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Dusty and Cam - 3.22.17 - Hour 2

Mar 22, 2017|

NFL covering up negative news, boycotting the NBA, and Cam Newton's surgery.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. What are your brackets would fly. This is a final sixteen week edition of dusty and Jim in the morning drop to a special series caffeine highs of what's your favorite for the series award winning pies but now attending the sand dot com and when pie for a year. Dusty and Jim Anja maybe. And 55305. Detect some of our volunteers come and then. All sorts of Robert this is every team from 1989. Games in 1997. Basketball warm up song. Oh yeah when you're coming out on the court this gets me no fairways. Geography of the Borough fairways. About fairway yes yeah. Where does is like fun is that we do when you are out off the bat doesn't cross country not a school not a school but it's really fun when you caraway with your friends. I don't know ever warming up. Daughters Malia you have your tracks like you have no sub you don't run into the main rivals for the race the race just parent conference for the and the like. Since they tend to be one of the most anti climactic things that I used her face to Wear them to school and elementary school. And add that to Airways did you like shorts underneath yet. Odds and earning yet and for his spelling bee short shorts. But short shorts and a new entered rebel radio shorts reassured. For spelling bee earlier had to go to the front of the classroom and I ripped him off as I got ready. They're down I lost a spelling be promptly. You're one of those guys that it's got me. On purpose decided to misspelled words he can get out of their Sunnis who make fun of musica. Now cloud sealed the I'm out now that doesn't mean now I think it's downright entirely at. I tried hard I just wasn't a good speller. It's still not. But not as bad as some people are you good spot. I'm not I'm not bad calmer season AS my kids are where's your idea ways that are scholars and strain JT TS jets it's kicked my about it. A Robin surely good question well Lavar Bobby Alonso balls agent. Get ready for Alan. Each and dessert GM in the world will negotiate with a ai if you ever represented I don't you have to be. Don't yet to be a third ride he and I did you really edited yet so. It do you think he's getting his agent degree may be a lot of needs to decrease the certification is agreed agency Ali interviews write a piece of paper and get approval. It's rocket science well I don't need a lot of anger here and Jay-Z can't Jay-Z is an agent's master key was Ricky williams' agent when I was in in New Orleans when he made a decision after. It's not that far this I'm one of the worst contract in sports history. Now so as well like friends always says stay clear. Yeah it was awful now and then and okay. Is the NFL the vets that are tin foil hats on for minute is the NN did the NFL. Tried to you theory the Dwight Clark has a LS story. With the release of on. Indeed Tom Brady's Jersey has been found in Mexico story. That is something that is starting to gain traction is actually getting a little bit of credibility after. Jameel hills from ESPN tweeted out that she had an agent. Contact Terri was tiger's B agent said there's no coincidence. That the same day that Dwight Clark. Wrote an article or wrote a column saying. That he has sale lasts. And he said in net in that column I don't know for sure whether or not football was the reason that I got payless. But he has his suspicions about it was really urges just seen Anderson oh Justine Anderson you are not mile just seen Anderson. Said that aid. There's no coincidence that this Brady story comes out on that day because the NFL at all costs wants to avoid bad publicity. They wanted to earlier that and a week we can speculate. I think that you do have you have everybody in that NFL office in New York with her pulse on social media and announcements. If you don't think that they control when things are let out yeah announcements are put in based upon the need to stay relevant in the media. You have to teach year round sport it's it's an coward and our sport. Now social mediums that it was he was the draft. It was personal workouts. Calm minded then it mixing you know it's gonna be OTA talk and then there's gonna be either free agent. Or the old man let go period of June 3 there there's gonna be all these things yet to stay relevant. When they don't want is the NFL is bad publicity and Dwight Clark hall of Famer. Former general manager announces he has a LS and links it to his his playing days with the NFL which there's no medical link yet. No there isn't there's things that doctors have said it could add to the risk in attaining this I'm not. Qualified enough to even going to that Biden on I don't want to speculate on here I lie in because I'm glad I do I will speculate on the NFL wanting to spin. Get my question