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Gary Andersen -- Oregon State Head Football Coach

Mar 21, 2017|

Gary joins the guys to talk the spring game and spring football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Signed in your view Gary Anderson again. That's been laughed has been a while. Thirty demo spring ball yes and springs like two days old they did not have a spring game they had a winter game. He areas coach can you read me. Important got you covered organized breached the real. Straight fulfill. Recruiting is. Since the fifth double break yourself extra involved by ovals week of spring break in north pop back in the weight room for world spring conditioning and so what are conditions. Should be just. I think if you had spring ball but he added during winter you you've changed the game why why why so early. Did you know what quarters it's a great thing I thought it was really good for this team this year. But dollar got through that cycle is gonna be. Per pretty difficult for me it up pick the right thing to do very Taiwan. You have the opportunity have quarters analysts a lot of advantages academic advantage where the kids don't have a football practice on the plate for a full quarter which will have this spring quarter we get nine weeks in the weight room spring quarter the retention I thought was good for the season until. Open. Spring ball started which was big for us and we will work we can schemes were about. You know we do in the offense the defense salute those a lot of reasons for it and the biggest thing most of those dust of the kids. It did stressed the coaches who took away some vacation time for a moment. Some different things don't apply in some but that's okay it's better for the kids that book coach's code. Find a way that will make up that's that's vacation time for another road to look at the election time comes straight breaks so it'll shut your bubble size. You mentioned you know tweaking and we talked about you know last year you mentioned may be wanting to lose. To throw the ball downfield more maybe spread it out air raid sort of things. How how did the offense of all over spring and is again he continued to evolve or do you have a pretty good idea what this is gonna look like we kick off in August. Whether it's gonna continue to evolve and we have two very good run back right and so I think you have potentially lead running back to continue to develop them. It is a great job developing its freshman last year of sort of feel really good about those guys that we want to build Roma football won't be powerful political. And you know. Short physical presence in the run game so that is not going to change. What can you get better that they're stronger or physical kind of muffled sublime and absorb so will. But we have to be able to to get the ball downfield and home. Is effective manner and I don't really need to use worked consistently is their because we are far from consistent toward full well Russia who work. A pork throwing the ball we although that is to get better that's all everything intertwined in the offer from like so many times from coaches to players current. Scheme and everything in between so we worked hard at it. You know the Kia. The position has reached what receivers got catch contest balls in the governorship where their only offensive line will be better with the protection when what. Brocade helps to protection be better the protection that we better. When we moved to throw in the right way so I think that those are gonna work in unison between the offensive line and the quarterbacks wide receivers to work in progress. Quarterback position norsk will be your next who's next questions what was gonna ask her right now but still the way you want answered it's not. That's because the question about it but we're looking for our guys that can manage the game we have that I believe we have three had been on the content management game. Which is a positive within our offense now we have to try to quarterback that can make a special place because just being. A quarterback became manager in the pac twelve with the high powered offenses. Is not going to put should be good spot at the end of the year in my opinion so we'll continue we'll call it. So I noticed you brought in Nam I was reading the brunt in the Jason Phillips guy he was he was under Gene Jones you know we kind of air raided Christian jones' old Rasheed thing. So this guy's gonna Corning the passing game owner if he just maybe tell us. How do you go about incorporating his ideas like how much do you use how much does it change in just kind of what that process is like bring in any guy who. Who is specifically there to help you literally just talk about. They're really quite a bit reusing a lot of it not some signals being partial month of offensive. Guy. By trade directly connected palpable but what defense is look at the Jason's a tremendous job of really quite frankly simple flying. Our game we wanna be open. Played different paces at different times than they do some different things in the structure of how we look offensively but. The route concept the idea is that preached that word and so I think that's what the next step was going to be for the offenses. We have got to be offered that could line up for. The wide receivers or have a bit knowledge in the based field understand. What they believe is going to take