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Terry Mills Interview 3-22-17

Mar 22, 2017|

A member of the 1989 National Champion Michigan Wolverines team, Terry Mills now a part of the radio broadcast team joined Dirt & Sprague to preview their Sw

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Terry knows played. The 1989. National champion Michigan Wolverines you color analyst for the wolverines. Because I don't want to act Terry mills underscore. I he'll be calling the game against organ Terry thanks for taking the time for us in Portland. I just kind of wanna start with. The your first reaction or your first thought when you saw the team after the plane crash incident. Or you know why even be war but played current interim not thought this team will start you all come around to own. Our luck and come you know you'd look back on schedule are. You'll win against Purdue and old are so law medals older and all over time. I had been that very lost like it yeah yeah arsenal where our arsenal all. When BJ shuttle walked streaming out of the available silent ball side. No doubt when you look at themselves what how this happened about what no one session on the call but it did. Are meant that on my own their changes are to get togethers starter did you know. Don't look at that plane crash are displayed at whatever it was what they respect you know. Maybe they were just don't think they are granted bit more orders it is it is recovered alcoholic. Yeah their Glenn honored related and almost anybody in the country right now and fresh off an upset of the two seed Louisville the rejoining. And or are you surprised at all that there in the sweet sixteen is as a seven seater did you see this kind of run common. Thought that I'm aware uncommon at all always suited you well I talked to a lot of these writers it's on the world workers and I always element. Obama totally dissimilar neutral floor you know your belt conference. And that richer and choppers were there all future ain't that could actually won on the world. But you know you have that we're all while the world rewards world and I went on the world outlook a or world sold her one elsewhere remorse and secured their home court but couldn't when all the world. A ball flight missions and law or mutual court. We're talking with Terry mills he's the color analyst for the Michigan Wolverines on Twitter at Terry mills underscore. Watching the second half that Louisville game was was just amazing Michigan's been a huge second half team thus far 48 points per game in the second half vs 34 in the first. One area of concern any for a lot of ducks fans. Is the match up with Wilson and Wagner. And I know Wilson's been so consistent for miss him and I'm just curious can you count on Wagner to do what he did against the cardinals. In the second half or. Was that a big surprise to you. Old your are either mr. Cameron Lugar also fortunately you know course should look at pedestrians make up a dirt war as the leader these travelers. They gathered distributors basketball. Which can also founded go to work that way it and you look at here won't able law. If you are not British handled that game so many ways we are being you know cautious and and they like that. You know it may gain where they were actually you know double chain in gear bought all the asked about all the little ball hurt a lot. Our bull bull look at all athletic guy and well it's not one of characters. Then at all that you're on a second have debt that was made a remark Jerry we got straight or search side. And that doesn't mean it's early he got double tall order and shoot three point shot. But doesn't get in a situation where you know they want short little small portion all the men. There aren't that or daughters are on the door here that these guys do what they do bad. That would let a searcher query was played from an inside out you know. And upload adult who. You do well so minimal blogger got a good beige and white decisions. Sure and inside and what they were double. And an app which are they were cute and about. All the solo shot are all. Monday and I know that inside presence is sounding a lot of organs fans are concerned about and they're obviously playing without Chris Boucher one of their best defensive players done for the year. They barely escaped Rhode Island and around a 32 and with a late three pointer from Dorsey. What of what he thought about the way the orange ducks have played in the tournament and what you like or don't like about this matchup for Michigan. Well you know like there's not a commissioner logo are which I wouldn't order a quote Brandon or change America. Are there you know walk get out transition they wanna do about world and they've got guys shoot the basketball it would clear up jump all. I just negate or missions are probably got control channel all. No I have to rebound ordered that where we're transition defense. I don't take him that you probably the Oklahoma State on the initiative long awaited national and Oklahoma State and but they were able to do that and you know where to look at this mission came in there are gonna change it better adapt featured different people how. Occasionally or any but you know you look at these games like Purdue they're what they're well very. Well sure it happened here at mission finally had to do about it. You know one of their biggest concerns was read out and change seem to you know. Did it bandage on missions sometimes don't worry about me. But what do they do. I think just some possible or look there and all of might be mission that would turn the ball. About not receive any. Dominate all the ports and who'll give it more as a lot of what you're seeing all of rebar or would you give that. Pure walk in the days or receive your book of at all but we're closer birds. I guess or question that armor they will you know and that's not because. Still mr. picture of that basketball I'd that's going to be what do you do to ensure that basketball. And Willie controller a horrible. Which are with a color Reynolds for Michigan I Terry mills on to grad Terry mills underscore. I mentioned the stat earlier about what they do in the second half vs what they do in the first how they kind of been that way all year where they they're slow start and then they can finish strong. And if if not what are you would eating the causes for that presented today to get off to such a sluggish start. You know what is it is all bubbly and adjustments are amateur you know a lot of years there in this game today. Chet grateful adjustment on the law. And a lot of times when you can you know there are not order a law and Eckerd visually see it. There's solid decision about auditor spurs. I guess mobile juror what was pretty much worker won't be shrouded illustrated. 20 mobile are you gonna give us words of digital wall where all want you agree or La. And we're watching this you'll also are at war and the you can read about them in or do what I do bad. He wasn't understanding that what registering. It first but it almost certainly our outlook are good read a Bible that. Great he'll be great players are not Jerry. You just ultra good branded submission at the border. Russia will let us are actually and on and played it will allow chartered their legal groups are used a big head of global. And why don't you that's exactly what they did other beer grow a bit. There's no way we can win this all of it is so. How often do you trash talk like Jimmy keen Jalen Rose about winning a national championship and them coming up short. We're don't know what they're dead or normal chains and you know what did you do all well yeah of course it is to be a big troubles Arnold spoke like we're. Our goal is still a little more so what do you know. We will become a girl social media spends like that so. A lot of occurrence we should do what oh no abortion we ought not you know materials from a well. Compliment you want yeah a little bit of sugar some sort of bitter right. There are coming we are we haven't heard you we had a broader. I know we're all immigrants won the national championship group there it would be good series there's a war eagle all won a championship and polished village guards are our issues or wounded or they aren't there some. On this article 100% of all right now ordered all the habit you know championship who won a match. There are still got people come up to me every single bury a published in the rest of all there's a legitimate worldly work. Jordan or of that rough and caught on there weren't many unity and I heard it editor thought it was or they were why me an editor's note on the unit they are virtual resources to bear went to work. Or Nadal. To speech or speed and played a mobile. Probably let you know it can talk so. I'll eat just sore and I needed to war we're a lot to look all mobile we're and the others and any impact would be fair at all. Though you are on loan remission. There you go national champion for the 1989 Michigan Wolverines and current color analyst for Michigan Terry mills taken a few minutes for us in Portland. To give us the Michigan perspective. Terry have a good call on the game enjoy it and good luck will see what happens between wolverines in the docks. While we're sitting senator and yeah so.

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