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Primetime 3.21.17 Club Hour

Mar 22, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. My. This is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're up for the picnic. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime Isaac and suit brought to you by series cafe and high on 1080 for an. Following Joseph may contain adult fame is not suitable for our children. But I know up. Where the incident. Man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk at six so. Well look how close pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow and go to flatten Glen his time as sleeve and. Being. It's. Yeah. Didn't you do to improve my field following. You know oh. Oh hell no it. If you break the young I would agree what I do Richard. Oh I don't know. Such a great question looking ninety to make your interview better tied him. Gyms now he's promoting their rectal exams. EC play spreading the word of rectal health now. We did see where it is are you serious yeah there's Jim Harbaugh and these acts. You can see this is like a week ago or whatever Jim Harbaugh loves and some Twitter and he was all fired up about it. They get meal chili finger. It's important for older gentleman ago well lives get checked no question and Dana you are projects not the without bad Jim Harbaugh sort of enthusiasm and I would expect nothing else. Really nothing less from Jim carbonite Kimi has prostate exam. It is a little awkward this there's this isn't easy just abilities right you've got to keep yourself but not Jim Harbaugh. About the story you give it this comes to us from Spokane that moment zags yeah yeah and apparently don't do the something else. The skies a high school football coach. And his name. News is name of Jim Sharkey what is it by the way about high school for now I'm Cherokee that leaky did this sort of thing. It is. If I think in this in this instance and you can hear the story in union immediately think that the guy was loaded. I don't know I just think nothing would shock me anymore if you if you say. Like high school football locker room I just assumes. That you could not teen caught some clean up. That's like disturbing and up were I wouldn't believe it. They they came out of high school football locker room or maybe your breasts lead blocker and you know this was an in locker room right. Probably that's the thing you know what am I dig its debt that it is I know a few yes solidarity unity I'd seen the story but just that general culture I don't. Understand it it confuses and it frightens me. What his game and say what you can't do that well he's been suspended with pay. Which it's only all the want to be suspended with pay yet that when the coach would kick you have to feel the practice for some sort of punishment you're like quick change Gary he for a change is mind. Then suspend me with David I don't really show me. And you send me to bed would like dinner in an awesome movie takes mom terrific. While the school investigates complaints to be exposed himself to students at a leadership camp. According to public records describing the allegations which are obtained by local news organizations the coach Jim Sharkey. Put his Wien in a hot dog bun showed it to players and said you think that's a big dog eat. Take a look at this. Do we that was as good now he was grilling he happened to be at the barbecue yeah growing up. And to hamsters and tasty treats for everyone gets the rocks. That he was that he was working in is he that for. Yep what do Woody's bring into the vehicle that was not my first question that the night. I'm assuming you are I would think soon to be like they now that's people crack and that's the good life this is the knife. That's not a dog check this sets a couple of weeks after the Kansas corn. Inside a hot dog done Sharkey said you think that's a big dog take a look at this. According to school records that listed multiple different versions of the same quote. While the coach got any written reprimand was allowed to coach this past fall school officials placed him on administrative leave February 1. After more players claim does seem not done instant. In other students credit separate incidents of questionable behavior. By the eleven year teacher and coach yeah like to point out that you don't start off with song and hot dog that's in the hot. That's got a gateway drugs known a bit that's that's that's the end game. Do you start off with some being held and hit leads to that lady doing just decides to back I'm gonna do here. It's thought maybe there was some underage drinking that maybe some weeding your buildup to that. I figure by the time the penis ends up in the hot dogs bonds being shown to kids in a leadership. Council. You've taken other steps. You you've progressed a long time to do is not held an opening statement. I will thinner that is the nuclear Lucy announced his presence with the authority brought the high heat in the chin music right from the get people. So Sharkey was Austin gay gets