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Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 3-21-17 Hour 3

Mar 21, 2017|

The guys catch up with CBS/TNT play by play voice Kevin Harlan, wonder what new ballpark food is most tempting, and wonder what's bugging Rajon Rondo today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This week is extra sweet. This is a final sixteen which edition of dirt and spray news. Grabs you by a series caffeine highs what's your favorite of the series award winning pies and vote now attending Eaton fan dot com and win high for a year I know how to character we have our basketball team toward the south region as the number one through three important seats that so it's not an easy bracket obviously that we're gonna go to dirt and sprayed on 1080. I look back and final hour dirt spraying every Tuesdays are going well don't forget we're on tour after this break it was a follow we will. Volume back really excited for our next guest we love talking play by play voices in this is one of the best ones out there Kevin Harlan is his name one of the best in the business. Does any guilt mortgage mobile hot line he will be on the call. Of Oregon and Michigan coming up on Thursday. And I you can see all the NCAA tournament coverage which continues this week and on TBS and CB. As get an X so much of the time and we appreciate it let's just got to start of the tournament what do you thought authorities in that we're not out of the sweet sixteen what are your thoughts on the NCAA tournament thus far. Well like tell like the number one just got left to think and so I guess or is as a team belongs there as does Kansas where we're gonna ever upset and seeing that already. The Dorgan seems incredibly impressive and very intriguing ethnic music on the camp city. Michigan story has been one of them. You know most heartfelt to compellent storage as a commit tournament so far what the issue is there's. Gone through your weight maybe in the season postseason play with that. Plane crash. I as an individual performances certainly along the way not a lot of buzzer beaters yet but I think this round of sixteen is gonna give us some terrific just thrilled and I don't think you'll disappoint it's a great turn of it's been highly rated so far both turner and CB asks. No they're very upbeat pop bit result like that Eckerd College basketball and I think for the most part we CNET. Well we went back and forth yesterday Kevin on the matchup between Michigan and or again and you mentioned Michigan playing really well as of late. I going back into the end of their conference play and the turn meant an organ obviously dealing without Chris Boucher. Where do you do you favor in this match when you look at these two teams going against each other meetings has the advantage. Well I would never pick a winner are even attended as did damage but there are some. Very compelling arguments from both sides. Certainly you know Dorsey is that shop the other pit that was terrific to watch. You know very typical kind of season that but the team has played with wood you know Dave Altman is definitely ready to go. Bills blank is I think something that is going to be very. Up whether it's Michigan wherever they play to deal with his machine and the press twelve season and tournament so far. Ability special where does the defensive player in the conference. Brooks you know his his lawyer whose body were speaks for itself loses. Dynamic a player as there is merit in the country in college basketball. Too there's a lot of firepower there is no doubt about what that team. We'll bring it against Michigan and Michigan uninteresting story they don't have necessarily. The punch of very you know a Brooke Serb bell in terms like a singular player. They are they Europe via. Very much a team and in terms of of not of the most highly recruited players. Certainly it seemed that there wouldn't be servicing and what accomplishing your leadership they're probably. And that better but it really staggered and Emmitt could not get their footing and and there are some real. Concerned that with your beard and then they kind of all of a sudden got this pretty. Tough guy attitude playing with the urgency. The kind of spun there's trees and around and then had it's it's not been one guy it's been at all. All your to get a bigger electric fire can try Lebanon produced the leader of the team is a senior from Detroit coached by his dad might squander Walton and geez. Es he's he's a terrific player. And then got you know the Wagner kit from Germany user great three point shooter and and then the year that he plays with a tonic repeat what he's like. Whoa where a guy would this sure his trip on his shoulder. Bit biggest cable and nice collection of players that you'd expect John Beilein team that they play. As a team and I think that's probably the most compelling thing. About them that there's not the signature player they've they've got a real team and never lied about to get to where there are now is this which exchange. And retire with Kevin Harlan do you follow on Twitter act Kevin Harlan a beyond the call of organ in Michigan 4 o'clock is when you can see it. A live from Kansas City tournament coverage continues this weekend on TBS. And CBS and and you mentioned sending their about the