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Primetime 3.21.17 Hour 1

Mar 21, 2017|

World Baseball Classic, why Kaep hasn't been signed, and LaVarr Ball update.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. It's primetime on ten maybe they'll say on that. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime dies again soon. Grassy but series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning pies vote now at ten innings fanned dot com and wind pipe glory year. Primetime on 1080 soon may what do you do. Away quality Tuesday do you folks out there this song. That again today is another beautiful Pacific northwest then the Montana Banda rendition of uptown funk hit here my headphones are. On the Fritz year lows really get is it a take your word for Motown funk queue up. That's what we do listen. I can hear the and minister of him having had the growth will be missed and do the greatest thing ever unbelievable. Best and well put his final sixteen week. Are you ready for the final. Sixteen of the back of the sport's game I am ready for the local sports team to participate in the guess that would be the regional finals that the semi finals. And regional semi regionals I think year old you're ready to the regional assemblies. The final sixteen. Yes let's do this let's do this local sports team can. Your other local sports team is getting ready to sports tonight as well. My sports pans run with over. So we have a really dirty listener. Yeah I think that's I listeners. Let's talk to both solve them know but I I think that we're selling the rest of listener short I think that we have a dirty listener. They're we have dirty listen more errors this one gamma singled out because he keeps winning this now Campbell. So. There are four universities. That have advanced. Into the final sixteen okay. Not to be confused wink wink with the sweet sixteen yes don't think that two totally different ethics. Not really but let's go with him so both of their men's and the women's teams are in the final sixteen of the schools. Okay of a tournament you're local sports team being one of them. You have. The dead ducks but the lady ducks. By the I love the fact the yesterday there's like four people that were just but I heard there we word. Apparently giving that its property. Well we covered it. Yeah it's that they may be greatly beat duke congratulations. And they wanted to suspend an entire hour on it. There's people get Brady down they're okay very very strongly about the lack of lead that coverage. We know SARS the sports station. Yes yes and they come to us for sports news and that was big deal yesterday yes well let's not Cooper who are not pooh pooh it I felt like we not be sexist we gave it its appropriate do we did. We did. I even knew it was happening again has to be remind you wall it was going to and in my notes that we've we didn't watch. Boson. And on T I'm gonna say yes from the army as into the I'm see what path leads to something else. YZESPNN. No let me ask you this thing. Does ESPN. Over cover women's basketball yes they do we've had this discussion before we have we have tree lingo. As long time and long time ago but we head trait we go on and at the time. Construing the penalty still isn't up betrayal and weeks ago was the voice of women's basketball but he anchored all of their turn to make coverage. And I asked old tree about it and I was just kind of do a tongue in cheek thing any guy who uttered over Trey was a real. Really nice guy. And he would the times said then that it was the only now they have the incident that they have them call triple a championships but at the time that was their only. Did you that he SPN had and so said they do take it very seriously and I do think that the powers that be hideous paean do you give that a lot of give us well they get it they certainly covered a lot yes the funniest in I think they covered about as much they come in the men's tournament. It seems at times it's a bit not enough and we'll get media to now faster. Then putting a panel on their to talk about those. Final sixteen of the women's bracket you're just give me Baylor and UConn in you throw some low lady beavers and Aaron we're gonna go. But anyway it's part of their contract again and they have to kind of against biblical selection show and all of that well bit. At the same time it's like that you wonder if they're doing themselves a disservice covering it so much like. I know they make money on it but. Trying to for over four sit on the people who don't care about it. I would think would would be sending you need to do way he needed way to damage of that verse is the money that you make on just. Hannon on your network well because I just don't know how much there's an audience there is. For women's basketball do not know women's college that was there are people in higher up positions with higher pay grades and us that are well need to do those sorts and though but a lot of people say ESPN's flailing that is true so let me sit down here back at me and Chris -- stones up to the ivory towers that is being looked estimates who has last month. But anyway what is your okay so we're well this is your top. Eiffel yet you took us down this road you somehow mention trailing go is not good students to. There are four schools. Who advanced to the final sixteen in the men's bracket in the women's bracket. The lady ducts and the lady game Cox. The lady Bruins. End. The lady dance. Do we have to say lady