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Jerry Allen Interview 3-22-17

Mar 22, 2017|

Voice of the Ducks, Jerry Allen, gives Dirt & Sprague the Oregon point of view from KC on the eve of their Sweet Sixteen tilt with

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Let's go to Kansas City may we touch on that a little later let's go to Kansas City and talk with our friend the voice of the organ docs Geri Allen Bynum onto her act voice of the docks. He's joining us on the Gil mortgage mobile hotline Jerry things are taken the time and oh it's incredibly busy for you as a sweet sixteen. Is taken off odd tomorrow with organ playing Michigan I just wanna start. With your thoughts in general of what you side of organs performance vs Rhode Island very up and down. Well we got hurt my god I'm actually are narrow border strip better than Gordon finished they're out there are open practice. Debt to grab a moment right this busy but on busy Oregon did quite well under out pleaded not labor Wally at Rhode Island without a and part of the reason for that they are rated book pro violent repeat steps we knew coming it was going to be and tonic restaurant. And -- Oregon and edit their ducks took oral all want Condo adjust to it. Army. But I don't know what they'll see a better team that late speaker quite like that unleash it certainly won't look. Yeah and in Tyler Dorsey comes out with a big shot there at the end and and he's got earning the nickname mr. marchment way he played last unit tournament then he's taken it up. This year an intern amended did what where does he rank and when you see somebody's tournament runs or guys have gotten hot and carried team what he thought Tyler Dorsey is performance so far. Alliance then about it you yet in this team that enabled IP have a yea reminds me obviously the tigers here who want to destroy jobs. Not target date there it's particularly neat pretty rotted and that was entered. Party in the get a regular opera season. What order it over the top against USC UCL a it would late in crawl Lex didn't saint saying in the first sector around determines that an. And that that's mr. Dorsey he get a little out there who hospitality here. I want repeated joke of it maybe just prepared itself some equity NBA because well I wrote the NBA guys don't want to tell its early put up and party at the series and and that's what he's doing right now. News which are a long time voice of the organized Geri Allen joining us from Kansas City right now. I know I Elena and Rhode Island and not quite the level of Michigan in something left thoughts on the matchup with Michigan. But what have you made thus far two games into the tournament of organs performance. Without Chris Boucher and they played against Arizona but and it you know they got some time off from the Boucher injury what have you made two games in without them. Well they've adjusted to what I think. When they played Arizona in their first. Purse you know without risk in that pack book championship game they had not adjust it but they eat GMAC sort of still little in shock and in disappointed. And upset and and it took until late in that game to finally get over the open and I met erotic back almost got to hurt so. They played really well against Iona I'm like up beat you Williams it is one of those guys can replace some what is this protection need to. Acrid side any good body he's gonna bank more recourse would and then I think the rest chain and realize that tape somebody else about the cup that. Pick up that slack scored what which course did it maybe maybe that's where Dorsey terms and so I think they've adjusted to reporting you cheat and it just to hurts. Is adept on the bench organ is missing that depth now that extra guy actually gets himself trouble. They don't have an extra got to go to. Now and in India I think that the big concern about this matchup against Michigan is going to be their strength inside and out while they can score the ball in the paint and it has got to be the tournament that every team's a bit of a different match at DC organ changing their rotation change in the way they do things. At all against a Michigan team considering their their I mean I'm pretty much start four guards in Michigan is to us so strong inside. Yet and it stayed that narcotics agent actually ask goats that all of that is you want to get Utah Utah got the big guys are gonna got. The 27 orders into like cal read those big guys to Oregon and Oregon navy uses quickness again it's so big guys sort of record change what got them here. Village just that they need to Crist out of there and it cannot be it would ends dot turn dot strategy extra minutes now but there are extremely drastic and I you know all the would jump sessions in in watchers. Which is yeah has so that they know. The strengths and the weaknesses of everybody on the floor harder on it. And I'm not intellectual and well they are so low edged it's like to play. I know what you wanted to do like I would make it about thirty seconds and then well outside. But but they teach him really really well. Yeah we're tying with Jerry Allen voice of the org induction Dylan Brooks for some people a lot of people wondering if they were gonna win that game against sort Alec has Dylan Brooks got a foul trouble we struggle a little bit. Eight is this team simply aim contending with Michigan to move on to the elite eight for the second straight year. Are they just one big Dylan brooks' game away from that of him just kind of having one of those those outbursts. Yeah I mean I Piccard they're. Don't rocks away from that seem Pritchard and the cricket great shooter just a freshman accused suggesting. Each team ballot in in. He called cynical lot and you're teaching to audit what's cheap then and has not been needed this shot he would admit to see so ordinarily been hitting on all cylinders they really capped. I can't but I Casey patent just kept not contribute to the number 12 at believe they have. I've been Deutschland seemed to sort it if they get into a little bit. And make a cup on on the beat French but you know till I'm Brooke hasn't had a demon part of that reason that it came to look out if that's why the other guys need to be able to step up. Yeah and and you mention the Rhode Island pressure defense which I think 'cause or in some problems obviously lay there in the first half early in the second out before they came back a fourteen turnovers. After deduction that team obviously part of it was because around defense but how much of an emphasis is in Allman put on that in just trying to protect the basketball little bit better. I talked about a lot but I think all when you attempt to get turnovers per cap. The middle export the second half a bit directed at halftime. The patriots that the pressure and then it's got. More he should with a ball in that and start outlook panel picker can be that general prediction on that Janet be at the tip it out in the passing lanes and in force second of the shoot itself. Orient and a pretty turn over seen most of the year I expect them to date when you have to call. You gotta you gotta do all right lecture you don't reap. You can go return the ball over too much here and look at virtually debt percentage here troubles well. They know what they need to do they know what they can order. There you go Geri Allen kind enough to join us for a few minutes from Kansas City Gerry hope you and it's a barbecue and enjoy the barbecue in Kansas City in a good barbecue food there. You know what we had barbecue last that I hate so much I could eat breakfast sports saw Hubble and that's. You know it's like having a little too much to drink you gotta have a little hero darling daughter are we do barbecue today at at at a. Are there. I think I can hear the walk let. They're young Jerry Allen did surveys were joined this man if they go to the lead they we'd love to talk to you once again. It.

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