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Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 3-21-17 Hour 2

Mar 21, 2017|

The guys wonder if this Blazers season is not as bad as it seems...why the World Baseball Classic is all of a sudden captivating, and what rule changes the NFL is proposing for 2017.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Bad brackets are easily explained. This is a final sixteen week traditional dirt and spray new. It grabs you by series caffeine highs. What's your favorite of the series award winning highs vote now attending a fan dot com and win hi -- year content to find. Should have been three I guess which is Steve from. From the NCA not sure well that it's going on some fine home. That's nice thank you for the statement dirt and spray guns and maybe that was a fun chess match to be involved in Australia. I welcome back to end any second hour now during this break here on 1080 defeated you miss any of the first hour check it out less Schwab tires podcast 1080 the fan dot com. Coming up in fifteen minutes will make baseball fun for every one John enough for me no fun on Saturday if all career and stay on your lawn of gang go away get off my lawn we got an NFL true or false and Dow will discuss NFL rule challenges and coming up in an hour we'll speak with Kevin Harlan who's going to be on the call of the org in the Michigan game a lot talk about with Kevin Harlan. But I wanted to bring back some things that he listener text yesterday and I thought it was a really good question I ask you very briefly we really didn't. Touch on that much tonight that'd be fun to bring you back for some of the listeners out there. And that was when I put on FaceBook FaceBook dot com backs us 1080 the fan. The blazers take on the box tonight in hopes of finally catching Denver is the eight seed in the Western Conference. If we told you before the season. That the team would be the eighth seed the 31. Round draft pigs and picked up Yusuf Nur ditch. Would you be happy with that and I to a generic teaches production. Would you be happy with that. No. No no I. And a lot of that had to do with me over selling this team this season you know I I was somebody you'll let me stop you there you would know voter oversold this team know a lot of old oversold this front of the GM didn't write Purcell run I mean look it did you know I I still blame myself someone as a fan and I went and this year with my red and black glasses on and I was thinking all right into the sector and the playoffs last year. You had a couple pieces in the off season this is before we knew fest this is really would not be a festive as for the rest of us and he would never play. Again and ablaze uniforms so the the eighth seed to me is a huge disappointment and I am on record stating multiple times no need to go into it again. I would much rather beat team drafting in the top ten and get swept in the first round of the playoffs. By either San Antonio are Golden State. On the other two are positives and I'll give you that you some circuit has been a huge positive on the blazer fans know would all myself included what you were getting when he was acquired. In the 31 round draft picks gives you something to work with I think you're somewhat limited with all three of those picks being outside the lottery and again it goes back to my previous point. But to me though those are both positives I I do think it's also important to know the the other negative feeling I have about this season. Was I was hoping somebody else would take a big step but we knew what the blazers haven't Damon CJ Rodney we know those guys are CJ is backed up his. You know communal come out of nowhere you're last year and he's done and again this year Bullard. Does the numbers have been off the chart some of the efficiency wasn't there in the first Japanese playing lights out in the second half. And circuit has been a great surprise I think you've been waiting all season long for that next got to step up and and I don't think it's happened to to my satisfaction at least is a blazer fan Evan Turner. Flash is played well yes but for the most part it's been a big disappointment for me. Allen Crabbe couple of moments here there we shoot some bought like it. Little too timid hasn't quite lived up to the contract yet Meyers Leonard don't get me started. Lol bomb late great it's been about ten or eleven game stretch I need to see more. Before I say all right this guy's taken the next step as a process tomatoes to be the negatives and I can't say that if he told me at the start of the year this is where they would be at. That I would labeled as a successful season you know what do you think. Would you be happy with it and people already tax unified by a 3053 ticks in the first round bound to hit on at least one of them. Well I I hope so whether they're gonna be a little lighter what metric are they about. And I look I. Optimistic thinking man I hope they in on a lot of money but they're not bound to handle the tough thing is what does that I guess. It's a tough question and answer believe what would that mean. For the blazers are we just talking like another role player 'cause they are I have a lot of home begin another Allen Crabbe or you're talking about Jerry and a. Hit you got to get somebody that's gonna be your starting three or four yes and has the potential to be an all star within a couple years that's hitting. On one of those travel days at no love on my the next three years and we say well he's only 21 to me no that's not hitting