in front of everything no. I decide I know that for effect but the lady vols they it is the lady vols better they go lady bears are they just the soda boy there's the boy Bruins the boy ducks and oh boy age. Cox who. All advanced Ollie politics as did the lady so those of four schools OK and so are dirt bag listener continues her minus every day. That if Oregon State wins now. There final sixteen game and South Carolina wins their final sixteen game. It will be a beavers. Verses copies. Yes yes it will end whoever. To be sold outside of their games sell it for fifteen bucks you'll make a bunch of night. This clue who wouldn't enjoy that vicious matchup. Right there I'm not touching it. At all you just kinda did by just explained. But I'm not touch and I'm rob it's not what are you touching I'm not resonating. What are you tell not gonna do it what's the matchup they're not gonna touch you just know. That if they both win as we have in what in this guy what was matchup or get out whoever they are. I they remind us that at top of the show of that on text machine every single. What was I what was the Mets were on now hoping that it happens. When we're so we Knuble Biddle one more. A lot of minutes today. On when that was not in it will warn you touch pleased. Just wants just can't. Let NATO Kenyan it's just we just need to captured her. Answer let as well over what you won't touch. I'm good at this rapid way left and right look at the phone lines. People RD telling him with complaints and no point. Why can't my screens black over here I'm not allowed to view those anymore that's really argue and I didn't say you did. That's eyes grow up ladies and gentlemen nudges reporting a game that it is about to happen. Just reporting. A reporter. Well anyway and I did a lot in my notes today believe it or not. I've still might talk. I don't know if only news here and very few bits and intrigued by where you go in with two bits of so mine is too hot beds. Is Alonso bawling walking NCAA violation. The answer is yes he has but the NCAA will not do anything about it in a steady development we'll get that name we have ghost writer news. I would like to talk about. Wagner. Mo Wagner moved Wagner. Yeah as kid from Michigan. You Watson's turn but you know humble okay and are you talking about now moblog near I was not high on my Michigan Basque comic mode vying okay. Yes so he's he's a load. And he plays from Michigan and he's playing organ in the in the final sixteen as or final sixteen yes and he's got a pretty interesting story. And will pay about that today. May talk about Jerry Krause and we have Gary Anderson they dare beer is on the broadcast talking about the beavers. Which are gamers. Was not a spring game. Played in the winter. So he'll be on at 432. I'm told very specific today and you're taking government and I do think this is quite ambitious to tease all of these items. But I do think we should talk about the the big sports debate raging in the NBA over resting players and now and know exactly what. Had you stopped. At. Is that fascinates me hey you're not let it rest players and if you do what are they gonna suspect knew. What what gain they'd literally for someone onto the floor. Are doing is forcing fake injuries. Good nondescript lower back injury scenes and these jokes on here Yancey and some of the jokes and a pretty get. They're pretty saw I don't know how many of those you can read yank him that we should probably stick out here on my tendons and Jim did you see the World Baseball Classic last night. I did yeah I am fascinated here and I value while you guys so you USA Japan tonight right. Yeah I have been broken by the World Baseball Classic and hockey fight the assassin did event. Goes for. If that's it's the weirdest thing extra extra eighties you just elect I just randomly appear on base and that's what they're toying with dad's anger journal worth her touring with for measly baseball and it just it was it was in my range. I does outraged like some people like I was on on Twitter last night people are ready to murder someone over weight Twitter was outraged yet Twitter or tennis that he did I think that's what twitters war. Like it's a handout like celebrity news and for people to randomly just getting rebounds though. But I will admit it was a very strange like that's what football stuff when your kid he is randomly big ghost runners on second. It was it was very strange but we had to basically brought your ideas blown people away. I did between the legislate till tonight deal between the back Equus homers to Adam Jones catch now last night's fireworks. The classic has officially wrote to me again I fought it and I thought it and I thought it dammit it's got me this it's great. They wrote me into and I believe I've been the biggest person against it on the show and I watched the game last night and was enthralled. Did it's fast it's first of all they're three they're reasons why it's so amazing one. It's a playoff atmosphere. Just keep reading that thanks programs to stop it adding I need to focus is minimized the page. Who who who is so it's a playoff atmosphere all played listeners is really exciting yeah I mean fans are going nuts end to. The other teams like Puerto Rico. And Dominican Republic is a sleigh although they have been eliminated. They're really. Liked. You know they're very demonstrative yes. They are much more demonstrative in this event then they are in the major leagues because the major