place it matters moving parts of the defense stood there are using their. Third knowledge bases. Get an opportunity to say okay this is the coverage or whether Goldman's were leverages. And the quarterback needs to have that also because we have to get the ball out I thought this spring we got the ball well much quicker with the quarterbacks there's still another step that there would prefer. Relationships between what receivers quarterbacks with Jason's done a great job of bringing him and his ideas. He's not a legal maniac and this is no way to do it is Alec at all. Coach almost burial might occur which we give as a burial provided TJ has been burial provided to quite strict protection of some tweaks is legal through their as souls coach like that running back spot so. They've they've bullet very well together and we'll continue to do that in the spring break as we come back during the bye weeks there's three weeks for these coaches screw us for recruiting I think they will be vital to. Our valuation bush rate cut ups are pro game the there was times when you know we definitely took some sort stride toward the quarterback's got the ball outsold he's been a big addition I think we'll show. Big dividends and exceed. And gamble not ask about the quarterbacks and I so move on my favorite part which is the offensive line. I thought when you first got there it just there's wasn't enough bodies along the offensive line. Last year you guys struggled early in that I thought Sean Harlow coming in and then there your region in the line on GG season. About everything changed after he came in you guys are we able to move some some players around but three starters gone. How is that offensive line looking and they just you know as you you move into now a couple of years here. Are we seeing better debt are we seeing better athletes disguised physically able to complete their position better than maybe when you first got here and I thought it was your weakest position. Yeah I believe so real and that we can revolve we doubled and that sort of been taken their career beaver fan involvement and so through graduation that slashes the troops home. So much fortunate injuries burials took place those kids that we built your that we haven't except civil woes mean we've we've continued to recruit. So we have some young man who stepped up withdrawal saying no more play his best football by far this spring and he's bigger he's stronger he's now squatting or 500000 given the chance lineup will be able platform followers didn't have in the past because just strength does not care factors Marguerite Hilton was strong companies. He started to get to that point we can hang in there will be better. And he'll grow continue to move forward gospel baucus was true freshmen lecture playing and you know bits of good things in the if it could fuel continually work to. More bold and grind and get his weight where he needs to be he could be fantastic player movement summary used to know the defense wind. As a transitional role caterers starter there at the end of the defense wanna move in and out there about six man rotation we had last year. He moved over to starters real troops that are so. Yes we have I think we have some better depth two likes it right now I feel like we have eight guys you can go up there. Compete in the pac twelve game at a high level noble we have to have that crystal that has to be. The goals to get the middle of great guys that we feel like yep they won their play we particular business. I think it's I ordered him so you have ten of those kids that it would be in this complex bill do some injuries things come your way you could have made equipment. But potentially their refugees he's as excited as. 10 dear what is next quarter which will be great you know we'll get purely social. The schedule recruiter play. Expected to come and prepare deployed at all. As we look forward so like all the positions I think we you know we look better. Were stronger there they're buying into what they need to do about these produce little little girl feel because if we can protect faster will have a chance that sheer. To be a team that could be a pretty good offense I believe and I can't have. And according. Gary Anderson the coach of the beavers here do you mention that Colorado State game being moved August 26 is actually pretty big deal we're trying to that in the day here on the show that. You can now go. Well you get to go for gains break with a bye and you go what four more per. Three. And then a break how significant is that I would think that especially is it a team that doesn't have the you know the Alabama depth. That is a huge deal as opposed to playing all those consecutive games last year. Mean you're exactly right those all the big trees we did I think that your advisor wrote post move because of the timing that they sit this year after four games have been. I'd play three and give him a break which is great and we also get to recruiting weeks is very very important part of the year for except for games we can go to our school games coach is gonna go to recruit three more games so high school he's let that point most of by the second buyer like game and I don't even make. Ten I'm at least eight weeks in their year and I don't know what part of the country the plane is so we get a real good look at our recruiting will submit will go pretty good weather content. Go