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Dusty and Cam - 3.22.17 - Hour 3

Mar 22, 2017|

WTF Wednesday, Blazers-Bucks, Portland's playoff push, and the World Baseball Classic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Madness continues. Out there. Final sixteen we connection dusty and Jim in the morning. Grabs you by Sherry cafe in prize what's your favorite of so. Okay now attending the N dot com and win high for a year dusty and. Yeah. We need an intervention served producer Crawford. You're not the reason that we discuss several times on the shelf his hair. Right now. Is here and I. And again giving many more shout outs any means things go good hairs look he's good to hear. Let's say yeah wishes he'd Iraq combat air I do I mean I'm not I got nothing Crawford is guilty or my face that I do in my head he's going middle part right now I'm trying to tell you hair snobs you just keep taking over a test ride. Well it did test tried makes you look very creepy. Done. I don't it's a middle part yellow it's the middle part used to be I need rocked the middle part you did. You animal. In the eighties when your kid nobody is a mole when your kid in the eighty's I don't know your procedural hope Eddie don't stereotype. My brother to my brother had steps and his move away feathered we feathered and cleared and there's going to be mainly photo of my brother everybody's looking 400. He's looking to this size. Until his death since then school latest fulfilling its debts and both sides guiding them mole was more win win tomorrow I was or lead eighties but in the when your Q when I'm a kid in their early and late seventies early early eighties. It was the senate Parker. Senator part and then Brian Bosworth just ruined it for. Stirred. I don't think Eliot I would spiked up ball all day did you know them the please give sword and spike it up steps you out you know despite all the way and I'll you know I didn't have been here to pull off a flat top blood and wanted it needed it. Yeah don't have to care for a flat top feeder. And I'm in solid bullpen aren't you gotta didn't know are we doing poems are my hair awareness changer here please no no don't you get what these days so I'm gonna try the middle part to direct built our minds. All right this almost almost my hair. OK let's talk about. Francs against pirates but you sound like began from. A workaholics welcome with my hair. Yeah we're all x.s over. Classic as the season and the series finale and I think they're mad they might be making a movie though anyway. Actions on me as a great show they started on YouTube. Campus they medic community college okay anyway Elton John franks. He's he did they go by the name of chop and steal. And we were back watching similar francs yesterday David franking morning shows for years like good I like local morning news shows. Their most recent one or was pretending to be strong man. But it's an actual feats of strength they would do things like break chopsticks so they were lifting chocolate milk jugs they Hibbert crushing or big crushing battered as an Easter baskets at their DDO one of them was hitting eight tires I don't release balls that twenty times. One was the right shot six to get a guy's bat earlier was doing hand stands and he says during an aspect only clip I'm about to play is the one guys they're both during zoo zoo loses and the one guy's doing and standing in a nice is during his legs. If you can watch on television I'm doing the motion but anyway. You know what I mean and die. And so this is from I think good morning Allentown Pennsylvania and this is song Billie Joseph this is day a clip from shop and steal. And their morning show topic series guys are performing its one day in Allentown you can go to their website information you show on Monday that. We'll probably isn't what's on the website probably isn't going to be what's. Where it's actually going to be OK a lot of time who will play things ended well I don't know if if we don't play them that we usually play like a Home Depot parking lot there thus our part on ads that alien to get all in a photo where maybe it's guys and her death. That itself today. They all dissolving several they've done that they've done cooking show that's good unguided. And against Indy Yo-Yo he's getting do Yo-Yo daughter trick strength and then he admitted beating himself in the head with a yellow yellow falling down in the guys like no egos the kind of busted there. I think I'm gonna give up the whole Yo-Yo thing just that acted like his career was over I don't think it's okay. I'll well my guys are for you guys is just what is either the best prank that you've ever been a part of it's like you've pulled for. Have had pulled on you. With a prank Skype from her senate have you been ranked. Have you been afraid to frank yeah afraid to break you are afraid to bring you a little bit my college remain Nyhan. Had an ongoing feud for two seasons in our locker room. We would use a full roll of tape on our blocks. In an eight guy. We had the that's that's an older as fast gasoline was on an and then we can mean a guiding TT being. The entire lock to somebody else's locked and screwing people over in eight got to the point where he was a half hour late for practice Monday. That's that's August desolate even as well as early for mass movement I had I had to run for that at best and they news. Dane and and then we would hide my when