ratings and I'm just curious to pick your brain on and I'm and I saw the numbers only about 34%. Up from where it was. Last season and that's what we've talked about on the show so far today at. So much talk about sports how you fix somehow you get more eyeballs or would you say is the biggest factor you've taken in a 34%. Increase from last year this year interment viewers. A great question I don't know because they're going to be out of that I didn't see a lot of buzzer beaters not teams like that people like that. Of the whole college community wants that kind of a game and they're just not get that many of them yet restore sheet with a shot in the day kind of brought close to that but the point is as. Is that is that maybe you know people just kind of show them that what. This college tournament isn't there really is no standout favorite they're really. I have not been you know signature players Serbian good players Kirk. These lot of freshmen around her job she actually Kansas hasn't been good miles bridges at Michigan State has been a complete. So there is not Anthony Davis started driving you can everybody can kind of angry article in a Q&A cute like it is. You know better than they've got a good team certainly Kentucky does that mom can not I try. I don't know why I really don't know you know it I just finished at a football season with CBS. Where the ratings were down across the board and every network and every game. And and everyone's really kind of trying to figure out what stage of greetings we are as her as a company and a country and as a sport and and I don't know lose any real well you know. Compass here and and I I am wondering you know prepared the same kind of feeling about well. It's discourse ratings are down across the board maybe you don't regret she's in the tournament. So this is really been tremendous to see this kind of this gonna push whether it's of people are. Figuring out how to access it and there's a better way to record people are the owner kept order. Achieving your or whatever you know I don't know quite I'm not the one to answer that but I will tell you that there are a lot of smiling faces. Both with CBS and turner broadcasting we're we're bullish in the first week and I think the best basketball yet become you'd expect it with the sweet sixteen but really. With these kind of team is in what they can do in the chipped away they are like I can see some tremendous games. Across the landscape that of the forty's coming up I really do I think I think it's going to be a real worthwhile sweet sixteen due to the elite eight. Willing your call on the college basketball tournament of course she mentioned the NFL as well and you just got done calling that a lot of people know you from the NBA as well. Do you realize how difficult it is or how great of a talent it is. For people to watch someone like you call three different leagues I'm not screw anything up. You know I'm skeptical felt a little bit so very kind comment backyard. And there are a lot of guys that do it and an arm mixing multiple fortune platforms and end. Is a challenging courses challenging your job is challenging running your show and and and covering all the things you need to cover. All you can't be a little trinket at this level without without vitriol out and the scrutiny is intense minutes with social media and everything else. And and you know I guess I speak for all the other seven play by play guys who were on the turn and now we're down four with CBS and turner to do these regional but. You know when you do it organ when you do what Michigan artwork whatever school you're doing and it really kind of falls in that first week in that first. Gamers only got a sixteen or fifteen or fourteen seed and no one knows anything about a and you you wanna you wanna do you almost lent herself more to that team because the chances of them women here are. A probably slam. They probably haven't been in this kind of you know. You know stage in awhile or whatever. And you'd like you see we at UC Davis against Kansas they had to play in the first or they wanted and the and the ultimate. Like campus and number one and and they lost and putt but the first time ever and the tournament Jim west was there. A former NBA point guard was their coach and you wanna make sure you get things like like they treated the mascot get. No but history of their school right because they deserve credit for making us long journey and I think. We know what to hunt. To be in this position so it's challenging it's incredibly. Compelling I think trust to see these different stories and broader all of us are honored to to be lucky enough to be in this position abroad Jesse's games and and be a part of some I think we all feel pretty special. Well and you went to a college Kevin that I mean March Madness in college basketball I mean it is it's the lifeblood of where you went to school so I'm just curious you do a great job of being very neutral on everything you call. Is there a party inside if you're calling a Kansas game that is like kind of didn't eaten up if they're trailing earnings nap at. Well no you know I I really just want a good game and good luck and I guess from so focused on just much grown up. I sell a lot of the idea that that that I just do argue aren't we try and after every break