get Trombley kids solution policy is to it. What I'm glad we're able to have to get a move just it's crazy you know yeah. A member August 15 when I played those type commitment sort football now also looks in the ball busters July 30 cooking up bad. It's up and it's sped up. But I do believe it's constructive war well handled by as well and you know last week we buy literally that ran the table and played really well the over the years so it take device with a fall will be possible. So I wonder if you can now I'm so back to the quarterback things are. Do you. In your head you kinda know. But you want. And the neat but you've you don't want I'd like jump to conclusions years like yeah let's let's promotes competition and beta best man win but but in the back here mind don't you kind of have an idea of how they fall. Yeah I think I think we all do what I I think most secure the local folk you know I do work also. It there is something to a two. Make sure that the team understands that what they need to understand a demand. I get the fact that everybody wants to talk about the quarterback position and I you know I. I don't want to be overly protective of that but I also have sought for me that you know we we did make it that big a deal move. Summer summer starting because one of the starting seven believable pressed call from left so. As we go through wolf filtered out will make the announcement will make the announcement it'll probably come with the announcement of the of the full Dutch artist as we as we go forward. In time when it's time to do that I don't know. Flown out of the exact timeframe on MacBook do I think that we have a little bit of a pecking order understandable gold yes but he's recorded a kid on the team know that a quarterback understandable that put. There's still some development that I want because I won't see Eagles special plays policy game manager of course you guys know ski good enough to not cost football payment. That's a tall order problems three big look at. Four but struggled to report things in the quarterback position sometimes are worse things have been pounding the football and but there's also. When you missed layups that's bad deal if you can't manage gave you the best layups that we've got to have together can hit three pointer at the buzzer to work force or at least give us a chance to win so foolish things were look at four of them I think we have had the pleasure to compete to get that built. If for every spring that I was ever part of there was always one guy did no one saw coming down these that are also new defense of and they can't be blocked or see you really can't. There's no can cover and no one side coming did you have a guy this spring. That's maybe snuck up on some people that may be people aren't even talking about an inside. You know you know media rooms every one to eight each day was saying hey did you see what so and so did. You know there's a couple kids won no medals play core core forces did grant did a great job rated three picks the last two scrimmage isn't. It's a tremendous thing she's a tough minded kid will lower his dad isn't. A great athlete it. He walked in here and his toughness his ability to compete just chipped short assessment. He bull right now work is we have to do things Woolsey is he confused progressed and he was so definitely. We'll highlight it's a young man the played a lot worse flashes that had a tremendous through spring was crisis of their pricing was. He was dominant on the inside of a defense of wanna come for a technique and I really like this progression and a cloning also the most guarded a tremendous job it. Well what have 67 because a lot but I feel very good about. Filtering through there this year especially with one summer but we can't Titus is it was an inside guide now from the outside B back position sold the bulls that that cools the eleven Arafat played very well we got rid of the goggles coach from last year that got a better this year that they're playing well. Syllables guys and I would I would. I would say them as a group was really nice surprises we want to spring ball offensive side of the ball I would say the continued progress of AP as the running back position. Got more physical conference catch the ball extremely well we know we expect got to write that. He's a heck of a 12 punch. Yen for those who don't know. I'd Jed in his Brian grant's son of former here former triplets is there. Killed an athlete there he hello a whiskey. I think Korea or yes and I wanted to tell easily because. We we've talked about our blends with Abiola. I have come across something new. And wanna share with someone who loves it did with skier verve in I've have you ever had do you like rye whiskey. Yes psych help try it yeah amount for a big. This is a rye whiskey. And it's called angels in the have you ever had at our credit yep good it's all right there he is already had yeah yeah I tried never the first time in and night and loved it. Yes it's good they can replica. Might have on the cover. It is Olympic spirit can't talk rather that would be Roy you have full. Unless you're. Really on the offended but that's I. I don't usually you do you guys rock I live about world ranking in he's 98 nights a little hectic all right they're good to talk do you think you've. I appreciate it guys some local policeman CM.

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