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Primetime 3.21.17 Hour 3

Mar 22, 2017|

Hot 5 at 5, NBA's fight against resting players on national TV.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. How sweet it is. Yeah. This is a final sixteen which edition of primetime went Isaac ensued. Grabs you by a series cafe and ties what's your favorite of the series award winning pies vote now at 1080 the fan dot com and win pie for a year primetime on 1080 Australian. Gaza looking at the L Oregon State quarterback stats from last year in the plus it's so wild wood said Gary Anderson on him and that he Messina beat him pike has all of our hours and interviews and everything we do. And 1080 depend outcome Reggie Miller shot. But I Garretson us Tyler that Minnesota game in. He went 25 of 4220. Yards three touchdowns I just remember watching that game go to discuss make its plays have to get the be Jesus kicked out of exactly and then they played Idaho State they won by 31 ever he had an okay game. And then he literally fell off the map and you for the for the next four games he didn't throw for anything more than 85 yards. And against Utah he was fourth tour money. For 24. Yards. So. The whole spooked thing. Very real and you can see it right there on his game log and then he goes down Mick Marion comes in that also coincides with. The running game getting go. And that's when make a rider that time churn Harlow came in they were able to shoot stand to the inside they reshuffled some offensive lineman. He now has a way sort of playing better and yes they did start to run the ball a little bit better in the offense started to click a little bit and he put out. Much better numbers IE. He actually has better numbers than you dictated because I think he missed the game or two. His he threw for five touchdowns against there's not. Really Yasser he had he actually had. Eleven touchdowns and five. Picks him. And he threw far you know. There's gamer he threw for only 140 noses Washington. 327137. To 32 to 65 won a lot. Mean much given them what Garretson. Thirty interest and the offense was just much better they came exactly where the Zulu game you wonder if Garretson had hung in there may be Didier. You know if if he didn't get hurt you know would he have put up those numbers and we think more of him than we do based on how he went now. Yeah I don't know I mean it's it's interesting I mean he'll they'll. I think he's certainly gonna get a crack on me just seems to kind of be the forgotten guy in all of this people seem to think it's it's it's human race but. I'm supposed in spring from what I read is that they they got fairly and clearly even reps and divided the between the three quarterbacks and then also too I think it's in the gets. Is this just in to point out that an and we talked with coach Anderson I got the most disappointing group last year was the receiving corps minus. Seth Collins who I got was probably they're well Brian all knowing columns were their their two best offensive players. I I really thought that the they'd date they go one on one coverage of barge and we were able to get separation and just didn't make plays. And I that bad between four of its land claimed or wide receiver play better run game to speak of it's it's hard escorted right to be successful early in the year like carrots and laws. So coming up in the club I believe we're gonna get a visit tonight from other great Tony starlight. Yes and the claims to be wearing something now outrageous. We also have a Spokane coach. And what he did with a hot dog bun. Yeah I really need to guesses is still sandwich. Much of a we had a debate whether the hard Doug as a sandwich or not. Yes. Rose. And out in a club this hour by the Aaron Hernandez story is more bizarre than you even know. And then here at 515 a major sports to be rages and guess what seat nationally in with our hot takes that the hot dog. So that'll be at 515 right now though it's time for the hot cited five. Odd topics and opinions or we thought they aren't aren't good days and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm I replied yeah. Isaac consumed its experience. Behind my reply to replies again soon on ten he loves me. Number flies. Barry Bonds is back. The unit where he went. No I didn't know where Greg Abbott wonderland and was that what the market was like hitting coach Wright building with the Martins. No they fired his ass there with him he was in hand and now enough for steroids. Clear and the cream I didn't know I buddies down in Miami so he is joined the giants front office's special advisor to the CEO. Please basically to be a face up music questioned him exactly does that mean we don't he had when he left there he had a ten year. Personal services contract tacked on those last extension that's kind of like approvals as we ask you kind of have to be. And play by the team in some sort of capacity the end they say that is big and less smug arrogant. But it is instinct they're bringing him back. You know bonds it's it's like but you know what we have amnesia but is it Cisco he was never ability nobody was weird. It was weird Manny wasn't the same it would not he's definitely not like this. Glorified hero not a beloved figure that he is not or he's. Like that you could not bring Sammy Sosa back to Chicago. I did that doesn't have that kind of statement no wonder why bonds is different spheres. Don't know anyone that he got the all time home run crown Arlen agrees there's