there which ignore crew were trucked in. Our guys are are we being down the middle are we being 5050 that we lean one way more than any other. And I would like to think that is if origin make sure employers. If Candace could they make it to the elite eight. That an organ Korean would feel that I couldn't tell you went to Oregon or chances or or wherever. And and that would be my goal you're gonna have. I think disappointed people on both sides and M you know likely to Miami and Michigan State given night in Miami as a surrogate humanity if you see the kind of up and down. And they kind of got squashed and and you know some of the Miami fans not maybe related toward Michigan State when you're losing by twenty point three blocks to lead of fifteen to actually get it right points it's harder to. Cannot say boy this other team and you know they're playing so well and here's why because all you have to be talking about a negative things about the team it's lost the lead and not down by. Double digit so it's and challenging but but I really just wanted to do and I'm like well maybe at the end of the day. It's a trade hawk I would elect Barack Obama modesty. Well see him win that be great at the end of the day you wanna be as professional as possible is on the middle as possible. And ultimately as fair as you possibly can be to the game itself. And what and what direction that picture. Retire when Kevin Harlan ad Kevin Harlan on Twitter will be on the column organ and Michigan coming up this Thursday. 4 o'clock NCAA tournament coverage continues humbled TBS and CBS. Throughout the weekend in any one moment we have to ask you about is is probably one of our favorite broadcasting moments we've seen here in the last ten years or so and it happened on Monday Night Football Carty knows the twins 49ers and rams now we unfortunately were watching that game as well and it was a snooze fest when one not an inning in the fourth quarter a drunk fan runs on the field. And you did a play by play call of the drunken man on the field walkers through and just kind of what you were thinking of what was going through your mind at that moment. Well as on radio and accidentally veered into immediate CBS. We've never would have ever reconsider compared from the field are gonna character removed under another topic. Because you can't see certainty BI obviously being the visual medium that it is it's that's what you would do on radio it is all about what you're seeing what they can't see what your listeners. Can't clear that they couldn't see was this guy coming out there. In doing what he dared that is the thing is is that you know what time you get run out there. And they get a pretty quickly note in twenty seconds or so they've got all kinds of security people up initial round of the guy well. This guy would look like freedom run for like 4552. And and not only would he run rampant like he was doing stuff accused it sure was coming up and waving his arms and yeah and good all the stops and so just settle in and he ran. Ukraine at the beginning of this thing right screw. The formation sort could you could be like what we're slot receiver would be. For the rams. And that it was gonna watch him run around and and so like it just cannot in wondering what do not let you know what I've I've gone down that road now items. Our broadcast again in the field I'm not gonna do it again that was yet. But which should surprise the way people enjoyed it. And if they enjoyed it as my employer for OK with it then I'm glad it turned out the way it did it. But there were moments that will tell you drive back to San Francisco airport after that game. I was I thought or idea I'll bet I can go kind of completely forgot about it but I was sickened. I hope they're okay with that that was yeah that does not happen very much and so. I had a few moments with Paul and I go to I've ever elected now we're vocational work out I'm. I'm drill would wish that and but that. And probably not gonna like it either you got different outlook field across ordered a blazers game you run out there and I'm not going to mention. Well and I want to this add something is they wonder why everybody's one and like it's a little embarrassing for me to tell you this but if I mention any of my friends a anti Kevin Arlen. When he's sitting ten and Arlen we think Jordan we think Kobe weeding LeBron we think NFL. My wife when I thought I was interviewing and today she goes always at the cannon called the play by play of the drummer guy on the field. Analysis and really that's how you know Kevin Harlan name of all the things that he's done that I you know I welcome. Got mine now I guess is that to be going somewhere maybe out of sync or anything like Eric Keller. Mutual respect and sanctioned down. Are you know for a moment I guess it was it was OK I mean. It was ridiculous for in the kids around anyway. It was one of those moments and up and it's killing her I have a feeling that it's which its international the talk about. How difficult would it be for you call like a golf major feels like you're really driven on like the the really allow the sludge hammer like how difficult would that be for you called golf tournament. Well I love I love the the intensity that they are these games bring it gets washed out the tilt more toward that but you