worse I'm warning you now. It gets worse depth chart he was also accused of drinking alcohol in front players camping calling a female student eight pucks let's or puck bunny. Because she was fans of hockey players who attended the school the report also said a student alleged that football players would gang up on a player on his birthday. And while you're just argue I'm Jim Harbaugh yeah indeed now prostate exam now you know they would. Give thumb Mary pressing exams and they called it juicy. The complaint said no adults knew about these incidents Sharkey denied drinking it can't but admitted he saw other adults drinking and said the comment about the female student was not meant to be inappropriate. Colin people pucks let's go let's. Give a term of endearment really when you when you get right down until he also denies that the birthday Hastings had taken place he said it's. That has happened I don't nobody said. He is I would not allow there's no way you better have dates and times of the juicy ones he DC ten to fifteen times he's been real time exactly women do. He did out since on the stuff was taken into account so cool I think that's important to note as well. The change argue would like you to put all of this in context. Sure it sounds bad within thirty things in the kids against their will and dogs and hot dog bugs and Colleen people pucks let's. Sure don't sound bad but we did put a good night and then basically paragraph. I think you've just in general idea of what the leadership council here was looking. He only to land tacos. Inappropriate. You're just talking about the delicious Hendrick. I believe in them. Oh boy yes I don't know what's gonna have a little Sharkey air yeah I'm guessing the shark he's probably done a leaky recover from that one he's seen easy in railroaded here. He's getting some then. Here's my point you you know let it happen how can you can't make. Tourists OK but let me ask you may go out Dong and hot dog you can't lead is the meat axe you a question acts. Let. In any football player tucked his between between his legs and butt naked and walked up to his coach Diana. And said. What did you think. I sense that wins game. The bit about I'd vote would died would you I'd love me when the what's the difference. And that's hilarious look here's my point I would like to point out that in that instance. No Dong was expo but it's quite the opposite. In fact I was keeping it a way. From my coach he's so I've not seen. You know downstairs and off the Boehner has so won't you guess the other direction. So therefore I would like to point out dead. That that was perfectly fine and he should not have a problem with that at all. And it was two consenting adults he answered the door and what was going on the he's a pretty quality defend on your pre should've had those split doors in the locker room if he didn't wanna see that sort of thing. But my point with that is it's like this kind of stuff you know. We've all been in locker rooms right now this wasn't a locker room not things appropriate whose leadership council. He's been in there were other people there it was in high school we were consenting adults we're both of aids Gary Crowe and you know it. Its current one that's excellent scheme happened he died as a varies deep down. That really seemed bothered but he should be mentioned Sharkey denies all those he denies exposing since then not do that only 27 players say that he didn't. If he did say that he wants he wants to know how many. When winds winds let as the juicy yet how many company missed. I don't think I'm ever gonna look it. You've seen as the idea of using this isn't easy and some fresh and Richard. You're coach. Becomes like your coach of high school kids you're this summer time does your money. For heaven's sakes I did it I'm gonna locker room and I'm 21. And look I'm not all there you're free. Team coach. Ridiculous. The disagreement about that being said Hughes coached him Europe doesn't think he goes battleground. Eleven or twelve years ago. Move the support that I got to miss out. On the leadership quality when he would again along with it but she could sharks eat it. All right well coming up next we have a special guest in studio. He's sitting here now. His name. Is Tony starlight. We will be discussing. From the starlight things and possibly more or he's going cool hat weighing in hot dog buns when we come back and he is Michael Jackson jokes it. That's Clinton eighty will be right back on the fifth and today Tony Stark alas. That's. Liberty. Babies are that's one in his famed Clinton eighty cents we have more of those Yahoo! and continue to pull out what's going on orient. Just regionally. Being mysterious reach a man of mystery. And to. Just. Living the dream. Cheering still open. Showroom still open where a couple years now what progress with two years to two and a half years. Or eleventh when he times southeast medicine toll storage room. Have a great time. In for chewing on dug them. Well only youth conferences have been. That's another