a very long time that might help. We have what about Clemens. Down into. The pitcher Steve why keep it doesn't stick in this Clemens and him kind of the same figure if bonds was the poster child for all he took the brunt of that. Four I think he was eighty NAS horrible evening with a clever. And yet that eleven and World Baseball Classic semifinal tonight it's Japan against the USA USA. USA there in LA Dodger Stadium. Winner plays Puerto Rico in the finals. I Japan is made up mostly guys from Japan who actually played ball there it is only what there is only one guy that's amazing FaceBook thereof. Plays. I Noory I Nokia you recognize him Peter Gomez is covered all four World Baseball Classic he says that this US team is the only one that really seemed to interest in winning it. And they are fired up than me they wanna win this thing so the game is at six over and AM 910 if you understood that they like it's a playoff that was demanded it matters if people care to. On the last night with Puerto Rico we have had people throwing chin music and you know bench clearing brawls than it was it was a whole thing he also in this turning in a much. You get much more of an international flair rely on those guys are pretty yeah they're pretty announcer live on demonstrative in any let that go they don't do that Mazen baseball's management. World is thought classics Montana Jerry Krause has died he's the GM. The old Chicago Bulls teams that won now oh I don't know six titles with Michael Jordan 77 years of age yes and was not so and Jordan's. Favorite kind of good nobody likes Jerry Krauss now teams that Jerry Krause did did did John a couple of things that he did was one he was the only council Jackson from the CD game. And two he traded for Scottie Pippen. And you know he only give a golden ponies are stunning and really that was Seattle that was the deal he also traded. Will produce for Dennis Rodman picked. NEA pretty straight men do you think the crowds are a lot of it because of the Jordan's. He's kind of viewed as the guy that broke yes that does it did in purely down to let him a lot of credit did he. He did he made a lot of pretty good news but you wonder how many GMs could have good enough pieces around Michael Jordan to win six titles. Yet at the same time that he said he's the one and when Scott got Scottie Pippen attracted hordes grants yet again yet Michael Jordan so how many GM's. Could just fill out. And they got maybe ninety Palau the study did the deal but polite and a deals that you still what a bunch of titles of Michael Jordan does colonel in the world and the bears switzer couldn't. Camden undergo shoulder surgery he is questionable for camp. I'd love to tease now. Ellis is wait until the offseason program I don't. I think Cam Newton will be okay I'll go in the campaign did not have a good year last year and you know the you know people kind of forget that before the MVP season. Some rumblings about whether I cam. Was a big time NFL quarterback may goes out leads team do it you know Super Bowl appearance MVP. LSU is a big backs I lose a big year for cam Newton's sounds and critics he of one of the rest on those Fuzzy NFL. And their owners are all median. Out there. In its. And military meetings of the one sleepless nights. Anyone know. Willingly there's spring meetings coming up and they say they are going to vote on the raiders moved to Vegas Monday. So yeah Monday and it seems like by all accounts they have the votes. Yes so your OK yes yes the hour. Las Vegas readers freaking love that airy fairy I think that is a great. That is equal rates. Match the raiders. And Vegas in the NFL gonna base adding that's awesome they're Cisco by the way I believe is where they're at their meetings super awesome. And number one the blazers can tie the nuggets for the eight seed in the west tonight can you believe that Jason I can't believe that they need to beat Milwaukee tonight though Milwaukee is at the notice and another Greek freak. This guy. You can't see him if you go to the game one of the between I think intruded the young stars of the MBA from this in Milwaukee and no really season chilled and he leads the bucks in points rebounds assists steals and blocks. It's none of them now media that's pretty impressive but he's with regard. He tweaked his ankle Saturday against the warriors say Italian play I tonight but key Nanette blazers are also warning of. Fake tickets on so that warning yeah I guess that the Mota senator they've they're saying this team for concerts to the same you know be careful of fate take its because if you do that with a counterfeit ticket. They're not and know how to reimburse you for that's a tough battle for them out but if you see a great deal online for blazer games or concerts it's too good to be true it's probably is if it's too good to be true it is. That's not tied at five and a nice a major sports debate rages and it is a sticky situation for the NBA. We'll get to that when we return on the fan. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime guys that consumed draft seen by a series happened. On ten ABC and they let somebody else remind me of another Jerry Krause Smith. And then Jerry Krause is still GM of the nineties Apple's. He passed away today at the age 77 but he inherited my matured mentally right I don't Decatur. Gray came in the hereafter. So he was in charge of putting pieces around him he didn't hire Phil Jackson that they still like Doug Collins but he he put Phil Jackson as an assistant to Collins. In the marine columns at a town and gave it to Jackson which. Holy crap. Pretty good news. Although some people think Phil Jackson's like vastly overrated. But I don't any Phil Jackson's new coach in many traded for Scottie Pippen you only gave up oldham ponies the also drafted Horace grant and that meant. That he could trade Charles Oakley CE trade Charles Oakley for bill Carr. Heat. And these are all key pieces he deserves credit for building that thing in yet I think he just gets vilified because Jordan Jordan and Mike Jordan didn't like give a lot of people in my news very smug and yet son and he broke up that got bulls team did not have to hit it right I think that's where a lot of people in Chicago get pissed off is the yes he created this and Yelp build it. But there was that why didn't have to end after six titles they could've kept go they also jet he'd also drafted Tony Kukoc. And that and to go it was awesome. In now is before it was really popular to draft guys and it is they were seen as big risks Jordan eighty Toni Kukoc to conduct does get down to -- he can play you mention he brought in Rodman in and he Ron Harper's. The roster wasn't just Michael Jordan and ham sandwich friend there were a lot of moving pieces but then again it helps to have if you nine were co GMs. And we had jordin do you think we condemn pullout and at moves to win a title probably win a title I don't think you win six. It's all Phil Jackson thing that I get the Phil Jackson won his titles which jacking Cody and they were anyone as we Jordan Pippen. And it a lot of people could have won titles but do you win six in do you win three in LA and I don't thinks ago. Look today. We don't know how volatile that situation was an LA which jacking Gobi and he kept that thing together they won three titles. If you don't think that situation was. Maybe not quite as bad because there is the unquestioned leader with which Jordan words and LA it was the push political beat Jack. But if you don't think it took something to keep all the egos and to keep everyone in line. There is Chicago and that any Tom Decker hair could have gone in there and once it's out ridiculous. Alien attacks from any ticket bro. And now on this consummate guy who issue it's like guy yet he's a ticket scalpers had him around town I've I've I've gone DeShea several times. But he is text and and he said I think this is a good advice he said that he M Moscow where. I've sold you both tickets in the passing can tell you that there were a ton of fake tickets for the Red Hot Chili Peppers show last Wednesday GAAP. Our most were bought off of Craigslist there were none Dell on the street I would suggest in this is where. I think he's got a good suggestion for you. That if anyone buys tickets from Craig's list that you take a photo of the cellar in a photo of his. His or her ID yeah because most if they won't let you yeah assign you know sums up because this is what I've found I hate. And I've said this that a thousand I. I like buy and scalp tickets. I've Bob from Jane many times about mother people down there. I do when I travel I just don't have a problem going up and I think if you wanna go to an event you can show up you get a good deal on a good seat. At 99% of the places that you that you go. And what I found is most of the time no gonna rip you off. Outside of the stadium because they have to deal with few. It was one if you've got a guy he's looking to sell you one taken and then bolt but most of these guys there are very gay baiting game event I go to one. Or to Vancouver connect games every year up in Canada and I buy from the same guy every single time he's on the same corner. And we've been their multiple years and he's there for every game. You get to know these guys think sometimes that comes with a bad notion to a Cincinnati's like she eighty back Alley thing. You can with a little bit of leg work you can find out who is legit and who you can trust and who actually does this and isn't going to rip you off. Well they may have those pretty advice now. Because there are a lot of fate take its troll around out there and not all people are is so. You know they're not the savvy you're never done it before. Right so. Good advice think she. So here's the debate OK so this is a sticky one Adam silver sent a he's the commissioner to India. Is none. Yes and you know that you're familiar pointing out Phil won five he won three wish jacking Cody believe they did win two. With Cotto is a monologue yes. Adam silver sends a memo to on the NBA teams and he calls. Resting of star players a significant. Issue for the league. And be prepared to face significant penalties. If you do not follow the protocol. Now what happened was last Saturday night the cavs. Rested their guys on the front end of a back to back in on this they're playing the clippers. In an airplane a lakers is. This Saturday night game was the ABC serie a game like that nationally televised game they set the Big Three and they sat those guys now. I know Kevin Love is I think you Irving as soon as they're dealing with injuries this not like data says gorgeous in. There's an arrest him they they can justify sitting them down which. Mean I would think you can always justify resting a guy right there slowly. But the league doesn't like it because it's a big Saturday night TV game. On ABC why not arrest them if it's back to back then why not rest them on Sunday against the lakers no one cares they're