leagues. Really doesn't allow for it. Now we're here feels like you got a little bit of leeway to have some slam like yeah. Last night yet and everything but like truck shop and people right in the how that's all of those guys are yet quite frankly it makes for more exciting you know event in this price Harper's point was at last ready he was making it reads like what no man this is supposed to be fun. Let's bats lived it every got plunked. Because I was even hints of an honest team like bat flip and he had to take one between the three in the four. It makes baseball entertaining big Joey bats they throw the bat flip your hair or you know give a little too low hooks on the mound last that was stink an awesome. It is Indian better tonight yeah this is going to be a battle yet got so Puerto Rico is into the finals and tonight we got the US and Japan now where that place Puerto Rico and the whole thing away we go. Yes so. I contend that if fury sports fan of any ilk and you have given that a shot here over the last. Mean maybe not the Israel stuff. But. Look at the last like week. It's been in a granite ill gravity he given a chance it'll grab in it doesn't there seem to think you can join the Emily network can't watch it but. Yet doesn't suddenly on the ultimately network doesn't ever want to hoping it's in the special package I kind of thought it was part of extender cable are you sure about that. Pretty sure it's part of the extra sports package that gives you like ESP NUM on Big Ten network not from this all of stuff. Then I thought I could be wrong but I think it's part of that. I spoke with a Big Ten that was just part of the basic package I thought that was kind of one of those were just came with a either way. They're seems to be. I don't know you brought up when you put the the team name across the chest. It seems to be a different yeah energy in matters with these guys and they just they seem to be having a better time. Then even even has certainly playoff baseball there's a there's a loose is too there's an energy there. That comes to the TV and I it's it's really exciting I contend. Well first of all Ameen were start for baseball those of us that are baseball fans the and so it's kind of like playoff baseball in March we would be better than that yeah. But I contend that any time you put your country across your chest it matters it and it makes for. You just don't want to let anyone doubt you represent that to the best of your Billy's now Pedro Gomez was on. ESPN today in between hot women's basketball takes that put him on there. And he said he's covered all four of these a world baseball classics. Any said that this particular US team. Is the first one that's really showing that they really wanna win this bracelet and Adam Jones he said of all the guys on the team and there are a lot of big leaders I mean. You know all the names until it got to one hell of a lineup yet. He said Adam Jones as the ringleader Adam Jones is the guy for whatever reason that has gotten everybody on board. And he said they really want this and so their plan in in previous teams he couldn't say that in so. They're playing Japan tonight. And this is cool because Japan one is really good. And to all the players on the Japanese team are guys that play in Japan the only guy that you'll know is Noory I Oki. Yet relays in the major leagues resonate little or Japanese believe their owners their Japanese league players and they take very seriously when they go up against big leaguer does this like when the old Russian teams that go play the US there's a little sense of hey we want to show you that we play good baseball were better than you are in fact I saw that you that it Edwin Diaz. Is you know there's a pitch count on these guys he said he's gonna go talk to the Mariners to lobby to let them to let him pitch in the finals I guess he's a receipt reached his pitch count. And so I guess they're they're saying that he's not supposed to pitch and he's like now I want of the pitch in the in the finals against Japan the US is I love that. If on the Mariners I know that's a Dicey thing that I love that sort of competitive spirit to guys like in gimme the ball I want indeed SI we have other segments coming up with more sports not Gary Anderson at 430. I'll start with a little calling cabernet next on the campus talk not about the air read. Last year on our show yet Sydney and about opening up the office a little bit because in this league just thought that you're gonna have to score points. You know it's one thing to build a good defense but you're gonna have to put up points to win the sleek toll hired a guy who has a June Jones. All opposite corner question Jones ran the run and shoot you out of that opened it up one of the first ones and so we're gonna talk to Gary about how the offense nearly different that'll be at 432. 430 to the quarterback battle the three man cock fight if you will. Yeah you think he'll tell us which quarterback's gonna win the job I would think so he's gonna tell to anyone be right on this broad I don't think he knows. Q probably ever pretty good idea although look when is this with. Visits. Is it gluten I think is the is it loose on him loot on. Jake Jake you think they see in the DJC guy. But your just getting your first look at him I think you have a strong idea I think when you you have a true battle like that. You've probably wait until maybe did the second week of fall camp. But I I think if you gave them to truths or you have a real good idea already of of who's gonna end up winning that job and I think that's probably most position battles. When you leave spring you probably have a hunch. But you also want to let it play out you wanna make sure that everything is is done for having you give kids seventy to grow and develop over the summer plus I think by not announcing that it's a little care it. That you dangle Alia everybody. It it forces competition gap and who knows maybe somebody steps up you keep an open mind as they go all that did on the job competition is a good thing. 