part of the idea that I contribute at the that is that it doesn't happen or gonna do that in the upcoming Elton John tribute I yes. That's seems to go a little. I promise you that Elton John at some point has put his way I'll O'Donnell. I'm going on us that gave you ever read on more than then you read about his exploits. A lot of cocaine and help didn't. I read it I don't know if it was his. Autobiography your through system in the root of argue for every red a good habit maybe ten years ago about him. Or how key is still alive. Is beyond me but it's about The Rolling Stones or maybe like some like that. You know the metal band like Van Halen or some of the rock fans Elton John out party I think every one. He's been sober for like thirty years would. Lure. In the seventy's built in god it on volley now like they had. Private planes they win over the wolf of Wall Street yeah plane yeah that's that's that's to Europe. You can go for now and I got I can't believe in the lake he says now that he hasn't had that he didn't drink do drugs in Baghdad just it's been like three decades but how do you go from. That do like live being kind of like a clean normal sober lifestyle unless you've just done. All that you did everything humanly possibly your guy got nothing else do you think that's what it did and also helps to have millions and millions and millions of dollars to yeah. Yeah keep things on the street yet there is interesting about. You like what is known Charlie. Do you after years this time after you've had like the Coast Guard Georgie is to end all cooked out orgies like on your own private plane. The what do you do for fun and energy they can now. I think he's one of those guys too that the kind of came too late though so I think in the early days who's really dedicated to the music and didn't party with the band then after years and years of success. You fall off the rails and those guys always fall off hard now I feel like and then if you survive the other end. You've done everything then it. You you kind of get back to what it was in the beginning and so he's you know really got into writing songs again and ring. And has been performing. And we just killed flo T we think agencies tires. Can it but whatever happened it grows hair back. If you can picture in 1969 he's bald look I was the better wieger is that did you get plugs ITE. Well in other transplants from another part of the body if that's the way that where he disappeared now. Interviewing Kim now. Now he kind of knows that about him you didn't. When no look well look at 1968 tiny like you all know he was bowling not pitied Elton was all ball I know anywhere is weeds and stuff. But well. You had enough and tough but now his hair but that he's trying to pass this new hair off is like yet I don't know whether it's it's a piece to where they needed him to answer that. But the beauty part is lake Elton and like Billy Bob third did this deal where. They just differ so I Shatner as well they sit for so long everyone colleges quake excepted it do regularly that looks ridiculous but they kept it up long enough like. He is yeah immediately NN you know older guy read that they Wear too late for whatever reason if you get old and you still have a full head of hair that should be great. They go with this weird red. Yeah I don't know what did it if it's. It's a valid point even if the rest theory here is kinda dark. It's still lit up top even though it doesn't matter Paul McCartney Canon has that little red hued it is it is scared. Seven years old little baby's due to live with is the blue here's the deal ladies do the weird it's important as well it's or what that is her and John. While the hand here assassinate seed and a tribute show. Yes so he's turned seventy on Saturday march 25 and so I thought. You know and almost seventy show we already do five of them so I thought. Just learn seven or eight more will called attribute. And. It worked out so well we're having so much fun of that that I'm gonna put in the regular rotation along with like the Sinatra Dean Martin Neil Diamond let's just do Elton John Manley. The guys so good kind of forgot like. Kind of took for granted you start listening to songs again that's I'd do is demand sagged I never seen on the Amazon Pacino and John. It's worth my time but always wins but we don't. And all Billy Joseph guy was good to see Billy in held an open show where they come on that you like it was just a songs together and then Billy leaves Elton does this stuff. And I hate to admit it because I'm like I like Billy stuff better Elton John is a much. Better performer. Oh yeah and Billy Joseph lake and you are blown away the first and negotiate you'll likely. Hell he's still gone yeah I forgot about every hit that he had every song is one of those like that. Lord I forgot about that you have no joke I saw them I think he did just the other day. Since September of last year's who six guys 69 utilities like running around the stage just. Full energy still mean Ozzy does dampen Ozzie doesn't know