about this is that we know that the video is released on Tuesday in that gives it a whole lot more juice to it. But did in all of this come after air raid over the weekend. Of ledges and Maarten Ortega big guy in Mexico who had a Jersey. Did they raided his house over the weekend so wouldn't it be fitting that Monday is in the news comes out. That this happens. You know be coincidence your really could be but the conspiracy theories and with the NFL wants to do it they're they're always gonna be scrutinized yeah a bit Syria's ED adding to that they adding to the idea that there is a little bit more conspiracy. Is that this Ortega dude must've been feeling the heat because. A week ago. He resigned. From his his job. And cited personal reasons for. There comes so if he knew that it was coming. Yet we didn't hear anything about that no right in the NFL would have known about points and that's where the tin foil hats can be put on is that. To have. This information that. They have a guy that they have in mind but it was ultimately the FBI who asked Mexican authorities to you bill and raid the Steve's house over the weekend. And that's an eight recovered the stolen items right and in so I look at one man. This is pretty tin foil hat but at the same time. I think a lot of corporations have good news good hub that goes to masking cover up the bad about that's out there. Is such a theory that all news or sit on it. Org good news bad news is just publicity is that the NFL. Is that at this point Murphy staying in the news cycle that's our guns a good quality finger and to be undergoing a little ball Lavar Boller out where any news is good news. Any pub is good pub as long as you're in the cycle longs you stay relevant yeah injure your email version. A housewife the yet what this and we do well we are discussed on Friday many personalities and you have any announcements I need my fix. We search every day we try and we we know it's important as people that talk about football now imported is in this country. You mentioned NFL football on a daily basis we. Are talking about on Friday the fact that the offseason saga may be the prescription drug Triton. There's a lot of different stories. Eight is that lawsuits actually going to court appearances there's a lot of different stories that are out there that are bad pub for the NFL I mean you could look at. Could this eight in. Could this be to you covered the painkiller sing out has always talk about batting mark could it be to cover up the Ed Dwight Clark has sale less. Possibly could it be the fact that it comes on the same day that. You have the president. Claiming that he's threes like calling Capra nick hasn't signed because of a is his protest against the National Anthem rang the bears it's a litany of reasons why so wait a minute. That that they have bad pop out there right now. Colin Capra take issue. Problem may be some people to issue these arguments on and you have LS which is a serious problem. Extremely seriously when you have a drug addiction problem you have toward all coming now another lawsuit mean announced against the NFL. Homer ED. Is the savior for the league for them to announce the positive sting local we did. We've found little circles we found that happened billion dollar Jersey who by the way we found at we found all. Helmets. Kennedy and Von Miller cleats of Von Miller we found all these other articles with the skies are we doing it for years. We are the good NFL Tom Brady look we love you Tom we went out and got your Jersey we have pictures of the grass stains. These guys at eight SCI kind of had an FBI gas facility in Bosnian waiting to be returned from Tom Brady from is gorgeous vacation probably in. Don't know hours Ian. He's somewhere in Spain I don't know if he's if you went to Mexico. I think we're taking may be dead. Thank Tom Brady may off. In this Ortega Fella because he is not been available for comment he's not talking anybody right now he may be some with the fishes as this in the godfather. He's or you whatever jail he's going to lose going somewhere yes I'm well I don't know. And he our guest is maybe pay off the authorities enough down there and he can skate three on this right. Now works well. From what I've heard it. I don't know I've never been in trouble down there and only Mexico I've been to his word as an I've never won a great city. I did yeah I've been part of Marta. As great and I know there's beautiful boys and Mexico are not saying you know I would have to go to Mexico aren't designed. I am with all of the things all the bad club pub that's out there. You know. I think that there has been far worse that the NFL hasn't tried to pull something like this on sun just thinking this would be. More of a coincidence then a noncore incidents that Dina for release is a story. Right because the NFL really wanted to release a good story. Wouldn't say it wouldn't they counter. All of the reasons why teams