because I would argue they may have hit on Allen Crabbe nobody drafted Allen Crabbe in Pisa beat a productive player he's not worth the contract he's young so you got to get somebody that in two to three years will be better and more productive than mole park let's or Knowles on lake or Allen Crabbe or whoever else you wanna throw. In that role. That that would be hitting so no I don't I would not. Take this season and say it's six sir what it now even what the Americans factor yes that's something to Demi really have to take that new account for second here you can almost make an argument and I thought on this in the shower today. You can maybe make an argument with a 31 they have god knows what Neil she's gonna do with them. And make a point that you've got a nice top ten type talent. Any young 22 year old Yusef circuit she could just pretend he just came out collars are for your guy char. And this productions been stellar sure I still I always tempered man expectations at this point and I'm doing that still with use of America time loved what I've seen Sunday it was off somewhat what he had when he to a twelve against the some lights on some of those great. But again what's his what's the sample size will be seen in ablaze uniform it's just something you just wanna see him continue to play welcomes to see him. Continued to improve an end to see what he can turn into next season I'm not I'm not ready to say yeah I talk ten caliber player I can't get past the record I take him pass me in an eight. Position as to where this team was and how it was going Lester well and then Brent text and F 5530 by the question is at the beginning of the season in that case it is it is appointment. Now it's a good little season building toward the future. That's pretty fair as a pretty fair assessment given what you had expected. Vs what we've seen. I don't know how you disagree with that point yet a lot of people texting and being under can the shower reaction was. I mean admittedly out that in this can be a new segment Sprague shower thoughts. I think about really Leo that's why not sooner segment. Give like the sound of rain in the background like the background a stand I guess I don't think of anything shank it's a really random sports stuff when I'm in the shower much and I believe I was I get a head and shoulders out of my head when I started thing about the use of her and I've had enough the spring and shall we let's go. Wrong is back this back to back times are making slug uncomfortable by the way we pulled out of the drop. You've had enough for me in the shower let's move on mills are under. Let's move along oh to get -- estimates are now on envisioning Sprague an hour a day at a press yeah you're dead it just the rail segment with a shower come sorry about that I hit a digital by the way are taxing in the opposite with heartless the way he's played somebody says three picks is not quite the NFL. So maybe it's not as deep. And other people are also saying that don't Witten are ditch in the production he's given. Aren't don't you gotta be happy that there there is zero guarantee that the 31 round draft picks turn entity thing. That's related US is question after draft day and I see what they get bell say all right it was a success you had the 31 round picks to trade him to move opera. What ever that the 31 round picks turn and it's something that I can be excited about it until I get to that point it's nothing. I can't point to what those are gonna equate to because we won't know. And tell the middle of the summer in and I tend to mostly agreement this Texas police and stop trying to find positives. From a beyond mediocre year typical Portland fans this season was a base in eight seed just asleep in the first front is nothing to do. He spent all our money in the off all that money and all that rot I and turner and you paid all these guys and said OK we've got our crew and then. Halfway through the season you have to scrap it in start going to plan bwic trades and look right it. No no this season is disappointing and Sox salvage something at the end of it the feel better about themselves list it is easy in that's it is disappointing. Dim and everything that last offseason was leading up to us. Is as dirty selling a lifelong fan who was body in every year and now you're just fast and free up your hopes up at all. That's true beyond guilty I I a 100% agreement but I wouldn't say I get my hopes up every year but I've I've body in this offseason I've bought out. Like last year they've they got lucky to get to the second round and I'll never disagree have absolutely need it you disagree with you just don't know the facts of basketball but I bought into watching a young team play their ass off night in a nine out what that could turn into. I didn't think the. The the Evan Turner signing was a home run I love the fest is a CD signing. And bulls on the meat didn't pan out so yeah I've bought in this year and in I got snake bit because of it or read a few tax on this as a coming in hot and heavy at 553050. Give you some more in my shower thoughts and also 1 morning but like all jokes aside. There's one thing I wanted to point out that's wag kind of just reminded me of on the blazers and then we'll move on and we're going to be we're gonna make baseball exciting we're gonna make everybody real joy. Because right now and an absolute priorities thousand sad that your real that's next on 1080 the fan. I saved money to. So weird industry wherein. Yesterday we were too negative on the blazers after praising