a mother remains helmets. He was this flighty type. Up where he would just lose track of his knowledge he's sitting right between his legs and we don't mean stealing put it on top of the scaffolding in this where they'd be filming from. Let us pretty good I'd I do not ended the violent primarily to the final price not eligible this. I think storing also times I haven't really been ranked. But I was part of the Joe Horn prank it's. What I've told oh yeah and make. Yeah it did we ever laundry baskets and it's in training camp Joseph Joe Horn is terrified of snakes didn't deathly terrified. And we put a ball python inside his laundry basket and it in my lifetime I never heard of man scream like that in the ever it was one of them. Funniest things I've ever seen that's a messed up man wonderful that he wished him to grab inept python came out it was blood curdling we stood around the corner. Because my job with the distract him long enough in the train here into the guys get a python in and out. It was it was great I'd like to frank do you. There is I don't know if I'm that guy that he did appreciates the prank but maybe I would. Be good but you are what scare tactics here. Car but I do like I like the show pumped and gnashing that your quite it and I didn't like that I love that show Justin Timberlake with a whiny. I exactly correct there was great drilling it was great there are people do. That was just due to the release smashes windows of the scars he married yeah how I'd be mad too. Why have you done any and ligaments. And quite high school across country we put IC on a guy's underwear so any change back into it it. Learned is you announced. He physical pain yet that's arrow as an alliance and German and us. No physical pain how it's just a little thing really know it and in your Nino is no. My sister I I know I can't visited. All this is they key that's what I did better established as it like an anti tale catfish bad. It was. We knew he is going to be. Mean if you that is my next to fake MySpace and yeah MySpace made a fake MySpace account and he got that he was he that he was Dowd and at this chick. I thought I mean he. Thought we and is getting on now. I'm really not only has enough with their we've been in mind we put him in her top five. On MySpace. And my buddies did the same getting it we. We made a FaceBook account do you junior high school for a guy named Darius Marshall. And said he was transferring our schools from Oakland and it was a five star on rivals and all the stuff and we had a voice changer and we are calling guys on the football team he's like I'm a teacher spot all the stuff that's actually the school paper wrote a story on. Darius Marshall how is he coming to the school you're in trouble. No can people who knows me until much later. And it was it was abut it was like six of last. And XP that the highlight for me was walking to class on day into fresh and walked by and like. She's your vote Darius Marshall charities like all state wide receiver come into the school and all the pictures I used on the FaceBook were of the rapper Keith to sneak. A hit so I just had a fake. He's still bombs and so as I have a birthday Darius on FaceBook that's FaceBook still around a wonderful so now's a great frank Darius Marshall rest in peace wherever you are. Did you kill off I know he's not around anymore. The best that never was an ambivalence. Retire his number this is part of our soccer I have to. There's of baker memorial but I think that's crowd got in trouble. OK so last night on wheel of fortune. This diet messed up a very easy one. I I think you we all would have gone hopefully for fans of the arts. Famous play. Streetcar named desire. It's and we heard an apple like we've heard that's a UV also Marlon Brando. Also great play and book. But yet one letter and it was the and the for named. And here is the audio from wheel of fortune. 600 K. Well suited to your new designer was is that it's. It's. 6:50 am yeah there you go yeah. There. 83 tire name dvi or. It's. Funny little. 650000 make it a thousand and all the you've got the right answer I'd rather see Kevin's play. Okay. Is it your privacy is going through the adult version streetcar naked desire. My question three all is a win each game show would you go on. You're the outing on any gain shelf presence right. Any game show price difference jeopardy. Jeopardy if she ever would get in parents you know how hard drive crazy it's hard to you they give you the categories you have a chance to studying you Breyer jolt walking into jeopardy going. Ancient. Egyptians from 17342. I'm just throw out our you'll get that you get categories and you get to study. Thyroid things that it's all about these people are is brilliant and they are Smart you Diallo trivia and I will tell you how large and my favorite thing we should go to trivia man I have I have instant I used to play Trivial Pursuit all Trivial Pursuit. Classic all fun I love it and I think Jeffrey would be a blast allegory a brunch at east burn in Portland because they put Trivial Pursuit cards on all the tables CD's have the box area waiting to distance. Now with each other taught here he's sick are you begin dominated dominated my diet dominate what's what's my domination I'm not there to win I'm there to compete because it be fun to be part of trivia. They're less likely to lose. I say I've played it competes. I'm gonna test my brain power sources