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Primetime 3.21.17 Hour 2

Mar 22, 2017|

Gary Andersen, LaVarr Ball, and Oregon/Michigan Sweet 16 game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. But. Basketball party continues. Growth of the company with a shoe but stop me if it. This is a final sixteen week traditional Brian Dunn went by Dickinson. Rusty but serious caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning pies vote now at 1080 the fan dot com and win pie for a year prime time 11080 I know soon. Prayed for a four on the stand around and Zeke. So needs. So brigade deep there Mike Lynch was the smoke can lead again I don't you know we that was like I lost a stuff right there it is to rename it and you ever I feel like everybody has had that feeling would you like to repeat that. It's hard it's so it's hard to explain don't even understand what he's saying the word you realize. That. You're actually like alive in the things you're doing your brain is telling your body to do. Because he does everything you do in life is so natural you don't ever think about it breathing moving everything looking. But do you ever have that experience for like you realize oh my god. Everything is happening because of my brain telling it to to happen. Yeah we just it's you don't think of its reflexes and let my kids that this community we are playing catch outside sought Hank Kashmir outside. And she was saying it was it was a weird that you don't think about like the balls as can now you don't think about your hand just moves and who is she goes it's weird that this little weird mass inside my head is the one controlled. Yes yes and it kind of stretches to. You there's so many people in the world but you have had an individual life with individual old memories and experiences and it's all literally in this tiny little brain in your head. Crazy you crawled under the pre mortal who's you know now in a little it's crazy. And now look at you middle of my update I had that sounds like you're pushing we're not. Although the seven he would rate sport show in America I know about that Mike. Yeah I still notice argument I'm at at at a here's Lavar balls for book rubbed cannot comprehend. The that you didn't blow and you realize you're alive yeah. Yeah. Two days. Now. There is a there's a show going on right now I think it's on National Geographic but it's called the it's called human origins in its going back in and it's kind of a plan that they had to I think a year to goes called the story of us and just talks about human evolution. And how we. Don't know lake. The one last night was on microbes and does they just love microbes just within. The battle that we had at the beginning ever existence to not yeah be killed off by diseases. And all the things that have led us to this point. And it's it's kind of along those lines a little bit what Mike was talking about. The hope sort of did this series is to examine how we got from however you want to. To view as whether it's at a beaver whether we crawled out of the ocean from single celled organism whatever how we got from point 82 where rap right now. All the different things along the way that led us to this. Area really really free teenager he jets are big bad brains and we haven't magician yeah I mean just that's our specialty but there are deadly blast there there's two of them last night the first what was on and we don't have awesome clause earning now but this is how the al-Qaeda varied series goes last night there's two episodes the first one was on my bacteria and microbes and the other one was on money. And how money and it was like Kubel a con I'm really was the first guy there was like no I'm just gonna print money and you're gonna ominous say that this is worth. You don't. A certain amount if you don't go along with that I'm gonna kill you that's how we got that's the first use of paper money. Unbelievable they said it was public time people would come to him they ruby's. And instead of paying them in silver gold he'd give them a piece of paper and be like no this is worth this many. Pieces of gold and then whoever said no he just would Killen and leave them outside of like food the presidential. A palace I can and how he got everyone to buy into the notion that no. This paper is worth something and they talked about how just that one instant how it's spread. Change the course of human history at it's it's a really really interesting show I want to call I think it's called look at up I think it's called human origins. Okay. Here is what. Lamar ball said about back to speak you have revolution. From a real liberal Ernie has responded now some meat some of ours back he's got a new beauty if they tell people what he said about you but I am trying. But somehow brain taught got in the way. So. OK so Charles Barkley said. That loans a ball is shot up because he was crappy place basically yes he said that the the more said that he would dominate Michael Jordan in his prime and Charles berg is that you averaged 2.2 game at Washington State. Shut up. Well he's obviously taken that. Quite personal so here he is sitting down with Chris Broussard. And he says ball says here's the thing you got to play the odds in the