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Pat Casey Interview 3-22-17

Mar 22, 2017|

Head Coach of the #1 ranked Oregon State Baseball Team, Pat Casey, joined the guys to discuss his team's fast start, and series this weekend with #9 Arizona.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I look back and certain sprang up their Wednesdays are going well happy update to you don't forget and follow us on Twitter after spread it will. Volume back really excited for our next guest the man we have not come on the show in quite some time and what better time to talk to him because his team is ranked number one in the country. And multiple national polls he is pat Casey head coach at Morgan State at peace corner five. On Twitter he joins and the guild mortgage mobile hot line they open up a series this Friday night against Arizona. Down in Corvallis coach how orientation take a few minutes farce today. Ducks and the the good governor core prosecuted as do other stricken about operations and did a greater role for the weekend. You know I'm Andres you brought that up I do wanna ask Jimmy just from a a coaching perspective in the state of Morgan. Are you a step behind some other schools just based on the weather that you have to deal with or you able to accomplish other things from a practice as standpoint. That teams in Arizona or California are as well. Well I think I think you old Turk now the turf field and certainly. It'll help the sequel about Arnold it is an issue with practiced on them that it took there's times we learn. Parliament to Edmonton and looks to us and made multiple social group more but first there were were the potential elsewhere. Workable supportable actual. It to auto. I've looked up Alderson and also recruited to change units and certainly. It ought to go from. Forty degree weather and weather so I don't you know. You don't show and an original different people but greater Cleveland and April shall. You know that are difficult to recruit go to. Well and I know beaver nation right now coaches is pretty jacked because you guys are the number one team in the country you're seventeen and one on the year I saw some quotes though you are really happy with your offense because you left some runners on base after the Ball State series. I think guys just swept Arizona State in Tempe. More satisfied with the options are still little frustrated with inconsistencies. Well would play better there's no doubt about it we're too stupid turtles it wouldn't Allstate Allstate. That's a good auction we do mix adjustments or Newton consult regularly combination of and all about him and Edwards to render the best holders and Donald picketers unit. It is certain guests in the record on the road runner ostensibly. We're cooped up. Do so would want to do templates were wanna do so Arctic over guys are aware that he can put it takes ownership the bat well. I got called the likes to practice and there are times you are closer you know when one looks at. Tuition is quote. You don't really team and it's. All. Good subsidies to understood engine while they need to do due to the well my coach. You'll. Good leadership on the the deal which is have been prepared in. I'm pretty mutual trust to do. Never title impact Casey head coach at Oregon State's eyes baseball team ranked number one in multiple polls across the country give a follow act Casey corner five. On Twitter and end in odd that this seems known for their pitching you know that and and I someone know Jake Thompson was named pactel pitcher of the week in and rightfully so for his performance. Down in Tempe how nice has it been to watch him throw aways are on this here I mean coming up the last two years little injury riddled lesser little up and down. I he's off to a great start this year how how nice is that deceit. What you are really great topic for him in addition to protect so that you can really struggle like he would just. You don't trust and who stopped there. And actually it is stopped the match up with. There's almost LeBlanc so little for me to see him come not a joke stick in post or don't really satisfying because that means a lot talked loan. Apart within about competence and about whom to pick you could do. And also are all occasions teacher heard. And who successes is certainly at all. Helped him out at a secluded bildt's culprits are rewarded in an open just continues to nuclear. Kind of a two part question Fauria did you do we have a timeline of when we maybe expect Rasmussen to come back to as you would just add to an already pretty solid rotation. And also just. Maybe how this rotation stacks up or the depth of your pitching staff I should say in general a stacks up with some of the teams that you you've coached in the past. You know vista's stuff was taken by surprise because I could if you look at Arnold stout who use when you sit down look at. You know Nickerson gumption Baruch students. Turkmen. Proud person people to run a team you mean. Nobles to alternate route and can administrative or optional we're sort of guy. But I still look at it third baseman. Peace build wrote it started out here but. Also shrill it. Articulate Joba. The good news Kate. The course talks it is never really sustain us dorsal. Don't stick it. Completely by surprise it didn't go out started caught up to soak. Or court. Otherwise. Pursue her you're thrown out there are crazy so. Are reduced markers and continued have been built to alternate. They can continue to do their battle and it surprise all those split up adequate or go to our ops are really do a quick look at. I just don't see you know that is set off the our sort of series goes to rhetorical that he is really much. Yes not bad when you only get opening more than one run six times so far this season that's a nice luxury for your offense to have pack Casey's the I guess for talking to you right now they've baseball coach Don and organ stayed at TC corner five. On Twitter and in your coming off the big series when a series sweep over Arizona State on the road you outscored sixteen to one over three games now you get Arizona. Here in town this weekend when the teams and everybody's talking about Islamist conference ranked. Most polls in the top ten will what do you see that's gonna be difficult challenges we can about the Arizona Wildcats. Quality and offensively particularly British bit. Which percentage an average slugging percentage round score and it's it's great Uga team has scored. Many runs and so efficiently and most news duke power arms are critical to short game. But under government order to reveal our word to want to power are