her kitchen Miller's performances. Luncheon needed Nancy and today like everybody thinks that this year has socked with the guys don't I don't know what to make it's always a different audience and. And dig in this for much of the spring training game between the angels in the reds. Both teams or Wear red jerseys that's thrown me out it's weird likely zoom optical and on. We'll make baseball exciting here in just a second. A lot of people are taxing and about this ignited the turner is Healy signings were more than an HBP. They are like hell but at least we get to stand on first base. Somebody says soliciting an altitude you so what's not a disappointment do you expect to win the championship every year boss the only way to make the second round is to make the first stop it should we taint any season we don't place one through for the west's. That's in response to you know we should take any year instead of being a 73 seed. For the sixth seed for that matter CIA and the outside the top five was not enough it's not about tanking it's you know if you're talking about the start of the season coming off the season made dead. You're expecting you know by keeping the same group that dead and evolution takes place and you are making progress that growth that started the season did not make progress right. Yet the punt midway through the season and reorganize yourself. So that's where the disappointment comes then. You know for me it it does very because I I don't like the teams that continually soc can suck and suck. Sometimes it makes sense though and and my whole point of this has been. Be realistic with where your roster is. Yeah and where you stand in and if you look at it right now like Houston made a big jump this year a one year difference from last year. Neither did make oppose seasonally radiates they were god awful. And now look at them I think they heavily jet shot the way to harness playing that team is clicking. They have a legit shot in my opinion to contend with San Antonio and gold state in the west probably don't see exactly but I just believe that and in one year they made that switch. So no I'm not saying if you're a non four seed you should tank. But it depends on where your roster is if you're an up and coming team in this is what a lot of people point to the youngest roster in the league. They're the youngest roster in the lead out now which would I would respond with they also have the second highest payroll in the league yes. And so you just got away and you're also what's right well no not my goodbye aids but let's look at games played game experience compared to some of the other team let's also not just look at agents say well that's a good thing does that mean that the guys on your team that are helping you be the youngest means they're going to be. Yeah Meyers Leonard is young he sucks yes that's a good example I made c'mon that's a great example having any young roster well. Now from camp like Shabazz Napier. All right. He's 23. He's back a point guard at that site you know our guys I understand the links that we need is some people Islamic playoffs and it is disagree with them semi since only two big guy respondents only twelve team should not tank in the NBA sounds like a lot of fun to watch how many teams realistically have a chance of winning a title this year. Wolf I would argue how many teams have actually a widget. Change is the guy ever since like magic in Paris where the NBA it's and I wanted an employee that no matter what it a point in getting being the eighth seed and having a fifteenth pick in the. First round doesn't help you get having grown up and going to any number of first round series against the lakers in the eighties. And getting you know knocked out then. Maybe have just grown tired of it but at least when they drafted Drexler and Porter and Kersey. And you saw that group. Make progress every year. And then they came right they went step by step then you add pieces to it in then you added in Buck Williams and Kevin Duckworth then and you drafted a cliff Robinson Mario Bryant on the way and and there you go open so. I don't know if but it seemed like there was progress made each step of the way and Barry Obama viewers show me the progress right be the sixth yeah heaven seed. Show me the product is now and he's made this year now I know I was the front it. This is wearing people would disagree with you is adding Dirk gates and seeing what they've been with circuits is there progress there what nine and four with him. They've won eight of their last ten bought yeah yeah Georgia had more than a tiny steps back to start the season I don't know midseason by -- you're still able slide under I used a lot of the play I know but I'm dissing I think that's people's point they added Nur kitsch who will be with them next you're on the rookie DL below. And look what they've done with their kids they make the aids day will lose that series I don't wanna hear any reason why will be the spurs urban warriors. But then you go into the offseason making the playoffs. And you bring her kids back for full year that America just deposit and are now or never did you learn that coming from wet against your guys I'm not get a I'm not gonna view a mid season trade that you had to make because your season was so disappointing as as turning the entire year into a positive the art almost right on it's it's all about showing growth from year to year. And I was expecting this year to be a growth you're not expect them to one championship it was not Tyler bus it was not a Western