where areas you think you're a now he's the amber except this officially building is there you're safely in ninth time I thought let's let's do more. I ahead. I when saw them in the whole show was ruined by bill ward not wearing a shirt. There drummer just with the goods is Rosie you guys of just truth but it's just mesmerized by the episode is harder to do. Two in law eerily. Mean. You sound like kneeled and we need junior it's easy because it's in mind like natural rain yet so did so John's been. Like there released that's impossible to sing had to bring some of the keys that you can't you can't even do leave on. It's nice things that I and but then you know his voice change did the surgery could deathly hit all the older stuff so I'm grew from home do you who has ever there home. Room and a little oversee pull on you think you're chewing and oh yes what does he do what's really blew out his throat yeah. Coming into that we're about eight and a much about the heat. Just saying and destroyed his body he had throat surgery and then came back and so is voices noticeably lower. In the eighties. That's that's easier to sing like you know I guess that's why they called the blues and stuff like that so he's your key but. But it's like any thing you guys did scores right so the first time you'd you'd. You go man I can't do that I can't lift that menus to start working on it and then look at these journeys journeys yourself. Trying to expand my vocal range to meet health means over the last up to what happened this is I said oh this would be great registered 78 new songs. And then we can go I started rehearsing immigrant can't sing into his yeah. It what did I do. Right and so little is this guy kind of in the glittery jacket then load it I think that's all these mile underground scene you just wanna dress like gal I have so many fancy glasses that fans have brought me that I I finally have a show for it. So who did this. Who'd be the hardest would Freddie Mercury be maybe the hardest to do be impossible these two good in didn't clean his choices I make clear and clean. Speaker Billy Joseph we are adding so we're gonna do kind of a little. A thing where there's a couple people I can do for a little bit but I couldn't do for a whole show we're gonna have his opening acts right silly Cat Stevens opens for. Elton John Billy Joel's gonna be on our list pop he also sings really high. Hard to do not anymore young man anymore and I don't. And but the problem with Billy jolt is. Billy jolt. Has some of like I understand they can be so great and so horrible in the same career and you know what I mean usually it's somewhere. A happy medium but he has makes him absolutely brilliant songs and then he has that and. The longest road you don't get. The that is not that's just email resentment that that's the worst no uptown girl and I. But it's yeah I love Billy Joseph but every time he plays uptown girl and like everyone in the audience goes nuts like these. It's an odd and it was an island his biggest hits them. It was a begins and you know exactly. You know what though he later Christie Brinkley and Elle McPherson because they he on so he can he get that he did that on purpose but he didn't did he make things they're like okay this is I hate this. This will sell. And then I'm gonna go over here induce some real stuff that I like to do by the I've heard him say that it's Nike he hates we didn't start fire. Mickey or even excellent group because that's it that's a crappy song. Any of the I don't know why people love it Brittany they key openly mocks that new and I like lists that they liked. The end of the world as we know it makes that one from the Barenaked Ladies reduced Saba two things in a row yeah well he I so look a little heated again Q&A doesn't like. Colleges because when he resigned goes it's the limerick carried through in durst did you read senate majority of them just. Think same words and name being is that people audio that I get it but it's a huge hit I think his Bob. Helen Jana and in the days and even though the men's and now I'm a big inning at a gala any. And that kind of thing. In the Bob Dylan's like revered. I know I got my own. To be less and if you're if you're able to do Getty Lee maybe. Jesse Lee my god there has taken on these high people. No the is easy to him. Yeah. Well well. Elvis is easy to do. It's not just the hard. No sir in my vocal well I can't sing nearly as good as he did it's it's funny about doing tribute shows it's kind of like it you know. The suits you know football player it's like I'm gonna go out and do attribute to. Trying to figure like who in your position is the number one might make pound seat at the ledger tribute to my parents speak the pit. Yeah and clearly it's as long as you're doing in a small club you sound great you know what I mean for the sake. So you know I take on and try to sing like the greatest people in the history of my industry. So. It's fun to be able to replicated but it is a little balls lead to sort of say I can do this. You know