other people this thing you can donate it gets its automated jeopardy prices rise say it was easy. Known since he was easy ten listen do you want James shows not a course you wanna go on prices right Philly got a new spin Wheeling go. 01 dollar Bob's. Future pets spayed and neutered yet that's it. What kind of challenges that dude I'm really good at your 1000001 dollar above I'm guessing dinner guests in the prices of oxy clean and pregnancy test I'm bad and all right I want the young ruler Omar plane go. I love the crisis right. What did you pick I'd like to go on family feud Boozer if you would begin the are you know I don't. I'm changing I'm changing mine I'm going on newlyweds. And he's unveiling a more I've only who has three newlyweds baca what. Show he's still around the 101000 dollar pyramid or whatever you need that show still it's fraud and more I don't know because Hillary liked them to the words cat like feline. He had announced in unless you know who's bringing them back. Michael Strahan the post season and host of 101000 order it's got to be more than ten grand Aaron. Think Jimmy these 100000 workers and it was a 100000 more so than jeopardy I'd wanna go on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? when Regis was hosting it. You know all I loved that show as great shows a preacher who wants to be known you know was really good nor McDonald's when he was on. He made it donated celebrity he made it a million dollar question and many walked. And they said just let's just see any would have got it right he was so mad are chosen in and how was it did show. OK one more quick one Dwight Howard's. There is interview with him out how much candy he eats or used to eat. It was a lot dew was addicted to candy. Jim I remember we're dammit this obscure numbers specifically amateur it was a lot of can I think he was fourteen to fifteen candy bars or sugar bars per day yet. Like he was opt out to be diabetic yes yeah it was I was going to come back cern. We all like candy on the show everybody you world's people enjoy candy and what. Candy bar you can only have one candy bar for the rest your life what would it be. Oh candy bar and we did that to be bar can be candy. Wall I don't know yet what is it like a Pete Joseph Teresa's that's been out okay yeah I'm lynch thinks. Sign me and my numero uno has always been hot tamales. Alas I did but don't notice it and forget my grandma's in the hot tamales. Hello pot smoke that is so whack that is. If you leave we year. How to march 10. Follow him mom if you're listening to proud member of my mom's and muzzled she did Jesus too much candy too much he goes bad gay bars go bad I didn't think they went bad it expired on yanks fired so please no more if you send it to send a little bit. No don't send the Costco version shall we say releases between media and all I know but she sent which McCall we had what you McCall and ambassador Graham he sent she set the five. I grant grant how much underground agree hundred ransacked my number TF is hunter ran well there you go I don't know how much they are is a hundred grand number one is hot Somalis. All of pots and I like Keith Clark. Dean talkies. All right cool thanks a plane no thank you currently are wailing. Jenny ATF Wednesday if I. Hey and we see it's if if she. Down there and say yeah are you. That every kid is indicative. Go to Iraq if Saddam then Demetrius Richard the blazers lead fans scratching their heads. Sitting game and I game back now with time running out to the Denver Nuggets. It is a seventeen on the fence. This is a final sixteen week and they should know dusty and camera no more. Fund generated so. Trail blazers fell last night to the million watch game but. It's 93 denying he. Hey it. Let's face it the Duncan for the good layer to think you. New Election Day from him at gun group that if I wonder how many it worries me. A wonder how many people know. Thank you Crawford's age no Alice Cooper from. Wayne's world or from his musical career poison. You know. It's loses its songs bows like you know I think he wasn't in poisons like Alice Cooper you know that point is I make up. I don't Alice Cooper because he's huge golfer he's callow a staff member yeah me is as big time golf a big news sports are all exits really cool behind him. At Phoenix country club. With my friends it was a member of their he's great golfer. Please every Saturday morning in the men's group. Good for him. But the blazers still Austin box 93 to ninety last night Damian Miller has another great game sheets 50% from the field. 31 points just two of nine. From the three point line and that was the Bane of blazes existence last night they go for Tony want from three. Meanwhile the Milwaukee Bucks who are not a good three point shooting team go seven of sixteen shoot 44%. From three. And that buried the blazers last night and it was does tough game to watch because these games are fleeting. Yeah going into the game I thought you had to definitely stop the Greek free committee was one do you had a key on was prepared for Middleton to be able to have that kind of night. Ian I don't know enough about Milwaukee but I knew that that was a guiding up paid I mean he's he's a all the basketball player. There were times I was looking at their roster and guys on the court folic everybody was the same guy out there long fast defensive couldn't not great shooters. But quick. Could could do to defend