1080 to stand up com poll question today why are no teams seemingly interested in telling cabernet. I get three options on your 41. Is the National Anthem thing. Another is he's not suited as a backup or the third is he's just not very get. So long tournament. Can I put know a combination of all three. No that's the point you had to pick one but it's not I think it's a little bit of each warrant a candle what does that most of. I think he's a pain in the ass and he's not worth so to your its they'd the national the National Anthem Tia yes. A BC CIA got to devote you did you got to vote he got me about a plus point the National Anthem being wouldn't be an issue if you are better if he were better or if he was a better fit as a backup you got to remember. That the last thing you walking your backup quarterback is that to change things it's a review like the New England Patriots you can't have called cap they get you back up. And they don't need when obviously the AG BG but for a lot of these places that run more of a tiny offense let's say some version of the West Coast system. You can't have calling cap critic is your backup now he could exist in a place like Seattle. Like that's that works that runs a little bit more Saturday offense concepts. That makes sense to me to have him as a back up. But for a lot of places you nominated him just because of the style in which she plays or his inability to make full reads and understands. Pageantry concepts. And at a at a certain level then you throw to the fact that he'd go hold malcontent thing. And it's these the buddhism malcontent quilt and that's what some people are gonna say with dole did nationally at the big I don't view it that way. But a lot of people. Or are gonna see it the best I can describe it is the Tim Tebow thing right Tim Tebow is not a bad guy but all Jesus stuff and all the attention that comes along we Tim Tebow in the media crush. It's not worth it. When did to be a backup and it for a lot of teams they look at this or like not all but he's OK that big eight doesn't equal the pain in the ass that is be so you know. So. Would he have a job by now if the National Anthem thing never happens yes he would have a job I now am I believe because starting job I don't know about a starting job. But I think he may have been brought into a place where he could compete for a starting job. Well I put this up there because sun and specifically those three options because that's what Mike Freeman. Who is with CBS sports. That's what he noted. Citing anonymous GM's now. Of why they're not touching Colin cabinet. What was it like 25% of them says he's is never again if we don't like his game. 25%. And said. He's not really like he's almost too good to get a job because he's not back up material behavior gonna go with him you're going to go with him. As a starter and try to make something happen with him you know as opposed to just sit like you were to sand sitting behind. Mean a lot of teams eliminated him he's trying to get him to sit behind their quarterback. And then the third one was in this is where the whole trump thing came from. As you seed Donald was out on the Gary really he's still campaigning that includes. He's around don't don't get me started on that you're gonna make my head explode so use this use begin in science and he said. And and it's kind of it's being picked up as if he'd just pulled it out of thin air he didn't heed this was written. He read it and he repeated it. Which is what he does that's that's it did exactly but it doesn't matter who writes it like you says that's due to write a piece of toilet paper you should Germany be like well I read this and and away you go but in his defense they are framing it as if he'd just pulled out of thin air yeah. And in any any didn't so what happened was in that Freeman article there is an anonymous GM who did say. If we signed Colin Kaplan ankle we are afraid that because of the National Anthem thing gets any of Donald Trump tweets about it because trumps Denon. You know he called trump races that cabinet culture operates isn't. You know they've they've actually kind of had. In the back and trump never like the National Anthem and writer who is outspoken nineteen speaking to a group of people in Kentucky who are certainly going to. You know what are his. His commentary. They end they don't like calling cabinet and so he'd. He said. Yes can you believe Colin tapper naics. Won't get a job because they're afraid I might tweet about it in there and then they all go crazy right. While that is what one GM said he said that he's he said he was afraid. Of what that may do to their ticket sales and their brand. This is not the NBA DM BA isn't quite liberal Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich can come out and bash the president then. Yeah everybody that's in the stands I mean moderate you don't an Indian generally