this. We didn't even inserted capture it the best that you can that I think could win it would like Elvis world. Elton John I like George Jones to be another one of these. Tyson have sex distinct styles. To meet would be easy case you can do the character of an inning and it works LA you're trying to do Freddie Mercury you just have to have pipes. But if you're trying to seen. Like Sinatra we've all seen a thousand people do Sinatra's there it's almost like you can do an impression. Of someone doing Sinatra and everyone knows what you're guilty where is you can't do an impression of Freddie Mercury unless you've got. The enormous that's a range Gagnon can getting get away with a lot of stuff with caricature to have invested. Big pharma what I do so you begin to Johnny Cash you'd do inserted towards the end. Hole you can stay around a mediocre. The heat's move a little. In Germany's loss that'll yeah. You know you don't do you fresh like hey Jessica even lower Johnny Cash into the doesn't quite work and I'm Clinton's. Got a low voice. And you know and all these guys are fueled by cocaine and alcohol time doing all these same surgery which is especially if you don't take as much used to there being you can't kind of hate that about Blake it is stuff. But you hit that time in life when you want to drink which you know that you're gonna pay for it. We'll get this kind of goes that we were at the independence words are it's late do you go left. Two marys city you're right to know gotcha you reach a point your life where do you start taking your rights media loves you he was yet another year yes. Particularly game this guy you look at a woman now announced their weekends ago mansion in the best background by the at the given this thought sir does agree Tony LA Lou back to more here in a moment here's Mike Love and I. Bank where we Tony starlight here in studio. Our friend over. Getting ready for the news files and the only Vietnam dinner for which won the new Elton John reveals trends John. The first one hit me Gaddis of the first one on Saturday night select I've learned. Tiny dancer. Hit the clunky can expect. Candle in the wind let's hardest months and Lisa lead on the hardest one was says tiny dancer could you gotta do that hole and hope. But I let down saw Bennett goes like I do that all settle fired again November rain of like the 1970s god. These grip of that anymore he can't racing that hard anymore. The other part is like you know the words like. Elton John mumbled so it's hope you never knew the words there's a son Philadelphia freedom. And that in the lyrics are you know give me peace of mind my daddy never had and for years that they said. He had a piece of dad in Napa hair around. It's it's that let's treat the supposedly heated to do like him how hard how long you're gonna sign. Before you'd like OK I can roll this out but we put it I'd listen to in the car and sing along the sort of time. You know places to practice for people wanna listen to you. Stink for awhile T get it back. If you have family or you have thin walls that your office and but they can practice in the show remove let them. Since most of the stuff I do this kind of older it's already kind of there an agency to dusted off you know enemies who grew up listening to it and then make it's they got to learn the real lyrics with the. British Open does have a lot I think like rocket man Ricky don't. But those aren't Clear Lake have had to learn not to shoot a pair. Our own thing you know the hilly and kinda let Desi scene there. Burning out his views up here alone yeah but rocket man you know it's it's not clear goodbye yellow brick road you with a heavily seen half the time. Big in the jets the hell is he sane after that song at the balance we're psyched. It's this that the second verses this site. Bad kids blood into the red last man remember around in both manner maximum mayor laughed and been a bit. We shout that loud and I don't let go well. All I can go to the words pet. Hey kids plug it into the faith less. Maybe they're blinded. But Danny makes them ageless. I think. That's really listen as we shall survive let us take ourselves along. Yeah fighter parents out on the street band who's right who's Ron says all Bernie tell been so. But kind of blew me away you read about John stories some birdie to open road all the lyrics to Elton John songs Elton John would never written lyrics. He was twenty years old Elton John. He he finds an ad. In a London. Newspaper that this record labels looking for composers. And lyricists and very top and in seventeen years old sends his poems then. And then record company puts those two guys together. And then Ellen Johnny takes the sheets and goes into another room and comes out and says look I've got your song ring. You a little bit honor it's like. Because Bernie tuchman imagine like you handle their soft and you don't know what's gonna happen but then. Elton John comes test for twelfth he's like oh my god I'll never work again figure out how much money has been made up for