Conference finals or bust. Ella wasn't even a second round of the playoffs or bust because that's an Iraqi. Had they bin 45 that is see Jack wins they're still on that for five whole days. Maybe you win that series against I don't know your plane utes are one ever. And get back to the second rounds. And then. You know maybe take a Golden State deeper may be taken a six or seven games or something like that meant then you can say even though the numbers might be really similar. That you've progressed in matured and I'm prepared to take the next step next season by the way that's our poll question and 55% of the people say yeah that's a success yeah. Eight seed and Eric H 31 round picks and they did trying to find a positive and there are dissident just trying to make themselves feel better about the money they spent on season tickets and how many twenty point leads they lost in twenty point blowouts occurred. It may also said David and I and my guard their success with their kids has been against the easiest edge on him. Yes he's trying to he's played well against one good big guy and some white said he had a good game yeah other than that when he's played good big guys he struggled again I'm excited. But it's been what would you say fourteen games thirteen games so suited us with is Munro planned for. The bucks tonight is some like packed player now they got a new little perk up her far from the tonight with the lakers easy that and you will not all salt because guys are put their hand. BC is comments by the way he was like I'm sure we got a bunch of guys who would come in and BR security if you're allowed for your hands and MBA players. Interest. Let's make baseball exciting. Because the World Baseball Classic has been showing us now. The players care. That's why up all they cared Majorly amazing I don't care major banks led celebrations. High fives smiles what do you see when you watch Major League Baseball in June. Depression. Elevates its been so it's been really exciting hasn't how much how much have you watched. This exciting news thrilling this inner I wrote to how many seconds of the World Baseball Classic have you Puerto Rico Netherlands bro how many sec wants I can run. Now wasn't nowhere else are they walking up sac fly it was a walk us live because relied to be damned ghost runners an extra innings. For their community and you don't even get me started in not admit though no jokes aside I'm no invoke an American not admit though it seems like they're a little and I don't for whatever reason like. You don't normally no stopping this happens all baseball season there's just a 162 games of a laser eyes flipping and stuff people back flip all the time in the big leagues and you don't like Ford not every time no that is such an over now gimme a break back what's happened guys celebrate. People in baseball have funders these kind of plays that happened throughout the course of the season we just don't pay attention to it. In the middle of July because it's the middle of the baseball season and all we care about is football season is around the corner. Think this notion of the World Baseball Classic is making the game more exciting and people are writing this article wal nobody's actually watching the World Baseball Classic. It's laughable. Yesterday was an awesome game between the ratings then the rate I I don't know once thought it's only MLB network of does not and he has won yet so the ratings are as they might be you might be frustrated maybe they're up four years ago but gimme a break or emotion in more like pairing last night was a very exciting game between Puerto Rico and another lobbied by as celebrating and Ford makes attacked her for mariner fans out there who avenue watching Edwin Diaz is that is a monster like that dude is gonna be a stud in watching him pitch last night was a lot of fun. And then they went in Ramiro softball and those runners on first and second in the left contending in the game ended dedicated dude can be a pretty it was 38 elimination games at Joseph does it and letting it play out on not a semi finals come lot. It was an elimination game 33 in the eleventh inning and they put those runners on first and second pats on the game ended. Come on give me a break Exxon was. I compared I have paid more attention to this World Baseball Classic than I had the previous one as you have wise that's why are because let's say is playing well. No known remain as one of the game that got me into what was the Puerto Rico Dominican game as that are in Puerto Rico was. Sent up Johnny Molina. Yeah I watched that game Puerto Rico and all you had did you yet Joey bats in a home run god did me. Jerry that's what yard. Print you when you're not game I don't think so either of the museum of the game. Anyways I think yeah I think the key no brothels and they're spread. Now recognizes miss remembering something you know Muir asserted Iran recent back kind of far to find something there today on his word to pull something via. You know honestly I don't bully presumptively grasp and that's just enjoy a how frustrated her kids from people suggest baseball needs to be fixed look I saw somebody said there always are classics awesome make him I watch I literally just I watched the Puerto Rico Netherlands young I was gonna group ruin it. It's exciting I'm not poignant but to say that this doesn't happen in Major League Baseball guys don't care in the Major League Baseball regular season yet. I'm tuning into watch team USA today. You're not they're going in Japan yet they are to