very liberal by. NFL is not like that yogurt but particularly with their. Fan base let's go it's a real Jesus god country military that's rather that's right and so calling tapper naked so so in trounced defense he did not just make that up he read that and spit back out and even said in in his commentary to the folks in Kentucky's Gluck. They want to pin this on me is that this is an ego thing I'm just reading and telling you what I read from a GM minimally. People don't wanna deal with it it's it's indeed this is no different than someone that's a wife beater or someone that isn't that doesn't match it it's an all goes back to how did you that's kind of my point is that if you if I. You know worst person in the world and you have a job in the NFL if you're really dead the year saying calling Catholics pretty good may take a look at them but not with National Anthem baggage yes it's it's Laurie rice I'm gonna Ray Rice knocks out his girlfriend Ray Rice doesn't have a job the NFL not because he knocked out his girlfriend. Rewrite the never job in the NFL because Ray Rice is a very good anymore he knocked out his girlfriend. If Ezekiel Elliott knocked out his girlfriend Amara Ezekiel other users suspension in the knees right back like Tom Brady. Pretty could could wipe his first. With the American flag and he would be he'd be back on the field this. Issue that he has with wind kneeling with the anthem is that he wasn't good enough to do it. And he's paying the ease pain at a price war and I do think yet the limited skill set that is going to eliminate him from a lot of people's minds and then if you remember. I think the melt down he had in San Cisco the one year when they benched him do you remember that the second half of the season when he played about as bad as any quarterback in the NFL. When you just they keep literally couldn't play anymore. Yes and now Richard don't fraud and Dilfer just felt bad form dough for goatee in the yet Jackie yet the embassy and I think that scares lot of teams do did they view that did that mentally he is not. OK he's just not gonna be the competitor that you. Want but I'll defend in a defendant a little bit and say he had a really nice year last yeah did he wasn't out he's not. He's not going to allow you those his numbers go look at his numbers whether a bad as everybody that's asked for picks I think everybody wrote him off two years ago. Just Sybase on what you're saying is is meant to make Eckstein a fourth quarter greeting in ninety yeah. Mean who would have guessed that that he still completes about 50% this past I understand I'm not saying he's Tom Brady but you're telling me that. A guy who got his team on the cusp of a Super Bowl. And he did yeah. Let's not forget calling cap naik was good in San Francisco is who were debating him vs Russell Wilson yet Richard Sherman tipped pass and then you had did you know did the ravens of all the lights go and mountains so you've got the Super Bowl. And I mean I'll remember how many seasons he was there with Harbaugh was three gears here for. And then he kind of falls off the map he has some problems. Has the gives coaching changes coaching jays division. And now a new coach comes in. And revised and he's pretty good he managed the offense again not saying he's Tom Brady. But if you look at his numbers how on earth does he not have a job when Josh McCown and Mike Glenn in and Brian Hoyer a brand where you have Brian Hoyer. Are getting contracts dipped that's insane but he still don't have Jake other than have a contract right it's Packard doesn't have a contract our contract RG three doesn't have a contract. Well RG three sacks. Cutler's into Steen although I think he's he isn't a content because. He's kind of bonehead. People only deal with him. Who did lousy saying. What color doesn't have a job Fitzpatrick RG three earned she's staying in there and have a job still being doesn't he scheme of Catholic. The again I I I think cabin X better then all those guys at least he has on his resonate. Better things then all those guys. Yeah he does he give me an anti India by destroying them making the argument and he is not an in its and he's like he's not we'll talk to know. Again I just think that's bizarre. I see I don't think it's the third hole. It's it's the Tim Tebow factor this is the same thing when it went when Tim Tebow was winning games. In Denver and then after that they cut him loose and no one else wanted and everyone used to say the same thing. What do the guy just wins now you know why don't you wanna because he doesn't. It's not so people don't view him they long term solution people view me as a patch you have to change your offense to be around him. And he's not worth the trouble this is no different. Ended the decrepit party is. That Neal Reid and taking me a civil stance against something you shouldn't be viewed in the same light as having to do you why or you know be you know 00 wife beater or you know while he does a great guy or Yahoo! or there's just came with the circus just came with the circus and you know Mike I I feel the same way about Michael Sam. Michael Sam was good enough to be on a roster or at least on a practice squad he what book I was on a practice squad for two and a half years you don't need think the reason he's not disease gang what I think now it's it's it's gone did right but when he got cut by the rams and no one would pick him up on the practice squad. Just off of his pre season tape he