some home to those two. The collaboration that those guys plus a new spent like twenty grand a month or week or something like that on cocaine but he still has 350 million dollars definitely one of the most one of the richest. Musicians of all time the other weird went to that I've I've just as you were kind of mumbling there but it if you listen to like the week. Like I'm always festive by the way people write songs and I've heard a lot of. And the gibberish turns into something nobody they'll let him with a harming your melody and they just go in and they they muffled they do what you do have a where there's like America they just start making sounds and then those sounds turning into the like the kind of sounds like that and and they come up with a word that way it's the most amazing scene. Process to me how someone takes a harmony and then puts lyrics by and that's why sometimes they don't mean a damn thing I just kind of fit with what the the Melanie was. Some sort of weird things American older simultaneously realizing that people are not half as good at what to do you think the owner camera hidden and then also some people are. Way better than you could ever cost you need to. Like that both. Are trying to true author too so like. It's just. I and as. Young I just I couldn't wait to grow up and be around a bunch of adults who finally got their act together you know but it didn't think it's the same percentage now we don't know at this is then pick it equivalent as any of it yet. But it was as though don't make it up as they give us a message is worth 400 million dollars. Play au prince Ellen Johnson on. Don Johnson should secede. I mean your song is just so good that it's hard to not like that I've been really Ginn and the tiny dancer hasn't had to work on that one silver attitude let's go to must seem from almost always. Which I can't hear that song now without seeing. Almost famous. Is that weird how music like Lou we'll tie in to other memories you hatteras where there's like songs that come on and you smell bacon. It's written in your mind instantly bird you know I've had. It's Frank Sinatra songs come on and I feel as myself and a laundromat because I remember like when I first got into that I was. Young and alone in doing laundry in the laundromat you and so it's it's weird that's real that Richard at time and place. DNA show. So this is Tony starlight the show room is over on them Madison so young so mentally tried southeast mess in the block off Hawthorne. Dinner show dinner and show you inching. Saturday 99 meaning you question my fifth I added another show what it is quick to say we love doing this so much we added that the end of may may 27 we're gonna do this also. And it's QB Tim Johnson everything okay Joseph we want people who Wear it like. Crazy sunglasses and go listen to that of those in the weeks and all that I know I've said this many times if you are looking for either a first aid or you know looking to take here especially friend. Something other than a movie. I promise you we'll have a phenomenal. Time as did attorney start and I do all the hard work then you just got to take her home. You can big sweet sweet you're gonna love Kyle getter in the mood and the food's good too if you go there and grab dinner show all and then. That is directing you to use it Tony starlight dot com and even put diagnose you put a little video here. We have played a little actually sang figure that's us rehearsing well I think your personal name he'll launch his jealousy when we're done now never experienced Tony's got a little video on their of their recent rehearsals military announced the center. Only got enough. Throughout the mental reps I think it is not because you show analysis. I literally owns just heaped on the line. It's this Saturday night at Tony star lights southeast medicine and I believe. There are I do like the Red Cross Majoli around that's right. It's it's he across from that mad sons. Which has guys are Smart they took the Madison's sign and they just took our eye out there and they call that madame sun's. And they say fifteen grand on the other side I think the genius. They scan and ended CF thanks for having guys always get always big big fan of Tony starlight coming up next John. Wraps it up on the thing he. All right this is debt at promises time this. The US and World Baseball Classic. This is big here I am although I'm toward. Because the murder play on board united seventh I'm gonna have to look back and forth like a double bass all ports are going tonight you. You really watching pre season mariner baseball. Yeah yeah I want to get worse they're running now what might Peter opening airliner. Other than to see here. After pitching tonight Byrd and damaged you're watching him throw the and it could go and cruiser back picker are back on the World Baseball Classic though. This is bear this might hear opening daylight it's I'd like to get a little look do you did you get so much better than watching in India's he'd. Late last night. Yeah he literally