percentages there's been a lot of great players a lot of their sons are black. Karine Scots on Jordan's got suns Shaq Scott sons and Broussard said we'll his son's pretty good tip yeah. And then balls quickly interject this is his sons are hate love the monsters in the NBA their dads wasn't that good. And I'm quoting here since this is not my grammar this is LaBarge. They were okay. They was players but the fact of the old Currie wasn't no all star he wasn't cold. He could shoot the ball low Kobe Bryant his dad wasn't all that that's why he's such a monster. You got LeBron it's gonna be so hard for hits his kids because they don't look at them like. You've got to be just like your dad and after awhile that pressure starts sitting on new like why got to be like him. Why can't I just beaming and then they're gonna be night I your sock do not that good because the expectation is very very high. My sons are dead my sons are great. Now he says sorry he says my sons are good they're great. Like. Tony the Tiger at burger worry. But let's say I really excelled in football and made millions and millions of dollars to I spend that time with them now know. I have to worry about the offseason I'd just buy you a trainer and hope you turn out okay. Whereas the fact that I wasn't all that allows me to take the time to make my boy is all that. To say that's the dumbest logic in the world saying that because you're a star that your kid can't be in because you were to start. Therefore your kid is going to be. That's the dumbest cause a reaction argument that you can possibly make. So LeBron is out with you LaBroque kid's gonna be terrible. Well he says. Lavar ball keep my kid's name out you'll mouth yeah. It's a problem now with Nestle Bronson you know why it is. And now it's is that if I was loans a ball I would be telling my dad to shut up but I'm guessing that no one tells his dad to shut up and that fair. Do you draft him Alonzo yes absolutely you don't you know this doesn't. Well depends on is pretty unique. Situation here again I don't let this stuff I think he's the best player now I think that the kid number two lakers if I think did that Josh Jackson Irving the kid from was that. Why can't I have never remember the kid from Washington I don't know these hallmark of our health points. If if I think that one of them is better than ones a balding yeah but this does not stop me from draftees on zobel knew and absolutely no. Because who Alonso. Is projected number two yet to the lakers and and mumbled Lavar wants and wants him in in LA Muller from down there. And of course he's silly thing to me that would be. He does it does sort of feel like the stars are lining figure you'll lakers are going after him specifically up right in the local kid in. So they don't it doesn't seem like they really care but no I mean is this wouldn't give payment that's a pain in the ass and he's gonna run some he's gonna run his mouth a little bit of what does that. That really have an affect on you on a day to day basis I think it can mean you see him dressed down a high school coach. Yeah now but dude you're not starts going after the coach and the coach gets pissed off like guys like this create. Well Buick chasm they create a chasm beyond that urged the hate that real word gets afterward and half the guys are with him and don't and aren't bothered by him there polarizing. And that in you don't want guys like that because. Half of it happens all the time in NBA locker room this is the culling cap predicting though and I guy can he I think he's capable of blog the ball was just another average player now. Dividing along the ball is a franchise point guard changing guy if he's chasing kids he gets compared to. I think he's Jason Kidd betting he's got a better jumper it's a little looks a little wanna keep that thing goes in. If I think he's chasing kit I really don't give a damn what his dad says I'm drafted him. Yeah and he's now look at some of these text their rulers bitsy this is Alonso vault us. I mean Lamar. The dollar he gets people fired up yeah paid as that's what that's his in game here provocative as we want to. I keys whatever based on my calls bass on the dam sweet sixteens bouts are but he still lead giant dish. In my opinion he is. All right by the way that show is called though origins and it is every Monday on National Geographic and it's really get to get a I will Jason I'm actually looking for new show the league and between shows this has roped me in you finish a narco sit. It does don't belong to you burn right through that all two seasons with. Strange things and our goes down. I hate waiting for new seasons cannot announce them as if to wait a long time at west rulings like another two years the two and a half years eighteen its next next fall I think there's so the next I thought it was longer now but adds it's a bit of willow was in the time of evident in the original ended. But down do they release when they put on news shows do they just. Do you have to wait for all the episodes like week by week or did they just throughout the whole season Michael Netflix I think that for example metro yeah but I think like which how the cards like they just Ramallah Lotto once he could they