was good enough to be out of practice squad and indeed get a work out and no one would touch it. Know give my work out he went got to practice squad somewhere. And and at the time I said the same thing that he is a marginal player. That without the gay thing he would be on the roster but people are gonna look at and say at best. He's the last guy on our roster at best. He is a guy that will be eight active and wider we want to bring this attention to us. For a guy that does it matter to our team and cap predict is getting the same sort of thing yeah I eight I agree with you there. Except that I would argue with you about the merits of Colin cabinet has a quarterback and against the merits of Tim Tebow as a quarterback. I get did did paralleled your drying in terms of the off field stuff and maybe that stuff is just so important. That they are not willing no one in the whole league is willing to put out that. But calling cabernet is a way better way better than Tim Tebow the other thing that we don't know if those garbage what are he has. What is. What is he asking for that's the only I British delegate Jim Peterson I have not seen what calling cabinet dude is asking for is he willing to take three million dollars to be back. Is he asking for ten million is he asking to be the starter what are his demand I don't know. And so that's the other committee you'll get a job that's the other factor to it is he may have to humble himself and and decide that. You know I'm I'm not gonna be a starter I'm gonna be a backup and I'm have to be paid at the backup I I don't know where that's out when he. When you talked it was AG he may have a list of demands will teams look at and laugh and scoff and guy now that's not happening in point is though the National Anthem thing is a very big part of yes he is a percent very big part of of the dialogue that goes on with him and if you don't think it is and people saying that this isn't an issue the you have your head buried in the sand because all of these things matter when an NFL team signs a player. Especially a quarterback. All of these things come into play it's not always just about how good a player. Our its shoot that one last point I would say they'll look basically in the league if you complain you can be a total bomb and a horrible person and get a job if your colleague calling tavern nick is kind of like right in C stuck in the metal and that he is pretty ged. But he's not good enough to get over that that Ari can be pretty yet but he's not. Mean good enough to get over that hump of the baggage it's real it's a really odd territory for him because he is better than a lot of these guys that are getting. That are getting paid. Like Mike Glenn really. If I'm Mike Glenn inverse contact mcsame thing right I would've taken my Glenn and not the price tag he came but I would have taken but I think it's comparable it's like. They're to their two quarterbacks. Who are stop gaps period they're not in nobody's getting them to be the next franchise quarterback I don't if I -- GM I don't wanna run the offense that I have to run with Carling cup if I was reading an NFL teams he would not be on my new list not because the stupidly had them think. I don't wanna run that offense anyway poll question why are no teams seemingly inching college Everett went up 56 it's the 6% say he's just not very good. In 40% say the National Anthem think vote at 1080 the fan dot com he Alonso ball is a walking NCAA violation. This is truth why is nothing being done about it. We'll talk about that next here's Mike. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime Isaac and soon rusty by series cafe and high on ten navy both slam. Did Hillary's taken experience and on today show for 32. Month. Coming over the top of the hour we'll talk about the fact there. The kid from Michigan. Big German Novak near yanks from Berlin this shift to. Two bigs up front. The ball average turnaround what 1415 points a game. A couple bigs that may with the other guy needs to is it DJ Wilson I think is the other one. Does die you are cruel acts but he I mean you are cracked TJ Wilson because they run three guards than they got the two bigs download. Guard guy that plays on their team but little old guard guy. Yeah music and their starting 535. They've got start with guards Derrick Walton junior Walton. They've got Zack Irvin now they've got them back there. And DJ Wilson. That's only four was the other one Mohammed. It's amazing really struck me more guys I do Iraq minutes the other guy yet and Walton the way it was for guys who. Was named. Derek Walton junior that guy's an assassin to. He had some big shots for them I think he's their leading scorer and he's a senior guard out of Dietrich Michigan. Let's say that about ordinary guy we're gonna look at him at forest got a pretty interesting story he made some plays in little guide to low he's got India potential below grade bigots they didn't have you didn't do much in their first game against Oklahoma State before he was the difference. And the second half against a little. I'm. Back to the madness that is the ball family. Are you selling California ball and it pays because I want alike. Lawns a ball and yeah I don't hold his daddy gave UCLA is fun to watch I can't match I don't root for you know I'll I'll try to help you at that. And that's think about this think about Alonso ball who seems to be a pretty well adjusted. Measured young man yeah he's polite it doesn't do