know. They've got a bucket list that be kind of fun to do it although I think ticket probably Beers. Is that is that like total reverence that you need to showed that sport may be a quieter more home demeanor earned it and are probably. I would like edited CBS require basically. A guy who played so that that opportunity primal come about but. Some going to be kind of front comes funded to a baseball game should they be in Mozilo remorse or Dayton in there's not a lot of action. But you know there's a lot of storytelling you'll be kind of fun as well I guess I just roll out what we do or what trips our personalities and I guess basketball and football kind of took my and so I'm lucky enough that anything to try personality this is really. I consider myself very lucky or predictably we're gonna put up that. Headset get a chance to broadcast games like they're committed to a sweet sixteen is a real honor and a blessing in this business. We'll start to petition to get you money on golf major in the World Series really extraordinary call one of those big home runs and like the bottom of the eighth inning to advance often have heart and introduces aliens dogs out there Kamal. Yeah all in all of the burst open comparable six. Replicates the looming out there on the sixteenth pole. It's activism with these guys are going to be there next week I think next. Thursday we've got to interview him up there with Houston. I got a program BA has backed out again and kind of shift out of this college voted. Sure enjoyed the little turnaround you're the blazers have made mixed. I think they're a terrific team are really electorate so much and well that backcourt as much as anything and I cover in the way truck next to pick up there and optimal put Viktor run get back into the. There you go we can't wait to see you back up in Portland Kevin Harlan is his name on Twitter at Kevin Harlan catch him this Thursday's on the called the organ Michigan game 4 o'clock. When you can see it live from Kansas City don't forget NCAA tournament coverage continues throughout the weekend humbled TBS and CBS would digital streaming access. The March Madness live Kevin thinks about the time and we really appreciated and double C appear for the next week. I look for good thank you very much enjoyed her visit take care. Yeah you're very welcome Kevin Harlan I think we'd say simply the best. Like I talked to act out of our status. Just age Mosul that's my childhood is now voice Lebanese and Kevin are unmanned consensus for those of you asking we will effort to find his play by play of a we got okay. So we'll play a guy in the start the next segment because of you haven't heard that it was the money nineteenth save a Disco LA. And I love his analysis of hope he's not gonna get in trouble from that after I did it make. Should it doesn't matter there okay that if you did it limit Wendell played a free also what's the craziest ballpark food you've ever eaten. As we have ten things that might topic and would would you be willing to try them. That's next on ten intent and a good music dig dirt thanks dirt coming up twenty minutes from now judgment counting teams he played for. Play have fun game. Also here bottom of the hour we found an athlete who's better. For no real reason. The met a lot of sense but just one. Oh Janet throughout needs time we have anti wrote I as well that's it. When you find out the athlete you're gonna go on. Now comes together I appreciate the response on the Kevin Harlan interview we really enjoy that is a couple of guys who enjoyed. This guy the industry and talking to folks from the industry Kevin Carlin was awesome man needs as we kind of got out of his way let him go. And I can't wait to hear him on the call the organ game Thursday it's on CBS and then these cities on the blaze comics Thursdays so. I'll locally you get to him twice in the next week he's I mean when you say MBA. They get Kevin Harlan right now. I'm Marv Albert Marvin aren't you voices for me an NFL I know. He does just radio he is exceptional qualities Arnold came up and in doing chiefs radio yeah that's our got started so Isaak is actually very league you know grown up in Kansas he heard a minute is very familiar with them went to Kansas but yeah I can't how well not as passionate as drop though we are now eyeball not Pueblo speaking Kevin Harlan and football. This might be our Fave made a of one of our favorite all time to say for sure up there you can miss this this was weak money NFL season Monday Night Football niners and rams 21 nothing is the score. A fan runs on the field. Enjoy. You love who pulled me through red shirt only takes. They're just didn't. It is just don't hook this up with Google. Including the guy you could put Derek don't get the goodness of productivity and living. Our blueprints that sort please vote. No it's a good tackler with a forty yard line. And. It's starting to figure out for the night I tell you what that was the great call on. Great call the all right I'm ready for the last 1131 now Kevin let's go look at the police they've surrounded this man. Only news but. One thing. I did just rob the bank. Lafayette and the women got them. That was that was pretty good I expected to go down but sooner. It's gonna. Moment. Yes I have how happy DeVon island analyze that wasn't you never a