terribly probably even beat the lakers anyway without. Well the you know the research shows that it's important for guys. To rest late in the season on back to backs it is absolutely. Scientific and all these teens even Mark Cuban tweeted about it today. And these teens are getting this information and in the odds of injuries increased by like three times. If you have a guy playing on the tail end of the back to back. Mrs. league plays 82 games in all these back to backs and that the league's freak now. Because the only guy used to do it was Popovich after. But now or more people. For some reason Steve Kerr finally decided to do it he did the other night it (%expletive) them off and now the cavs that it may immediately call up Icaza second they did and said whoa what he Dylan. Dockers came out instead that this is not on the cavaliers said this is an MBA I think you know of course I personally did this is of course this is ridiculous yet in so. What do you do these guys are draws they are absolutely thoroughbreds who who. More than any other sport people are paying to see LeBron James Kim left carrier ring they kill us about the tabs right. Whoever the cavs rollout there they're paying to see LeBron. In the bronze sits OK it's sacks but. Both locally with ticket sales and we TV these dudes need to be out there playing particularly on. Marquee games like the MBA. They don't have that many games on television right like I like women's basketball's on more than break a season NBA. They do have a ton of features spots and feature gains they put their best teams their best players. And those are. Vital. To their league and their success. And the schedule is so ridiculous. That the coaches are gone I don't care about that I don't care about their job is to. Win and win titles not win game number 72 of eighty so where he fonts and how do you what edu hi I have no idea because what we needed the other day indeed take away draft picks how do you prove that someone is. Is is being sad for the wrong reasons what did you just what the guy goes out there and then gets in foul trouble what do you see here he goes out there I guy tweaked his ankle. How do you prove. This is this just seems like an impossible task for me and I said this all along when the big bad condition about public for years. Greg public this is job is to win an NBA title it's a whom I did tell if I'm Adam silver fund Jason's again worker or find whoever. My until Gregg Popovich how to best run his team find every day is I think this is that this is an impossible. Thing to enforce even if you wanna try to put some sort of restrictions on you to find someone you know we are asking did we draft picks that in 2000 jobs spurs were fine. 250000. Dollars or whatever was for resting their guys against the heat now and Pavlovic didn't care know and this was a rest as in I'd just sitting them I'm not going to. They're not hurt at this week week were were. Tired so let me ask it in this is still Adam so broad I would pose the question okay so we are going on back to back here instead of sitting in the broad. What's wrong with me playing him twelve minutes. So that's why if I Plame ten minutes. Or do I have to have now a minimum you gonna keep track of how often I play my players. Against this we can't do that and he knows he can't do that you don't like it if you are gonna try to put in some sort of you know restricted big hearing you're gonna take a draft picks that's fine all of the bronze star to game. Other pick up two quick fouls funds to disaster on the bench quick ten minutes that night Ian did that this is an impossible thing to enforce. They make any sense to me. Wall and get it it's bad for fans but oh you mean it doesn't make any sense in that there's really not a solution you cannot dictate what coaches known due to their players stated it a year now gonna control who white stark you're now gonna control my rotations. Yeah baseball players do all time yes it happens. Ticking on Sundays. Where. Lot of times the CRE days the star player won't be in the lineup but. It's a little different in the NBA in that again. The main there's only ten guys on the court at once they're two guys are three guys and anybody wants to see now right whereas in baseball. Yeah you can rest your three old guys to that's for old guy and that in all three not giving up again like in basketball. You are pretty much giving up a game equipment equipment got beat by like thirty against the do well first look what the warriors did yeah against the spurs they arrested everybody's got beat by thirty but that is San Antonio in with the warriors lost a third I know but that's that's what started this is that this game is because either that was such a hot ticket for the NBA was is a marketable game and neither team broad right under the table well the warriors have done it one time that's just instinct the warriors spark probably isn't in this for years. The lawyers did it one time and it was when they had eight games in eight cities. In thirteen days ago in terms like this is on the league this is ridiculous we can't do this in so many think that it was. It was a shot to the NBA that they both did that day that they love occurred did it. So what do you what do you think could be grave threat and so ordered to Levy some sort of horse bleep fine. And then Popovich to start his guys and then four minutes into the game just. Sit everybody. They get. Really the energy of that second group was breed the table in their right not hand or you know what the game got away from us and it was a blowout and didn't didn't want her. That is totally what's gonna happen. He's gonna start the mall and then like immediately called timeout and import them. It's just really wasn't a good energy tonight there's certain mix it up a little bit it's it's ridiculous to try to force. A team into having a certain line right to text 55305. There are a couple of solutions Mark Cuban through one now. And and silvers in the process of another one. And Nolte with those are indeed Samir Tex when we get back is Mike. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime what guys are consumed roughly by a series half and cry on ten navy program. Every time and Adam silver is memo to teams. Saying hey ressam players but this is significant issue for us. And be prepared facing Nydia counties. Yet that's nice is is so Harry is that the NBA really can't dictate what coaches do and they know that but yet this is a major problem for them down. So they have to if they have did like the can make a threat they have to beg them or threaten them or something. So a couple of things that have been done on its taxable. Adams summer did point out that the new CBA. Does scraps some pre season games and they're gonna start a week earlier. Which is. Obviously Smart. And so they are going to be able to eliminate a few back to backs that way. Mark Cuban has the most basic point which is absolutely right in he said. All he said today on Twitter was introduced the science of breast into the science of schedule. Period because these teams do a ton of of bum. Research in have a ton of science on rest and win their guys are most prone to injury. Get that info to the scheduler is and see if they can work it out. But I and I understand that what Mark Cuban same but I just think you're trying to cram too many gates into us a small. Time period like when you look at the NBA schedule. I don't know we Edwards is well limited back to backs from how how do you do that. Without extending the season that while they did it in the season by a week you'd you would have to stretch it out you know the system you're just you're asking them to cram a lot of games into a very short period of time. Did this solution is to eliminate fifteen games which will never happen. So I I don't know that this problem will ever. Will ever be solved there's too much there's too much travel unless you wanted honestly to eliminates. Eliminate teams playing one another and just have you know Wesco seems played largely West Coast and you know and and something like that. And and I know they do that lake we junior east and west only play one game apiece split. Mean we especially teams on the West Coast there's just not on the teams around you're going to have to play one of these. You know kind of tell stretches where you're gonna have to play back to backs the just don't think there's an easy solutions they will just rest our guys the schedule doesn't allow it. I think played a letters. Yes show on the no longed for back to back to CFOs back to back it's just the back to back since. It's the brutal where it's like six in nine nights or something like that mean those are some. We'll asides like I look at what curb. The warriors it doesn't anyway arsonist an eight games. In thirteen days in eight cities they flew across the East Coast during those thirteen days twice. Yeah it did doesn't get any worse now in the blazes have had their share to GAAP. Of those easily can look at his schedule before this easy to start to go blue that's gonna be hearing instead Terry every year has because the rodeos write it comes to town they have to go on the air coming in a long march sir it a couple of text here in 55305 the issues TV pulling money at the next contract deviant people sitting during the marquee games on ABC and I think this is I think that's hogwash I don't. Think that because they hamper the marquee games and I'm getting cold that this is gonna be a dollars and cents thing for TV contracts maybe not that. You know furan silver you can't just. You can't just ignore it. It's absolutely a real thing it really hurts them on TV I mean those gains are. Went Saturday night great example when you're getting ready to watch Icaza clippers ABC starry night they make a lot of money on those ghetto LeBron no retiree you know me that it's a joke nobody watches it's a very big. Now some think Adam silver can say won't won't happen. Noah says this will never have in the take waiting gains of four teams yes just like that the NBA is better all the games and are most teams are relevant announced watered down. But yet of course absolutely but they're not gonna do that because. They lose monies. Scares in forty break every six weeks. The mini all star game Armenia all star break see you throw in there. I don't know you I don't know how that jives with the science he now does it because there sand if these guys play two games in a row. It play Wednesday night and Thursday on Thursday night they are three more times more likely get hurt us the same day with the NFL Indian plane Thursday night games there just isn't. Why this Thursday night football sucks so bad is he got them playing Sunday is just not enough time to get your body right now the MB is not the NFL. But you're awesome plane back to back this just a lot of swearing in terror on on the body especially easy gay guys that a little bit older. And that's recent San Antonio and