not dash cocky. Think about what he's had to deal with growing up in that household with that dad and he turned out like that you should root for him. Yes when asked him I saw an interview with them and don't seem meant he doesn't talk a whole lot but I saw an interview with them where someone asked him you know does this stuff that your dad. You know is is Sany goes to the body goes to do my dad's been like this is entire life. Because people think this is just since we started to get UCLA he's numb to eke out he's he's like whatever egos you guys just pay more tense studios I've I've been this way my entire herd he's been this way in my entire life. And then he also said because there are so many kids out there that don't have dads and you guys wanna bitch about mine because he thinks that were you know. He loves his kids and he maybe thinks too much about those of ballad where that is an inch -- point dungeon the fact that I hate is dead and makes me root against UCL. Yes CI I prefer blondes are because one he's really exciting to watch two I think he seems like a genuinely good kings had to deal with that a hole gap. And maybe just two reasons but Lavar is now getting after LeBron James kid yet we shall it to our next segment I wanted to well the wanted to tell you. In the bar here's of arsenic. Please understand that this is same things going on with with trump these guys are Smart they know. That no matter what they say it doesn't matter what it is they're staying in the news or staying relevant you are talking about me yeah. And that's what big bowler. Once seriously heat he has love in this because now anything he says I'm sure he seemed down right now thinking of new things. That all. Fire somebody up that he can say tomorrow and then. Brand dear I can't believe anyone's buying and apparently does pretty well right hamper any and it's especially doing well now because he's all over the place. Well it like ESPN flies out there and you know that guy and this is one of those fails athlete sort of things and he just wants the spotlight. And he yet he goes out years and flies and out there and he loves every freaking second cup so I think we've got us I don't understand why. Well. On the stand down that that package be a whole other segment on mother day whole other can be able to show so forget that. A wanna get too I originally wanted to draw here and that is that they have looked into the big Boller brand yet which is Lavar balls. It's the BBB. And he's had a going for many years and it's an online web site where you combined eight. Q hats and shirts and jerseys and they all kinds of things terrible and that are overpriced and I can't believe anyone would buy them so they've looked into this. Because every kind goal how is that not an NCAA violation you're not allowed to market yourself and and sell. You you can't endorse products you you can't have your own brand and they've determined that it is a giant NCAA violation lawns a ball as a walking in C violation because. The big Boller brand. Violates the rule because they do have lawns as picture. And his likeness is being used on that website up and Boller. So UCLA asked Lavar ball to take it all down and he gave and then now the other boys whenever. They're not in college but that will be at a bio it world will be as these did that the ones coming next year right. But UCLA because they they only care about lawns of his he's the only one in college. In an IK taken down and big Boller gave them the big bird he said come get me there. So the NCAA what you may ask what is the NCAA going to do about that. Nothing now. It amazes me though the plaza they're saying a lack of teeth. That that date so why wouldn't any one now they're stuck in between Iraq aren't what anyone in dined. Start their own clothes exactly right that is exactly right and that's the problem here is the NCAA stuck in between a rock and a hard place bank a poll on the ball off the court now. There's no way he's like one of the biggest he's one of the biggest things going in the NCAA determined to AB did during the sweet sixteen mean. It's over now you've had a chance to may be ruffle feathers when it but they've letting go in what they've said is. Because he had this is the the later getting around it basically they're just scared to pollen because he's a big deal yes but. They said that because big Boller had the brand prior to Alonso getting to school and it's a family business. They've made an exception and they're just going to look the other what so if you're if you have a kid it's talented wide not launch your own crappy T sure Brad and believe me you can't get worse crap. Then the big Boller Brad you can't convince me that anyone is buying a shirt that says big Boller on it. And in that wants to be a Philly with his deuce can you. But why wouldn't you that all you need is some boosters. Then. To place orders and you were basically your pain for a kid your phone it. And this because I remember a number years ago there was a kid dirty it's ever determine how once they played for maybe Perdue were may lose Oklahoma. But he was a country music guy and they said the heat. Couldn't sell CDs. Outside of he shows otherwise they were gonna have yankees eligibility because. As a as it has to double athlete he was using that to promote his music but they're gonna allow this a whole this so crappy teachers with the suns on them. And were gonna look the other way about it. Well they'll seem Malek