can get rebounds they just they just looked they looked intimidating for the blazers have skin in the game break there was a feel out process of my gosh look what's worked this last five games is not working right now. I don't. I think the beginning of the game and blazers jumped us and NATO lead they'd hold and eighteen points in that quarter. I thought the blazers look good in the first quarter the second quarter they is where in the wheels came off when and use of America it's gets into foul trouble surprise surprise and that's assemblies guiding you still. Because he's a young big men young bigs don't get calls in the NBA. It's a he would head to the bench in the nine turnovers in the first half. Their back was against the wall they only score fourteen points in the second quarter thunder it's on the floor we talk. You're in the show about the close of the game and what was the difference between the start of the game he just said at start of the game Asa was there got two quick fouls Meyers Leonard had to come in. Didn't have the same defensive and an intimidation factor in the key like you sift does. Now the close of the game last eight minutes used to use it goes out the blazers going to run big clear big big. Nine get us going get up by five points. Three. To it too late to minute thirty left there are down three score never changed since then up. They and that is that in the name of the game I mean you can't. You go back since the great bill soundly. But Healy said. You've got. To make your free throws them. Blazers shoot 61% from the charity stripe sixteen of 26 it was because the rest didn't want him to get their man hideous but you had little or missing three which is it's unheard of for him. Al farouq Aminu could hit the broadside of a barn last night. The result for four from the field and then to six from the free throw line. You mean you look at that you Disco that game despite as ugly as that was despite the fact that they had a miscue at the end if you wanna call at that and I won't call that. I'll say that that run that nine points and that they Iran you know fans wanted her kitchen earlier. You look at that 346 mark would be a perfect time to do it when you know big big dagger game goes back to being tied. They waited Terry Stotts said got to wait till the minute 39 mark. That's it you you look it's as easy as free throws and turn overs and that's what doomed the blazers last night or about not making. Shots too big open shots Allen Crabbe had a wide open three he goes one for five from 34 from eleven. From the field your bench. Scored thirteen points and your mentioned your Evian Evan Turner. He's still trying to figured out early he's been out for a while as gloves bothered him lead to the Michael Jackson thing whatever your doing don't do anymore. Each and Alfred I mean do you still looks lost he's still a good defender good rebounder. The bench I I'm I'm telling you in my opinion was the bench didn't give you any help your starters and did had to do everything at that point yup. And that's been the story lasers. All yearlong and what we saw was. Uses anarchy skits and a foul trouble. And how do you react to it in the blazers kind of word the team that they've been. For what does sixty games or whatever was the recent circuits got to town there in that boom it that's exactly what they look like Bettina can compete they can play. But they had an inability to close out last night and I think free throws are controllable. Largely a lot of the turnovers are made last night are controllable and you know open shots. Those are things that day happened over the course the game free throws in in turnovers those some of the turnovers that they made. Those are ones that came back to haunt the blazers Austin wood and Ed Davis last night helped. Yet well because circuits was in foul trouble I salute you because Meyers Leonard only had seven minutes of any had a bump up no Vaughn plays. He had twenty minutes yes and not having. They had another big man they can bring in some maybe some defensive you know how us a better rebounder. More physical player in my hat I know I'm wishing well it's not real. One no vale do and started a game he had some good quality minutes until markets went to the bench him. And change the way he had to do he did is he will I've given credit for this though there's that play that I thought cloud row and Lamar heard get a good job of highlighting. Where. Running down the floor when dame got to vote you got to the ran on in the key set that screen adult adult behind. He got good contact on that screen and that's when the things that when you sit circuits is off the floor. Those you know those bone cringing screens are gone. Getting solid contact on screens on some men may supply only can do Meyers Leonard hasn't been able to do it. You know bomb Lleyton was able to get that screen that kind of created a lane for load to go and the blazers really to make that run in search man. That's frustrating that's a that's really frustrating you could hear in the post game. Exactly you know Terry Stotts the level of frustration 'cause boiling over is that that's a game we got to get the game we have to get. And we have to be able to win those games. Because year riding. A little bit of momentum will not a little bit a lot of momentum coming off that great road trip. And you're your team is surging right now if you look ahead though. Bush