believe it or not LeBron give up point LeBron is no spring chicken anymore. And yeah LeBron doesn't seem what he's on the floor half the time in somebody's back to back games. It does have we seen him come to Portland in just not give a rip the end the big guys do you do that this coast but you know what though man that guy has played so much basketball. I'm amazed that he is. Well he's stayed as healthy as he has. But that he doesn't bitch about a more or he isn't he really doesn't grab but that's the one thing about LeBron he has play you think of all the playoffs heating of the Olympics in two. I mean he never he basically goes the finals every year every year that's an act extra what two months of basketball. That dude it's incredible how many games he's I think they said this over the last. These trip to the finals that he's made I think he's made five or six in a row. That he's played the equivalent of an extra sees me he never gets. Iraq I mean Eminem grabbed him by now. These huge minutes disaster played both ends of the floor is because it's amazing what he does this Texas what do you front load the schedule when guys are fresh eliminate back to backs later in the air. I think that would help but they still like the back in the you know the back to back him. -- some people might say if you you do at the start of the season when they're not necessarily good shape that's when you're gonna get a major injury you know as guys are working a way to conditions and the one it is pretty ridiculous to be mandate them to play however then you'll have players wanting to play more than just five minutes is they don't want their per game stats to go down your timeout like. The rug out there in the pullen he's right on a lot of people have brought that point in BA guys. Varies sensitive to their stats I don't think they're gonna wanna play five minutes and scored two points and then sit down and hurts their per game overdose that I don't wanna see who sit down I want technicals the LeBron just go on to get too quick TE's. Just blast in a referee Scott get teed up real quick mango at the showers. But denied this is got to be really hairy one for Adam silver wind and I honestly have not heard one good solution to. Two of the makes any sort of a sense to me and mark Cuban's well science of sleep well that's I understand that mark. You figured out trying to cramp 82 games into the short schedule you have. Well I don't think he's saying that I think he sand. If you're going to schedule we need to schedule better based on how these T why these teams are resting players you know so. If you marry those two. It's gonna rectify the problem now what does that mean does that mean. Gil you need a whole extra month. Does that mean. You play no pre season games every eight you. It's he's not saying what that would look like he's just saying if you want to rectify the problem and get teams to stop resting their guys after arrest them then you need to understand why they're resting their guys and why in the schedule is need to understand why. They're scheduled doesn't jive with the teams now and that's in he's absolutely right about that's very. Clear that to mean makes the most sense it's just can it be done is the question. And and my again my point is I've yet to hear someone come up with a logical solution to. Well but I'd I don't mean you know dollars and a scheduling. No but I know that there's not many free days mean look at the NBA schedule like when your your blazer fan how many times do you see them where they have three or four days where they're not playing a game. By ever do they only have they'll only have occasionally TS is just it's. Although I is that enough days and by the way if you Alaskan you know hockey manages to do it no it's same sort of thing or hockey hockey to grind and hockey as they press guys. Yeah hockey arrest guys but also to this hockey guys you know playing shifts and it's a little bit different but it's a very physical just it's a meat grinder. They absolutely get their ass kicked out there and they. You know it's true to that. In the nineteen to do this of the best teams that had there on the finals you know because they know how long it is. You know James Harden came out and said. I Reston with a lot play which I thought that was refreshing because there are some people idol fallen this camp there are some people who were like look. How much money do these guys freaking make it's called work you teach your ass out there and play but that's hurt nobody does their job a 100% of the time. No but your job isn't to win. Again gained 67 was maybe as access to win a said nobody does their job a 100% of the time nobody not you not me it's just. It's not realistic. All right it's not good to talk dead. I don't know what's gonna next inning of games. Yeah I gotta we get some NFL stuff weaken I was gonna didian her innocent that fool we need to tomorrow we need some time related hot murder talked have you read through the other trial that that's going on dude is he Aaron Hernandez. Situation is a way worse than anyone knows and I will Tahoe when asked about tomorrow at time why isn't that Guinean. More policies are behind bars we don't we don't care about this murder. Like no he's already doing Perkins he's not give now. He's no longer an NFL player he's in a prisoner it's overkill he was just it but he is a did is a serial. Murderer yeah that was. Kind of up NFL star. Are able to do that tomorrow. On what's next and and around sports and find out. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime what does it consume rap scene by a series cafe. On ten navy both. Millions during the coach hot dog bone and a gun it's he golf club nearly ten minutes away man walks into a bar we're enough talk dug under one arm. For heaven's sakes barely got a NBA fights it battles once bitter radiance. Hearing oh yes on Ameritech she said they said looks like he didn't think the MBA long to figure this out more fighting. Adams overs genius because Chicago's point try right now. In announcement CNET during that that report there but Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez got into it and they both threw him makers. Like he wasn't just pushing and shoving like your typical NBA fight in a neither one of them connected now they both missed but. They were pretty big deal didn't sing giving it a legitimate part zones is when you have arms that long. They promptly got to look. A long distance to travel if you watch a replay the aerial is really. Fastening because of Serge Ibaka is a reach yes and they were both close like it wasn't like they were like Larry Johnson loans of more in the didn't come in like eight feet of anybody like the tour. Several inches away from really doing something I don't have the first and real punch thrown in the NBA in my thirty years I think they both hit a very little bit I mean rolling all seen glanced about his nose and then Ibaka glance the side of his head how great would it be though if the NBA win the NHL road and just said luck. Will give you you got to sit for five minutes of what we're gonna a who's the senator for trying to. Curtain you Amazon's yeah yet Balanchine seized on that said that. He is of polish hammer that was gore topped knows what tiger has his dad's like a boxer or something you're right he said the judge slim fight. Sid just do the and it just I'll let let you guys go out there midcourt endurance it. You are targeted your stars fight get a couple Bruins on each team and the way. They've both got to Jensen. And Lopez. Threw the first punch if that matters yet will he seem to be the real aggressor and the whole thing via. But a bucket and threw his conscience seem but it baucus said something in a row low and he reacted by smacking the ball out of his hands and an all learn. And Roland them or reload or four in the I'm confused as why there's a giant husky in the middle of the Toronto Raptors court. It's a throwback to deal trying to Huskies of the forties do we know who the Toronto Huskies were. Do basketball team internal Ortiz in the forties we don't know what. Lou they play in in the forties that played in the old basketball basketball association of sport whenever that is BA ass comment I got an NFL or I've got to go story here the you might enjoy did you did you see the we leaving it did you see the Playboy playmate that's gonna caddie for increasing very. The masters. But. Grayson Murray is the time he is a golfer. And we participating in Haiti tradition unlike any other. Which is the masters and you also need to look at Lindsay hosts. Just Google that if you will he or she is a no bella she's in his L a model AS. He isn't Playboy in and until Twitter Mike on yet yeah. So old Grayson there are things in mass he hit its turns to Graham is up and do it on a daily basis yes fantasist who Grayson buried tweets acts. He says hey Lindsay tell us if I may win they streaking Houston. Will you be my caddie. In the par three tournament at the masters. And she responded win if obviously. So sure it was an oddity. No no she went with obviously. So this may be the greatest play in the history of sports if you're just some kind of anonymous golfer. Did just write something like this because now we send an obvious he has great motivation if Eagles and wins this tournament in Houston. The he would become the greatest hero that the sport has ever known. He met her on the back I think. At the par three I can't imagine her on the day just yet to throw. Instead Graham dot com Monday flasher allowed him and you'll you'll be she's adorable yes she's adorable mutant. And someone the best is someone puts this is Grayson said that he had motivation now and so with that wasn't one point two million dollars of motivation for you. He responded with a money doesn't create happiness. Half Lindsay palace does CS six million followers Grayson Murray is now my favorite golfer. On the PGA tour. Go Grayson yet since she's sent from Louisiana but she's now know she does look a little plastic. Million in nominal she is quite you have picked Elena parlor yeah I don't like that and one dollar and Italian those kids in this. Time to. She's a true basketball she's feeling great in that white jumper that they Wear for the masters well he's gotta win first yes quit so let's let's rally or sport behind. I think that's that's kind of my point is everywhere needs there in Houston and we need a lot of needle out positive momentum and maybe some people throw the tournament. David comes down to it doesn't why doesn't everyone adult wanna see this happen. You think that you should put her to. You throw the you throw attorney. To let till greased they're get a win all right Tony starlight come by and then next we have the Spokane coach who. Is barbecuing. And a hot dog bun thinks it is hey I queen and it is as coaches. Making the rounds we're gonna talk about it next on the fan.

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