boring back gave lies that as a brands could not get a first down everybody's like way back to Kelly figured out what the niners. Was 21 up and in the third quarter it was awful awful football I also remember I came because it I think it was the last game the niners won for like ten straight weeks so as you and Sergio was boring but you soak it in okay that's what a fun game of would you try any these crazy ballpark food and for a full. Alan Alan coming out cards you do that to him and yeah and I had a sack lunch and did not see echoed. And football I would you guys try a any of these crazy ballpark food to tell me not to look at this does not to list the users of apparently the ten weirdest things being served a ball parks craziest. Number ten is a sure road desert who tine a man. In Toronto who I meant routine routine. What is it. Tyrrell and what ants let's actually delicious instead of the riders and includes true rose servant Vanilla ice cream warmed with caramel sauce home routine has cheese Kurds in gravy. And normally Fuji has cheese Kurds in great exodus when sounds better so mr. Rosen Vanilla ice cream instead of third and great dessert routine. That sounds awful. Next when I wait that sounds awful sure Owen ice cream that's is in Vanilla ice cream miniature of now thanks have you natural advantage or what is Terrell I've I don't know what it is another delicious and you like ice cream now I'd actually don't like you know I don't do suites especially Vanilla suites. Dueling candlelight Easter I don't I had artists and you know like analyze. Well I'll lives matter I guess yeah he's the Wii's man number denying. Is it taco dog and this is the Miami Marlins are putting is taco died together it's a taco and a hot dog combined into one. So it's a hot dog with the toppings of taco tea and hot dog eat and you got your Turkey your ground beef in the taco toppings all wrapped into a tortilla. Oh I'm in. By the image and Iman is -- not your cheeses and options you salary agreement yeah walker we can spicy so it senses an update since frank Thai hot dog topped with chili pepper Jack tease peek at a guy shredded cabbage and how the yeah I'm for sure and I'm now when I would I would absolutely try and probably finish it OK there's two in a poke ball poker pokey. OK okay took a poke cable this is an LA it's raw fish yeah Dodgers are serving raw fish draft sounds like he literally Eads is astronomer Jerry was playing in main page. Sorry I did OK as everywhere a poke ball can get a Pro Bowl have an ugly Americans odds are he'd do and I served in a bowl of vegetables some other stuff I can't pronounce and soy dipping sauce I believe they have this available why senator would you eat raw fish at a sporting event. If you like sushi that's why. They serve sushi at these things depend may be maybe it's pretty fresh and Elena damn hot dog. What he thinks we're healthy for its its LA what do you want mostly do you think it is this has been laying out all day and they brought back from the game previous near minute Dodger Stadium. Yes I have Chavez ravine bit of a dump it is a little bit of a dump I'd never six this is gonna be right up your Alley it's a sunrise dog and Kansas City. It's hot dog that is it's not as deep fried somewhere it's a hot dog and stopped with Friday eggs bacon. Cheddar cheese and white sausage gravy at all it's a hot dog at the brother Sam progress. It's. Dog millionaire and he's yeah it's for those early early Saturday weekend starts there God's idea at all those arteries and I would clock when that may not be honest I absolutely would need to give greater isn't it sad about the first or second inning and then you're good you don't need to go back again would've has now. Next I had that the first to say that's a lot of food man I'd keel over Messi from just one yeah that's the yeah see what this picture this thing it's massive can likely going to look like only a few Mondays see what Austria begat the Miami South Beach dot. For some reason assuming this in Washington Miami South Beach goddesses. In eighteen inch dog. Topple condiments pineapples onion strings served with a side of French Fries that sounds delicious that's pretty good AT and taught that yeah glossary of pineapple given out here pineapple with the onion strings and I'm really really good comebacks. Remember too also in Kansas City look at the heartland doing an up that's what we love about those flyover states Kansas City pulled pork patty melt. Pulled pork he melt as a funnel cake will barbecue pulled pork. Fried onion shredded cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese whiz bacon and how Latinos skew our. I. Yeah and she's always and one Homer Simpson know every year. That one might be the best one and the Arizona Diamondbacks and once again topped this lists they are serving this year a chicken funnel cake sandwich. Two chicken funnel cake sandwich with garlic black Petr cheddar strawberry jam in maple sweet. Or like what garlic black pepper yeah I would train mocha that doesn't sound too bad. Yemen on that I'm I'm in for the pulled pork patty melt right there all men are out there are there here yes sunrise dog does emotion you had that a hot dog with a that's a cellphone late afternoon game yeah. But those you know if we've got to twilight start I will take the