are supposedly colluding to not sign. Calling cap predict by what did you think that NFL agencies would be propping up the fact that free agent cornerback. Calling capita given million dollars TU feed. In give watered T starving children Somalia or 50000 dollars to make I'd he did 50000 dollars four. Is meals on wheels meals on wheels just this past day putting wood in the NFL want to you countered that bad press with. Hey look we've got good guys in this league that are trying to do good things right now we're not including news doesn't sell a dusty. Well you know it does doesn't sell what are they all that is good that is unfortunate that they could roll out there. That could masking that they're just sitting in not saying anything about those sorts of things right on so that's why I think this is more. So one agent has been used in flat on a lot of people about it you know I I honestly do I think that a lot of people are. Just trying to find reasons why it is all of this news coming out at at the same time it's just. And FBI raid happened at the right time. Perfect we don't know hey Charles Barkley. You and him have a little bit more in common than just shaved head and a man. The do you both want the best players. To playing their games in this fans to say. Let's take this NBA that is next this is testing camp. And this and my editors this is a final sixteen we get additional dusty and jam in the morning rising by a series. And hi I'm Jane maybe so serum. Our time in. Ponson. Ewing Charles Barkley on the same page and didn't. Most of you. Want fans this deep into the NBA. Everybody talk about resting players stories Tucker a story that won't go away. That's laws god they'll dorm an all in this one won't go away resting players still problem in the NBA but Charles Barkley says don't go up. He's gone for all fans to boycott the MBA when stars come to town because you just don't know when they're gonna play right. Will you not go and that was the question yeah right. Charles is asking. Fans. And he's pair are and what he's paid the he works for teens here is the best basketball show and all the ambiance and worse for TNT. Everybody buys the TNT package so they can watch because they're entertaining and their fun. There enjoyable you go to an NBA game because it's entertaining it's enjoyable you watching superb athletes perform. At top levels I got to see it courtside two weeks ago is one of the most amazing experiences three to watch those guys up close. It's it's impressive yeah. Would you really boycott now if you had the opportunity you had your season tickets right now which call up and go I don't want to arrest the package Obama I wanna refund. You know many do we lining up behind to to take those spots yeah. Quite a bit let me answer to boycott what's the answer for the system. Of you your answers. Texas give me the answer. By woody could you it would definitely Portland. Text us or Texas. Tech's despite factories your five. I people are one of the game are are not gonna go to games because. We discussed this yesterday I think it's such a small amount of games that these guys actually sit. It's just a bad they're nationally televised the only reason why this is actually a big story to money is that the nationally televising games. Because if you look at minutes played as a somebody treated out LeBron James has played. What is it. Over 49000 minutes in his NBA career that's more than magic it's more than Jordan it's more than bird played in their careers right. 49000. Minutes is what he's long if you just look in the last year the guys played over a 150 basketball games in a year. He's played a 150 games because he had the playoffs if he had. The last season this season. The fact that he wouldn't played in the Olympics the broad digital is the situation he doesn't own play in the Olympics because people sit there and say why is LeBron not playing in the Olympics you have to play right. You add extra games. In the summer you don't you take that break the you're supposed to get to rest your body in its nonexistent right right but yet will criticize him for sitting out a couple of games because. Oh god forbid he doesn't win an NBA championship after coming back from our. Three games to one deficit in winning and game seven goes band represents this country in the Olympics wins a gold medal. And then comes back in is playing in the NBA regular season in carrying a dirty team on his back. We do know that. Everybody's cord cutting sues the question more about we stop water worried. It's not just about tickets because how much money do you think ticket revenue generates for the league I don't have that number and for enemy I'll Allman a search it out. But I do believe I drew believe. The television revenue. In network money is what drives this league and drive sports because not everybody can just go to Wii game. Bears what how how much is the most enrolled when he Tony 100919. OK