup of the 89 matchup in the second round blown out there just hasn't been. That case this year which team you guys rooting for that has like. The least chance according to Vegas well continue to put Wisconsin in that just from an odd simply because they're 52 rooting for Alex always sucks. Really death but organ doesn't have data on 31 I'm dialing the Butler Zain years. Yeah I would go West Virginia I took West Virginia into the final four I didn't like Gonzaga and every agent Arizona I didn't trusted tied to West Virginia when that region and and I think they got a good chance to begin that tomorrow I'm gone South Carolina. I like frank Martin's. I like what I saw from them against duke can be awesome to see South Carolina and that moment when did you see the frank Martin's quote after the game I wonder why they play the game in South Carolina. And that was bad ass yeah and deal with the confederate flags and stuff outside the building any medium literally while he did all right so there is some tourney talk which teams you think most likely to win it which teams you kind of eliminate. For whatever reason has Baylor Florida one of those teams do you trust him to win it or do you not trust him what so ever is anyone watching the World Baseball Classic. Anybody. Always she is pat Casey will join us at 130 we'll talk to then go to them one team in the country College Baseball. The NFL might be adopting the college football targeting penalty. But will start hour two with a voice of the organ Dachshund friend of the show Jerry Allen Poe join us next earns break back with more on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.

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