the other pulled pork Patty Murray only one I'm not dig and is the the sushi the Polk able because I don't I don't like fish you have. But I'd you still have me kind of I don't know why I don't like you not you're not interested in it sure Owen ice cream. Now I just a very amazing that's not even outrageous and Emily do performance art and I've weird food taste and as a misses a summit of fat twelve year old my food choices that's fair at times barren you also run a good point you can argue content Janie Maggie we're seeing we've beaten because it's a sugar why I asked the question are they commercial break what is cotton candy. Just sugar or spun sugar but that's kind of window is I get it's awful off yeah I was the last time you legitimately had cotton candy last year. Well what event. Begin cotton candy one of the Disney on ice things as her daughter on any tourist shyly and they had like two by all and they handed you the rest of the Al candy and just a little bit on that they got me in on the Mickey Mouse cotton candy that was 45 dollars. Because it is like to buy it's more of it was on their fingers than actually got in their mouth that once the once. You walk you through it item that does need to be of more sporting events. Is elephant ears. I love me any good elephant here in I mean it's a tour of perhaps a million. But I like Charles a sub like heroes Euro does not now elephant ears are better that your Charles are filled with fruit nineteen ID here no way you gonna apple pie get out of here Friday and the ever been better for absolutely no reason because one athlete is that's next image to connect an adolescent crazy ballpark foods. You find those actor and spray on Twitter news in a check it out I think it's all on the list. Man I alleged that Cheryl I extremely is still losing me but I I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. The funnel cake sale it does look a little odd. But that sunrise. Hot dog with a bacon yeah Randy takes the cake for me I think that has to be the power ranked number one man has major ruling so I can you say Puerto Rico again can be get another Puerto Rico Puerto Rico. You know this resting your Puerto Rico again you say Iran and non basing it wrong Puerto Rico. Porto Rico via Iggy gets a little accent and plus why are when it when there's a name or a country really egos all end he really wants to hit the accent like caddies say use his last name. Mirotic now I don't know if that's right now I wasn't the one is no Bosnian act durable way. Imply or be getting a Latin America country type. Now heading down that road they ever have somebody in your life since bidder fur really no reason at all toward you. I yeah I do know somebody that is bitter towards me and I minute we'll talk this person in years look at this for no reason I just don't never figured out why can carry that grudge. Well there's a story. I got a sports and it made us turn IE and you're likely what so get this out we're coming up in this is this is aging mile and it feels like it was yesterday. We are coming up on the ten year anniversary of the Boston Celtics winning their last NBA championship. 2007 hits happen in 2008. The 2018. Got yet to designate he will be the ten year anniversary of the Boston Celtics winning their title. And Rajon Rondo is planning a vacation for all the guys that are on the team may ten years get together it's reminiscent as a retired some guys to play in right. Get old band back together or have a good time right. One person was not invited. First it was Ray Allen. For Zambrano did not invite Ray Allen the ten year reunion his reasoning was this. It would be a long story about that but it is what it is. I don't know a good analogy to put this in that was just the greatest wasn't the greatest separation wasn't the greatest thing that could've happened to us is team a bond. We are at war with those guys talking about Miami. To go with the enemy that's unheard of in sports well that's not so unheard of it's damn near common now. The mindset we had big guys on our team you wouldn't do anything like that it makes you question that series in the finals were you who are you for you didn't bleed green. People think we had a messed up relationship it's not the greatest but it's not just me I called and reached out to a couple other vets and asked them. What they wanted to do with the situation they told me to stick with what we got meaning leave Ray Allen out of the reunion. Yet it's no secret that Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo once he laughed like he came out how much they hated each other basically used to yell at each other practice in. There is some reports are seen locker rooms when they were tethered they literally would make eye contact so. Isn't shocking but you've thrown a party to celebrate a championship the year yes he went to Miami. I. The the the rival but come on man you do to win that title now Ray Allen know you don't at all. That the first year they almost lost to the hawks in the first round that was a 18 match up and I believe docs to come the seventh game. They played the bulls a couple years Ray Allen came up big in in those games it's in game winning shots and go ahead threes. Yeah may hate a guy and maybe you don't want a vacation with him and that's ultimately what this is a