now there's not announce seats and it's not financially. Lou it's possible for everybody to just go well just the school blazer game will be can do that can afford it see you watch it on TV. So what's the answer do you boy can you not watched you turn the channel you cut the cord you stop pain. He's incessant prices for for hot garbage on national televised games. There's Iowa wants the best players play. Than the other hand and a former professional athlete I run I realize that. This is this is a problem. But I don't care because nobody's gonna stop yeah there's no there's no there's nothing stopping you complain all you want. These guys are still gonna arrest yet Adam silver. Threaten all you want you know what Greg pop which is gonna do on Tuesday he's gonna send out the injury your torn Sierra arresting these guys yes. And aid take LeBron out of that because he did not claim will be easier put in carrier thing Klay Thompson dream mongering all guys that have sat out resting games this year right. Take although you can just take out whoever and insert any of those guys because those are all the guys have been we've been talking about this too. And LeBron if you wanna talk about him he's done for years right you're adding. Gains in what Gregg Popovich is saying is perfect. Right pop. Are the spurs a good example of this in that. They get guys to play longer in knickers and anybody else because of his tight minutes restriction. And his willingness to rest guys right Manu Ginobili. Look at new to Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. These guys are having a longer careers in the average lifespan in the NBA and he's saying it's because they restrict minutes. And we will rest guys at spots during the season so we can maximize. Dare potential of the course the over the course here. I understand that guys in the former NBA players and will we had played eighteen games without the expectation of us you know hired Tim leg there on this morning saying. We had to fly commercial we were in airports where he had this state and and the city and then if you had back to back your lineup the day of the game and waking up early in the morning like that's. Yeah that's a problem right perhaps sucks for you guys. But born here and what we found out is that guys get run into the ground. More injuries. You have you know when things LeBron has been healthy over his career to. Because he takes care of his body in ways that guys didn't back down and there's more information. In I did it that it sucks her fans that go to those games but then again LeBron James this year's played in 63 games. You know he's played a lot of games so the sector says the point of rest is just don't do it in nationally televised games. It right NBA. TV partners. Once you stop scheduling back to backs or word NASA televised games marquee matchup Sundays where. You know the indeed warriors travel what 101000 miles in twelve days and played eight games or whatever was. There's seven games in twelve days and traveled across the country twice. Like and how about you not put that game as your marquee Saturday or Sunday game. My immediate if you don't months speaker said that you know is it isn't that a bigger issue is a you know what teams again begin. A wanna watch them play Denver. All watched the raiders and chiefs but if you told me that those top players are gonna sit out. I would be upset yeah that's just doesn't happen in football because everything is so much more. In its condensed each game is so this means so much in this. The playoffs to really what matters now and some guys you realize at the end of the year what what is my value right now what am I risking. Right now on this regular season game that might affect me Kevin Durant. In the playoffs yes. It. This is we have no control fans you have net none. Nine and Charles bargain I do you started this thought Charles Burton said either boycott your only way you're an item what what wait a boycott I don't have that answer. That's not law and if they're gonna watch. On T because it's anybody's RD grade your degree to cable bill all right you're tardy built in that's gonna happen yes they just don't go to games where they sit down nice forward users are more or bring in signs to games and you sir sit behind you need you yell out I don't know I don't have the answer it's not what I would do but. But like Chad has Jim Griffin said. I get paid to any championship. Not shoot not to win a game in March right and this section are sitting not injure players there and integrity of the game example clips that Griffin and Jordan. For Denver which gave nine it's a win. And that could be a problem though we see then the NFL. And the regular season. Guys will last two games yet to play out pushed on if you are being locked up your spot locked up they you've locked up your classified Mateen fine for a wildcard and you know you rest a few guys in bone there's Tina's