get a Ka and get them what they get a night off tonight and their Baghdad again with a very winnable stress Caitlin. May we should take a look at the stretch of games is coming out. In you sit there you go. This team where do we see Jan and dean in about a week yourself. Five factories your five ray or NASCAR for a sports and. This is the final sixteen week and they should know dusty and jam in the morning right seamless Aries happened. Spontaneity so soon. You know asset retirement however in locker rooms. Seeing how it's handling seems like that's the way through the Portland trailblazers. In the meaning of it Terry Stotts. And kind of highlighted. The importance of what happened last night. Obviously uses him game we needed for. Or playoff run pins who's just going to lose its. Absolutely everything obviously are. Our offense in the first half to prove third quarter certain quarter was we really struggled with turnovers. Past involve. Cross over decisions. Put us in a bad way second half. After the first five minutes second half for defense Drew Gooden. Just the holes holes country. And in deem that hold the blazers and we know last night could of venue even yourself with the I nuggets for the eighth and final playoff spot but. When you look ineffective blazer were riding a three game win streak heading in that ninth. The next three opponents for Portland yet the knicks. Timberwolves. Lakers. Right the knicks and lakers have mailed it in on this season timberwolves have lost four in a row. You don't seem in the business for chasing the eight spot anymore. They're in the business of seeing where they can get in draft pick wise and then a week from last night you have Denver some six days you've got to Denver Nuggets. What last night's game. Had on the line was I mean you look at a team that could potentially been run riding a seven game win streak. Into eight a game with the nuggets that could have been a separation game as opposed to de. We're hoping to catch them game. You know. That is huge when you have when TV next three opponents and completely nailed it in on the year. One thing I do you know lots foresee can't fix what happened in the past right now there's nothing left for that there's no opportunity to go backwards you have to learn. Visit the teams that are in front of them are completely beatable the next three. You should win those games will your going to then go out against Denver and then you're gonna have Houston's. Those are gonna be the deciding games that I when I see the blazers at that point march. 28 and Thursday march 30 and moving forward. That is gonna be the competition you gotta measure yourself up to is those the guys you're chasing I don't Houston's unattainable that's realistic but Denver is not. So that game is gonna be the one nominee have to measure up and see where the blazers are mentally because. If they go three you know when they go three in all I'm saying they're gonna go to Reno the next three games. When Denver comes to town thou be the game that sentiment in the mood for the rest of when not that they will make the playoffs if they beat Denver. Yup and millions games games that glass that so fixable man free throws right. Pre does turnovers. In Allen is as you've mentioned wide open shots down the end those frustrating ones is to drop me off you know you look at Denver schedule right. They'd been a very tough stretch where they've lost sooner road Houston the Cleveland the night and they go to Indiana. And then they get new Orleans back at home before they make the trip to Portland. Mean they're kind of bouncing all over the country right now in in the next week they'll go from Houston last night. Back home to Indiana back home from New Orleans and then to Portland is one of those stretches of their fans try complain about when they're who they're looking at the schedule go man. This tough the tough when tough little putt for them having good teams. And bouncing back and forth between owner Oscar show to make a both these teams in the end their season Denver's fighting for a playoff spot. How long's it been since Denver made the playoffs. And Houston. I need to maybe George Karl it might be it's been quite some time. So that team is hungry. That city is hungry for a spot in the playoffs we do know that the blazers have had playoff experience. They do they have quite a bit of play of experience we have a playoff expectations here in Portland here and in year out so these both you seem to fight and I I'm I'm excited for this. Is lame a some of the people out there wanna put the eight seed is lame is that dog named seven. Or what you're saying this is what you want at the end of the year is a fight for the playoff run me bro beat relevant at the end of the year. 20122013. The Denver Nuggets went. 57. In 25 with George Karl as their coach lost in the first round and fired George Karl. And have failed to win at more than those last years or more than 36 games I believe as you they treated him okay. And let me. Check on either way this is exciting. Moving forward this final stretch I'm with you can't I just like I watched as flipping back and forth last night between the blazers game on which was great or that. And the lakers clippers game which was on a watchable. And I just I can't understand this tanking and like people that still say. The blazers should tank appeal this point now just noticed people that in general are