bowel it to mean years ago you won a championship together its push it over yet again over just say you don't want a vacation with a more than. He's not going to be invited without him you don't win a title. No and and let's not forget some of the guys left teams to go to Boston. Kevin Garnett was a lifelong timberwolves people yet they got I don't think he's great you know they got traded but it wasn't like this is a group that came up together in Boston and played together for ten years and won a title when he bound to cliff like four season traded to Boston they were super team they won a title. And now you're saying guys joining other teams is unheard of gimme a break Boston was like one of the first. Of this common era of super teams that they were irrelevant and all the sudden they traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. And they were on the brink of winning a championship as he is there any comparison in your personal life that this would apply with a buddy. Not not to this extreme no not at all like did take a ten year ago beef. You haven't gotten over it yet that's on you that's not I mean what if a buddy you break up with your girl and when your buddies ends up Baikonur. That's an easier for example there in ten years later he's still going to be friends yes they end up breaking up via I'm and add it all depends on the type windows for sure. But yeah. And only company that's reside is almost a different analogy though I I know it's the best I can come up yeah. Are you have been bitter like that. And that point no I don't I don't I try not to carry grudges is some people that I hate in this world but I trying to to carry grudges outside of those people. Yeah I don't I don't know if I've reached that level of bitterness. That even people that I don't like or that I've disagreed with. And I really don't care to the point where he says hey you inept person you're going to be in the same building same room. Yeah I would and whatever whatever it is what I can ignore it if you don't have a new man I don't have a Newman now on Newman in my life is a good to have a Newman in your life. Do you have a Newman in your life. I don't think so but maybe I do and don't realize that. And all the guys have won actually in there is somebody I got a buddy was not really a buddy anymore. He just like randomly. I think I know why he stopped dock and the like were not great friends anymore. They a lot of it stems from when he broke up with this girl he's dating. He bad mouth and eyes and Dahlia I did she was terrible. She kind of smelled funky like I'm glad you separated. In a game back together whether coincidentally sucked academic. Now he's engaged. I guess actually explain it I can't explain it yet and say oh I don't have anybody any grudges with playing that Rondo not inviting Ray Allen. To their ten year championship reunion that's okay Ray Allen can just light up the cigar and laugh and say I'm glad they're celebrating something I helped them when they when no one without me and he went on to win another title and hit one of the most memorable shots and history the NBA finals. Yeah game six against the spurs and now Ron on joining that team is there anybody on the team it's still playing outside a Rondo. Is Glenn Paul Pierce is still no but after this year he's not NASA this year Nate Robinson is not a legal indeed via big baby Davis. I have no clue Peter Robinson might not have been on a championship team and a Leon Howell Apollo pro union vote every between one point gays Kendrick Perkins hanging around anywhere he don't he's gone to him and he's Rondo might be the last surviving member of the Celtics in the NBA yes they don't know I know Ray Allen of the ten years Celtics on championship. Reunion hey a cool local story to tell you about also can you name all the teams Josh McCown has played four. Put a fun game next on 1080 the fan. Thought it was going to be good show today. Yeah by the way and lifted up. On the on the roster of the celtics' Tony Allen and Rondo will be the only Celtics from the championship team next year in the NBA and I don't even know if Rondo will be in the league so it may just be Tony Allen left on that whole team. After the around us and that should probably be had for him. Yeah I mean and he's been nothing he's been in a terrible everywhere he's gone that time for him to go play in China widgets I've by just goes to file monetary the worst part two is if he changed his attitude and had any semblance of a jump shot. He would still be a top. Eight point guard in the NBA right now. That we assist numbers are there what it seems like so long ago but he's still quaint his handles as good as anybody in the league his assist numbers are there. He just never could get a jump shot he had never developed when Jason Kidd developed. This kid couldn't shoot either when he came in league and then kid lately career became the really good three point shooter on a Dallas team my dad could be Rondo. But he never got that Nina the attitude factor in how he knew he thinks is the smartest guy in every room it just it's not a good combo. Yeah before we get to the final game of can you name all the teams Josh McCown has played tried to bring that I saw this headline I thought it was pretty cool. And necessity would Jerome Kersey so their play