crappy based on the prices I just on here they're fifty and sixty dollars for T shirts and sweatshirts via its pretty expensive if it's horrific stuff it's not it. It looks terrible well. He's getaway with a and he's laughing all the way to the bank and the allens out of the bank but he's laugh then I don't believe in every night is that guys and I just think there's all the rich guys that have businesses the UCLA that are placing orders like 5000 teachers in your just funneling money into this guy's pock Iowa Lamar said about LeBron skid commend next on the fan. Final sixteen week traditional primetime Isaac consume rusty by series Kathleen high and 1080 soon. Tech spite my deal signed Quentin says stop talking about Alonso balls Dan. That's what he wants. The stunt argument and you go a twelve personal none. Our show makes no difference new. In now grand scheme of things but I get the point which is what brought up last segment. And I do think the media should need be back off a little bit covering him but. You know what dude bottom line is he's kind of uninteresting figure because. What he represents Ron's balls that I mean is. He sort of represents. What a lot of sports dad's. Go through he just takes it to a whole other level and it's. Quite fascinating and I think it's his kids were assets and his kids were. War hunks and nobody wanted to deal with them. It would be one thing EB aegis bright in my abducted this zone to put this guy doesn't get it his kids don't get it kids are pretty good kids they're crickets don't control. That's right appeasing cute that's right in so I think it makes and he's very outspoken and I get why people don't like that but. He's a pretty interesting figure and quite frankly I have no problem with his. Him wanting to market this. You'll Sony brought up didn't Johnny Mann tells dad trademarked the phrase Johnny football. Think someone did that fans around I don't know there was hemorrhage arguments what's different is that there isn't much of the difference. Difference is they didn't sell products or Johnny man's nose at Texas and they couldn't get a because of demands Ellis is a villain they would have they would have booted men's they were looking for reason to get rid of men's noted this is a walking NCAA violation it's a joke they're gonna do nothing about it. But CI I'd bring up like Tim Tebow. I can match of ten team let's say the Tebow phenomenon came after ball. People freaking love Tim Tebow. How much merchandise if team if Tim Tebow and his family wanted to when he was when in the Heisman at Florida when he was saying. They loss at Ole miss game and he standing up dire we'll be back yeah you know all us. Like Tim Tebow has had quite a journey mention if he was if he took advantage marketing wise. Light. Big ball is doing that did would have asked kind of money this is. My problem with the NCAA you can't sit here and say that there amateur athletes and then allow this to go on because what's to stop every single person. If your kid is is a talented high school player from developing cool your own brain and develop bureau minor crappy teachers and then sell them for sixty bucks a pop. And and basically your pain I can go to we can't get a booster mine to go to into academy AK. You come to our university we guarantee you will sell 50000 T shirts. We're there you know we don't know where there's a goal and I have about 50000 teachers at forty bucks a pop that's money you're basically pain. Yet at ease your pain the kid and and if if the NCAA wanted to have this. I don't know this charade about being amateurism how they allow allow this to go home when they cracked down so many other things. It's just another example of ideas and Italy's biggest joke in the world. Of course that nobody in our like it's a at this point. Of everybody knows the incidentally is a joke its board right what's interesting is Lavar ball is saying they're such a joke. Then I'm going to get away with this and just like to you is its work team him and his kid is in the sweet sixteen and I guarantee you this fervor is gonna get even hotter. If they beat Kentucky poll idea. Judy if they beat Kentucky elite eight this kid gets the final four you'd just to wait his ball the dad has been called it the whole time he's been say national championship and remember and people will keep sticking America and his fellow resident it'll only words or in only worse he I'm still like you said I guarantees plan and what he's gonna say. But remember UCLA was not even remotely. Thought of as championship contender at the start of the year the only guy that was sand Hayward gonna be awesome big Boller was big Boller in so. You'll forget the NCAA they're they're just a bunch of slap these at this point there there are communicating and doing thing about wanting to do anything about this when I think is fascinating is is ball. And when we come back amen amen to push back the Wagner segment and get some news on the machine give them. Big German mode Wagner that organs not playing really get to that. But down only tell you what ball are a big Boller said about CoBiz earning them the drugs kid LeBron k's I tell you about LeBron James is she so I Boller. Well but he's he's making a bigger point like a lot of people are bash in this guy and he's saying well here's why I am the way I am. And wanna see what people think of what he had to say we'll get to that next on the fan.

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