exciting. You know he gave up flustered had an awesome year recovered are tired towards the end. It's been always fun watching him throw after the game last night I watched a little of the post game. Army major on the MLB network is could break didn't give up remote car and the bigger Martinez. I was due and hoping on dubious about how impressive years it was gonna need to watch one of the best pitchers I've ever received. Let's talk about he is like damage look at port deceit and our verdict curt that murders like the real. But until that happens I'll be watching tonight on routes towards. He's playing right field. Could be here record regarding god he was. Irving at the other piece in the Taiwan walker trade. Came over from here on our air and he has looked really really good. This spring. There a lot of incite their people say. They knew that he was seen as the throw it and the Taiwan walker deal but he may end up the end of the big piece that comes over he's looked looked really good and right. He's winning any team in the trade. Oh the current that's very well quicker and quicker on the for Tyler Moore is bigger than off to Europe and played really well in the World Baseball Classic in the end and I had a good tournament and he's. He's going to be a good player this herder guy. You know he had a little bit of Major League Baseball experience but it hasn't really got to be where yet the majors and there's a lot of doubt the great ease the legit everything right fielder. You could could bring so far so excited to watch him go Billie Jean thirty. Scott Bennett Roth he's please wait. Wait and held it until like it's also for the church rectory okay I'm trying to have a positive outlook on the murdered beaten here so don't feel my school yet. Played great infield. Whose plane first. Well that's the other that's the other thing up is we treated Montgomery. Last. And we got bear bear first baseman prospect overbought and so he's gonna platoon with Valencia. And hope that one of them can kind of grab and become the every day's first baseman beer one of those guys. It's had a very good screens so first base maybe a little bit of a roller coaster out. There's. Your time in return that is that would about my mandate relief c'mon he's gone there are here blonde aren't very good hundred US China air. He was my favorite mariner last year. Yeah I think he went back to bear it and yet this throughout. Urban. Affairs editor England Hobbs murder is heard freeagent that you're keeping the roads are gonna sign him usually got to hear this appearance Gosder. No I think Hosmer of all the guys because all those guys are so you guys Kane Hosmer the stock is friends. All of them and I think you need leaving Gordon like their hope. Core crew here here here heard although they can't no doubt the number one guy no heat is Eric Hosmer. Acting it I was kind of open that he hits the market is. He would look really good first phase tickled field. They love him there. You know he's. He's got there are these Baghdad he's the guy then Internet Salvi. The probably like Cain go. The you know I'd adding he'll try to keep the stock is but he's he might be the argument beyond now to you. Well that's too bad I was open. That's open immediate the market value I'd like how her life he's pretty legit. He is legit all right John goodbye heaven in a wonderful night. I love you Paul what are the hot mariners Ichiro again that is right field in first base. I do love that he's watching every inning mariners this season baseball he will be joined tonight on what to watch. I'm guessing he leans towards the Mariners. But his winner of the eighties I was down there it's what. That's really put a damper on their game. Iraq things. Plain meaning he planned to sink. It looks like everybody in the stands is miserable and it's not quite the atmosphere that it was less than he has played well I guess less than US is in San Diego was that. When Hosmer hit that big home run thanks for USA is plain to pin in the Sinise the where this goes on. We're recruitment and pretty exciting stuff. The Japanese yen is on the old Leo like they have the same type Ichiro sort of the same sort of science and yet we'll have a lot of don't have that same kind of slap to make them leave in the box. And you're seeing here they're very scientific but they're baseball. They would give get a chance to view their senior baseball game Japanese Baseball is it. They love it they love it and it's like it's it's more like an NFL kind of crowd. The figures cheerleaders in the they people do choose drunken keep relatively I think it's more like a soccer environment like that you feel like it timbers who lose their lives it's weird. All right. We're back tomorrow what are we have to market obviously tomorrow. Well you know into our bed it's going to be we'll he had the woman with Willie Taggart. Incontinence that he sits down. A self interest beyond tomorrow show 37 thumping tonight. She's. Okay okay. And then yeah.

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