dead. Right we've seen in baseball locker and we don't gripe about integrity of the game forty man rosters in baseball kick. Okay Diop guys down I had a legitimate question did do you sports like NBA and Major League Baseball. Mean less game yes. Are we are we now to the point were we need more games to matter but less of them yet you yes one by having Macedonia mourn a matter that's that's strike shortened see the lockout shortened season for years ago. Was. The most exciting season because it would innate he was in a vacuum and everybody's just a big surge did get to the playoff. So you can't measure the greed of each league though because you're gonna have teams in both these both these players association and ownership groups are going human to drop. 25 games too much money that isn't television. You know much money that is and players via ticket ticket revenue. All those things I think about what the motive senator dries for workers. Concession stands businesses around that's 25 on average OK let's say 22 games that if you get a sixty game season. That's twenty games that you miss seen in revenue knowledge for just teams but it affects the economy your local area. I don't have that there's a lot of wind fall that falls off all for the sake of a couple players want to sit you know I don't buy it man play. Let you save play player not quite get sympathy for me to 162 games in 82 games played. And a while but play teams the same championships sure championships you boom we rescue right now is is the long haul. And it's not a sprint it's a marathon when you're the top tier teams are we have stars. We wanna Linkedin your career dress and play eighteen minutes we keep. That is a dress of raising minutes that's a series we did pretty soon you're tight it's tight jeans now and your point to the side play when that this is also problem with the television. Deals is that they want these guys to play 160 games they wanted to play 82 games and Indian. Yet be fixed to that the players are saying short near it and right. Well that's crap they're not gonna want that because they want this season to drag out as long as they can so they can fill programming they can fill spots they can sell longer. So and they want guys to play but now guys plea to his age I don't wanna exist at all you know sitting at all no rest for the weary half. Just keep going to rest in the off season you get five months off forgot six rest them. Yeah who like this Pam permanent. Implement it. Under that. Ted data did LeBron did her suit up and delay your minutes contrary eighteen minutes from thirty guaranty contracts with what's their motivation to play. That's a problem. Nothing well championships. Chips. That's all the sand in it really comes down to do you think that this conversation. Is valid. For all but ten guys in the league is in this said it too big of a conversation have over ten people right. Means it because of that famous as the nuggets you know clippers and rested bleaker and India under Jordan. Like that was a blip on the radar all all people care about is LeBron LeBron there. Staff to rant you know only a handful of guys really matter like that in the NBA. 55 threes your five that his tax on a lot of Tex coming in on this. And there's an injury that has ended several careers. You know keep one of the NFL's young stars out for at least four months should there be more Oscar for concern ran Ellis Crawford a sports. This is a final sixteen weak finish in a dusty and jam in the morning rusty by series happened. On ten navy's program. It was slipping in under the radar yesterday it was a story Cam Newton isn't. Undergoing a. Surgery doing it partially torn rotator cuff. And I sat there like the island Borough. That seems bike and aggressive injury to just be having now and march. Is should people be more concerned about that. Big surgery did a lot of careers rotator cuff how to go right yeah I think. This is something that Washington's quarterback to Jake Browning had to deal with he played through the end of the year he had his surgery immediately. This to mean. House a little bit of the Iman a deal with that problem and then all of a sudden you start to work extra to train because a lot of the guys like cornerback to see Russell Wilson his training regiment. Is in Southern California right now. Cam Newton was probably in his do his training. And what happens when your play during year during the season a lot of the pain in the things you deal with home pun intended with all the pain medication talk about right now. A lot of the pain in the ailments you have a mask. During the year with you get off season. Those things really start to show up yeah because you arresting and the rest of your body search hue around it knew who cut this is this is gone away this hasn't gone away. And you deal with all that during the season now all of sudden you look wide wait what's the concern why now. We sort to