semi final they went and either in the final game I know for the first time ever yes and -- sexy kind of cool I'm looking forward to watching it so cool it's gonna be exciting and help more people watch is bring that emotion a Major League Baseball and doing everything would be a okay all right let's go to the NFL now it's time for our NFL it's true or false go around the National Football League and asks what is true. And what is false that's next this say what's up not a crazy Kanye and welcome back and won 3500 Tuesday's going while I still think he was crazy when he did this easily miss strays canyons. Always always raise crazy always a little crazy to say what's a good time ankle. Thought it would tenets of talk NFL rule changes act FiOS. Is there are always changing something. Are we a year inane. Potential rule changes in the top of the hour are really excited to talk to Kevin Harlan. Our favorite play by play guys the business he is actually on the call for organ in Michigan are on Thursday on CBS we'll talk Kevin Harlan. Coming up at the top of the hour one other thing I do want it to he's coming up in the final hour I wanna have some fun with two different games. One game is they've compiled a list of the craziest ballpark foods that will be. In big league ballparks this summer I level we play this annual game animal we lady at the annual game of would you try it I think the crazies the last it was like a two foot long hot dog in Arizona or something like that. Any everybody said yes. I believe so. Right yeah I think we had a crazy weirdest thing he's tried crazy ballpark we thank yes we do that if are also played a fun game and don't text and now save it to the end of the set and the show. Can you name all the teams Josh McCown has played four. Yeah and somebody goes did you is it better to name the teams he has and I know well without zones. I think he's played for everybody at this point you guys sign today he had a funny picture last year with his daughter. And basically they took a picture with her friends of all the jerseys that he wore you out there weren't enough friends for all the jerseys that he's acquired it at it yeah. He does Brady's foot for a lot of teams up some of that let's get an in a culture of false though. To Tuesday at 136 close enough swagger throws us statements about the league asses of truth to false and play along a 55 through finally got fired. All right the first up the raiders want to bring Marshawn Lynch out of retirement so calling camper next however can't find a team to give them looks a tour false beast mode will play more snaps and then he'll mode in 2070. If I'm Neal mode anymore there's a lot of race stand up mode now as he went to job. This is falls CONCACAF critic was sign on with some money will be a crappy team and said quarterback a crappy team will go down or he'll be the starter. I'm still not convinced beast mode will come back. And too much fun and retirement and need no what do you have but maybe the report was that he's getting returning only wants to return to the raiders yeah. Alana has to do with being back in the -- area plants. Good to eat but they may not be in the Bay Area they might move to Vegas right does that change stuff for him I'm an eagle false college happening plays more I don't true. And I don't know why I decided that completely growing feeling at the NFL's boycotting. Colin Kapanen from playing and when you see the guys that have been signed EJ Manuel got a John yesterday Josh Smith got a contract does Smith got a contract. They got McCallum were just the countess got signed to do like they're signing everybody. And cap is not there's like not even a rumor of a team interested in his in his services for next season TI think lineup Marshawn Lynch although I think he's enjoying retirement. Is it crazy cat I could see in coming back and went for the raiders. Actually I think this is true I think Oakland although they might get approved to go to Vegas here shortly I think they're gonna have to play one more season and Oakland I don't think they can move on there that quickly. And if they're gonna play one season in Oakland that they're gonna need a reason to get people to the park. He could do things mode is it. And bill they look they're playing in Oakland may need a reason to get people to go to game music if you know there you go your way is not rainy season has yet. I I dissing I'd only Marshawn Lynch I think Derek Karr that seemed to get to there without our shots. Wilson. But to. Nonsense. Let geno Smith goes signing journeyman Josh McCown a quarterback as we tour false the jets will have a rookie start working to QB than anyone else this season. Yeah that your raw. This one there there's some teams that I just I hate the idea of taking a quarterback mainly because I root for them and I don't like taking these quarterbacks in the top ten the jets will take one of them I would be some weather's too busy weather Michelle Watson. Glover n.'s Abbie and I see New York taking a quarterback we know McAllen is that you can hurt the defensive battle happened this is gonna be a bad football team next year. And on a playing a rookie quarterback I say term. And this has to be true if it's denied you just wonder what where the jets are gonna go. Time goals to me it's not fair for his name already be thrown out needs he should be fired conversation. Ten and sixteen year one down year last year but. The hell has been his quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick so to me I hope Woody Johnson their owner