did see ally on at all because I I don't. I will not why so let's say. Marcus comes out with season three and they are doing a seasoned yet. And they throw episode one up there you wait to the end I'm Wayne talk tenor up there before I started I got a little bit of that because by the time I get ready to watch a show it's usually created enough of a buzz that even. Did did there's a there's a buildup of episodes anyways. The last show that I actually watched from the beginning that Romeo was Wes world. And that I usually. Easy takes me awhile for a buzz to build up about a show before all watch. In the year did very soon Archos. I know I'm saving the second season for the I got a 25 are playing well and download the second season on sit now. Well what I'm saying is. But I did watch the entire first season. Very quickly. I just can't wait anymore I can build the week to week thing gets that's that's BS. Its outcome in his season Eminem binge. On that the itch. Well now. Way Agassi here binge on this but check out the human origins National Geographic Medea aren't good outlet next we're gonna talk. About determined. There's another guy that's in the sweet sixteen his name is Wagner. And he is. From Berlin. Anyplace or Michigan. In their match play orient. He's got a pretty interesting story never interviewed Gary Anderson of the beavers that's all coming up on the fan based. On Jay Nady drove through. Right Gary Anderson is gonna join us. Ten minutes. Actually eleven minutes and eighteen seconds. And he is quite precise but his timing. When he calls us and we are always on time. Never late Tuesday yeah will be on time. This one will be on time. Hopefully and then we'll go like nine minutes of with the gear until Mike comes on her son was brain. If I hate it you guys ever realize that you're just a brave and light year a human being all at once. I can their smoke in the wacky about this for twenty by the way. Maybe. Smoking in Iraq now with a guy but our odds than its interest in. Would it dog. For release built cat in cat really spoiled dog. Hey down. So the ducks take on Michigan on Thursday you'd Turkey's. The dikes yeah. Against the wolverines which are you really owned by you implement and in the Wolverine no question this is a giant that's had a chance like that giant chicken. It's not a lady ducks this is the boy ducks up and down this game should be pretty bananas. I mean it's done. This is. I think it's hard to predict what I think what is at one point spreader and he basing got to pick him game Michigan who under achieved most of the year one of the hottest teams right now organ. Who's been solid pretty much all year but you know you take Boucher out of the lineup. In Michigan's got a couple big that you're going to be able throughout Oregon. I think this dude here is why the loss of Chris Boucher is really big deal his name as a mode Wagner. Anyplace for Michigan. And they still listed at 611. And he is pro potential. He's pretty interesting demo watch Michigan yet watch him play he's got some news broke your big old German and is from Berlin he looked really good against a Louisville fact he was Canada. Different tonight game. What he said to he's from Berlin and he made. And I guess this does not happen over there and European basketball. He made. The German pro team at age seventeen yeah we have seen and he was like did that most guys. Go off in the high school ball and they have a little bit different system every day go off and a place somewhere else in the may come back and play for their pro team. He made it at seventeen which just doesn't happen but. He. He was fascinated with college hoops in the US. Yeah because Ohio most of those guys don't come over here is he got an offer gets it was a pretty substantial offered to go play professionally. And Mimi turning down to go. You have or student athlete he said he wanted to travel. Anyone to try some different. And so he was fascinated with college hoops he had a yet connection. There in in Berlin. With Ed Ed and views a German coaching European coach who knew John Beilein. Who has the Michigan coach. And the guy emailed Beilein some clips and Beilein Washington the guy said most of the coach's team respond as clips but Beilein watched him in emailed him. Any end in and using now that you will we have yup hey you're 611 guys can rebound shoot yeah a little bit. Let's do this so Beilein emails Wagner and says hey bro let's talk society. And I guess it went to junk mail. And Wagner never got to. So. In one of the all time. They say it's one of the all time Covert missions in college basketball history they coaches do not do this Beilein. Hop on a plane in the middle of the season. This is like wintertime you know he's. This is the 2014 doesn't fifteen Michigan basketball season he's right in the middle season they had two days off and he hop on a plane any flew to Berlin. He said he got out of the airport youth Luther answered any doubt that the where they call those airline once he got on the airplane. And if GM's huge airport tons people and there are bunch of Michigan. He's like he's like only got. Will. I need to get out here like he he want no one to know that he was going over this is you just don't do