like rotate. White tank right to get a top draft pick again the mentality but like. Watching the lakers a man it was on watchable it was so bad. I had to change I. I was enjoying my launching my favorite team the clippers win. I couldn't watch anymore so better better franchise right now it was clearly it was just I just dinners dimming a fan imitating team it was terrible man a by the way that 20122013. Nuggets team agree with both of you about a visuals load it when you look at those without Carmelo Anthony this is dot Carmelo Anthony. They had. Andre Miller to the team Oz gun and inform you Wilson Chandler Corey Brewer Kenneth Faried no gone Ari. Andre Iguodala Kosta Koufos Ty Lawson JaVale McGee. It's a really had seen him cap that still be a really good team they won 57 games and then fired their coach. It's George Karl anymore concerned about you see the almost fight we have vast and India are must fight. Give us a fight to have Ryan Robin Lopez light isn't if we get fight with Robin Lopez Serge Ibaka didn't go hold me back row. And in real time when the bulls are playing the raptors. Or excuse me the Huskies. They rafters during their truck to Huskies uniforms. Done and I real royal blue invisibility blue loosen it looked like he was solid contact by both guys say yes we finally have a fight. This solo reads like in glancing blow viral low may Serge Ibaka fall out. Actually was there at that I thought was pulled him down. Well pulled a semi from behind got it was it was DeMarre news DeRozan the market around. Man he did I was expecting multiple blows glance seem not even glancing at Neiman touch him the best shot was what got rule very upset. Was Reebok gave him the shoulder elbow right in the small of the back and then roll into the slap the ball out of the hands Whiting school punch in the face right there. Even punched. What do you do and we have date in the NBA. In the NBA you have to posture a little bit before you find no you go quick punch well known on the NBA. That's why do you want it because three time John it's his career is ended with a quick punch hermit well it was a Kermit Washington. That knocked him out. You know ruined his career on never win who visited Kevin Garnett just dead got it out of the face stare just went right to the jaw. Just quick punch well that is indeed it did and you need being debt but union guys careers you know here's my other guess I'll just caught in theory. The gentleman's fights when this happens when this happens in the game NBA game it's not hockey. You guys at this point you pushed. You know. You're out there you're not going to the locker room you're done you're gonna you find why not letting go. I'm being facetious but if you eat don't do the hold me back broke soon to be an inner Marty when you believe. You guarding you party committed to the ejection in the technical fouls you've committed to it. I at least at some point if you're too big guys like that he Jim get into a wrestling match or something take into the ground. To get Lisa Greco I'm listening on that you don't need to be trauma beds with Jimmy Sutton. I think a lot of it has to do with the guys don't know how to fight anyway it's. You know so there for a deer feeding thank people really do those are long arm punches both going out there. Rules reaches Hewitt who you know was bothered really tall guys really long. That is an in the notify me. And every guy what he knows a flight is like I have a really long arms and you sit there you lots of Greg baby giraffes. Running trying to throw punches. Not the headliners on SB nation Twitter this morning was best or what to say. Biggest fight in NBA in a decade. And I come seems to me off that's kind of sad nonsense like. I don't know last fight since in this incident Jeff Van Gundy had to hold on a guys leg did. Guenter on the court. I likened decent MBA five from time to time only gets that bat and may again not talk in malice at the palace yeah I don't want him to staying involved although. And they deserved it but and I like it MBA five it was not did the people that are propping Russell Westbrook and you staff carry out the fight's a fight that was your holding back bro yeah. That was the ultimate NBA holding back profile and it was more curry in that rookie do you or whatever on. What's is name syringe Christoph Christiane Crist exactly you know Susan whack yet but at that you. Again he's now in a ghetto if center veterans. You know veterans they do that alright in Puerto Rico. And they have so they have a shortage right now on their country. And after tonight hopefully the Americans can help. With the shortage and give a little support. This is dusting him. This is a final sixteen week edition of dusty and jam in the morning rocky vice Aries happened. Fund generated so. The World Baseball Classic final is tonight we will. Did the best team in the teen USA and taken on but Hillary go. In the World Baseball Classic final as the Americans beat hand to one. In a muddy muddy doing your stadium. Yes no please. And tonight as through those Japanese. Baseball. Really good today. Really good and that's. It's a humorous point of view they wants little baseball doesn't matter. You know it in that we don't think we give enough credit to how good baseball is outside of our country he's really good no is really good. You guys are really good. Those Japanese Baseball leagues there's a reason why they have very good