measure up in and remember this veteran veteran guys that are in the NFL. They will get their surgeries later and later in the year why. They wanna be sit out of training camps they wanna miss more time because what it does is it extends your career specially for football and if you're a veteran. What it was Cam Newton have to prove with four pre season games. So while I'm not as concerned about this is I think his arm strength in his size makes up for the small amount. What is shoulder surgery can do there is a little bit concerned. Yeah out a date has it ended Chad Pennington Bob Griese Jimmy main Gary dancing great coach Jim Miller Tim Couch and ultimately was what's led. Which I think that this is more aged and anything else he signed Brett Favre for non led Brett Favre to you hang it up in their careers Ben Roethlisberger. Had it in 2012. Andy complained that he had a little bit zip lost on his name on his ball up. But he seems to be okay. And ditch advantage comets and athletic trainer of the Panthers which is insisting they had him as a quote. It in big quoted him a few times on the team's website I hope is that they said first he said we told not to go ball for. A few weeks and the pain just won going away so that's why they're looking at march he was is very. Deliberate they're planned to see could heal on its own but then he said. That he is gonna pick of the ball for three. Months. Three months if they're saying you cannot pick up a football. At all right and then he can't throw. Any sort of simulated wraps so work out any guys for four months and so are you looking at. Late July which you'd be training camp. And yeah ride in the Canada pride week in cup weeks in the shrink it is when they're going to be looking at him even being able to throw with receivers at all. Well every train Ernie any. Person that are doctors her professionals at that point he's surgery is the last resort you always try to find a way to avoid surgery at all cost of these rehab if it's training. Strengthening anything you can do to avoid going under the knife especially as an athlete you you do everything you can avoid it. There must have been enough significant damage would memorize to say I don't do it. But we've seen major major shoulder injuries the rail quarterbacks. Drew Brees and come back and be better than he's ever bent out. Injured never had a never had a Alito are new immune has only Dartmouth Cam Newton loses 20% of his arm he still better than 80% of the league. Really that's how strong job. Cam Newton's arm strength is one of the most frightening things I've ever seen from a back foot throw. That man is is an unbelievable athlete so. What makes Cam Newton great is his sides. In his ability. To make place which did you see the play that they they invade team didn't announce when he got hurt DC days dead people go back and review kind of all the game taking good shots that he might have taken well he was an interception against. San Diego. And he's running down the sideline any extended out to reach dove for the guiding. It to tackle and got in that was when he landed awkwardly in kind of rolled over. And after that he's grab initialed the rest of the game and that's at about the time we. Crowd Drew Brees destroyed his shoulder I do not mean he Drew Brees is on a goal line he got strip sacked from behind and the ball was free. And there was them a scrum for it and as he dove he dove to recover the ball with his right shoulder into the pile. Everybody fell on his shoulder dislocated tore shoulder part. So he was diving for a ball it's always those situations where you go in to give you forty times. I've heard quarterback coaches. When were in practice. In and the head coach in everybody else to do out there yet to get in clean feet and get your butt out there they throw an interception now like don't go right otherwise one even when they're up all of the ground in it it gets kicked around if there's a quarterback center exchange problem. You're told is a quarterback I understand a certain situations. Get out of there and beat you start to see it just its parent. They're gonna go action yes they're gonna go action you're too valuable and that's frightening thing to think about two would. What's usher came in is that. He gets injured and here's his rotator cuff going after guide giving full effort. Yet remembrance of apple refused ya when he is criticized for not going after that fumble at his feet. It is an an awkward spot where. It's a no win situation with Cam Newton that's docs and it is. Well I'm worried I I worry for the guy I hope that science has improved drastically in the last. I don't know ten years here's what came in has on his side. He's a freak of an athlete. Yes it he has he has that gift that god given gift of size strength work ethic. Usual blue baby some time for a while always perfect yeah. Well yeah he's kind of a baby. I would say he got to the baby to a lot of that