that yeah. And all these machines as like tape picnic picnic is John. I'd that the damn this thing what are you doing here and he was like I can't tell you and he walked away. So thank you ass yeah he's like I'm not telling you I'm doing here so he spent 24 hours of Wagner. And he said all the dealers need flew over there as he wanted to look him in the night and see if you are serious about coming to US others guys say they want to do but you're a well well. You really easier to come to school here or not gonna pay you anything wink wink nod nod why would you come over here what it's an easier path to the MBA. BA European and get paid so you like the kid he flew back over and Wagner was on hand for game gets records he can practice with them because he's European he could. He can actually practice the team in the city was terrible. I Beilein was watching these economic guy gets everywhere he was like six let me with a 200 pounds and as he was just like a a bean pole but then towards the end he made one move to the basket from out top and that's what Beilein Mike he liked the fact that again the Europeans like Nur pitches is. Impressing us here in Portland with Indian seven feet but also just his. Just his agility and his. Concord awareness in his passing ability. The Europeans do better than us the big guys or do you remember it from the time these guys are twelve or thirteen years old for a lot of them this is what they do like there's not. Practice limitations that mean you this is what you do all day every day it's just it's the game has taught differently. So he said he made a move and his team that's too much potential I. I got any offered him right on the spot Beilein offered rounds by and the kid was like here's what Bob honors colas it wasn't all about money. Of course there was some money on the table on a professional stuff but I don't want that yet I liked being a kid I liked being and I leave dude you didn't have to care about stuff. And you wanna take your money and contracts really I felt like I would have regretted it my whole life is letting go try something nil. And so he is like OK let's get to work as they went to mission in our lap two years ago he you. Didn't play much who played nine minutes a game and averaged three points but this year he's about twelve and four guy. He's seven feet you why don't we said the why did put on about 3035611. Since he's he's been there. Very versatile sees the floor passes and he'll be on the court when organ plays them on that Thursday and he's a pretty interesting story in a pretty inner eighteen. Watch and he's a lie. I'm Chris Boucher. Losing him is a big deal because Boucher. Would just be the perfect yeah peace to defend. Had death lettuce is ended to take him outside that would have been a fun matchup is in some ways there. They're kind of similar players. In in in both guys that are that are big some athletes can step out shoot the three a little bit and are just kind of big Stetson your right. That would have been a good a good match than the other guy this DJ Wilson Michigan has to 610611. Guys underneath that are both. You know pretty good athletes that can move around a little bit so it will certainly be a challenge for organ and then to to stay out of foul trouble as well. Minority stake coach Gary Anderson recaps why. They started so early play dirty done with spring they played the winter game. Look ma Y. And how about opening up the passing game this year will let talked curious about all things beavers football coming up next here's Mike I'm all right. It is 434. On the stand with Iraq and zoom. Signed in your view Gary Anderson again. That's been laughed has been a while the thirty demo spring ball yes and springs like two days old they did not have a spring game they had a winter game. He areas coach can you read me. So important gotcha go to organize breach three youth grace wolf it's. Recruiting you since the fifth double break yourself extra involved by ovals week of spring regularly. Pop back in the weight room world spring conditioning and sort of what are conditions should be just. As a thinker would you add spring ball you headed during winter you you've changed the game why why why so early. Did you know what quarters it's a great thing I've got a really good for this team this year. But the other got to that cycle is going to be. Prior pretty difficult for me enough I guess right thing to do they can't win. You have the opportunity you have quarters analysts a lot of advantages academic vanished where the kids don't have a football practice on the plate for a full quarter which will have this spring quarter we get nine weeks in the weight room. In the spring quarter the retention I thought was good from the season until. Home. Spring ball started which was big for us and we will work we can schemes toward our. You know redo of the offense the defense salute those a lot of reasons for it and the biggest thing most opposed us for the kids so. It distrust the coaches took away some vacation time problem of some different things doubles clients have but that's okay it is better for the kids that go to the coaches could. Find a way that will make up that's that's vacation time tore down the