talent coming over and starting to play a whole lot in Major League Baseball and we look it is US and you go. Boy these guys they're good all those are they always showed disciplined. I'll go to Moline 'cause I've never experienced it both from what I've seen on television and the Internet I would say there even better then us. And in stadium experience all the fans wave and you better I wanna go to and I believe we the snide and hot take their way better. America bad it's something hot take. That a lot of things Leon but. I think you watch baseball. In the world gets credit I. Most of good players and based learning an American you know. Neither did Ed Puerto Rican stars being great baseball players aren't Americans that we meant Piaf. Mike Tressel aggregate. Will know and I'm saying you look at Mo well a lot of the guys I think big they get. You know when you're looking at international stars Felix Hernandez has failed Tuesday. Yadier Molina and Carlos Correia Carlos Beltran. Javier Baez you know those guys all the guys with I was out today and feel explain for Venezuela Liggett did Dominican sarge you know. There's a lot of deeds. That. Are the names of baseball and that's the problem is that like it the United States are two best cousin client. What a week ago every for the cubs rate. Let you talking about our two best guys are playing who might drought and Bryce Harper. You're the team what those are the two best guys Americans those are really good players have relocated to this American. Born players and well I think prescribed pretty good Chris Bryant is pretty good he's pretty good yeah all the player and he Dak I read and play. But Giancarlo Stanton he's very good he's very do like Jean Carlos stand on the Geiger was so dead the Americans have. Buster Posey. And on our non though are not. Are not well geez Brandon Crawford Ian Kinsler. At a Sam Jones already know that's years and those are year poses superstar has your starters the starters plan. Four and I in the year I'd drop you rather your term plan for DC Adam Jones cash the other night I I I will bet it is good I will bet because of the success. Success. Of American baseball and USA in the coverage that this has got. In baseball being better I believe that their next. Wave of great players will start to play in this more more more more more this is a guy this is that this has been great for baseball. Yeah it's hard that they Fannie Mae did semi final since 2009. But I wish that people would get more behind it but it's it's still baseball like big data do a good job of marketing it because it's all on the MLB network Al. People are really even know or care or the MLB network is on their and I want to her last night it was USA chance up and down Twitter when they won that game also let's not for organized and on radio it's right over your ounces position -- NE SP import less right in the gym it was a game was on last sank in the Americans on in the GA BC game tonight will be on 530 I hope they're watching the replay right now I hope that Dodger Stadium is full because you know those so cowboys aching him a little bit Iran it was drizzling -- literally Rainier down their man. Is this early Malone in Southern California so they got a set. But this is the big controversy that they have right now. On there is a shortage. In Puerto Rico right now and it's not a good baseball players. They have run out. Of paradise. They have run out beauty supply stores are running out of copper blonde platinum blonde golden blonde. All shades of blonde even burnt orange she hasn't won has run out because of looks did that to last year even the beauty shots he in Puerto Rico no this is because there are getting behind Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic is and they had their bleach in their hair and they're bleaching their facial hair. In the men of Puerto Rico. Our Forbes say you know lack. I'm gonna be humble be ornery can only show my teacher doesn't get behind my country I'm a bleach my damn hair. America. Love it this. That's a we need to do what what would we do. Barry got Molex. Now I think that they are lawyer remedial facial hair between mustaches long beards and women branding Crawford and know his flow is great ideas. No civic art that's what it is. Seeing. You know listen to guard its for the Netherlands. City casino Netherlands and nurtured as he should have been. Don't care if he's kinda until you are you sure you American did I don't really care he's. Dutch or not he's either feast is just you know listen to guard the Kremlin go ahead and switch on that team. Mets to really get the groans in regard greater threat appeared jealousy gray hair big time really get air. That's like all air volume one lead poison the count Bon Jovi rocks are here because like Muppets. Hill yes good. Yes yes all you hear me look like Muppets. In dog years known glancing down Ralph the dog. From a that oh yeah you're right you're right FC not wrong. Are on there. I would back tomorrow 69 AM. They're back Thursday by bear ventures. CSN northwest he is going to be in Kansas City for the ducks in Michigan children is at 8 AM. Up next is that her with Colin Cowherd. From nine and union did through eastern straight to seventh prime time with eyes conceived and then it's so dark don't there's a lynch where they're trying to break down the World Baseball Classic golf America. USA role about a six month. Because I had.