and kind of a big day be you know but the fact of the matter is deeds wildly talented. Saying that this is India story that he was prime pay a little bit more attention to you because torn rotator cuff when your quarterback. That could be a big deal but a modern science is held a thing right now in Newton may be Dave. Mastered it to where this is like an ACL now where I mean ACL east beat her and her. You know who Wesley Matthews he tore eruption is Kelis yeah. In the out was supposed to be one that was ridiculously hard and never turned a Foreman he's getting. Close to being back with thoughts and a lot of advances man and hope for the best or Camden never thought I'd say that. One got could be looking at a big payday after this tourney run is he the best player in the NCAA tournament right now. This is testing came. Back. This. Is a final sixteen weak finish in a dusty and jam in the morning rusty by series happen. On ten AB. The organ that's playing in the sweet sixteen. Canadians got. The Michigan moved Saturday. Tomorrow night game is going down from Kansas City, Missouri. This spring senator Reid that would stay saying he's one of the best basketball venues and it's only used like big twelve tournament and circuses. Another Barnum Bailey's done uneven numbers in these are circuses any Kansas City was hoping to get a team now. Maybe from Seattle. And in half hour I. I. Shots. I saw shots that that's the jet dame does I know Kansas City is in the running but local Oklahoma City found a way to spoil their way in. Dimming concerts there though maybe yeah. The answer right away it from multiple things and good high school game probably like a Minor League Hockey team. Please there from the university Missouri Kansas City probably play is there. I have. And I assured. But this prisoners and is site where Tyler Dorsey is gonna be showcasing his skills is this did. DeDe kind of could he be in the running for tournament. The player of the turn most outstanding player of the NCAA tournament I think right now if you talk and first two games. We simply one of the top players in the tournament certainly he is eighteen of 43 from the field. But the ducks on their back in that that round of thirty TO. And he's starting to be one of those guys a hear rumbles about on moving up draft words he was. And a guy that tested the draft waters along we don't Brooks last year. They went the route of the first wave last year's version they can do this of players could go to the draft process without an agent. And then optic come back to school in bowl team bill Brooks obviously did that in native and had great seasons still Brooks pactel player of the year. But Tyler Dorsey was a guy that many felt that his. Season. Was. Lackluster his freshman year and he came in with hopes of being a one and done type guy. And they said man you got a lot of work to do you and if you're over the course of this season you saw that. Tom Dorsey had his ups and downs. But if you look at the pac twelve tournament run. And what he's done through the first two games of the NCAA tournament it's sort argued that there's been a guy more impressive than Tyler Dorsey. I don't think I'm surprised at how well he's claiming is I think that a lot of teams knew that when. Boucher went down it was gonna put more pressure. On Dylan Brooks and he had out those those performances so what it is it just opened up opportunities. More mean these are these are one of the sings it did you have to take advantage of the opportunities. We were talking earlier. He was Eamon Brennan is here waiting to see who was gonna be the guy that's that is gonna stand out of the tournament. There are guys that elevate the draft. And all the sudden you just go wow this is a great player this guy is made everything is opportunity door she's done that. When you take away if you if you're if you're defending organ you're gonna you're number 18 goals to stop. Dawn Brooks not to lose I gonna leave open and the opportunities are gonna have to step up and do that. But in times like these these were guys this is where guys make their moves a draft boards is whom win the pressure is the most how do you respond to him. In Dorsey has come up huge for the dioxin does relief five he's now five straight games over twenty points would I leave prior to this run of a five straight games it when he points he had four. All yearlong in so he's trying his best basketball right now and there's got to be that very real possibility that he does because there's a lot of guys that. Had had had high hopes in the instantly turn it but haven't. Written nearly performed nearly as well as is still Brooke's going nine of ten from the field. First player to do that in a turn and shoot 90% from the field and tournament and since Bill Walton. Did it mean. I am I would say you probably doubts. But it's a deep draft class you never know how the euros are gonna turn out there's a very real