road to no good election tiger on spring break so it is no shoving a bubble size. You mentioned you know tweaking and we talked about you know last year you mentioned may be wanting to lose. To throw the ball downfield more maybe spread it out air raid sort of things. How how did the offense of all over spring and is it gonna continue to evolve or do you have pretty good idea what this is gonna look like we kick off in August. Whether it's gonna continue to evolve and we have to bring Iran back right and so I think you have potentially lead running back as he continues to develop them. AP is a great job developing its freshman last year of excellent feel really good about those guys and we wanna build from football wanna be powerful political. And don't. Short physical presence in the run game so that is not going to change. Wanted to get better that. They're shorter more physical kind of bottled sublime and so on and so forth. But we have to deal through to get the ball downfield and home. It effective manner and I don't really need to use work consistently is their because we're far from consistent towards football Russia we were. Pork throwing the ball real well that is to get better at all everything intertwined in the off folks from like so many times from coaches to players took. Scheme and everything in between so we worked hard that it. You know the Kiet. The position has reached what receivers go to catch contest balls in the governorship we're recording offensive line will be better with the protection web what. Brocade helps to protection be better the protection that we better. When we moved to throw in the right way so I think that those are gonna work could use a between get out of line and the quarterbacks wide receivers to work in progress. Quarterback position on north will be here next was next questions what was gonna answer right now but the way you want answered it's not. That's because the question about it but we're looking for our guys that can manage the game we have that I believe we have three yet and the content managed became. Which is possible and our offense now we have to try to quarterback that can make special place because just being. A quarterback became manager in the packed full with the high powered offenses this does not want to put you in a good spot rookie of the year in my opinion so will continue look part of that. So I noticed you brought in Nam was reading they brought in the Jason Phillips guy he was he was under Gene Jones you know -- time of the air rated Cushing jones' old Rasheed thing. So this guy's gonna Corning the passing game owner he just maybe. Tell us. How do you go about incorporating his ideas like how much do you use how much does it change in just kind of what that process is like bring in any guy who. Who is specifically there to help you literally just talk about. They're really quite a bit reduce the lot and I'm subsidy those meetings not far from Mumbai offensive. Guy. By trade and I think I could palpable but what defense is look at adjacent such an honest job of really quite frankly simple flying. Our game we wanna be open. Played different paces at different times and they do some different things from the structure how we look offensively but. The route concept VI it is decreased apple whereabouts and I think that's what the next step is going to be for the offenses. We have got to be offered that could line up and the wide receivers or have a good knowledge of the basic field understand. What they believe it's going to take place that matters moving parts of the defense stood third using their. Certain knowledge bases. Get the opportunity to say okay this is coverage or whether Goldman's were leverages. And the quarterback needs to have but also because we have to get the ball out I thought this spring we got the ball how much quicker with the quarterback there's still another step that there was. Relationships between the wide receivers the quarterback of Jason's done a great job of bringing him. Him and his ideas. He's not a legal maniac and this is no way to do it is not like at all that you coached ball was very open my attic which we give as a burial provided PGAs and burial provided to quite strengthen protection. Some tweaks is legal through their. As souls coach like that running back spot so we'll they've they've bullet very well together and they'll continue to do that in the spring break as we come back during the bye weeks there's three weeks for the Scotia growth spurt recruiting I think they'll be vital to. Our valuation Porsche rate cut ups artful game of there was times when you know we definitely took some some strides toward the quarterback's got the ball out school he's been a big addition I think we'll show. Big dividends than actually. And gamble not ask about the quarterbacks and I so move on my favorite part which is the offensive line. I thought when you first got there it just then there's wasn't enough bodies along the offensive line. Last year you guys struggled early in that I thought Sean Harlow coming in and then there your region in the line at a GG season. About everything changed after he came in you guys are we able to move some some players around but three starters