one of all of which to a dark dark vision correction expert current traditional. It's it's pretty it's pretty impressive and I took this early in the season. You know the political and social champ ship last year in the dark are restrict arms tuchman club in the habit out you know pork park starters dark matter quote shall. It certainly present a challenge for us. You know because technically they're are solid the ticket they're really really important amateur group and if you. Give them an opportunity you know virtually the running didn't get an opportunity to build virtual ball. They would best at all on that play well it. The two part prodigious went downplayed historical epic as good coach exuberantly. And ninety or so on you know there's there's there's plundered older ordered there's there's real pitching front so. Do we just do we except older anybody typical well there were critical urged excited about. Now and the court goes to. Or were you able to celebrate with your family and friends about achieving 800 plus wins in your career or is that just kind of one of those all right respond text messages move on and continue on. It was suitable it was a it was. A lot to do that unlike leopard negro to lose so coalition were so we're not underground and Arnold should go to a strip it. That's true story through and Albert you've got to reverence to this loan losses to go Google it took so and I laugh when they say people don't wanna on this. And so. It could be a mix of things when he's in those situations like billiard room. Know you personally take over time to appreciate. The effects personable somebody did your opportunities duel that the number of players and co parent and it's. You know released. Dedicate themselves to do want to anger it's what are. And then you know just a large piece of close unit would do it and so on it's really give the credit to looks as the game. And you know really don't. Look at it has been very important to be some critics lissouba condemn have a better position of up part of it but. Think the first thing on my Margaret stood to lose you know included along. Is there an equivalent to what a real estate agent in new word organ can accomplish that would be like 800 plus wins. Tough talk about you there is slowly went our severe. And in my desert community an argument very much but it what is that 90%. Of the Bristol 2% gross. Enough. So he's a pretty good amount solicited those numbers up current record could coach George sort order and also hours ago or are there still. Who is an excellent credit and in an empire but. You know. I'm glad that I was able to do so there really. Feel like. Oppression that billion on. It was a competitive person and and I still haven't it'll. Discarded. Some dispute the opponent so divisional. You shouldn't Joba George saw doctors would call our. You're morally it all out. Do some different vendors that are out coached so. Who knows what's in store but. It's it's sure gonna blow us interpreted we will do it and the Politico mature complex coaches student people who hired me. You know it's. I really give them credit. Which I will pack Casey had baseball pushed out an organ state his team reg number one in multiple polls across the country act Casey corner five. On Twitter I'm curious and I mean you've been an organ Sabin in Corvallis since 1995. And it's has been such a long story run multiple national championships all the appearances and and in in the college World Series. But what when there's new coaches they come into town Gary Anderson comes to mind Weinstein gold dig do they come and talk to do they ask you about what it's like it's a coaching Corvallis and to be successful labor pick your brain because you've had so much success at that school. Certainly you know our state there are. You know. But I don't think it could predict company's announcement out of do Erica capture that they're they're here because there. November 3 successful enough. And him. You don't have their own game and so on. That idea I don't. On a particular study called to upload soccer. What order coach him the only team to toward toward your own kids. You do. The responsibility. Contributors all abilities out duke or inability. Home. What becomes important and certainly there are changes in the longer to match for sure we're we we understand there. In a rule worked well for congress and what to do to survive or not you know you're judged. Bossy people mr. buy tickets what to do on outfielder some climbs. Don't O'Donnell goes on the door and you meet the Tippett struggle fly or literature and art and new deal policies as well sort decent coaching. In general typical electric call it slow. Where this is the swing time of their line to attribute. What we teach them. As much all the fuel at all to fielders there so there are hold myself accountable to. Are you tired of people asking if you're gonna leave chorale is sort of gonna retire soon. Our title like America's Shiite arguable that search terms and I could really aren't jerks you know we're gonna ask and so that was kind of get a bottle of Australians. Doing so I'm home. Some. Long work and is certain law courts here are simply could startle him to accompany him in in Australia and and you know course not a grosso and election are part of the country shall. He's gonna use interest in what I was in good. Oakland routed there's. Put at all. A property shrewd bit on Google other color under Augusta patient Shalala. Fortunately hurdle after developer much. A path that is a sick move because that's a real estate move your claim to buyers right now in your bidding against each other and they don't even know and I know what you doing an ugly game to play. Could be. On its. Everything everything everything has there been so let's kind of reached up told me there and do this so I really don't ever created corridors as quick military. The voices. And so. I don't look at it dollar bill is Mediterranean on Friday and local climate and an analyst still think what could hurt him. And that's a given this time a year in Corvallis an impact daisy head baseball pushed down and organs they give a follow act TC corner. Five on Twitter is teams ranked number one in the country they open up the series against another top ten team in Arizona Friday night. Down Corvallis should be go one coach thanks so much of the time we really appreciate it best of luck this weekend and best of luck the rest of the season. They think you guys now we're really should fall on the globe. Appreciate the support we get everybody and uncle breeds.

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