possibility that hoarding could get. All three guys back in Brooks Dorsey in and Jordan bow because Dylan Brooks now as this conundrum of what do you do with this guy he's too small to play power forward. He's too big a plays small forward he's Evan Turner. Where does he go there what is he yeah exact ease Evan Turner but he won't be the number two overall pick yeah right I think he's better than Evan Turner. And in turn his pregame I know I was really got to just he just has a little bit better game. They EA he's completely and move in the right teammate in May aid bill for it you may hear all the right things. But he's pactel player of the year I would assume that he endorse your probably gone but. After this year I don't know how you can. Get any better. With your individual abilities right now when your when you've made two straight tournament rounds and everybody seeing you in any you've been not only. Every scouting report knows how good you are. Other than a team. Goal of winning the title and and making a final four that would be the only reason I could see them stand. I don't know how much guys care about that and the team atmosphere lesser Wisconsin. If that's about it. And but the good Wisconsin and I don't because they just have guys that hang around the forty years a sweet sixteen after sweet sixteen it's a team atmosphere and it's just a different mentality. Boy wouldn't it be great though deceive those two you hang around for another year or a basketball fan absolutely. Today are monsters. Day and in Dorsey. And he is big shot ability not being afraid to take that shot and then Brooks is Kennedy and guys who's been forced to create a lot more than he has in years past. You just two kids are very special on your prediction if they win this game and beat Michigan go head to the elite eight they're both gone. Yeah I had a loosely as say I think maybe the conversation is wrong do we stay one more year if he is do you have ability in the MBA. To gauge your draft status you can go to that you can go to come by the big bill called comic view that a yeah that's right that you called Columbine you can go there and degraded and stoke American play what you eat can go in. Unlike any NFL you can't do that you can go and do. I don't think it's a couple of work out the risks even in talk with Tina says there are risks which. Why the NFL doesn't allow this is beyond me because it would behoove so many of these young kids that are coming out Malia and reread. But in Tyler Dorsey. If it I agree with that if he if he drops another. Crawford and colony twenty murder. On Michigan. That dude is gonna be in for payday because he will be in that conversation. For you know most outstanding player of the tournament at that point because he had 24. On nine of thirteen shooting it's Iona nine of ten in the game winner against Rhode Island. In 227 points big shot after big shot kid's been outstanding. In it's an awesome does Tennessee him may have played his own skin. The big question would also be Jordan bell who is. I think a lot of people would be surprised casual basketball fans. You know that. George bell has the highest of those three and another draft projection right now in the on the net upside he's and a first round. Early sec around guy on this is as of knew I hate that they don't do more draft projections like. As a turning goes all along and kind of what these draft analysts are hearing. But he is about a month ago he was. End of first round early second round type gap in meanwhile you have Brooks in Dorsey are thirty. To fifteen range for Brooks and then thirty to undrafted. For Tyler Dorsey heading into the tournament this is where guys make money you know catching guys like Josh Jackson now these guys are going to be lottery picks him and in the life. They're fun place to be seen what's up their interest tomorrow about. The ducks' run an attorney he's going to be lighting Kansas City join us. About 24 hours and five minutes from now right at the top the 8 o'clock hour on Thursdays when air defenses to join this is ducks here ready. For Michigan in the sweet sixteen K right now caller number 55032502. And eighty. 50325. Go to an eighty is gonna get a four pack of tickets to go and check out the Nike hoop summit it is Friday. April 7 at Mota senator and you can go in check up the stars of tomorrow as the Nike hoop summit is in town for the twentieth. Year color number five at 5032501080. Is getting a family for packet to get to watch a future stars of tomorrow like less rob invitational MVP the nation's number one over right overall ranked player Michael Porter junior. I guess they Kevin Durant Dirk Nowitzki. Hi re Irving have all played in this event. Tickets are on sale first those ten dollars apiece at Nike hoop summit. Dot com are right sometimes you just gotta say dump via TF Crawford tries to melt your mind but sports stories Lou and even dare to touch. This is dusty camp.