gone. How is that offensive line looking and then just you know as you you move into now a couple of years here. Are we seeing better debt are we seeing better athletes disguise physically able to complete their position better than may be when you first got here and I thought it was your weakest position. Yeah I believe so we know and that we could revolve we doubled and that sort of been taken they're here beaver fan involvement and so after graduation the splashes but through some. So much fortunate injuries scenario which would push those kids that we go through that we have them except civil won't be we've we've continued to recruit. So we have some young man and stepped up for grown sleep you know Trent Moore played his best football by far this spring and he's bigger he's stronger he's now squatting or 500000 give them a chance lineup will be able platform followers didn't have in the past because just strike is not care factor smarter in Hilton wasn't strong enough for these. He started to get to that point we can hang in there will be better at an annual growth continue to move forward gospel baucus was true freshmen lecture playing it. You know bits of good things and it is if you continually work. Workable and grind him. Get his weight were he needs to be he could be a fantastic player movement some reviews of all of the defense wide. As a transitional role caterers starters that are appear that the defense wanna move in and out there about six man rotation we had last year. He moved over to starters your office server. So. Yes we have I think we have some better depth two likes it right now I feel like we have eight guys that can go up there. Compete in the pac twelve game at a high level noble we have to have that crystal that has to be. The goals to get the middle of the great guys that we feel like yep they won their play week in particular business and I'm I think it's I ordered of course they have ten of those kids that. It will be in this call for Kabila do you some injuries things come your way you don't have a development. But it's potentially there we have to JC guys a side note. One will be here what is next quarter which will be great you know we'll get her released so we're so full schedule recruiter play expected to come to prepare deploy. As we move forward so like all the positions I think we you know we look better. Look stronger there they're buying into what they need to do about these produced so what was girl feel because if we can protect pastor. Will have a chance next year to be a team that could be a pretty good offense I believe that if I can't. According. Gary Anderson because of the beavers here do you mention that Colorado State game being moved August 26 is actually pretty big deal we're trying to that in the day here on the show that. You can now go. Well you get to go for gains break with a bye and you go what four more per. Three. And then a break how significant is that I would think that especially is that a team that doesn't have the you know the Alabama depth. That is a huge deal as opposed to playing all those consecutive games last year. Mean you're exactly right those all the bigotry as we get that I was that your advisor real positive because of the timing that they sit this year after four games of them. I'd play three and give them a break which is great and we also get to recruiting weeks is very very poor part of the year for except for games we can go to our school gave each coach is gonna go to recruit three more games. So I school pianist let apple also by the second buyer like gained nine the reason may be ten. I'm at least equal than their year and around the federal part of the country the plane is so we get a real good look at our recruiting will submit a little girl pretty good weather content. Go get in trouble right kids so there's positives to it. Well I'm glad we're able to have to get a move just it's crazy you know it. A member August 15 when I played those type commitment sort football on the also books and yeah all the bluster July 30 cooking up bad stuff. It's sped up. But I do believe the script worked his local channels by as well and you know last week we buy literally that ran the table and played really well the over the years so it take to buy as well default. Will be the possible. OK so I wonder if you can now I'm so back to the quarterback things are. Do you. In your head you kind and no but you want. And the neat but you you don't wanna buy jump to conclusions years like yeah let's let's promote some competition. Beta best man win but but in the back here mind don't you kind of have an idea of how they fall. Yeah I think I think we all do and I'm according most secure the local folks you have an ideal world also. If there is something to it too. Make sure that the team understands that what they need to understand that and then. I get the fact that everybody wants to talk about the quarterback position and I you know I. I don't want to be overly protective boot that but I also have sought for me that you know we we did make it that big a deal move summer summer. Starting because one of the story Syrian political press call for less so. As we go through wolf filtered out will make the