in the box tonight aids and they might be doing some tonight for the currency foundation. Just keep and I Annapolis on this story on KGW wanted to pass it along. That his we on the he. 52. But his eye and tissue. Donation he was an eye and tissue donor. It helps save multiple lives this was sorry I missed ninety jet KGW treated out. And he gave the gift of life the article raised eight children and a burn center in Texas who lives were saved by his tissue donation. Cornea donation enhance the lives of four people who receive ground breaking eye surgery. So I don't just I mean you know he'd be obvious in their huge impact on this community throughout his life is playing days in his post career and continuing to. Have an impact. I trees are gone as he gets a great story for guys that you know unfortunately passed away so young we've talked to Ron slowly his best friend here on the show before so I believe tonight is something related to Kersey I wanna say it's like occurs sea Knight but I don't know from certain on that I saw something on the news. So if they if they're able to take a moment remember him that's a great story to put out. Of how he saved people's lives even after he passed they're doing a thing would donate life northwest they're gonna honor currencies. Contributions obviously tonight and talk about what he donated in the organization will be around a hundred level on the concourse just wanted. I'd pass that along that that wasn't a pretty touching story OK Josh McCown today landed nannies got a new gig Josh McCown. As the Nazis off this crappy equipment. So this got us thinking. Can you name all the teams Josh McCown has played four. I don't think they are you ready to go see if the between the two as we get up okay now I start I'll go after you and I. Eight year you know moderated you have the list mean a moderate yes you have also literally along I'll bring up the list Roma do you wanna play and doubling up the list. I think I think I can name four of them. Was he signed with the jets today obviously that's one is. Simulated jet we'll start with the jets given up and we'll see if SYR Knight can do okay Ira swagger you're Orleans saints. That is. And correct. The browns. You know there's a different McCown and played for the saints. That was Luke he's in the right thing for birdie was a backup in the Verizon commercial Davidson's brother you said you what's rounds. Last year. It's he'd just play for the browns. The browns DC it yet. Do you have a look at I just brought it up I was delighted if I can't get the brunt of OK brown is once I had to dig Eagles know he's not played the Eagles open to things for help and bucks. The FB Clinton box 2014. Months much guard. It's almost a must have been confused then with his brother's. Truck there and mimic towns are there. Can you name what college Josh McCown went to him. No we're trying to teach here let these I I got another one go. The Panthers yet Clinton cancers in 20082009. Months why guard. Did he play for the chargers know he never played for the charger cardinals. He did he started his career in Arizona eight point four years in Arizona was on Jerry McGuire yes. So in Iran did well SeaWorld says he's been the way you are one away oh only one more personal and what more you get advantage to get the bears against the bucks to get the browns need a cardinals leading one more visitors to play for the dolphins. I didn't side no not their site. Somebody yesterday CF a missed cut some against the bears the fifth. This gives a terrible game monitoring her. I've been thinking only about what teams he played we took a guess from a listener knew David this like garden myself one team away that he played four in 2007. He threw ten touchdowns and eleven picks. Play in nine games Texans. Detroit. Now. There wasn't the dolphins was not the dolphins. Can you give us an AFC NFC and AFC west well. Chargers who cheats the Pope. Broncos so. You've little to create the raiders at Medina. Yet the Oakland Raiders he played for the cardinals for years played in Oakland for a year Carolina two years Chicago two years Tampa Bay won your Cleveland two years now he's added to the New York Jets I just love that you gave us the papers after reading a text message has spurred both those out. Vowed good stuff folks he certainly wasn't a lion he was not in each rely on luck and I'm stupid I'm not that stupid. What. Quit maybe he was many didn't have any passing stats. Like these Viet Nguyen receiving stats do about six furniture if you. I do you have the flipping and Lionel right look I knew this but he literally did not attempt or complete a pass the 2006 he caught a pass but we're naming the teens he's been I don't think they played. Speaks to play for Detroit did at six legitimate I don't tomorrow. He's tomorrow's show we gonna go Geri Allen coming up tomorrow voice your index is gonna join us of one also won thirty were to talk to pat Casey they had coached number one baseball team. The American. How about that mean agenda mr. Anita Saturday less truck tires podcasts and it fanned. Doctor prominent Kevin Harlan Ullman and as they let play voices out there are financial tweeted out after this break on Twitter talking tomorrow at noon. Once nexus these Canadian fans.

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