steps back for a second even though he's impatient mean. This is all too much to fans and how crazy they are. I hope that they do star rookie quarterback over rookie quarterback it's a good shot with them and they can try to deal with somebody. Yes this'll this'll be true I mean they got to have somebody they're just in case everything falls apart but yes this will be true. Number three Vienna well reportedly mulling over shortly the overtime period for regular season games to ten minutes. Tour false the NFL will eventually eliminate overtime for regular season games in the name of player safety misses you can't. Act when you do but in the game and tie after four quarters field goal contests used to be that way. And then there's send us some things change for reason. Can imagine a ton of ties here for you so much outrage you know it really is not under any ties. Yeah how many game alone like a mini game in six games seven games go to OT last year. Many overtime games did you actually have. Remember those CR cardinal once specifically that wasn't tied again that was a tide but I remember that game specifically because they miss the do we have field goals. I mean GAAP and Dave wants it just says the number of games and and and in high. I can't find how many games actually went to overtime you're really that good. I'm a very back of the there are some peasant doesn't eliminate this but there's no way to do this there's no way in this they changed the rules somehow like a field goal fast royal rumble or title war. Something to decide the winner no and if there's even 10% of the games go to overtime. Cameras this this size this really upsets me and I know we're gonna talk NFL rule changes here in a minute. This one kind of upsets me what you accomplished by knocking five minutes off. I just spinning this is existing health. A gap measure it's like come on that is not gonna do anything this is them this is from the first half of the season I found an article on USA today from the first half 23 stunning stats about the first half of last NFL seasons from through week eight. Through week eight there were fourteen games and went to overtime. Fourteen games through week eight this season S and her for not fourteen games it ended in ties to me I don't know what he's resents fourteen ties and bulimia don't record that the league is seen in 2002 was 26. 26 ties and get out when he was. All right so the question as well and anytime it's you know there's no overtime how many of those games. Don't end in over because he had to the end of it you know you gotta do something. I I. I don't think is that big a deal I think if they're really gonna harp on the players' safety is a soccer fan mania LS soccer and NFL. How many years to the NFL survived without overtime and it's a different life is different monster now different monster. Katayama did he really be pissed if they have like 161718. Games and enticed him. Like a team gets in because they win their division. With like four ties in the record. I think you're okay with because you're a big soccer guy out. You're used to it now bid for bigger than this afternoon bill 94 and then I. I think I don't have that I am forever 94 and three is the record I've never liked ties and any any NHL changed it because it was dumb. Cannot tiger thanks for coming out we ended with no winner go home everybody's okay guy. Is America dammit. All right last one many draft experts believe it's one of the best running back rockets. In years true or false Christa McCaffery will be the first running back selected in next month's draft. I'll fall. The first running back then Leonard Burnett. There are people talking McCaffery from the writing team womb as a mouse doing aren't. He'd shoot up the draft boards they got I think he's got a chance to be huge difference maker. Huge difference 1990 and you put him in the right offense Reggie Wayne turner in and you Lancelot link lane three made it to him out of there hello I Seattle named all the good teams yeah he's got to go to the big. But get the browns drafted what he's gonna be irrelevant. But if you put it in the right system absolutely I think Trish McCaffrey can explode. Nominee a false on this would not be the first running back draft that's correct false. Somebody will take Leonard format how over McCaffery might end up being the best. When it's also and done of this crew. When you think he was running backers slot virus has the running back but I think he's you know one of those multi dimensional sort of guys like. David Johnson is right now for Arizona. Keep that attack craft and a football. Do we get a text on that if I I think people would have a really hard time that I wouldn't I hate tags I don't even can't everywhere like this border or not that's. And Mears and I hate to win that game now Taylor than women in regulation go for true sometimes you can't. Again play a little longer the way whenever okay CNN. Davis sixty minutes there's something weird. About ties I just don't understand people that are OK with dad you watching a you watch competition yeah tons of them are no clear cut winner I'll never understand it like being satisfied hey. It Collie ugly American but I'm sorry I just I never like ties you lost me there is like a good stuff the good and a touch her falsity that segment every single Tuesday. At 130 hey don't forget Kevin Harlan coming up top of the hour one of our favorite play by play guys we'll chat with him 2 o'clock but a couple of propose rule changes in the NFL. One has this excited the other one