announcement will make the announcement it'll probably come with the announcement of the of the full Dutch artist as we as we go forward. In time when it's time to do that I don't know. Four don't have an exact timeframe on MacBook do I think that we have a little bit of the pecking order understandable gold yes but his record this kid on the team know that a quarterback understandable that put. There's still some development that I want because I want to see those special place policy game manager velocity guys that knows keep good enough to not costs football payment. But a tall order problems we think look if four but those are important things in the quarterback position sometimes are worse things would that pounding the football and but there's also. When you missed layups that's bad deal if you can't manage a game you have missed layups that we're gonna have to get to connect reporter at the buzzer workforce or at least give us a chance to limit so the little things will look at four of them I think we have had the pleasure to compete to get that done. If for every spring that I was ever part of there was always one guy did no one saw coming down these that are also new defense of and they campy blocker is he really can't. You know can cover and no one side coming did you have a guy this spring. That's maybe snuck up on some people that may be people aren't even talking about an inside you know you know media rooms everyone ate each day were saying hey did you see what so and so did. You know there's a couple kids won no medals playing core core forces did grant did a great each other three picks the last two scrimmage isn't. It's a tremendous thing she's this tough minded kid will lower is that it is the the great athlete of he walked in here and his toughness his ability to compete just kept short asserted. He bull right now look at where you can do things we'll see as he continues to progress that he was so definitely. I'll highlight it's a young man that played a lot force clashes at a tremendous through spring was tied to so they have Tyson was. He was dominant on the inside on the defense of wanna come for a technique and live like this progression. And I cloning also with the bulls guard did a tremendous job and well what have 67 because what I feel very good about. Filtering through their this year especially with one summer but we can't Titus is it is an inside guide now from the outside B back position sold those that that cool deal have a cup played very well they got rid of the devils coach from last year just got a better this year now that they're playing well. So those guys I would I would. Save them as a group was really nice surprises we want to shrink bomb offensive side of the ball I would say the continued progress of a piece of the running back position. Got more physical conference catch the ball extremely well we know we expect got to write that. He's a heck of a 12 punch. Yen for those that don't know. I'd Jed in his Brian grant's son of former here former triplets is there. Killed an athlete there he hello oh whiskey. I think forty acre we ia will not want to tell you something because. We we've talked about Arab limbs which Abdullah. I have come across something news. And wanna share with someone who loves a good we skier Bergen on ice that he ever had do you like rye whiskey. Yeah sorry Beltre at the end of firmly. This is a rye whiskey. And it's called angels in the have you ever had at our credit yep good it's all right there he is already had a yeah yeah I tried to have for the first time in and night and loved it. Yes it's good they could pick. My album cover. And Olympic good can't talk brother still will be what you have full. Unless you're. Yeah really on the send it looks. I. Up nobody usually you do you guys talk I live about world right yeah he's 98 months little hectic all right they're good to talk to you think you've. I appreciate it guys somewhat politically you run. CM that's my fair part of an. Content that. I haven't and it finally here and I don't think you're throw and a oh whiskey curve ball passcode I'd just love how dismissive you all you have had and of course to I don't think he likes elements season that though. He's been around the block knows what you're telling me that you're going to shed some light on. On some whiskey too to computers and now I tried it at that entailed next time. I'll ask him if he can recommend something ahead with Eric is he's probably got more and in the cabinet it. Typically they cabinet that's only had your guy you let go make a pilgrimage down there in film at first CSN if you likes. Was he. So what's Tway angels Emmys Iraq. They're returned it is really gauge train I can't do that it's yet the Mormon thing be when you think it does that rank any time you're not sneaky like I was of the view are you guys are home. No I'm just open about it what a charade and now. All right now let's get back on track here thanks to give air force 49 and the ten. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime what guides against suit Roxio my series cafe and highs on 1080 okay. Well very honest answer from Gary Anderson on the quarterback. Thing for these again we know our guys know it's just. Ileana push him. So you wonder who that guy is now there's three guys is Garretson from my shoes and married my share news is ju co kids is Lou time. I eight. It sounds like Hulu time is probably the guy everyone seems did beat. But saying that there's a lot of smoke but they're not there yet now and he like he said he's like he's pushed it was a K I need to see more. Play making ability SE I thought Darrell Garretson. I go back all the way to the Minnesota game the very first game. He's that kid was running for his life took a beating. But he made some plays and then we started as a man I really liked this guy because of the year number the year before. Was when they were they had Seth columns active I didn't know quarterback. So it was refreshing to see an actual real quarterback but the big. Had no we are running for as I know turn to throw the ball so I actually liked gear attend but a you guys talk about the offensive line and everything they hope that it's better this year and that will help but. I thought in we talked about this at Gary Anderson during our weeklies with him last year that dare dirt single spooked him. Any any city it's it's easy Frist is an appearance say hey stay calm in the pocket it's not you get whacked in the back of the head that's right and so that kind of I live I I wouldn't even be able to rattle off Darrell Garretson numbers from last year but we'll take a look for your I don't think he's that I got I feel like he's he's all right but he seems. To be the forgotten guys yeah yeah it is either make Marion because the end of the year or you know it's the DC transit that ever went and you never ever. We have this organ debate it was Nate Custer or Marcus Mario and every one of their grandmother said it was going to be because that's another he was constantly was you know I was make causing content is constant and end does Dennis. Is Brian Bennett was brain Bennett. Yeah it was caught cost is older. Meehan may be right there is that there is that debate between decorous and everyone thought it was going to be. Comedian is Darren maybe that was the homered Derrick Thomas came out at Thomas in Costa maybe that's what it was now mom I'm drawing a blank as to which which quarterback controversy that was but. We all were reported a one way every reporter everyone instead of programs that it's this this this and then when they came the announcement of wounds like cool what the hell so. I mean you know maybe it will be someone different but it seems like everyone down there in this kind of goes along with what he's saying that we have an idea. That it's gonna be the the league. Wanted to be this guy want to be the jury's got to show it you know you gotta show it against nick Marion and showed against them. DG broke the NT EG a lit on by the way you know he's from Marysville. I did not know that and he ran humors are committed Idaho out of high school. And and when did you go around but he brand of fear. In high school teacher in the veer option they ran in the air commuter wishbone and he's already said you know he had obviously eliminated at that. Limited my ability to get him noticed yeah so nice now did you go around he's back in Oregon State. And down he has two years of eligibility. Yeah Garretson by the way he played in six games completed fifty senator is passes for touch or three touchdowns four interceptions. That's enough theater. And then we see that Kim Yang aegis that offensive line was. Borman Marion numbers it was really really bad last year the start of the season and then they shot Lilly also on the Minnesota again then made they shuffled around the offensive line and czar run the ball a little bit and the old bold they got. Fairly decent towards the end of the year and by the people are saying it was it was may costing Derrick Thomas. That was the debate in Oakland but Marianna had run to first spring game I think it was Brian Bennett. Where's the guts Bennett spent and spent it in and and there's no wait let's string in the way it's Mario and Arianna. So I mean this does give a time of year you I think by a weakened to fall camp. I think he will make an announcement of the this is gonna be one of those. You know he's at first capture yeah I don't think we're gonna be waiting until the end of the the first day and and no is going to be some sort of big controversy here. All right finally Marion stats working on it as we speak but he. OK buddy I got he played also in six games our pal you and me documentary. Britney friend. Rules out of cash career passing stats you Xia that Korea broke. But I don't call me buddy now. Don't find talent guy he had four touchdowns five interceptions he also played in six games. And didn't hit his completion percentage on here which I don't know why. And why they wouldn't have that. But. There is 5555%. Completion percentage. Five touched their five interceptions for touchdowns. So. Kind of fear in recent years that neither one of them jumped jumped off the page they're passing game last year what I not the best. I hot by the five is coming up next Barry Bonds has new work. A basketball guy dies. And a surprise surgery edit the NFL next on the thin.

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