not so much pressure and it's next on to any defense. I had such JR Roth late day last week then on Friday a listener asked me if I broke my foot and really based on what else walk yet two weeks ago when you walked in the office you looked like you block him with. Jail locked. Yeah man man connected that's the best way to put it I guess that they answer when I'm drunk. Well then take Garland coming up top of the hour doctor and he's gone you're gonna she gave a couple of broad changes being proposed in the NFL studies out there you can lend your yea ornate voted 55305. We'll get off to the first one. And that role change is to ban defenders. From leaping over the line of scrimmage during a PAT or field goal attempts. Out of players' safety concern. You know guys are trying time the snapped a jump over. Try to block it it was the worst thing happened to the five yard penalty Bobby Wagner's get the body Wagner's graded this can't chancellor grated that is far banning jumping over the line of scrimmage GA earning. I don't like it. And I'm still I'm OK with it but I also like need a kind of like. Giving the defense a chance to. Instead of just lining up in basically hoping that when you jump you block it bet it's actually black they're so many rules on. How would tell lineup now to try and defend kicks. You gotta give the defense up I mean you can't over stacked one side of the line or not you have to have an equal formation. And I'll if you come Dick if you miss it you don't get all the way there then it's I think it's a personal foul penalty isn't a fifteen yards it's at least ten if you let them ready. If you come down sand on the center's new layer yeah on amity you don't get all the way over and I do just jump in and they don't like the boss is an offside today five yards of did you land and land I think it it's at least ten and a mighty mere personal foul fifteen I know if you make contact it's five. On the penalty. We know it's more than that it's ten or fifteen I need like in your lives your job when you lay out the back at this hour to complete I feel like this happen and a CI demon Wagner kicked somebody in the arm and it wasn't a fifteen yard penalty. There was there Richard Sherman one where he jumped off sides and he ended up leading jump over they in general you decide CIA was just outside on and I'm remembering a Wagner play where he jumped up he take somebody in the arm one of the guards either way I think is stupid it makes blood Ph.D.s in field goals for referred early parts of the game sometimes can be boring plays. Brings little excitement to an and I like allowing the defense say what's the worst case that you know you can jump over the line without touching somebody it's only five yards what sort of lose. Give yourself the chance of blocking it and they're very wrenching New York is the penalty is leverage. Defensive player jumping or standing on a teammate or on an opponent to block or attempt to block and opponents kick. Is that different than just making contact though. In my leg and you just clip on with the bats Iran's already John Kennedy there but like hit some I think that is a lesser penalty yet but there is the risk of fire can only be on time or you don't excuse directs too bad too because I was some more so I wasn't I was surprised that more teams didn't try to find like their highest Leber yeah and literally that's is just grind yet -- one job ESCO jump over those guys the general change goes and what we're just talking about with more ties in and overtime rules so for the second time in what like three years now the NFL's looking at changing the overtime rules this time though it is to reduce the period from fifteen minutes to ten minutes. For all regular season and pre season games yay or nay shortening the overtime or should Lindsay overtime and pre season. That's I can agreement today air pollution degrees or should there should be one must pre season game to yesterday's two left OK okay fifty minutes ten minutes and regular season overtimes does what. It shortens about five minutes yet you have more by what's the point you could have more ties what's the point. Don't give me a health reason that's BS that the spin job what's the point. I just I don't like that I can have that one is CNN that that did jumping over I lab overtime or don't have overtime as is emit. All this contrived thing in the content it's like the tax code what we don't like that so let's add on another roll right there always forget we didn't see that loophole coming we got to clean that up now have a better don't have it. And play the regular season if your kid if you're concerned about players safety don't have it yeah. I looked at. I grant a percent yeah so the the NFL looking and going from fifty minutes ten minutes. In the overtime in eliminating players from jumping over the backs are guys on fuel intense pressure I'm writing by crunch fitness always 995 months or why would you ever pay more. For gym membership find out more about respect and I work out Akron stock car must get to any final hour of the show where the fun game of named the team's Josh McCown is played for throughout his career. Where the crazy as ballpark food sitting concession stands this summer and will you try any of them. But we'll start with one of our favorites and initiate Kevin Harlan one of the best out there is gonna be on the called organ Michigan Thursday. Kevin Harlan picks up the final hour next don't go anywhere dirt sprayed on 1080 the fan.

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